The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1899
Page 7
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UPPER JpgS MOINgS; ALGQNA^.IQWA. WEDNESDAY OOTOBM 4, 1809. Is ybitf breath-bad? then your best friends turn their heads aside. A bad bfeath means a bad liver. AVer's Pills are livef pills, They cure Constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, skk headache* 25c. Ail druggists. ftionstache or beard a beautiful Then ni« """"""'" , en ni« BUCKINGHAM'S DYE &ft t 6!nm(ii«T»i on ». r. iers fOiie half the world dare not; the Iner linlf cnn not. Tjelleve Plso's Cure Is the only medicine Bat win cure consumption.— Anna M. Ross, Plltamsport, Pa., N'ov, 12, '65. tp- _______ ----- lEvery woman loves to think that tie is ( RS f yail-as a flower. , TO CURK A coiSTiN *NE DAY ike Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All iggfsts refund the money if It falls to cure. i. The genuine has L. B. Q. ou each tablet, „' Fortunately, uftpr a man Is dead, Hothinp can make him turn over in jrrave. _ _ NEBRASKA'S CHEAT CORN CROP §00,000,000 Bnnhelg Is the Kgtimafc and It May Ho Moro. A conservative estimate of Nebras- a's corn crop, which is now safe from "Bt, is 300,000,000 bushels. It is hard the mind to grasp what these figures mean. Counting 60 bushels of shelled corn Kto the load, it would take five' million jteams to haul the crop to market, a Icaravan that would reach around the fWorld. it win take an army of 80,000 If men over two months to husk it if they ?husk CO bushels a day each. If loaded •rinto cars of 30,000 capacity it would ?take 600,000 cars to haul the crop, a 'train over 4,000 miles long. At no Hi me within the past ten years has '} there been such a tendency on the part of farmers to look for new locations, jjeither to better themselves or to pro- jfcvide homes for their children. Many Ksectiops in the Bast are overcrowded, •while thousands of acres of rich, we'l- j? watered lands can still be 'had in Ne- |braska and Northern Kansas at comparatively low prices. Thousands will t'visit that country this fail, as the ihrailroads have announced cheap-rate ^'.'harvest excursions for 'Oct. 3 and 17. j|| Probably what makes -the seasoned *•" 'politician so crooked is that he becomes warpediii the seasoning. A FAST MAIL INDEED. To show how distance is being over- ome by railroad speed Mr. Chas. T. IBatelle, a young business man of ||,Seattle, handed the Editor of the Times, a few days ago, an envelope, jpostmarked New York City, Aug. 28, ?; p. m., the reverse side, containing tjese words: "Seattle, Sept. 1, 11 p. ,„ It takes but a little figuring to |njonstrate that these postmarks in- "cate a lapse of Just "100 hours" of ne — or four days and four hours, it * only about two years ago that it 6k "six continuous days" of riding ..Across the continent from New York JMjeattle, and when this was reduced S["flve days" the travelers rejoiced tat must their happiness be when |y appreciate the fact that they can Ip on board a "lightning express" in Iw York City and step off a "Flyer" iSeattle in exactly "100 hours," and |'n have "thirty minutes" of loeway, fthe Great Northern was due in jttt'e af _•»"•?" Opr.>or~ih^>r 1. Choice la MtaiM!*ot» And Dakota. Mostly improved, tow price?, «*iij- term?, srectel R. R, rates. Writ* loon ot About lialf of the ships 5n the world mre British. _ mowing inacliine is in use pled I anils, Cal. It cuts a strip of heat flfly feet in width. ^ bns a rescue society. Is it i.;resuiie young 1 men from g-irla who L ~ -', to marry them? Our idea of a clever woman is one 'liocan write a letter without begin- with an apology. . Meahs payiflg rent for a poof fatm. Now is the time to secure a good fafta on the line of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway in Marinette County, Wisconsin, where the crops are of the best, work plenty, fine markets, excellent climate, pure soft water, land sold cheap a»d on long time. fartmwhett you can buy one for less than you pay for rent? Address C. E. Rollins, Land Agent, 161 La Salle, St. Chicago, ill. It is Said that some of the slieep farms In Australia nre as large tts tlie whole of England. The gross earnings of the Chicago Great Western Ry. for the second week of September, 1899, show an increase of $37,922.70 over the corresponding week of last year; making a total increase of $65,999.98 for the first half of September. The total increase for July and August, the first two months of the fiscal year, has been $166,635.68. Increase in net earnings since Jtily'l. $71. 