The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1899
Page 4
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tIPFME MOUSES; ALGONA, IOWA, 13, 1899. If* BY t**OH*M A WARHBN. the County Ticket. It fs the commonly expressed opinion among those b«st acquainted wStfi the men named Friday at the republican convention, that a better ticket wa» never presented to the voters of the county. The fact that already lot of cock and bull stories are lit circulation about Mr, Ward and Mr. Owens shows bow desperate the fight will be On them and how important the friends of L, C. Smith and 3. P. Chfistenaen consider it to discredit them in ad tance, THE TIPPER DBS MOTNES baa known both of these men many years and it confidently predicts that they will grow in strength with the voters the more they get acquainted and the more that ia learned about them. Mr. Ward Is a settler in Wesley of 30 years. He has the esteem of alt his neighbors who know him beat, is a man of fine appearance, and ia amply qualified to make one of the county's best officials. Mr. Owens ia likewise an old resident Of Portland, and likewise has the hearty endorsement of his near neighbors who know him for a shrewd, hard working, and successful young man, and who urged his nomination with a hearty support rarely met with in politics. He will be a model official, one of the beat sheriffs the county haa had. For superintendent Frank Slagle, a young man born and raised in Kossuth has qualifications that are not questioned. Prof. Lilly, for surveyor, has likewise auperior qualifications. Dr. Peters' nomination for coroner gives worthy recognition to one of the successful physicians of the county, who came to Kossuth as a teamster wben the Northwestern railroad was graded, and who has achieved his own success. The merits of John G. Smith and Mike Weiebrod on the county board do not need emphacizing. The ticket, is an old settlers ticket. It ia a ticket well distributed over the county. It is a ticket made up of good men deserving of recognition. With Gardner Cowlea and Dr. Bach man added to it for the state offices, it is ticket that ought to sweep the county with an old-time republican majority of not less than 700. Very Bad Politics.. Tbe Clarion Monitor intimates that E. L. Stilsbn of Corwith ia contemplating coming out for representative as an independent republican candidate against Thos. A. Way. The democrats have renominated John Christie, so the only end Mr. Stilson can have in view will be the defeat of a republican for the legislature. Whatever Mr. Stilson's motives may be, the bolt, if • be makes one, will be part and parcel of a suicidal political policy which has disgraced so many north end counties in past years. Hancock has been struggling for some time to get Wright to concede the nomination. Mr. Way went to Eagle Grove with a represent ative delegation, containing leading men from Garner and other points in bis county, outside his home town of Britt, and won. His own county, regardless of any local fights, should roll up a rousing majority for him. Mr. Stilson is too prominent a man and too good a republican to allow himself to be the means of sending a democrat to the legislature again, for any personal reason, in a year when every election return is going to materially affect the standing of the McKinley administration. The Monitor itself should assist in Wright county in giving Mr. Way a party vote. He will be a force in the legislature, and is fully deserving of the honor. THE Dreyfus condemnation, following a trial so farcical that it has astonished everybody, has shown up the in- competency of tho French people and the rottonness of French public life. The French are only a degree above the Spanish, and the first contest of vital importance in Europe will put them where they belong, among the decadent and diminishing powers There is nothing vital or dominant About the southern races. The future belongs to the Anglo Saxon or the Russian. i Webster City Freeman can't get Over Charley Hellen's