The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 11, 1899
Page 7
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S^tftts* lS MOlHlSi ALGOSfA, IOWA, W1BN1BDAY OOTOBEH 111860. FAUM AND MAttERS OP INTffeREST TO AOfilCULtURiStSi tOttt* Cp-to-Date Bints Abont Cultivation of the SoO and Tield* ^theteof—Horticulture, Viticulture and Slorlcnltnre. to Smut of Corn. the Farmers' Review: What does not kftow corn-smut, that Cankerous growth that appears in his ;j6ornfleld9 every summer? But what fawner calculates the damage this dis- ijfease does? The disease is not confined to tho ears alone, but lessens the yield of the whole plant f thus affected. This fungus does not jfeain access to the plant In the same taanner as oat smut enters oats. The spores of corn-smut germinate in the dew upon the plants and finds entrance to the tissues of the part in a very short time. Once within, they grow with great rapidity and often produce the smut bolls in three weeks from the time they first entor. A few days after these bolls are produced they break and give their seed-bodies or |epores to the wind, which carries them [•to new plants. The most economical method of fflghtlng this disease Is to cut off and .burn all these smut masses before the |*grey vail has broken. If taken at this |f tlnft the chance of spreading the |spores Is prevented. Tho operation I'jnay be done In the early part of the Ifseason when the corn is being culti- |vated, a box or basket being carried iupon the cultivator to hold the growths {removed. After the crop Js laid by a •boy by visiting the field once a week ror ten days may easily keep the disease In hand. When eaten, the vitality of fthe seed-bodies Is not destroyed. It jwill therefore be well to have as little fsmut in the fodder as possible. And jthis remark applies to stover and en| silage. The manure in which the [spores fall seems to assist in their ^germination and to carry infection to ;the field. For this reason, also, have ;as little go to the stalls and feeding •jpens as possible. Common opinion ; says that corn-smut produces abortion tin cows. Such, however, is not the case, as has been proved by experi- ;'ment with a number of pregnant and milking cows fed excessive doses of the growths. The general health and .the milk yield were constant and reg- •ular throughout the test. And if animals could stand these excessive doses it is hardly likely that the quantities obtained by cows in ordinary cases [could be harmful. The smut contains no ergotine nor other poisonous alkaloid, but resembles coarse fodders In | composition. The cattle treated ate it | readily and in preference to grain. It f seems safe, therefore, to conclude that I cattle under ordinary conditions will ? not suffer from eating this material. ( M. G. KAINS. '(. American Meat in Scotland. i The public health act of 1897 applic: able to Scotland contains provisions in regard to meat Inspection which are ;•' more severe than the provisions of the ' public health act of 1875 applicable to England. The Scottish law not only gives the local sanitary officer full control over slaughterhouses, but also empowers inspectors to enter premises within the district of the local authority at any time, search any cart or ve- niele or any barrow, basket, bag, or parcel, and examine any animal, alive ; or dead, or article intended for human jjfood. If it appears to him uo be unfit If or human food, he may take it away PO have it dealt with by a justice. The Ijustice may condemn it and order it lito be destroyed, and impose a penalty |lbn the person to whom tho condemned '[article belonged or in whose possession for on whose premises it was found. ; The department of sanitary and market inspection in Edinburgh was con• Btituted on its present basis, under the i public health act of 1897, in May, 1898. ;iJDuring the past year, not only have ; the slaughterhouses been under careful !'super vision, but inspectors have paid |more than 6,000 visits to the butchers' I'and other shops. The quantity of meat fseized or given up as unfit for human |food was 149,163 pounds. One Canad- llan. carcass was seized. Not a pound of ^American meat was condemned, In- jasmuch as the butchers of Edinburgh ^handle a largo amount of American chilled meat—the quantity of Amerian chilled beef alone consumed in idinburgh (not including Leith) aver- es 31,500 pounds per'week—this evi- ,ence of its wholesomeness is note- orthy. RUFUS FLEMING, U. S. Consul at Edinburgh. Sawdust Bedding. Scarcity of straw has. for a year or >so forced me