The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOYEMBEE 8, 1899. YOL, 34, It*s in the Air. Wise Women Know that bread making is a science and an art combined. It requires skill and the best materials to make it a success. Sometimes a woman blames herself or the recipe or the baking powder, when the fault is in the flour. By using our FANCY PATENT FLOUR you can always tell where the fault isn't—it isn't in that brand of flour. Langdon & Hudson. H OF- : ine Display Linens. Just received, consisting of Fancy Pillow Shams, Fancy Table Covers, Fancy Com! ode Covers, Fancy Stand Covers, Fancy | Doylie Covers of all kinds, Handkerchief ' i • ^Linens, Art Linens, Butchers' Linens; also the finest line of Table Linens ever shown the city. Geo. L. Galbraith. Grocery Bargains at Goeders' Basement, Fancy Patent Flour Choice Patent Flour Corn Meal Graham Eye Flour 18 pounds Granulated Sugar for 19 pounds Light 0 Sugar {or 3K pounds Mocha and Java Coffee for... 6 pounds Porto Rico Peaberry Coffee.... 10 pounds Fancy Rio Coffee" 1 pound Choice Ja _ .. , Japan Tea... 1 pound Fancy Japan Tea 1 pound Extra Fancy Tea 8 pounds Oat Meal 1 pound Goeders' Best Baking Powder.. Lilly Gloss Starch 1 pound Corn Starch Soda Crackers Oyster Crackers Best Ginger Snaps Herklmer County Full oream Cheese.... Kaiser William Brick Cheese Best Cider Vinegar Best White Wine Vinegar. Best Syrup , Best Sorghum R .08 .88 .15 .85 .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .35 .40 .50 .25 ,13 .05 .05 .05 .05 .05 .15 .15 .25 .25 .35 .40 00 feet of Cotton Clothes Line 8 .15 1 quart Bottle of Bluing 05 1 dozen Clothes Pins 01 5 pounds Good Rice 25 4 pounds Choice Rice 25 3)4 pounds Fancy Rice 25 1 pound Ground Pepper 25 1 pound Ground Cinnamon 25 1 pound Ground Ginger 25 1 pound Ground Cloves 25 1 pound Ground Mustard 25 1 pound Allspice 25 Canned Goods— 3 pounds California Peaches 20 3 pounds California Pears 20 3 pounds California Green Gages— ... .18 3 pounds California White Cherries 20 3 pounds California Apricots 20 3 pounds Red Raspberries 15 3 pounds Best Tomatoes 10 1 pound Choice Corn , 10 1 pound Choice Salmon 10 9 bars Ivy Soap .25 8 bars Lenox Soap. 25 8 bars Harvest Soap 25 8 bars Toilet Soap 85 P. S.—All other goods in proportion; also all goods delivered to any part of 1 the city at the above prices or for spot cash; no time, no barter—cash is what |g; talks; nor do we ask you to buy any certain quantity. Get just what you want. "* .Yours for trade, Big Department Store. JNO. GOEDERS, Propr. i E. J. OILMOVH, President, R 0. B. avrOBWS. Vice President, R SI. HENOK, Secretary, fcl jr, W, WADSWOBTB, Treasurer. v DIRECTORS; JA.S. NOLAN, H. W. DREYER, OSA8. VfOOSTER, J, 0, KAIN, S. 8TEV88Y, f. E. BTAOY, The Farmers' Milling Co. (INCORPORATED.] ** OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THB ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. Can furnish the trade with choice flour from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground feed in lots to suit purchasers. TM9 i? ft (armors' company a.nd solicits the farmers' business, We can and \vlll do as well by you as a.ny will A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared especially for this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and Itching, and holds as bay us well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 50c. R. H, MILLER, The Druggist, OQOQOCiOGOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOO - If a man is in love that's his business; If a girl is in love that's her business; but if they are engaged to be married it's OUR BUSINESS to sell the engagement ring and make the bride a present. Dingley & Pugh, Sign of the Big Watch, The Wetmore Truss. Tma TRUSS MUROSRS M&I ,1111.. I WEAR THE WETMORE TRUM A truss embodying the simplicity and durability of all other trusses, and yet unlike any of them. The most simple truss ever made. Is practically indestructible—wears forever, Made on strictly hygienic principles—no cumbersome springs to pass about the body. It gives perfect freedom of action without the slightest movement of the truss. Does not take one-half the pressure to hpld the rupture that the old style takes. Hold the rupture easily, yet firmly and surely. It stays just where it is placed. It is the cheapest high-grade truss yet produced. It is absolutely guaranteed to fit and hold the hernia with comfort, or money will be refunded. Don't buy any other truss before giving the Wetmore a trial. For sale and guaranteed by W. J. STUPLEY, Pharmacist, Boston block, ALGONA, IOWA. E. H. SPENOER, Real Estate, _,„ some chpioe barpSiMi is Improved and unimproved lands In Koseuth county and else where, Come an4 too* oyeuay U*t. IOWA IS ALL RIGHT. Turned In Her Old-Time Republican Majority at Yesterday's Election. MIXED RESULT IN KOSSUTH. Christenseu (dem.) for Sheriff Defeats Owens (rep.)