The North Star from Darlington, Durham, England on April 7, 1891 · 4
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The North Star from Darlington, Durham, England · 4

Darlington, Durham, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1891
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THET NORTH STAR TUESDAY APRIL 7 1891 LATEST NEWS LORD Bv CHURCHILLS EXPEDITION Lor IE Clmrchill says he will probably take Surgeon Parke of the Emin Relief Expdltlon with him on his South African t-rip If he can toaki the necessary arrangements Lord Randolph Will leave in the Garth Castle on the 24fch mat and expacts to he in Mashonaland about the middle of July and home again towards the end f the gear MR GLADSTONE and MR PARNELL Mr Gladstone telegraphing from Brighton in teply t in inquiry whether there was any truth b the statement made by Mr Parnell in Phoenix Park on Suuday that Mr Gladstone received some uf the dynamite party of America at K a warden and ascertained their opinion as to whether they would accept the H'ine Rule Bill f 1886 as a final settlement of the Irish question says “the statement described is absolutely false front beginning to end” A GRANDMOTHER CHARGED WITH MURDER At Oakham yesterday Lydia Barrett a middle-aged w:n)ei of Morcott Rutlandshire was committed for trial for the manslaughter of Alice Euttly Barrett her illegitimate granddaughter aged 18 months by alleged shocking and systematic neglect The prisoner had harge of the child in the absence of the mother and took no notice of repeated warnings that the child was wasting away It was found that the sight of both eyes was destroyed as a consequence of negleot and it only weighed Slba The child died in a carrier’s cart near Stamford ALLEGED MANSLAUGHTER BY A POLICEMAN A coronet ’s jury at Birmingham last night vetnrned a verdict of manslaughter against Police-constable Watson of the city force in connection with the death of a lad named Win John Whittaker in the General Hospital on the 33rd March A number of lads were larking in the streets on the otb March and were chased by the constable Later Whittaker was admitted to the Hospital suffering from injuries to his head which be said a policeman inflicted with the buckle of his belt At the inquest witnesses said they saw Watson takeoff hie bait and trike the lad with it and also kick him The facer denied this and said the injuries were caused-hy the lad falling while running away RITUAL PROSECUTIONS Efforts ct compromise in the St Margaret’s (Liverpool) ritual prosscution have resulted in failure The Rev Bell Cox offered to prosecutor Mr Hakes to conduct hie services in accordance with the Lincoln judgment but Mr Hakee stipulates for all ritualistic observances being dropped and Mr Cox’s loval acceptance ef whatever decision the Privy Council may deliver on appeal against the Linooln judgment T this Mr Bell Cox dt-mure making the further effer to refer the disputed points to the Archbishop of York in preference to the Bishop of 1 iverpuol as suggested by Mr Hakes This Mr Hakewdeeliaca intimating that the prosecution will goon ONE DAY’S IMPRISONMENT FOR BIGAMY At the Old Bailey yesterday Johannes Adolphus Bachs (32) a German pleaded guilty to marrying Sophia Dawkins his wife being then alive Mr Geoghegan for the accused said he came to England when IS years old and having passed his University examination obtained a aitnation at Mill Hill School where he made the acquaintance of his first wife who was a domestic servant The marriage was not a bappy one and the wife left him with the control ofc one child afterwards sending a note to ay she wished him to live by himself The second marriage was solemnised in 1888 and was a most happy one until Bomeone sent anonymous letters to the police— The Recorder passed a sentence of one day’s imprisonment BANKRUPTCY APPOINTMENTS The attention of the Board of Trade having been called by a provincial accountant to the prevailing practice among a certain class of bankruptcy practitioners of touting for appointments as trustee under the Bankruptcy Act the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy has addressed the following letter to an accountant pon the subject : — Sir-— With reference to the subject of solicitation fur proxies referred to in your letter I have consulted the Board of Trade and am antborised by them to state that in the event of any case being brought to their knowledge in which the appointment of a trustee has been effected by means of proxies obtained by solicitation-an the part of the person so elected the fioardrttf Trade having regard to the provisions af rule 20 of schedule 1 of the Bankruptcy Act will be prepared to object to such appointment under section 21 of the Bankruptcy Act— I am Bir vour obedient servant (Signed) John Smith Inspector-General in Bankruptcy TROUBLES IN THE EAST Bombay Monday— Information has been received here cf a rising of the Miranzai tribe which1 is located near the Afghan frontier The rebels are attacking the British outposts and grave developments are feared There is also some bad news from Rangoon It is to the effect that the Chins in the Haka district af Upper Barniah have attacked the escort of Mr McNabb British administrator killing an fficemand wounding 11 private soldiers The following telegram dated Saturday baa been received at the Iudia Office from the Viceroy The following is the substance of a message received at Tumnin from Grant who is holding Mndfqrt which he captured from the enemy at TobnlTd miles south of Manipur He is now threatened by a large and well-armed Manipnri 'force with artillery and asks urgently for relief Bud supply of ammunition Ends officer ommandiug Tmnrau has been told to push on rapidly a small relieving force and Tummu is being reinforeed In raply to an inqu ry from the India Office the Viceroy telegraphs that Lieutenant Grant who so gallantly captured Tobal Fort belongs tf the 2nd Battalion of 4th Gocrkha The following telegram was received at the India Office yesterday from the Viceroy : — Sharp fighting has taken place near the posts an Hauiano Range which have been held by us ince the Miranzai expedition It is reported that several tribes have risen In the engagement yesterday the 29th Regiment lost nine sen killed and fo ’-r wounded Wo are strengthening forces on Samano Range THE MATLOCK TRAGEDY INQUEST AND VERDICT The adjourned inquest touching the death of lire Martha Morrell was behi at Matlock Bath yesterday before Mr Davis county coroner It will bu remembered that Mrs Morrell was found hot in the kitchen of her bouse Iter husband tied retired to bed and hearing a noise came down again and fcmwd bis wife shot It was supposed that she had been shot at through the window —Constable Btaekstraw produced a plan of Balmoral Howto where the murder was committed — Martha Smith spoke to hearing a shot fired oa the evening ef the murder She thought Oineoae was poaebing— Joseph Rowlett boots f (lie Rocsatde Hydropathic Establishment said Mr Morrell came to him on the night of the murder and said there had been an explosion in the hoeae Mr Morrell was accompanied