The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1899 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1899
Page 6
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IE IfS IN THE TJj^PER DE8 MOIKES: AMOKA. TOWA. WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13. ARWOUR, M. ^Dtlt*- iTlWiW MVti HSttfi^f-, SJotTX t3t3T, Sent, 31.—A txstwc&fc the Armour's ftnfl *»3j*, <vf Sio-nx tlity, 3m ._„ ... to* T*enHn,p of th* fornmr contmra by tlrts latter, * nnmbJ* butcher, to ton* «f |*rh*|>s SHW.-ofin.. The Armour firm nj»T*efl to pnrclmstt from 3R*\T» Ills **«nlire supply" of fresh fmrk for 1,be «t«sm>flinp six months at » ml* bused on f^* «ents fnr loins, t*f,bw Crudes Ijrhipinp correRpondlnp ilfrnres. In s short time the prices forth* prod tints for which tit* Ar- inonrVi had pontrnetitfl Imp-fin to raise,. Ufcylh rommt>nrprl dninp R jo"hblnp *nftss. lint, tb« price kept bomn- wnd dirwtly trot, ttp to such « %nr«, 3f)nnd 31 r«nt» * pound, tlmi Armtmr>i refused in fill the orders wwrnml by Mr, J}*lva on t,b*> outside, A* the prices monnt*d skyward, llnlj-ti rinnie to more luifl mnit> s,ppt*- «3*!# MH» snnp he had in his w.nrt lie 1*ciune n t»nnrert to *ion. JJnvl* bus own nble to pet. or- flers for srnrrs of rnrionds of pnrk. Joins, tac., »,t » profit nxnpinp in the TieinUy «f $7nn per rnrlond. The *(1»t*inrn} 5s wnile Mint he is scllinp unbjjert to dr.linwy, and ere.rr ref USB.! «T t.hfi Aronnnrti to fill the nrdrrs. is fcimply pil'mr np t)i»> n mount of his v.hfcte -which lie -will have npnins? for "hrroirh of rnn'rnrt. These Miles •will tlir-reTnre >w> the. jiipnsiirp of his liljvhn, *nrt S.hw-e nre thnse who estimate l.he nmmint of the profit at not STATfi tofts JToiKKs, Sept. *..—The State Bar -Association »s prepnrinp n bill to comeb«fore the next leplslfttnre to to provide* slat* penal institution which shnll be in nntnre mid-w«y be- the penitentiary «nd the reform school. It, is thnnpht, there nre « poofl many boys who are not bnd enonph for the former, nnd yet too lind for thelnttcr, and it is to eo-rer tliis clnss the institution is desired. Spenkinp of the matter .Indcr Woolson *nid: 'The inflnence of older nnfl more icionm criminals is rerr hwi» fnr the vonnper inmates who *«re in mnnv ntnes confined with them. The pro- mRitinn in hnvinp a new imvUtntinn «: to providp fnr boys of middle n.tre tinfl oldw criminals whn hare not fop- cnme hardened, and the -rnnnp ones who nre. vert wronr. The question a* 1o where tbe flifferent clas-tes n? criminals *bnnl<l 1m sent lias alwnvs been a fe.i-y werions one with me- Al prenent 1 pre.ft<r the connt.r lail 1o the «—*5«—««-ry for some nf the" east*." iff AtTf'fi ^tfln tif Aiif t\ ALL OFER THE WOED KPUOER WANTS TO Wfiy XlrHt#ti Tj*nri|*p &i*t> <IA Ht«* rrtiiiiJtif. ritEToEiA, Sept, S.—At the deslwof the Trnnst-aal poTerntnenl thrre. Itms been transmitlwl thronph tbnrnphtan tSreen, t,h« British daploinnlic apenl hern, to Sir Alfred Mllncr, the British biph commissioner of Snnt.h ATriim, an intjnirr ns to whether an explanation would it pifetiin rupavil 1o live. moblliBaiinn of Uritis/h tronjws nn tlie 3'rtmsT*nl frontier. "•RKTOTO*. Sept, !