The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1953
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPT. 14, 1955 Br BICHARD KLEINER NEA SUlf Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA) — Some lingers go through life without ever having any one particular song identified with them. And then there's Jane Proman, who admits that since "I Believe" came along, she's a two-theme-song woman. * "Of course," she says, "With a Bong In My Heart' will always be my real theme. It's so peculiarly associated with me. But 'I Believe' has come to be Identified with me, too." It should be. She introduced it on her TV program. It was written by the show's writers on order. Miss Froman and producer Irving Mansfield wanted an I-Believish type song for last year's Christmas program. So the writers sat down. Coming up, one hit. Miss Proman says she thinks "I Believe" will become a standard. A song that lives for years. Incidentally, she says she was glad that her Capitol record of "I Believe" wasn't the tune's big smash seller. "This way," she explains. "I can sing it anytime, and people aren't tired of hearing me do it. And the record will keep on selling for years." The charming songstress, who lives in a charming East Side home with a charming dachshund named Till Eulenspiegel, confesses that she's very happy that ballads are coming back in vogue. "We still seem to be in a novelty period," she says, "and basically I'm a ballad gal. Some novelties I can sing, some I can't. Take 'Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes' " — she began to sing it — "you see, it's not for me. But now ballads seem to be coming back. "I do hope so." • * THE POPULAR SIDE: Billy Eckstine and the Metronome All- Stars do a two-sided version of "St. Louis Blues" on MGM. Eckstine stags it both straight and I Bless Us All"? Horrlbility can be iabit-formi»g. ON THE CLASSICS: This being the fifth birthday of LP records, Columbia, which invented the hings, has planned some extra- special, happy - birthday - type re- eases for the fall. Coming are such varied tidbits as a complete opera (Stravinsky's new "The Rake's Progress"), a complete play (Benet's "John Brown's Body") and a complete music festival (the Pablo scat Do you realize that the latest creation by Tom Murray, who wrote those "Horrible" records, is the current corn-ball, "Goc ..TWICE A PRISONER—Marine Bgt. Frederick J. Stumpge of Sheboygan. Wis.. who survived the Bataan death march during World War II. is shown at Panmunjom following his release by the Communists in Korea. He has spent nearly 7 of his 14 j'ears in the Marine Corps as a prisoner of war. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Tokyo) Casals Prades Festival of '52). DICK'S PICKS POP SINGLES: "Shoo, Turkey, Shoo" (Rosemary Clooney. Columbia); "Dansero" (Ginny Gibson, MGM); "A Tear, p Kiss, a Smile" (Jerry Vale, Co lumbia)-; "Take Back Your Gold" (The Bell Sisters, RCA- Victor); "I Never Let You Cross My Mind" (Mindy Carson, Columbia): "Love Birds" (Art Moonoy, MGM). POP ALBUM: Everybody's putting out so-called "background music" these days. Latest is Columbia's "Martini Time," which is good background if you have martinis in the foreground. It features Art Van Damme's quintet. CLASSICAL: Commemorating conductor Brunno Walter's 77th birthday, Columbia issues three records conducted by him. He leads the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra of New York through Mozart's Symphonies Nos. 40 and 35; with Eleanor Steber, he does arias from Mozart operas; and, with George London, he does arias from Mo- azrt's "The Marriage of Figaro." Bridge Distracts Driers OMAHA HI — "This structure Is one of outstanding design and war rants gets," more wrote admiration than the Nebraska State Highway Department of a grace busy transcontinental highway jus west of Omaha. But. the highway departmen asked Douglas County commission ers, please paint the bridge black or dark green. That way motorists won't be looking up when they should be watching the road! LITTLE LIZ— Faith is o quality that prompts o man lo take a frying pan along on a fishing trip. cuu* Hardly a service cali Our job is installing and servicing water heaters, and it's a fact that of ALL the kinds we've seen, HEATMASTER'S tops! The C-E HEATMASTERS Automatic Water Heater is dependable, economical and safe to operate. And we like that fine! Our service calls are reduced to a minimum . . . and you get maximum satisfaction when you ask us to install a HEATMASTER in your home. rc-E CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR OR DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Distributed in This Area bj Midsoutti Plumbing Supply Co. (WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY) Rear 213-215 Walnut-Phone 8353 Gas Installation Put Your Heating In Now! —Up to 3 Years to Pay- FREE ESTIMATE Phone 4591 or Come In Montgomery Ward Greatest" < MID-SOUTH Livestock Show ' WQBLD CHAMPIONSHIP ROPEO HENDftltKS FAMILY f l LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION EXHIBITS ! 