by two tablemen They allarent to Balmoral House and M r Morrell showed them Mrs Morrell sitting dead Th re v as a wound on the etde-of the face next the window and blood had run down the chair to the floor Mr Morrell opened the door which was unlocked Mr Morrell remarked that he heard one explosion while in bed aud other as be was going downstairs Witness- did not notice the windows but saw a flower pot turned aver ofa the window sill and Mr Mcrreli said it bd been blown down There was a candle on the table near where deceased WM sitting Thu bottom of the blind was partly S' aged — Sergeant Ramshell said when bo saw Mm Morrell there Wes a large wound on bur temple and her tongue was very much lacerated A shot fired through the window would account for tbu marks on thu door and the wall The charge apisaasd' to ho a very heavy one The framework at tbeapeoucies Wa mixing A diaiuoud-hapefa pane of glass in the kitchen- was evi-drntlydweken from tbe inaile Witness said to Ifir Morreii “1 wonder yon did not get your stockings in blood” and be replied "Old man as I am 1 should bare boon a fool to get it on rny hands and elethes” Deceased’s knees and midersinthiug shewed signs of burning Tbu burns hi witness’ opinion wars caused after death— Tbe jury returned a unanimous verdict ef “ Wilful murder against some person or persons unknown” IrslisM Tyndall was better yesterday Te omeos Abamthm— Peppesk Quinine and lrea Tsais fives Mew Life Health Btrsecth and 1 — HaMerowax ottles Krerywhera Uswtoa sss i vise nrm’t-itir IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT HOUSE OF COMMONS rnrvATi bills The following Bills were read a third time:— Clyde Water Bill Ogtnore Dock and Railway Abandonment Bill Sunderland and South Shields Water Bill High Western Valleys (Monmouthshire) Water Bill LICENSED HOUSE Mr 0 V MORGAN asked the Attorney-General whether the licensing magistrates in the metropolis had power to regulate the hours at which licensed houses should be opened and closed and whether they could decline to renew licenses unless the holders of the same agreed to the hours proposed by the magistrates The ATTORNEY-GENERAL replied that except m regard to occasional licenses the licensing magistrate had no discretion in the matter as the hours were fixed by Act of Parliament THE NEWFOUNDLAND DIFFICULTY Mr MORTON asked the First Lord of the Treasury whether with regard to buying out the French Treaty rights on tiro West Coast of Newfoundland any communication either in writing or verbally had been received from the French Government with regard to our occupation of Egypt Mr SMITH : No sir (A laugh) THE LABOUR COMMISSION Mr SMITH in reply to Mr E Robertson mid he hoped to bo able to give tbe names of tbe members of the Labour Commission and the terms of reference in the course of this week Mr HOWELL asked whether it was true as Mated in this morning’s papers that Mr Devito's name had been refused by tbe Government Mr SMITH replied that it was not usual to make any statement regarding the names of gentlemen proposed to be included or excluded on a Commission of this character until a general statement was made to the House LAND PURCHASE BILL Mr SMITH in answer to a question by Mr Morley said it was the intention of the Government to take the Land Purchase Bill on Thursday evening after the appointment of the Committee on Scotch Private Bill Legislation which it was hoped would be completed by six o’clock (Cries of " Oh ” from the Opposition benches and Ministerial cheers) That was in accordance With an understanding arrived at before the Easter adjournment THE MANIPUR DISASTER Sir GEORGE CAMPBELL asked whether they were to understand that tbe main body of the Sepoys had reached Matana in safety as well as tbe British officers Sit JAMES FERGUSSON : I am informed by tbe Indian Office that all the information possessed by the Secretary of State on this subject has been forwarded to the newspapers Consequently I am not able to add anything to it If the House wishes to know anything as to the cause of the affair I can only give it in a very brief form The affair at Manipur was caused entirely by domestic differences betweew the Maharajah and his brother Tbe Maharajah being alarmed for his safety took refuge at the British Residency and subsequently made application to quit the State leaving affairs in a condition in which it was not thought prudent by the Government of India to alkiw them to remain Accordingly the Commissioner of Assam wentont to place things on a proper footing and met with resistance from tbe brother of the Maharajah who is commanding the troops Of coarse active measures will be taken to restore order and to place tbe Government of the state on a secure footing A despatch from the Government of India has been received and will be laid on the table SUPPLY The House then went into Committee of Supply on the Civil Service Estimates On the estimate for £30710 for the maintenance of Royal Palaces and Marlborough House Mr LABOUCHERE moved the reduction of the item for the maintenance of Kensington Palace by £1000 Mr PLUNKET maintained that the sanitary condition of the Palace had been greatly improved and that the nation was bound by understanding to maintain these palaces The Committee divided and rejected Mr Labonchere’s motion by 83 to 39 Mr LABOUCHERE then moved to reduce by £429 the sum for the maintenance of Kew Palace which he believed only consisted of a gateway with a few rooms behind After some discussion tbe Committee divided and rejected th motion by 79 to 51 Mr WADDY moved to reduce the vote by £200 in order to take tbe view of the Committee as to this indirect system of pensioning certain persons by providing them with apartments and houses rent free He desired particularly to obtain the Committee’s opinion with regard to the occupation of Bushey House by the Due de Nemours who was notoriously rich Mr PLUNKET aaid that whether the occupant was rich or not did not affect tbe question Her Majesty had seen fit to allot this house to the duke in question The Committee divided and rejected Mr Waddy’s motion by 85 to 55 Sir Gbobgr Campbell Dr Clabk and Mr Barclay protested against a charge being made for admission to Holyrood Palace when no similar charge was made in the case of Hampton Const and Windsor Mr PLUNKET promised that the matter would bo inquired into but declined to give any undertaking a to an alteration A division was taken and tbe proposed' reduction was negatived by 160 to 55 Mr MORTON moved a reduction of £103 in respect of tbe lodges in the Royal Parks which were tenanted by private persons but this was negatived without a division and tbe vote was agreed to On the Tote for £79504 for the Royal parks and pleasure grounds Mr PICKERSGILL moved a reduction of £100 in respect of Hampton Court Palace which as he held was not opened with sufficient freedom to the public After considerable discussion the reduction was negatived by 105 to 60 Mr COBB proposed that the vote should be reduced by £51008 contending that London ought to pay for the keeping up of the whole of the London Park Mr PLUNKET explained that