to use saw shavings to fbe animals, says a writer in Farm an! preside. I confess that for a long .e I b?vve Oeen prejudiced against ,wdust and shaving manure. At 'esent I am very glad that I had to lake tht trial, for I can say that I taking more comfort In the stables an when I used nothing but straw, torses and cattle, and hogs, too, while >edded on shavings are always clean the morning, and that is more than !,'cou}4 say of them when they were ,ed on straw, la short, I have arned to like this material for the ,rpo«e, and shall continue to use the as Ions as I can have them '$& a reasonable price. In the winter | <jajj get them loose most ot the time to? the hauling. NQW I am paying 16 seats a bale for them. Shavings are ^cjean, and tend to cleanliness, That uuob. is settled in my mind for good. t means a good deal, too, so far as CQWS and milk and butter we con- We want these tWwp 9$ clea.a ft If 'pojSjWy oft». The only question vrfcfe* there could be a possible dispute is whether Sawdust of 8n&vlng manure is as good for the land as mahtira from tolmala bedded with straw. Varieties of Wheat. The comparison of new and standard varieties of wheat by the Pennsylvania State College Agricultural Experiment Station has been continued through the present season. The six varieties giving the highest yield were Bu. Royal Red Clawson 26.87 Forty-Fold or Gold Corn ..26.80 Dawson's Golden Chaff .26.43 Century < ,...26.71 Rochester Red 26.40 Reliable 26.14 Twenty-two varieties were tested, the average yield being 22.02 bushels There was an average difference of 3.02 bushels between the smooth and bearded varieties in favor of the smooth About one-fourth of the grain was winter killed, which accounts for tha small average yield, it being only about two-thirds of our usual' crop. The average yield of straw was 2,450 pounds and the average weight pel bushel 62.04 pounds. Turkish Red waa the poorest variety, yielding 16.31 bushels of grain and 1,590 pounds ol straw. The yield of ten varieties that have been tested for nine and ten years show no tendency to run out except o slight decrease in the yield of straw Tho locust Snw-FIy. In this column we illustrate a locust saw-fly. A report of the United States entomological commission says: Eat ing the leaves of the black locust is found a small, soft, green worm, two- fifths of an inch long, with twenty legs and a brownish head. It appears in Washington, D. C., late in August and remains until October. It transforms Into a dark-brown oval cocoon and two or three weeks later Issues as a saw-fly nearly one-quarter of an inch long, of a dirty-yellow color, with a squarish black patch on the top of the head. The sides and front of the thorax are black, and there is a transverse band on top of each abdominal segment. This saw-fly inserts its irregularly semi-ellipsoid eggs in a crescent- shaped cut made in the under surface of the leaf by tho saw. In a few days the larva hatches. Professor Comstock .—Locust Saw-fly: a, eggs; b. c. Worms; a, tall of the same; c, cocoon; /. fly PAtter Comstock.j thinks there are two and possibly three broods In a season, and that the insect may hibernate both in the adult and pupa stages. The head of the worm is amber-colored rather than brownish. The scientific name of this fly is Nematus similaris. Dip tho Shoo)). There is but one effectual cure for sheep scab and that is the use of an efficient dip, says an exchange. If the farmer will not go to the trouble of dipping his sheep twice at an interval of from six to twelve days and put them on clean grounds where scabby sheep have never been in the interval and after the second dipping, that man had better sell his sheep and quit the business. The scab can bo thoroughly cured in two weeks' time if the owner will implicitly follow directions. It cannot be cured in a year or any other length of time if he will not do It. Therefore, it Is simply a question with a man who has scabby sheep to dip or not. The man who keeps scabby sheep willfully and after shearing time should be regarded as a menace to good farming in his neighborhood, and the public sentiment should compel him either to dip or ship his flock to the slaughter and quit business. There are some diseases for which np cure can be suggested. Animal Excreta.