—Close Vote on Ward and Smith. FIGHT WAS ON THOSE OBPICES. Cowlea (rep.) for the Legislature Has a Safe Majority—General Klcctton News. mid. County Tickets. G § II -i 01 os; OV--D32OI. ccooi: CHOOOSOCEOIH-1 atdcococnCoiMQ. B CO IO Ol CD CO OS! co co co o COt£t£O WCCOiO S CO CO CO COOCO MM CO CO tOtDMM t£t£Cj to coj ci5O5Oitoa.O(ij-.'3J'. CO f CO 00 tO l—j-'O. to ao co coco: BMoeftoaoiM • 88SiLL noicn; SMOOXOWCCM; O I First ward. Second ward. Third ward. Fourth ward, Burt. Buffalo. Cresco. Eagle. Fen ton. Greenwood. German. Garfleld. Germanla. Grant. Hebron, Harrison. Irvlngton. Lotts Creek. Lu Verne. Ledyard. Lincoln. Portland. Plum Creek. Prairie. Ramsay, Blverdale. Seneca. I Sexton. Sherman. Springfield. Union. Wesley. Whlttemore, Result? Iowa goes republican by 60,000, nearly twice Gov. Shaw's majority of two, years ago, Kossut shaw 730 majority, three jorlty of two years, ggq, the biggest straight 9Ye.rglvenin |&e opunty vote was Wafle up t But for the out on county ticket the republicans would have this year 1,000 majority in Kossuth. Chrlstensen Is elected by about 240 majority. Ward Is elected by probably 16 majority. The vote on Ward and Smith is so close that the official count may be needed to determine which Is elected. Ward got a big endorsement in his own and neighboring townships. Smith and Welsbrod are elected supervisors by varying majorities, also Dr. Peters for coroner, Lilly and Slagle had no opposition. The total vote of the county unofficially Is not far from 2,600 republican, 1,738 democratic; republican majority 7!10. In the Hancock- Wright district Thos. A. Way is elected to the legislature by a big vote, getting more than both his opponents. In Palo Alto E. P. Barringer runs 50 ahead of his ticket, because of the democratic assaults on him. He is easily elected. Dr. Bach man for senator gets a large majority. In other states Ohio is close, Nebraska elects a fusion supreme judge, Massachusetts goes 70,000 republican, Kentucky Is probably republican. It is a republican year generally speaking. The Stnto Ticket. AlKoua— First ward Second ward... . Third ward Fourth ward Burt Buffalo Cresoo Eagle Fenton Greenwood German Garlleld Germanla Grunt. Hebron Harrison Irvlngton Lotts Creek Lu Verne Ledyard Lincoln Portland Plum Creek Prairie Humsuy Rlverdale Seneca Sexton Swea Sherman Springfield Dnlon Wesley Whlttomore 100 128 77 107 104 »5 75 24 78 140 82 88 87 41 45 120 »0 87 01 BO 81 09 01 80 28 88 58 81 111! 48 80 62 18!J 114 20 48 70 01 88 1)5 82 8 _ 10 40 40 83 82 41) 18 85 40 00 57 88 52 10 22 5H 80 42 87 111 The Voting for Severn! Tears, Following 1 is the official record of the voting in Kossuth county for several years: Hep, 1800 1,285 1801 1;588 1802 1,800 1808 1,700 1894 1,080 1805 1,815 1800 2.080 1807 2,180 1808 2,040 Dem. 1,128 1,421 1.512 1,875 1,025 1,125 1,801 1,928 1,890 Flu. 102 112 288 885 905 flfiO 1,000 201) 056 Tlie Vote a Year Ago, Following is the vote on secretary of the state last year in Kossuth. By comparing it with Gov. Shaw's vote this year the changes can be readily noted: Rep, Dem. First ward, Algoua 103 17 Second ward 109 42 Third ward 00 B6 Fourth ward .,101 87 Hurt 141 58 Buffalo 48 20 Cresco 08 21 Eagle 12 4 Fenton 50 60 Greenwood 188 148 German 22 28 Garfleld 20 42 Germanla 78 43 Grant 28 19 Hebron 48 7 Harrison 85 55 Irvlagton 44 25 LottsCreek 27 85 Lu Verne 86 84 Ledyard 52 Lincoln 21 Portland 07 Plum Creek 47 Prairie 20 Ramsey 80 Hlverdale 26 Seneca 48 Sexton 17 Bwea 50 Sherman 80 Springfield 82 Union .. 49 Wesley 157 Whlttemore 116 HOTEL LEASED, H. G. Trematne of Spencer Will the Landlord. Be Is a Popular and Successful Hotel Man— House to Opened About First of the New Year. Total ................................ 