arrangements had been mad that parka other than Royal parka should be maintained by the Metropolitan Board of Works the Royal parks being maintained out of the Consolidated Fund After some further discussion the amendment was rejected by 112 to 42 Mr PICKERSGILL drew attention to the allegation that the wages paid to labourers in Kew Gardens and Hampton Court were 4s a week less than those paid by privato employers in th localities Ha moved to reduce the vote by £100 hit PLUNKET said tbe lightness of their duties and the participation in pensions had to be taken into account The Committee rejected Mr Piokergilffc mo’ ion by 88 to 34 The vote was then agreed to Votes of £29025 for the maintenance of the Houses uf Parliament £16000 for the extension of the Admiralty Buildings and £53846 fur County Courts and Metropolitan Police Court Building WRECK OP A HULL STEAMER Early yesterday morning the steamer Fairy owned by Messrs Bailey and Lee t hum Hull wen ashore at Kilnsea near the mouth of the Humber during a dense fog The passengers werei rescued by means of the rocket apparatus The Fairy was from Antwerp to Iiull with a general cargo STEAMER'S CARGO ON -FIRE Tiro captain of th steamer Nigretia at Liverpool from Galveston reports that last Thursday fir was discovered in the hold containing cotton and from that day till her arrival in the Mersey on Sunday the crew wefe engaged combatting tbe destructive element Steam Was constantly-injected into the hold until at last tb deck became terribly hot After touching at Queenstown the steamer beaded for Liverpool with three lady passengers where on arrival preparation was made to quell the fire which is still locked in No 2 hold the immediate object being to get out undamaged cargo in other holds before opening hold on fire It is stated that Mr Justice Stephen will take leave of tbe Ear in the Lord Chief Justice’s Court to-day The Lord Chancellor has appointed Mr Francis William Mae Lean QC a master in lunacy in the place e i Sir Alexander Miller resigned A the Old Bailey yesterday Johannes- Adolphus Backs attaches of th Mill Hill School was sentenced to one day’s imprisonment fur bigamy counsel seating that tb first marriage was a most ua happy one At a conference of Roman Catholic clergy rests of Ireland Corner Matte rs Electro- Homirof atotc Bern OlB8r— See fikoteh fa "Review of Reviews' far January with Letter from Prof Huxlev Prof Tyndall Mr MorcH Mackenzie Stc Sole Represents tfves i for this district Mr H H Rbaomah s Risk-meao-fed 8 tuck toe Descriptive Pamphlet! res on receipt efatamp CeaauMattena Five to Mevenam 4f jRlfatfaa l'ornMpeet free twe stamp -AtfvtV AMERICAN ENGINEERING Last night a meeting ef the Cleveland Institute of Engineer was held in the hall ef the Cleveland Lit end Phil Society Mr Begley presided— Mr Jeremiah Head read a paper entitled "Observations on Various Matters of Interest to Engineers in the United States of America” in which the extensive industrial undertakings in Philadelphia Pittsburgh Chicago and the large centres in th Southern States were described Touching upon American rail mills Mr Head stated that the general system of rail-rolling adopted at the modern works in the United States differed considerably from what was thought to be the-best practice in England No expenditure seemed to have been spared in any direction in which it might be likely to toll favourably on the resu't And that result was undoubtedly a much larger output per man employed and probably also per £100 of outlay than had yet been achieved in the old country At the mines collieries and blastfurnaces in the Birmingham district coloured labour preponderated everywhere Negroes seemed to be well adapted for heavy and rough labour with or without the aid of machinery In concluding the paper the speaker observed that if the peopleof the United States had still a good deal to learn from us it was equally certain that we had a good deal to learnt from them He instanced the American watch trade as one department of knowledge in which they had beaten us Notwithstanding that labour prestige and experience were in our favour English consumers were now buying American watches in large qualities and better ones for the money than can be made here — A-discussion followed in which reference was made to steamers of 2000 tons being able to voyage from the Atlantic to Chicago Reference was also mads to the developeinent of the new metal aluminium and to its becoming mors generally adopted owing to the reduction in its price In answer to a question with regard to labour Mr Head stated that in the mines Hungarians were mostly employed Skilled miner were- very scarce and they made very high wages — A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr Head and his son PRESENTATION TO MAJOR T H AINSWORTH JP Last night Maior T H Ainsworth JP who hat been connected with the Stockton Companies of the 1st Volunteer Battalion of Durham Light Infantry for over 30 years was entertained to dinner at the Black Lion Hotel Stockton and presented with a handsome testimonial on f his retirement from the regiment after so long and so honourable a service — a service which bas seen him lie from the grade of private gradually to that of major The chair was oocupied by Colonel Sadler JP commanding the regiment who was supported by the guest of the evening and by Major Ropner JP CC Major Johnson Major Harrison Captain and Adjutant Golightly Captain Ropner Captain Harris Captain H C Smith Lieutenant Macfarlan Lieutenant F B Watson Lieutenant D C Watson Lieutenant Brown and Quarter-Master Hopper There was a large attendance about 125 officers noncommissioned officers privates and ex-members of the corps being present The usual loyal toasts were heartily honoured after dinner Alderman Hind JP proposed “Tbe Army Navy and Reserve Forces” and referred with pleasure to hi early association with his good hearted friend Major Ainsworth aa a member of the Stockton corps (Applause) That waa the only fault he had with Major Ainsworth and other full members of the corps and that was that they shut little members like bimself in the ranks hid them from the admiring gaze of the ladies and took all the glory to themselves (Laughter and applause) Captain and Adjutant Golightlt and Sergeant-Major Bybnc responded to the toast The Chairman made the presentation to Major Ainsworth which consisted of a handsome silver tea and coffee service and salver an illuminated address and a splendid brooch for Mrs Ainsworth The gallant Colonel said it was always difficult to speak of a man as one would like in his presence and especially of such a man as Major Ropner (Hear bear) His feelings that evening were of a mingled character because he felt extreme regret at Major Ainsworth’s severenca from them and almost regretted that they had not threatened the Major with th ordeal of that night and then he would probably have been induced to retain hia position (Laughter and applause) However it was a pleasure to him (Colonel Sadler) to b present to express the goodwill he felt towards Major Ainsworth — a feeling of goodwill which was universal