The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1899
Page 5
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M38 ALGONA, 1OWA < . Special Reductions in s Mete At Chrischilles & Herbst's. IDIES' JACKET—A nobby garment Kersey and Boucle, " " ~ | in black and blue, good |$8.00 value for SADIES' CAPE—A boucle, well lined, Hull tibbet trimmed, thirty inches flong. with high collar $ l-a$7.50 value- ' * iffor LADIES' COLLARETTE—A fine bl'k fur with grey trimming, high storm collar, and same in pl'n ft ^^ "9 £* bl'k, a garment that re- J * I \J tails for$8.50; our price /•*• ' IIM ' MISSES' JACKET—An all wool jacket, sizes 14, 16 and lo, $ in blue, reg'lr price $4, » our special price r E are showing splendid values in Ladies' Jackets and Capes ranging in price from $5.00 to $20.00. A compete line of Muffs from 750 to $8. oo. A fine assortment of isses,' children's and infants' garments from fli.oo to $8.50. Chrischilles & Herbst. lit is Our Christian Duty To inform our customers how much cheaper it is to buy good goods. We have cheap stoves, for instance, but a little more money put in- a Garland, Radiant Home, or Round Oak is the best investment ou ever made. We are not ashamed to look a man in the face ev- ry winter for years after we have sold him one of these. Call and us explain their advantages. Algona. Sexton. |to let J. W. ROBINSON. OAL LUMBER. Lamb Lumber Co. can interest you on both lumber and coal. They have over half a million feet of lumber in their yard at this place, the largest stock ever brought to Algona. Having bought the Algona Milling Co.'s coal busfness at the Northwestern depot, they secured the services of A. H, Naudain to take charge of their coal trade. At present he will be found at their lumber office, where all orders may be left. iBicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Eldredge, Victor, and ; Andrae Wheels, J. L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Ijleiuoved—now next door to Prank Winkel's "*••••' meat market, State street. Stationery Just Received. Tlie latest and most up-to date products J of the largest stationery manufactory i n i New York City. ' We are Headquarters for Pine Stationery. Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists, j Prescriptions Algona. carefully compounded. Hundred Collars Js offered to any person wfco can, duplicate the FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN SCHU & CO. THE LAS^ OF OADY, The Man of Divorce Court Fame Gives a Farewell Scene— Catty and Mrs. Cady Disagree. . The Lu Verne Cadys, whose divorce case diverted the county a year 'ago, have gone to Minnesota. As they packed out of Ltvermore they gave a farewell scene, which the Gazette describes: Just a few hours before their departure Wednesday for Minnesota, and after their car was all packed with their household goods, the question of buying their tickets came up, Mr, Cady said that he was paying the entire freight on the goods and that his wife must buy her own ticket. This she refused to do. and she forthwith flew down the road, attached to a poodle dog with a string, her boy leading the possession with his bicycle. Arriving at the car she vaulted in at one jiirnp, and in another moment the air was filled with pillows, carpets, bedding and other items of her individual household furniture which she ejected from the car. Pat Murphy acted as peacemaker, however, and convinced Mr. Cady that it would be cheaper for him to buy her ticket than to pay further storage on the car. He compromised the matter by getting her a ticket as far as Minneapolis, where we may look to see hostilities resumed. To Be Happy buy a Parker fountain pen. Solid gold, 14 k. Pen diamond point, and positively guaranteed not to leak. PUQH. TYPE writer supplies, full line, at the U. D. M. office. Mail orders will receive immediate attention, FOR time loans on real estate apply at Koseuth County State Bank' I will, take pleasure in showing the property to be 9old Oct. 5. A team always at band.-t? GJSQ. O. OALfc. LOOK at our line of collarettes and p»pe,9 belore buying, Q. THIS LOCAL Call estate auction tomorrow. Cousins Saturday at 2 o'clock. The Iowa Central will reach Algona this week. J. E. Stacy IB remodelling and adding to hie home. The Northwestern offers a half rate to Portland, Or. The Congregational church is to have a new furnace. O. W. MoMurray hae the lumber for his house on the ground. Frank Cady went to Chicago Monday with a oar load of live chickens. Henry Mason has bought $4,000 of town lots lately and says he is going to buy more. Don't miss the chance to buy a lot cheap tomorrow at the Call estate sale. It will be held at Geo. C. Call's office. Don't forget the Woodman dance at the armory Friday evening of this week, A general invitation is extended to all. THE UPPER DBS MOINES missed Alf. Chapln's little daughter last week, but she fills the Chaptn home just the same. The officers caught a young man in Algona Monday who had jumped his board bill at Burt. He paid, It was $7.60. The high school foot ball eleven is to playatHumboldtaweek from Saturday. A return game will be played in Algona later. The contract for the brick block up on the corner west of Hamilton's was to have been let Monday in Dubuque. Who got it is not known. Danson & Butler are looking for a mason to begin work on a store building in Fenton for them. J. A. Browell will put a shoe store in it. Congresntnan Cousins is one of the orators of the country. No one can afford to miss hearing him. At the