The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBEB 25, 1899, TOL. 22, It's in* the Air. Wise Women Know that bread making is a science and an art •combined. It requires skill and the best 'materials to make it a success. Sometimes a woman blames herself or the recipe or the |Ibaking powder,, when the fault is in the flour. By using our "FANCY PATENT FLOUR you can always ten fwhere the fault isn't—it isn't in that brand of flour. i Larigdon & Hudson. Ladies' Kid Gloves We have just received the largest line of iLadies' Fine Kid Gloves ever shown in the |city. The celebrated Gerster Hook Glove, ^Virginia 3-button Clasp Glove, and Fedora ¥• |2-button Clasp Glove. We have them in fc tall shades. Call and see them. Geo. L. Galbraith. A Talk About Men's Finely Tailored Suits and Overcoats. We show a superb and magnificent collection of stylish, ready-to-wear garments for stylish dressers who don't want the annoyances and disappointments that usually follow in the wake of the tailors. Ready-to-put- on garments have reached a higher standard of beauty and worth than ever before. It is hard to imagine a stylish Suit or Overcoat that cannot be found in excelling varieties in our enormous stock. We claim to carry the largest stock of clothing and men's furnishings in northern Iowa, and a visit to our store will readily prove our claim. Our Removal Sale Prices still continue, as a glance at these bargains will show: FRIENDS SURMISED HIM, A Reception Awaited Carl Setehell that He Did Not Expect. MEN'S all-wool Cassimere, Tweed and I Cheviot Suits, splendidly cut und' finely tnilored, light and dime shades "!?....$10 to 5.00 MEN'S Semi-Dross Suits, made of tine Blue Serge and Black Clays, also a variety of patterns in fancy worsted j Cheviots and Cassitneres, real $16 and $16 values. Removal sale price W,E INVITE you to examine our four Grand Specials, 816, $12, $10, and $8 Overcoats. They are without doubt the greatest values ever offered in Algona. Strictly all wool, stylishly cut and finished, any color you prefer. Removal sale ^Q A A prices, $16, $12, $10 and...»pO.UU 1,000 PAIRS men's all-wool Trousers —heavy weight, strongly made, intended for hard usage, dark colors. Removal sale tf < CA i-v £T price ^I.DU tO J MEN'S Swellest Suits, made of flue for-1 eign and domestic fubrics, equal in make to the highest priced custom tailors' productions, cut in the acme of style. Removal sale price mm Grocery Bargains at Goeders' Basement, MEN'S all-wool fleece lined Underwear, an elegant garment, made to sell for 50c. Removal sale price... IN BOYS' Reefers we have a strictly all-wool Chinchilla, splendidly made and tailored, storm collar, a real $6 garment, Removal sale price MEN'S Pine Camel Hair Underwear, a very handsome garment—the regular price is 75c. Removal sale price New England. 0. B. Durdall. Fancy Patent Flour S ,08 Choice Patent Flour 88 Corn Meal .15 Graham..... 85 Rye Flour 25 18 pounds Granulated Sugar for 1.00 10 pounds Light C Sugar for 1.00 3*6 pounds Mocha and Java Coffee for... 1.00 6 pounds Porto Rico Peaberry Coffee..., 1.00 Kf 10 pounds Fancy Rio Coffee 1.00 jf§°; 1 pound Choice Japan Tea 35 ?.i> 1 pound Fancy Japan Taa 40 SK-S; 1 pound Extra Fancy Tea 50 *""-'-" 8 pounds Oat Meal 35 1 pound Goeders' Best Baking Powder.. ,13 Lilly Gloss Btarch 05 Ml pound Corn Starch , 05 ISs'Soda Crackers ?. 05 teSSOyster Crackers 05 'f8;Best Ginger Snaps 05 'fjSHerklmer County Full pream Cheese 15 TjKaiser William Brick Cheese 15 ~ stCider Vinegar 25 st White Wine Vinegar 25 st Syrup 35 ptest Sorghum'. 40 60 feet of Cotton Clothes Line a .15 1 quart Bottle of Bluing 05 1 dozen Clothes Pins 01 5 pounds Good Rice 35 4 pounds Choice Rice 35 3y, pounds Fancy Rice 35 1 pound Ground Pepper 35 1 pound Ground Cinnamon 35 1 pound Ground Ginger .25 1 pound Ground Cloves 35 1 pound Ground Mustard 35 1 pound Allspice 35 Canned Goods— 3 pounds California Peaches 30 3 pounds California Pears 20 3 pounds California Green Gages 18 3 pounds California White Cherries 30 3 pounds California Apricots.. 20 3 pounds Red Raspberries 15 3 pounds Best Tomatoes 10 1 pound Choice Corn 10 1 pound Choice Salmon 10 8 bars Ivy Soap 35 8 bars Lenox Soap 35 8 bars Harvest Soap 25 8 barsToilet Soap 35 P. S.