The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1954
Page 13
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MONDAY, MAY 81, 1954 (ARC.)' fJOtTRIER WBWf PAGE THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU Williams HAW/ HSRe IS MY PRIZE CMECK: FOR *IOO HOVS/ MUCH DID 6UFFOOMS !D y<?u PLAYIM6 AFTER THE Mae VO3R SCORE 24 HOLES VS'A5 YOU MUSTA TRANlSLED 5O MILES JO SET FAR 5TARTCD A MOVEMENT AMON6 601FE& tO PlL& THEIR CLD6S I^THE TOWN A PU8UC MI6HT HAVE MADE SIX MORE' 1O LUCK THAT FLUKE SHOT/ . fefl.1. ^ONEV DROWAJS COT WORDSc ,tt KNOW WHERE I CAM PINO A JOB, UVERMORE-? INDEED i DO, MASTER LARD/ 1 NEEO SOMEONE: TO CARRY THESE OLD CARTOWS OUT TO THE ALLEY / TMEN ALLIES \ You DIG DEBRIS NEEDS ME WKOM6. TO BE / DAD.' I'M CARRIED / LOOKING AWAT / / FOR SOME - THIM6 I CAM 00 SITTIN6 DOWN/ OUT OUR WAY THANK 1CU/ 1 AIN'T 6O BAD IF YOU DIDWT MOTlCI ME WITH "EMy AAAM.' WHAT POETRY OF MOTION WHAT ESTHETIC 6£AC£... SUCH EFFORTLESS 5PEEP..AVHAT FAST COMPANY VERV6OOP,SIK/YOU MAY DIRECT CUSTOMERS INTO MY ESTABLISHMENT/ b, Nt* S*me.. l»e. T. M. *. c . U. S. Pit OH Tt Uvition — Toni fl ht / Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel C Monday Night, May 31 6:00 Name that Tune 6:30 Voice of Firestone 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Robert Montgomery 8:30 Who Said That 9:00 News 9:15 President Elsenhower 9:45 Clete Roberts 10:00 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Adventure 10:45 Adventure 11:00 Film Feature 11:30 Sign OK Tuesday, June 1 5:50 Meditation 6:00 Today 6:25 News 6:30 Today 6:55 New s 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Betty White Show 8:55 ChaTm with Cathy 9:00 Home Show 10:00 Bride & Groom 10;15 Hawkins Falls 10:30 Shopping at Home 11:00 Story land 11:15 3 Steps to Heav«a 11:30 Homemakers" 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Channel Five Club 1:00 Kate Smith 2:00 Welcome Travelers 2:30 On Tour Account 3:00 Pinky Lee Show 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:15 Armchair Adventure 4:30 Lash of the West 4:43 Captain Video 5:00 Slim Rhodes 5:15 Interesting Person. 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Dinah Shore 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Bob Hope 7:00 Fireside Theatre 7:30 Top Plays of 1954 8:00 Truth or Consequen. 8:30 Biff BaXer 10:15 9:00 Mr. District Atty. 10:30 9:30 New 10:45 9:40 Clete Roberts 11:00 10:00 Dave Garroway 11:25 10:30 News n;3o .10:40 Weatherman 12:30 10:45 Adventure i'00 11:00 Film Feature 1-3$ 11:30 Sign Off 1145 WH&lt Channel 13 2:00 Monday Night, May 31 2:15 6:00 Burns and Allen 2:30 6:30 Talent Scout 3:00 7:00 I Love Lucy 4:15 7:30 Red Buttons 4:30 8:00 Studio One 5:00 9:00 Llberace 5:30 9:30 Encore Theater 5:45 10:00 Weather 6:00 10:05 News 6:30 10:15 Do You Know Why 7:00 10:20 Late Show 7:30 Tuesday. .June 1 8:30 6:00 Morning Show 9:00 7:55 News 9:30 8:00 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:05 10:00 Valiant Lady 10:15 Love of Life Search "for To'row Guiding Light Kitchen Magic New s Garry Moore House Party Big Payoff Lady of the House Bob Crosby Brighter Day Secret Storm- Robert Q. Lewis Early Show Exercise with Joye Western Theater Mars Patrol News JO Stafford Sky King Red Skelton Meet Millie Motorola TV Thea. See It Now Danger Danny Thomas Weather News Late Show No Gun Needed IDA GROVE, Iowa (£*>— M. A. Jensen, 63, has had a quiet career as Ida Grove police chief. During his 17 years on the town's two-man police force, he has found it unnecessary to use his gun on anybody. Simultaneous Operation LEBANON, Ind. W) — Mr. and | Mrs. Harold Commons of nearby! Hortonville became grandparents and parents on the same day. Their daughter, Mrs. Herbert Holliday. gave birth to a daughter on the same day a son was born to Mrs. Commons. Set Btytheville's