The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1899
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGOHA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1899. 29, It is forth keep prominently in mind the fact that we have on hand a fine stock of groceries of al kinds. Fruits of every description in their season. What you can't find here no one keeps. Give us your order and we will see to it that you get just what you order and no substitution. Prompt delivery. Langdon & Hudson. A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentimes it is as unnecessary as it is unlovely. AtlSTIN'S BID THE LOWEST. He Secures the Contract For and Will Build the Irvingfton Bridge. Miller's Hair Tonic Is prepared especially for this purpose. It, keeps the hai.r in a smooth, glossy, healthy condition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and itching, and holds as bay as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 50o. R, H, MILLER, The Druggist, Structure Will Be of Steel, 1OO Feet Long and 10 Feet Wide-other Board Matters. The county board met Monday to hear from the bridge men about the Irvington bridge. It is to be of steel, 100 feet long and 16 feet wide in the clear. The bids were as follows ; N, M. Stark ............... Clinton Bridge Co .......... '.'. ' ,' Strupp Bros ......... ; . . . . B. F. Parks & Co ......... '..'..'.'.". . ................... J. B. Marsh Co ................. 2 !)87 :-W OOOOOOOOOCXXMJOOOOCXXXJOOOOO Are Arriving Every Day. I We have the finest line of Sateens and iffeta Silks, Stripes and Plaids for waists, also a full line ot the Flexo Girdle Cor- '40% in long, medium and short waist. ^ Geo. L. Galbraith. a man is n love — that's his business; If a girl! is in love that's her business; i but if they are engaged t.o bo mar-! ried it's OUR BUSINESS to sell 1 the engagement ring and make the' bride a present. ' Dingley & Pugh, Sig ° f ALGONA. CLOAK SA For Thirty Days. It's All New That Millinery stock at Matron & McCall's—no old stuff left over from last year—and of course it must be of the latest patterns. Our Trimmed ats — W E will put our entire stock of ladies' and children's cloaks, jackets, capes, collarettes, and muffs | on sale for thirty days at a are very pretty this season, and we can suit the tastes of the most fastidious in the millinery line. You Should See our stock before buying. We can help you out if you are undecided, and the price will be right, as it always is. Matson & McCall. A. H. Austin !..!.".!'.!. Tho contract wns tuvurded to Austin, who built tho mill bridge. With tho stool bridge ttt Burt and this ono at Irvingtou tho rlvor crossings will soon bo excellent. C. A. Tolllor resigned as county surveyor and A. J. Lilly was appointed to succeed him. KOUTINK ItKPOnT. Aumrou's On'icis, Oct. 2, 1809.—Board met pursuant to adjournment, all members present us follows: Jno. G. Smith, chair- mun, Ed. Kunz, M. Weisbrod, L. Burton and C. S. Pendleton. Minutes of previous meeting road and corrected ns follows: Shormmi township change throe mill contingent tax to school house; Buffalo township add four mill sohool roud tax; and minutes are thereupon approved. Moved and seconded that tho consent high wuy petitioned for b,y J. Nelson and others from northeast corner section 21 to southeast corner section 28 90 27 bo laid as petitioned for. Carried, Moved and seconded that tho consent highway petitioned for by H. Franzowotal from southeast cor section 24 to northeast corner section I-47-27 be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Jno. G. Smith appointed a committee to build bridge petitioned for by John Korr on 82-97-29 and grade hill between 84 and 35 and 2 and 8, Union and Crosco townships. Report of C. F. Lathrop, recorder, showing fees ooilocted from July 1. 