>.—The fnllowinp is Sir Alfml M31n«r % s reply lelepram se.n! by Secret arr of TH£ TRJAL. Sent. R-At tbe 'orastunfT tsf rnnrt-imvrtitil GIPT, DIYRIS GUILTY BJG DAY FUR GRAND »nd Col. T^nunBartli •nnnble in s.ppear person A! IT » ronrU ann so he prnpt»sed 1 hat n rnsfniory rnrnmission slionld b* t^leprapliffl io receive i.heir flivnns*- lioiis. The cn-nrt flelibrs-ntf d on " lia- t>^in s application Jor a. rnpatoTT commission for a qnnrtcr nT an lionr. at the earnimrinn nf nvhirh lime Cnlnne.l OF THE RENNES COURT HART1AL. tlilrty-fl*B Tlion*»ntt Tetcran* fa th« Win Have to Serve Only Two Weeks, and flay be Pardoned at Once. the rnnrt inpnmj>rtcnt to UOPER HEATED FROM, S«y» tlm »skinp for «n t.he pai^ierinp nt the Transmit! border; ''J tin ntil tenon n of bwrps on the rome lieuinninp of end nf the trial. With the spet-ch U'i'H^rn men t cnmmissjirv, ^ilsnnr the rase entered npnn nnil the ..«..^ nn rVioitnit.\* fi.t. latwst.. Thnrr is rTen talh nf the H.r IS A WYSTEKV, llrti fnunri *«•« TlJt«n, «T «A .In Hi* ,it. 7.—Edward Inn, » Jnrmer. whn, his triTr Jwo tvhilrliim. resiricd a nnnrter -nt a wile. 3ion.h nf HipblaniS 3^avJv cnilftrv fnnno ficafi in a bay irarfc m» a i -with which "he na.fl lisnlcfi a f bay in T>es 3Mnines, by Charles wlm rcsifle nn farms near the Y>n«l, -l^l-. aTu K, j-ire n-.inntospTVTions 1r« the Sndin-f of tlie.- bnrty Tilinn nrnw tSnwK jEnriul iir-cnnr Tn\\-a--n nnme.. Som? yt^tinp briysa Texx- minntio.s lixte.r Ih*- ifisins Tri'i-b upparonUjr nn •nbnrirft. .15nr when ibfy liafl tiefl it xhfjr fonn'fl Vnr boor in J.he 3 ^> .S ' ilrtofl -vi-aj. KMwn.minp from twr> • womvds. -one immwdnruOy t.Vie JeTl ryp avisfi The mlie.r on l.up Tbe -bnpk nj bis hcr.fl •of Af n*nlt re«*>ci npnn ^"onft, TTc-Tnttni.! v ifrnm ilic pnrlii !>.—The ThvH.i; ha.s a s]H»cin; dispatch fi-nm Tnl, j ripbt Itoner, at Manila, ns fnHno's.- "The Fifi^-first 3nwa repimen) wsis frnm duty at -noon nn nfte.rnn avflimns onmpatpn nf manr months flnrlnp ivhich. vhonpn onr »t>tnal Insse.s from t.he bnllnts nf tinpniy wj-rp r-om para lively lipht, the snfTcreil TrwrTnlly Jrnm l.he . 's of ilisrasr, more than halT HIT | men bcinp in S-l.e lms»it,al nntl some nj I them seriously sick. The Tt-rimnni | have lwhB.vwri w'.wndidly and Gc.ncrn 1 I has ^ ont it is a matter of wimmon fdpr that they m* here in order to Jirnter.l British initirvnts a.iid tn make pmTision apainst eveiit.n«lit,ies," Jn the Rational AsscmblT President Krnpcr siwlrc as fnllnirs: • 'I 3 ?" 1 'h r T ns 1lllTr bprT1 offered pqimJ •»*»- With the !„„. hJBTr them. >.lr. Chamlwrlain is ii,»« M "i *'" r * !V , 1 ' 1 * franchise, w-nir.h ttie ontlanflrrs tin nnt want; but what ne rnally dcsirt-s is possession nf t.he to vnnrede mncli fnr tliesalce n f pen'wf bnt will ]«. V ,.T RacrifiCTp their indepen- nrder to arerl flemonstrat.ior! wonldjirnbably dcTrlf.p blnntlsheri on a nny when the workmen are free. I HKSMW. Repl, B.