The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1899
Page 7
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THE UPPEK DBS MOINBH: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNKSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1898. f\ CARD. erybody knows that prices bare advanced and that they are still advanc- spite of this fact, however, we make this announcement to the public, lore is not an article in our immense stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Laid Gents' Furnishing Goods that we are not selling at the old prices, uld seem to mean a loss to us, but we are doing more business this sea* ,n ever before, and for this reason we can sett on narrower margins, and convince yourself that you can buy goods aa cheaply now as you ifore the war. You can still buy a good standard print for 5c per yard, ting flannel for 5c, a lOc tennis flannel for 8c, an all-linen crash toweling ft good unbleached muslin for 4c. Pleisher's German Knitting Yarn in .pound skeins for a quarter. Ladies' and Children's Underwear, every t at the same low prices of last year. ill CHRISCHILLES & HERBST. is Our Christian Duty ^inform our customers how much cheaper it is to buy good goods. § have cheap stoves, for instance, but a little more money put in- fa Garland, Radiant Home, or Round Oak is the best investment fu ever made. We are not ashamed to look a man in the face ev- jy winter for years after we have sold him one of these. Call and J;'us explain their advantages. te J.'W. ROBINSON. JOLDIER, STATESMAN, ORATOR Reserved Seats Saturday Morning. MONDAY NIGHT. We are closing out our entire stock of E all Paperj AT COST. Ehlers & Adams, Prescriptions f carefully compounded Leading Druggists, j Algona. jicycles Repaired, Bjcycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Dredge, Victor, and Wheels, ,. EDMONDS, AfcQONA, IOWA. UOUHO aud Lota .tor Sale. I will sell my house and eleven acres of ground in the south part of town, and all my personal property. Call at Dingley & Cook's office. 31 . E. B. COOK. . FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. WALL paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you money on this line. R, H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. WE have a full stock pf window glass at prices that will make anybody take out the old pillow and put in a new light before cold weather, R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. . WANTED; A good farmer for 440 acres, with cattle and hogs on the farm. Share rent preferred. 3U3 T. H. CONNER, Algona. DON'T be led astray and made to believe that there's eomything just as good as Rocky Mountain Tea; there's nothing half BO good. R. H. Miller. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile In the world and lowest prices. E\ O. B. any station. < WE have a complete line of Batten- bijrg patterns, buttons and braid, P?l»$ Iftge. handkerchief ' TflB LOCAL Vote the straight ticket. Gen, Gordon's lecture comes next Monday evening. • Remember that the polls ate open next Tuesday from 8 to 6 o'clock. Geo. E. Clarke is at EstherviKj attending to several cases in court. Spencer will play football In Algona soon, but the date is not announced. The Bonn fence case comes on again at this term of court for the third trial. Rev. Damon went to Armstrong Friday for some Free Methodist meetings. The new hotel will be enclosed this week if the plate glass for the front comes. October has been a beautiful month, a great change from the October of last year. Look out for the grand street parade of the LeRoy minstrels tomorrow at 2:30 o'clock. Court opens Monday, Judge Quarton presiding, with a big list of cases noted for trial. The Algona State bank will put In a stone sidewalk in the spring. Let the good work go on. Geo. C. Call has sold another half section farm at Ledyard, and is putting buildings on two more. The M. Dederickson home at the Milwaukee depot rejoices in tvvliiBsince Monday, a boy and girl. Marriage licenses are Issued to John Sapetal aud Genevieve Raiuer, Leonard Klott and Bertha Meyer. H. A. Woygand Is moving his cigar factory from Britt to Algona and will occupy the old Rowe restaurant room. Carl Riddlesberger, who was to give a concert in Algona Friday evening, has notified the committee that he can not be here. Goo. E. Roberts, director of the mint, was in Ledyard Monday looking after his lands. He owns about 1,000 acres near Ledyard. Geo. Hackman took eight land seekers to Minnesota last week to look at land, and seven of them bought. That is a pretty good record. D. J. Lynmn has gotten a lot of signers for a dancing club for the winter, and a pleasant series of dances by the Harp orchestra is assured. M. Stephens left yesterday for Minnesota with Dr. Gay, Ed. Patterson, Thos. Gillegan, John Wescott, Miller, Diegran and Curly to look at land. Dr. Keneflck was in Swea City Saturday to see Dan Bartholomew's little girl, who has appendicitis, and who will probably have to be operated upgn. Get). Holloway bus received a loiter from the Earl of Fife in England asking for a dozen photographs of his diving horses, " regardless of expense." A white man's ministrel show willoc- the board H at the Call