appointment as postmaster, and apparently is not making much effort to. Here Is its latest: " In just one place have the Gear sup porters gained a point in tbe contests tbat Lave taken place in the past ten days, and that i» in tbe nomination of a candidate for senator in tbe 47th district, and this is given out as tbe direct result of Congressman Dolliver 1 * successful manipulation in securing tbe nomination of a Palo Alto, or Ten^b district, man in the interest of Senator Gear." Ip the first place neither Congress- •tnan Dolliver nor anybody else, not even Dr. Bachman himself, dreamed of the nomination of a Palo Alto man mere than JS hours before it was wade. Jp the second place both Kossuth and Emmet, Dolliver counties, voted for genator Funk, the leading Cummins man in these par to. In tbe third place both Koaflnth and Emmet opposed the introduction oj <3e»r respl.utjong at any time4u/lng the long sitting of the IB the fourth place Jf Mr. were agjiyely manipulating in Way fl| Hancock county, one of his warmest supporters, would have heard of it before he accepted a nomination to the legislature with Comminft instructions. However plausible these yarns about Congressman Dolliver's alleged work in the Tenth might have been some Weeks ago while they were fresh, they are now so stale that even the Freeman's blunted preceptions ought to recognize tbe odor of old eggs about them. «^ WM. O. PAYWE figures Cummins seven votes ahead of Gear, and Wm. O. don't make many mistakes in statistics. The Cummins men have made a strong showing of strength the past week. SENATOR FUNK gives Dr. Bach man a most cordial endorsement: " An acquaintance of many years confirms as in the belief that Dr. Bachman is worthy of tbe great honor bestowed upon him by his party, and qualified for the responsible duties that will be incumbent npon him as senator for the largest and best district in the state." The papers of the district uniformly speak in the highest terms of him. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Mra. O. H. Richardson attempted to cut her throat at Livermore last week. She is in poor health. Tbe right-of-way for the Belle Plaine-Mason City line of the Northwestern haa been bought from Fairmont west to Welcome, Minn. The old settlers of Humboldt met last week. The Independent says one of the best things on the program was a poem by Mrs. Elhanan Clarke. Miss Flo. Laird, who taught a summer kindergarden In Algona last year, has been appointed teacher in the Indian school at tbe Rose Bud agency in South Dakota. Corwith Crescent: Hfzzonor Mayor Mitchell was unable to make bis usual trip to Algona Sunday, on account of a ten penny nail, which he ran into his foot Saturday, H. Hunderup accompanied H. Lund- ieshousen to Algona from Corwith to secure his naturalization paper. Mr. L. has inherited some property in Germany, and before returlng to that country he wished to become a subject of Uncle Sam. Hampton Recorder: Miss Bertha Turner of Oskaloosa, formerly a capable and popular teacher in our public schools, visited a few days last week at the home of Col. C. W. Boutin on Fifth avenue. Miss Turner now has an excellent position in the public schools of Algona. Emmetsburg Tribune: Hon. George E. Clarke of Alfirona was in tbe city Thursday. It was the first time in many months we have bad the pleasure of handshaking this genial and good-natured man, who has just emerged from a long and very serious sick spell. Mr. Clarke is looking thin, but we are glad to know It from his own lips that he is feeling much better and growing stronger gradually. Prof, and Mrs. Wildes of Fort Dodge, who spent one Sunday in Algona at Dr. Morse's, made over 1,000 miles on their bicycle trip. They went to Minneapolis, then east to Lake Michigan, south to Chicago, and home. During the entire 1,000 miles they did not have an accident. Their wheels proved of the right stuff and not even a punctured tire occured to mar the pleasure of the trip. There was not too much dust and in many places light showers made the