The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1899
Page 7
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THE tJPMffi Mag MOINES; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1899, Chrischilles & Herbsi ._===== A Splendid Showing. DRESS GOODS—Our line of fall and winter Dress Goods embraces a greater range in styles and weaves than it has ever been our pleasure to show. VENETIAN CLOTHS—We are just in receipt of these goods direct from the looms. They are the most stylish and satisfactory goods to be had for the price. PLAIDS—That the plaid skirt is to be worn this fall there seems to be no doubt. We are showing some handsome and exclusive styles in plaids. OREPONS—Nothing makes a richer or more beautiful dress or skirt than crepon. We have them from $1.00 to #2.50 per yard. Chrischilles & Herbst. Monitor Wind Mills. ,'•? % ", r A - • ' ( Have for many years taken the lead as pumping and geared ^rjijills. THE WIGWAM is having a great wind mill trade , 'this fall, and is prepared to furnish the best outfits at lowest " ^prices. See us before you buy. ' ' A a i *' Wilfrid P. Jones. Wigwam—Algona, Burt and Fenton. Sheetz Pharmacy Co. DRUGGISTS The skillful physician requires a skillful pharmacist, and the patient requires both. The druggist's three requisites fa ( Purity, \ Skill, and " (Promptness Since we entered the drug business we have faithfully endeavored to carry out these three maxims. PURITY above allthings. Our drugs are runil I absolutely pure. No adulteration is tolerated in any form. Every precaution Is exercised in the filling of prescriptions. The closest attention to the most minute eetails. Correctness rather than haste. SKILL DDOUDTUCCQ No delay, no tardiness, rnUIYirmLOOi no procrastination in filling prescriptions. Our large and increasing patronage indicate that Purity, Skill, and Promptness are appreciated by the public. Sheetz Pharmacy Co, DRUGGISTS. When you take a Particular Prescription to a particular drug store you do so be- •< • cause you have confidence in that store. < • You believe that the drugs are pure and + fresh, the methods right, the skill the <' best, and the prices fair and reasonable. < • We conduct our Prescription department •<» on the principle that Nothing Is too good • > for tlw sic/c. very truly, J Killers & Adams, | Leading Druggists, Algona. * * » T EGAL BLANKS"M BUY them at the Upper Pes Wolues office »nd get the most approved forma, MEETINGS TO OOME. Eastern Stars will have a special meeting Monday evening at Masonic hall. Morning service at the Baptist church Sunday, Sept. 10, conducted by the Woman's. Mission circle. An interesting program has been prepared. Congregational church, morning service at 11. Thetne of sermon: Was Christianity an Afterthought? Evening service at 7:30. Theme of sermon: Should Conscience be Obeyed? Y, P. S. C. E. at 6:30 p. m. Topic: An Early Christian Endeavorer. Commencing with Sept. 10, all evening services will begin at 7:30. Tried the Coupler, As the delegates from Emraetsburg were getting home on a special freight Saturday Senator Chubb and B, F. Grose decided to find out how the automatic coupler worked on the caboose, while the train was standing at Whittemore. They " fixed it plenty," as the slang goes, for .when the train pulled out the caboose stood where it was. No railway engineer saw such frantic signals to back up as that delegation made as they saw the train getting about a mile away. When they finally got back and coupled on, the whole delegation looked so innocent that the trainmen thought the thing had unbooked itself and never said a word. There was lots of good training in that Erametsburg convention. Fort Dodge Presbytery. The fall meeting of the Presbytery of Port Dodge and the annual meeting of the Woman's Presbyterial Missionary society will be held with the Presbyterian church of Algona, Sept. 12 to 14. Tuesday evening the opening sermon will be preached by Rev. J. E. Groendyke, Carrol), Iowa, by special request Wednesday evening a popular meeting will be held under the auspices of the Woman's Missionary society. All meetings of the Presbytery will be held in the Presbyterian church. The day meetings of the Woman's Missionary society will be held in the Baptist church. The evening services will