The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1899
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1899. VOL, XXX1V--NO, 33, It's ill the Air, Wise Women Know that bread making is a science and an art combined. It requires skill and the best materials to make it a success. Sometimes a woman blames herself or the recipe or the baking powder, when the fault is in the flour. By using our FANCY PATENT FLOUR you can. always tell where the fault isn't—it isn't in that brand of flour. Langdon & Hudson. OF- A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared especially for this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and Itching, and holds ns bay as well us euros dandruff. PRICE, 50c. R, H, MILLER, The Druggist, Fine Display *J .MMBA. Linens. Just received, consisting of Fancy Pillow Shams, Fancy Table Covers, Fancy Corn- ode Covers, Fancy Stand Covers, Fancy Doylie Covers of all kinds, Handkerchief Linens, Art Linens, Butchers' Linens; also the finest line of Table Linens ever shown in the city. Geo. L Galbraith. Grocery Bargains at Goeders' Basement Fancy Patent Flour Choice Patent Flour Corn Meal Graham RVB ITlOUl* • 18 pounds Granulated Sugar for 1 19 pounds Light C Sugar for 1 3H pounds Mocha and Java Coffee for. 6 pounds Porto Blco Peaberry Coffee — 10 pounds Fancy Bio Coffee 1 pound Choice Japan Tea. 1 pound Fancy Japan Taa. 1 pound Extra Fancy Tea 8 pounds Oat Meal ,. 1 pound Goeders' Best Baking Powder.. Lilly Gloss Starch 1 pound Corn Starch Soda Crackers Oyster Crackers Best Ginger Snaps Herkimer County Full oream Cheese — Kaiser William Brick Cheese Best Cider Vinegar Best White Wine Vinegar Best Syrup Best Sorghum .98 .88 .15 .25 .'25 00 .00 00 .00 .00 .35 .10 .50 .25 .13 .05 .05 .05 .05 .05 .15 .15 .25 .25 .35 .40 00 feet of Cotton Clothes Line Jf .15 1 quart Bottle of Bluing 05 1 dozen Clothes Pins 01 5 pounds Good Bice S5 4 pounds Choice Bice 35 ay, pounds Fancy Bice 25 1 pound Ground Pepper 25 1 pound Ground Cinnamon 25 1 pound Ground Ginger 25 1 pound Ground Cloves 25 1 pound Ground Mustard 25 1 pound Allspice 25 Canned Goods— 3 pounds California Peaches 80 3 pounds California Pears 20 3 pounds California Green Gages 18 3 pounds California White Cherries 20 3 pounds California Apricots 20 3 pounds Bed Baspberrles 15 3 pounds Best Tomatoes 10 1 pound Choice Corn 10 1 pound Choice Salmon 10 9barslvySoap 25 8 bars Lenox Soap 25 8 bars Harvest Soap 25 8 bars Toilet Soap 25 P. S,—All other goods in proportion; also all goods delivered to any part of the city at the above prices or for spot cash; no time, no barter—cash is what talks; nor do we ask you to buy any certain quantity. Get just what you want. Yours for trade, Big Department Store. JNO. GOEDERS, Propr. dUBDPBdi ^BJBB^^ *!PT <iw^^^ 4^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^*^^^^H ^^^^^ ^^^^ \ Shingte^Sash, Doors, Cement, Stucco and Lime, Lowest market prices and immediate service, this Trade Mark stands for ^£0 Reliable Lumber and Puilding Material. Call at our yard and examine itl IUMKR-CO IN THE FIELD OF POLITICS, Republicans Had a Great Meeting: at LuVerne Last Night. Onto Bella Spoke to a Small House In Algona Last Night—Gen* erat Political Notes. J. ti. Sammis met with a great reception at Lu Verne last night and gave a great speech. The band was out, special songs were given by Lu- Verne's singers, and the school house, which holds abig audience, was jammed and people stood In all parts of the room. Mr. Sum nils spoke for nearly two hours without notes of any kind, and with force and eloquence, outlined the issues. The Lu Verne people are enthusiastic over the meeting and Mr. Sammis is added to the list of speakers who can be sure of a hearty reception when he comes to Kossuth. If a man is in love that's his business; if n girl i is in love that's her business;* but if they are engaged to be married it's OUR BUSINESS to sell* the engagement ring and make the] bride a present. Dingley & Pugh, Sign of the Big Watch, It's All New That Millinery stock at Matson & McCall's—no old stuff left over from last year—and of course it must be of the latest patterns. Our Trimmed Hats are very pretty this season, and we can suit the tastes of the most fastidious in the millinery Hue. You Should See our stock before buying. We can help you out if you are undecided, and the price will be right, as it always is. Matson & McCall. R. H. SPENCER, Real Estate, In.s-u.ran.ce. Has aome choice bargains in improved and unimproved lands in Kossuth county and elsewhere. Come and look over iny list. Xtooxxx 11 Soetow. Bloclc, M. P. HAGGARD. G. V. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Esta Collections, IOWA, approves f (TOB Onto S«I)8 In AlROiin. Cato Soils spoke to a small uudienco in the court house last night. Ho had about the same attendance that Weaver and White did. Ho was very hoarse and made himself heard with difficulty, and the general comment is that ho disappointed his audience. Sells was the conservative candidate for the democratic nomination for • governor, and was beaten by White. Uolllver nt 1'Uoukn. Topic: Dolliver Is a master of his art. Nature has endowed him with every gift that goes to the making of a great orator. His physical perfection, delightful originality of thought, his calm repose and freedom from effort with which he goes to the height of sentiment make him a marvelous speaker. Lew O-YVOUB In All Hlulit. Burt Monitor: Lew Owens, our next sheriff, has buen doing all ho can for the success of the republican ticket this fall, and It Is said that at the Shaw meeting at Bancroft he responded to a call and made a stump speech that was heartily applauded. He is all right. KoMHiitli la Alive. Vinton Eagle: They must be having a red-hot campaign In Kossuth county. On the part of the republicans Congressman Cousins opened the campaign. He has been followed by Gov. Shaw, who made two speeches In the county. He will be followed by Dolliver, who makes three speeches. He Is to be followed by Sammlns, B. F. Clayton, and A. B. Cummins. The democrats have furnished Gen. Weaver and White, and Sells is to speak at Algona Oct. 31. Benton county so far has been furnished with but one speaker, Rankin at Belle Plaine, by the republican committee, and but one by the democratic committee. Gardner C'owleH oil the Stump. Wesley News: Mr. Cowles made a few appropriate and pointed remarks, showing powers of oratory as well as an abundance of sound judgment, for which he is noted. 1$. P. Clayton at Lodyurd. B. F. Clayton, president of the national farmers' congress, and a strong speaker, will discuss the issues at Ledyard tonight for the republicans. He is one of the ablest speakers In the country. Look Out for Uoorbacks. The constant rumor that the democrats are going to spring something between now and election day and make a sweeping canvas of the county warrants the republicans in being on their guard. No attention should be paid to any story that is put into circulation too late to be met and answered. THE UPPEB DES MOINES does not believe that any such resort will be made by the friends of Mr. Smith and Mr. Chrlstensen. But if it is it should be squelched without hesitation. The mere fact that nothing has been said up to the going to press of the republican papers for the last time before election, shows that there is nothing that will stand investigation that can be said, Political Notes. Vote the straight ticket. The polls will be open Tuesday from 8 to 6 o'clock. Look out for all stories that are started at the last minute. A. B. Cummins has been laid up with a sore throat and cannot speak at Wesley. E. B. Butler and L. J. Dickinson speak in Eagle township tomorrow evening. J. C. Welliver, the Des Moines Leader man, guesses Gov. Shaw's majority in Iowa at 60,000. ' Every man owes it to the government in which he lives to get out and vote on election day. A man who fails to vote invites disaster and oppression. The Keokuk Gate City says it is remarkable what admiration Cato Sells and Fre(l, White have for Abraham Lincoln, and It took them forty years to find it out. There is not one of the democrats who are asking republicans to vote for democratic candidates who would vote for republican candidates under the same circumstances, The vote for " Gojdea RwJe" Toledo, Ohio, for governor tbe result in. th.atf state very u He is tbe 90918,1111 njayer of is running Indeneudwk H$ 18 WQQ to Naah, the republican candidate, and McLean, the democratic, have hard work to figure what effect Jones* vote will have. Iowa is the only state west of the Mississippi that holds an important election. The result In Iowa will be watched by the whole country. It will test the sentiment of the middle west us to the McKlnley administration. Supt. Van Erdewyk and the democratic candidate for state superintend* ent,P. B. Hoist of Boone, spoke to a good audience at Fenton Monday evening. Supt. Van Erdewyk says that Mr. Hoist mnde a very able address, chiefly