opera house Saturday at 2 o'clock, C. A, Tellier has gone to Spencer to accept a job on the Milwaukee railway survey, Arthur Smith also goes to Spencer to work for the Milwaukee. Rev, Chipperfield arrived in Algona today. Rev. Smiley comes tomorrow and takes Rev. Yetter's house. Rev. Yetter goes to Sioux City tomorrow. The gravel roof is going on the new hotel. Geo. Richmond will do the light wiring this week. The gas pipes are already in and the lathing is about done. A heavy frost marked the close of the cool spell last week. It frozo so hard that much of the handsome fall foliage will wither. No damage was done to crops. The German Catholic school at 3t..JBenedict is being framed. The foundation is in and is a handsome one. The building will be 40x60 feet and will cost $5,000. J. E. King's new home begins to go up this week. He builds on a lot that was just Rcross the line in the Call pasture, a pleasant location, and will put up a $1,600 house. Gen. Weaver will speak in Algona )n the afternoon of Oct. 14,"on the po- itical issues, at the court house. The genera) is a good speaker and everybody should hear him. Mrs. Nannie Setehell will go to Minneapolis soon to attend the reception of the 13th Minnesota next week. Carl and his regiment leave San Francisco day on the home trip. The Burt river bridge will be closed the last of the week, as work will begin on the new steel bridge The crossing will be closed until some time next week. The new bridge will bo a beauty. M. E. Stamey, a rich banker of Champaign. III., was in town last week "or a suit he had with M, Stephens, le owns several sections of land about harnpuign and the lowest price on any of it is $80 an acre. The Ban wart family over in Garfield are remarkable for their size. Mr. and Mrs, Banwart weigh over 500 pounds together, and 11 children weigh over 2,400. Does the county have anything to equal that? Ambrose A. Call brought a peculiar riece of metal home from his western irip, which is on exhibition at the jostofflce, and which he will send to ;he state university. No one seems to be able to guess what it is, John A. Johnson and William Teichen were the successful guessers out of hree hundred and fifty, who guessed on the weight of the big box at Chrts- ohilles & Herbst's. The empty box weighed exactly 250 pounds. Will and Mrs. Salisbury have gone' to California for the winter, on account of her health. She has hired a man to un her paper at Titonka and also to care for the postofflce, They were in Algona yesterday, and get away today. Rev. Suckow, who is preacing some of the best sermons that emanate from my pulpit in Iowa, spoke Sunday about "The man without the hoe." His remarks were heard by a large congregation and have been much .commented on. Marriage licenses have been issued to Paul Heock and Lizzie Schwab, Niels P. Jensen and Augusta Ostrum, J. M. Glospy and Anna M, Olsson, harlie Taylor and Maud Platt, Geo. W. Erickson and Lillie M. E. McFarling.. Miss Mclntyre is to teach the primary department in the new school building. She has concluded not to take the position offered her in a private family and will come to Algona. Her old friends will welcome her back, as she was an exceptionally excellent leaoher. Geo. F. Holloway says he expects to _o to England the last of the month. The contract is not yet completed, but if he goes his horses will diye in the Crystal palace, and the queen will see them. George says that in New York George Gould was one of the regular attendants at the exhibition. The Webster Ctty Tribune says: Rev. F. E. Pay, who entered upon bis work as pastor of the First M. K ohurph in thje city yesterday, preached morning and ev^ing jp orow<le4 bouses. If his first pecans $re ftn y criterion of what m^y bj e?p$ote4' pj him, be wJU pro?** a power {o^ 4, 1899, ' munlty. It is rarely that such a schol any, eloquent ana touching sermon has been delivered from 6 Webstef City pulpit, and we anticipate a great work here for Rev. F. E. Day. Judge Quarton will hold court Friday to hear the Chute case. This is a case In which Chute of Blue Earth City had two mortgages on a piece of property. He foreclosed one of them without mentioning the other, and n&w the claim is that the other U worthless in his hand*. It is an interesting case* W. H. Ingham Is luckier than moat fishermen. He has a fine hunting and and flsh knife, and one day Up on the Boulder river in Montana he stuck it in the sand and came away without it. After he got home he wrote to > the guide he had, he went down and found the knife, and Monday it came by mall, P>of. Spencer has sold over 300 tickets to the lecture course. The whole number will undoubtedly go quickly. Every farmer within range of Algona ought to buy his children tickets. The opportunity to hear four lectures by men of national renown and a concert ay one of the best companies anywhere 'or $1 does not come every year. Gov. Shaw wrote to the Algonn banks Saturday asking them to furnish $400 towards bringing home the 61st Iowa, and wait for payment until the leglsla- iure can act. Each of the three banks telegraphed to draw on them for their share or for the whole amount. The other banks of the county got like requests and made equally prompt and patriotic responses. When the Iowa Central crossed Dr. Sayers' farm southeast of town a con- litlonn) agreement was mado by which .hey were to pay $1,600 down. If they ;ook the farm at 933 an acre by Oct. 1 ,he $1,600 was to apply on it, If they lid not the doctor was to keep the 11,600 for the right-of-way. Monday he company took the farm. We understand they have resold it at the same price. J. L. Button's hog remedy business ias grown so that he is compelled to ?et bigger quarters tor the mnnufac- ure of it, and he is building a factory east of the Northwestern depot, ' Suit's" hog cure is now endorsed by 10 many of the substantial stock raise'rs lere at home that there is no question of its value, and its fame is spreading. 