—TW. 3>e.manpo. at: lorney fnr Tli-erfns. flelirered his ad- j dress tn the jmUrrs yeslerdnr. At i cnnclnsinn of his address M, l.ahnri | *innonnn>(t that he wnnld fnreirn tlu- ; riirl.t to speak, for fenr of irritating EXPRESSION FROM RAAD. Sept. 10.—Following- is tbe HIP cnnrt denlnres on the question, j sny a mnjnriiy of R rntes to S, '-Yes, j the arrnsfd ir, pnilty.'' The mnjoritv j arrpeil thnt are exteiinatinir fif- nnr | ^nmst.nnce.s, in cnnsequence of rrlvch, t he j *tirt on -The request of the commissarr vpr. nf Ibrpnvernmpiit. the president piit tht-qneslion nnd iTceii-Wl apain l.hc in the above mentioned form, n result, the court condemns, by a jnriiy ofr, rotes to 2. Alfred Dreyfus to ibe, pnnishmcnt of ten vrn"— fletentinn. The pniu-nn fnelinpsof thenndience. were crpreBsed in a lonp, deep-drnwn "(tb," when Colonel .Intinnst reached the word "rniJty." The word was pronounced nnder his breath. Owinp- to tlie threat of r'iporons punishment for uttering nny cry. there was no ontbiirst, hut the faces of the majority of the Rm-etBtnrs reflected an expression of nng-uislipfi surprise. M. Labori hetird the verdict with a pallid while M. Demanpe fell back Wr, Tnsnn neolar*fl MTlne.rX «lis- pntph was tamaujnnm to a rieclarn- nT war. CERWtAN STATEMENT, l them for pallantry-and fidrllty. T.iV i n ""'niter hare ro-cnlisted, "The prnb- ' ability l.lial we -n-i33 sail fnr home jihont Seprcmlie.r IS, stnppinp m Yofcnhnnm. Jvapnsaln and Jloiiolnln, Will wii-eynn injme.«Tia.5«lr n« anr ai- rjva.1 j] " *"• 1* Jnnnrtnii, Sept. Si.— The tbe wii.h arnvcrnmcnt in rcjmat which t.he while roviiHr Jierfr- nhsKiTinp Tma tnr -TH» Mnlnn. ; .1- A, T. Bull, niit.lpc nn miliiarr 2>fts .Mnincs Dommcrciul firT-olors, and inTormnt) i.tiem pnsirive T\T\ army post -will i* .: nnenuu maWe.r« nf another conntrr ha.s madecnneerninp the French Ctu^ J*in Dreyfns. J.'nr the preservaJnr. of onr own dipniiy and 'tlie, met the JVVn>n»s The Jiie ex ir,ral ehi<-,J Jo: session . n f ' «r, *T otn xiiv empcrnr. repftB.t*.,!.}^ j, m rt.. in 4 TOter ' 38M ' »Bd .lannarr, 3SHS 1(1 S«nolmi«, rmpujr, Ctaa»lV.3Vrii^ r™, ., ficpt. B.—Jn the first raarl rtcltnt.e was resumed nn the interpellation of the pnvernmen! resp»p!,inc tlii- conee.ntrat.inn nT British troops on the border and the.stoppage nf ammn- Tijtion consipned to the Trantrraal. 'J'iir hoiiM- adjnnrneS after adopting by nnnnimnus vole the folloTi-inc rcssnlniinn: "U'be TnHrsranil, barinp cnnsidered thai friend!y correspondence is si.U! }mssinir l»et.w«jn the tTPopor«rnments- ilia-t the concc.ntra.tion nl tronps in nnmlxpr ncnr 1 iif border has a ' and rest]<pss «ff«cl. on the nf Tiie state, and that tire has livfMl in friendship nnd now denla.7fK its i«prt'' at the ot concentration, nnd expitssf-s npinioii ttiat. in the fnseol er-Hiitn. ev which mipb; Jpuf) to etimilv ur i>eJ.w«e.n the. two povpnniicnts. i rinise wonlri 1,01 Jit- with the re- ! Colonel t1ou_nst read the jndpnaent witliotit n tremor of liis roice, and ap- 1o lhi . Tann., is tl«- 3n « Sept -of it i irony, " S. 32. .Smith Jllinois "Ocntml i Tlasiiccl on: a,ird his beirip -cm off. S.