The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1899
Page 5
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THIS UPPER DBS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1808, Chrischilles & Herbst. + A Splendid Showing. DBESS G-OODS—Our line of fall and winter Dress Goods embraces a greater range in styles and weaves than it has ever been our pleasure to show. VENETIAN CLOTHS—We are just in receipt of these goods direct from the looms. They are the most stylish and satisfactory goods to be had for the price, PL AIDS—That the plaid skirt is to be worn this fall there seems to be no doubt. We are showing some handsome and exclusive styles in plaids. OREPONS—Nothing makes a richer or more beautiful dress or skirt than crepon. We have them from $1.00 to #2.50 per yard. Chrischilles & Herbst. The nights and mornings will soon make a fire necessary. Our men are setting up and putting on the floor the FINEST LINE of Heating Stoves ever shown in Algona— Garlands, Elmhursts, Radiant Homes, Round Oaks, and we would be pleased to have all call and look them over, whether prospective purchasers or not. We also have numerous other makes, and can surely meet your wants. J. W. ROBINSON, ALaONA. SEXTON. OLD OFFICERS RETAINED, I* Result of the Annual Meeting of the Iowa Central Board. ^ A Good. Financial Showing is Made, but Nothing of Particular Interest Developed. Nothing of great importance de- iveloped at the annual meeting of the fjowa Central officials at Chicago last ^Friday. The old officials were re-elected and a good financial showing ,made. The officials came as far west [as Marshaltown, but Geo. C. Call got 'word Saturday that they would not at .this time come up the line. In connection with this meeting the New York Commercial, a journal demoted to such matters, published an in- ;terview with Vice-President Morse of Slocal interest. It said: " Probably the most important part [of the meeting will be the discussion of lihe sale of the road to one of the great stern systems, For some time past ^rumors have been in circulation regarding the sale of the road, and yesterday they were confirmed. George R. Morse, the vice-president and treasurer of the road, who has an office in this city, stated to a Commercial re- porter that it was very likely that the road would be sold. " For some time past, he said, it has generally been considered that the ultimate destiny of the Iowa Central was a consolidation with one of the large systems of the west. Nothing definite has been done as yet in regard to the sale, but there are negotiations pending with one or two roads. You can definitely deny that the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul has about concluded negotiation for the purchase of of the road. I am not at liberty to say which of the big systems, however,will be the most likely to buy It* "Asked, whether anything definite would develope at the annual meeting next week, Mr. Morse stated that there was nothing going on just now which would indicate that the matter would be discussed. 'You see,'he explained, 1 the Iowa Central is like an old maid in new clothes. The road has been through several flirtations with some of the big systems and now that it is in a paying condition, it is being treated once more with marked, favor. As I.have said, the road will very likely be sold, but how soon, or to whom, is a question which I cannot answer at this moment. " From other sources it was learned that negotiations were now pending between the Iowa Central and the Chicago, Rook Island & Pacific and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, An other line is anxious to buy the road as a feeder, as it is now doing a greater business than ever before. Our Removal Sale Is Still Going On. Customers are delighted with the bargains they are getting right in the face of the rising market. Goods which have advanced even 50 per cent, are sold by Durdall in his Removal Sale at Hard Times Prices. Until we get removed into our new store you may look for bargains which no one is willing to duplicate, Special efforts to close out lots during the fair, O. B. Durdall. The New England,. THfi fcOCAl County fair next week. The democrats meet today to name a county ticket. F. C. Fftrr has organized the first Sunday school in Lincoln township. Algona's wholesale grocery starts out well, ft is finely fitted up for business. The Merfle Bell opera company jpens the big auditorium at Des Moihes this week. The Call estate sale,.Oct. 5, will be a big one. There are over 100 lots in Algona to be disposed of. j. A. Brownell and family are home from Petosky, Mich., where they have enjoyed a pleasant visit of several weeks. The trial of Landlord Frost of Whittemoreon the charge of selling beer will come oh this week In court. Welt. Miller is for Frost. C. J. Doxsee has purchased of Geo. !. Call the lot east of Mr. Vaughn's jrlck residence on State street and will Kiild a fine home next spring. O. B. Durdall has sold the lease to Sutcbin's building to J. J. Aohatz, brother of the telephone exchange men, who will put In a notion store this fall. Ethel Laird won out at the oratorical contest last week although the total tmrkings showed a tie with Katie 31ackford. All the contestants did well. J. A. Hamilton has Imported some wild razor back hogs from Indian Territory and Is going to show them at the 'air next week. They will be a ou- riouslty. Blind Boone comes Monday evening at the Congregational church. The wilding will not more than hold the audience. Everybody knows and en- oys Blind Boone. Mr. Starr is one of the jurors on the lyclone case, known