The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1899
Page 9
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UffPEttJpgjj MQ1NES: ALGIOKA. JtOWA, WEPKBBDAY SJ^MEMBIEB £ Does fotirhead ache? Painbackof Vow eyes? Bad taste in your mouth ? Irs your liver! Ayer's Pills are Mvef pills. They cure constipation, headache, dyspepsia, and all liver Somplaints. 2Sc. All druggists. Want yonr moustneho or benrrt a beautiful liirmrn or rich Mack ? Tlimi use "BUCKINGHAM'S DYE (ft, jThe -height of the rock of Gibraltar pbout 1,437 feet 'he Improvements that are being Ide to the Baltimore and Ohio Jtith Western railroad between park- |bnrg and East St. Louis are being Shed rapidly to completion. Sev- :een thousand tons of 85 pound rails have been placed iu the .ck, and there are still 25,000 tons to ^™ne, delivery being delayed on ac- r||i6Sunt of rush of orders at the mills. ie company has also put in 125 miles Jgravel ballast and expects to get 't 200 miles more during the season, Id it is hoped by Fall that the track ;il rank as the best in the west. A feat many grade reductions and jauges in line are also being made tween Cincinnati and St. Louis. The irpose is to make a uniform one-half one per cent grade between Clncin- ,,iti and St. Louis, as well as to elimi- ikte a large amount of objectionable [urvatmre. At one point, for Instance, ie line is to be shortened a mile and .half, 360 degrees of curvature elimi- tated and seven bridges abandoned. In twenty-eight days not a scrap of od or nourishment of any kind pass 1 the lips of Milton Rathbun of [ount Vernon, N. Y. When he began fri ,,. is voluntary fast he weighed 210 gjpounds; his abstinence caused the lo-s ||of 42 pounds and it has caused him no Apparent Injury. Traveling on the Burlington Rall- pjroad on the way to Denver, a little Itown called Atlanta, near Hastings, pNebraska, is pointed out as a point of *Interest because of the corn cribs built t there along the tracks. In all there ,,i*re twenty-four separate cribs, 12 feet ;jfwide and 12 feet high, with a total ^.length of B.9G4 feet, or a distance of Jfe.P earl y a mile and a quarter. This jMfJfears enormous crop (three hundred "ll'talJJion bushels for the State of Ne* tol «*aska) will test their capacity. iterybody seems prosperous in Ne- fiska. Nobody complains but the takers, who find it hard to lend their Nobody wanta to borrow it. ||atal bed Is pointed out to visitors ! MOW I SPENT MY VACATION. *££££»?*£* KM. 2 h ~ »**.£! Jnst » btief ^p«c« ot ho* t SSI reSorfer" ^ * pent my TOcatio11 ^ lfl *<**• *** "One mornfn; t * n * nrnnnrt t« «,» liitle more expense than the Balary Armr find r5ivf liSf in wA,inJ«« ****** durln « m y flPr may not M anTUSci SS or" iftSSSJljSa {££,**•• fl ffi09t deli * htful Chah *» members there. I felt a little lonely i "?i «T and, touching a bell, I summoned a rou O1 er waiter. " 'Have any of the old drunkards been here this morning?' I asked. " 'No,, sah; you'se de fust one,' he replied." The Rev. Samuel Graham Wilson, — _. _. — _ —„ prairlea and view from the car windows of a Missouri Pacific train the magnificent Scope of country between here and Pueblo. There Is no coolness like that which comes with the shades of night on these vast plains, filled then with waving corn and ripening wheat . , M. A., author of "Persian Life nnd Customs," Is a missionary who has lived | " Jt * ip w«>.«i «un;u uue ituresues am In the land he writes about for more lungs in the early morning when the than thirty years, says the New York mountains of Colorado are just corn- There Is no more bracing air than that with which one refreshes hia than thirty years, says the New York Saturday Evening Post. To show that the Persian peasant Is not devoid of humor, the doctor tells the following experience: "A soldier was an attche of a royal household, and, besides soldiering, he had to write poems and tell conundrums and improvise puzz'es. One day, after not having been paid for either military or other duties, he said to has master: " 'I h-ave a conundrum, your excellency!' " 'What Is it? 1 "'Tell me what It Is which has a name but no existence?" "The master thought for some time, and then exclaimed, 'I give it iip; now tell me the answer!' " 'My salary, 1 the peasant groaned, dropping on his knees for daring to be so bold." iV'wws—^sjwi.v"a»«o house in Macon, Ga, Pour p|^|||i.ej^pied soon after occupying it, and |fj$$0]|flf$f: its latest occupants declares ' -•••-• ghogj of one of the dead flre- ,.. 