on imperialism. If the voters of Johnson county are wise they will elect C. S. Kanck to the senate by a practically unanimous vote. He has been one of the,most Influential friends the university has had in the legislature and his experience now makes him invaluable. Johnson county ought to act with an eye to business. One Who Knows. Eminotsburg' Reporter: Carl Selch- oll, who was a corporal in the 13th Minnesota regiment, was tendered a royal reception when he returned home on Thursday of last week. While at Manila Carl's company was on provost duty In the city and naturally came in contact with the natives to n. great extent. He says that the Filipinos are treacherous, never fight In the open, and lire only half civilized. His statement does not tally with Gen. Weaver's, but Carl has spunt a year among the Filipinos, while Weaver has not. The former knows what he is talking about and the latter speaks for political effect. Carl also says that If the American troops were withdrawn the Islands wouia be at once the scone of pillage and insurrection, for in his estimation the natives are not capable of self-government and no one who Is acquainted with the situation will be deceived for a minute. One by one the false statements of the Aguinaldoites In this country are revealed by the boys in blue who return from the far east from fighting the battle for enlightenment, progress, civilization, and the supremacy of a republican form of government in this world. IOWA CENTRAL OFFICIALS* They Wer4 Here Last Week and Are Pleased with the New Line. The Road is Now On a Paying Basis— Line May Bo Extended Next Season to Okobojl. THE PEEK-JOHNSON WEDDING. The Happy Couple Arc ut Homo In the Cooke Coltuuo-CoiiKrutulatod by Many Friends. Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Peek arrived from Minneapolis Friday afternoon, and are already at home In Mrs. E. L. Cooke's cottage and enjoying the pleasures of housekeeping 1 . The wedding occurred Wednesday evening. The Minneapolis Tribune says: Miss Estelle Maudo Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Johnson, was married last evening at 8 o'clock to Augustus P. Peek, Algona, Iowa, at the home of the hrlde's parents, 301 Seventh street south. The dfite of the marriage was originally sot for Sept. 18, but It was postponed on account of the illness of Mr. Peek. Rev. Pleasant Hunter performed the ceremony in the presence of 60 friends and relatives of the bride and bridegroom. Mrs. C. R. Wunderlioh, sister of the bride, played the Lohengrin wedding march as a processional. Little Cecil Utter, the flower girl, was dressed all in white, and carried a basket of white roses, She preceded the bride, who was met at an orlentally- draped archway at the foot of the stairs by the bridegroom, Miss Johnson's gown was of white Paris muslin, trimmed with satin ribbon and Valenciennes laco. She carried bride roses. After the service there was a reception for the Immediate friends, and refreshments were served. The dining room was decorated In white and pink, with a cut glass howl of chrysanthemums In the center of the table. The sideboard was massed with carnations and stnilax. The mantels were banked with palms and overhanging ferns. Smtltvx garlanded the chandeliers. Mr. and Mrs. Peek will take a wedding trip, They will make their home in Algona, Iowa, where Mr. Peek is in the real estate business. President Robt. J. Kimball and a party of officials ot the Iowa Central were in Algona a few hours Thursday afternoon. They came in on a special from St. Benedict about 4:30 o'clock and part of them returned on the special a few hours later, while President Kimball took the 6:30 Milwaukee traiti for the oast. The party consisted of E. E. Chase, G. E. Talntor, J. E. Knapp and Albert Lucius, directors of the company, Acting General Manager J. N. Tlttemore, General Superintendent C. W. Huntlngton, General Solicitor G. W. Seevers, Roadmaster Sheely and Chief Engineer E. C. Maoy. Geo. C. % Call, Gardner Cowles, C. C. Chubb and others met the party at the Iowa Central depot site with carriages and took them about Algona. President Kimball and the New- York men with him were well pleased with the Algona extension and were particularly well pleased with Algona. They looked over the map carefully while hero with a view to finding a possible route west, and It is not at all unlikely that they will build to Okobojl in the spring. The only reason they have not built before has been because the Iowa