— 1-mpnJy Sheriff k\U«ri by p off nn r train inst r».rri*fl > nl his i t.inns Ton »")sinimry i' oj- 'intlirp.ctlv rt-- Spcrfitnrv of madf iti ih* rt-inlt- 1S»S, lip Jollo-winp *J dctc'ltire in a mos thai, nn .relntinns or oT any feinfl ever exisn.-nrl iipciit.. 1 " , ., island, and any 2»nft«TH( ikn T>oi>1*m><nr»> THteHfrf -j»> a«,_An Avoid Smpiir'it'iw -a inftmlTPPstor. Jw; w jmslii^.. CailTiut TVP.HOOK! IN THE TJvUiij; Smrm, nsr TTOWNSEKn, Trash., Orjental wseamcr Gtei. vfci 2mm V w; oimmn. britur if»jps D.S InlldTTS: " The pt-nclm ineK then closed around the audience nnS p?-essed them out- Mrle. Jvot a cry or word was raised by n.nyoi>e. Everything- passed off with complete calm As the people emc.rpei] Hie pemlartnes kept, them anorinp a.way from the conrt. A Binall crowd outside cheered for the army, but tlie cendarmeK did not interfere and there was .not the slig-it- j CKt flisnrder. [ -I he ^ndxrmf.nt was read to DrevfiiB in an wljoininp room by tbe clerk of the cnnrt, Cnnpois. Dreyfus listened impassively nnd did not pire the Bliphtest sipn of emotion, and did utter n word, and prison Jftoe BII automaton. Ills reported that TIB DreyTm? xlins ] l»pen fondemned to ten years' neten- i t)on and SB be jis.s already Buffered • iirey ears sol JtHry imprisonmetit. -n-bich | counts as donble 1 be ordinary deteu-' tinn. be will be released tit tne end of a^fortnipht. Is xbe meantime, tin less -•-:-;--,. >.. ^.- of the nepoblic pnrdnns taTnrHmtlnT^^l^^Srtor;* > ^ ^"1 "T ?'** M> * ~ ^ v - " ' - '«> unsn,,isia.C407T, , inp the-only solnunn of tlie present sitniitinn, Dreylns -will hare to bp -Se- pra^jifd 3i«re itpeiji within eipht dsys. -I' were aUrempts as. rioting- !HSI Sept. G.- was the big clay of the Grand Army encampment. The city was ali*4 parly. Tlie presence of President Mc- Jvinley nddefl to th4 interest His flriTeover the ronte of the parade nronsed the preatest cntlmsiasm timonp the crowds on the streets. The parade moved over the principal streets of the city, covennp a distance of fire miles. Cups were lifted and colors dipped, ns the veterans passed Independence hall. Tost Ko. \. of Eoekford, 111., the oldest in the Grand Army, headed the parade. Thirty-five thousand men were in line. *Tiie avenue was aflame with white colnmns. festoons, hunting and lanrel at the favorite view points. With President McKinley and Mayor Asli- bridpe on the reviewinp stand there were Hear Admirals Melville and Sampson, Captains Chadivick, Toyloiv, Sipsbee, Train and a scoi-e of oilier officers of the.Kortli Atlantic squadron: Secretnry of War Iloot, Secretary of Apricnltnre Wilson and Secretaries Portland Cortelyoa. The parade wns sis hours nnd ten minutes in pass- mp the reviewing «t«nd. Dnrinp the day the president made two short ad- dresKoK. which were received with en- tbnsiasm. Pmi.Aj)Ei,rmA, Sept. 7.