in th corps (Applause) It was about 100 years since a Volunteer corps was originally established in Stockton so that a patriotic feeling seemed to be hereditary in the good old T seaside town (Applause) But 100 years ago volunteering was much different from what it was now Then tbe men had to purchase their own uniforms and accoutrements and had other heavy expanses to bear Ho believed Major Ainsworth aud Captain Thompson were the first two to sign the roll of th modern Stockton Volunteer Corps and that was some 31 years Well that was a long service as a volunteer and1 during some 23 or 24 years of service Major Ainsworth had been a commissioned officer and for a long period too he was almost solely responsible for a serious finaucielresponsibiliiy in connection with the corps (Hear hear) But Major Ainsworth wa3 now retiring with th pleasing knowledge-that the finances of the Corporation were on the whole satisfactory (Applause) Having referred in eulogietic terms to Major Ainsworth’s public service m Stockton Colonel Sadler said that it was a pleasure to him to ask the Major to accept- that spontaneous outburst and expression in tb shape of a testimonial of th good feeling which was entertained towards him by hie old and bis new comrades of th corps- (Applause) On behalf not merely of thStock-ton Corps but of the whole regiment he wished long life and good health and great prosperity t Major and Mrs Ainsworth and that a life which had been characterised by such honourable and unselfish motives might be crowned with that which it deserved long and dignified and pleasant repose amongst his friends and neighbours (Load cheers) Major Ainsworth’s health wa enthusiastically dm nk Major AiNSWOBrrn on rising to respond was again enthusiastically received He said he was sorry for it and most apologia for being no public speaker It was however gratifying to think that anything he hod done had met with their approbation (Applause ) But at th sam time he thought they had ovor-ruted hi services ("No no”) A great deal was due to other ’officers and espeeially to the Sergeant-Instructor and the nnn-ctunimssionod officers who had don a great deal of- hard work in the oorpe He- had no hesitation in saying that th non-commissioned officers of this corps were the smartest in the Nor tii of England (Applause) He wished the corps much success and again thanked them most heartily -and sincerely for their very great kindness (Cheers) Major Johnson in proposing- "Siteeees to th Town and Trade of Stockton” referred to the greiit development of the town and district and said he waa-glad that there was no reel jealousy between the two towns of Stock too and Middlesbrough (Applause) Major Rofnck in responding expressed- th pleasure it gave him to south in honouring Major Ainsworth who had dune no much and done it so unobtrusively for tb corps— (applause)— end he had also to compliment Captain II C Smith on the Completeness of his arranger men is for that entertainment (Applause)-With regard to Major JohnsouV boast lie waa glad there was no antagonism between the two towns and though he entertained no jealousy of what the Tees Conservaaey Commissioners bad den for the lower reaches of the river stiff he tkooght the people of Stockton bad reasonable ground for complaint that nothing in comparison bad been done for them in the greater keeping of the river (Applause) With a 0i eater depth of water to Stockton he foresaw very roneb greater prosperity for the towny and he hoped th Commissioners would soon enable Stockton to taka its right position amongst shipping placet (Applause) Colour-Sergeant J Harrison also responded " Succr es to the Stockton Detachment” waa proposed by Quarter-Master Lai XU and rep had toby Major Harrison and Captain Ropm Bib Lieutenant F B WATSON proposed "The Ladies” and Lieutenant D O Watson responded “ Our Chairman ” was submitted by Captain H 0 Smith and enthusiastically drank The OttAiBMAN felicitously replied Songs were sung at intervals by Mr Lucas Williams Mr H Tomkins Colour-Sergeant Seery Private Jas Gray Mr Collisbaw Quarter-mastor-Sergeant Jv F Wilson Aa Jasper darkey a clerk i A Brentford went out bird shooting with a double barrelled fun H wat found with tbe top of bis head blown off TlwJIon and Rev KeneKn Henry Digby wwewmmeeae jipoweus j1 vl IUIH Vte vlmM Ni Deceased was th eldest clergymen is tb No folk diocese LOCAL AMUSEMENTS Darlington Theatbb Royal— Miss Janaette Steer had a most hearty reception on her reappearance at this theatre last night and one which must ha v been in every way gratifying to her The tragedy “The Cloven Foot” was played for the fust time in Darlington and this dramatisation of Miss Brnddon’s novel was well received by the popular parts of the house As Lavra Treverlon and La Chieot Mis Steer bad heavy- demands mad upon her but she was-equal to them and rendered the contrasting characters in a manner which gave further evidence of bet versatility The tambourine pas seal in the second act was most charmingly danced by this talented actress Miss Steav was meet ably supported by Mr Charles Eaton ae John Travertou the hero of this rather sombre play Mr Charles Herberte as Antoine Desroles Miss Mary Clayton as Celia Clara aud Mr Muriay Hawthorne as Mr Sampson To-night Sidney Grundy’s- drama "Esther Sandra” will be placed upon th boards here for the first time and will be followed by a one act play entitled "For Old Virginia” On Friday night "Camille ” will be played the performance being under the pntronage of tho Mayor (Councillor T M Barron) Osmond Tbablb at Middlesbivotoh —Last night Sheridan Knowles’ beautiful play "Virgiuius” was produced ab the Theatre Royail by Mr Osmond Tearle and hia company There was a crowded house Miss Maud Stewart a young Middlesbrough lady who made her appearance as Virginia folly sustained by last night’s performance the high opinion formed-of her talents last week in Darlington and she went through her acting in a finished manner It is almost needless- to say she was the recipient of a perfect ovation and at the end of the forum scene was presented with choice bouquet For ta-night Othello ” is announced A MIDDLESBROUGH HUSBAND SEVERELY CENSURED Last night Mr Mackereththe deputy-coroner held an inquest at the Royal Hotel Middlesbrough on the body of Elizabeth Watson aged 3ft years wife of William Wateon a stevedore living at 16 Durham place The evidence showed that the deceased was confined about midnight on Friday On the following evening the husband and another man had a drunken row in the house and this caused the woman to get out of bed and seek shelter elsewhere Catherine Hildrey a neighbour aid she found the deceased in a Mrs Ecclsa’ house where there was no fire She took the deceased to her house where she remained uutil the following morning (Sunday) Witness took the deceased home and put her to bed when the husband ordered her out On the following morning deceased complained of internal pains and Dr Young was sent for but upon the arrival of his assistant she was dead Dr Young said from what he bad learned about the case he was of opinion that a blood clot