as the Bohn fence jnse. Bro. Starr has neighbored with 3ro. Hinchon long enough to be an expert in a wind case. W. Spurbeck has sold bis present residence and yesterday completed the lurohase of Geo. C. Call of some lots on East State street where he will erect a 151,600 bouse next spring. W. H.Johnston of Fort Dodge, deputy clerk of the United States district court, was in Algona yesterday closing up some bankruptcy business with ornmissioner E, H. Clarke. An expert judge will make the iwards on butter at the fair and he will ^ve explanations of his manner of scoring at the time of judging. Let all butter makers attend the school. Supt. Van Erdewyk will not go to St. Benedict for some weeks and will not 'esign his office yet awhile. He may liire some one to fill out his term, coming in once a week to''keep up his reports. Henry Haines and his wife sued John Haines and his wife for a two-year-old heifer.. 'Squire Taylor represented he elder Haines and'held the heifer. [t was one of the most interesting trials of this term of court. Supervisor Pendleton says he has not decided to leave Kossuth at all, and in any event will not go for some months. Wo hope he will remain for »ood. He is the right kind of a citizen for a county like Kossuth, The W. C. T. IT. has new officers: Mrs. F. D. Calkins, president; Mrs. B. F. Reed and Mrs. Gardner Cowles, vice- presidents; Nellie Hamilton, secretary; a,nd Mrs Esther Hudson, treasurer. It meets tomorrow with Mrs. Calkins. It seems likely that J. M. Farley will be named today to run against Gardner Cowles. There is some talk of Seymour of Germania and of Thos. Sherman of Bancroft. It is doubtful If the latter would accept the nomination. The Methodists have appointed W. C. Danson, F. S. Norton and W. Spurbeck to go to the general conference and act as a committee in advising about a pastor to succeed Dr. Day. Conference is held at Sioux City next week Thursday. The two-story brick on the corner opposite the Rutherford house is said now to be sure to be built soon. Plans have been secured and the contractors are figuring. It will be a two-front, two-story building, with basement and pressed brick front. The lawyers talked cyclone so realistically Monday in court that a lot of the plastering' in the court house hall got soared and fell off. Mat Holtzbauer was down stairs in the furnace fixing it up, and thought the whole court house had caved in on him. The Bohn fence case has hung on nearly a week, The lawyers talk to the jury today. Judge Carr is with Clarke & Cohenour for Mrs. Bohn, and Judge Wheeler is here from Cedar Rapids with Sullivan & MoMahon for the railway company. E. P. Keith has been improving at a great rate lately. He has moved the the old barn away from the beautiful clump of oaks on his place, and taken down the old fence, and trimmed generally. He has as handsome a yard as can be found in the state. The railroad commissioners come to Algona next Tuesday to locate depot grounds for the Iowa Central. The Iowa law is now that when a, .railway wants to take more then the usua" right of way of 100 feet, it must have the commissioners come and authorize condemnation. The Presbyterian synod opened last evening. A large attendance is pres ent. This evening Rev. Purmort p Waterloo will talk on the outlook in Stationery Just Received. The late?t and most up-to date products' of the largest stationery manufactory in New York Oity. ' We are Headquarters for fine Stationery, EWers & Adams, leading Druggists, J Prescriptions ". Algona. carefully compounded. Iowa. Rev. Greene of Fcftt Dodg6 will give an address on Porto ttfeo. It is a popular meeting. The synod closes tomorrow at noon. The Woodward stock company begins .he fair week engagement at the opera iouse Monday evening. It Will put on .he best new comedies and give a week f enjoyment to theatre goers. No tetter stock company travels than the woodward. It comes to Algona direct rom Omaha, where it has occupied Boyd's theatre. The Avey harness stock is in a new angle. MoConnell came and tdentl- led the goods he sold to Avey, and mw claims that Avey got them under also pretenses and wants them back. The suit is on in court. A curious eature of It is that McDonnell got Avey to sign an answer that admits he claim. Mr. Avey says ho signed n the dark without reading the document and didn't know what it confined. J. G. Hawson is planning for a flne xhibit of creamery butter at the ounty fair. He wants all the cream- rles to have 1 their jars here by Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, and e has arranged, if they are sent by xpress, to have them put on ice and to get them at the express office himself nd convey them to the grounds. The utter exhibit Is a fine feature of the air, and every creamery should take art in it. Send samples by express to . G. Rawaon, and they will be oared or. M. IT. Randall has been taking a chool census and finds 013 of school ge in the district, 860 of them In Algoa. A curious feature disclosed by he census is 21 families in the First vard without children and only 144 of chool nge in the First ward as com- iared with 236 in the Second, 246 In "bird and 224 in the Fourth. The Mrst will have to look out or it will not o in it. The census shows a big gain n the town as a whole. Counting four eoplo to each school child, and it fives us a population of 8,500. Dr. Day officiated last Sunday at Ledard, where tho Methodists have been mproving their church by the addi- lon of a class room and the freshening if its beauty by paint Inside and out, new carpets, etc. Nearly $30 had been aisod to begin work and on