—Tiie national encampment of the G. A. 11. met in executive session at II o'clock yesterday. The cncumnment is made «P of .144 deletes from the rariont states and territories, 380 department officers, in national officers and post commanders-in-cliief and 082 post-department commanders, the total -» o t- mp rtrenpiu beinp 3.532. riie open , mp address was made bv Senior Vice Ooiumnnder-in-Chi*r TT." C. Johnson. J he report of Tbotnas .1. Steward ad-*-' peneral « TK « T i« toSl I''P of the Grand Arm* D f wa<5 7.^33 posts, -n-jtii a •>f 30r,.C03; on I pul lic. AS regards tbe ammntiitinn at rtelapns "110,*%*\he Tnlksraad trusts 5,bo.t tin- povernmeTU will n, t ,j. jii-nnrdinp 1,0 circninstniiceB. J lie rand -further resolves tn drop llie. 3naJ.lp. r of thecnnoentration of troooR on the border Tm- the nntii the sluill suTinlr further 5ii- l<»ss. nnd with n riew to xhe t,he n«potititinns which tire p. iin- rnn-d tleclarcs it-elf flr- tbe .meantime l-nnwinvain xn* rirhifianfl inflffl^nrleiiee ol the reputilie." " ' Expended in relief iiie year, £160.j»n5.Gt. PlULAJlElJOHA, Sppt. 6. ^At TX-B>T;I- dny's, session of the national sn^mp. roeiit of tlie Gntnci Army bw 3*ossienr, of St. fit. candidate for con.^^,,. and Co5. AJbert SJmw, of Wat*r ! .o-,.r,. K W York. Tv« fi «l ec Jd by aeclnmation. The next enuamp- menj wiU be } lt .ja at Chican-o. T'BTi.Ajunj'HiA, Sent, I!.—^ third eacampmeni of the Grand ? T J^ ^^*- *1'«1. ^pan „„« J»st *t oiKtay, cume ID nn end Tester- 1 ilny atternmin, vrben a jiji-rnl 1-es-lew was lielfl on i}, e Ifeiu.war* r.jv-—- Tlis Kbips re.rk'w«d were those "nf ««. ' - sgnadr-Dti, Sept. £ _ ' Xrinn>i>1ianf "forK Allianii a.-nn 'Gniir, , 5R.11 ^n ji wrs 3r-wr. mai] . -r'is- Snriio wi34i an *scort. milns . -jinn property. -kwfter*. milFroml .Sates-., it was -S^cirt rm smy .issiw ; ts h* -ws.tBrvpnrl.-K TIOTU-tin- nn'ioji finnot. T>osi m'nr.i«i *nfl'3jl..3J i HW' «nspir,inr< timi. n-mili i Riih n'T morpliiT«' > M- wsi* *siitl 3r> T iv* , r*)wn:ii<.fl jKmive in thp rnra.] ctisw- ivonses bVown flown * in- Tvm-hor. Tniw.Kt . 3virnmm»tn, vrhf.r* ijips w-ers •< s& T>T 'Sf.v^rji-l was ; Iwifi-lT !«!n - » nnm- but from tiif»TJiljii>-i»s itl-onp 3iisronl*;, iy'd. 3l. -^-n*, bftv*- linn. i.'nt 'ifMjt Jl^uiT'sji.nx wit& Ir i lift m CjiBfti'ftrftR, 'Wbn is ivnw n.l> k jvfnplf nnS tbic jn'niisT*! -o? DECEIVED, ' 1 ' A1:1S '- Sept. JO.—Ei-citemcni in Paris j when Hie l>reyfi, 5 v«rdj«. | W3i,s ji-nnonneed, bnt the-"police l,-«pi j the croviuK iindprp.v-ei)i*cl r'uil- | Hip, JD 'Lii* pT-esenw t>T the -tixtraor- •S;!iiii.iT Sft.Eien«e i; is i»f.ijt'Ttd the 1,1-3- bnniu reenpnlzed lih* pr"isniiEr"s i-n.iir^ Cftiicp.. ^-nmrnfi aTraic! of i.iif p-enerids tlfH>:n lleU1 » nn-rl! i\, r . Drran-nrm. -Sept. 3ti — )ms nn-ire-c! ai JVlocs IVljiwjirs n^liin & CASJ3VET CDU1WCI3_. . 