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Brown County World from Hiawatha, Kansas · Page 1

Hiawatha, Kansas
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Friday, April 5, 1895
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o o to $1.50 In Advance FRIDAY. HIAWATHA, KANSAS, APRIL 5, 1895. FRIDAY. Thirty-Second Year. No. 14. IF HIAWATHA PEOPLE ARE ALIVE THEY WILL BUILD AN OPERA HOUSE AND HOTEL. " SOCIAL EVENTS. 1TKMS AltOl'T l'KI'.SOXS AND HA1 I'KMNtiS UKUi: AM) TIIKKK. The Topeka Capital" lirumatlc Critic Slopped Over In lraltln the Tor- bett Concert o Highly. Without ii doubt the Torbett Concert was a disappointment. The Topeka Capital had praised the Co. so highly that a great entertainment was expected. The Swedes' sing like good mechanics -automatically. Miss Tor bett plays like a novice and with less The manist plaved very well r but his singing was not appreciated lie does not sing as a rule, although l.e has given vocal lessons in New York to hundreds. He came on the stage to play, but as he rested his arm on the piano, he took the audience into his confidence and said: "lias anyone in the audience a troche?" Everybody giggled and grinned and many who had were afraid to say so and he had fo explain that he really wanted one and wouldn't harm the person who obliged him. A box of trociies was handed hii v He took one and handed tt.e box bacfc, saying, "T'is piano ''ij so bad that I will not attempt to inflict another selection on the audience, but will sing." lie then poured forth "Love's Sorrow" - a beautiful dramatic selection that is a great favorite with baritone and tenor heart smashers The Torbett company had a nasty time of it in Arkansas. The people there have quarantined all strangers as small-pox suspects since that disease ravaged Hot Springs. The little red-faced tenor does not 3peak English and when a Buchanan, Ark., health officer attempted to approach nim he w arned him oil. The other singers assured the officer that the little red faced man hadn't done anything; but all narrowly escaped a fuss and the lock-up. Miss Torbett went to bed ill from exaustion and the hotel people refused to wait on her and wanted to dump her in the city pest house. A kind act is a gracious blessing. It may be ever so small but it is winning all the tame. It was very warm in the Armory Friday evening and a lady and a little child looked especially uncomfortable. A woman a few seats back noted their discomfit and got up and mHpd tlipin her f n. It was not much f & tiling to do but it made Iverybody around feel good. A new Nebraska law condemns a married man to the penitentiary for ten years if he courts a girl pretending he is siugle. Another law 6ends a man to the penitentiary for ten years who assaults a woman and provides that he be pikhered. A great number of persons do not believe that this will make times any better in Nebraska. Don't try to bluff a bachelor. The Seneca Tribune says G. W. Williams, hardware dealer, said to Al Martin, bachelor: "Al if you will get married inside of HO days I'll give you that 655 range." The time expired Sunday. Martin was married Saturday night and called for the stove Monday and got it. Country schools are closing to allow the pupils to help their mothers in the kitchen and their fathers in the field. Country pupils know as much as town pupils when they get through, although they have not attended school half so long. One reason is that their heads are not crammed with butterfly nonsense. A young man asied his lady companion on the way home from the revival at Sabetha one night last week whether she went to church to hear the sermon or the singing. The young ladv promptly responded "I go to see the hims. Robinson Index. Society in the Third ward will be shocked to learn that Mammy True is suing for a divorce from her husband Mr. Tolston, who recently deserted her. Charley Pylo is her "gawdene" and he hopes to recover her property and her maiden name. A Beatrice young man saw the ad vertisement, "How to make your trous ers last," and sent 50 cents to find how it was