1899, to Sept. 80,1899, to be $070,10, mid M. P. Weaver, auditor, from Juno 1 to Sept. 1 to bo $73.50 accepted and placed on file. Rosolvod that the county treasurer be instructed to refund 50 cent dog tax erroneously assessed to J. R. Thornton, Adopted, Smith appointed a committee to build grade botvveen sections 18 and 19 90-29. Resolved that the chairman of the board of supervisors bo authorized to execute a quit claim deed to 'Gardner for county's interest in so qr 12-98-80 for the sum $1,050. Adopted. Rosolvod that the sum of $50 be appropriated for road purposes on road north of Gormania. Adopted. Resolved that the contract for erecting a steel bridge across the river west of Irving- toii bo awarded to A. H. Austin for $3,194, and that tho chairman of tho board bo authorized to enter into contract for same and be appointed a committee to superintend the erection. Adopted. The county auditor reports the resignation of C. A. Tellier as county surveyor. It is moved and seconded that tho resig- natiop of C. A. Tellior as county surveyor bo accepted and that A. J. Lilly bo appointed to fill such vacancy. Carried. Resolved that tho penalty on F. Hume's personal tax in Wesley incorporated for 1897 bo abated. Adopted. Resolved that the county auditor bo au thorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this session and that tho members of the board are entitled to tho following mileage and per diem: John G. Smith, one day, one mile $410 C. S. Pendloton, one day, 88 miles 7 80 Ed. Kunz, one day, 18 miles 5 80 L. Barton, one day, 15 miles 5 50 M. Weisbrod, one day, 20 miles 0 00 Moved and seconded to adjourn. Carried. investment. In order to hold the land you will have to pay 10 per Cent, dowfi and balance at 6 per ceiit. yearly payments. There is not a piece of land today on the market which will pay better returns on B small Investment than these lands and there is ho place where the actual settler with small means can make a better home than on these Missouri valley lands. Write us for further information, Yours truly, FRANK NIOOUMN LAND Co, Algorin, Iowa, Sept. 9, 1899. 2918 Auction Siile of town tots. In the new Iowa towns on the Iowa, Minnesota & Northwestern division of the C. & N. W. railway. Sales will 'be held in Worth county at Hanlontowd, Fertile township, Oct. 10; in Jolce, Bristol township, Oct. 12; In Cerro Gordo county, Wheelerwood, Lincoln township, Oct. 11; and In Wlnnebago county, Scarvllle, Logan township, Oct. 13. Free lunch will be served at 12 o'clock. Excellent openings for nil kinds of business. For particulars address Iowa & Minnesota Town Site Co., Mason City, Iowa, REMEMBER Col. Bain. COUSINS GOMES SATURDAY Republican Campaign Opens with a Blgr Meeting- at Opera House* WEBSTER and MoOoo, the champion buck dancers of the colored population. They are with the Black 400, Call op- ern house, Dot. 10. Prices, 25, 35 and 60c. Seats now on sale at Ehlers & Adams.' Now is the season for oil cloth and linoleum. We carry the largest stock and have all grades. G. L. GALBRAITH. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, interest. Optional payments. . H. HoxtE. DON'T miss that Tuesday night. grand cake walk MEETINGS TO GOME. Services at the Presbyterian church next Sunday at the usual hours' .Ail welcome. Services at the Irvlngton Presbyterian church next Sunday at 3 o'clock. All welcome. Special meeting 1 of tho Prudence lodge Saturday night. Work on the third degree. " Doctrine of Atonement" will be the subject of the sermon next Sunday for First Church of Christ, Scientist. Services at Odd Fellows' parlors. Services at the Baptist church Sunday, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. rn. The pastor will preach the old gospel at both services. Junior B, Y. P. U. at three, Senior B.' Y. P. U. at 0:30. You are invited. Congregational church: Sermon themes for Sunday, morning, "The Bible and Modern Criticism"; evening, of , Ten per cent ? OR CASH, Our line is very large and of the latest pat- Kerns. \ye invite all to come in and see our large line of |cloaks before buying. JNO, GQEDEKS. R. H. SPENCER, Real Estate, < QILMOVK, President, , B. HUWHHfS, Vice President, ', SOSBffOK, Secretary, IW. WADSWORTH, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, H. W. DKEl'EK, OKAS. BOOSTER, S. STEVSSY. J, 0, KAIN, J. E. STAOr. The Farmers' Milling Co, NQOPED. ** OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE IALGONA ROLLER MILLS. I pan furnish the trade with choice flour (row selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground j.d In lots to suit purchasers. This is a farmers' company and solicits the farmers' business! a *, ig WveTh^new 0 co P 4pUy ftrillT 116 **' We 