1T . j 'JIW So.ui; n-erfifl fJT-e T-CII.T-S, Cfilh i>n3_ Tchicvh hi Fran«-cni: The f-4un-BT r »r Tttltjir litnaxar ' i I/OKDDX, ftepi. k—T.lie.ailni,fii. BTOH>- ' j cif 3ie;-e j-eKterfliiy .nxtniciwa j^teaaer • T^l^* 'JT13i!p7 p £i^-* -^'liTiTi TIT T* [ J " psiivt* J jig i cniiiicij wji.f, miLrir-ftfl l»v ^i.tir.-j-r.*, ; tiitu*^-r>ti i»j- *ii>E.r*!TiT^ nTtiiij- I m ry »mt! lu spitf fiu n Jnulr o5 Dflit'Iji.! ' -uiformailon xlie nr««*.-nr«> oT mneli I'll wi3 ; t>., c n t jirjsm-n tiiitiKinp .lintise pi-nm- p-t-n fnrn'ish si31 xhp innclf: I'l-pw-i- - t;D ^Btaiblish th«- p-OTfl.mmf>nt, j,l«. rrch .i-n'l/erestfi i^'mir •np.r.ima only 3,n T3-o. ~,'"i-> iCt-r W .ii-i TII'OJKH'Ci *D i 'of •Snn-HKil ATcrri u. fe, ?nJtfti-.'hu-Sn»; - 'in ,t i trt -trip '{smlToJ "in i Tf. J'i.'cmoii'Jh ! '3.IK- '• ici U •nn-ntf. ajstlwrril)* TWirj -.1-3 . .-fainnnis . Mr. Jaaitry, ^i -ftnmchnMaw «J .Bu.Tr.lTy nticl •mw pnti, -wiii^ njintni •re-.BrmnwiKSRnnf nn-1 ii trofiy nl wa*ftl*, iwsRSftrflwy ,113 « M Ji-lt-tllfl. M'll-C jtmfil-icjinft SCfctttHtfta ll.lif ns;. Tiw .j^ R. S., >*>»t. R.—^ Kpfmial ;! from -Cji.mii<n., K. 3J,, siiy* * pftV 3rniTi i y-OK3«>T-t!»iir^ viTtd /pt-eia JparsaniB; f*.li for I aSrjirifc] Sjn-n'k, imfl 4W wf-ws | -nf -w-'liicli -w'H-1 TinmWr .-over 1ir«> .Tntin HClBf- -noia., .t,r)-Sf )1T i np. -1 11BP . -flr-.ti^cl! i s snppnBBil -3,1,5. .^...^^ i 'w^f -fironrjMBfi. <',,,V itmiifilnp 'was i l>Jown down. ; ! Co;, ."lonnnist's o'i)>cj vs-ns, 7,0 sa^t- i.i.e I I ir-eii-criu siy»i£, n.nd 3'n.ul. ,l»ei-w*ftn DreT- \ I fw*. ^wfi Mip.rei-fir lie cbose IM-ercifr. | _J I j-t 1 -^afiTFi 'iT (I ^*'•' 111v»* TVI 'F~"" I was -scandalously «nnf!.nt!i*a. Mt».u^ ! "ite.T* nf liie xi-ibnna.L M. -Clemenreim I ussfi-it. ^f.7* eOTiTinnec! s.hu3. Ttreyfus, | -^$-erci«i- sm a xt> roxbei- pfiiifij-a •M- CorwjT., in u^. ••orin-aiiiLl laion k scarcely l«a b KtraiTiBu, ilj^e ,s HP *ipn of , m:T aEaKuiioE ir ,^B^ jwuuiureiens unfl IIP ji si IT exsisj* xn e»,lj c)ir ^ i-«»ij i-fii^ ji.TCTci vicna. -n i* proiai-ia-e, -howler, i.bui j,li £ ^-^ body of ironps. Irjjtn Enpliijifj j^nfl <ii* to -Do.T«> iGo'inr.^ 3mfl Ttiop.iT«(J - | >•(• «nnmnn*tl. ibt r*s«r nultetl -nnl, bni will 'bf- «w:«, io .Si nr.nwMa.J w.iii if-w ;iimm..cG«Tif>!y -on att t-tua i naitit JL. '3fi. « flwi . . Jkww<|L, rfiU^fl 5*, *«*. ^ . su': /l.i«fcii»T«*-o-T*pist-ol W.hic.i, >, innifTUicp aa tb* iimt, li»y [^•hiiTiflw'fi a««i -n?«unti aw*Mn«»i'i 5i'om .s.-iiir^:] wif ii. 3Swiiife. t - Kit:, WIT wew wa. itmmc. JR'iJri :«- wn v-;- lu* 'ftlirciirn: Jiu ,fl i ;ia act ii.r* «i:id i®:j r-firc-Awa,:S.£ipt. jr.'.— '-HJTipbiucI mrn "piuTif HD 5,i«- MntiifnaiTid -of <G«nwi>;i i-rnrr t!miiii,;T., inin TV*- fu- ntrt' • Pro .fi«l a-Miar. -w-tm. Tuvixi, 1.1* rnmi:,, I Jf»*- a a'.lw"^- w -ii ; !l tw. WM. T a'n S JFor«t-, 3-«aiffijrt«if! ai-nrj;)i. T:} rt - jwnit- ] Airica. .m ww o7 VIi* TBBSI ».w.?n'l "a TllllRXKlldf 1 T^Ul t>f £'nt!lnnit^(l liJ,lfHl ITt/r i lllrt[ir*T- C«t ItT'4./l^ „ "* Tf? 1 . 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