be held in the Presbyterian church and commence at 8 o'clock. Everybody is invited to attend and will be made welcome. Miss MAYME BLAOKMAN of Chicago will have charge of the millinery department at Jas. Taylor's this season, THE LOCAL FIELD. Dr. Gay's sister is visiting him. John Goeders is in Chicago buying a big fall stock. The Iowa Central track reaches St. Benedict today. The wholesale grocery house is handsomely fitted up. The county fair comes in two weeks. It will be a good one. Claude Stull will locate at Corwlth. He is an expert dentist. Otto Falkenhainer took in the big Dubuque races, etc., etc. The roof will be on the new hotel the last of this week or first of next. Druggists Anderson and Peet of Swea City got permits Monday. T. J. Vincent's little boy fell from a horse yesterday and broke his arm. The Bohn fence case will be tried this term. The Gorman case goes over. There will be an oratorical contest at the Congregational church tomorrow evening. Henry Jeanson is up from south of Des Moines for a visit. His wife is with him. Lu Verne has a new candidate for sheriff in Mayor Raney. He is an excellent man. Grandpa Heokart has been very low the past week. His closing days are very painful. Lewis H. Smith will build a cottage for Mrs. Fannie Kennedy in the south part of town. Supt. Van Erdewyk will open the bank at St. Benedict. The Burt school board has released him. Rev. Mary Safford, Algona's former preacher, has gone to Des Moines to begin work the piist week. James Stinson and Stella Grose are licensed to wed. Also Bon Longbottom and K. A. Lamoreaux. Chris. Kain goes to Des Moines to attend the Highland Park normal, instead of returning to Collegevllle, Minn. The wholesale grocery opens Sept. 15, next week Friday. Mr. Calkins says the prospects are for a very big trade. Des Moines News: "Miss Ffiger- strom is an impersonator of marked ability." At Congregational church, Sept. 8. Mrs. Dr. Run kin is in Des Moines completing her studies in Osteopathy. Dr. Ran kin is having a big practice hi Algontt. The democrats will name a county ticket next Wednesday. Our guess is still that Supt. Van Erdewyk ill be nominated. Goo. W. Panghurn was down from Buffalo Center Monday for court, and bought a handsome Klmball piano of Guy Taylor. There is a rumor of several grizzly bears shot by the Ambrose A. Gail party i" the mountains. We are unable to verify it. The Yeoman have paid $35 sick ben- flts to J. D. Magnusson. It is a fraternal order that makes its fraternity felt in a practical way. Supervisor. Pendleton of Hebron has sold his three-quarter section farm and will leave Kossuth. He will not go this fall, however. Elmer Wilbur is ..back from California and will doubtless buy back into the barber shop with Charlie Wooster. He brings his family. Rev. J. A. Lincomb, a minister from Canada, will preach at the Methodist church next Sunday morning and evening in the place of Dr. Day. W. H. and Mrs. Ing-ham are last reported at Livingston, Mont., where they visited Mike Walsh. They write that he is well and well located. A. II. Specht was down from Titonka for Sunday and to get a permit at this term of court. Ho says Titonka is going to have a big building boom again this fall. Ed. Hackman is completing a very neat and roomy cottwg-o for himself on some lots bought of John G, Smith in the south part of town. It will be a fine home. Brandt & Co., a couple of young men from Sioux City, have rented the store at Galbraith and will open up soon. A new postofflce there is also one of the probabilities. Judge Helsell opened court Monday with Reporter Ely present. The judge has made a very favorable impression here before on the bench, which this visit confirms, Newton Journal: "Miss Fagperstrom is an easy, graceful, forcible speaker, free from ranting or extravagance in gesture or manner." Congregational church, Sept. 8. The county board spent yesterday letting the contract for the big Ledyard ditch, Five bids were in, the lowest $7,300. The contract was not closed last night. The first case set for trial in court is the suit of Smith and Volmer of Davenport against A. A. Brunson, H. Hoxie and J. J. Ryan on that Lund bond. It will come on today. A. D. Barker brought some corn to THE UPPEB DES MOINES office from Cresco last