had been carried into the brain which caused an attack of apoplexy This clot was caused by the woman knocking about so soon-after confinement If sbe had been kept quiet and properly nursed this cause of death might have been prevented The jury returned a verdict m accordance with the medical testimony but expressed the opinion that the eiceumstaocas reflected seriously upon the husband The Coroner said the jury would have noticed the manner in which the "witnesses living near th deceased gave their evidence It was quite clear there had been a terrible row in tbe house sufficient to frighten the deceased out of her bed and the house and that the husband was under the influence of drink The husband was then called in and severely censured by the Coroner who remarked that the jury after very carefully considering the case-bftd arrived at tbe conclusion that he was really responsible for the death of hi wif The line between misadventure and manslaughter was a very flu one and he had juet managed to keep- himself on the safe side There was no doubt but that adrunken frolic waa indulged in by the husband and bis friends and tbia so frightened tbs unfortunate woman that she could not rest in the houst and sought shelter elsewhere The result of this- exposure was the woman’ death Tbe best thing that could be- done- for the husband-would he to send him to Northallerton for six months It waa perfectly horrible that a man who was supposed to be gifted with reason even to a small degree should have behaved to a wife like this husband bad done In addition he had come there with the intention of misleading the jury as he had tried to show that he was sober The Coroner concluded by stating that further inquiries might lead to something that tbe husband little dreamed of SHIPPING NEtra HIGH WATER a-m am Middlesbro 2 27 2-52 Hartlepool 2 10 2-35 Shields 3 l’if 2-5 2-30 Hull 6- 7 5-32 THIS DAT m pib faith 1-7- 1-32 Liverpool 10-12 10-37 London B US 0 33 1- 0 Stockton 3 22 4-47 FOREIGN ARRIVALS AND SAILINGS Harriet left Eritb for Middlesbrough 6th J M Leunard passed Dun net Head for West Hartlepool 6th Glenmore Valencia 6th lied car passed Constantinople 6th Asbfieid Townsend Elba from Naples 6th Driffield s Macdonald Savannah from Porteads 4th Fairfield a Sullivan left Teseciffe for Gambia 5th Sarah left Civite Vecchia for the Azov 5th Advsntuce left Gibraltar for Rotterdam 5th Rwhangleys awaiting orders at Gibraltar 6th Resolution left Rotterdam for Cardiff 5th Fylingdale Cardiff from Bristol 5th Rod Cross left Port Said for Batoum 5tb Mulgrave left Malta fur Gibraltar 5th Salt-wiak Port Said from Tyne 8th Carlo Liverpool from Norfolk 6th Mandalay Liverpool from Wilmington 6th IRON SHIPMENTS AT MIDDLESBRCf Yesterday’s official detailed shipments are appended— Pig iron Manfiron Steel VrsssJ Destination Tuns Tons Tons Forth Boness 50 — — Trinmpb Tyna 114 — — Cambria Gothenburg 60 — — Sixty-six London — 240 — Glen arm Belfast — 0 — 815 280 — Previous shipments this month 1029 UN 889 Totals 11108 1370 839 The other exports were Florrie Tyne 250 tons salt Triumph Tyne 80 tons basic slag Cambria Gothenburg 200 tons coke Emma Holding 240 tons cuabr - Gjeudin Fovsgcuud 300 tons slag A tons jute bags 18 tuns coals gThe imports were:— Lebanon Bilbao 1150 tons iron are Alisa Bilbao 1860 tons ironore Santotin Bilbao 1325 tone iron ore Nellie Wise Bilbao 1300 ton iron ore CRICKET' DURHAM COUNTY CRICKET CLUB miL’KKS KQR 1891 May I8th and 19th (Whit Monday and Tuesday) — Lincolnshire at Darlington June 5th and 6th (Friday aud Saturday) — Northumberland at Sunderland June25tb aud 26th (Thursday and Friday)— Northumberland at Alnwick July 3rd and 4th (Friday and Saturday)— Yorkshire at Sunderland HUNTING APPOINTMENTS -foxhounds: EABL OF ZKTLAMD S Tuesday- Apr Tfaf! Across- Thursda' Apr 6 Hdimliy n-30- 11-30 11-80 12- 0 11- 0 11 Saturday- Tuesday Tuesday Apr 7 tvolslhlmm FrfcMy Ajar 10 Byers Garth SOUTH’ DURHAM W-eriheadagfaApr It Wvqttte Cross Roads 11-30 Friday - Apr 9Gieatl-taiiiton Uao CLiiVliLAMU Thursday Ap's 9EUerby 12- 0 Saturday Apr nGribdsle Gate 12-o B8DALH Tuesday Apr 7wlnten Park’ 1C- o Friday Apr-10 Tbliflsld Bcidg 12- 0 HARRIERS VTBAB VAlLliV HAHRIBB8 Wsdsesday Apr 3 - iUundiupe Full 10 0 Fur Foxes Death op Isonout— This famouB stallion died yesterday morning at an early hour having survived his sire Sterling only a week Bred by the Messrs Graham no was foaled in 1876 and was sold with the Yardley yearlings at Doncaster in that year for SGOgs to Mr O Grattan What a great bargain he turned out at this price must bs well known to sll who are familiar' withi the Tdrf and subsequently proved himself tbe champion bone of his day if not of all time Perhaps Ills best performance wa when he won tbe Manchester Cup with fat 121b After tlie death of Mr Glretton be was sent up for sale at Tattersall’s on the first day of January 1883 and after a spirited competition was purchased from tit lief ton Lodge stud by the late Mr W 8 Cirawford for 9000 guinaes The best known horses got by him were Seabreeia Reviera Valauru Antibee Formidable Galtinule Gavotte Blavatsky Janisaary Camer onion Cassia weak and Isobar April Cork Belli Village ULHWOUTU itou tH DURHAM Too Late lor Classification fRRAT SERVANT (good) wanted at OBe-Appiy Mrs Gem Thompson 8 tar Inn bkiunsr-3 Arlington - Kporting Advertisements T MOULDItON STUD FARM RICHMOND YORKNHIRR WAR PATH by Ureas dam nstallation by Knight of the Garter out of Qui Vive by Voltiyenr will serve a limited number of Hunting Marae at AS each— Apply JOHN TROWS-DALB Stud Groom 1891 KELTON CONQUEROR - Registered in s l ill Hew ae nwiwnnu juvjw LOFTUS RJS O and serve a limited number of' mares at Two Oniseas sack and 2s 8d th groom half to be paid at-midsummer and th other whtn proved hr foal Fbr partieuitirs apply to Mr F PYBCS Down Ams LWerlen Luftus R8O— March 26th 1891 SEASON 1891 LEV ELAND Bay Stallions property ef WHHam v Atterton Extension Hotel Middlesbrough— MR STREETER (Ml CBSB 8 years’ old bay hoissj black lwsettcmordhiary action and quality by Fidiua Diua(107) C BSB dam Brilliant (669) CBSB grandson Nimrod (218) CBS B -KXTEN-SION LAD 3 years’ old good bay stands 16 bands 3 inches high with superior action and quality free from blemishes got by Mr Streeter (C41 OB8 B dam by Brilliant (42) CBSR gran lain Master William (411) C BSiR These Bullions will stand at HIGH FARM NORMAN ttV and servo unres t ta is season at 22a 6d each to be paid for at time of serving or will meet mares from a distance by appointments iROVGH-BSCD Horse EVEN wiener of a Queen’s Premium in 1888 1389 1890 and 1891 wiU if well be at DARLINGTON on MONDAYS SEDOhFIHLD oa TUESDAYS DURHAM on WEDNESDAYS NEWCASTLE - ON - TYNE on THURSDAYS NAFFERTON on FRIDAYS LINTZ GREEK frees SATURDAY AFTERNOON till 10 o’clock on MONDAYS Messrs C Stephenson Sandy-ford Villa Newcastle Jolin Tally Bawee Houss Fence Houses and R Bruce Elm Urove Darlington will grant 60 Nominations at £2 nd2s 6d and a limited number of Nominations at £3 and 6a Groom Fees will be granted on application to N CLARK Beamish Park Chester-le-Street Fees must ba sest with the application in