Newest and Most Modern StkVICf STATION CONNY'S CONOCO SERVICE Corner Ai*i & Division — Blytheville Cftfioc* Suf er €«t with TCP — Conoco Super Motor Oil G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sett That Staff" Phone 2-2089 'rompt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Avars: S a.m. to 10 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUGSTORE 2C1 West Main St. JOHNSON GRASS KILLER % Pure Sodium Chlorate 700 U». $ Drum 12 WtU Culvert Tile Co. Highway 61 at State Line Phone OSborne 3-8414 TB» STORTt Rlekr Mmdl««», M. ••** H*mc7 k* e«r»«4 t« h«T •• *IA ear wkich h* w«»t« t« traniiforM I»t» a h»t r*4, »«t he < Anrfn t»«l t»*re »r* Many talaW" ; k« dl*»'t M»«at »• *»* *•* Id *« fen* »ett«4 •olfclnnc b«* trotible m» far. Hl« tHe«*» a«l* Mat •« •T «<vla« klnt »1d part*. • • * YIH W7HEN Jerry, Sh«rm and Chub ^ left, spinning their wheels es they showed him how their rods could dig in, Ricky loaded the tires th«y had brought into the trunk of his car. He was about to drive away when he got rwt of the car agam and went into th« house. His father and mother were in the kitchen"Did you see what th« guys brought me?" Ricky began. "Four tire* and a lot of other stuff." "That was nice of tb^m," his mother said. It had been decided not to make aa issue out of Ricky's action. Ricky turned to hie father. "I've got a question, D«d." -What?" "I want to drive over to Merle'* to change tires, but I don't know if I should, without insurance. Yo« never know what might happen." Ricky's father looked pleased. *I like the way you're starting off, Ricky. I'm glad you came to me with that question. A* a matter of fact, I've already filled out your application. You can sign it now, and you'll be covered." "That'i rweH," Ricky said. "Real swell." •It's on th« living room desk. While Ricky went into the liv ing room to iifn, hi» father and mother exchanged glanctt. "S«em* to be working out fine, jhi* father. §»id. . I Ricky'f mother nodded without (much tftthu*iaa§m. "If* his nr»t [day. We'll «e« what happ«n« «ft«r tturM months." ' Merle had aH his arguments ready about why he couldn't take jack the car. 'You bought the car fair and square," Merle said. "I don't see K»W I can take it back." 'I don't want to bring it back." Ricky sat down on tbe running board of a truck. "Everybody thinks I got a junker. I want to prove I didn't, and I've got a plan. If I came down here in my spare time and helped you around the garage, would you let me use your tools so I could work on my car? And maybe give me some advice?" "I dont know," Merle said, searching for a cigaret. "I learn pretty fast," Ricky said. "And of course I'd buy ail my parts from you." "Well," Merle sat down and pushed his greasy red cap back on his head. "Would you want to keep the place clean and change tires and stuff like that?" "Anything you say," Ricky promised. "I'vt got some tires to put on the coupe now. You can have the old ones if you want the'm." While Merle thought, Ricky outlined his plan for rebuilding the coupe, selling it, and starting over again, with the idea of having a regular custom shop. "Fixing up old cars would only be the beginning," Ricky said. "A guy who pays $5000 bucks lor a big car gets one that's exactly like all the others. If we were s«t up to make it the only one of its kind, I'M bet we'd get a lot of customers who wanted their cars to look special." "Kid," Merit said slowly, squinting at his cigaret, "I think you got something. You come hi and help me, and I'll let you use my tools. And if you sell that car and make some money, I'll com* in with you as a partner." COIWOR stw ttcky drive up to the garage and aware that his had stopped eating AM! W<M wntcliittc feim. Hi* Mtt DICKY •"• parents arm was on the table, curved protectively around the dish of