opera house tomorrow ovflning, Le Roy Millards' famous miuislrels. They give a good show. O. B, Durdall made ti flat proposition to Harry Tremaine on the new hotel, and he is expected in Algona today to make a final answer. Ha is an experienced and popular landlord. Dr. Lacy of Lu Verne will be the star attraction at this term of court. He invoiced himself in more varieties of litigation in shorter time than any other man on the county record. Contractor Gross is milking the changes in the interior finish of the new school house which the school board required, and it is possible the high school will move in Monday. Company F is having a slow ^ime in getting its pay from the staiy. Even its allowance for room rent for the armory, etc., is delayed. Capt. Morse is stirring things up at headquarters. Edith Heckart, the 17-year-old daughter of Alfred Heckart, was taken to the iiyslum at Independence Thursday by Sheriff ChristeriBen. She had a fever n year ago and was left mentally unbalanced. It is a sad case. Betting is sometimes a pretty fail- indication of how elections are sized up to go. Any quantity of money has been offered the past week that Ward will be elected treasurer. The Smith men don't seem to be anxious to take it. J. D. Shadle will build a house in the spring on the lot he.bought at the Call sale oast of O, B. Kuhn's. Mr. Shadle ought to do for East State street what he has for Call street. He has the town under a debt of gratitude for his work. It would cost less than $100 a business front to put such a stone sidewalk, as O. B. Durdall has in front of the new hotel, along State street, Nothing shows a country town so much as board walks. No city allows them on a business street. Wm. K. Ferguson is building a big and good barn on his residence lots. It will be 24x44 feet and will be sh.0H.thed with matched lumber, papered and sided. It will be good enough for a house some day if he wants to use it. J. A. Cronholm has moved his old barn to his new lots. If you intend to scratch your ticket Tuesday you must let the big circle at the head of it alone and mark in the squares opposite every name you want to vote for. Paste this in your hat. The easy way is to mark the big circle at the head of the ticket and leave the squares alone. Then you vote the straight ticket clear through. While in New York City Prank Hedrick visited Robt. Chrisohilles, who is working for the receiver of bankrupt New England Loan and Trust company. Out of 22 clerks only four were kept and, Robt. was one. At the sale of the assets of the company the Iowa farm mortgages sold at a premium, while in some of the other states the mortgages did not bring enough to pay for printing them, The Max Bendix concert brought out the biggest audience that has been seen in the opera house in a long time. The entertainment was good throughout, although none of the performers excepting Bendix is a profeesiojaa,!. Bendix probably has no superior as a Violinist. He has the ffaaodore Thomas ideft of edu,oa,Mng the jHjWio tafte In* Btea4 of catering ty» it, and. Jje, only classical selections, but it wtt enjoyable even if hot popular. THE UPPER DBS MotNES learne, on what seeme to be the best authority, that the democratic business men of Whittemore are organizing to boycot the Champion, because it ifi a republican paper. We hops there is no truth in the report. All such efforts react, and Bro. Randall Is funning a good paper for Whittemore, and one not offensively partisan. It IB B bad policy to mix politics anti religion with business, and It Is shortsighted. No one ever won at It In the long run. The football game Saturday was a walk away for the home eleven. The boys broke through the Humboldt line at will and made three touch downs. The score stood 11 to 0, which is pretty one sided. The home eleven averaged about 17 pounds heavier to the man than the Humboldt boys, and played better ball. The playing WHS in the line and was not as interesting to watch as though there had been more running plays. A big crowd was out. In the evening the visitors were taken to the Bendix concert. The Algona eleven is a pretty solid combination to run up against. MRS. WHEELOCK wants to rent her house, partly furnished, to a man and bis wife.—32tf REMEMBER we keep a full line of Henderson's corsets, short, medium, and long waist, high bust. See our Empire corset. G. L. GALBRA1TH. WE intend to close out our drug business in a few months and wish all who owe us to call and settle ns soon as convenient.— 3313 DURANT BROS. LOST: A pair of gold-bowed glasses, (bi-foca). Leave at this office. Miss C. BALDWIN, recently forelndy at Madam Florins' of Sioux City, has opened a dressmaking parlor at Mrs. Baldwin's millinery store, second door weal of new hotel, and is prepared to furnish her patrons with the latest and most artistic designs. A part of your patronage solicited and satisfaction guaranteed—331.2 FOR sale or exchange, a 3-year-old full-blood Short-horn bull.—It FORREST RICE. NPW dress trimmings, spangled allover lace, braids, gulmps, silk and bended silk embroidery trimming. Trimmings of all kinds. G. L. GALBRAITH. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. H. E. Rist la expected homo Uiis week. A. D. Clarke was at Ames Juat week on n land deal with Uio college. Miss Rachel Hutchison Is visiting her brother, Archie Hutchison. Mrs. Dr. Sheetz has gone to Cnnton, N. Y,, for a short visit. She went Saturday. Guy Mnntor came from Peterson last week for u visit. He has a sprained ankle to rest up. Dr. Walters of Buffalo Center was in Algona last week. Henry Walters is also out from Chicago. Mrs. Edith Clarke Williams came from Minneapolis Friday for a visit at. homo. Mrs. Clarke met her at Minneapolis. Mrs. Wartman, Mrs. D.niko and baby Francis returned Friday from a 10 days' visit with friends at Fort Dodge and Bur- nun. Mr. and Mrs. Goo. D. Osborne came from Humboldt for the football game and to visit relatives in Algona. Mr. Osborne is county recorder tit Humboldt. Geo. B. VanSaun, the big Mason, is here holding a school of instruction. He began Monday and closes tonight. Capt. Rol'sell of Euimotsburg is attending. Half a dozen from ubroud ure In town. F. R. Hedrick returned from New York City Thursday. He and Mrs. Hedrick spent several days in Washington, Philadelphia and New York before she sailed for Europe with her uncle, aunt and cousin. It is expected that the party will spend throe months abroad. Mrs, John Goeders returned Wednesday last from attending the burial of her sister, Miss Katie Zigrang, at Worthingtou, about 35 miles from Dubuque. She hud gone to Mercy hospital, Chicago, attended by her brother, Father Zigrang, formerly of St. Jo., to be operated on for a tumor. It was a very severe operation, but for a few days she seemed to be likely to recover. Pneumonia set in, however, and the end came quickly. • Dennis Zigrang of Livermore went with Mrs, Goedors to the funeral, Miss Katie had often visited in Algona, and left here the last time during last August. She was apparently in robust health, and had many friends here. She hud for many years been housekeeper for her brother, Father Zigrang, and it was her request to be buried where he is now located, _ MliiHtroIs Tomorrow Nltflit. The Bill Nye of the vaudeville world is LaRoy Millard, whose famous minstrels will appear at the "Call opera bouse Thursday, Nov. 2, prices 25, 35 and 50 cents, Lew Baker, the famous minstrel comedian and one of the brightest stars In theamueementflrma- ment, is with Millard's famous minstrels, opera house Nov. 2. That Now Geriuimlu Lino. The Record says a high official of the Burlington road bet $5 that the branch would be built from Germania to Minneapolis next spring, and said he had $150 more to bet the same way. Marlsets. Hogs bring ij)3.60 this week, cattle $4(0)4.50. Wheat is worth '63@56 cents, oats ISiCo'lO cents, corn 20(o)22 cents, barley 3(fcents, flax $1.10. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL THAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 a m No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 10:45pui No. 71 departs at 3:30pin No. 05 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs <vt 10:15 am No. 4 departs at 6;28piu Freights that carry passengers- No. 78 departs at ..10:10 pin No. 94 departs at 3$0pm ' -At- - ^ James Patterson's 1,000,000 EGGS at 15o per dozen, and all the butter I can get at the market price. Step in and see my 50o counter, also my lOc counter. Don't forget that you can get more for your money in my line than at any other place in town. Respectfully, -James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. RUBBERS Several Kinds. RUBBER NECKS—(We don't deal in them). RUBBER HEELS—These we have and they are a good thing too. RUBBER SHOES—We have a large variety of this kind"of Rubber. Now goods just being received. Light rubbers, warm-lined rubbers, arctics and Alaskas. Overs for German socks, overs for felt boots— and all kinds of warm footwear for the cold days that are sure to come. JJSpYour patronage solicited. BROWNELL & ALLEED, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing and custom worlt. EXCLUSIVELY BOOTS AND SHOES. is essential to good health. An unpacked joint, an unventillated trap, or careless workmanship may cause no small amount of sickness in the home. Good plumbing costs a trifle more in the beginning than poor plumbing, but like every other good thing it is cheaper in the end. We do good plumbing. The work we are doing is the best proof of this statement we can offer. No job is left without being complete in every detail. Nothing is omitted, nothing slighted that is essential to make it perfect. We handle f Beitta. T-u-Tos, First Class 4 TXTa-ter Closet©, If you wish a job of good plumbing done we would be pleased to furnish you, an estimate. C. M. DOXSEEv HARDWARE. It's Knowing How That Counts. — To buy the best, all solid Shoes and Rubbers at right prices; to'keep a complete stock of latest styles, and lasc of all TO FIT THE FEET properly. t The Other Shoe ! Store can do this, o. o. Repairing and custom work: The New Lumber Yard. We have a, large dry shed and keep our lumber dry and in the best possible condition,' When in need of any kind of building material, cedar or oak posts, hard or soft coal, call and, see what we can do for you. Being here for business,

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