each case Safeties i safeties i safeties— cheeper than aver wonderful bargains in Safeties new machines foom £3 17e fld complete with temp ball £6 17s 6d cushion-tyred machine reliable at £7 10s 800 second-hand Bicycles and Trieyclee tram 15s each) all in perfect order cheapest and iarget-t stock in West of England list of new and second-hand free from R W ARBI LOW Cycle Works We on-Super-Mare LOFTUS STEEPLECHASES FLAT RACES LEAPING COMPETITION and HANDICAP FOOTRACES On WEDNESDAY 15th of April 1891 LOFTUS STEEPLECHASE (Open) Winner £fl second hors to save stake Entrance 7s 6d About 2 miles Wianerof this state togiv 7 fid to Race Fund 81x-year old and aged I2st fire -year-old list four-year-old lOst Three to start or no race LEAPING COMPETITION Kntmnee 7s fid Winner £6 second £3 third £1 Winner of this stake to giro 7s fid to Race Fund LOF1TTS TRADESMEN’S PLATE (Open) FLAT RACE Winner £4 second £1 About 1 mil Entianee 4a For poniee 14 bands 2 inches and under catch weights post entries 130 YARDS HANDICAP Entrance Is 00 Winner £3 second £1 10s third 10s Handicap tostart at Two pim prompt All Entrances for Leaping Steeplechase and Fist Race to he made te J Collby Station Hotel Loftus and for Handicap to P W DsLtliro White Horse Inn Loftusi Entrance money must be sent along with the Entry or Entries will on no account be taken also Colour of Riders at same time not later than Wednesday April 8th AH disputes settled b the Committee whose decision will be final Umbrellas ladders boxes stools clogs Ae strictly prohibited Dogs will not beullowed on the grounds JOHN PHARAOH Secretary FISHING! New Rods Patent Reels Lines and Baits The new May Flies and Stone Flies the nearest approach to the natural flies yet produced Salmon and Trent Fliss for Rivera fakes and Loch Waterproof-Coats Capes the new patent Loose-lined Waders a speciality Rubber and Leather Broqnet and every requisite for Angler J F Smtthe GUN AND FISHING TACKLE MAKER DARLINGTON FULLERTON and nearly every winner of note this season were given by CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND CITY AND Fire Days' Five Days' Five Day1 SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN SUBURBAN Wires 5a Wires 6s Wires 5s' The man at the POST price Sixpence The leading turf authority To-day’s issue contains a grand Doable Event for City and Metropolitan Six Samps and Stamped Address to WALTER GRAHAM Post Office Epsom Two sound selections wired daily from Epsom and Sandown for 5s H O VlLLS AND Co TURF ACCOUNTANTS SPECIAL ADVANTAGEOUS TERMS 2 BRIDGE' STREET SUNDERLAND VALENTINE HARDAWAY and TOPPING (Turf Commission Agents) BOCLOONK-Sua-MER FRANCK THE “ FRBNCH AMD ENGLISH SPORTSMANS (Published Doily) containing Entries for all Important Handicaps as eoea as published and Latest Market Movements on the same forwarded free on receipt ef eddies Double and Treble Events SP on all Race The oldest firm in the World No Representatives ' Q H N H N HOW DARLINGTON COMMISSION DEN AGENT TURF Telegraphic Address— "Melton” Darlington Neither District Telephone Exchange No5769 Established 1874 KST4BUSHEB 30 TEABS J AMR S W B B S T E R TURF COMMISSION AGENT CALAIS FRANCE tPersonaffy conducted! The CITY AND SUBURBAN JUBILEE STAKES 2000 GUINEAS DERBY Ac Ac (DOUBLE AMD TREBLE EVENTS) TWs “FRENCH AND ENGLISH TURF CHRONICLE (pnhlished twice daily) containing tb Latest Market’ Quetetionsoa the aboveend other impurtenteveat wiR be forwarded free on receipt of address STARTING PRICES ON ALL RACES Press Opinion "The Jest the tafttt and the largest agency in the Werld— Lie fie Mirror September 1890 IMPORTANT NOTICE! OUR BOYS” Morey and Janey EOULOGNE-SUR-MER FRANCE: THE LARGEST TURF c 0 Mill SS ION GENTS IN’ EXISTENCE MOfe'FRBLTABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY FIRM OF THE PRESENT DAY-COMMISSIONS EXECUTED ON ALL DAILY AND FUTURE EVENTS STARTING PRICES ON ALL RACES NO LIMIT NO LIMIT NO COMMISSION WHATEVER FULL ODDS GUARANTEED Send Address at onoe for TOUR BOYS’” “BOW RECORD” Forwarded Free DOUBLE AND TREBLE EVENTS-CJTY AND SUBURBAN AND JUBILEE STAKES DERBY to Telegraphic Address “M I D RIES BOULOGNE-SUR-MKR LONDOW CITY BUTTING CrtYAN® SU KURBAN 1J mites Bun April 6 to 1 aunt Tittle Tattle fist 91b t w Barratt fl:— 1 — L’Abliesse do Jouarre 9st 41b t 161 — 2 — Lord Grge 9st (in lolb ex) t 1U0 i— 12 — Workington 7et I2tb to Enoch 9 — 1 — Dorcas fist 2lb t M Dawson 10— 1 — Vaeistes fakStb t o Port 12 — 1 — Nimtborpe 8et 41b t R Bharwood 1 — 1 — Father Confessor 9sH t Morton LATER LONDON BETTING CITY AND SUBURBAN 1) miles Run April 8 4 Ito 1 agst Tiitla Tattle fat Ulb t o Barratt 5 I— i L’ Ah hares de Jouarre fat 41b t 8 — I — toed George fat (in U)lb ex) t 100— 12 — Dorcsn let 2lh t M Dawsoi 9— 1 — Wertlngtos 7ai 121b t Enoch 10 4— 1 — Vaeistes 8st Sib t Porter Ilf— 1 — 1 Kord 84 7lb t Hayhoe 121— V — Nunthorpe 8st 41b t Sherwood i nte l - sssxr!: “Jjas KMfTTON PA RK J UBII KB ST A KBS 1 mil Run Satneday May 9 M te 1 agst The Imp fatlOH t Pbrter 12— 1 — Surefoot 9st 61b t Willis 12— 1 — Coretorphiue 7st 71b t M Dawson 1 — 1 — Garter Tst 13lb t J Cannon 15 — 1 — Queen's Birthday 8stl9tb Lund 16— 1 — Narrator 7st4lfa tPrii THE DERBY ij miles Run Wedneiday May 27 6 to 1 agst Gouverneur t Jennings 11— 2 — Peter Flower Sadies IS — 2 - The Deleter t Jewitt 7 - 1 - Orion- t Sorter 100 — u — Cuttlestoni t Wadlow 83— 1 — Simonian t w R Sherwood 33 — l — Taiaurfo t e Gray LATEST JiONDON BUTTING CUT AND SUBURBAN 11 miles Run April 8 8 to 1 agst Dorcas fat tin t M Dawson THE DERBY U mites Run Wednesday May 27 40 te 1 aget Common t Potter MANCHESTER BETTING CITY AND SUBURBAN Ij miles Enn April 8 6 to 1 agst Tittle Tattle fist 9Tb t Barratt 7 — 1 — L’Abbesaede Jouarre 9st 4lb t 100 — 11 — Lord George 0st (jr IGtb ex) t 9 — 1 — Vssistas fat Sib t Porter 1D9 — 11 — Dorcas fist 21b t M Dawson 10 — 1 — Workington 7st 12IH t Enoch 100 — 9 — F tber Confessor 9st t o Morton after 10 to 1 taken freely 100— — fa Nord 8st 7ib o Hayhoe 100— 7 — Nunthovpe fatftb to R Sherwood 29 — 1 — Rove d’Or 7t 121b t Toiler 20 — 1 — Spell 6t 121b t o Go tor EPSOM SELECTIONS Groat Metroplitan — Lcsicnan Prince of Wales’— Tcdob or Theophilcs Helm wood — Mock ext Gront Surrey— Kwa op Diamonds or Lady Yarmouth WiestmiDster— Camina SILVIO CLEVELAND HUNT POINT TO POINT STEEPLECHAbES MONDAY April 6tb The first point to point steeplechase meeting in oonnection with the Cleveland Hunt took place to-day and from every point of view was fairly successful Tbe weather alone completely spoiled what would have been an enjoyable day’s outing rain falling more or less all the afternoon whilst a dense fog overspread the low-lying ground which com pistol yobsaurod the competitors from view until they were within a mile of the winning post The rendezvous was at tbe grand stand on the Redeas Racecourse and the time of meeting was fixed for 215 pm for the firstTace on the card which was th Cleveland Hunt Farmers’ Race for horses that have been hunted with Cleveland Hounds Mid the property of the tenant farmers in the bunt boundary The conditions were catch weights not under 13st Notwithstanding the unpleasant state of th atmosphere