done. The postal card that he received bore one line: "Make your coat and vest first." Falls City Jour nal. "She is a very pretty girl. She IS simply immense. And she has an im mense father, to boot," said the young man after the old man had given him a swift kick down the front steps. White Cloud Globe. A man in town was asked recently . to write a letter of recommendation for an employe who was moving to another town. He wrote the following: ! "To whom it may concern: The young man presenting this letter is honest. faithful, industrious and capable, but is seriously handicapped by a love af fair. (Jet him to break with his girl, and you will have as competent an employe as one could wish." Atchison Globe. As the women are not permitted to wear trousers in the day time, ou the streets, they propose to get around this little matter by wearing pajams for nighties. To be in style a woman must wear Japanese bloomers for night gowns. The men may kick, that is the married men, but they can't help it. Senator Mnrdock. The next time you hear a girl elocutionist notice how inaccurately she represents things. The wind never goes "woo-woo"as she says it does, the little boy at school is not at all like the girl elocutionist describes him. Who teaches the girl elocutionist these fool things? asks Ed. W. Howe. Mr. and Mr3. John White gave the Rebecca lodge a surprise Monday night by serving the members with splendid ice cream, cake and candy. The meeting was turned into a social good time. Mrs. Griff Mendenhall, who has a position in the Denver public schools, is one of the reception committee to ivrty? usv vvvuer? wiio aiierja the. national association there in June. Miss Isa Sherritt says that she has ridden 32 miles a day on a bicycle in South Dakota. She thinks that the roads and climate make it much easier riding there than here. Wra. Hedrick, of Highland station, last week fell from a bridge a distance of thirty-two feet and landed in a rock pile. He was not seriously injured but his head was badly cut. Falls City has a lady who is writing a book. It will be put up in scraps and bloom in June. It will be pressed, in Greece and bound in Turkey. Falls City Journal. Herman Wey and Billy Woods visited Hiawatha over Sunday. They were once in the hardware business here and missed it by leaving. Mr. Conser, of Hiawatha, who accompanied Miss Anna Mickey here returned to his home on Tuesday. Cawker City Record. If a man stands still long enough to catch a good breath these days, some one he dislikes forges ahead of him. Atchison Globe. A Whito Cloud married man thinks i-.c ?'i B utJU yct-rtuse iie can sejaom find anything where he laid it the day before. Globe. The Trundle lied Cro Ad which is the Up and Coming Crowd was entertained at high live by Miss Uelle Smith, Thursday night. The average woman politician thinks it is wicked to buy a vote if you have to pay more than 50 cents forit.-Atch-ison Globe. David Covert drove down to Brown county last week, and his wife followed by train this week. Cawker City Rec ord. The town about 7 o'clock every even ing is so filled with bonfires that it ooks like a big army campipg out. Mrs. Frank Unkefer, of Fairview, is here with her mother, Mrs. Dill ingham, who is quite ill. The Ainsworth club will meet with Miss Nellie Foster April 15. Subject, the works of Schumann. A bright Hiawatha-girl recently told her steady that kleptomania was no worse than callomania. The Heartsease Circle of King's Daughters will meet April 11 with Mrs. Dr. Shirley. O. D. Neibling has been building a tandsome residence on his lots on Iowa street. A rich relative in England has died and left the Boone family a good fat legacy. Mayor Mark Allen, of Alexandria, Neb., is visiting his uncle. C. W. Well come. The Suffrage Society will meet Tues day afternoon with Mrs. J. W. Potten- ger. Wm. Shields has bought the Moyer property opposite Chas. Wellcome's. Mrs. Joslin, mother of Mrs. Tapscott and Mrs. R oth rock, is quite ill. Carter Wilder, of Kansas City, vis ited with his mother Sunday. Mrs. Anderson's daughter, Mrs. Ella Woods, visited