2,046 1,890 The prohibition vote was 28, peoples' party 4, 'Socialistic labor 1. The democratic vote was very small last year and the republican also. Ben Smttb I4Kes Minnesota. B. F, Smith returned yesterday from Brookings and Lake counties, South Dakota, and Pipestone and Lincoln counties, Minnesota, where be has been on land business. He reports everything looking fine and on of the finest countries he ever saw. The Hana Hanacm. Hanson |how last pight • The new hotel is rented to H, G. Tretnaine of Spencer, who expects to open it for business Jan. 1, with a grand blowout, whion will Include a dance in the store room, which Mr. Durdall will not get ready to occupy before that time. Mr. Tremalne is a well known resident of Humboldt, who made a reputation as a landlord of the railway eating house at Eagle Grove, and who has since been the popular manager of the Earling hotel at Spencer. In both places he has been very successful, in Spencer building up a business that had badly run down when he took it. Both he and Mrs. Tretnaine will be valuable additions to Algona. The lease provides that Mr. Durdall shall furnish the hotel while Mr. Tre- malne provides bedding, dishes, and furnishings. Mr. and Mrs. Durdall went to Chicago Monday evening with Mr, Tremalne to buy the furniture. Mr. Durdall Intends to put in good, substantial furniture, and as it will all be new the hotel will open with probably the best outfit in northern Iowa. With its ample bath and water closet accomodations, new furniture and experienced landlord, it will be without a doubt the most commodious hotel In this section of the state. While in Algona Friday Mr. Tre- malne sublet the billiard room, bowling alley, news and cigar stand and barber shop to E. D. Puller, who Is here for a visit, and who with his wife Is just back from an extended tour in Europe. Mr. Fuller at one time played violin in the Algona orchestra. His wife developed great talent in dancing under colored light effects and for a few years they have been roaming over the world entertaining big audiences. They have always had Algona in pleasant remembrance and have always thought to come here for a home. Mrs. Fuller hns retired from the stage, and Mr. Fuller will attend to amusing the hotel guests. His connection with the hotel will insure an added attraction. The date now set for the opening of the hotel is January first. It will undoubtedly be ready by that time. The opening will be an event in Algona's developement, and will help to start the town, out right for 1900. MUST KEEP BETTER HENS. W. S. Wilcox Says the EKK and Poultry Market Demands More Attention. W. S. Wilcox, who has been In New York city for a fortnight, arrived in Emmetsburg last Friday evening. His trip there was in the interests of E. B. Higley of Mason City, called there by Fitch, Rowland & Co., commission merchants of New York city, for the purpose of studying for a few days the conditions of the trade there in western eggs. Mr. Wilcox tells the Tribune the reason why our eggs do not command higher prices in the eastern markets is that farmers hold them too long, waiting, no doubt, for a rise. This is followed by another hold on the part of the merchants, so that when the consignment does reach the eastern, market it is relegated to the low grade of "stale eggs." The eastern trade seems to be more exacting in what they buy, while the western producer seems to be growing more careless. Mr, Wilcox says if the poultry business is to be a paying item for the farmers of the west they must give it closer attention. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Dr. M. E, Coles went south yesterday for a day. Frank Benjamin is here from Minneapolis for a visit. Mrs. F. W. Dingley has a brother here from Ohio for a visit, Mrs, Barger, Mrs. Henry Rlst's mother, goes to her Dakota home this week. G. M. Parsons of Sherman is in Michigan on a visit and will not be home for some weeks. Mrs, Daniel Bice is home after several weeks' visit in New York, where she has many relatives. She has had a most enjoyable trip, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Grose and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Taylor went to Humboldt Monday for a Masonic banquet. A big crowd was over from Eagle Grove and all had a good time, A. B. Funk was down from Spirit LaU>> for a day last week. He was on hid way from Ames, where he was called to act as judge in an oratorical contest. He says the Cummins men are feeling enthusiastic yet. W. P,«Jones has been Invited to give an address before the state meeting of machinery men at Des Molnee in January and will accept. He stands deservedly high among the machinery dealers. The invitations are out for the mar^ rlage of John Walker and Miss Olive Sallshuryu which is tP oeovir next Ws^atifty (pveniBg, BOOKS have he^n .ttejlijp p,yer the SMohell millinery tSWJMt JKSwWa,*-..^ ^ H?) * "IgMiJRlVf j|t

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