867'.lj^ The parchment on the best buujos is made of wolfsltin. Eared After Repented Failure* With Othnrs I will Inform addicted to Morphine. I.nndsnuin, Opium, Cocaine, of nover-fa'ling, harmless, homu- cure. Mrs. M. 11. Baldwin, Box IU12, Chicago, III. _ Denmark claims tluit there is not s» single person in her domain who oau not read nml write. Oklahoma. Ita wonderful resources and ooporior advantages to hotncseckers Are set forth in a handsome illustrated pamphlet just issued by the Frisco Line Passenger Department. Copy will b« mailed free on application to Bryan Snyder, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Ma ____ __ Cornelius Vnmlerbilt was. above all tilings, methodical. He would, every six months, mnlce a list of important thinirH to be accomplished in the next half year, bang it over his private rtesk and check off the items day by day. FITS PormanonttyCnreu. Wofltn orncrvou?ncnRnff<t Sret day B UBO of Dr. Klino't* Great Norvo Restorer. Bond for KIIEK S^.OO trial hoit.ln nnd trontiso. Du. R, H. KLINE. Ltd., 031 Arch St-JPhiladolDhia, P*. Of the 40,000 inliabittuits o£ Jcrnsu- lem, 28, QUO are Jews. A radical change Is being made in the appearance of the baggage, mail and express cars on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. The platforms and the hoods are being removed to increase the element of safety and save -weight. The favorite riding place of tramps is also eliminated when the platforms are removed. General Manager Underwood has also issued an order to remove the numbers from locomotive tenders; so that In of emergency, those of the same style will be interchangeable. Queen Victoria wets her own ten. It is black, and costs about 8.1.15 a pound. NOTES Of THE WHEEL MATTfeRS OF INTEREST TO DEVOTEES OP THE BICYCLE. Ch*tnplon«hlt>*— El*ht Best SfrMnttt* In Surprising Manner at tVhkeftMrtfe, 3?« C, A. Meet Idea In Ghalal«i8 Steed*. Perhaps It is only a coincidence, but EtfrT Riser's series of straight .victories, comihg after a season in whJfch. he has only occasionally shown among the prize Dinners, and simultaneously with his change of mounts back to his "flrat love," has been noted by many. At Wilkesbarre he was invincible. He was sick the first day and had not fully recovered on the second, yet he won both championships. On the first day ho defeated a quartette of the season's stars—the two Stevens, McFarland and Fisher— and on Saturday vanquished a stronger" quartette, comprising Cooper, Klmble, Newhouse and Eaton. Although beaten by Newhouse In his heat for the mile championship on the second day "he q\ia'l!ned In the consolation heat for second men by defeating Orlando Stevens by inches. In the final he loped down the homestretch with his famous kangaroo sprint, and Cooper, who put forth every unit of energy ho had, could not close an Inch on his curly-headdd little adversary, who, at the close of the meet, stood but six points back of Cooper In the championship race and held third place in the prize-winning table. Thus, after two years of mediocre showing, Klser again looms up as a candidate for championship honors, when a few weeks ago he was hardly counted In the race at"rfll. race Arend won by defeating Orogni and Van tten Bora by nearly Iti lengths Kitting ftp. Jacquelin from scratch won the 3,000-meter handicap la good etyld. Dei>fiie-3 Ounnot Uo Cared by local applications, us they cannot reach the dlseabed portion of the ear. There is only one way to euro deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deufness is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucus llnlnir of the Eustachlan Tube. When this tube Is inflamed you bi-vvo n rumbling sound or Imperfect hear- InB, and when It is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the inflammation can bo taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed /orever; nine oases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucus surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) thai cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. c, ,^ ^ ^ P> J> CHE NEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by DrugRlsts, Toe. Hall's Family Pills are the best- The new sborfc skirts women wear are turning a good many men's heads these days. Do Tonr Feet AcJte and Barn'.' Shake into your shops -Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the. feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel kasy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Address Allen 8. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y. M ait re Labor! is one of the bestall- Bround athletes in Paris. GEN, JOEJfHHLER PRAISES^ PERU N A, The Great Catarrh Cure. JOS K ,-,.,,' General Joseph Wheeler, eom- |p,cjing the cavalry forces in front ISautiago and the author of "The jitiago Campaign," in speaking ot • great catarrh remedy, Fe-rurna, ; "J Join with Senators Sullivan, sh and McBnery in their good '— of Pe-ru-na. It is reeom.