4-H and FFA Projects SPORTS SHOW WITH BRILLIANT EXTRAVAGANZA RHYTHM ON ICE AUTO THRIUCADE OPENING NIGHT STOCK CAR RACES SECT. 16-1? • OCT. 3 GIANT. MILLION DOLLAR CARNIVAL MIDWAY JGRAND OLE OPRY OCT. 1 AND 1 YOUTH TALENT CONTEST '160,000 In Prizes HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Ed Hampton, Jr. Last PTA Meet Held The last, program of the Parent- Teachers Association before the fall harvest vacation was held Tuesday in the school auditorium on the "Parents Are Teachers." Speakers Included MlSs Geneleve Avis, Mrs. Leemon Kinder. Joe Lester and Mrs. Mary Alice Workman. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Correll have had as their guests the past few days their daughters, Mrs. Marie Hill of Van Buren, Miss Doris Correll of Bernie, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Correll of Si. Louis; Kenneth Correll of Columbia and student of the university; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lambert of Blytheville; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phipps and family of Carulhersvule: and Mrs. H. S. Johnson of Lexington, Tenn., who will visit with her sister, Mrs. Sam Fisher, and other relatives. Sammy Kenley is home from St Louis wher he has worked during the summer months. This week he enrolled as a second year student at State Teachers College, Cape Girardeau. Raymond Kenley left late last week for Chicago to visit the Melvin Kenkys. In St. Louis, he was joined by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cohoon and family and in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Wafler and family of Dubuque. 111., met with the Kenleys and Cohoons for several days of visiting. Just returned from Flint. Mich., where they spent, the summer, Mr. and Mrs. Lra Zahner of Portageville were here Monday to see Mrs. Zahner's mother, Mrs. Florence Workman who accompanied them home. Mrs. C. C. Adams, former Holland resident now of Columbia, has recovered after major surgery and is now a member of a Columbia public school faculty there. Mr. Adams, who owned and operated the Holland drug store, is proprietor of a drive-in there. Mrs. Marshal Myrick is better after recent attacks of arthritis. Carl Reid's condition is satisfactory following surgery Monday at Barnes Hospital. St. Louis. Mrs. Reid is remaining with her husband. W. D. Pruitt, recently of San Pueblo, Calif., now making his home with, his daughters, Mrs. Lawrence Stivers and Mrs. Clell Waldrop, has been ill. He is better. H. L. Reynolds continues to 1m- >rove after recent operations and .reatment. He is at his home near the Arkansas-Missouri State Line. Improving from a heart condition is Joe Prichard who with his wife Is remaining in the home of Mrs. J. B. Milllgan until fully recovered. To see the Prichards and ilrs. Milllgan over the week-end were Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McKinley and Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt McKinley of Trenton, Tenn., and Leonard Jiyce of Fruitland, Tenn. Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. Louella Potts were Mrs. Mandy •isher and her houseguest. Mrs. H. S. Johnson of Lexington, III. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Campbell and two sons of Lindsey, Calif., left Tuesday after vacationing with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Norrid and son, Guy Houston. Mrs. Campbell is the former Miss Marjorie Thompson. The Campbells were also with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lawler in Cooler. Other guests in the Guy Norrid home were Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Johnston who weere there over the week-end. Mr. Johnston, having received his degree in business administration at Pcabody College in Nashville, will resume his second year of teaching in Blytheville High School. Visitors in town include Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rady of Denver. Colo., houseguests of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Donahue of Caruthersvllle, and this week's guests of Mrs. Florence. From