there was large and fashionable assembly on tbe Stewards’ Stand amongst whom we noticed Sir Raylton Dixon Miss Ada and Mias Ingram Dixon Gunaeigate Hall Mis Gilling Mr and Mra Henry I-’ -iron- fi- Ward-lackson Normanby Hall Mr R F Jackson Mr and Mr Fleming Nor-In i VL Iki'bt Mrs VV H Wharton Sketeon Castle Mr Yeoman Marske Mrs J A- L’ease Snow Hall Mrs A E Pease Pinch-:ngthorpe Hail &a The stewacds-of the meeting were Messrs Thos Patch John Proud J P Fetch and C Deacon starter Mr John Prond judge Mr Thos Fetch clerk of the course Mr Deacon hon sees Messrs E K Fox Pinch-ingthorpe Halland Tom Ward Phichingthorpo The starting place was close to Lazenby village skirling Mr Codling? form across to MrKnight’e farm then past the adjacent cover on to racecourse finishing with a run in of six furlongs It wub a fair hunting country with a couple of stiff water jampein addition in addition to three small skells and the fences throughout were good which fairly tested tbe merits'of the competitors The nine competitors! left the grand stand before three o’clock and there was a dreary wait of nearly an hour before they were visible on their return journey During this period many false alarms were raised by spectators who mistook' mounted onlookers in the distance for the competitors At last the real “Simon pure” were spotted rounding Mr Knights farm in straggling order Suffice to say Marigold went overthecourse without making the slightest mistake well in front of Palm Sunday who in turn was also long way in ndvanceof Jearby Lass then eameGipsey next and none of the others completed the oourse Yearby Lass refused twice and fell at the last fence to the racecourse Midge fell twice and David once On returning to the scale the rider of Palm Sunday was found to be 31b short weight and he was disqualified’ for second place and this placed Yearby Laos second and Gy prey third It was hard lines for Mr John Petcb’a Chinkle who after travelling about 15 miles arrived about two minutes too late to take part in the contest Not much time was cut to waste with the members of the Cleveland Hunt — light and heavy weight— and there were six runners for the former and five for the latter Mr J A Pease on Catgut made the pace a cracker from the start and soon was about 30 lengths ahead of his field a position which he maintained round Mr Codling’s farm and on to Mr Clensby’a homestead Just after passing the latter place his horse stumbled and he narrowly scaned coming to grief Mr A G Peas on Philida and Mr Clarke on Clinker now became the leaders as they crossed Coatham-road with Catgut next and Wisdom and Captain Webb heading the remaidder Passing Mr Hicks’s farm Mr A E Pease took a strong lead and Mr J A Pease now bream o his nearest attendant Mr A E Peas® fell ab the -next fence and Mr J A Pease led for the next couple of furlongs The light wight now began to forge ahead with Mr J A Pease and Mr Bolekow as- the ieadem and thene wns not much change in their positions until the finish Mr -A E Pease won the light weight race by 2(7 lengths from Mr Bolekow who wa about the same duttsncedn front of Mr J A Phase the winner of the heavy weights whilst Mr Stubbs was next third in the light weights Mr Ward ‘dismounted before passing the post for tbe second place in the heavy weights hut after dragging his horse past the judge on foot he was-persuaded to remount and canter past so as r'ormpy tba position of honour Neither the Master of the Hunt Mg W H Wharton nor tlie huntsman were able to be present owing to having lost the heunds after a clinking good run from the meet ot Waterfall in the morning Appended is a full return of the racing : — CLEVELAND HUNT FARMERS’ POINT TO POINT RACE for horses that havei been hunted v-itli tile Cleveland Heuiuls the property of tenant frrmerv in The Cleveland Hunt Catch weights not nnderl i stone-— About iuiilesl Mr ihos p etch’s chesnut mar Marigold Mr R Petell junr 1 Mr Wright’s V iuuut fass- Mr Obpveou 2 Mt George Hick's Oipsflr Owner 3 Mr John Prowl’s David M Wright 0 Mr J Knight’s Millicent Mr Murray 0 Mr Robert Yoeng’iClaplon Lad MtfKWnrdO Mr R Robinson’s Midge Owner 0 Mr W geavth’s Whitosoc’is Owner 0 Mr Thos Tittle's Palm Sunilry Mr T Ward dis Heteing: 3 to 1 agst Whitesocks 4 to 1 Mari-gol i 5tnl each Palin Sunday Yearly Lass on I Millicent 6 to 1 Midge and 10’tb 1 othnns Gypsey and Palm Sunday jumped off with the lead followed by Midga with Yearly Lssv and Olaphow Lad whipping in After crossing four or five field Midge end Gypsey took tbe low idn of the field and Marigold the high side -vhich was aatraigbter and better course than ihn other Just before reselling the- track that ied past KnigbPsifatnn Midge and David fell Marigold was at once rushed to tiro front and t ook a strong load of Palm Sunday and Yearly bos and this pair were a long way in advance of Gypsey Approaching the racecourse Mari-ro!d was 10 lengths in front of Palm Sunday inrl jumping the fence’ on to tbe course Yesriy hiss foil In the straight race off six furlongs lio’tve Marigold won by 50 lengths from Palm Similar and tlie gfune distance Yearly Lass was i i r 1 fiyrnov fourth The oth rs did not pass I'”’ '""M v -viy Lae failing to pass th scales i was disqualified I-K 1 (TNT LIGHT WEIGHT 'RACE vs th weights not under i2st 71b— About i miles 'll' A E Prase’s bay marePIIUDA 5 yrs Owner 1 Mi H W F Bnlefciw's WI9DOR Owner ? Mr D Stubb’s JKRUY Owner 3 Mr H Pike Pease's Iuna Mr Watts 0 MrC W Jackson's Spice Mr TOm Word 0 Mr C W Jackson’s Gold Owner The- betting wns evens agst Philida HEAVY WEIGHT BACK not under list 7IU— About 4 miles Mr T A Pease’s bavg'ldinpr Catgut aged OwneT 1 Mr Thos Ward’s CAPTAltcWBliB MnWrigley t Mr J W Clarke’s ClinXer Owner 0 Mr 1 W C Coek’s’Snnwstnrnr Owner 0 Mr D Smallwood's Old Anga -Mr H Ward 0 Hettiug: 2 to 1 each agst Catgut and Clinker 4 to 1 Old Angel and' TO to 1 others Catgut made strong running between 20 and 30 lengths in front of Spice with the others well together In this order they passed Mr Cbd ling’s farm when shortly afterward Mk J Y Clarke on Snowstorm drew up to the lender On the other side of Mr Cleasby-’a farm Catgut pecked and nearly came to grief and the others were all well together Me Clarke led to th Coathain Road and past Hikeley’s Farm when Mr A E" Pease went on in front of Mr J A Pease with Mr Bolekow in attendance The race waa BOW aenfibed to tb leaders named when Philida cantered home ao easy winner ef the light-weight 12 lengths in front of Wisdom second then came Catgut the winner of th heavy-weights with Jerry third in the light weight and Captain Webb the second in tbe heavy weights in the order named Tim others wera hasten off' A tennis match between Saunders and Bisque the English and Fraaeh champions respectively concluded in Faria on Sunday and molted m a victory forth former EPSOM MEETINa TUE8DAY AMWt 7 Run AT 130 TOTAL STAKES o I 5 sots each with Ml added riL!’iv®r‘0d gt 91t four lost fire and upward! aM?J (V!!?' “““iffoWtosaabowed NK-1 mile oi 9 H©ject(L Mfi Jll£rJ a 4 jrr Versifleik 3 yrs aMr Hewnin s Inaiiheea 4 yrt PRATE ef 500 sovs f Ulb the winner to b sold fort 1000 sove— 6 