The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1899 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1899
Page 3
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WSBH1SDAY tJPFEB into that ., h» ty, he In tha hltnself &tt a Caribbean. In Oemarid iio O'lt bow easy it»l 11 Ai t^"f*.s5 tl^ f lift IjlTO'ft ESTABLISHED WWH YftlOOGAMU (HQ8H decree o by deem i of Illinois, in i!,( i wf re f A', jrces. If yoi 1899. " •»»'»•'• ee wo have on irs of nf Fruits What »n ll.p cit\ of Han Francisco, 333 " c, in oiu \O,M. In New England »!'< ""ir 2,11) ilhorees, and in j 20.000 le sanies ' ,f«h( in Ho of nwiltlpliot L ' >* «ii" not fti fiom tho time U lliTi^'i id will l'<ivo to sot apart ' ! il i\ > jcu ajiplu utiou, and all yoi " )!!<->» it ii,fist aKftin^t a man wll! CVCI V lVfuMT W^wRn* h K '' '' UM> n ' 1f " • flll( > •'" >'"U " "Will hiivp ^ u\'U(oat Way bultolueii. l;d just wliut in ublp(i iiou. in in t--ii >un that in Western Re uiiio, me proportion of divorces niciiua',t& u'JHbiatcd was in one « one to eleven, in Rhode Island, in Yetmont, one to of ih. '11,11 A nnvvn, a<; tho HLI new shirt Dress G-Od$js waists; Aplique £ -«. !j " 3 ? that 'frecfu'ency i^ico^jihvays spes^ along with the istr nc. 1 -*" ol "society.""* ft'oniV /or '600 l.dd not one caw of divorce. vvoro hei days o£ glory and reign of vice began, epidemic. If you how rapidly the empire c Oitabuii Do you know \ o! Teiror was intro- i u <1 in Kt iiico? By "0,000 cases of di OKI m one ><ar m Pans. What wo 1 iiit jn HIM unmtry, and in all lauds, i. tli^t iljvorro be made raprp apd ulure di'iji vflt,* l hrn ]ipopH> b0foio^tb!ey outer tu i,i irl.'tion will be porsua^sd that th^re v\iH piobably bo no escape' froin u f-iwpt tlnouKh (,he door of the sep»l tiic 11 lion ihoy will pause on the \UtJe of jtl)at v r<^Jltlo«, Until they are tuhy s'ati^ned thi.t It la best, and that it Ifj n'sht, anU tliPt it is happiest. Then we Bhall have no more marriages in fun. Then men and women will not cuter tho relation with the idea it Is only a trial trip, and if they do not like ij tHcy t>ap get out at rhe.nret, .land-. f-rt\ 'i U«»n this \vholip question will be onto! tho liivulous tutq-.the tr.e- iihd thfie will be no more ,i.bout I' b)osQins in a bnde'a ^ oprebs on a coffin. y tno United Statta move for the wngiBE the iiational constitution BO i>t a law can be which shall be all over the country, and what be ru;ht m one fatate shall be in all tlin states, and what is jn OJIP state will be wrong In all ; -.1 -h How ia it now? If a party i X ntariiug6 relation gets dissatis- il la only necessary to move to fatata to achieve liberation ii , tiii* domestic tie, and divorce Is • i 1 <-» easily that the first one i , .lows of it is by seeing U In i i \ ( iti'iper that Rev. Dr. Somebody iesv> »'t. a or weeks afterward intro' i do a new marriage relation a "i -: nl tho household who weat off i i' 11. usure excursion to Newport or ^ ^"'"-AS excursion to Chicago. Mar<^ f ,( the bride's housa. No cards. 10 states ot the union which Hy put a premium upon the i ation of the marriage relation, are other states, lilte the New York, whjch has the pre- idlocy of making , marriage p, 12 and 14 years of age, cong»-tes of the"UWte.d States 1o move for a change pf the na- constltutlon ana 'then to 'ap- a committee-~n,0jt made up of gentlemen, but of men of faml- their,families in Washington filiall; prepare a good, honest, unifpym law everything from to Qolden Gate, That will brokerages in marriage, send diyqrce'lawyers ilutQ a '1 lit u i|f|t;'f«V"the protiabffifty ii tha^jG||>'trafa tlixit atarfs tomorrtfw nborning "at" ^ o'clock" Tor*^Tuany mil detj^he^ s ai^l |he0robal)Uity IR that slrong drink fixed on 'liini before 25 or 30 yeare, of.age wUl;jBrriye ni a, drunkard's gravk' She Knows 1 lie drinks, al- tjiough ! lie 1 'tHW t«' h'ibo ! it by 'chfewlng tfloves. t<l lSveryh6jfy''fcUbWs he drinks. Partnta "VifaMi, neighbors and friends warn. She will marry him; she will rVfohli 'hirti'.! Jf she is unsuccessful In tfio ^^cpeHmcrit,, w'hy. then the divorce law foil emancipate her, because habit- *iia). drin\kcones^ is ,a causo for divorce lp. Indiana, 'Kentucky, Florida, Con- liecticut and nearly nil the states. So the poor thing goes' to the altar of sacrifice. .If you will show mo tho poverty-struck streets In any city, I will show you the homes 01 the women who married men to reform them. In one ease out pf ten -thousand it may be a sut'ccs'sfyil .experiment. I never saw tho successful experiment. But have a rigorous .divorce law and that woman w}ll say.