1 his Icy hand upon him, and [{eves that he Is soon to join him. |; ACTS GENTIY ON THE IlKlDNEYS, LIVER THE 5Y5TEM fpwp^ * ? ?>§j! E F F E CTU ALLY PERMANENT!* THE GENUINE - MANT'O by It Is said that tho only time James G. Blalne was nonplussed was while he was secretary of state, says the New York Saturday Post. One of the applicants for a consulate In Japan was the late Samuel Kimberly of Baltimore, who died in the service In Central America. After he had presented credentials, Mr. Elaine said: "I should like to appoint you, Mr. Kimberly, but I have made It a rule to recommend no one who does not speak the language of the country to which he is sent. Do you speak Japanese?" "Certainly, Mr. B-BUdne," stammered Mr. Kimberly. "A-a-ask me s-s-something in J-J-.Tapaness and I'll a-a-a-nswer you." Mr. Elaine hadn't a word to say, but the Japanese post went to another man, all the same, and Kimberly went to Central America. Another story Is told of Kimberly equally creditable to his nimble wit. One day he met a young woman who threw her arms impulsively around his neck and kissed him. Seeing her mistake, she drew back and angrily asked: "Aren't you Mr. Jones?" "N-n-no, madam," replied Kimberly bowing; "I'm n-n-not, but I w-w-wlsh to thunder I w-w-was." $15.OO PER WEEK. We-will pay a salary of $15.00 per week »ad Mcpenscs 1'or man with rts to introduce our Poultry Compound and TYix; Killer in the country. Ref. required. Address, with stamp, Aoroo Mffc'. Co., Kust Des_Mo]nes Iowa. Twenty-five per cent of the men whc seek admission as recruits In the English army are rejected on account ol physical disability. FIFTY CENTS FOR NOTHING. What will the Inventive brain of man do next? This is a question some one asks almost dally. There Is one, though, who leads all others, who for a quarter of a century has been making fine laundry starch, and to-day is offering the public the finest starch ever placed on the market. Ask your grocer for a coupon book which will enable you to get the first two packages of this new starch, "RED CROSS" (trade mark brand), also two children's Shakespeare pictures, painted in twelve beautiful colors, natural as life, or the Twentieth Century Girl Calendar, all absolutely free. All grocers are authorized to give ten large packages of "RED CROSS STARCH" with twenty of the Shakespeare pictures of ten of the Twentieth Century Girl Calendars to the first five purchasers of the "ENDLESS CHAIN STARCH BOOK." This is one of the greatest offers ever made to introduce 'RED CROSS" laundry starch, J. C. gublnger's latest invention. All effort to ascertain the depth of the famous Pitch Lake of Trinidad has been unsuccessful. At the sides of the lake the pitch is hard and cold, but at the center it Is hot, and almost constantly boiling in a liquid state. Are You Using Allen's Foot-Baser It IB the only cure for Swollen, Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken Into ths shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Address Allpn « '•>' >n.l i "if 0 y N. Y. Alameda, Cai,, has a club composed of divorced men. They have found marriage a failure and have united for condolence. Never Grip Nor Gripe. Don't open a door with on ax, use a key I Don't open jour bowels with mercurial pill poison, USD Casoareta Candy Cntiiarllo._JDruggJsts, Via, 25a, 60o, The odor of musk, which was mixed with the mortar when the Sophia church rn Constantinople was built, Is still perceptible. IISTERS: • Read My Free Offer. Wise Words to Sufferers from a Woman of Notre Dame, Ind. »u*i'V« e, this Home Treatment •with full instructions and the history of my own case to any lady suffering from female trouble. You can cure yourself a t home without tb.o tUd of any physician. It wiU cost yon nothing to givo the treatment a trial, and if you aeoide to continue It will only cost you about twelve cents a week. It will not interfere with your work or -—• *.y F»*** MWV tuLuiiuio wivu yum WQIMt O* T5r*":t: w r; ,r? ve , notll '«e to sell. Tell other sufleners of it—that is »1! I ask. It cures all, young or old. , ^/~ If you feel a bearing down sensation, sense of Impending evil, pain la the baolc or bpwels, creeping feeling up the spine, a desire to cry frequently, hot flashed weariness, frequent desire to urinate, or if you have I^u- corrhei* (Whites), Displacement or Fulttng of the Womb, Profuse, Scanty or Painful Periods, Tumors or Growths „ A . "I, address MRS. M. SUMMERS, NOTRE PAME, IND a A-, for the FBBB TREATMENT and PDLL INFQWMA-WON. Thousands besides myself have red themselves with it. I send it in plain wrappers. * 3PQ JI0THPHS C|p DAUGHTERS J will explain a simple Homo Treatment which epeedllv IK t lS? wlu * {ly «wesJ-WQorrbaj, Green Sickness and Painful prlrresu'ar Menstruation in youneTadtes, p will save you anxiety and expense and save your daughter the humiliation of explaining her troubles |9 others. Plumpness and health always result from its use. «vwvw» * W}»0rcv«r you Jive J can refer you to well-known ladles pf your own state or county who w and will ?la<Uy, teU any sufferer that this Jjomp Treatment *«»Uy pure* %U aUejwsd disoas of .our aeUoate female qrewriwu, tlwrputfhiy stm»g«n>»B rehwed »w»clea and •ft£L?5? k ** fw i Q ?* e Ri wta 'l ** Ue8 ln eltlw * *P* ouv<1(1 ^ I, Mi SUMMERS, Box (4, Notre Pame, Ind,, M. 9, A* Ing Into view, the mighty Pike's Peak reaching the vision long before its lowlier neighbors. When taken comfortably, there is no pleasanter ride than over this same garden spot of the Western world which in our geographies was laid down as the Great American Desert. So we rode Into Pueblo and thence by the Denver and Rio Grande road to Denver, a fair city with all the comforts and handsome buildings of her older sisters of tho East and lying in an altitude far above the air we breathe in our homes, a gem in an emerald Belting of never yielding mountain heights. Continuing our journey over the Denver and Rio Grande and the Rio Grande Western roads we started for Salt l,ake City, the capitol of the new state, which has been aptly termed the "•Mountain Walled Treasury of the Gods.' And thus we are permitted to pass through the most varied and entrancing scenery of the Rocky Mountains and to witness the wonders of the Royal Gorge, where the cunning of man has overcome the difficulties presented by Nature In her efforts at the grotesque and the sublime. These chained out attention and draw breathless expressions, especially when crossing some chasm on an almost impossible bridge structure with a roaring brawling stream beneath us. It Is inspiring and grand every foot of the way to Salida and from there many other decided attractions we visited. Perhaps that which will most Interest a large number of my fellow carriers Is Marshall's Pass, that marvelous testimonial to American engineering skill. As the altitude grows greater the view becomes less obstructed. Miles of cone-shaped summits are in view. We are iu and above the home of the clouds. We see the snow covered spires of the Sangre de Christo range. To our right Is the fire scarred front of old Ouray. Wo reacli the summit et an altitude of 10,852 feet. From this point a magnificent view can be had of the Sangre de Ohristo range. The paes is a scenic and scientific wonder; grades of 211 feet to the mile are frequent. The streams from the summit flow eastward into the Atlantic and westward into the Pacific, We are impressed with the feeling that we are on the pinnacle of the world. It v.ould require much space to tell of all the beauties of this trip and of the pleasures of our stay in the City of the Prophets. There are many points of interest and among those that claimed our attention were, naturally, the Mormon Temple and Tabernacle; Fort Douglas, United States Military Post, three miles; White Sulphur Springs, one mile; Beck's Hot Springs, three miles; Liberty Park, one mile; Calder's Park, three miles; together with other attractions and drives too numerous to mention. Thirteen miles from the city is located the magnificent bathing resort, Saltair Boach, on Great Salt Lake, the finest •alt