The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1899
Page 9
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THE tJPfER DEB MO1NEB; ALGONA, tOWA, WEDNESDAY NOV32SMBEK 1, 1809. -ook at yourself! Is your face covered with pimples? Your skin rough and blotchy? It's your liver I Ayer's Pills are liver pills. They cure constipation, biliousness, and dyspepsia. 25c. All druggists. iWant your moustache or beard a beautiful Drown or rich black ? Then use BUCKINGHAM'S DYE ftli. In Austria babies are allowed to sip beer at the ago of three months, anc Borne proud toothers are given to bragging about the quantity of this beverage which little Gretohen or Heinrich can dispose of. PERSONALLY CONDUCTED TOURS to California In Pullman Tonrlat Sleep- Ing Cars, Via the Chicago Great Western to Kansas City and the Santa Fe Route to Los Angeles and Southern California. The true winter route avoiding cold weather and snow blockades. Commencing Monday, Oct. 23d, and on every Monday following, one of these new Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars will leave Des iMones (en route from St. Paul via Oehveln) at 8:46 p. m. via the Chicago Great Western for Los Angeles and Southern California via Kansas City, and reaching Los Angeles the following Friday morning, thus avoiding all Sunday travel. These tours are personally conducted by an experienced railway official, who accompanies the train to its destination. : The cars are well equipped for a long |;journey and are as comfortable as the i-lPullman Sleepers, while the price is lonly ?6 for a double berth (or $5.60 ifrom stations south of Waterloo), less tthan half the price in the Standard Sleepers. For full information in- juire of any Chicago Great Western. Igent, or address F. H. Lord, General ?ass. & Ticket Agent, 113 Adams St., Chicago. Si " iA fountain in Buckingham Palace ^>outs eau de cologne. The Baltimore and Ohio South postern Rail Road placed in service ISveral months ago five large ten- Jheel compound passenger engines for |se on fast trains between Cincinnati "ad St. Louis. The performance of foese engines has been eminently sat- Ifactory and up to the highest expec- Ition. The same line has also in ser- ice 50 consolidation compound freight j'engines which provide ample power I for the entire line in addition to what already in use. The compound engines were an experiment but hard ; service has proved that they are entirely successful and show a saving of 15 per cent in fuel as compared with le engines of the same type. Ex- Ifhaustive tests were made with both jjthe simple and compound locomotives gbefore the order for the entire lot was "aced with the result vastly in favor the compound locomotives. |g,0ne farmer in Kappahannock county, fjfa., has sold his apples on the trees : ( §5,000, and many other growers in 3 state are said to'have equally prof- ,ble orchards. Does your father understand Ger— ,, No » "Then I'll ask him for Sou iu German." |.Tlie house in Washington in which Abraham Lincoln died has been reno- in accordance with the act of providing for it. It is now . as a museum for Lincoln relics. costs a girl $400 to go to Vassar lego, $400 to go to Smith, $430 for a at Wellesley, and between $450 id $470 to spend a year at Radeliffe. Deafness Cnnnot Bo Cared local applications, as they cunnot ranch the "uecl portion of the ear. There ia only one to cure dent ness, and that is by constl- iqnal remedies. Deafness is caused by an »med condition of tho mucus lining of tho jtaehiun Tube. When this tube is Inflamed ihave a 1 rumbling sound or imperfect near, and when it is entirely closed deafness is vresult, and unless the inflammation can bo ^n. out and this tube restored to its normal litlon, hearing will bo destroyed forever; oases out of ten are caused by catarrh, in is nothing but an Inflamed condition of .mucus surfaces. •B will give One Hundred Dollars for any ease Jeafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot poured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send tor free. P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O sSold by Druggists, Too. "all's Family Pills are tho best Uncle Amos—They say the young jinister is going in for the higher iticism. Uncle Reuben—I don'twon- |e»r at it. They're only payin' him six Eundred a year fer the other kind.— ick. Plowing in January H'what the farmer in the southwest U "S>ing, while you are trying to keep pur family and your stock from freea- pe- if you are Interested In securing a home In » gjpnlry where out-door work la done the year xpuud, wrlto lor a free copy of the handsomely iuytrateU pamphlets: "Homes lu the South* at," •'GHiiipses of the Southwest." andothera. ey describe the country along the at, L. S.