roada in the best possible conditions. They traveled easily, averaging about forty miles a day, some times doing more and again doing leas. They rode 70 miles the last day. State Geologist Calvin ia going to make a thorough survey of Okobojl lake. The oldest inhabitant of the lake region has no very definite idea of the average depth of either lake. Some say thatOkoboji is unfathomable in many places, and others thatitaver- ages not much greater than Spirit lake. The survey is going to answer these questions by taking scientific soundings, making a complete chart of the lake bed, studying its sources of water supply, and In short, finding out once for all whether the lake is drying up and will ultimately disappear, or whether the low level of water the last few seasons is a mere indication caused by small rainfall and will be overcome when the heavy rains return. Tbe Local Senatorshlp. Swea City Herald: Kossuth county's candidate helped to make the nomination. Emmetsburg Democrat: It was a great convention and the Kossuth fellows were in it to the last. Humboldt Independent; Kossuth county seemed to dictate the result, if its candidate could not win the plum for himself. There was good generalship in the deal. Whittembre Champion : The doctor will make an excellent senator. He almost belongs to Koasuth county and will receive the hearty support of the republicans here. Rolfe Reveille : It came to an end Saturday and Dr. Bachman of West Bend is the nominee. Good! The doctor is so well known hereabouts that it's almost like having a senator of our own. Spencer Herald, (Dem.) : The people of this county had hoped that tbe nomination would come to a Clay county man and many expressions of disappointment were beard when the result of tfee convention became known. Emmetsburg Reporter: In conclusion it is but fair to state that the nomination was brought about by Clay and Kossuth counties. Emmet county also stood ready to vote for Bacbman second choice, and his nomination was highly satisfactory to them. Emmeteburg Tribune. (Dem.) : E. W. Bacbman has always taken a warm interest in republican politics and is a man of untarnished reputation with tbe qualifications of making a useful member of the upper house of tbe Iowa legislative assem- K RESPECTABLE GIRL IS MOUNDED TO DEATH. Estherville Vindicator; The delegation did not vote for him on tbe nominating ballot fop the reason that be received sufjcient votes from Kossuth to make tbe Bomina- tiou after Emmet bad cast its votes as usua} for Crim, when tbe change of Kos- euth's vote was not expected, Armstrong Journal, (Dem.): The last ten miuytes were exciting. Dickinson sod Emmet counties were leading aces and ap- mreptly tekinsf all the tricks. A, D. 3jarke, tbe best euch,r«p}ayer in northern Iowa, looted on and «nfle<J, CHberfl got ?x- cited, &u> he wa» b.appy became he knew Wtot would happen, M>«had fhuj|$4 Aft cards for tbe jajjt dpa). The fepyve?? were A fe» weeks &go THE tlPFEB DBS MODTES noted the marriage of tfcre Dixaon girl, who had tt trace of negro blood ID her, aod who grew up in Al- gotm near the Milwaukee depot, two alleged ministers of the gospel and a justice of the peace at Bancroft refused to perform the ceremony for her, because she was marrying a well-to-do white man who wa« 8 widower. Dr. Howe, to hfa credit be it written, having preached all his life that in heaven we shall all have front seats without distinction of race, color, or expensive pew holdings in aristocratic churches, married the girl after she bad been cruelly humiliated all day. This was July 19. September 2 she died of heart failure "due," the Swea City Herald reports, "to opposition to her by her husband's relatives and old friends." No one says a word against the girl's »»»«*»*»»»»»»«»»»»»»»»»»»+ character. While she lived in Algona sfie was as quiet and welt behaved as any white girl. She simtriy asked to enjoy a small share of the happiness of this world, but because she happened to have & dark Streak of color, she was boycotted by as despicable * conspiracy against human rights as ever sold & slave. THE UPPER DBS Momss has no words tn which to denounce in this age and in this county a barbarous outrage svich as the killing of this innocent and helpless girl. Occasionally we cynically ridicule that apportionment of justice which evens up the outrages of this world in the next. But if our friends are right apd that Is the way the world's abvises are rectified THE UPPER DBS Moonss will wager its last dollar that Emnm Dixson will sit in heaven so far above the whole outfit who persecuted her, from the Bancroft preachers down, that they can't see her with a 40 foot telescope. MM » MM MMM»»f »»»»»*»» supposed to be in the deck, but A. D. had them both and when he played the " jig" was up, the fight was at an end and Dr. Bach man was nominated. The nominee seemed to be satisfactory to all concerned. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. E. G. Bowyer spent Sunday in Sioux City. Miss Clemmer is out from Wisconsin visiting at the Horan home. W. C. Ehlers and Pearl Pugh went to Chicago Saturday to buy goods. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Tngham will be home this afternoon, coming from Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Drake are home from an extended visit in Michigan and Illinois. Alex. White was up in Minnesota last week to watch some threshing on bis land. Mrs. David Miller is up from Port Dodge for a few days at the Peter Winkel home. Mrs. L. J. Stephens is out from Whitewater for a two weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs, R, B, Warren. G. F. Van Vechten, the Cedar Rapids capitalist, and his daughter, Mrs. Pinckney, are visiting at E. B. Butler's. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Call are planning to spend a couple of months in Washington, D. C., the coming winter. P. M. Curtiss went to Nevada Saturday for a visit. His sister, who is in the library at Washington, is home for a vacation. R. F. Hedrick, received word of the serious illness of his mother, last Friday. He and Amy left on the Saturday evening train. Mrs. Al. Falkenhaimer,who has been very sick since her baby came, is now rapidly regaining her good health at her old home in Algona. John and Mra. Goeders are back from Chicago with a big stock. They took their son and two daughters to Chicago for another year in school. Mrs* Isabella Stone from Daytona, Florida, ia making her annual visit in Algona. She is the guest of Mrs. Hedrick. Her many friends are glad to welcome her back. Miss Ella Rutherford returns to Chicago today from her summer's visit in Algona. Miss Margaret Rutherford has had her school opened a couple of weeks at Crystal, N. D. J. L. Powers, the harp orchestra violinist of last year, is back to Algona and will play this coming winter. He has been traveling with the Faust company since leaving town. Mra. Setchell haa received a telegram announcing that Carl is in San Francisco and In good health. As soon as he is discharged he will start for home, but will not arrive probably in less than three weeks. D. A. Haggard has gone to Dubuque for a reunion of his old regiment, the 21st, which Is to meet on the same grounds it was mustered in on. M. O'Rouke and John Chapin are members of the regiment alao. Mr. and Mrs. O'Rourke went yesterday. The wedding of G. F. Peek and Miss Stella Johnaon will occur at the John- aon home in Minneapolis Monday evening at 8:30 o'clock. The happy couple will come to Algona and soon be at home in Mrs. E. L. Cooke'a cottage, which they have fitted up. No young man in Algona stands higher than Mr. Peek and no more attractive young lady haa grown up in Algona than the bride. More unanimous good wishes could not be extended than they will receive. The annual meeting of the twentieth district of the W. C. T. U. was held at Goldfield on the 7th and 8th Insts. Delegates from the various unions were present, Mrs, Reed, Grove and Hudaon attended from our own local union. Mrs. Dunham, the state president, gave interest to the meeting. She