pudding before him, his face was directly over the dish, almost low enough to touch. His spoon scraped noisily as he dug after the last few lines of chocolate. "Wouldn't it be easier to ea* the dish, Ricky?" "All right," Ricky said wearily. "I'll be refined." He sat up straight and tried to look prim"Don't get offended," his father said. "The reason we want you to keep your face out of your dish is so we can see what you look like. The only time we see you any more is at meals." "I'm busy," Ricky said. "Working at the grocery store all day, and then on my car at night. I don't have much free time. If I can be excused, I'd like to go now. I promised Merle I'd be down right after supper." Ricky's parents exchanged glances. It was time they talked to the boy. "We were just wondering, Ricky," Mr. Madison said, "if it's such a good idea for you to spend so much time with Merle Connor." "What's wrong with Merle?* Ricky demanded, getting on tfcm defensive. •Tie's an older man, and married, and . . ." "You and Dad are married and older than I am," Ricky said. "And you want me to stay around with you." "Don't be ridiculous," Ricky's father said in an annoyed tone. "And don't make fun of your mother." "I'm not being ridiculous and I'm not making fun of Mom," Ricky said loudly. "*I don't se« why you and Mom have to pick on Merit just because he's good enough to let me use his place t* work on my car. And help me, too. That's more than a lot of people have done." "That part is all right, Ricky. We don't mind your spending some time on your car. But when you spend all your time playing with it, it's time we stepped to." (It fit Political Announcement The Courier News Is authorized to announce the following candidate for the Preferential Primary July 27. For Stole Representative i Connty H. H. (Buddy; Howard CLOSE OUT Many Pattern Dishta i Price Hubbard Hardware ATTENTION Car & Truck Owners: Tailored Seat Covers, Woven plastic $50 vaj 24.50 Truck seat covers Installed 4.95 Door Panels, Covered 3.50 Head Liners 15.00 Convertible tops 39.95 SMITH MATTRESS & UPHOLSTERY CO. Ph. 3-4293 HEADQUARTERS FOR PLAY EQUIPMENT Swingt, Slides, Sand Box** and Monkey Climb* Hubbard Hardware SHADY PARKING Ole Hickory Inn 707 W. Chlckasawba TV - RADIO SERVICE Mort Than 20 Years Training and Experience. Factory Service Gi*rantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mgr. 109 E. Main Ph. 3-3616 NEED PAINT? Wt can Savt You Money Pittabur* Standard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrite Outside White 1.95 Atoo In Pastel Shade* ROSE SALES CO. 501 8. 21 St. By the way, I left the lightt on, the water running atid the back door open!" •Tve spent 35 year* on thit job, to I hope you don't •xpect me to teach you all I've learned in a week" PUPGE, BILLY COKIT BE SCAPEP WHEN T2UOC C*?!VB? LEN STON " PICKED HIM UP ANP CETUCNEO MM - - '/<?* ^^PUOGEMENKE. i/* ^ &L ^ THEN THAT BUY LEFTHCME CUNNING *WAY •§ YOU SURE MADE HIM bone in the yard next door Why don't that WHEKE WE OLJTTO THE SOW' VIC? ) MUSEUM, LOUIE/ ID PIW17 OUT WHY 5\& VS/EAAEFLV WA5 CAKKY- !NJ<5 A SKETCH OP ON* OP THEIR TAPESTRIES • CtMTE'S WOFCKEC7 OUT LOOK-SOU APOUT TAMPKJMS WITH 1 WANT TD A SAFt IW THE HISTOKV / WHV, IT'ft THE FATHER ALIVE, THE THEOEV THAT KJQ- BOC7V WOUU7 FIGURE US TO SET OUR 5I6HT5 SO HIGH/ BY TH& WXV BUT I PIDNT JWOW AAY W/UKllfc I RE:C^LL TH^ COWIC 6TKIP \ WU KNEW I PRWJ5 V H1NV- >fA TH' GlDPY McWAPPlE! A VISITOR WHIL£\. PA55IU' THRU TOWKJ you \wege *sowei »?r WITH HER OK 50METHIW UK6 TKXT. THW VW9ULO A YEH, JUST 5H0WS ABOUT / DIFFERENT FROM FOUNDS./OTHER PEOPLE... MADE OUTA HEAVIER IA.'S ALL.' NEVER FOUND...! MSWHAT COUPLE GALLONS I 1 ^ ON OU5f 9ALL TEAM 1 I'M PUACTICIN' CATC WIN 1 POUL. SPANK ME IP I BCOKE YKAGVTC CWCWEfc

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