week that is ready for the crib, and splendid corn too. He says he has 25 acres like it. The Chamberlain excursion took 51 from Algona Saturday night. Three big trains went through here. Wm. deary says a wondrous crowd gathered at Chamberlain. Dr. Day will officiate at the re-dedication of the Methodist church at Ledyard next Sunday. This church has been improved and rearranged, while the fresh painting adds to its beauty. The republicans will nominate a county ticket Friday. All sorts of guesses are being made. It will be an interesting and from all present appearances a good nature^ convention. Everybody who has beard Blind Boone will go again, for a more popular entertainment has never oorae to Algo. He plays a,t the Congregational church, Sept. 18, at ?5 and 85 cents for admission. Mike Smith's son, known familiarly as " Cap.," has bought the rest of the of the Carlon farm Jn Sherman and now has 250 acres of as fine land as Hea out in Kossuth. Mike Smith is one of the real pioneers an4 h}e eon js one of Kossuth's boys. Together they own well on to a section of land. They de serve the best there is. A man asked his wife what she thought of the opera Monday evening, and she replied that notwithstanding the company were two hours late in arriving they all had time to undress after they got here. The question of Mrs. Lund's dower was being argued last evening in court and will be settled today. Geo. E. Clarke, E. V. Swelling, J. W. Sullivan, W. L. Joslyn, Judge Carr and E. A. Morling are all taking a hand in. Dr. Morse was in Wesley Monday night to set R hip and knee for a six- yoar-old Peterson boy. The boy was sitting astride a fence board and some other boys gave him a twist that wrenched both hips and knee out. Messrs. Baldwin and Roweof Hebron were pleasant callers yesterday. They are among Kossuth'a thrifty farmers. As a sample of present prices Mr. Baldwin says he was offered $18 a head for calves considerably under a year old. The Merrie Bell opera company gave two fine entertainments Monday and yesterday evenings. They brought 40 people, all good. They came from Sioux Falls to Algona, and went to Des Moines. They sing in Des Moines a week. The big officials of the Iowa Central meet Friday for their annual session. [t is expected that they will come up the new line and visit Algona, and possibly go on west. It Is rumored that they will decide nt this meeting to ex- .end the Algona line. Judge and Mrs. Quarton visited with 3apt. Bailey while in New York. Dapt. and Mrs. Bailey live on a handsome farm about 20 miles from Niagara Falls, and are enjoying life. They watch the news of their old-time Algo- ia friends with interest. The judge says they have an ideal home. Dr. Morse has done the fair thing by J. W. Hinchon. The doctor was a member of the equalizing board which issessed J. W's. property, and now he ias taken the building and lot adjoln- ng his present office at the assessed valuation. He is going to (It up a handsome doctor's office. In the deal Mr. EUnchon gets half a lot addition to his residence property. Oratorical contest at the Congregational church tomorrow evening. The mines of the contestants are Misses Emma Suckow, Hattie Clarke, Nellie Sessions, Iza Scott, Ethel Laird, Katie Blackford, Beatrice Scott and Mr. Dscar Foster. A monologue entertainment by Miss Fagerstrom Friday evening at the same place. Good "oonl music both evenings. At the state fair G. P. Peek assisted n the machinery department, Durwood Walker sold tickets, Lew Hack- nan attended gates and Henry Mason, John C. Patterson, Prank Pottor and D. A. Potter were policemen. J. W. Wadsvvorth had the machinery depart- nent in charge, und the display this rear was double any previous one. The air came out from 15,000 to $10,000 ahead. Palo Alto Reporter: Music hall was the center of attraction Friday even- ng, it being the occasion of the oratorical contest for a $25 scholarship 'at Drake University. The contest was an excellent one. Will Algona's prove equally interesting? Come and see. Congregational church, Sept. 7. Admission, including Miss Fagorstrom's entertainment, 35 cents. Single admission 25 cents. Nyram C. Taylor has sold his homestead farm in Lotts Creek to Henry Dreyer. It recalls old times to think of the days when the