The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1899
Page 7
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TH1 OTPBB &m MOINDSt ALGONA, tOWA, WEDXEsUJAV, SEPTEMBER20, 1899, f ^peaking If Expansion, _. One of the most recent examples of expansion in merchandising is presented by Chrischilles & Herbst. 5,OOO yards of Standard Prints at gc 5,000 yards of new Percales at 8c 5,ooo yards of ?c Outing Flannel at 5c 5,000 yards of 6c Muslin at . 5c TOO dozen Ladies' Handkerchiefs at 5c 50 dozen Ladies' Wrappers at 7gc to $1.50 50 dozen Ladies' Skirts at $1.00 to $7.5O 50 dozen Ladies' Underwear at... ,2Oc to Jpl.oo 5,000 Ibs. Carpet Warp in all colors. Ttti LOCAt JFIEM). Spen- The largest and most complete stock ever shown in this market. Highest price paid for Eggs. Chrischilles & Herbst. Feb. 12,1899. [Do you remember the day?30 below zero and a wind [would still Vesuvius! If you possessed a JBeckwith Round Oak of course you were [comfortable; but if not—well, you can we jhave them, good as gold and reasonable in jprice; and they are not all— » Garlands, Radiant Homes, and Elmhursts. [We can and will cheerfully explain ; show you goods. their advantages. We like to J. W. ROBINSON, ALG-ONA, SEXTON. THE PORT DODGE PRESBYTEEY. 'its Annual Fall MeetliiK Held at Al- jjonu—A Very Successful Session. The presbytery of Fort Dodge and the Women's Missionary society of the fjsame presbytery held their fall meet- Ing with the Algona and Irvington 'resbyterian churches Sept. 12 to 14, ind it was conceded to be in every re- Aspect a success, not only because of the large number of delegates present, but ; because of the spirit of harmony and I good will which prevailed during all the meetings. From the very commencement the tone which prevailed during every session was in accord with the able sermon preached by Rev. J. E. Groendyke of Carroll, who set forth the importance of magnifying the work of Christ as set forth in the cross. After the sermon and the roll call presbytery was constituted by Rev. W. M. Evans of Estherville, and the Revs. L. C. Gray and J. B, Clapp as clerks, which closed the opening services. On Wednesday the business of presbytery was entered upon and carried forward with energy and thoroughness, while the ladies of the missionary society, with the devotion which ever animates the gentler sex in all their efforts to better humanity, laid plans for advanced work in our beloved land and among those who are yet without the blessings of a Christian civilization. During the popular meeting held in the Presbyterian church on Wednes- day evening, which was ably presided over by Rev. Dr. Greene of Fort Dodge, the spirit of the meetings held by the ladies in the Baptist church was manifest. The reports submitted by Mrs. W. O. Tilton of Bpone and Miss Wells of Fort Dodge evidenced an excellent showing of what women can do when aet before her is a noble object. Following the reports an excellent address was given by Dr. Purmort of Waterloo upon the outlook in Iowa, and an equally interesting address by Miss Welles of Chicago on Mormonism, also on the work in foreign lands. One feature of the public exercises was the excellent music given by the choir under the leadership of Mr. R. Vincent and Miss Peterson. Another feature of this meeting of presbytery was the excellent collation prepared at the armory for delegates and friends by the ladies of the Algona and Irvington churches, while another feature of this pleasant meeting of presbytery was the cordial hospitality given the delegates by many of the citizens of Algona, for which sincere thanks are returned, also to the members and pastor of the Baptist church for the privilege of holding the sessions of the ladies' society in their church home. To say that the presbytery of Fort Dodge and the women's missionary society will long remember their pleasant visit to Algona i r only to say what was unanimously b'kp' ised by the delegates as they turn< d to their homes, The.Wood wards to-night. Jess Stevenson is down from Mllford for a visit. E. Wright has been out from cer the past week. S. D. Drake is driving a handsome new team these days. Tonight " The Daughter of the Regiment" at the opera house. The Yeoman organized at Lone Rock last evening with 40 members. Rev. Day preached his closing sermon in Algona Sunday evening. The orchestra led by Mr. Powers Is a nightly attraction at the opera house. The past week has been cool. Several light frosts have given hints of winter. If tomorrow Is pleasant a great crowd will be In Algona. It is Buffalo Bill day. John Goeders wan up in Seneca the first of the week. He says it don't look so dry further north. The Call estate, which ta to he sold at auction, Oct. 6, will be knocked down to the highest bidder. The three banks In Algona will close today, tomorrow and Friday at2o'clock on account of the county fair. Ralph Edmonds came down from Lansing, Minn., and has gone to Gary, S. D., where he will make his home. Richards & Pringle's famous Georgia minstrels will he at the opera house next Tuesday, Sept. 26. There are no better. The Methodist ladies will serve dinner, supper, lunches, and Ice cream in the church dining room on Thursday, Sept. 21, Judges Quarton and Helsell have arranged their terms of court for the coming year, but the dates are not yet published. Garfleld and Ohnstedt now own the Slusser & Soberer foundry. Slusser