delivered a fine address the first even- Ing. The quilt made by the district netted the society $32. It was presented to Mrs. Dunham. The meeting closed by a grand gold medal contest. Our."Blue Sky" Reputation. Rolfe Reveille: H. A. Lind was called to Algona Monday on business. Some four years ago Mr. Utley traded South Dakota land for a piece of property at Bancroft and later he traded this property to Mr. Lind for an interest In the jewelry store at Rolfe. After four years undisputed possession of the property, some one bobs up claiming a mortgage on the same, which has not yet been satisfied. Mr, Utley bad no knowledge of this mortgage and purchased the property with the understanding that it was free from incura- brance. It is also stated that the records show it free from debt. There is a full grown colored gentleman in the wood pile some place. It's dollars to doughnuts the boys have run up against Kosauth county's blue sky gang. If they have, the chances are they'll be skinned, but we would like awfully to gee them take a fall out of thla worst gang of cut-throat robbers that ever infested porthwest Iowa. The JL.0c«| Market. Flax hae fallen about 15 cents a bushel lately, It ia now 90 cente IB Algona. Wheat brings 65@68 cents, aats 17, are DR. E. W. BACHMAN, Nominee for senator from the 47th district. A Pointer For Algoiia. The Iowa Hotel Guide: Following is given the advice of si travelingman recently offered an Algona citizen: "You Algona people are making great efforts to get railroiids and new industries to your town, but you do not seem to care whether traveling men come here to live or not. There is no inducement offered them nor can they find houses to rent when thev are willing to pay good rent for them. Your town is well located now for travulingmen and the prospects are that advantages will be increased. If you had 100 travel logmen living in Algona it would be as much to the town as a railway division and car shops. Why don't your enterprising citizens use the cheap money that they can easily get in building neat houses for travelingmen. Three Times and Out. Vinton Eagle: The Algona UPPER DBS MOINES calls attention to the fact that the first lime Fred White campaigned he said all "our ills" were due to the tariff: the next time he claimed it was the crime of '73; now he claims It Is trusts and imperialism. With Fritz it is a case of three times and out. BOARD PROCEEDINGS. ALOONA, Sept. 4, 1899—AUDITOR'S OFFICE, 9 a. m.—Board met in regular session witi members present as follows: Jno. G. Smith, chairman; Ed. Kunz, L. Barton and C. S. Pendleton. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved as read. The following election boards were appointed by the board of supervisors: Algona—1st ward, judges, F. H. Vesper, R. B. Warren, C. E. Winkle: clerk, Alex. White. 2nd ward, judges, S. E. MoMahon, W. E. H. Morse, G. H. Lamson; clerks, J. L. Donahoo.C. D. Pettibone. 3rd ward, judges, H. A. Paine, W. A. Stebbins, P. L. Slagle; clerks, J. L. Tibbitts, J. B. Winkel. 4th ward. M. B. Chapin, C. C. Samson, J. F. Nicoulin; clerks, G. L. Taylor, E. S. Salisbury. Burt—Judges, Geo. Patterson, Wm. F. Knoll, A. H. Nafus; clerks, J. A. Staley, C. D. Smith. Buffalo—Judges, Geo. Frank, A. C. Meyers, H. L. Ward; C. Riebsamen, P. E. Johnson. Cresco—Judges, J. Wellendorf, C. Rickard, John H. Covell; clerks, O. A. Potter, Dell Covell. Eagle—Judges. Theo. Anderson, J. E. Pikeson, W. F. Lockard; clerk, Geo. Twist. Fenton—Judges, Aug. Krause, D. L. Hollister, Hauser; clerk, W. J. Weisbrod, J. M. Moore. Greenwood—Judges, John Bunkard, C B. Sarchett, W. F. Laidley; clerks, C, L. Ostrander, M. A. Turner. Grant—D, Rassmuson, T. F. Johnson, J, L. Vaux; clerks, H. A. Jennings, W. A, Griffith. German—Judges, W. Jutting, H. Amelsberg, John Isebrands; clerks, G. D. Weir- fa ouser, Levi Good. • Garfleld—Judges, John Mertz, Math Mersch, W. A. Wright; W. A. Scott, R Berminghaus. Hebron—Judges, Ole O. Quam, H. L Baldwin, E. H. Berudt; clerks, R. A. Rich ardson, L. A. Woodvvord. Harrison—Judges, Aug. Miehe, Jesse Hastings, D. H. McGivney; clerks, Nels Branson, J. B. Bingston. Irvington—Judges, Robt. Buchanan,Robt Wright, Horace Mann; clerks, Z. C. An druss, J. T. Lloyd. Lotts Creek—Judges, J. O. Rawson, C Roupe, W, Dau; clerk, F. W. Mittag. Lu Verne—Judges, Peter Fige, Adam Marty, A. K. Clapsaddle; clerks, W. L Niver, C. H. Lichty. Ledyard—Judges, W. A. Wright, Petei Hans, Albert Ogren; clerks, E. J. Skinner A. E. Graves. Germania Prct.