- .^ tp m,e by those who have used an excellent tonic and parjfiQu* effective M a cure fop catarrh," ;ed States Senator ,8. D, McJ3»ery. |tpr frpjn l«Qulsian.a J sayn in fegard to Pe-ru-na: , ru-n,a is an excellent'tonic, I used jt sufficiently to say that I — U *o be all tfcat you cla}«» ftp MoSftejy, New QrtetRfe New Middle Dl»t»n<;o There are two new aspirants for honors In the middle distance paced game who will bear watching. Their names are Harry E. Caldwell and Tom Butler. The entrance ot each in this sort of contest was the occasion of considerable surprise, because one was a dark horse and the other was known only as a sprinter; yet the former won second to Llnton in the twer.ty-flve- milo race at Waltham, defeating Pierce, Downey and Stlnsbn, and the other broke the world's competition record for ten miles in his match race with Porter in Chicago. Caldwell lias for a long time been doing pacing on multl- plets and occasionally got out on a eingle when the men were training and rode just for amusement. In such work the other racing men discovered that Caldwell had good speed and a large amount of staying power, but it was with considerable difficulty that they Induced him to enter the motor paced game. When he did he astonished every one, putting up an excellent fight with Linton, who beat him by only a lap in the world's record time, after a series of accidents that would have thrown many contestants out of the race. Butler In Winning: Form. Tom Butler again made a fine demonstration of his remarkable ability to follow the fastest motor pace for a long distance at the Ravcnswood track in Chicago the other night In his fifteen-mile match with J. Frank Starbuck. Everybody was looking for a good race between well-matched contestants, for "Star" is known as an old-timer at the middle distance paced game, although this is his second real essay in the motor pace line. Starbuck himself felt Bo confident of victory that he failed to do any serious training for the race. This showed plainly when, just as Butler caught him in the fifth milo (they started from opposite sides of the track), Starbuck lost his pace and repeatedly thereafter was shaken when the pace became too warm. Butler started in from the gun to burn up the track and hanging close in behind hie tandem rolled off mile after mile in about 1:42, riding apparently with ease and admirable suppleness of limb. Starbuck rode a much higher gear than Tom, and worked harder. He put up a good short sprint when Butler passed him 'he second time, at eight miles and- Gddilard'g Sfcxtnple . Centbrj-. W. B. Goddaf d of Summervllle, Mass., rode 625 miles on the roads of Massa« chusetts in sixty-six hours and forty- eight minutes, finishing the even six centuries in forty-six hours thirty minutes. The second and third cdnturlee xvero ridden on the C. R. C. double century run, in which Godflard finished first, making the second century in seven hours, entirely unpaced. Thd ride was -timed and checked under C. R. C. rules and constitutes a sextuple century, the first ever ridden in the Bay state. Goddard reports that during the entire ride his bicycle required no attention whatever except the lubrication of the chain every century, and that during sixteen centuries of riding ho gained ten pounds in weight. Cycle. The latest flexible frame bicycle Is the three-wheeler invented by a Joliet man. The general appearance of the" machine Is presented in the accompanying illustration. It is driven by the renter wheel, which is twenty-eight inches In diameter, and supplied with a spur gear driving device entirely encased within tho hub, The steering wheel Is twenty inches and the rear trailer sixteen Inches In diameter. The backbone of the frame can lie adjusted to correspond to all frame heights between twenty-two and Uvcn'y-slx inches. Tho entire length of the machine is sixty-eight Inches. The inventor states that in practice tho bicycle gives perfect freedom from the many Jars and jolts to which a rider is commonly subjected, and that on account of the short, compact frame the machine has not tho'scrious'dlsad- vantages which have wrought against past forms of flexible frame, three- wheeled cycles. Iluber Wins Cliamplon«blp of lOnropc. Ten thousand people attended th meeting at Cologne to witness the out come of the championship of Europe Tommaselli, Buchner and Huber won the heats, defeating Seidl, Banker anc Mundner. The six men started In th final, which promised to end in a fin race, when on the last lap at twentj .meters ...from the. tape: TommaBolll an Buchner fell. Huber won, with Bank er second at a length. Huber also wor the great prize of Cologne, defeating Seidl and Banker. United States Senator Sullivan. "I desire to say that I have been taking Pe-ru-na for g ome time for catarrh, and have found it an excellent First Klcctrlc Koad. "In the history of engineering achievement there is nothing nptlj comparable to what has been accom plished in electric railway develop* ment. In the short period of ten years v,'hich spans tho life of commercia electric railway work, phenomenal results have been obtained, and from the few struggling lines of the late eighties there have grown thousands of miles of road and many adrlitiona thousands of cars, operated by armies of employes—a magnificent enterprise considered from whatever point," says Cassler's Magazine. "While the first commercial electric road was Installed in Jyichterileld, in Germany, as long ago as 1S81. nnd the electric car has made Its way into almost every corner of the world, Jt is in tho United States that electric railways have found prob ably their highest and most widespread development, American engineers and electricians have, from the outset, been among the foremost in electric railway enterprise, and American capital has been generously forthcoming in carrying out their plans, so that today there are in the United States more than 40,000 electric cars running over nearly 15,000' miles of road, and yielding profitable returns on enormous capital investment of $1,500,000,000. TQM BUTLER. again jn the final Jap when Butler closed with him in a hard brush for the tape, which Starbuck crossed first by a couple of lengths, Butler's time for the fifteen miles was 26:15, Elkes' new world record, made at Philadelphia, being 25:30 2-5. medicine, giving me pore relief anything I have ever taken,— W, V. Sullivan, Oxford, Miss." United pt%t@9 Senator Roach. "•Pergifedea by a, friend I have wed Pe-ru-na as a, tonfc, and am' glad to •testify t)»at It baa greatly helped, me [a strength, vigor ana app&ttte, j have been advised by friends tnat it is re- as a cure for the almost universal complaint of catarrh. W, N, Rqach, kota," A free bppjf on eatftirb fey fbe ' North Pato «ny UourJUou J>«foutiHl lit Copenhagen. Paul Bourrillon was defeated by the Danish champion at the great meeting held at Copenhagen. Th. JSHegard wou the first semi-final in splendid style, defeating Aj-ejid and Van pen Born. Bourrijlon won the second from Mund- ner and P. Ellegard with ease, while Jaequelin led (Jrpgna over the tape by nearly a, length. Jjj the third, with Peters,en thjrd. Jn the flna.1 each rider set fcls share pf the pape, ana at the bell Th, Bllegard jum,pe4 ftljead ^ kept ttie lead. E^eylng the last turn, the Frenchman, who was in second ppsition, began Wp effprt and in fine £tyle paryy closed him and ine leadeir, was too by The "Tripos" at Cambridge. Tho very word "tripos" has an interesting history. In the technical cense in which Cambridge University has made it famous, it dates back through a variety of meanings to the sixteenth century. The word was originally applied to the s|,ool or tripod on which the champion of the university sat at the disputations held at tho admission of bachelors of arts to their degree; in time it was transferred to the champion himself, who became "Mr. Tripos," and later to tho speech with which this gentleman opened the proceedings, and then to tho verses of the bachelors with which they enlivened the conferment of the degrees. In the middle of the last century the honors lists were printed on the backs of the sheets containing these effusions and last of all the examination itself. Until 1824 there was only one tripos at Cambridge—the' mathematical—and even as late as 1850 only those who had obtained honors In this oxamina" tlpn were admitted to the classical tripoe.—The London Chronicle. T HE soul. 1 opetatteh " strikes tfcif of to a Nearly always these operations become necessary thfotfgh neglect. If the menses ate very painted, br too freqttetttftttd ejtcessive, get,the.,tight advice at,.onc<tafld stop taking chances, it will cost you nothing for advice if you write to Mrs, Pinkhafn at Lynri, Mass., for it, and if you let the trouble run along it will surety cost you a great deal of pain and may mean an operation. women AVOID OPERATIONS Miss, SARAM J* GRA HAM* Sheridanville, Pa..writes: Mfts. PINKMAM :*~I had suffered tot sev* eral years with feittale troubles and doctored utitit I was discouraged. I felt wretched and tired of living. I had dis* ease of kidneys, bladder trouble, dropsy and btoatittg, had -womb trouble pud «t large tumor had formed; in fact all