has gone to Mason City and Soberer to Eagle Grove. Samuel Mayne was in town Monday. He intends to go into the political campaign this fall. He is enthusiastic for the cause. John McDonald, one of the pioneers of the county, fell from a load of oats at Hobart last Thursday and broke his leg in two places. John Schu has bought the cigar factory of F. W. Waterhouse and is again in charge. Mr. Waterhouse' has no definite plans but, will stay in Algona, It is already evident in local politics that the cry that the average citizen of Kossuth is not competent to hold county office is not going to be a win ner. Chrischilles & Herbst have found it necessary on account of their increasing business to secure more help. Miss Mabel Carr will be with the firm from now on. J. M. Cowan is off getting the iron for the balconies of the new hotel. Work is being delayed for lack of ma' terial, but the building will soon be enclosed. • Elder Yetter and Rev. Day went to Sioux City for conference Monday. Bishop McCabe is sick and Bishop Fowler will preside. The list of new an pointments will be out next Monday. Frank Nicoulin is again " grandpa.' Mrs. Quinlan has a little boy since Thursday morning, the first baby in her family. She has been in Algona some weeks, and is well and so is the little new comer. A big reception Is to be tendered the 18th Minnesota at Minneapolis, Oct. 13, and Mri. Setchell will go up to welcome her son. He writes from San Francisco that he is well and never so happy in his life. Dr. Lewis, president of Morningside college at Sioux City, was in town Saturday on his way to Crystal Lake to dedicate a church. He says the college has more students than it has room for, and that it is growing rapidly. Marriage licenses have been issuec to Sam'l Warburton and Margaret L, Noble, Otto J. Ludwig and Anna M Mersch, C. D. Keller and Mary E Klein, E. W. Cook and Stella W Hayne, W. H. Bolt and Josie Roose velt. The Woodwards opened Monday evening to a crowded house and are going to have a big run this They give a bedroom set away re- SCHOOL books and school supplies at Miller's drug store. week Satur Our Removal Sale Is Still Going On, Customers are delighted with the bargains they are getting right in the face of the rising market, Goods which have advanced even 50 per cent, are sold by Durcjal! in his Removal Sale at Hard Times Prices. Until we get removed into our new store you may look for bargains which no one is willing to duplicate. Special efforts to close out lots during the fair. ' 0. B. Durdall, The New Inglani day evening to the holder of the lucky ticket. It is now on exhibition in Reed's store window. It is rumored that Geo. P. Holloway gets $3,000 for a half interest in hi horses, and has cleared $1,000 hy hi exhibitions thus far. A cablegram from London awaited him when he reached Bancroft making him a big offer to cross the ocean. A meeting will be held at Fort Dodg tomorrow by the county chairman t arrange for the republican oampaig in the Tenth. State Chairman H. C Weaver will be present. Kossuth wil be represented and plans will be laid fo an aggressive campaign. Tbe steel rail supply on the low Central has given out and work this side of St. Benedict is at a standstill for a couple of weeks. The steel gang were put to work with shovels and their wages out from $1.75 to $1.50 a day and 81 of them quit work. Horace Mann is to lecture in the Congregational church Sunday evening on our social Ills from a religious standpoint. We know what Horace thinks of them from a political standpoint, and are curious to see how will he adjust Is relations to democracy with hie elatlons lochflftinnlty. It will be a nion meeting and he will have » full ouse. The Wesley mill Is a beauty. It has he very latest machinery there is, and turning out AS good flour as Is made ny whore. THE UPPER DBS MOINES eporter was through It one day last eek. it is H commendable enterprise nd Is ft drawing ciird for Wesley* Otto Falkenhalnef will close the uilding season in Alsrona with a now ome just east of C. E. Heiso's, to be 8x46 feet. It will be one of the Inrg* st and most commodious homes in own. Work will begin at once and orth Thorlngton will go into the win- er in style. Tickets will soon be on sale for the Inter's lecture course. l?rof. Spencer as a finer list of attractions than lust ear, any one of which is worth the ie whole Benson's price. The Max endix concert alono would cost In a Ity all that Is-chargod for the flve en- erttilnments. Blind Boono hnd a crowded house lonelily evening and gave one of the most enjoyable entertainments Algona as had this season. Boono hasamag- Ificent plnno, and knows how to use Miss Rivers enng ballads for more ncores than any singer that has been Igona in years. The sale of the 100 or more lots In Igona, belonging to the Cull estate, oes not mean thut Geo. C. Cull will eave Algotia. He, on the contrary, uys the old homo of the other heirs, 'ho siilc is for tho purpose of clearing p the estate and making a final dlvl- Ion of the proceeds. C. M. Doxsoe hns won another $10 rl/.e In an advertisement competition, 'his time ho wrote a furnace "ad." )oxsee'R weakly advertisements In HE UPPER DES MOINES are read with s much interest aw any part of the apor. This week he Issues one that neans dollars to hardware shoppers. Algona gets over $400 a year for the no mill road tax to be applied on city work. The