—Judges, J. N. Wheeler, Gus. Steinberg, Pete Reimer; clerks, Win, Leslie, C. C. Wortman. Lincoln—Judges, J. N. Mouse), David Pink, Henry Davis; clerks, W. Warburton Jno. Mouse!. Plum Creek—Judges, J. R. Mawdsley, C, W.Hopkins, P. G Ferguson; clerks, J, Altwegg, Jas. McEnroe. Prarie-T-Jiidges, M. Rahm, F. Armdorfer, E. A. Studerj clerks, G. B. Ludvvlg, H. Erickson. Portland-rjudgea, I. Fox, F. Fowler, Hugh McDonald; clerks, J. W, Stott, J. N. Shaefler. Ramsay—Judges, M. Sandt, F. Frocble, Geo. Benken; clerks, J. Haupert. p. R. Winter. Riverdale-Judge8,Joe Scbreiber, H. Matson, Me. KHne; clerks, O. F. Hale, Chas. OF0tGF' Sexton—Judges, F. R., Hedrick, E- Fitcb, M. Setter,; oleris, 4, E. Ljaage, Cha*. Little. SeiaecaJii(aM»,W; r K§rr, V- Eckbolm, \y, KHn$; clerks," W. W, licojn, J. E. Sc«Uy. Springfield—Judges, A. Martin, F. B. Smitfc, SftlFterell; clerks, E.F. Loger, B. A. Lyonft. Sherman—Judges, Suit. Steussy, Pete Borman, WEB. Fatten; clerk*, K. Kobl- iaas, D. A. McComb. . Union—Judges, R. W. Barrett, Thos. Bart, Tho». Begelmeyer; clerks, W. W. Ann is, Geo* Frfnk. Wesley—Judges-C. Ward, L. Falk, M. P. Gtddings; clerks, F. J. Kornan, Beet Gid- dhjfS. Whlttemore—-Judges, J. A. Simpson, Chas. Ryan t A. H. Dorweilet; clerks, H. P. Hatch, R. H. FinneU. The matter of tbe custody of Ida Marks, a person of week mind, coming on before the board on tbe proposal of tbe heirs at law of Wilhelmlna Marks to pay the sum of fl.OOO to Kossuth county of said county assuming the care and control of said Ida Marks, and it appearing to said board that she has become a county charge; Moved and seconded the said proposition be accepted and tbat Kossuth. county assume the care and custody of said Ida Marks upon the payment of said $1,000 as specified and set forth in the written contract under date of Aujr. 10,1899, and on file in the auditor's office. Carried. John G. Smith appointed committee to view and report on bridge on sej£ 32-97-29, on grade between 34and 35 and 2 and3 Union and Plum Creek townships. Kunz appointed a committee to view and report on bridge and grade between 28-2725-37. Petition for rebate of taxes in Garfield township on account of loss by hail. Not allowed. Li. Barton committee to build grade between 1 and 13-94-20. C. S. Pendleton committee to view and report on grade and bridge on 25-100-29. Report of S. R. C. approved and placed on file. Resignation of W. A. Cbipman, J. P. of Burt township, accepted. Bond of J. F. Smith, constable, for 1500 approved. Moved and seconded that the treasurer be instructed to redeem tax sale No. 9273 for last half of 1896 taxes, $7.30. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Carried. Tuesday morning,9 a. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment, all members present. M. Weisbrod appointed a committee to bnild grade between 3 and 10-97-29. C. S. Pendleton appointed a committee to view and report on grade on s e corner of section 7, Springfield township. Ed Kuntz appointed a committee to grade between 22 and 27 and 23 and 26-97-28. Resolved that the county treasurer be instructed to abate the taxes for 1898 on lot 19, block 5, Bancroft, and block 231 Call's add. to Algona, and refund $1.00 tax to I. L. Cork. Adopted. M. Weisbrod appointed a committee to view and report on road between 12-99-30 and 7 99-29. Resolved that the county treasurer be instructed to abate the taxes for 1S98 on n>£ e 4 acres lot 4, lots 8. 5 and 7. all of outlet 2 14-95-29. Adopted. Moved and seconded that Barton -and Kunz be a committeeto build iron bridge between 11 and 12-96-27. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Carried. Wednesday morning, 9 a. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment, all members present. Moved and seconded that the consent highway petitioned for by V. S. Ellis et al from northeast corner of section 12-99-30 to southeast corner 13-99-30 be laid as petitioned for. Carried. The board proceeded to audit bills. Mr. Barton resigns as a committee on poor farm. Moved and seconded that John G. Smith be appointed a committee in charge of poor farm. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn to 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Carried. Thursday, 9 a. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment; all members present except E. Kunz. Resolved that the county auditor be authorized to advertise for bids for a 100-foot span, 16-foot roadway steel bridge across IDes Moines river west of Irvington. Bids to be received until noon of Oct. 2,1899. Board spent forenoon inspecting poor farm and site for steel bridge. The commissioners report on assessments of benefits to land in public drain No. 1 coming before the board for hearing. It is moved and seconded that said report of commissioners be accepted and approved, and that the costs and expenses of constructing and digging public drain No. 1 be assessed to the land thereof as follows: S hf se qr 81-100-28 S Ne fr qr 6-99-28 Nw qr 6-99-28 N hf se qr 6-99-28 S hf se qr and se qr sw <jr 6-99-28 and n hf ne qr 7-99-28- Nw fr qr Ne qr tie qr and nw qr nw qr 8-99-28 ... S hf sw qr 5-99-28. ne ww m or, * M and" *M # tat Whfnwqr 21-00-28:...... ini Neqfneqr 20-09-28 " ,X Nw of MS or 20-09-28 iS W hi a of fly 20-89-28 if BTe qr 18-98-28 ofij Nhf and n 11^rods*hf nw fr or 18- ' Jrrtf"28' Swiroj SeqtexRrie NwqTneqr21 Swgf 22-99 28 ....> K bf nw qr and sw qr ne qr 21-00-28 " N hf sw qr and s hf nw qr 5-99-28 ...... Seqr5-99-28 .......................... O L D Ino Town of Ledyard ........... Nw qr nw qr 9 and se qr se qr 8 ..... .... S hf ne qr and se qr 7, e hf and sw qrnw qr n hf and se qr sw qr w hf a se qr and w hf ne qr 8-99-28 8500 14500 35 00 95 00 277 50 8750 570 00 84000 450 00 44000 28000 86500 107000 W Hf h* qr 35 and s hf ne qr 27-09-28'. Nwqrneq.r2T-90-28 W hf se qr 27 and n hf ne qr 34-99-28.. „<,., Se qf nw qr and «e qf 35-99-28 24O Swqf35-90-28 TR NwqrandneqfswqrlfMW-28 2fi W bf and se qr «w qr 16-00-28 25 W bf and ne qr se qf 16-00-28 . .. 250ti Resolved that the county auditor be authorized to employ suitable persons to look after public bridges of the county and report all violations of law by operators of steam engines and by fast driving Adopted. B Rejsolved that the conuty auditor be authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this session, and the members of the board are entitled to the following mileage and per diem: Jno. G. Smith, four days, one mile.. $1610 M. Weisbrod, three days, 20 miles 14 00 L. Barton, four days, 15 miles 17'50 C. S. Pendleton, four days. 38 miles.. 19 80 Ed. Kunz, three days, 12 miles 13.20 Adopted. SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS. CO0NTT FUND. E H Clarke, State vs Long *' KOK E H Clarke, State vs Brough ocX E H Clarke, State vs Hlland 755 E H Clarke, State vs McClellan a no EH Clarke, State vs Clark etal ' 4X0 E H Clarke, State vs RIes 050 E H Clarke. State vs White et al ' 1 no E H Clarke, State vs Clark " 250 F Van Erdewyk, county superintendent... 126 80 Starr4Haggard, printing 2278 Chaasel, Ferguson & Co, Blanks, etc 79 25 Carter 4 Hnssey, same 4350 Upper Des Moines, printing 74 84 S P Christensen, boarding prisoners.:... i«i 20 Courier Printing Co, printing 33 84 John Goeders, quilts... ' 405 B W Barge, State vs FInler " Sin Egbert, Fldlar 4 Chambers, supplies 1 68 Durant Bros, oil and paint 14 95 Acres, Blackmar 4 Co, books 51 30 Samsou4Paine, coal 4901 Frank Carey, plastering 550 Enqulering News, publishing notice .. 2 45 Algona Telephone Co, rent of 'phone... 11 95 M Weaver, expenses 1824 Durant Bros, supplies o BK J M Cowan, bailiff inOO Bancroft Register, printing ., 28 89 J B Williams, lathing. ? 