The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1899
Page 7
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THIS UPPER M!8 MOlNEHi ALGONA, IOWA, WEDKJESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1808, |Speaking [of Expansion, f One of the most recent examples of expansion in merchandising is presented by Chrischilles & Herbst. 5,ooo yards of Standard Prints at 50 5,000 yards of new Percales at 8c 5,000 yards of 70 Outing Flannel at 50 5,000 yards of 6c Muslin at 5c loo dozen Ladies' Handkerchiefs at 5c 50 dozen Ladies' Wrappers at 75c to $1.50 $o dozen Ladies' Skirts at $1.00 to '17.50 50 dozen Ladies' Underwear at 2oc to $1.00 5,000 Ibs. Carpet Warp in all colors. The largest and most complete stock ever shown in this market. Highest price paid for Eggs. Chrischilles & Herbst. lit Feb. 12,1899. W |Do you remember the day?30 below zero and a wi nd that ! would still Vesuvius! If you possessed a Beckwith Round Oak of course you were comfortable; but if not—well, you can ; we have them, good as gold and reasonable in price; and they are not all— Garlands, Radiant Homes, and Elmhursts. |We can and will cheerfully explain their advantages. We like to •show you goods. W. ROBINSON, SEXTON. DOAL LUMBER. Lamb Lumber Co. can interest you on both lumber and coal. They have over half a million feet of lumber in their yard at this place, the largest stock ever brought to Algona. Having bought the Algona Milling Co.'s coal busfness at the Northwestern depot, they secured the services of A. H. Naudain to take charge of their coal trade. At present he will be found at their lumber office, where all orders may be left. " Osteopathy Complete." ••'tfi. Every physician, nurse, and prospective fef patient or student should procure a copy of rfSthis great work, which fully explains oste- s,!i bpathy AS IT REALLY is. Many diseases can '<:,'', vbe cured by a. very superficial knowledge of '^osteopathy, hence some practitioners, for ^-financial reasons and to protect their se- ;:/$'orets, make a frantic effort to suppress this K;book. All the principles of osteopathy, jiinanipulation, etc., fully explained; nearly }|.600 pages; over50 etchings, cuts, and col- jSJpred plates. Price recently reduced. Don't i»rfail to send for free prospectus. Address JpE. D. Barber, D. O., Hall Bldg., Kansas 1 "" "do. Agents wanted everywhere. WILL take pleasure in showing the perty to be sold Oct. 5. A team al- iways at hand.-t2 GEO. C. CALL. Stationery Just Received. The latest and most up-to date products of the largest stationery manufactory In New York City. We are Headquarters fo Fine Stationery. Ehlers & Adams, Leading Druggists Prescriptions Algoua. carefully compounded. Hundred Dollars Is offered to any person who can duplicate the Export Jeweler at Miller's J. B. Seavey, an expert jeweler and watch repairer, has been secured at Ralph Miller's drug store, and in addition to making a specialty of drug proscriptions, the finest kind of work in watch repairing and general jewelry can be had at this store. A late line of Jewelry, cut glass, etc., etc., has been recently added to the stock. t6 TYPE writer supplies, full line, at the U. D, M. office. Mail orders will receive immediate attention. YOU'LL never get tired, fagged out, disappointed, unhappy, or make mistakes in marriage if vou use Rocky Mountain Tea. R. H. "Miller. FOB the Fall Festival, to be held in Chicago, Oct. 2 to 14, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will sell excursion tickets at a fare and one-third for the round trip. For the Street Fair to be held in Mason City, Oct. 3 to 9, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will sell excursion tickets at one fare for the round trip.—27t2 FROM Oct. 2 to 9 inclusive the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at $11.56 for the round trip, return limit good to Oct. 14, 1899.-58t2 SEND 6c in postage to Lafe Young, Des Moines, Iowa, and receive the I Weekly Capital campaign edition until ' the November election, 1899. LOOK at our line of collarettes and ! capes before buying. , G. L. GALBRAITH, : CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. JOHN SCHU <i CO. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, Live for those who love you, For those whose heart? are fond and. true The only way to do tbje right— Takq Rooky Mountain Tea at night. R. ft Mrfler, THJE LOCAL S. D. Patterson has a new brick side walk. Dr. Morse has been adding a new kitchen to hie home. Dr. Morse is fitting up bis new office and will move next week. The Algeria mill will soon put on a night run. It is selling lots of flour. E. Telller Is now shoemaker at the Simpson shoe store. His skill is well known hereabouts. Chrischilles & Herbst report the biggest single day's sales last Thursday they have ever had. The Methodists cleared $176 on Buffalo BUI day, serving dinner and sup per in the church parlors. S. D. Drake has sold a lot over near Thos. Henderson's to W. A. Laden dorff, who will build on it. Ehlere & Adams have thefr fine soda fountain on the way. They will serve hot drinks during the winter. The Call town lot auction comes a week from Thursday. It will afford a good chance to got a lot cheap. Qulncy Hudson came this morning from California for a visit. It has been a dozen years since he left Algona. The Wm. Owens dramatic company comes Oct. 17-18. One of Us plays is the celebrated ''Three Guardsmen." John Crop In was In town Monday. He Is talking of locating permanently at Mason