-W. tlway iu Arkansas aud Texas, and will help ttud a better place to locate. Address . W. LttBBAlJME, G. V. & T. A., St. I,, . Jty., 735 Equitable Buiiaiu?, St. LoulB. Mo. 6NVESTORS of small or large suuiu of tuouey cao Undno OPPORTUNITY Jtiftt will yloM them »o lar^o ana steady wi lacpm» from inouey luvcsteil with SAFETY YOU A8SVUB NO IU. B1L1TY aod run oo risks. ' INVESTORS CO-OPERATIVE CO, I. Claim to Have Repulsed eated Boer Attacks* COMMANDANT BOTHA KILLED, Repotted Death of Noted Dntch Leader — New* from Natal Is Suppreised— Gen. White Mny Make a Move Against free State Forces. London, Oct. 30.—A battle somewhat similar to the Boer attack on Mafeking was fought on Tuesday Just outside of Kimberley, between 500 British under Col. Murray and 700 Boers, led by Commandant Botha. The British claim a decided victory, admitting only the small loss of three killed and twenty-one wounded, including two officers. The Boer losses, according to the British reports, were heavy, Including Commandant Botha. v The Boer version Is yet unknown and may tell another story. Since all reports agree that the fighting was severe from start to finish, the British report of their own losses looks as if some part of the story was exaggerated. Later reports of Plumer's flght with the Boers in Rhodesia say the Boers were defeated and that the British loss was two killed. The Boer loss is reported seven killed and a large number wounded. So fyr as is known here the situation in Natal is unchanged. All news of British movements Is certain to be suppressed at present; It Is not certain that any moves have been made since Gen. Yule's arrival at Ladysmith, but the suppression of all correspondents' dispatches Indicates that something Is happening. Much depends, of course, upon whether the Free Staters and the Transvaal commands have succeeded In effecting a junction. The war office holds the belief that White's forces lie between the Free Staters and the main body, supposed to be in the direction of Acton Holmes and Blaauw- bank, while the Transvaalers are probably approaching by way of the railway from Gencoe and the eastern road from Dundee, though they are likely to attempt a repetition of the previous enveloping strategy, and may therefore be expected to work southwards toward Coleuso. As 'the crow flies the distance from Dundee to Ladysmith Is forty miles, a distance easily covered ordinarily, but owing to .poor transports it will be hard to make inside of three days. In this Interval Gen. White is expected to move against the Free Staters. It is more likely, however, that Gen. White intends keeping quiet until re- enforced from the army corps. Not a soldier discharged a farewell shot at the burial of Gen. Symons at Dundee. He was buried the Tuesday morning after his death in the presence of only a few medical officers and civilians.' Gen. Joubert sent a telegram of sympathy to Lady Symons. ARK TO B.BBP TJIEIB HANDS OFK Powers Will Not Intervene In the South African War. Paris, Oct. 30.—A dispatch to the Petit Journal from Toulon says: "Two or three of the fastest cruisers have been ordered to go to Delagoa bay, and Russian warships will follow them." The Figaro, while pointing out the contradictory rumors from Toulon on the subject of the dispatch of a naval division from the southeast coast, says: "It is certain that the cruiser Cassard sailed from Toulon for Port Said on 'the receipt of an Important telegram inclosing sealed orders." London, Oct. 30.—There now seems to be good reason to believe that anything in the nature of a European alliance against Great Britain has been,, for the present at all events, abandoned. Assurances are given by a high Russian official of the good will of Russia, which the meeting of the czar and Emperor William is to more clearly establish. This Is regarded here as satisfactory. While the French government has considered it expedient to issue an authoritative denial of the reports that it contemplated Intervention la the South African conflict. Notwithsanding these assurances, the fitting out of the British special service squadron continues. BRITISH EXPKOT A FIGHT SUNDAY. Important liuttle Said to Be Imnilueut ttt Ladysmlth, Oape Town, Oct. 30.— The meeting of the British and the Boers in decisive battle will probably come on Sunday. The battleground will be in British territory and the Boers will be the attacking force. Three columns of the Boers are now advancing upon Ladysmith.. The purpose evidently is to close in upon the town from the north, 1 and though no direct information of 'any line of communication between the Transvaal columns and the Orange Free State is contained in the messages received here from the correspondents at the front, yet the precision of the movements of the Boer forces indicates that one head is directing the advance of the thre« columns. WWle the Boers are pushing forward to attack, Gen. White Is receiving re- enforeements from Durban and Pieter- marlt?burg. His force at Ladysmith Is pow about 15,000, including the men of Gen. Yule's command that retired from Dundee. War Appropriation BUI London, Oct. 28.