her Sunday. The Saturday Club meets with Mrs Hammond Saturday. Dr. J.Leigh has been confined to the house for a week. James Moyer is recovering from serious illness. The Misses Bo wron are remodeling their home. Miss Dora Schilling has returned , from Texas. THE CITY SCHOOLS THE IIAXK1XG OF I'Ul'ILS FOB THE MONTH OF MAItCH. An Athletic Ground Would Be Greatly Appreciated If the School Hoard Would Buy It. Blaine Smith has been compelled to sever his connection with the High school on account of failing health. Miss McDill was a pleasant visitor Thursday. Landon Kelsey Intends to take a trip on hi3 bicycle to Kansas City as soon as school closes. Miss I5aker, of Robinson, was a very pleasant visitor Thursday. She grad uated in the same class with Prof. Leather wo 3d. Fred Gaston, of Carson, was a pleasant visitor Monday. Miss Brittie Leslie read a very entertaining essay on "Dolls" last Tuesday. Harry Crooks read a very entertaining essay also. He took for his subject, "Arultus est index animi." Prof. Campbell of the Academy preparatory class was a very pleasant vis itor Tuesday. The High School is very proud of its pianists, Misses Kelsey and Case. The Junior class had three examina tions this week. There will be a debate in the hear future in which all the classes of the High School will be represented. Miss O'Malley and Joe Girard will represent the Seniors; Miss Culp and John Baker, the Juniors; Miss Brown and Jessie Berry, the Sophomores; Miss Miller and John Richards the Freshman. MARCH BANKING. Pupils who ranked first during the last month in our city schools: Seniors: LenaMcNamar. Juniors: Eleanor Miller. Sophomores: Addie Rogers. Freshman: David Andrews. 7 B: Mamie Adams, Clark Haver, Don Gaston. 6 A: Lizzie Burke, Ella M. Nye. 5 A: Ralph Hill. 5 B: Edith Hoff ineir, Gladys Sherman, Fay Smith. 3 A: Arthur Bassett, Claude Bush-nell, Lo'a Richards, Emma Good. 3 B: Eugene Highley, Ella Christene Stanley Davis, Samey Mize, Wilbert Sanders, Hugh McDonald, Blanche Hoyt. 2 A: Lizzie Freiburghouse, Nellie Mitchell, Mary Chandler, Dora Zieber, Susie Welch? Mabel Nichols, Bessie Swartz, Cleve McMillen, Janet Daniels, Harvey Hiskey; Lulu Kneisel. 1 A: Irene Leming, Elsie Ludlow, Johnnie Woodside, Elmer Woodside. 1 B: Iva Lane, Clyde Miller, Howard Payne, Howard Eberly, Ollie Andrews. THE FACULTY. No truants can escape Prof. Leather-wood. One day last week he missed a couple of his large pupils. lie searched for them and found them up town playing martles. A marked sensation was preceptible in the High School a few minutes later when he appeared quietly ushering in the guilty culprits. It would be a good thing if the city superintendent and principal were giv en police power to arrest all boys of school age found on the streets playing during school hours. Hiawatha will be well represented at the Northeast Kansas Teachers As sociation, which will be held at Kansas City, Kan, April 18, 19 and 20. Four of our best teachers are on the pro gram, Profs. Rhodes and Leatherwood and Misses Kiner and Rohl. There are 80 colored pupils at pres ent in the city public schools. Only one is far enough advanced to be in the High School. W EAT II Ell REPORT FJR MARCII. Prepared by Chancellor F. H. Snow, of tbe University of Kansas. While the past month was a warm one, yet Its mean temperature has been exceeded in seven other Marches in the last 28 years. March of last year was one of the three warmest Marches. In March 1868 the thermometer reached 93 degrees, which is six degrees warmer than the maximum of the past month. While March '95 has been exceeded in mean and maximum temper ature by other is exceptional in the high temperatire, (68.51 deg.) of the last week of the month, which is the hottest March week ever noted here. This month is the fifth consecu tive month with deficient rainfall. The wind, cloudiness and barometer were normal. The Dor Saved a Serious Hurt. Roger Wilcox, the 12 year-old son of jO. K. Wilcox, and Warren Barnes, were playing with a dog in B. F. Kil- ley's grove Saturday. While the ' dog dug in the mouse holes the boys climbed trees. Young Wilcox climbed a tree beneath which the dog was dig ging. About fifteen feet up was a limb and on this Wilcox perched. The limb broke and the boy fell on the dog. The dog was almost killed. The boy got off with three cracked ribs. Two very small boys at school in this vicinity were whispering one day recently when the teacher reprovingly enquired: "Now what should I do with little boys who whisper ?" All was quiet for a moment while these young philosophers pondered on the problem then one of them got an idea and responded: "Let them go out and play." They were allowed to go.