—The excreta, solid and liquid, of a horse in a year, averages 20,000 pounds of an ox, 36,000 pounds; of a cow, 30,000 pounds; of a full grown hog, 6,000 V pounds; of a sheep, 1,200 pounds. A moderate value of these manures is ?2 per thousand pounds for the horse, $1.25 for the ox or cow, $2.25 for the hog, if grain fed, and ?3 for the sheep. Total annual value: Horse, $40; ox, $45; cow, $37.50; hog, $13.50; sheep, $3.60. Of course, all these estimates are subject to variations, owing to different conditions, such as food, size of animals, etc. . •• • The Worden Grape.--Tbe Worsen to my mind is the best grape for home use. It }s an enlarged Concord, which it closely resembles. More juicy and with less pulp, It ripens a few days before the Concord and is better fla vored. It is not so vigorous li growth as the Concord, but bears quite young, s»4 Jf properly trimmed the bunches are quite large. The skin is not so thick as the Concord, and consequently not a good shipper. Concord go wel} known that it needs no troductios, beipg indispensable.-—Ma- YON YONSOfo IN DENVER, A clever piece of adfertlstng ap- the Denver papers this Week. It wafi the story of how "You Yonsop". went to Denver, as follows: Ay coom en oh das Burlington Da* vas mmp-Hg-htnln' tren! Ay tenk de yotirhey yust begun Ven "Too-oo'-oot!" and har Ay banei Das pooty quick yo bat *aae life, v But not a yolt or yar— < Ven Ay got back Ay tol' time vlf« ' Das mos' so fast lak her. ' Ay coom dar saven yar &go , Mat em-gran' tren; das bum! i Ay tenk das railroads yust Bo slow I Lak judgment day vas coom. ; En ven das Hghtnlh' tren today Yoom OOP into da a!r • i En fly yust lak a baard avay , Ay tenk Ay shed mae hair. Ay got sax dollar money en Mae pocket; das all right; En you yust bat mae life dar ban» A hot tarn har tonight. A scandal monger should be carefully avoided. Okiahi It* wonderful resources and raperior advantages to homeseekera are set forth in a handsome illustrated pamphlet just issued by the Frisco Line Passenger Department. Copy- will b* mailed free on application to Bryan Snyder, General Passenger Agent, St. Louts, Ma To-day's straight rule may bo warped to-inorrow. The earnings of the Chicago Great Western Ry "Maple Leaf Route" for the third week in September, 1899, show an increase of $3,747.60. Total Increase since beginning of fiscal year ,(July 1st) to date $226,376.18. j Colonel Rice, of the Twenty-sixth infantry, was it classmate of Admiral [Dewcy at Norwich University. A gratuitous falsehood naturally gives itself away. land* Bela M., of Atchison, Kansas. recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his second marriage. iJ^?J2 1 ?J nore i? at *^ rl1 J!? tws section of the 2SS n^H*?!.*! 1 ! al i ,«•»« ««*ses put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be ISSSSSfo F? r * P£? at mon y S ears doetotsprc* 2?m»^o. lta ^l <"sease, nnd prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure X^Sfc trettttae n'. Pronounced It Incurable Science has proveh catarrh to be a constitu- ' ana "ewf" 6 requites constl- ' i ' t( y * Co- Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It Is taken Internally in doses from 10 drops to a teaapoonful. It acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It falls tocure. • by Dttipgtsts. Too. Hall's Family Pills arc the best, In addition to 4,000 freight cars the Baltimore and Ohio South Western railroad has purchased two new postal cars, 60 feet in length, four 65 foot baggage cars, five 60 foot combination baggage and coaches, three 60 foot first class coaches with wide Vestibules and modern In every respect, and two combination parlor, dining^ and observation cars each 67 feet in length. How prone mankind Is to deride others' troubles. Non-Territorial ICxpnnsIon. Means paying rent for a poor farm. Now is the time to secure a good farm on the line of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway in Marinctte County, Wisconsin, where the crops are of the best, work plenty, fine markets, excellent climate, puro soft water, land sold cheap and on long time. Why rent a farm when you can buy one for less than you pay for rent? Address C. E. Rollins, Land Agent, 161 La Sail e. St.. Chlcaco, 111. Facts that take erons. well ate tttt .ntt* 10 Pfeft w* will piy iis.&d per *eefc and expenses for it»n with fig to IntrodnoS Onr Poultry Mixture and Insect Destroyer In the century. Address, with stamp. ExOEtsiotiMFo, CO., Parsons, Kan. Bliss Perry, the new editor of the Atlantic, has been a professor of English literature at Princeton. Putaam Fadeless Dyes product the fastest and brightest colors of any known dye stuff. Sold by all druggists. The falling of a man s countenance naturally lowers his face value. THE GRIP COftE THAHFTJOBS CCttB. laxative Sromo Quinine Tablets removes the cause thrffc produces tin Grippe. E. W. Grove's signature Is on each box. Sao. A man is not really prominent until he has officiated at three pi-omineiit funerals. . I never used so quick a cure as JPlso'sCure for Consumption.