The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPER MB MOlMte ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY. OOTOBBH 18, STALEY. This is the name of the best woolen underwear for men manufactured. We carry a complete line of it. There is not an article in our store that gives better satisfaction than the Staley underwear. $1.50 $1.50 $1.50 $2.50 THE LOCAL HELD, Na 219, all wool, non- shrinkable . ,' UMRSTHIS UKH. W _ 60( alj woo n ( ribbed grey No. 164, all wool, striped tan No. 226, all wool, light tan Call for Staley underwear and get the best on the market. Chrischilles & Herbst. It is Our Christian Duty |To inform our customers how much cheaper it is to buy good goods |We have cheap stoves, for instance, but a little more money put in|to a-Garland, Radiant Home, or Round Oak is the best investment |you ever made. We are not ashamed to look a man in the face ev- ' ery winter for years after we have sold him one of these. Call and act us explain their advantages. Court opens Nov. 6. Dolliver at Burt Tuesday afternoon. "Shylook" tonight at the opera house. The first number of the lecture course comes a week from Saturday. Editor Peterson of the Wesley News is dangerously sick with appendicitis. Dr. Kenefick is taking a vacation up in Minnesota, looking over cheap lands. It IB a boy at F. C. Farr's and his father's genial smile can be seen a block. Carl Wauge has bought the D. B. Avey house and lot and gets a pleasant home. Enters & Adams' new fountain Is here and will be set up this week. It is a beauty. Rev. Suckow will preach in Lodyard Friday night. The people will hear a good sermon. Claud Nicoulin has gone to Bristol to take charge of a store his father got last week In a trade. Charley Conn is drawing plans for Ike Finnell's new house, which will be one of the spring buildings. It is reported thatCarl Lenander has sold the Capt. Jeanson farm in Eagle to a Sioux City man for $20,000. Hutchison & Gilmore have sold the J. B. Jones farm in Cresco to an Illinois man at nearly $40 an acre. Miss Emma Suckow invited 16 girls a week ago to celebrate her 15th birthday. It was an enjoyable occasion. Fred. White, democratic candidate for governor, speaks in Algona tomorrow evening. He should have a good crowd. The marrlnge of G. F. Peek and Miss Stella Johnson occurs at Minneapolis today. W. P. Jones hns gone to attend. Mrs. J. L. Paine is very low and is at D. T. Smith's home. The now house she has been planning will not bo built this fall. C. W. Spalding, the wholesale grocery man, has rented the H. Hoxie house. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hoxie will live at the hotel. An excursion is talked of over the Iowa Central to Marshnlltown at $1 for the round trip. The whole country will turn out. Material for the now hotel sflll falls to come. The sidewalk stone are here and will soon go in. They will make a handsome walk. J. D. Zigler has 11 pretty good wheat record for this season. On eight acres he raised 193 bushels, or 24i bushels to the acre. Who can beat It? Ing took a header Into ft bar-b wire fence, splittiatf ohe ear wide open. He got to town where Dr. Morse sewed his ear together and hfe went on rejoicing'. TUe malls going out of all the post- offices in the United States are beinff weighed from Oct. 8 to NOT. 8. In the Algona office over 2,300 pounds have been sent out slbce Oct. 3, an average ones pounds a day, including Sundays. The business of the Algoua office is very heavy. . ,°- B. Durdall is digging to connect his hotel with the north side seWer, and the south side will doubtless go a good while without a sewer. The time to get a thing is when the iron }s hot. The south side ought to have a sewer and it should have been put in to accommodate the new hotel. Agent KHngler expects to be ready for business on th6 Iowa Central about Nov. 1, It is rumored that the passenger train that now goes to Mf^on City will come to Algona, giving us iv through service to Peorla, 111. This will mane the Iowa Central a very im- oortant line for passenger traffic. The big officials of the Iowa Central are expected in Aleona someday next week. They have been telegraphed to learn exactly when thev wiJl come and whether they will attend a banquet. The president and most of the eastern directors will be out. Algona should give them an enthusiastic reception. The high school foot-ball team had a big reception at Humboldt Saturday, and enjoyed it. The game was close, 12 to 10 for the Humboldt side. The boys play at Spencer this coming Saturday and the Humboldt boys come a week from Saturday to Algona. A big time is being planned for their benefit. A report has been spread abroad that county money hns been used to grade some Algona streets. It arises from a misapprehension of the law. The county board collects the one mill county road tax In Algona nnd the law provides that it must spend it in Algona. That is the money that hns been used. It amounts to about $400 a year. 'X 1 ames Patterson's 1,000,000 EGGS at 15c per dozen, and all the butter I can get at the market price. Step in and see my 50o counter, also mv lOc counter. Don't forget that you dan get more for your money in my line than at any other place in town. Respectfully, —James Patterson, Cowles' Block, Algona. Algona. Sexton. J. W. ROBINSON. The Big Sale is Now On AT... J. R, LfURD'S. While at the Fair don't fail to call and see the big bargains he is offering in his entire line. Bed room suits, center and dining room tables, chairs, rockers, etc. M 'v-'.