boys went out and lomesteaded along Lotts Creek. How nany times their loads used to be stuck on the Blackford bridge bottom, before ,he grade was put in. Nyram has not decided what he will do, but hi-i will stay in Iowa. He ought to come to Algona. He was an Algonian when he was a boy. P. J. Walker Is coming to Algona and has bought one of the prettiest lomes in town, Wm. Nelson's corner on Oak Park avenue. When Peter and STyram Taylor leave Lotts Creek the )ioneers will be pretty well gone from ihe township. Peter has seen some mrd times as well as good over west, )ut hard work and good figuring have flven him a competence for old age. May he have many years of hearty loalth in which to enjoy it. Aug. Zahlten is enlarging and re- suilding his home north of town, and yhen he gets done will have one of the inest farm houses in the county. Deacon Zahlten is active an ever. This s his 44th year in Kossuth, a long time when we think of it. He came toHum- boldt and spent his first winter in the side of a clay bank in 1854. He can think of that home when ho gets his lew one done and think of what jhanges this country has seen during tiis life in It. The joke on Judge Quarton is too jood not to tell. On his way back from Buffalo, N. Y., he and Mrs. Quarton were in the sleeper when the train 3ame to Algona, and the porter neglected to call the station, and they didn't notice where they were until they were well under way for Hobart, They spent the day at Whittemore and came back on a frieght. The judge was not inclined to tell about it at first but he struck the delegates to Emmets burg coming back on the freight and and they wouldn't let him off. For Sale. Residence lot in good location, in Algona, Lot 6, Block 70, Kennedy street. Price is $400. Address H. Reints, Freeport, 111., box 1134,-13m3 RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOOAI, TRAINS WEST. No. l departs at—, 0:05 a m No. 3 departs at 3:58pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10(45pm No. 71 departs at 3:20 pm NO. 05 departs at 8:30 p in TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at ,.' 10:45am No. 4 departs at 6:28pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 78 departs at 10:10pm No.84 departs at ij:80p] R. F. HEPRJCjf, Ageut. CHJCAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- If you are looking foi* Bargains the place to find them is at the old reliable State street store. My stock oi Groceries is complete in all lines. My line of Staple G-roceries cannot be excelled. Gave me a call. James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. School Shoes are in demand just _ now, and what you want is the best looking and best wearing goods you can get for the money, and this is just where our mammoth itock of Footwear comes to your assistance by. offering you the best the market affords at the lowest possible cost. Look at those excellent Kangaroo Calf Shoes for child•en and misses at only $1.00, $1.25, and $1.50. Remember we give with each pair of school shoes a nice book satchell. Brownell & Allred, Pine repairing and custom work Exclusively Boot and Shoe Store, Boston block, ALGONA, IA. Buying a Stove is an important event in the history of every household; it is an event that motit peo- ^tf/rji*re pie wish to have occur \A/n| T P" at long intervals; this — possible when they buy a , ENAMEL. •"©•LINE. l j I I y^""V l^ ' ^^ They are made to last. Castings are I 3 \^J \^_) |\. p^U extra heavy, free from scrap iron. •—————^——. OVODH are large und roomy. Oven racks and doors inside are white enameled. They bake and cook with little fuel. FlixJC DrTLV>J\U .unteedfor J J 1 CdlS Over seventy-five families in this vicinity will testify to their superior merits. Don't believe our statements until you have seen the goods. We have them — all styles at right prices. O. M. DOXSEB, HARDWARE. Given Away.... With Every Pair of School Shoes. We give free a nice Tablet or Pencil Box. Call and get a pair of the Little Giant school shoes. They are the best, The Other Shoe Store. c. o. Mammoth Furniture Sale, I am going east, While away I will purchase my Fall, Winter, and Holiday stock, and in order to make copm for sam? I will mf&^jeaaa^ pf from 5 Mixed 6!6inBMte

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