- "lt-I am affianced to that than ii is for'life,, and if now In the ar'dor of h'la .young 'love, and I the prize 1 to be won, he will not give up his ciipX-when he has won the prize surely he'will not'give up'his cups." And so that woman will say to the man: "No, sir, you are ' already married to tho club, and you are married to that evil habit, and so you are married twice, and you are a bigamist. Go!" UNIQUE SCHEME. Uy WUIch a Clovor Mair Made a Living l>y Eating Oystorg. New Orleans Times-Democrat: "I used to know a young man here who made a living by eating oysters," said one of a little group about the counter of the Grunewald. "Ate them on a wager, eh?" asked an Englishman in the party. , "No," replied the first speaker, "he had a much bettor scheme than that. , Ho would stroll into an oyster bar—you know how many there are in New Orleans—and order a dozen on the deep shell, always selecting a time when several customers were present. After swallowing two or three he"— "Two,or three customers?" interrupted the Englishman. "Naw!" said the story-teller, frowning, 'two or three oysters. After he put them away he would stop all of a sudden and feel in his mouth. 'Look here!' lie would sing out to the bartender, what kind of things do you keep in your oysters, anyhow? I've nearly jroken a tooth!' With that he would take a beautiful big pearl from between lis lips. Of course, there was no ques- ;ioning the genuineness of a gem in that way, and everybody In the crowd would look envious. Some one was morally certain to make a guess as to ts value. 'Oh, well,' the oyster-eater would say, 'I don't know anything about pearls, and I'd be glad to sell this one for $6.' I don't think he ever 'ailed to make a trade on the spot, and as soon as he got the five In his inside pocket he would saunter out and work another bar. He used to find about 'our pearls a week, and as long as he cept It down to that game was per- ectly safe. But he grew avaricious at ast, and found so many that folks got suspicious and he considered It healthy o leave for another fishery. He boygbt the pearls by the gross from a house in New Jersey. They were py pretty pearls, and cost him about i cents apiece net. I have one in a scarf-pin now, Cleveland Car In lilown Up. Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 25.—A Wade Park avenue car was blown up last night with dynamite. The explosion took place at 7:30 o'clock near Doan street, where tho dynamite had been left on the track. The car was hurled from the tracks, the front wheels and truck being shattered. The motorman and two passengers escaped Injury, J»* *JWH *r ;;cr*s >;>„«'. ,U- yj They Rewarded STadamo Sterling. Madama Antoinette Sterling, tne iontralto singer and evangelist, had an experience in the Bombay presidency, ndia, which is as quaint as any of Kipling's tales of the hills. She was :a,mpalgnJng with Pnndlta Ramabai, an.d through h,er magnificent voice was lra.wlpg (tUftueajids>_oj: natives to her , ,P^y ( hac^aever seen that ft pjlssloe'ery'bpjfqre.'aiid bad »T«tPS; W$e, here. They ,-work, that i ,1h FnrchaBlnK ( Potter More Than ; Mont Be Paid for Manafaotaro*—VaU- ! ores ^or the .Week, , Now York, feepi. 2g.