-'-'-'Vi C We are closing out our entire stock of Wall Papcrj AT COST. Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists, Prescriptions Algona. carefully compounded. jcycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. :, Also agent for the II IJclredge, Victor, and Andrae Wheels. J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. ttoved—now next door to Frank Winkers meat market. State street. Hundred >llars _ .FOOT EAOE IN THE OOEN. A Harness Thief Gets liito a Corn Field-The Harness Is C»PtureU. Monday Deputy McDonald and Marshal Carlon went to Chester Rickard's, west of town, to capture two men named White, who had stolen a harness up in Dakota and shipped it to Algona, One of the men and the harness was captured, but the other got out of aside door in the barn and ran for the corn field, Will McDonald after him. The corn stalks protected him, and although the boys chased him all night he got away. IB offered to any person who can duplicate the FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN SCHU & CO. B. H. MILLER sells the Jointless Luoky Curve Geo. S. Parker fountain pen. The Lucky Curve means no screw to break, no joint to leak, no old-fashioned nozzle. Perfection. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. ' DON'T forget when you go to put up your stove that you can get any kind of oil cloth at GALBRAITH'S. WALL paper at greatly reduced prices. Can save you money on this line. R. H. Miller, druggist and jeweler. SEND 60 in postage to Lafe Young-, Des Moines, Iowa, and receive the Weekly Capital campaign edition until the November election, J899. To Be Huppy buy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, H k. Pen diamond point, and positively guaranteed not to leak. DlNGLBY & PUGH. Tho Milwaukee passenger train west in the morning goes through a few minutes earlier than usual, and now lenves Algona at 8:69 o'clock. It will be a pleasant drive for many from Algotia to go to Burt Tuesday afternoon and hear Dolliver, He is making a groat speech this year. Prof. Spencer has sold 450 course tickets for the lecture course. Those who want in had bettor buy at once, as the number to be sold is about taken. There will be a teachers' meeting at Burt on Saturday,Nov. 4. The opening lecture of Burt's'lecture course comes in the evening. Program next wook. The opportunity to hear Owen tonight in the Merchant of Venice is rare one. No one who enjoys stnndar plays will miss this best of Shak neare's. Company F is planning to meet Cai Setchell at the depot with the ban and escort him 10 town, and give hii an informal reception at the armory i the evening. Walsh, the tree peddler, was dis missed. McGee failed to appear t prosecute him. McGee did wel enough in Algona without coming bac for a law suit. A big beet sugar convention is bein f held in Cleur Lake today, with Score tary Wilson,C. F. Curtiss and otherex perls present. Dr. Sayers was plan ning to attend. There will be a meeting of citizens G. A. R. men and Company F at the armory this evening to make arrange ments for receiving Carl Sfitchell, who comes tomorrow at 1:55 o'clock. Judge Ewing, who lectures on Chris tian Science next Tuesday evening a opera house, is one of the ablest men in t'uo country. The lecture is free and will repay all who hear it. FOE t^me loaos on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. for Sale. A house a,nd. four lots, and a house two lots for sale cheap. Can be bought on the installment plan. In. quire of F, M, The woman suffragists fire organizing a big campaign in Minnesota, and we note that Rev. Ida C. Hultin is to stump the counties there for the cause. She will make an aggressive campaign M. Z. Grove came down from the north Saturday evening. He say the land business is booming and that he and Guy have all they can do. He does not intend to leave AJgona, however. Marriage licenses have been issued to W. F. Miller and Rose Kubly, J A Fisher and Carrie Tower, John Smith and Katy Hoefers, Warren Bixby and Mary, Luke, John E. Ludwig and Mary Dor well er. *H. E. Rist has beaten the record and has killed a bear. He and Dick saw two. He missed with his first shot, but hit with the second. Dick missed entirely. They Hre having a great hunt in the mountains. The Fort Dodge Messenger says that Mr. Sherman, brother of the Bancroft banker, is going to edit the best democratic daily in Montana. He has been offered a big salary arid has accepted. He is a yery able writer. The suit begun by Harry Dodge against John Grove for 160,000 has been dismissed. Harry claimed that as his share of a partnership deal, putting John j s estate at $100,000. On what terms the suit is dismissed we have not learned. The irregularity of the Northwestern trains is due to delays on the main line, and these are said to be caused by the double tracking and repairs npw being made. The grade is being leveled, new bridges being buil^ etc. Besides the traffic at present) is very heavy. A bicycle rigor going from Fort Dodge up ip to Min.n,es.ot ft tu/n,ed in .«..«. ^ Qwn to ^j ft £ r j ^. ^ j go .,.