--Ne-maha County Sbectator. THE MONGRELS DEFEATED. Hereafter City Affairs Will Be In the Hands of the Dominant Party. The city election Tuesday was made interesting by the endeavor of the Mongrels to defeat the Republicans. G. W. Harrington, who is the representative of all the isms, including equal suffrage and prohibition, was pushed for mayor by the Democrats and Pops and lukewarm Republicans, i His lady friends hustled votes for him by the carriage load. The Republicans made little effort but voted the straight ticket quietly, i satisfied that they would win. Many had failed to register. Squire Herbert has been ju&tic8 so long that there was concerted action to lay him out, but despite his 72 years, ne ran ahead or his younger competitor and has the laugh on Dr. Knoblaugh and the opposing element. Joe Anderson was beaten by the three cornered fight made against him. The council now stands: James A. Lawrence and A. J. Hill, First ward; W. O. Noble, T. A. Dunn, Second ward; J. G. Schupp, Third ward; M. E. Yost, Steve Baldry, Fourth ward. John II. Meyers has tendered his resignation as councilman and a special election will be called to supply place. Let a good Republican be selected. Followiug is the viL: 1 1st 2d 3d 4th Total Mai-Gr it F. Buckles. Republican, 72 G. W. Harrngton, Citizen, 45 lOfi 85 71 6a 42 4ti 2(11 239 Buckles' majority..- 27 2i 8 Citv Treasurer A. McLaughlin, K 65 io.-j 74 C. P. Waste. C 32 80 55 52 32 54 274 221 53 McLaughlin's majority.... 33 23 19 Treasurer School Board C. H. .Fanps. 75 157 76 CO 0G3 Od both tickets. Police Judge F. M Webb, It . 67 102 74 41 Wm. Aliern, C 36 cs 58 42 2S4 204 80 319 197 150 47 Webb's majority 31 34 16 Justices W. F. Shale. K. ,67 115 S5 62 On both tickets. L. S. Herbert. R...... 51 72 46 2 J. N. Knoblaugh, C 25 52 41 .32 Herbert's majority 26 20 Constables A. C. Potter, S5 12 2 C9 85 351 On both tickets. Joseph Anderson. R - 48 59 42 46 191 203 J. E. Brooks, C 35 76 Brooks' majority.... KIEST WARD r 17 4 4 ' SECOKD WARD Councilman 100 Wm. Fraser.R...... Councilman A. J. Hill. 85 On both tickets. T. A. Dunn, O i'9 ' Dunn's majority.- 14 School Board 80 .T; A. Hewitt, R 116 21 H. A. Meyer, C...... 70 School Board Thos. MclAUElilin. 11, Mary E. Wilder, C... McLaughlin's maj. , 69 Hewitt's majority, 46 THIRD WARD. .FOURTH WARD. Councilman Councilman ,T. G. Schupp. It .... 69 Steve Baldry. 82 Jacob Hirth, C. 62 On both tickets. Schunp's majority-School Board G. Amann ....... 7 r . School Board .120 O. D. Neiblinc. II 31 J.M.Horn. C 50 f Hnrn's majority-... 19 J. L. AHemcot 39 votes for member school board, outlyfng district; John Swam, 40. A' Happy Discovery. A Troy young man, 19 years old, has j ast discovered he has a sister. His mother died when he was a baby. A wealthy couple took his sister on con dition that she wouldiaever be claimed by relatives or told that she had brother. The sister went to England. Last September when -she was going to be married she was told of her rela- tives. Since then she has made every effort to find her brother. He has found her and is making arrangements to visit her. Col. Blair's Barn. Little Millie Blair got hold of some matches Monday, climbed, into the hay mow and set fire to a bunch of hay in the corner. Becoming frightened she ran into the house and told her sister, who ran out with a bucket of water and put out the fire before it had got much headway. . Sold Seed Corn. , The State Board of Railroad Com missioners visited Everest Wednesday