City. Ho ought to choose Algona. Otto Falkenhalner's house is planned by the same architect who planned the' Helse home. Rock Is on the ground for the foundation, There Is to be a foot ball game at the fair grounds Saturday afternoon, the high school team against a town team. Game called at 2 o'clock. There will be a meeting held Friday evening at Samson & Grose's office to talk up normal school matters. Every business man In town should attend. Glen Brunson has bought Mrs. M. Wilson's home, just across the street from A. A. Brunson's, and will move in at once. Mrs. Wilson will go to Swea City. Rev. Smiley, the now presiding elder of this district, will move to Algona from Spencer. He has often spoken here, and is a big, brainy, and aggressive man. The track is again going in this side of St. Benedict and the engine will whistle on the Iowa Central in Algona next week. The depot will be built here at once. Dr. Kenefick's "Axineer" quit the racing season at Algona and will be taken to Belmond and. given a rest. He is a handsome horse and goes In his class at a steady He has a record of 2:23. M. J. Walker, who has charge of the W. W. Wheeler lumber business at Whittemore, was over Monday. Mr. Walker was county auditor in Davis county before coming here, and is a pleasant man to meet. C. E. Heise and Warren Baldwin got Into a bloodless altercation yesterday morning 1 which ended in Baldwin making: a pass at "Chris." which he cleverly dodged. He then retreated Into the restaurant and the war ended. Robert G. Cousins is ranked as one of the few orators of the United States. He has never spoken in this county, and aside from the issues of the campaign every one will want to hear him. W. J. Brunson has sold his house to W. B. Carey, the pioneer of Plum Creek. It is not known that Mr. Carey will come to town, but that is likely. Mr. Brunson may build yet this fall on the lot between A. A. Brunson's and S. Benjamin's. Addison Fisher will attend the national farmers' congress at Boston next month. He has been appointed a delegate by Gov. Shaw. Mr. Fisher was born near Boston and well remembers the city when the now famous Back Bay district was a swamp. The last pipe organ concert in the Epworth League program was given Monday evening. Prof. Smith played, Miss Bertha Hancock gave some recitations and Miss Crete Goddard sang, [t was an entertaining program, enjoyed by a goodly audience. The big Cousins opening republican rally for the Tenth district will be held in the opera house, Saturday afternoon. Visitors from neighboring towns can all get home on the evening trains. Chairs will be put on the stage to accommodate all who come. Rev. Day gets the best parsonage in the Algona district at Webster City. It is a ten room house, heated with hot water, and fully fitted with all the modern appliances. He will get moved into it tomorrow. He receives the same salary paid him in Algona. Algona was practically free from rowdyism Thursday in spite of the crowd. There was some whiskey 3ruuk, or all the evidences are misleading, but there were no quarrels and no boisterous conduct. That is remarkable. A few years -ago it would have taken 20 policemen to have made arrests. The only burglary attempted last Thursday, so far as reported, was at J. T. Chrischilles.' The burglar pried Dpen a rear window and had just got into the house when the family came in at the front door. He skedaddled without taking anything, Mrs. A. F. 'all, who was at the D. H. Hutchins iiouse, saw him running away. Fathers Ryan and Erasmus of Ohio are with Father Halpin this week and ire holding special missionary meetings each evening at the church at 7:30 o'clock, to which all are welcome. They will remain over Sunday and will conduct services OB that day at 10:30 in the morning and 7:30 in the evening. They are learned men and Interesting speakers. Elder Yetter goes to Sioux City and ! or the next three years will have active control of the work of raising 5200,000 endowment fop the college ;b,ere. He was elected by vote, and al* though the work will be hard, the selection is a, great oompliroopt. Algona will regret to have Mm move. He has many friends here &mop,g all 1 classes, IB an able, earnest and conscientious Worker for the cause. He gets a salary of $2,000. Mr. and Mrs. Phil. 0. Hanna were in town Thursday. Phil. Is enthusiastic over Porto Rloo and the people there, and has half agreed to como up to Algona and give an informal talk about our new possessions before he goes back. The eastern papers say that the Porto Rtcans are going to ask that Phil, be appointed governor, when military rule Is relinquished. The olty has a chance for a law suit. Mrs. Chas. Nolte some weeks ago was walking on the Methodist church sidewalk when it was left about six inches above the crossing. She stepped off without knowing of the drop and has since then been suffering from Internal troubles, which It is alleged resulted from the fall. A. Hutchison Is Mr. Nolte's attorney and asks $500 of the city. The city holds that it is not liable. Webster City is fortunate in securing Rev. Day. He Is without doubt one of the best pulpit orators among the younger preachers of the state, and he will soon have the attention of all church goers in his new location. Rev. Day's occasional addresses In Algona and neighboring towns have during the past two years attracted wide attention. The good wishes of many outside the church go with him to his new location, where they hope he will