Centrill has not been a very profitable investment, but now it is paying a good return. The earnings, President Kimball says, both gross and. net, have boon greater the past few months than ever in the company's history. Mr. Knapp, who is president of one of the biggest coal companies in the United States, expressed himself highly pleased with the road, with the now line, and with this whole territory. The whole party regretted that the short visit prevented them from accepting an Invitation to banquet, but President Kimball said they would be out again la a year probably, and then if everything seemed to warrant celebrating, they would be happy to meet the people. The Local Time Card. A temporary time card is out for the trains on the Iowa Central. It will continue until the road is ballasted so that better time can be made, 30 days probably. Then Mr. Hunlington says we will have two passenger trains'a day each way. They will go east at 6 o'clock In the morning and at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and arrive from the east at 2 o'clock and lOo'olook p. m. President Kimball says a contract has been signed by which the Iowa Central trains will run Into Chicago over the Santa Fe tracks, so we shall have in the end through Chicago service. , The time card now oat Is as follows: Going east— Pas. Freight. Freight. Algona 4:40 a. in. 3:30 p. m. 0:30 a.m. St. Benedict..5:20 a. m. 3:20 p, m. 7:30 a. m. Hampton 7:15 a.m. 7:30p.m. 10:30 a.m. Marshallto\vn.0:30 a. m. Going west— MurBhalltown,5:35 p. in. Hampton ....8:20 p.m. Algona 10:3B p. m.10:05 p. m. 1:00 p. m. The morning passenger will start from Algona later as soon as the track will permit. The evening train will also arrive earlier. All the trains carry passengers. NORA—You can't expect to do away with face blemishes in a week's time. Keep on taking Rooky Mountain Tea. You'll have a lovely complexion. R. H. Miller. _ FOB fresh Oysters try Ladendorff. . REMEMBER we make.your watch keep time, R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. DE. LAOY'S TROUBLES. The LuVerno Doctor Gets UelllKer- eut—1'ubllc Sentiment very JJltter KILLED BY A HOESE. to A Former Koatmth Itoy la Kicked Death, In Minnesota, Frank Conely, who worked Perry Burlingame's farm in Irvington some eight years ago and who married Frank A man's daughter, was kicked to death by a horse at his home in Moorehead last week. The remains arrived at Sexton Monday, MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. R. H. MlLLEB sells the Jointless Lucky Curve Geo. S. Parker fountain pen. The Lucky Curve means no screw to break, no joint to leak, no old-fashioned nozzle. Perfection. THE Dally Iowa Capital has sent one of its editorial writers, Mr. John Briar, to San Francisco, to report everything pertaining to the arrival of the Fifty- first Iowa, and Mr. Briar Is doing excellent work. No other daily newspaper in Iowa has sent a special man to San Francisco. NOTICE—Life insurance companies will reduce the rate 38 per cent, to all who agree to use Rooky Mountain Tea. A wise measure, R. H. Miller—85o. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. p. CLARKE, & Co. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payment!. J3, Besides a divorce suit and a prosecution for selling whiskey, mentioned by. THE UPPER DES MOINES last week, Dr, Lacy of LuVerne is now bound over to the grand jury in $1,000 bonds for assaulting Link Minkler with intent to kill, and will have a hearing this afternoon to determine whether he shall be bound over to keejp the peace. The assault qn Minkler was made last Thursday morning. The doctor struck him with brass knuckles twice, and evidently intended to use his revolver. But Link felled him like an ox when he got at him and pounded his face until his fists gave out. The revolver was taken away, Friday, County Attorney Cgbenour we- ni down and the doctor waived examination, being put under $1,000 bondd. Today he will be brought before Justice Clarke in Algona on an injunction asking that he be bound over to keep the peace, The people of Lu- Verne are much aroused and the feeling is very bitter against the doctor- Frank Miles of Livermore is his attorney, and Healey, Botsford and Henley of Fort Dodge are to assist. J. W. Sullivan is engaged with the county attorney to prosecute, WE have what you want in the of type writer supplies. INQHAM & WARREN, A. Q, CLARKE & Co, loan money at 5 ' payoaeats In•

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