0<W *** Wl114 ° as we " ** you as any m111 ln , /. S. KOfffUS, Gewa.1 Manager. Has some choice bargains in improved and unimproved lands in Kossuth county and elsewhere. Dome and look over my list. 11 Boston, Bloote, REMEMBER Murat Halsted. HEAR the Chicago Calliope quar, tette with the Black 400, Oct. ]0. Seats now on sale at usual place. Prices, 2535 and 50c. DON'T be led astray and made to believe that there's somything just as good as Rocky Mountain Tea; there's nothing half so good. R. H. Miller. TEXAS rice farms—tenants wanted. Write "Farmer," 1302 Capital ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 2914 Sunday C, E. at The Call for Volunteers." school at 10 a. in., Y. P. S. 0:30 p. m. Program for W. L. A. S. Oct. 6, 3 o'clock. Current News, by Mrs. Cow- los; Bits of Western Scenery, Mrs. Inglmm; Boston, Mrs. Cooke. All ladles are cordially Invited to attend the society meetings. There will be a' special meeting of Algona Rebekah Lodge on Friday evening, Oct. 6. at 7:30 p. m. to meet Mrs. Blanche Quigley, President Re- bokah State assembly. AH members are requested to be present. By order of noble grand. REMEMBER Dr. Hensou. OLD pop corn wanted. W. Hohn'B feed store. Deliver at J. M. F. HAGGARD. G. V. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smlth.l Abstracts, Real Estate, AI f^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. BUYS A iTQVE one, too-large 'fi - ust the thing lor a carpenter op, gall at u. p. M,*o»oe. $1.25 Souvenir China ut 19c this week only at DiNGLEY & PuGH'S. THE Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets at low rates for the Good Roads convention at Des Moines, Oct. 6 and 7. Ask agent for full particulars, it Tlie Chance ot a Ufa Time. To make some money or secure a home. A new railroad is being built north from Bismarck, North Dakota, to tap some of the rich agricultural lands of the Missouri valley. It will run north to Washburn and Coal Harbor, where it will tap the extensive coal deposits there,. A vast area of excellent farming and grazing land will be opened up, and these lands have just been put on the market at from four to seven dollars per acre. This railroad Is being built by Senator Washburn and next year when the Soo railroad Is built into Bismarck it will become part of the system, It is being built under the name of Bismarck, Washburn and Ft, Buford railroad, and Senator Washburn has bought up a large tract of land and placed it on the market. There is a great rush of settlers to North Dakota this year, and although this land has only been on the market about two weeks, already a large share of U 1s taken, The soil is fine, a black loam with a clay sub-soil and all inlaid with coal at a depth of from 12 to 14 feet which crops tout at-the lakes and rivers. The actual settler who wants a good home for a very little, money and wishes to engage in mixed farming cannot do better than to buy some of this land in the celebrated Missouri valley. The speculator who wants to make quick returns on a email investment will find this a tuoat profitable THE Black 400, at opera house, one night, Oct. 10. The Chas. P. Crux Black 400; 35 people in a rag-time jubilee. Prices, 25, 35 and 50c. I HAVE several farms to rent for ono or more years. THOS. F. COOKE. All Arrangements Completed—None Should Miss Hearing This Splendid Sbenker. Everything is prepared fof a big opening rally at the opera house Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, when Congressman Cousins of the Fifth district will speak on the Issues of the campaign. Word has been received by Chairman Jones that many will be present from the outside towns, us they can return on the evening trains. Congressman Cousins is an orator and he will make a great speech. It will be notable among the opening addresses of the campaign. The meeting' will be held in the opera house and seats will be put on the stage to accommodate a big crowd. The band will give a street parade, and every arrangement will be made for the comfort of all who come. Congressman Cousins has never spoken in Kossuth county. But his reputation has preceded him and he comes with public curiosity well whetted. He is a great public speaker and no one will regret making an effort to be out. THE