-.!. B. Palmer, Box 1171, Seattle, Wash.. Nov. 25, 1895. Act well your part regardless of others' conduct. Ask For ttio Host Rending. Liberal religious literature sent FUKK on application to Mrs. H. D. Reed, 132 N. 38th ave., Omaha, Neb. Worry is frequently tho forerunner of Insanity. Two divinity students are working their way through Yale by doing job printing. The name of the firm is Clark & Watkins. Lookatyourtdftguel IMt'seoated. your stomach is bad, your live? out of order, Ayef's Pills will ctean your tongue, cure your dyspepsia, make your livef right, Easy to take, easy to operate. 2Sc, All druggists, Want your,moustache of heard a beautiful bro*n or rich Muck? Th BUCKINGHAM'S D Then use $4- A DAY SURE Wewy$4a<J»ysattnr «?f H UHI OUnt f 0r n man with rig to Introduce our goods In the country. Send stamp for terms. KANSAS FOOD CO., 613 W. Sth St., KANSAS CITY. MO. E VERY woman suffering from any female trouble can be helped by Mrs. Pinkham. This statement is based on scmnd reasoning and an unrivalled record. Multitudes of America's women to-day bless Mrs. Pickham for competent aud common-sense advice.,- Write to her if you are ill. Her address is Lynn, Mass. Absolutely no charge is made for advice. "I suffered seven years and would surely have died but for your help," writes MRS. GEO. BAINBRIDGE, Morea, Pa., to Mrs. Pinkham. " It is with pleasure I now write to inform you that I am now a healthy woman, thanks to your kind advice and wonderfitl medicine. I can never praise it enough. I wa« a constant sufferer from womb trouble, and leucorrhoea, had a continual pain in abdomen. Sometimes I could not walk across the floor for three or four weeks at a time. Since using your medicine, I now have no more bearing-down pains, or tired feelings, and am well and hearty. I shall recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to all my suffering friends as the greatest remedy for female weakness." MRS. SUSIE J. t WEAVER, 1821 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, Pa., writes: ••DEAR MRS. PINKHAM—I had inflammation of the ivomb and painful menstruation, and by your advice I began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Have taken four bottles and used one package of Sanative Wash and feel like a new woman. I thank you so much for what your medicine has done for me." MRS. M. BAUMANN, 771 W. aistSt., Chicago, 111., writes: "After two . -. months' trial of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I can not say enough in praise for it. I was a very sick woman with womb trouble when I began its use, but now I am well." all W. L. DOUGLAS $3&$3.50 SHOES fJ, NA '° EN Worth $4 to $6 compared with other makes. Indorsed by over 1,OOO,0()O wearers. ALL LEATHERS. ALL STYLES T11K ttHNtllSK h«« W. U Donglu'' namo and price tUmped on bottom. Take no substitute claimed to bo as (food. LurRCnt makers of in nml HhooB In tlio world. Yourdcnleroliould keep tliom—If not, we will Bond you a pulr on receipt of price. Httuo kind uf louthor, slzo und width, plain or cap too. Catalogue A Free. W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Brockton, Mass. WHY NOT ftecomo n member of our Association? it costs ton """""" '"""-—1 PHOTO-AMATEUR lotnKrnphlo Journal published *•— of..CamorM.jwd (MJValianh Arc., CIIICAQO, ILI* You deny yourself pleasure and comfort If you don't use It. DBTniTO S. It. KVAM8.1010 F8t.,TVa«h. r A I rN I A 1npcl<ra,n. C. Opinion nS to patent Iflll Ull I Vli alitlltynniHiookof Instructionfrae. JNQ.RANSONI HAMILI.M.D,. ** • • *" • • • " •» ** ** ••• I • n •!• • KM 9m* If! • Of • (Formerly' Profossor.of, Ophthalmology Chlcngb Clinical school.)' 'I'r'antlce Untiled to dlsoiMBSiof EYE, EAR.NOSE.THROAT, Office cor. Haventh nud Ixioiist. Hours 10-12 and 2-5, M»niiai_Toi. inn). DKS JIOINES. IOWA. OR BUI A N wanted to travel nn4 U " "" M '"niipolntaKents.SOO par month salary nnd nil expenses. HlK«t,KliC'o.718MonoiiBldg.Ch!uago -»V" N w.numnis, Wnnhingtoii, I).o7 i.Thompson's Eye Water W. N. U., Ce> Moines, No. 41.