3e will soon be in shape to turn it out 'n large quantities. The MoComb laundry now does bus- ness In 15 outside towns, getting four new ones the past week. Mr. McComb says he will have to add new machinery in the spring if his business con- inuos, and he is already figuring on it. The laundry is turning out the best vork, and when it gets business it >lde it. With our new railway connections tlie laundry will sopn have a wide territory to cover. Win. Ehlers is going to complete the mprovemenls at the upper end of fhorington by building a handsome cottage, and hopes to get the founda- .ion in this fall yet. He has his plans >ut is wailing for specifications. The Seise homo is about finished, and work ias begun on Olio Falkenhainer's oundntion, If Mr. Ehlers cannot get ils work started this full it will go in the first thing next spring. M, J. Walsh and Miss Anna Wer- lel are to be married next Wedues- lay morning at 9 o'clock at Hie Ctitho- ic church, and will go al oncje lo St. D aul and from there to Livingston, Mont., where they will make their loine. This marriage will be the oc- asion of many congratulations, for no 'oung man in Algona has had more rieuds than Mr. Walsh, and the bride s equally well and favorably known. ?ho only regret will be thai they do not remain in Algona. Saturday's Des Moines Capital noted in evenl that for a while overshadowed he Philippine war or Dewey recepion: Master Hepburn Ingham of Al- 'ona came to the city on Thursday with ils mother to visit at the old home- lead, and soon after arriving prepared o lose himself in the large metropolis, le was gone no one knew where for everal hours. Policemen and others were on the hunt, and when found was ozlly established at Sixteenlh slreet ind Woodland avenue. He was found iy Mayor MacVicar. The bank building at St. Benedict is notosed, Henry Kennedy is pulling in •i drug core, also enclosed, John Matheis has a general merchandise tore building enclosed, Witte is put- Ing in a hardware store, 24x60, the oundation is in for John Mattieis,' Sr., Ine residence, a second elevator is gong in owned by Felthouse, Moore & Co, of Rockwell, the hotel barn is finished, be hotel lumber is on the ground, the oundation is in for Frank Van Erde- wyk's house and the frame is up, a blacksmith shop is up, W. R. Fleming's elevator is completed and full of grain. 3t. Benedict is booming already, tak- "ng in 3,000 bushels in two days, ALGONA 1 S FIKBT DBUMMEK. joe Walstou Goes on the Road for the CalUlusi Wholesale Grocery, The Sheldon Mail says: The Mail •egrels Ihe removal of Lee Walslon and family from Sheldon to Algona. We undersland Lee will go on Ihe road or the new wholesale grocery that has )een started at Algona. Lee is a clever salesman and will do good work for is new employers. HOUSE to rent. Inquire of 28t2 LBNETTE W. BUTLER. LADIES will do well to use Gressler's Fragrant Balm and keep the chaps away. Sold by Miller, the druggist. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL LOCAL TBAIN8 WEST. So. 1 departs at 0:06 a m No. 3 departs at. 3:68 p u» Freights that carry passengers— o. 03 departs at 10:46pm STo. 71 departs at , 3;20pru No. 66 departs at 8 ;3Q f> TBAINS KAW, to. 2 departs at ,10:45 am No. i departs at ,> 6:88pm Freights that carry passengers— o,7f departs at.... •• lOMOpzn No. 94 departs at " — * R. i 1 . HEDBIOK, -AT- ames s ,000,000 EGGS at 15o per dozen, and all the butter I can get at the market price. Step in and see my 50o counter, also my lOc counter. Don't forget that you can get more for your money in my line than at any ' other place in town. Respectfully, -James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. NEW SHOES In Great Variety, and the newest, up-to- date styles in the market. Men's. Women's, Children's, Boys' and Girls' High Class Footwear direct from the best makers. The Right Styles. The Right Kind to Wear Well. The Right Prices. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing and custom work. EXCLUSIVELY BOOTS AND SHOES. Buying a Stove is an important event |HP| in the history of every household; it is an event that most peo- Vy/rji«r > B pie wish to have occur \A/rilTiL at long intervals; this — possible when they buy a GRffi , ENAMEL They are inadu to last. Castings are extra heavy, free from scrap iron. Ovens are large and roomy. Oven raolcsand doors inside are while enameled. Thoy bake and cook with little fuel. FIRE BACKS »= 15 Years i Over seventy-five families in this vicinity will testify to their superior merits. Don't believe our statements until you have seen the goods, We have them — all styles at right prices. C. M. DOXSEB, HARDWARE. LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! AT WHAT? Why, at our.... Toilet Slippers German Slippers, Warm Shoes, Overshoes and Rubbers— complete stock of up-to-date shoes. Call and see our; Mr, Tellier for repairing. The Other Shoe Stere. o. o. Repairing and custom work. Sale . R. LfVIRD'S, While at the Fair- don't fail to call and ' CflJOAGO * NO»THWESfESN.

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