re-opening lay it was the plan to raise the old loot and all necessary to beginning work with a clean balance financially. )r. Day preached three services and iver $300 was raised under his direction overing every obligation with a hand- omo margin,' The Methodists of Ledard are jubilant. Saturday morning the foundry near ho Northwerttirn crossing burned to he ground. Will Richardson and another were bleeping in the building and were wakened by the smoke. They annot toll how the lire started. Noth- ng was saved, and Mr. Richardson istimates his loss at over $3,000 as he tad a lot of now machinery and repairs )ii hand, and the property was not Inured. He says ho will not probably ebuild. This is the foundry the oiti- ens of Algona put $1,000 into many ears ago. It has been a very valuable nstitution, much more so than many lave believed. There were four bidders for the big edyard ditch, and the lowest, Millar- )ke & Weathorby of Buffalo Center nicked out after getting the contract. Their bid was 102-10 cents a cubic yard of dirt. The next lowest bid was the •arner Construction company, which dug the big Hancock county ditch. It )id at 11 cents a cubic yard and will begin work Sept,. 20 expecting to finish Lhe job by Nov. 16. It is figured that ,he total cost under this bid will be !8,030. The other bidders were Rood & Co., of Chicago who wanted 11 7-10 ients, and S, F. Moeller of Corwith, who wanted 21 and 23 cents. The suit of Smith & Vollmer of Davenport against A. A. Brunson, H. loxie and J. J. Ryan come to an end quickly. Geo. E. Clarke for the plaln- ,iffs put all of the defendants and J. W. Sullivan, who seemed to have taken .heir acknowledgements to the bond ~iund had turned over, on the stand. They each denied that they had signed ,he bond and Mr. Clarke dismissed the case without prejudice. This case is ipecial interest because it is one of very 'ew In which Lund forged actual names, le usually invented his names. But iere be had copied Mr. Sullivan's and Mr, Ryan's signatures so skillfully that ihey could hardly tell whether they made themselves or not, To SAVE your disposition use Garand. stoves and ranges.—26t2 TYPE writer supplies, full line, al ;he U, D. M. office. Mail orders will "eoeive immediate attention. Everybody :hat comes to Algotia during the fair, and ev* erybody attending Buffalo Bill's Wild West Is Cordially Invited to call at my store and look over my large stock, which is complete. My goods are first class and prices popular, Don't fail to :ake a drink out of my barrel. Respectfully, James Patterson. YOU'LL never get tired, fagged out, disappointed, unhappy, or make mis takes in marriage if you use Rocky Mountain Tea, R, H. Miller, WHOLESALE GEOOEET OPENS. The F. D, CalKliis Company Heady for Business—A Urltfht Prospect. The P. D. Calkins wholesale grocery will open its doors Friday. A meeting of the stockholders was held Monday and all the preliminaries arranged The building is handsomely fitted up and is already filled with goods. Mr Calkins will be general manager, Mr Spaulding will be treasurer and book keeper for the present, David .Purvi will assist in the building, A travel ling salesman is still to be chosen ou of a dozen or more applicants. It wil pay all the citizens of Algona to visi the building and see what has been done. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST, No. 1 departs at 0:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:G8pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 98 departs at 10:45 pin No. 71 departs at 3:20 pin No. 66 departs at 8:30pn TRAINS BAST. No. 8 departs at 10:45 a in No. 4 departs at 6:28pm Freight* that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 10:10 p jr. No. 84 departs at 3:20pm R. F. HBDUICK, Agent. CHICAGO 4 NOBTHWESTEBN. South- Pass i:55pm Mixed 6(36 am Mixed 10:50p Mixed 7:54 pm Mixed 7:20 » __ Freight 13:15 a mFreight 11:30 am * F. H.TBSPBB, Agent. North- Pass. 1:55 pm Cowles' Block, Algona. New Shoes for Fall and Winter. Wo have been fortunate in securing the agency for the celebrated J. & M. (Johnson & Merply), men's flne shoes, and have just received a consignment diret from the factory of the latest and most approved styles. Watch the display in our east show window and come in and examine the goods. They stand at the head of the pro- *t» ~ r\.f\ cession in line shoos for i^^ IIII men. Price vp*J»V/V7 BROWNELL & ALtRED, Boots and Shoes of all kinds, nothing else. Boston Block, ALGONA, IA. . Fine repairing and custom work. Buying a Stove is an important event in theliistory of every household; it is an event that most people wish to have occur at long intervals; this possible when they buy a VWrt ENAM They ure made to last. Castings are extra heavy, free from scrap iron. Ovens are large and roomy. Oven are white enameled. They bake and BUCK'S raclca and doors inside . cook with little fuel. FIRE BACKS SJK 15 Years Over seventy-five families In this vicinity will testify to their superior merits. Don't believe our statements until you have seen the goods, We have them—till stylow at right prices. C. M. DOXSEE,, HARDWARE. Given Away.... With Every Pair of School Shoes. We give free a nice Tablet or Pencil Box. Call and get a pair of the Little Giant school shoes. They are the best. . The Other Shoe Store. O. O. Mammoth Furniture Sale. I am going east. While away I will purchase my Fall, Winter, and Holiday stock, and in order to make room for same I will give a discount qf from § to 15 per cent, on present stock, beginning §ept« 15* 1899. Come early and get first choice,

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