my organs were out of fix. 41 Seeingn woman's letter praising your remedies, I wrote to her and she begged of me to try it, telling me all that it had done, for her. I bought six bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and now cannot express my gratitude to you. The tumor began to come away in pieces and I got better all the time. I believe now that I am entirely cured. "My doctors could not believe it at first, as they all had told me that my case was a hopeless one, and no human power could do me any good. They were astounded. If I can say anything that can help other women, I shall be glad to." It is not safe to wait tin til the last moment. Head off trouble by prompt attention to it. Don't be satisfied without Mrs Pinkham's advice. Tfte w«y to Bfufce an Jcu , An Joe poultice is mad,e by mixing crapped ice with sawdust, putting mixture into a flanjiel ]*&% a^d \y plug this in oilefl g«k or thin, India, rubber cloth. It is sometimes «se«J to reduce the temperature }g, jpoj^ren la cases of fever, wfeea th.9 $&$, is jj,o,|;' All woman are considered as good ns the boot; nil men tiro considered as bud ns the worst. , Putnam FadelCfw Dyes do not stain the hands or upot the k«ttle. Bohl by all druggists. The dniff Nlore dictionary is now iirrn.nK.uil, by means of a slot contriv- iinoi>, so Unit, its covers remain closed until .you drop a penny in tho slot. $15.00 PER"WEEK. Wo will pay $lfi.OO per week mul oxpi'wos for Minn w Hi HK to Introduce our Poultry Mixture und Insect Do.Ktroyor In tliiicounlry. Addruss, will', stamp. EY.CBi.ston Mf.?. rjp...ParBous.Kon. "I feel SIM if i I mil vviieelK in my he»,d," groaned the inivn. "it must be the truck you nte for dinner," rejoined his wife; innocently enough. RlfS WJlfSFC for fall nud winter-to Gent or UIU ffWHUkV I.Hdy Introduotng'otir icouilB In Ihlj county. Pnrtlciilun J'REK. K. H.TKKATA OU.. I'uhllnlinm, Mmv York Clty.^ W. L. DOUGLAS $3 & $3.50 SHOES Worth $4 to $8 compared with other makes, Indorsed by over 1,000,000 wearers. ALL LEATHERS. ALL STYLES TUB OKMIINK h»e W. t, Dooglor,' imnje nnd price Htnmped on botloin. Tnlco no Biilntltnto dnlmotl to 1m UH good. Luriioat makers of (3 and en.50 Dliocs tu tlio world. YuurdcalcrsnonldlccQi) tlioin—If not, wo will send you (ipalron rcnelptof prlco. State kind of Icuther, Hlzo und width, plain or cup toe. Catalogue A Free. W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Brockton, Moss. W.N. U., Des Molnes, No. 40.—1899 THIS BEAUTIFUL CAPE IH made from tlie very finest ijuaiity of ireuuine Salts Plush— magntllcently •braided anil embroidered, like cut, which docs not do garment 1-jStlce- edged around collar, down fronts and around bottom with genuine black curly Thibet tur; cape beautifully lined with black or colored Ilomaln .silk. Ordinarily this garment would be considered a bargain at $7.5(1. Sold with our guarantee of value at the ridiculous price of Si;3. 7 s. Sena 25c and wo will send you thin garment O. O. D, Hul>- 1ect lo your approval. If It Is the bargain we nav It In, pay the agent *3.50; if not, returii the cape. Another Immense Bargain--- , Salts Plush Cape, Unest quality; 31 inches loim; ira inches around bottom; genuine Thibet fur edged; worth S10.00- on same terms as above— Address— YOUNKER BROS., DBS M01NES. IOWA. MAMMOTH 150-132-154 156-158-160 168-164-166 CHICAGO. In Time of Sunshine Prepare for Rain. Our Facilities are such that we are enabled to quote prices that always Interest economical buyers. Our goods are the trustworthy kind that always give satisfaction* Our values are the approach" able kind that never can be reached elsewhere* No.llO. Ladies' Royal Cape Mackintosh Coat, made of high gnide double texture Wool cushmerc in navy blue or black, lined throughout with fancy plaid, full sweep double• breaeted detachable cape, with fine pearl buttons, inlaid velvet collar, Olga plait in back; new shape skirt with one outside pocjjet and opening jo side scam to allow access to dress pocket; buttonholes are worked with silk and all teams strongly, sewed. Tlio manufacturer's guarantee for entire satisfaction stands back of every garment! this coupled with the wpy down price we name should Settle alt doubt as to tho value. A good Mackintosh is u wise investment, whereas a poor one is money thrown away, Our strong points nre practical knowledge of quality and buying in large quantities at the lowest cash prices; these advantages we extend to our customers. One of these mackintoshes will protect you front rain and dampness and give best of satisfaction. Sues 54, $6, 58, 60 and 6a mches Ipug, no larger. Price MAMMOTH CATALOGUE

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