—&. O. Dun & Jo.'s weekly review of trade says: i "The reaction in tho stock market Is riot a,sign of.anything outside that rharket, but has set many to look for signs for a reaction 'elsewhere. Such signs have been hard to find. It has Oeen for months a wonder that the domattd for products was sustained at r|ates exceeding those in any Other ynar. But the detnarid does not appear to abate, and the rise in prices continues. A partial explanation is that Scarcely any class of products directly consumed by individuals has advanced tta much as the wages and employment of labor. With more hands at work ttiore hours, and at 10 to 15 per cent higher' wages'; the gain in purchasing power has been quite beyond the rise of 4 per cent in boots and shoes this rear, or 8 per cent in leather, 6.2 per cent In woolen goods, or 10.9 per cent In wool, and even beyond the rise of It per cent in cotton goods, mainly due to the.rise of 13 per cent in cotton. But products used In manufacturing and transporting have advanced much more, because of the enormous Increase in volume of business done and In anticipated business for the future. Higher prices cause shrinking demand, other things being equal, but this year other things are not equal, "Failures for the week have been 154 in the United 1 States, against 173 last year, and 18 In Canada, against 16 last year." Bradstreet's says: "Prices as a rule maintain all their former strength, decreases being few and relatively unimportant. In several lines, notably the cereals, cotton, petroleum, iron and steel, the tendency is toward higher levels. Cotton has been notably strong and active. Wool Is higher at London and sympathetically strong here, and expectations of a good export trade for fine grades of domestic are entertained. Wheat, including flour, shipments for the week aggregate 4,630,765 bushels, against 4,536,652 bushels last week. Corn exports for the woek aggregate 3,794,965 bushels, against 3,282,751 bushels last week." CanriiH for Currency Hill. Washington, Sept, 25.—A republican member of the next house of representatives said today that it was the purpose of Col. Henderson of Iowa, who will be the next speaker, to submit tho new financial bill drafted by a special committee o£ republicans to a republican caucus soon after the house is organized, and have it considered in caucus before reference to any committee. By this plan it is hoped to avoid any wrangle over the proper reference of the bill to committee and to secure speedy action on it In the house. No Provision for Cliaplaliin. Washington, Sept. 25. — Secretary Root's attention having been drawn to the fact that no chaplains are being commissioned with the volunteer regiments, he has written a letter to the editor of a religious publication, who was disposed to complain, showing that congress made no provision for such chaplains. Therefore the volunteer regiments are being sent out to the Philippines without chaplains. from the two games played Boston yesterday. The second game was unsatisfactory. Boston mad* three runs in the gloom of thd eighth Inning, and the game was terminated With Selee' one ran ahead. The Reds remained about stationary yesterday, winning one 6t the two games at Philadelphia. Brooklyn shut out 0t Louis 2 to 0. Louisville crushed Washington, and Pittsburg twice showed New York how to play the game. The scores: At Bbston— Chicago 00010100- . Boston .. .. .. ..0 OOOOOdO 0—0 Boston ....0202100 8-~8 Chicago 1100041 0->7 At New York Plttsburg 00200230 4—11 New York .. ....000010010—2 Pittsbiirg 1020 1 *—4 New York *.. .0 0 0 0 0 0—0 At Philadelphia- Cincinnati 11011002 0—6 Philadelphia .. ..02000000 0—2 Philadelphia .. .. ........4 0 0 3 1—8 Cincinnati 2 0 1 2 0—5 At Washington— Louisville 13142402 *—17 Washington .. ..000020200—4 At Brooklyn— Brooklyn 10000010 *—2 St. Louis 00000000 0—0 HIGHER WAGES FOR MINERS, J'lum Coal Cnmimiiy Agroe to Take Hack Union Men. Pana, 111., Sept. 25.—The Pana Coal company Friday made the union miners the following offer: "We will raise the scale price of $1.47 for room turning to ?1.G5, leave off the concessions offered, take back all the union men, recognize the union in every particular, pay 38 cents per ton and go to work Monday." Banker II. N. Scbuyler says If the miners accept the Pana Coal company's proposition he will go to Chicago and remain with G. V. Penwell, owner of the Penwoll colliery, until he makes his men the same proposition. President Hunter and Vice-Pros- idcjit Russell of the Illinois Miners' union were here Friday, but both are reticent about divulging anything. Many miners are willing to resume at 35 cents per ton, but at the prico offered (33 cents) and an advance of 18 cents on room turning, it is thought the matter will soon bo settled. Hard work is being done to that end by business men and citizens. SonrolillKht Pao«H lit a:O2. Indlauaz>oll8, Ind., Sept. 25.