—All other goods in proportion; also all goods delivered to any part of jhe oily at the above prices or for spot cash; no time, no barter—cash is what x alks; nor do we ask you to buy tiny certain quantity. Get just what you want, fours for trade, Big Department Store. JNO. GOEDERS, Propr. OAL LUMBER, Lamb Lumber Co. can interest you on both lumber and coal. They have over half a million feet of lumber in their yard at this place, the largest stock ever brought to Algona. Having bought the Algona Milling Co.'s coal busfness at the Northwestern depot, they secured the services pf A. fi. Naudain to take charge of their coal trade. At present he will be found at their lumber office, where all orders may be left- .:• A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. Miller's Hair Tonic is prepared especially for this purpose. It keeps the hair in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and itching, and holds as bay as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 60o. R, H, MILLER, The Druggist, CXXXXX3OCX5OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ' If a matt is in love--—- that's hie business; if a girl is in love that's her business; but if they are engaged, tq be married it's OUR B1JSINES& to sell the engagewent rjqg and cpake the bride a present. Dingley & Pugh, S g f Watoh, T .EX3AL *«< Buy th office ™ It's All New That Millinery stock at Matson & McCall's—no old stuff left over from last year—and of course it must be of the latest patterns. Our Trimmed Hats are very pretty this season, and we can suit the tastes of the most fastidious in the millinery Hue. You Should See our stock before buying. We can help you out if you are undecided, and the price will be right, as it always is. Matson & McCall. R. H. SPENCER, Real Estate, Has some choice bargains in improved and unimproved lands in Kossuth county and elsewhere. Come and look over my list. S%QOXXX H Sostoso. Sloclc, M. P. HAQGABP. c. r. Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Abstracts, Real Collections, His Home Coining Signalized by a Large Turnout of Friends, All Glad to See Him Buck. Carl Setohell's hotne coming laat Thursday was made a memorable event for him. He was received at the depot by Company F and Jas< C. Taylor Post, and escorted by the 4th regitnent band and a procession of carriages, he was taken to the opera house, which was filled in his honor. Capt. Morse, after a few remarks explaining the meaning of the gathering, introduced Col. Coolie, who spoke for the volunteers, A. A. Brunson, commandant of the.Poat, who spoke for the veterans, and Rev. Suokow, who spoke for the citizens. Carl responded feelingly to to the greetings, and when the formal proceedings wore over was welcomed informally by his host of young friends. In company with his mother he arrived on the 1:65 train from Minneapolis, where the whole 18th Minnesota regiment was honored by magnifloient demonstrations. He knew nothing of any reception at home and was taken entirely by surprise. He is In splendid health, comes home with a discharge which commends him for "honest and faithful service," ( has had an experience that few young men ever get, and Is anxious at once to get into business and begin the ordinary routine of life. Both coming and going ho stopped at Japan. He talks freely of the Filipinos, who he says are about -half as civilized as the Japanese. He acted as policeman six months in Manlla,and he knows the ins and outs of Filipino character. He says the Filipino is treacherous, never fights in the open, and cannot bo trusted. He is inclined to blame Gen. Otis for a failure to al- reiidy have the rebellion crushed. Among the curious keepsakes he brought with him are samples of Filipino handwork, which show them to have a crude idea of art. Their work does not compare with the Japanese, and he says the difference in this typifies the difference in the races. If the American troops' should be withdrawn now it is his opinion that the islands would be atonoe the eceno of insurrection and pillage. He says it Is impossible that they should maintain a stable government of their own, and that no one who la acquainted with the situation will be deceived for minute abont It. At the opera house Rev. Suckow made a telling speech for expansion, and was cheered to the echo. His remarks have been commended on all sides. The more information people get on the situation the more they see that this country has not only an opportunity but a duty in the far east. Saddle Horee Wanted. Anyone haying a good saddle horse for sale can find a buyer by inquiring at this office. ' New Dentist. H. C. Devereaux of Belmond has decided to locate in Algona in the dental business, and has leased office rooms in the Hoxle-Ferguson block. He comes with good recommendations, He expects to be here about Nov. 15. THE Misses Porter and Pay of Mankato, Minn., will have a display of art needle work at the Tennant hotel Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26, 27 and 28, Instructions given in Battenberg, point lace and silk embroidery. A complete line of materials, Ladles please call. LOST: A gold star pin, marked "G. H. W.," set with diamond and pearls. Liberal reward given if finder will leave with Miss C. T. Dodd.-lt MAX BBNDIX Saturday evening. AN overcoat was left at the opera house lately, Owner can have by paying for this notice. W. B, CAREY will let 200 acres for $200, one mile north of Algona. 