-•—• Owen lectured to the women's library association yesterday afternoon on Shakespere's women, and in the evening played Richelieu to an appreciative audience. Ho has an oven company and special scenery and tonight rnu,' P* ve the Mot> chfirit of Venice. L his is one of Shakespore's greatest Plays, and the opera house ought to be filled. J. S. Simpson, son-in-law of A. C. Johns and at one time landlord of the Milwaukee depot hotel, died suddenly at Minneapolis last week ns the result of a paralytic stroke. Ho was 45 years of ago. Tho remains will bo brought to Algona at 4 o'clock this afternoon and Rov. Chlpperlield will conduct a brief ceremony, after which interment will be made in the Algona cemetery. The new time table on the Northwestern did not bring the Improvements on the Algona line Unit were rumored. There ie no change on any of our trains. An accommodation train s put on from Burt to Stillborn that leaves Burl in the morning and returns at night. Il connects with the morning train north and with the evening train south. People down the line cnn (TO up to Lono Rock, Fenton, etc. nnd buck the same day. Coming down from there to Algona will require people to remain over night. J. A. Hamilton and Co. have bought the Richardson foundry site and already have a now building frdmed on the old foundations. They have a full outfit of wood-working tools, and will put in a big engine and a new foundry outfit and manufacture the heavy hardware they sell on the road. They may also work into machinery of one kind or another. This is one of the best improvements of the season, as the burned out foundry promised to be an eye sore on the main street. The Hamilton yard is branching out this year into a big concern. Mr. Coffin, the Charles City traveling man, who is to have charge of the mail order grocery house in Algona that will be run in connection with the wholesale grocery, is about ready to open. He will sell in Algona in $5 lots and outside of Algona in $10 lots and the goods will be delivered from the wholesale house. On account of this change in business, on the part of the wholesale grocery, several of the original stockholders have withdrawn, F. D. Calkins taking up the stock of Cowles & Murtagh, Geo. C. Call, .]. W Hinchon and Harvey Tngham. Lee Walston, we understand, will go on the road just the same. RUBBERS Several Kinds. RUBBER NECKS-(We don't deal in them). RUBBER HEELS-These we have and they are a good thing too. RUBBER SHOES—We have a large variety of this kind of Rubber. New goods just being received. Light rubbers, warm-lined rubbers, arctics and Alaskas, Overs for German socks, overs for felt boots— and all kinds of warm footwear for the cold clays that are sure to come. r patronage solicited. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Fine ,epaiHn g ana custom we,,, ^^ ^^ AL GONA, IOWA. EXCLUSIVELY BOOTS AND SHOES. Knowing How •99999 "'.LU-'il is an element that has ISif] more to do with success- ^—n ful furnace heating than f^" any other item that en- 1| ters into a furnace job. A GOOD FURNACE i« necessary for a foundation. This we r?r o W*?^ Btor , aB " is P? 88il ? le *>'• 8kl H ^ construct from he J«t,?n«7 "w'V 0 have Ule j fn ° w| e<lge of how a furnace should be installed. We have made heating a study— ao guess work en- l out It JS Not TOO Late ^ et to £ et « furnace in your house this '• . ,/T . . , ' • "all- If you are contemplating a move of this kind come and let us reason together. O. M. DOXSEB, ; '•_ HARDWARE. • •444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444; Tree Lecture on (Jhrlstluii Scleucu. Judge W. G. Ewing of Chicago, member of the board of lectureship of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bos;on, Mass., will give a free lecture on Jhristian Science at the Call opera house on Tuesday night, Oct. 24, to which all are cordially invited. The Des Moines Daily Capital says: The only reason that more Bostonians did not hear the lecture of JudgeEwing it Boston, Oct. 5, was because I'remont Temple could not furnish more standing room. The judge is of ,he Ewing family of Ohio, which has )een so great a factor in both the uollt- cal and social life of this nation. Judge Ewing was the jadge of the superior court of Illinois at Chicago for nine years after he was healed of asthma, which doctors had given up and ill health resorts had failed to bring ;elief. Judge Ewing was a friend of jjncoln and a frequent visitor at the jincoln home. He is personally ac- jiminted with Mrs. Mary Baker G. 3dd,y. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. ~*-*" % '-'' > -''^- i ~^" i *'' > *''~"«^^ CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL LOCAL TBAINS WEST. >To. 1 departs at 8:06 am ^0.3 departs at 3:58 pm Freights that carry passengers- v 0.83 departsat. 10:45pm lo.?l departs at 3:SOpm fl o. 85 aepartsat 8:30pm . „ TOAJJJS BAST. o. S departs at 10:45 a m No. 4 departs at 6:38pm Freights that carry passengers— o,70 departsat r. I0:10nm 10.04 departs at , 3:20pm B. g. HypRiQg, Agent, CHICAGO * NOETHWEST1BBN, LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! AT WHAT? Why, at our Toilet Slippers German Slippers, Warm Shoes, Overshoes and Rubbers- complete stock of up-to-date shoes. Call and see our Mr 1 eJJier for repairing. The Other Shoe Store. CL o. Repairing und custom work. — ass l:G5pm t);86aw 7:5ipn» pht The New Lumber Yard, We have a large dry shed and keep our lumber dry and in the best possible condition, When in need of any kind of building material cedar or oak posts, hard or soft coa], call and see what we can do for you, Being here for business, we solicit your trade and wjjl use you rigbf? Y i ' -T.'-rti.'tiaiittSsi

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