enjoy the largest measure of success. The E. H. Martin telephone company of Webster City has made a deal with the Bell telephone company by which a metallic circuit is run north to Lu- Verne, Bell 'phonos used, and exclusive connection made with the Western Electric, which will soon have a metallic circuit south to Lu Verne. This connection glvesvthe Western Electric a direct service to Dos Molnes and all south state points over the best wires and with the latest Instruments. People In Algona can talk to Des Molnes as easily as to Bancroft or Wesley, John H. Ward and L. M. Owens spent several days at the county fair and mot many of the voters of the county, the Impression everywhere being extremely favorable to them. They will go to all parts of the county before election and wo advise all republicans to pay no attention to the stories being sent out from Algona until they see the men. The democrats hope to break the republicans up for Smith and Cbristensen, knowing that a break there will cut the whole republican majority. This a good year to line up straight., J. L. Sutton says all his Chester White pigs won premiumsatthecounty fair, and he says It is Sutt's hog food and cholera remedy that did it. Suit's hog cure is becoming very popular with the breeders, and unlike most such things it holds its popularity because It does the business. The testimonials of some of the leading hog raisers in the county leave no doubt as to Its merit. An immense amount Is being made and sold all ovorthls part of the state, and everywhere it gets a start it grows in demand. " Suit" has a good thing and he is pushing it in a business wny. It will pay everybody to investigate It. Horace Mann spoke to a large audience Sunday evening on social problems and Christianity. The main point lie urged was that justice should take the place of self interest in the business world. He argued that self Interest was not necessarily the real motive for business transactions, but failed to make his point. A man might feel generous towards his neighbor aud be just to him and still not be moved to trade his horse for his neighbor's cow. Self Interest is the raotiye of trade, and a wise and reasonable self Interest is just. Horace said the social reform be had most at heart Is the white ribbon movement. In this respect he is lot in line with the Courier or the Bryanltes generally. Now is the season for oil cloth and :inoleum. We carry the largest stock uid have all grades, • G. L. GALDRAITH. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HoxiE. I HAVE several farms to rent for one or more years. THOS. F. COOKE. -At- SCHOOL books and school supplies at Miller's drug store. SEE Matson & McCall's new millinery stock. It is now in, and the ladies should call at once and make their se- eotions. The prices are not beyond four reach, NEW fancy work, pillow covers, Bat- ienberg and commode covers. G. L. GALBRAITH. THE auction of the Call estate will begin promptly at 11 a. m. Oct. 5. t2 GEO. C. CALL, Executor. BOARD wanted in private family for gentleman and wife. Inquire at G. L, Taylor's music store. OLD bridge lumber for sale at the Blackford bridge. John G. Smith. HOUSE to rent. Inquire of 28t2 LENETTE W. BUTLER. LADIES will do well to use Cressler's Fragrant Balm and keep the chaps away. Sold by Miller, the druggist. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow juilding tile in the world and lowest prices. P. O. B, any station. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TBAINS WEST. Slo. 1 departs at 0:05ani STo. 3 departs at 3:58 p in Freights that carry passengers-^ No. 93 departs at 40:46pm ffo.71 departs at 3:20 pin , 86 departs at 8:30 pm TBAINS BAST, *o, S departs at......... ...10:45 aw No. 4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers— •fq. 7<Tdeparts at 10 ;10 p m No.81 departs at SigOpm R. F. HBDIUOK, Agent. James Patterson's 1,000,000 EGGS at 15o. per dozen, and all the butter I can get at the market price. Step in and see my 50o counter, also my lOc counter. Don't forget that you can get more for your money in my line than at any other place in town. Respectfully, -James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. NEW SHOES In Great Variety, and the newest, up-to- date styles in the market. Men's. Women's, Children's, Boys' and Girls' High Class Footwear direct from the best makers. The Right Styles. The Right Kind to Wear Well. The Right Prices. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Fine repairing and custom work, EXCLUSIVELY BOOTS AND SHOES. Buying a Stove _ is an Important event in the history of every household; it Is an event that most peo- pie wish to have occur at long intervals; this possible when they buy a They are made to last. Castings are extra heavy, free from scrap iron. i _ Ovons are large and roomy. Oven racks and doors inside are white enameled. They bake and cook with little fuel. FIRE BACKS :°e= 15 Years Over seventy-five families in this vicinity will testify to their superior merits. Don't believe our statements until you have seen the goods. We have them — all stylos at right prices. G. M. DOXSEB, HARDWARE. ENAMEL SHOES Will be very popular this season. We have good ones to sell at popular prices. The Other Shoe Store. o. o. The Big Sale is Now On , R. LfllRD'S. While at the Fair don't fail to call and CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. IzeA...... ,...,,., 7:64piuMte 6 a ;«|

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