water bathing resort In the world. Let me urge upon my friends to try this trip during some vacation. It will Well repay the expense in the restoration of health, the broadening of the Siind and the addition it will give to *aoh one's general information, tending thuB to raise hie standard of oiti- festiflhlp and to help himself and hia brothom thereby. F. P. BAKBR. Peter Dunne, of "Dooley" fame, said to a Dublin reporter the other day: "London is the second American city In the world. After a time the papers will -be writing: 'An Englishman walked down Piccadilly today.'" The earnings of the Chicago Great Western Railway ("Maple Leaf Route") for the first week in September, 1899, 3how an increase of $28,069.28. -Total Increase since beginning of fisca. year (July 1) to_date,_?l_79,05p.82. Emperor William Is said to be tho only living sovereign of Europe upon whose life no attempt has yet been made. A MAMMOTH INSTITUTION. TO those who are accustomed to lending away from home for their goods it is of the greatest importance to know the character and reliability of the establishments selling goods to families from catalogues. The great emporium of the John M. Smyth, Co., located at 150 to 166 West Madison street, Chicago, has been established for a third of a century, and has furnished over a half a million homes in Chicago and vicinity alone. This firm enjoys the confidence of the public by its many years of fair dealing. It issues an immense illustrated catalogue that should be iu every family, as it describes and gives the price of every article required for household use. A (sample of the extraordinary values offered by this firm is shown in the illustration of the lady's ulster in another column pf this paper. These garments are indeed wonderful values, and yet they are but a sample of the thousand and one useful articles illustrated and described in the beautiful catalogue of the John M. Smyth Company. A funeral procession a inlle in length, comprised of boats and their occupanta was lately witnessed in Shannon, Ireland. The deceased bad been a faraej in Athlone, and bis body was conveyed by water to tbe cemetery at Olanmao- noise, bis friends and relatives follow- Jpg in boats. For an hour a balhy horse in Boston delayed traffic by holding up a line of thirty trpjjey care. Blazing ]paper•WM held under tbe animal's nose and various otber means idoptecj to start the i refractory flreataye. At last, wben t» 9 . ——s of a 89te siphon were Muti* ' his ear, be dapied off at a mfc THE SOY AND THt TOY* One day befole a window There stood a |lttle boy, Who ffnzed with earnest longftg Upon a pretty toy— \Vlio thought with its possession Would come earth's greatest joy* l)av ntter day he saw it— He sighed day ntter day— And trembled U'St some other, Might carry it atrny; D.'iy afterduy new splendors Were centred where It lay. Hn Rnzed Into the fntnre— • Lire's story was begun — Hr> stored his little earnings And wlinn tho clays wire done His sloop wns full of visions Ot treasures to bo won. There came n day ot triumph, Ho ortrrlod oft the prlsie, Ami lol nt onoe It* splendor Died out before his eyes— The little lioy was foolish; But. then, aro men so wise? -S. E. Riser, In Obieago Times-Herald. PITH AND POINT. "I may bo coarse," thought the .jouib, "but I have my fine points." "When is it proper to answer hack?" "When the teacher aslca what is the opposite of 'front.' " "Truth," ho quoted, "is nt the bottom of a well." "And you are no kind of a diver," was the prompt retort. —Chicago Post. She—"Mr. Highuote tells mo ho is cultivating his voice." He—"Yes; I saw him irrigating it early this rnorii- iug."—Chicago News. "Doosu't the vessel tip frightfully?" Steward—"The vessel, muni, is tvj- iujj; to sob n good example to the passengers. "—Boston Traveler. "Bauks is in n bad way financially." "All 1m money gone?" "Worse; ho can't borrow uny moro." —Philadelphia North American. "Mrs. Nowcush's five-o'clock tea was too vulgar for anything." "\Vas it?" "YoH. Wliy alia actually had a lot of things to eat."