32tf THKEE TEETH KNOCKED OUT, Stanley Fursona of Crosco IB Acel- deiitly Shot and Has a Narrow Escape. Stanley Parsons, son of M. Del. Par- eons of Cresco, was acoidently shot by his brother the first of the week. The boys were shooting at a mark when It happened. The ball went through his cheek, shattered his jaw, and knocked out three teeth;, Dr. McCoy has the case in charge ind the boy is getting along nicely, ft was a close call. Important Methodist Meeting, Presiding Elder Smylie is attending a big Methodist meeting at Webster City today. The North west Iowa Conference Twentieth Century commission, including the president of Morning Side college, the conference corresponding secretary, the presiding elders, one pastor and one layman from each of the five presiding elders' districts, will con» vene. The following will be present: Dr. W. S. Lewis, Dr, D. M, tetter apd Pl\ J, B. Trjjnble, Sioux City; Rev. J. J, Lwie, LeMara; Samuel Parker, AUa; Rev, J. W. Itpthiai), Ida Grove; Rev, G. W. Pratt, Storm &»ke; c, E. Lane, Sao City; Dr. H. R. Hastings, S,Md, P n 5 Rev, Hugh Hay, guanoer; 1, B, Pierce, 4>| Rapids; P4% Itebt, $ W jje, AlgQ, \ Rev- Q. K, Maynarfl ajf J, M*r|h., T *" ^ r - J century movement In the bounds of the conference, which comprises the northwest fourth of the state. The bishops of the Methodist Episcopal church issued a call some months ago urging that the Methodists unite id a forward movement to enter the twentieth deft- lury and to make as a thank offering a money gift of $20,000,000, one-half to be given to education, and an- earnest endeavor to secure the conversion of 2,000,000 souls. JUDGE SWING'S LEOTUfiB, Christian Science Expounded by One of Its Ablest Advocates—A Very Pino Presentation. Judge Ewing, the noted Christian Scientist, spoke to a large audience at the opera house last evening. He is a man of fine culture and of unusual ability on the platform. His address was devoted mainly to combatting the prejudice against Christian Scientists and to establishing their standing as a Christian body. After the lecture he held an Informal reception In the Odd Fellows' parlors, where the Christian Scientists of Algona mat him for an hour, .fudge Ewing Is a member of the famous Ewing family of Ohio, and attained prominence on the bench before taking up this work. He is a firm believer from his own experience In the efficacy of Christian Science to restore health, and was led by his own experience to investigate its doctrines. His visit to Algona was enjoyed by all who met him or heard him. Large Stock Sale. Ninety-seven head of cattle, 56 hogs, horses, machinery and grain ' will be sold on the Lbckfdj farm, six miles north and one mile east of Sexton, on Tuesday, Oct. 31, commencing at 10:80 sharp. Twenty steers averaging three years, good condition, ready to feed; 80 grades 2i years; 19 milk cows, and a lot of good young stock, including one pedigreed red pol bull coming 3, and one Hereford coming 2. Usual terms. THE largest line of trunks, valises and telescopes. G. L. GALBRAITH. MAX BENDIX Saturday evening. WE have what you want in the line of type writer supplies. INGHAM & WARREN. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually, To Ue Happy buy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, 14 k. Pen diamond point, and positively guaranteed not to leak. DlNGLEY & PUGH, FOR fresh Oysters try Ladendorff. IF you wan.t a good school shoe call at GALBRAITH'S. REMEMBER we make your watch keep time. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. TEXAS rice farms—tenants wanted. Write "Farmer," 1802 Capital ave., Des Motnes, Iowa. 29t4 Arch-bishop Ireland's View. The American republic, She lives and liberty lives with her. The flag of the American republic means liberty. Wherever it goes liberty goes with it. With anxious eye and throbbing heart we watch today the journeying of the flag of America toward distant isles; we pray for its safety and its honor; we proclaim that in Asia aa in America it means liberty and all the blessings that go with liberty. Some-say that In Asia it means the repression of liberty. God forbid! It means in Asia the institution of civil order, so that America, to whom the fates of war have brought the unsought duty of maintaining order in those isles, may see and know who are the Philllpines, who there have the right to speak for the people, what the people desire, and for for what the people are fitted. Civil order restored—and It must be restored —the flag of America may be trusted to he for the Philippines, the harbinger and the guardian of liberty and the rights of the people," . "Caveat Emptqr" Means Let the buyer beware! It is on this sort of a guaranty that horses are sold, also some clothing, The exceedingly low prices we are quoting on overcoats might cause some suspicion, but you need have nono, as we fully Guarantee Every Garment to give satisfaction to the wearer. See bills for prices, Kraft eio|liiflg ,t\-^L ^sk'_ ii<i,?!\'s '•". i*

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