75 C. M 4 St P By, freight '.. «5 National Publishing Co, books 6 00 CHStoter, crop report... 1000 BBIDGE FUND. Ed Kunz, committee work 25 95 M Welabrod, same 1710 Wm Miner, hauling bridge lumber 1500 McDonald, Richards 4 Nafus, coal 85 47 L A Gronwall,driftbolta i?85 John Wood, bridge work 2875 Queal 4 Co. lumber 259 60 H Bamboy, bridge work 500 W Hohn, grade work go Frank Helzer, unloading piling 4 00 V J Schlchtl. teaming 400 Wm Zygan, grading i 00 John 4 Matt Nemmers, hardware. 42 44 W WHalght, grading ?.. 9041 W WHalght. same 3612 M H Hohn, hardware 1119 John G Smith, committee work 52 10 Jos Dunwoodle, lumber 1 45 F I Chapman, drift bolts 11 20 J W Broadwell, bridge work 20800 L A Kaiser, tiling 40 00 John Smith, hauling lumber 16 50 J W Brradwell, building pile driver 16 00 L Barton, committee work 6350 G H Norton 4 Co, lumber 17 13 Wm Anderegg, bridge work 10 85 B F Guthrie, hardware, etc 2 30 Fred Schultz, bridge work 3 00 Lamb Lumber Co, lumber, claimed S153.26; allowed 14526 John Paul Lumber Co, lumber, claimed 842.34; allowed 4034 C S Pendleton, committee work 3730 POOH FOND. S H MeAdams, taking pauper to farm 6 00 T H Connor, plans for barn 3000 C & M By, freight 904 Peter Shay, work on farm 10 20 Ed Palmer, work on farm 20 00 D D Calkins, caring for Hart 200 Ed Palmer, work on farm 1000 Andrew Mitchell, work on farm 20 00 John Goeders, merchandise 3 35 J W Robinson, hardware 830 J W Robinson, hardware for farm 135 Langdon 4 Hudson, merchandise 24 21 John Goeders, merchandise for farm 16 50 John Goeders, merchandise 980 C J Brown, livery 1 50 C J Doxsee, hardware for farm 70 McDonald, Richards 4 Nafus, coal 23 55 A F Dalley, digging well on farm 225 72 Campbell 4 Gronwall, blacksmlthlng for farm .... 890 Jas Patterson, merchandise. .• 25 51 G H Lamson, poor overseer 1800 J W Boblnson, hardware 218 G M Johnson, repairs for farm 12 30 Moved and seconded to adjourn to Oct. 2, 1899. Carried. M. P. WEAVES, Auditor. THE ANNUAL TAX LEVY. Levies for various funds In the several districts In Kossuth county for 1899 made by the board of fiup€tvisors * GENERAL LEVY, State revenue fund 2.9 mills County revenue fund 2 5 mills County school fund ] 0 mill Poor fund 1.0 mill Insanefund 6 mills Bridge fund 3.0 mills Boad fund .'.. 1.0mill State university 1 mills Poll... 50cents Doe J Jfale.. 50 cents uog lFemale $o.OO Consolidated 12.1 mills Name of District or Township. . Algona No. 1 Algona No. 2 Algona Independent Burt Incorporated Burt Independent Buffalo Bancroft Incorporated Bancroft Independent Cresco Corwlth Independent ' Eagle ' ' Feuton , Greenwood German . Garfield Germanla. Germanla Independent Hebron Harrison ... Irvington'. Ledyard Incorporated Ledyard Independent Ledyard Lotts Creek Lu Verne Incorporated Lu Verne Independent Lu Verne Lincoln , Portland Plum Creek Prairie..... Ramsay Riverdale Sherman Springfield , Seneca . Swea City Swea CUy Independent Union.............;.. , Whlttemore Incorporated Whitteraore Independent Whlttemore 7.. ..;:..:..; Wesley Incorporated Wesley Independent w«sie!. West Bend independent Teachers' Fund -Mills. 20 20 20 20 20 11 13 5 19 19 7.1 20 ftfl 7.9 12 6fi 9 x o 9 9 12 5.8 20 20 g 118 0 6 12.4 9 10.4 11 '6fi 11 11 1 6.8 8.8 10.5 12.5 14 8 14.8 19 19 77 25 Q IB Contingent Fund —Mills. 9 g 9 8 9 8.9 5.5 4 5 8 2 8 2 a.i o q " 2 4 Tfl 2 3.8 8 9 8 9 a 2 5 2.5 10 10 3 3 4 4 n 2 g 2 8 3 3 a 8.8 8.2 46 4.« 84 84 1.1 156 15.6 81 10 School House Fund-Mills. 8 9 8 9 8 9 2 7 2 7 10 1 5 K g 9 3 R 4 5 1 1.7 3.2 7 5 7.5 7 5 7.5 67 98 93 Corporation Fund —Mills. in in in in 1ft 'in i in in a la «= |4. * 4. 1 *i 8 1 ...... •a ll . . , . .. ,.,... § Qrt Ql Kft =ra 41 81 m Al iift 9ft 7 9fl 9A R 91 7 23.1 25.9 no ft Oft a ir 50 97 A 26 4 QO'Q Q4* 9*1 1 9ft ft QR O 2 1 O 2 a i 9ft 9 2 1 R Iff 4 274 81 4Q :»..26 1 B7 t 7 7 6 79 62 9d K 97-1 *£$ I?' !°»3 99 »U Property not subject to city ta*. ;ht, 5 mills; library, 1 mill. Algona gurt ISi»rDprate4. hend, 2 mm*

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