—Philadelphia Bulletin. Lady of the House (to peddler) "If you do not go away I'll whistle for the dog." Pushing Peddler— "Then lot mo sell you a whistle, mum,"—Tit-Bits. "When will your now frocks be done, Amelia?" "I don't know; uiy dressmaker ia very reserved and has not yet taken mo into her confidence." —Chicago News. Gentleman— "Cabby, I'll give you flvo dollars if you cateb. tho 4.30 traiu." Gabby (excitedly)—"Jump in, guv'nor, an' I'll do it or break yer nook in the attempt!" Orator—"No, gentlemen; I tell yon that if you want a thing done well, you must always do it yourself." Voico From'tlie Crowd—"How about getting your hair cut?" Jack—"Is Charley a man to bo trusted?" Oholly—"I'd trust him with my life." Jack—"Oh, yes; I know. But would you trust him with five dollars?"—Baltimore Life. Fred—"And what do you think of my argument, Will?" Will—"Sound —most' certainly sound." Fred— "And what else?" Will—"Nothing else—merely sound,"—Tit-Bits. "That man cheated mo out of a cool million." "Ah—wouldn't led yon marry his daughter, .1 suppose?" "No; helot me marry her, and doesn't give UH a cent."—Detroit Free Press. "Do you tiiiuk this pooin of ruiuo will live?" asked the hign-browod youtli. "I duuno," answered tho brutal acquaintance. "It ought to. It seems pretty tough."—Washington Star. "That hammock has a history." •'What is it?" "it has boon through six seasons afc tho seaside with tho Upjohn family, and nob one of tho girls in married yob."—Chicago Tribune. Catching the Old Man: Little Clarouoa—"Pa, that mau going yon- iler oau't hear it thunder," Mr. Cal- lipers—"Is he deaf?" Little Clar- 31106— "No, sir; it isn't thundering." -Puok. Ijiu'Ktt Cliurlly. It is computed that more than $25,1)00,000 lias been given or bequeathed ilurhig the last year to educational institutions and libraries in the United States. An observing contemporary uotes that one benefit from tho transfer of this great sum to uses of public education ia that by helping to make independent o£ State and local aid Hie institutions which it goes to, it helps to make their teaching less <mb- jeob to the influence of transient pub-' lie seabiment. Where the support of a university depends on the will of a legislature, the instruction thab it gives iu such subjects as political economy, social economy and history is liable to be affected by polibioal considerations; but au institution that stands on its own pecuniary legs has nothing to consider in its choice of doctrine further than to teach what makes most for sound learning end coincides mosb accurately with ap parent trubh,—E. S. Martin, in per's Weekly. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. At Wichita, on Tuesday, a boy ooru to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thompson, being the seventh sou of u seventh sou, and the Eagle Bays; "There »re other peculiarities attending the birth of tb,e Thompson baby along the Hue of sevens. It wan boru iu the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month, jnet seven days before the birthday of ita loving father, who sits uud doddles it ou his knee in the firm belief that Jiu and his wife have brought fortU t\ prophet. Each of the fond parenta believes strongly jn the old tenet which says that the seventh eon of tho seventh sou shall be a prophet, and and tbe mother, especially, who wfts seen last night, i» so strongly eet iu the belief thftt she said «Ue ha.d,&bou,t to same City PRACTICAL HELP FOR SUFFERING ftls of t*rom«fl 6fershadfiW thftif A Some wotnfen of* constantly getting medtcM trftat* ffient and ate never well. "A Ionian be'st tiftrlefstandi ; women's ills,* and the women who consult Mrs. Pinkhatn find in her counsel practical assistance. Mrs. Pinkham's address is Lynn, Mass. MRS. MABEL Goon, Cotrectiottville, la., tells how Mrs. Piakham saved her life. She says; " I cannot thank yoii enough for what your medicine has done forme. I can recommend it as one of the best medicines on earth for all women's ills. I suffered for two years with female weakness and at last became bedfast Three of .our best doctors did me no good so I concluded to. try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. After taking a few bottles of your medicine, I was able to do all my housework. I know that your medicine raised me from a bed of sickness and perhaps