— The third reading of the appropriation Mil took place In the fcous? of conjmoiif Friday. bill wa« paeeed after some eharp tat* Gltnoa live member for Lynn Regis, referred to the heavy military task before the government and said he feared th6 foreign powers would take advantage of Great Britain's difficulties to make att, attempt upon her possessions. All the great powers except Austria, he asserted, hated Great Britain. After the house of commons passed the appropriation bill the measure was taken to the house of lords and passed through .ill the stages. Washington Is Surprised. Washington, Oct. 30.—The president has not received any request from diplomatic representatives in Paris to offer to mediate between Great Britain and the Transvaal. The report from Paris that the representatives there of the United States, France, Russia and Spain had agreed to request the president to make the offer onuses surprise here. In view of the fact that the Americah representative, Gen. Horace Porter, is mentioned as one of those who agreed to participate, the story is regarded with suspicion, as Gen. Porter' would hardly take part in exchanges of the character mentioned without first obtaining the permission of the secretary of state. Testing Frunoli Defenses. Paris, Oct. 30.—The voyage of Minister of Marine De Lanneaan to Brest has now assumed great political significance. The minister has ordered the French war vessels to make sham attacks as they would be made if the British fleet was really attempting to enter the harbor at Brest. The minister goes from Brest to Toulon and other points to ascertain if all of them are on a war footing. Kxpeels Many More Losses. London, Oct. 30.—Lord Rosebery, in a speech at a private dinner of politicians on Wednesday, referred to the war and the heavy loss of life, saying that they had to deplore the death of Oen. Symons and before they sheathed tho sword there would be many more such losses. In the meanwhile, he added, the country ought to present a united front to the enemy. Says Great Britain Grown Too Bold. Paris, Oct. 30.—A dispatch from Russia announces that the Novosti says: "As the British pretensions have grown to an aspiration for universal domain, the moment approaches when all the powers will act in concert against Great Britain." As the Russian press Is Inspired by the government, the Novostl's editorial is accepted as significant in France. ITlghtlug Near Buluirayo. Cape Town, Oct. 30.—A dispatch from Buluwayo, Matabeleland, reports a recent engagement, when an armored train was sent from Buluwayo toward Mafeking and encountered a party of Boers. In the fighting which ensued the Boers lost eight killed, but there were no casualties among the train's crew. British Volunteers In Manila. Manila, Oct. 30.—An Informal meeting was held here of men proposing to proceed to South Africa to flght for the British. More than 100 Englishmen, Australians and Americans decided to go. They organized a party, and believe they can secure 200 more men. Troops Said to Bo Mutinying. Moscow, Oct. 30.—A dispatch received on the Moscow bourse reports that the native troops of northern India are mutinying, being encouraged to revolt against the power of Great Britain by the withdrawal of some of the Indian troops for service in South Africa. Denies Mixing In Intrigue*. Paris, Oct. 30.—The French government has endeavored by a formal statement to set at rest anxiety, declaring that there was no truth In the rumors that a Russo-French combination would move against Great Britain while that country was occupied in South Africa. Mediation Urged by Dutch. The Hague, Oct. 30.—At Friday's meeting of the committee of the second chamber on the foreign budget a resolution was adopted urging t the government to mediate between the Transvaal and Great Britain. Arming tbe Blacks for Battle. Brussels, Oct. 80.—Dr. W. J. Leyds, the European agent of the Transvaal republic, says he believes Great Britain is arming the blacks to fight against the Boers, McCoy Beats Billy Stlffc St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 30.