STANDARD, Standard Fashions Arc Standard In Name and Standard In Fact. Chrischilles & Herbst have secured the agency for the well-known Standard fashions. We aim to make our agency a complete success, and to that end we have purchased a five hundred dollar stock of patterns. We have contracted for ten thousand fashion sheets wh ch are issued every month and which we shall be pleased to furnish free to our customers. We shall also keep on hand all the publications of the Standard Fashion company particularly the Designer and the Standard Catalogue. The latter is an invaluable aid to those engaged in dress making, lo those who have never used the Standard patterns we will be pleased to point out the many superior features thsy possess over any other patterns on the market. Yours truly, CHRISOHILLES & HERBST. THREE hundred season tickets for the Algona entertainment course were sold in eight days, Did you get yours? Miss JULIA WALKER; the Kentucky nightengale, in operatic selections, Oct. 10. Popular prices. HOUSE to rent. Z. Grove. Inquire of Mrs. M. SCHOOL books and school supplies at Miller's drug store. SEE Matson & McCall's new millinery stock. It is now in, and the ladles should call at once and make their selections. The prices are not beyond your reach. NEW fancy work, pillow covers, Battenberg and commode covers. G. L. GALBRAITH. $20,000.00 worth of Overcoats were purchased and distributed among their eight stores by the Kraft Clothing Co. for fall and winter, '99. This is the largest purchase ever made by one buyer in Iowa. Special prices entire month o! October, to reach close cash buyers, See bills for prices. Kraft do. Co. The trust that benefits the masses. Public The undersigned will sell at public auction, on C. A. Bishop's farm, Sec. 13, Union township, beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., on Wednesday, Oct. 11, the following property: Three riding stubble plows, two walking stubble plows, three walking cultivators, two harrows, one McCormlck binder, lour wagons, one platform buggy, one single buggy, one corn planter and 100 rods wire, one hay rake, one Buckeye seeder,, one corn sheller, one tank heater, three sets harness, 45 ' shoats, 10 milch cows, fresh, or will be soon, five yearling heifers, four calves, one grade short-horn bull, three' brood mares, two King David colts, one of them two years old, two yearling colts, two sucking colts, one cutter, two grindstones, one sickle grinder, two hay rakes, one disc, and 20 acres of corn in the field. Terms: Sums of $10 and under, cash; over that amount one year's time at 7 per cent., with approved security; five per cent, off for cash. ALEX, MOARTHUR. H. J. RlEBHOFF. D. A. Haggard, Auctioneer, E. Blackford, Clerk. REMEMBER Max Bendix. For Sale. A house and four lots, and a house and two lots for sale cheap. Can be bought on the installment plan. Inquire of F, M. Taylor, Algona. Carl Sotcliell'B A citizen of St. James wrote the following letter to Mayor Gray of Minneapolis, requesting him to send to him one of the popular "I have, have you?" badges: "Mayor James Gray, Monopolia, Mansota.—Youse fellers: Soy, Ay ban see In the papier dot you vos vanting to do somdings for a solder feller who has ban foiling youst lolke- hal. Soy, ay youst ban tanking somding. Of you vant to hav dose sulder falers in Mono- polls, an vunt so mutoh mooney as you con git, youst sen to raanily and aye luu ...HI dat Mr. FUupenut faller yll glf you i-fry scent ha gon git, of you vll took dose solder feller that been In 13 Mansota, back to Monopolls youst so kvlok as nobody, Aye tank dasa FUu- penut failer run youat Iftlke rablt een dey se 13 Mansota fellers holler. Master Maypr, Aye youst gat von daler, Aye vant you to sen me von of the rib- dona— 1 Aye hav dun U, haf you d}df Aye vant to be in das Monopolis push. Aye tale you aye vll bay in MonopolU ven dose sulder foller pom horn and aye bat you aye hollar youat lalke vaUfta. Vel aye has to eoy goat py. Qua "" tafson," REMEMBER Gen. Gordon, THE auotlb® of the Call begin promptly at U a. m. t2 Gap. 0. Oot, City Brick m $ T» e Co, the best drain tile and hollow building tile In the wodd am} prices. F. Q. B, any station,

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