—-Searcn- light, the great son of Dark Night, paced the most remarkable mile of the year Friday at the state fair grounds, going the distance in 2:02 flat. Ho broke the track record by half a second and convinced every one who saw the trial that under favorable conditions he could have easily paced thi mile in two minutes. The quarter was reached in thirty seconds. Swinging into the back-stretch the wind caughl Searchlight, but he got to the half in 1:02. The third quarter was reached in 1:31, and he finished the mile, going strong, in 2:02. JUontnnn Regiment Arrlroa, San Francisco, Gal., Sept. 25.—The United States transport Zealaudia. with 339 men of the First Montana volunteers, arrived from Manila Friday The Zealandia was greeted with the usual blowing of horns, the firing oj cannon and other evidences of welcome that have marked the homecoming 01 all the volunteers. The Montana soldiers ranked with the Kansas and Nebraska troops In the matter of h-ard service, taking parl in many of the most desperate battles of the war, and losing in all twenty- OHM men killed and 122 wounded. Plans of Bridge Combine. Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 25.—De- ails of the combination of bridge and structural Iron factories are made tnown, The company will be called ;ne American Bridge company and will lave a capitalization of $57,000,000. The absorption of the various plants will take place Oct. 2, the day on which ;he options expire. Actor Killed by an Aotresa. Chattanooga, Tenn,, Sept, 25.—On the stage of the Chattanooga new opera house Friday night Julia Morrison, leading lady }n the "Mr, Plaster of Paris 1 ' company, shot and billed Frank Leiden, stage manager of the company. Miss Morrison claims Lei' den had insulted her, , Cftllioun Denies a Report. 1 Youngsto-wn, Ohio, Sept, 35.—It was reported here tfeat former Interstate- Cgmmerce Gommieslpner W, J. Cal, ...: b»d pooeptta a posi- ;}on a# general counsel fof the Fede|a,J f gtee| ,CQ9»pan^ ft$ Chjcagp., Mj, Fourteen Are Injured. Joplln, Mo,, Sept. 25r—Late Thursday night a car on the Southwest Missouri Electric railway, running between this city and Carthage, jumped the track and was smashed Into kin« dllng wood. There were thirty passen gers on board and all were more or less Injured, some probably fatally. At th« time of the accident the car was running at a high rate of speed, when ii struck a sharp curve, turning it over Milwaukee yi'orklnu; Html. Milwaukee, Wls., Sept, 25.—The com ; mittee having in charge the securing of the next national democratic convention for this city decided to raise a fund of $5,000 to carry on the preliminary W9rk. Headquarters will be opened as soon as possible, and a literary bureau established. All incor» porated companies In the state will ba asked to pass resolutions favoring Milwaukee for the convention city, O. A, R. WHJ Not nturoli. flew York, Sept. 25.—Grand Army men as an organization will not take part in the great Dewey parade a week from today. The committee on plan and scope decided thus to end the controversy in regavd to the position which the Q. A, R. should occupy In the Une of march. The action by the committee was unanimous. Will Acuopt u Homo. \Vft8hington, Sept. 25.— The Dawey home committee, of which Assistant (•jecretary F, A. Vanflerlip is chairman,, received a^auranceB that thq ad- WiU ftpcept the proposed gift. at Sept. 25.— The repopt is pujp- f«Jnftl<}o 19 ft bout to to the Americans, but thia alwiya *ay aha oaei Th« Be»t M»a .. fight\og way not -.,„,,.<«_, subject bat it teaches a I CMOS—the ability of mfin to hold the *t>fitfept_ Bhip for any length of time, ttowir like trial great champion o* heal I. Hostetter's Stomach Hitters, Whin hns for fifty yenrs cured tonatifmtl dyspepsia, biliousness and Ii trouble. The rate of pulsation Is 120 p«r tola* ate in infancy, 80 in manhood and Ml in old ago. ffh House in Of den '* Your /it/mart tenement should be gtvot even more careful Attention than tht house you live in. Set it in order by thoroughly renovating your tuhole sysietnl tftrouffft blood made pure by taking Hood's Sarsapartttat Ttien every organ •stilt act promptly and regularly, , "I always enjoy the minstrel jokes." "Whyr" " 'Cause I've got such a poor memory."—Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Princess of Naples is said to be tho most beautiful member of a reign- lug family. A great bicycle town Is Warren, Pa, In a poptilation of 10,000 there are 1,480 bicycles, representing an average of one for each family. A malicious trickster painted a horsa yellow in the stable of the Farmers* hotel, Norrlstown, Pa. The animal tried to free itself of some of the paint by licking it off. Blood poisoning resulted, and the horse died. A despicable wretch, employed as a watchman in a Chicago livery stable, cut off the tails of forty horses In one night and sold the hair for $9.GO. By this rascally deed the value of the horses was decreased $1,960. Two plump infants compiis3 tha family of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. CartmllJ of Owlngsville, Ky. Delia May, agerj three years, weighs 180 pounds; nn<| Willie, aged four, weighs 210 pounds, At birth Delia weighed 8 pounds and th'e other 7. A recent government census of In« dla contains a remarkable statement In reference to youthful marriages. There are in that country 6,016,759 girls between five and nine years of age wh» have been or are wives. Over 170,000 of them are widows. Noii-Torrltortnl ISxpanxlon. Means paying rent for a poor farm. Now is tho time to secure a good farm on the line of the Chicago, Milwaukee: & St. Paul Railway in Mariuett* County, Wisconsin, where the crop* are of the best, work plenty, fine mar-; kets, excellent climate, pure softal water, land sold cheap and on lonjp Lime, Why rent a farm when you cam buy one for less than you pay for rent? Address C. E. Rollins, Land Agent, 101 La Salle, St.,_Chicago, 111. Half a century ago nails were slowly, wrought one at a time with hammer and anvil. Each package of Putnam Fadeless Dyes colors either Silk, Wool or Cotton perfectly. Sold by all druggists. The Livingstone (TennJ Crescent announces that there is "no school thli week, as people are pulling fodder." Hows Tills? We offer Ono Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of CutarrU that cannot bo cui-ud by lliill'i CutarrhCuro. 1?. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, a We, the undersigned, have known JP. J.: Cheney for tho lust 15 years and believe hlna perfectly honorable In all business transactions anil flnunolully able to cany out anyobllga- tlons made by their llrm. West & Truax, Wholesale Drujjgtsts, Toledo. >.; Walding, Kinnan & Marvin. WUoleaalo irugirlsts, Toledo, Ohio. Hull's Catarrh euro Is takon Internally, aot- ng dlreotly upon tho blood and mucous surf aoea of the system. Testimonials Bent free. Pclo« "5o per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Hall's family Pills are the best. The bubonic plague has made Its reappearance in Calcutta. Choice Farm Lands n Minnesota unU Ualtotau. Mostly Iraprorod. Low ••'uos, easy terms S)ieoinl II,II. rates. Wrltesoon 1 The clam diggers of Maine bave decided to form a trust, hoping thereby to control the prices now paid by th« wholesale dealers. The Best Saddle Coat. SUCKER Keeps both rider and saddle perfectly dry In the hardest storms. Substitutes will disappoint Askfor 1807 Fish Brand Pommel iillcker— It Is entirely new. If not for sale in your town, write for catalogue to A,JTOWER3oston. Mass. NOT Jouomo a member of our Association? It costs yoi Qoiulug; UrlnggyouTUE nunvn •••••••••iiii '.very monvn InC ^HUTU-AMATEUR no brightest (33 page) l>liotogrnphlolourual pulAUbM » (iBHvesj'ou dollars lu imrclwsa of Camorua an? u|.-pllen. Bond to stamp fur particulars and eamnu f' 122 UTi ASSTJI W iMATJiUR I""" ! """"R EijraSlOIll \vusiiingtoii, P,C," Successfully Prosecutes Claims, jto.PrlnclDal Examiner t^B. Pension Bureau. for fall and winter to Qeni or JUady Introauclm? ou* bw or JUKly introaucini B-TT-™-?.^T^ ovwtey- Particulars. F: ;. g. TREAT & CO.. Publishers. NewYofkCUy^ llnVWWAwsBsaasffi IpHU I^'^flftaBss^cS .PISO'S-VCURE FOR CONS U M I"'

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