death, and am very thsnkful for what it has done for mo. I hope that every suffering woman may be persuaded to try your medicine." Get Mrs. Pinkham's advice as soon as you begin to be puzzled. The sick headaches and dragging sensation come from a curable cause. Write for help as soon as they appeal-. Mus. DOLE STANLEV, Campbellsburg, Ind., writes: •• DEAR MRS. PINKHAM—I was troubled with sick headache and was so weak and nervous, I could hardly go. A friend called upon me one evening and recommended Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, saying that she knew that it would cure me. I then sent for your medicine atftl after taking five bottles of k, I was entirely cnred. T cannot, nrn.isa it enough." For twenty-five years Mrs. Llvermore has been the most conspicuous of women orators on tho lecture platform. Do Your Foot A olio and llurnV Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Address Allen.R. Olmslnd. LeRuy, N. Y. Since the beginning of this century no fewer than fifty-two volcanic islands have arisen out of the sea. Nineteen have disappeared and ten are now Inhabited. I shall rcooimnoiid'a Onz'e for Consumption far nnd \vklo.--Mi-s. Mulligan, Plumstond.JFCent, Eii'jbiml. Nov. 8. Isu.V The eyes of 1,005 school children were examined In Rochester, N. Y.. ard 252 of the scholars were found to have defective vision. Oklahoma. Its wonderful resources and superior advantages to homeseckers are set forth in a handsome illustrated pamphlet just issued by the Frisco Line Passenger Department. Copy will be mailed free on application to Bryan Bnyder, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Ma "He has very decided views, hasn't he?" "Yes; they are decided by his wife." JNO.RANSOMHAMILLM.D. (Formerly Professor of Ophthalmology Chlongo Clinical school.) I'raiitlco limited in rt(se»sos ot EYE, EAK,NOSE,THROAT. OITIco cor. and I.nount,. Hours M-U nnd f Thompson's Eye Water Ask for It.. If your dealer baao't It lie can got It easily. CANDY CATHARTIC_ $3&$3.50SMOES i ON Worth $4 to $6 compared will! oilier nmkos. Indorsed by over 1, ((00,000 wcarerg. AU LEATHERS. ALL STYLES 1 UK UHMJINK Irate W. I* UougW uitlno null pHco Btninjieil OB bottom. Tuko uo substitute claimed to lie IIH Kood: Largest malton uf »." mill »!!.50 cilmes In th« world. Your dealer should kaep them — If not, \tc will fiend yon n imli'on roculi'tofprloo. gtat* Iclud of leather, t(;:u nnd width, plalu or cap toe. Catalogue A Free. W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mass. W. N. U., Des Aloines, No. 39.— 1899 T. M. S' SUPPLY HOUSE, MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. 150-152-154 156-158-160 162-164-166 W-MADISON-5T CHICAGO. i to Time of Sunshine for Rain, Our Facilities are such that we are enabled to quote prices that always interest economical buyers. Ourgoods are the trustworthy kind that always give satisfaction. Our values are the un- approachable kind that never lean be reached elsewhere. No. 11O. Ladles' Royal Capo Mackintosh Coat, made of high grade double texture wool each mere in navy blue or black, lined throughout with fancy plaid, full sweep double- breasted detachable cape, with fine pearl buttons, iulaid velvet collar, Olga plait in back; new shape skirt with one outside pocket and opening ia side seam to allow access to dress pocket: buttonholes are worked with silk and ail seams strongly sewed. The manufacturer's guarantee tot entire satisfaction stands back of every garment j this couplet) with the way down price wo name should settle all doubt RB to the value. A good Mackta tosh is a wise investment, whereas a poor one is money thrown away. Our s< J ong points are practical knowledge of quality and buying in largo quantities at the lowest cash 1 prices; these advantages wo extend to our customers. Onu of these mackintoshes will protect you from rain and damn, ness and give best of satisfaction. Sizes 54, 56, 58, 60 «nd 6» inches long, no larger. Price $3.45 OUR MAMMOTH CATALOeilE Itt which is listed at lowest wholesale prfc§s everything to eat, wear ai?<J u§e» is furnisbed oo re^lt of ouJy l(& to ) , "f /'„!-,<., * rt I ,/,*,„. ?j!' ^

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