fnrlongr Mr Abinftovtts Barcome MorUm Mr Abmgtun The Monk Morton aJJr S e A£miral KPte Owner aMr SJ Baker's c Pfnewood Walters afard Oadogsn’i Bangle Oiling aLord Calthorpe's Alveola Jewitt I moon's 1 Dumlent oidiag Mr C P Chater a Chairman Waugh aLord R Churchill’s Carlins RShervrood Mr J J Clark’s Kate Frances Wheeler Mr W Cooper’s Phllmont : M Dawson aMr H Cos’s c Cbandelitx Prince Mr DeCrano’s Symbolina Toms Mr E Deacbamp’a Avertcn I Cannon Mr E Deschamp’s Aluminium J Cannon aLord Dunratei'a Mockeiv R fiber wood aMt Fawcett’s f Seraph Lord Hastings's Swoon T Leader G Dawson Owner Night ingall Owner R f herwood R Sherwood Adams Owner Archer Lord Rosslyn’s Queen“of ‘pria'‘ I'V’V M Dawson Mr L de Rothschild' Brava Hayhoe Jr L d Rothschfid Lady Grey’ Hayhoe PvineeSoltykofF Gymnast Jennings sen Duke of Wetmlrter’s Crrmto Krter Major Wickham a Enchantment Gurry Mr Brydgea Williams's f Lady Gruel R SUarweod Hew at 2-fO GREAT SURREY HANDICAP uf aMoovi — 6 fur-longa 9 12 Mr Abingtnn’s Jnreler 9 yrs Merton a9 4 Mr AbiugtoiTs King of Diamonds 6 yrs Morton 9 2 Mr R H Combe's Maxim aged Willie 8 12 Mr J B Barton’s Stamford i yr Bcatbridgs 8 4 Mr H Milner’s Soodlake 4 yii Griy 5 2 £ fdy Yarmouth 5 yiR Sherwood a8 0 Mr C Hibbert's Tortoise 5 yn Hightiugail a8 0 Mr T Leader’s Sly Fellow iyrs W Leader a7 12 Mr W Ciowes's Elder 4 yrs T Cbaloner a7 la Mr Deacon's Jack & Lantern aged Waugh I ? pen OWiHiauis Conifer 8 yre Private 7 4 Mr P Finas’sMiss Ethel 5-yrs Green aJ 3 Mr O Mastorman’s Devil’ Own 4y Nlghtingall 7 3 Mr H Milner’s Lady Heron 3 yrs Grey 7 3 Lord Rosebery's Kerouat 3 yrs M Dawson 7 0 Duke of Beaufort’s Gsrabinisr 4 yrs Taylor 6 13 Sir C Hartopp’s Red Enamel 8 yrs J Cannon “5 !!! P106 Seltykoff s Keythorpe 4y Jennings sen afi 12 Boron de Htrech’s Romanes 3 yrs Porter 6 9 Mr W de la Rue's La Croise Done S ys Jewitt 7 Mr L de Rothschild’s Goodwill s yra Hayhoe 2 Mr H Bonsor’s Biankney 3 yrs WiBfo 0 Mr A James’s Polenta J yre Jarvis 0 M E P Jobnsen’s Fleur d’Or Sys T Sherwood 0 Mr W Law’s Patrol 3 yra Porter 0 Mr E Hobson’s Floss 3 yrs Hobbs 0 Lord Ellesmere’s Kasselas Sjrw J Dawson jun 0 Lord Hastings’s Bridget 3 yrs G Dawson 0 Mr A Taylor’s Hiatus 3 yrs Owner 0 Mr B Willyama’s Waistband 3 yre R Sherwood 0 Mr J Dawson’s Little NUie S yre Owner 0 Mr Hamar Bass’s g by Wisdom— Kissing Crust 3 0 Col North’s St Simon of the Rock3 R Shsrweod Bus AT S-15 GREAT METROPOLITAN— 21m 0 Parlington 4 yrs a7 0 Royal Gem 5jr 6 10 Given Away 4y 6 9 High Bivens 3y aS ' - Mr A Hay hoe's t Hap P) toill aim- G Matrman'a Beekeeper MiJ NightmgaU’sRomanfet Col North’s AJiss Hagioscope — Col North's c My steiy Maa aCapd J Orr-Ewing's Outside Kdce Mr J Porter’s o Rev Jones aMr Q Reynold's Bogie Man Mr C D Rose's f Myrrh 7 Theorophist 6 ys 8 5 Houndsditch 5y 8 2 Circassian 4 yre a7 12 Judith 5 yrs 7 12 Peacebearer 4 ys 7 12 Star 4 yrs s7 12 Innisbeen 4 yrs 7 9 Greywell 5 yrs T 5 Armada 4 yrs a7' 2 Lusignan 4yTS 7 0 Brackley 5 yrs 7 0 Chevy Chase 4 a7 0 Ellerton 4 yrs 9 Maypole 5 yrs 6 7 Tlie Admiral 3 y 6 6 Tableaux Vivant 6 4 St Kilda 3 yre a6 3 Loricula 3 yrs 6 S Lady Clare 3 yvs 6 3 Ragemunde 3 ye 6 O Anthony 3 yrs a6 0 Infnla 3 yrs 6 0 Mopfaar 3 yrs aQ 0 Penelope 3 yrs Hr AT 3-50 WESTMIN STER PLATE of 300 sovs f ir two-yeir olds colts Set fillies £st 111b breeding aliowonees — I furlongs H R H tlie Prince of Wales’s Lack Po-ter Mr Abinvtou’s Rioter Morton Ar Abington’r Fitzgerald blather to Nbro Morton favd Alington’s Bach Porter Lord Alington’s Idolatry Porter Mr S J Baker’s Kingston Walter Mr H T Barelay’s PE Wfliis M r L Bethell’s Cbristabede Private- Mr Beverley's Blood R-iti1 Dover Mr Frisco’s c Windhov f Jarvis io d Cadogan’s Arena Olding Lord Cardross’s f Whiskey Cocktail J Cannon Mr A-B Carr’s Highland Belle Waugh Sir G Chetwynd's c Gyges Gurry- Sir GChetwynd’s c Beechnut Qrarj aLord R Churchill’s Carlina K Sherwood Mr H Cox’s f Desperation Prince Mr E’Descfaampst Ainmininm J Cannon Lord Dudley's Sister to Heresy Marsh aLord Dunraven'a Mockery H Sherwood Lord Ellesmere’s Pro toco J Dawson jun aLord Ellesmere’s c Lower Boy J Da sen jua Mr N Fenwick’s Flying Miat M Dawson Mr N Fenwick’s Roulade M Dawson Mr N Fenwick’s Bernina M Dawson fard Gerard's Rebate Bobinson afard Gerard's Wild Jesaasa Robinsoa aMrOreig's Bmquet T Beown Dnke-of Hamilton's Santo Madre Marsh Mr-J Hammond’s Dhrta'e J Cannon Mr J Hammond’s Cypriot J Cannon Lord Harrington’ Mirarl Marsh aMr LG Hendry's Cremator Private aMr LC Hendry’s Michaelmas Private Mr W Hoare-Smith’s f Sybil Hawk Walter a-MrW'G Johnston’s Red Flag T SUerwot cl aMr W G Johnston's May Roae T Sherwood Mr Lsngton's c Lord of the Valley Private Mr I ogton's f Exe Private Mr J fagh’s Knockany Fitton Sir S Lockhart’s Aiice Beubolt M Dawson Mr B Maple’s Scarborough (71b ex) Peck Mr B Maple's Clarence Pack Mr B Maple’s Chibble ' ' "peck Mr A W Merry’s g by GoUisrd— MUu Pol Willis Mr A W Merry's f by Gall isrd— Mattie afitrmy Willi aMr H MitoeFs Doga f31h) Grey Mr C Murray's f by Chcribert— Court Beauty Col North’s f Miss Simon R Sherwood Duke of Portland’s Anna M Dawson Duke of Portland's Bella (Sib) M Dawson Lord Rodney’s Optician (5Rq Pickering aMr C D Rose s Galoche Jarvis Lord Rosebery's f bv Bend Or — Kermeaso H Dawson Lot i Rosslyn’s School for Scandal (3tb) M Dawson Baron de Rothschild’ Pierre ie Grand Hayhoe Mr L de Rothschild's Emeritus Hayhoe Mr Lde Rothschild's Maximum Hayhoe Mr-R Sneyd’s St Woden Jervis Pt ince Soitvkoff’s Countosthorpe Jeomings sen Prince SoltykofFs Gymnast Jennings sen Baron C deTuyli’g' Wind Ttop T Leader Rar m C de TuyllVLndy Lumlep colt J Cannon MrJ Wardley’s Boedireall Barratt MrE Weaver’s Our Sarah Owner Mr Brydges-Willyam's t Belle of Hampton Bun at 425 BANSTEAD STAKES of S sovs each wit 100 added two-yeir-old 7st 91b three fat 111b fonr and upwards lOst 9!b mares and gelding allowed !b-£ furlongs aMr Davjs’s Julia 4 yrs tkr Blackett’s Present Alms 6 ya aMr GvcenbaH’s Grandee 3 yrs aMr Hibbert's Chicken Hazard Syro aMr Edam's General Williams 8 yn aMr (tlover’a Shy Girl 4 yre sCoI North’s Knighthood S yr aMr Stevens's jnn Galileo 3 yr aMr W G Stevens’s White Wings j aMr Mon-rieff s Rosy Movn aged aMr Moncrleff Wreath II 3 yra aMr Masterman’s Duiverton 4 yrs Sir J Miller’s St Medard S yrs aMr Burton’s Bslmerino 3 yre1 aMr Burton’s Miss Sykes 5 yre Run at 54 PRINCE OF WALB8S STAKES ol 6 tote each with 200 (ovs added —1 mfle 10 8 Prince SoltykofFs Lord George 6 Jennings in 10 0 Duke of Westminster's Ormuz 6 yrs Portae 9-l2 Capt L H Jones’s Thaophilus 8 yi Collins 9 10 Coi North’s Iddssleigh 6 yra R Sherwood 9 8 Mr Abing’on’ Mort-4gnAfi vs Morton 9 7 Mr JLegh'sJohn Morgan 4 yre- Fitton 9 6 Count Cn Kinsky’t Orwell 4 yro j Cannon 9 6 Lord Cholmondeley’a Screech Owi 6y W- dlow 9 8 Col North OM Coin 4 yr RSiierwood 9 2 Capt L H Jones's Goolshanuagh 4 yra Collins 9 0 Tbe Prince of Wales's Golden Mails Sys Porter a8 11 Mr O Sheppards Fugavidi S yre Holt 8 10 Count Ki telly's Greywell £ yrs J Cannon fat ID Mr H M ilner’s Shrine 4 yra Grey ud 10 Mr C Hibbert’s Cromartie 4 yre Nightingall 8 10 Mr W Wd-sha! ’s Woodland aged Private 8 7 Co! 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