—In the thirteenth round of the flght here Friday uight between "Kid" McCoy and Billy Stift of Chicago the latter was knocked out by a right-hand swing on the jaw. Up to that time it was a splendid battle. It was a case of supreme cleverness against the brute strength of a physical giant. In the end the clever man conquered the strong felow. But more than once during the engagement there was a chance that the Chicago man might win, > McCoy did not seem to flght with any great strength, and had the other been a little faster he might have landed a winner. Talk of the Philippines. Washington, Oct. 30.—Cabinet members were unusually averse to talking about the meeting of the president's official family Friday, one of the members saying that they had been cautioned not to disclose the subjects under discussion. There is good authority for laying, however, that the situation in the Philippines was tho main subject talked over, with particular reference to military and naval plans soon to be Inaugurate^, Befatw to Reduce Interest. Madrid, Oct. 80.^-The government'* negotiations witb the foreign bondholder* bare fallen through. Th« government desired to redyw tfe« rat« of iBtwest fl» tfct An English farmer, thmig-li severely cross examined on the matter, remained very positive as to the identity of some ducks he alleged had been stolen from him. "How can you be so cer tain?" asked the cotinsel for the prisoner; "I have some ducks of the same kind in my possession." "Very likely," was the cool answer 6f the farmer; "those are not the only ducks I've had stolen." . An ex-judge is cashier of a certain bank. One day recently he refused to cash a check offered by a stranger, "The check is all right,' 1 .' lie said, but the evidence you oft'er in Identifying yourself as the person to whose ordei it Is drawn is scarcely sufficient." "I've known you to hang \i man on less evidence, judge," was the stranger's response. "Quite likely," replied the ex-judge; "but when it comes tolettin TO of cold cash, we have to be careful. A young lady, who had greatly enjoyed John Hendrick Uangs's "Houseboat on the Styx," thought it only just to write a few lines expressing her delight. She ended her letter with: "I did so much enjoy your 'Houseboat on the .Sticks. '" Mr. Hangs politely answered: "])KAH Miss: If you have studied mythology, nnd without doubl you have, you. will realize that considering the ungodly heat where those Styx are supposed to be located, it would be impossible for them to support the houseboat until mv lines were finished. Yours truly, .1. if. U." Disraeli, it is snitl, laughed only once In the House of Commons. Gladstone had made an impassioned speecb in favor of the union of \Yalluchi and Moldavia. Disraeli pointed out that the result would be tbe extinction oi the independence of these people, and the only tiling left would be the remorse "which would be painted with admirable eloquence by the rhetorician of the day." In reply, Mr. Gladstone said that he would not be guilty of tbe affected modesty of pretending to bo ignorant that that designation, "the rhetorician of the day," was intended for himself. Mr. Disraeli interrupted with tbe remark: "I beg your pardon; I really did not mean that." Gladstone's face expressed ama/.cmeut and indignation, and Disraeli sat down with a satisllecl smile that told of his enjoyment. Mr. Henry Clews says: "For one wlio looks well alter the original investment, good health, a clear bead, work and economy will declare bic dividends." Vaccination is compulsory in Japan. Every child must be vaccinated before tbe ago of ten months. It must be re- vaccinated at the ugt- of six years, and again at tbo ago of twelve. _ Married people outlive tbe unmarried, tbe temperate and industrious live longer than tbo gluttonous and idle, and tbe residents of civilized nations live longer than those of uncivilized countries. The population of the British Empire is 400,000,000. Of this number 40,405000 are' in Europe/808,000,000 in Asia, 45,000,000 in Africa, including Egypt; 7,100,000 in America, and. 5, 500, 000 in Oceanica. Sunken ships can be raised with little -effort by the use of an Ohio man's apparatus, comprising air tight bags of proper shape to lit tbe different compartments, tbe bags being inflated to accomplish tbe two-fold purpose of expelling tbe water and increasing tbo buoyancy of tbo ship. S«O.OO I'or Wnek. For uentlnirnn or liuly agent In every town In tho Uiiit(;d Slates to Introduce our New French Ureitkfust Collee. No expodcuot! necessary. Address with stamp. Parisian ColTeo Co., _ ' Farsous. Kansas. In Maine, last year, 0,400 angora cats were raised. Some of the best of them were sold for $50 eaeb. Cnred After Itopented Failures With Other* 1 will Inform ndillcied to Murjihlne. Liunlnnum, Opium, Coculno, of never-falling, Iwrmless, home- euro. Mra. M.JJ. Bultlwlii, Box rjla,_Clilcttgo, 111. No emigrant is permitted to land in Western Australia who cannot correctly write out a given sentence. A. Prosperous AlauufHOturlng City. Brockton's prosperity