Flint Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis arrived for several weeks with Mrs. Ellis' sister, Mrs. Annie Cohoon. They are in Hot Springs, Ark., for an interval before resuming their vist here. Sunday at Mrs. Coholn's were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Devore and children. Card Ann and Jim of Ripley, Tenn.. and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Bradford and son, Stephan, of Haytl. The condition o"f Mrs. J. C. Wilkins of Hornersville. mother of Thomas R. Watkins, local high school principal, is unchanged. Visiting in the Wilklns home here Sunday were their niece, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Landess and family of Campbell and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. Everett« Kennett of Leachville. At Mrs. Freddie Collins for 12 days, her son. Pvt. Clyde Collins, arrived Saturday from Camp Polk, La., where he has completed his basic training. He is in the In- fantry. From the Colllra home. KwuwUi Collins had left for Columbia, Mo., where he will be employed by C. C. Adams, a former employer of Kenneth's here. Pvt, Wayne McArthur it here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William McArthur, for 12 days from Camp Chaffee at Fort Smith, Ark. He is being reassigned to the Sixth Armored Division at Port Ord, Calif. The helicopter Is the fastest means of transportation for distances up to 300 miles. Although its speed in the air is 150 miles an hour or less, it saves total time for short haul air trips. It' can use small landing areas tn town. Read Courier Newt Classified Ads Quick Relief for HEADACHE NEURALGIA TM) STANBACK youn*tt . . . tab- kb ec powd*n . . . oqoinK ant preparation youV« >r»r UMd. \ DELIVERY SERVICE Pho«t 4507 HOMTI: 8 a.n. t« It p.m. trrtfc D.My.rj to 1 r .m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St Above Is a scene from the picture "House of Wax" starring Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy and Phyllis Kirk. It is made In technicolor and also in three dimension. It is the second of a series to be shown at the Mox Tihcatre for four days starting Tuesday, Sept. 15, and running through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It Is considered the best three dimension picture as yet made. The Mox Theatre presents it as a first run picture in Blytheville, along with both a cartoon arid comedy. (Advertisement) Why Take Less... Than The Best When You Get Better Cleaning at Lower Prices! the price of the unpriceable Water is beyond price, yet at intervals you get a water hill. Water is free, yet someone has fixed a dollar and cents value on nature's unpriceable gift. By what right? Go out into (he country and you'll find the farmer getting all the water he wants, merely for the effort of digging a well and working a pump. He gets no water bill. Go up into the unspoiled mountains, dip your cup In a bubbling spring and drink your fill. Bring home a few barrels full. No one will impose any charge for what you take. Go down lo the nearest river hank. Fill as many buckets as you can haul away. You won't have to pay a cent for their contents. Or the next time it rains, put out tubs and basins. Or do as they do in Bermuda: make your entire roof a collecting system leading to a cistern. No meter will register payments due. But ask the farmer what it cost to dig his well and how much energy is consumed in operating if. Kigure the expense of your trip to the mountains, not forgetting the price of the barrels. Compute the value of the time consumed in hauling river water, adding the doctor's bills in case you fail to boil it before using. And campare the amount of wafer you obtain with the cost of installing and maintaing a Bermuda-type roof collection system Wafer is free to all. But it isn't always available where people want it in a condition safe for them to use. It's the water works' job fo fake over the task of collecting water, transporting water and making sure that the water delivered is safe for human consumption and suitable for human use, 24 hours a day, 3G5 days a year. And that's what you pay for when you pay your water bill. Blytheville Water Co. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" ON CLEANING Cash & Carry - at Hudson's « >. You, like Hundreds of Satisfied Customers, Will Be Pleased with the Meticulous Care We Give Every Garment! • BETTER (LEANING • THE HUDSON FINISH • 8-HOUR SERVICE Phone 2612 for Pickup and Delivery HUDSON CLEANER - CLOTHJER - TAILOR Blytheville, Arkansas Sleek, Missouri

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