—1899 MAMMOTH MAILORDER HOUSE We Measure Values by the rule of highest possible qualities for the lowest possible prices. Our goods are fresh, original, solid, sensible and serviceable styles; qualities in every instance dependable and values unquestionably right. No. 150. TUla fashionable Autumn Stylo Ladioa' Two-piece Suit, consisting of jacket nncl skirt, is modo' o£ flno quality plain navy blue or black suiting cloth. Tho jacket is mndo tidht-flttlng with rolvac collar, double-stitched saums, fly front, lined with high colored Bilk Borgo ond faced with black silk serge j tho skirt is made in tho now and 1 popular tunic offept, with two rows of mohair braid, which is applied In serpentine effect, as shown in tho illustration! lined with flue quality perealino and bound with velveteen. The fabric is of sufficient weight to admit being worn ull seasons, and being thoroughly shrunk before making, will hang nicely er.d fit as smoothly after months of weur as tho day purchased, Tho chain of perfection has no missing links; from tho time tho cloth is placed in tho hands of tho cutter it passes through none but the hands of artisans until completed and ready for wear. If you aro not already one of our customers lot this suit bo your initial order—there's value in it you'll appreciate. Sizes, jacket 32 to 42 inches bust; < Bkirt22toaOinchos waist; dtsa AA <' length 39 to 44 inches. BL E: cnllnl * Price , b which is listed af lowest wholesale prices everything to eat wear and furnish. eel on receipt of only 109 to partly pay sppstage or expressage and as evidence Jlof gootl faith the 109 is allowed on first /purchase amounting to &I99 or above. Hi OUR MONTHLY GROCERY PRICE LIST KREE,jn < ' 4 ' FOR THE FAMILY. " I tufee nlemure In pralitnc f our valuable remedy OABOABET8. and my whole family received relief from tha first umall Box wo tried. I certainly recommend CAEOARKTS for tlioeuros they inako tuidtrtut thoy will And a placo in every home. Yourg for success." PKTEUWEBB.Jr., Palm drove Ave., McKeesport, Pa, FOR CHILDREN. oilo'i:K I k'g§7 e ?iy b ?i..!5!IS < So t always delighted when I give them a portion of u tablet, and cry for more. They are tho mout .pleasant medicine I have ever tried. They Imvo found a permanent.pUoe In iny boms." Una. JOHN FLAGSL, Box CM, Michigan blty.Iiid. FOR PILES. " I lutrered the tortnree of the damned with protruding piles brought on by constipation with which I wag afflicted for twenty years. I ran across yourOASCAKEIa in the town of Newell, la., and never found anything to equal them. Today l am entirely free from piles and feel like a new wan." O. H. KKITZ. Ull Jones St., Sioux Olty, la. FOR HEADACHE. a they are the best medicine we have everhadlntbehouso. Lastweekmy wife waa frantlo with headache for two daysLsho tried, some of your CA80AKETS and they rellured the pain in her head almost immediately. We both reoommeud»." CBAS. STSDJWORB, PltUburgh Bate & Deposit Go., Pittsburgh Fa. FOR BAD BREATH. HEALTH ANDBEAIITY. CANDY CATHARTIC. FOR CONSTIPATION. REGULATE THE LIV 10t25*SO* ALL DRUGGISTS. Over 3,000,000 Boxes of Cascareto SoU Last Year! Unerring is the judgment of the people, and the people like Cascarets, The sale this year will be 5,000.000 boxes. Nothing succeeds like success and Cascarets are successful because, First, They we so good that they outsell all other laxatives, TheJr tremendous sale proves their merit, and their merit explains their tremendous sale; seats a bo$, a»a B»oye Uealth to tbe \vortd, of Jl v<?r gp4 w5lZ.*i' iJ Jr'V'!s J ' ! ' J ..^$1 FOR PAD BIOOD. the pioneer peopie'ft price in a ten eent bpx of Cascarets than any 35o l?QtUe o| , f Casetwete bring purchase (Dascarets aye fae'i behind tHe age. , Chicago or *! rtwttys stepped **000" ! Got I Dont take a "I have gone 14 days at 4 tlm» without movement of the trowel*. Ohronio constipation tor seven years placed me In tula terrible of but never found any relief until! began uulug OA80 ARETS. I now have from ono to three pasvagesaday, and if I was rich I would glvo 1100.00 for eaoa movement) it Is BUOU a relief*'* AYLHBB L. HUNT. USD Bussell St., Detroit, lllch, FOB BILIOUSNESS. , do without them. I have uwd them for Home tlmv for In- QlKeetlon and blllouanauB and ain now ecommend (horn, completely cured. « BU v. u »».-uu vuuui, to every one. Once trltd, you will never be without them in the family." EDW. A. MiKi, Albany, H; *Y. FOR WORMS, , "A- tape worm fclKbteen Aet long at lease came on tho ccene aftw «? '«K'B? t«» CABCAUETB. -W. I am euro hue caused uiy bu.d health to; tho pajt three yean, 1 am etmtak '-- Vaecarets,. tho only cathortlo - " neonle." woi" ecares. e y of notice by FOR DYSPEPSIA. cp. wai orst form. Icould eSt nothng but SfUTTKiiE and at Union niy stomach would uoi retain and digest oven that. Lui b ' JUVW ft Muswir, Newar*, 0, FOR LAZY LIVER.

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