IB BO closely allied to the prosperity of the shoe Industry .that it will, no doubt, prove a matter of interest to a large number of people to learn the actual average earning capacity of each Individual employed In the making of the world-famed Brockton shoe. For Illustration: At the factory of the W. L. Douglas Shoe company the pay roli for tho week ending Sept. 30, excluding superintendent, foremen, salesmen, and all clerical help, shows the average earnings of the employes, large and small, to be $15.51 per week. This was not an extraordinary week. It was the customary pay roll. The amount earned per week, however, does not always tell the story of prosperity. The number of weeks employed each year la the determining factor In the wage earners' prosperity. The Douglas factory has been closed but one week this year, and that for the usual summer' stock taking, and It will be closed but three days the latter part of December. Thla would make but nine days out of the year that the factory is closed, which Is surely as steady work as the most industrious shoemaker could desire. It is believed that the average pay and the number of days worked is larger at the factory of the W. L. Douglas Shoe company than at any manufacturing in- gtitutlon In Massachusetts. Owing to Increased business, another addition is to be made to the Douglas factory. It will be 100 feet long, 40 feet wide, and flve stories high, it will be ready for occupancy early In December This addition Increases the capacity 25 per cent. The W. L. Douglas Shoe company has the largest factory In the world, producing an advertised line $3.50 and $3.00 shoes. T Mr. Douglaa says that the prospect for successful business for Brockton manufacturers was never so good as now, and that collections are better than for years —The Brooklyn (Mass.) Times, Oct. 10, 1899. ' W The Osages are probably tbe richest people per capita in the world. Each one of them, man, woman, and child, has 900 acres of good land and receives 850 from the government four times H year. so-called fceftltfct woiaefc But they ate hot healthy! The iflfctf* left by pain ate an the yotitig faces of fnany of oaf > datightefs. Pain that leaves its tnatk domes from a eurabis cattse. If that cause Is act rettbVed JU influence reaches otit and oval-shadows & whole life. The reason Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound has been so tifti* formly successful fof over a quartet of a century ki overcortiittg the suffering of women, is that it is thbrough aftd goes directly to the cause. It is a woman's MUST women SUFFER? remedy tot woman's ills. Miss EMILY P. HAAS, of 148 Freeman St., Gfeenpoint, Brooklyn, N. Y., writes! ••DEAR MRS. PINKHAM—I wish to state that I used your % Vegetable Com pound with the greatest success. I Was very sick for nearly a year with hysteria, was down-hearted and nervous; also suffered with painful menstruation and pain in back and limbs. I often wished for death, thinking nothing would cure me. I had doctors, but their medicines did me no good. At last, by the advice of a friend, I began to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and I am happy to say it has entirely cured me. JENNIE SHKRMAN, of Fremont, Mich., Box 748, writes: ••DEAR MRS, PINKHAM:—I feel that I must write you and tell you, what your medicine has done for me. I had neuralgia of the stomach for two years, so bad that I could not do any work. I had tw,o or three doc- ______ tors, but did not seem to get any better. 1 began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills and improved from the first, had better appetite, and after taking three bottles of Compound and one box of Liver Pills, can say that I am cured. Your Vegetable Compound is a wonderful medicine." The world's supply of emery comes from the tiny Orcck island of Naxos. FITS PwmanonMjiOijroii.Tlofltn ornorvouune«»aftflt Smt day's u »ci of Or. Kline's Great Norvo lloatorer. Bund for KIUCK S3. 00 trial bot.tlo find trtntlna. Du. R. 11. KuNB.JLtiL.D31 Arch St., A scientist in Vienna, after close investigation, has convinced himself that dogs really lautrh. _ TO CDUE A COLD IN ONK DAT, Tako Laxative- Bromo Quinlno Tablets. AH druggists refund the money If it falls to cure. 25o. 33. W. Grove's signature on each box, When a Londoner desires to express deep grief for the loss of a relative he puts crape on his cane. Putnam Fadeless Dyes are fast to eunlight, washing and rubhiuy. Sold by all druggists. _ A five-cent barber in Kensington, Pa., advertises his work at "cut rates." c No household can afford to l)« without it. Everv household can afford to havo it. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 &3.BO SHOES |g",J|g Worth $4 to $6 compared \ with other makes. £ IndnrM'd by over 1,000,000 wearers. The genuine have W. L.E Douglas' name and pricej stamped on bottom. TakeC no substitute claimed to K-. js good. Your dealer „ should keep them—if^ not, we will send a pair' on receipt of price. State , kind oueather, size, and width, plain or cap toe. Catalogue A free. : W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mat*. W. N. U., Des Moines, No. 44. — FOB 30 DAYS YOU CAN TRY IT FOB 1O CENTS. PROMINENT HYSICIAN READ WHATA Has to say who has had 35 YEARS of active Practice of Medicine: I hove never before in my 35 rears of practice of medicine given my testimonial or recomruen. factored by the Swanson Rheumatic Cure Company, Chicago, III itself wonderful for its curative jwwer in Rheumatism, not as a --~_. The "5 DROPS,"'has proven . - not as a Temporary Reliever only, but ttf give a Permanent Cure eveu in chronic cases. Sometime ago, I had among others several Rheumatic cases under my treatment and prescribed for these patients the very best Remedies which I skillfully selected, but without desirable results. I then heard of "5 DROPS" and of its Wonderful Cures, and prescribed it to a few patients who found relief from its use within a few days. After that I prescribed it to a great number and to my surprise, I will say that in the course of Two or Three Weeks, after they had used "5 DROPS" and "5 Drop" Plasters they were Cured. Among these were a few who had, for a number of'years, been suffering-with Chronic Rheumatism, who had piloted themselves around on Crutches. They came to my office without Crutches nnd told me they were perfectly Well. They give all the credit to "5 DROPS" and to "5 Drop" Plasters and this is their testimony to the Swanson Rheumatic Cure Company for their kindness and for the conscientious way in which they are placing these Wonderful Remedies among suffering humanity, which they told mu lo write to the Company as ait acknowledgement. As I have seen the Curative Power 'of "5 DROPS" and "g Drop" Plasters, iu a groat many instances, I can Truly recommend them and also that the firm is perfectly honest and reliable to deal with. SWANSON'S C. A. JACKSON, Physician aud Surgeon, Kearney, Neb., Aug. 29,1899. •* *S P»P»X^r*ie»fl Is the input powerful speoltlo kuowu. Free from opiates and perfectly harmless. Hellef Is usually fnlt Mm first night. It is a positive cure for Ulieuiiia* powerful apeoltlo known. f is usuall lu, B , , Nciirulitlc I , \Vuukiic-nii, Oroiip, SwellluK, TUu. Gi-ippe, Afulnrlu, Creeping Nurabiiem, etc., etc. .. , . . tlmii. Scliitlcu, NeurnlBlu, Dynpepilu, Buckuclie, Aithmu, liny Fever, Catarrh, Sleep. IO»II«HII, NurvoumiciB, Siervoim and Nciirulitlc Ileailucbci, Euruclie, Tootliuche, Ueur* sufferers to give "6 DKOPS" at VMIBTV , I nir% I • *Jnt CV send a KSe sample bottle, prepaid by mall, for 10 cents. A sampleb will convince you. Also, large bottles (800 doses) 11.00. 6 bottles for 15.00* Bold by us, druggists, agents. Agent* wanted In new territory. Write u» to-duy. SWANSQM KmaDMATIO CUKE CO.. 1OO to 1O1 1.ake Street, OQIOAOCV least a trial, we will lebottla and MAMMOTH MAILORDER HOUSE YULCO, T50 TO 166" 'WEST MADISON ST$ >- CHICAGO $14,25 The Best Machine on Earth At the Price, $14.25 for Our "MELBA" Sewing Machine. A high-arm, high-grade machine equal to what others are asking $25.00 to $35,00 lor. Guaranteed by us tor 20 years from date of purchase, against any imperfection in material or workmanship, Tbe stand ia made oJ the best Iron and is nicely proportioned. The cabinet work IB perfect undris furnished in your choice of antlque.oak or walnut. It has seven drawers oil handsomely carved and with niekel.platedjring pulls, The mechanical construction Is equal to that of any, machine regardless of price. Ail working' parts are of the best oil-tei jred topi etepireWy b'earfwr w ,„,,-., .teed and adjusted eo as to n.ake the ' running qualities the lightest, most per- ' «i t ... i***™ nearest noiseless of any machine ' le latest improvements. It makes « perfect and unl- < wst work on either tho lightest muslins or heaviest ' "'"— .wrthpwt skipping stitches. A lull JwToi ' and, enclosed in A handsome " — " listed aMowegt wholes^ prfca.s S'5Mft*"rw!! a !pT 1 , faith the (05^8 allowed oni j nmountlnjtQ «1 MONTHLY^ C H R1ST M AS PR ESE NTS f R EE - -...., •-•-.. ONE OF THE CRANPESRFFiBS e,VJ '-lls^ Tbe first five persons procuring tbe Endless Chain St ••BED CROSS" Starch, we large lOo. package of Wuerac beautiful colors, as natural as life, or one Twentieth Cent"" 3 * M others procuring the Endless Ohaia Starch T ' the beautiful premiums which are keJngKiven awaj GROSS" Starch, apd tbeoeWbratod «ratTOJNQ{fiR'£ ' i ^i^faM^a^^iit^v^i^ ,,. , ' ,..:,„},;:

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