cit.v fs using- It to grade up he went of McGregor street, and to fill n the slough on the street between the wholesale grocery and C. B. Hutchlns' ew house. ' A biff tml is bolng mtde n the hill by Wm. deary's and W. Wheeler's. R. C. Henry, who Is to join J. A. Hamilton in building up a big whole- ale hard wood lumber business in Algonn, is In town. Ho has rented one f the Mclntyre house* and will have iis family here snon. Ho Is an exper- enced hard wood dealer and will put ils time and money Into the business. At: Hamilton will soon go south to ar- •ange with the mills for supplies. C. B. Hutching' now house Is 81x41 net, with two projections and Is one of the roomiest and most substantial im- provments of the season. It has five •corns and a big reception hall below, and six bedrooms and a bath room above, The Hutchins new barn Is one of the largest in the county, and altogether he is getting Into shape to on- oy life. Tho house Is inclosed, and ready for tho plasterers. G. P. Peek has been dangerously sick the past week with appendicitis. An operation has not been necessary and the crisis is past, but ho is still far >om well. His wedding which was to lavo been solemnized Monday evening s temporarily postponed, and Geo. M. Bailey is taking his place at tho county "air. No one in Algona has more friends than " Gus" and they all join n wishing a speedy recovery. He is at Dr. Morse's and Is receiving the most skillful attention. On her recent visit to Algona Mrs. David Miller told a little secret to her sister, Mrs. Peter Winkel, namely that she was married to Mr. Miller at Woodville, Wis., July 25, 1895, and had kopt ,t secret until they had gotten ready ;o establish a home. She was visiting another sister in Woodville and David went over. The ceremony was per! ormed by Rev, Birmingham of the Methodist church. This entitles Mr. and Mrs. Miller to double congratulations which their friends in Algona will not be slow to extend. The Woodward stock company opened its week's engagement here last Monday evening with a very clever performance of "The Gay Mr. Bender," and last evening presented an equally good bill, "Capt. Rackett." The company is composed of capable and experienced actors who evince a desire to please the public in every particular. Tbe specialty features both during and between the acts are most meritorious and Mr. Woodward is to be congratulated upon having secured artists of such ability. If careful and laborious study and artistic rendition are the hall marks of the good actor or actress, then, certainly, the Woodward stock company is composed of such. Tonight the bill will be " Daughter of the Regiment." Everybody » that comes to Algeria during the fair, and everybody attending Buffalo Bill's Wild West Is Cordially Invited store and look over my large complete, My goods are to call at my stock, which first class and prices popular. Don't iail to take a drink out of my barrel. Respectfully, James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. New Shoes for Fall and Winter. We have been fortunate in securing the ugenoy for the celebrated J. & M. (Johnson & Merply) men's fine shoes, and have just received o. consignment diret from the iuctory of the latest and most approved styles. Watch the display in our east show window and come in and examine the goods. They stand at the head of the pro- *H f /\/\ cession in fine shoes for Tl^ III I men. Price *|KJ«W BROWNELL & ALLRED, Boots and Shoes of all kinds, nothing else. Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. Fine repairing and custom work. Buying a Stove IN an important event in the history of every household; it Is an event that most people wish to have occur at long Intervals; this possible when they buy a . MIMIC, BUCK'S rucks and doors inside cook with little fuel. They are madu to last. Castings are extra heavy, free from scrap iron. Ovens are large and roomy. Oven are white enameled. They hake and FIRE BACKS -=; 15 Years Over seventy-five families in this vicinity will testify to their superior merits. Don't believe our statements until you have seen the goods. We have them — all styles at right prices. O. M. DOXSE&, HARDWARE. +++++++++»+++++++ » »»»»»» »++ Given Away.... SEE Matson & McCall's new millinery stock. It is now in, and the ladies should call at once and make their selections. The prices are not beyond your reach. THE auction of the Call estate will begin promptly at 11 a. m. Oct. 5. t2 GEO, C. CALL, Executor. BOARD wanted in private family for gentleman and wife. Inquire at G. L. Taylor's music store. OLD bridge lumber for sale at the Blaokford bridge. John G. Smith, THE Baptist ladies will serve dinner and supper at the armory on Buffalo Bill day.—26t2 Stationery Just Received, The latept and most up-to date products of the largest stationery manufactory in New York City, RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. lOOAL TRAINS W?SX. No. i departs at 9:06 am No. 3 departs at,... 3:68pjn Freights tbat ewry passeugers— No.98 aeparteat. , ..4Q:46pw No, 71 departs ft 3:20pjB No. 65 departs at ,,... 8i3Q pjn * ' No, g departs at,. H ^Sih^^^^' p.e*4ep|Wftfti With Every Pair of School Shoes. We give free a nice Tablet or Pencil Box, Call and get a pair of the Little Giant school shoes, They are the best,. The Other Shoe Store. The Big Sale is Now On AT Lf\IRD'3,

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