where thev bought 10.000 bushels o seed corn of W." W., Price. :-: .V;- conceit. . J.' Every man has enough conceit to imagine he ; knows better than his neighbor lost what his neighbor can afford. E. W. Howe. - r CHURCH DOINGS. SOMETHING THAT IS GOING ON IN RELIGIOUS CIHCI.ES. A Populist Sou Embarrasses a S. S. Superintendent When Asked About Zaccheus. At Wetmore last Sabbath morning the Baptist minister announced that a marriage ceremony would be performed during the evening services, but he was not at liberty to give the names of the contracting parties. All afternoon the gossips made one call after another and every marriagable man and maiden in the town was freely discussed. No less than six different couples were picked out by confident ones. The people filled the church and yard long before early candle light. Great was the sensation when the minister called for the contracting parties to step forth. The wedding march commenced playing and Peter Shue-raaker, aged 82, and Mrs. Claybrook, 03, came jubilantly forward. The gossips haven't recovered yet from the shock of there being a romance in town and they not knowing more about it than the parties concerned. We are pleased to note that Rev. E. C. Smith has been sent to a good field, Seneca, lie has had some of the scrub places long enough. Wherever he goes his congregations grow in grace and numbers. Would. Yes.we are pleased too. but when you say he has been in scrub places long enough you say too much. Robinson and Muscotah have been his only charges. Here he received $900 salary and with benevolences the church paid nearly $1200 yearly. When you call tnat "scrub" what will you say of Seneca which only pays 8850 and has seven times our population. Robinson Index. All right. Your apology is accepted. Rev. J. A. Motter. presiding elder, said in his oQicial report at the Kansas conference that "C. D. Wilson is filling Hiawatha one of the best stations with popular favor. A large crack has made its appearance in the structure near the pulpit, and will require an outlay of about $1000. The building must be enlarged. The value or our church property in the district is about 160,000, which carries about $7,000 indebtedness. There has been about 1,200 professions of conversion. The average estimate of pastor j' salaries is 856 including parsonage A man arose in a Philadelphia prayer meeting the other night, according to the Record, and said that alter his first wife's death he proposed marriage to a worldly woman. Afterward he thought he had erred in not seeking a christian woman and when on his way to the marriage ceremony he lifted his eyes to heaven and said: "God, if you don't want me to marry this w'oman, strike her with lightning before we reach the church." The lightning didn't appear and the ceremony took place. Fairview Enterprise. It was announced that Rev. 'Byram, the evangelist, would give a talk on secret societies last Wednesday even ing and a number of persons supposed he would roast the societies. On the contrary, he was very merciful. He said that there sfiould be no choice be tween them and the churcn as a means of salvation. That the lodge did not pretend to fit men for heaven. The acceptance of Christ as a personal Savior is the only thing that can save men. Membership in the church will not do it. A Populist's son at the Sunday school embarrassed Superintendent Nottorf a little. The lesson was on Zaccheus, the publican. "Now, dear children," said the superintendent, "who was Zaccheus?" "A Republican,' shouted the small boy. "Why do you think he was a Republican?" asked the leader in his blandest tone. "Cause,' said the boy, who had read the scrip ture lesson throughout, "he was the chief of sinners." The subject was changed at once. Abilene Reflector It is no wonder that Marshal county is one of the most moral and religious counties in the state: it employs twelve Methodist preachers and supports fourteen newspapers. Besides this large number of Methodist divines, it has an innumerable number of preachers of other denominations, including almost every "brand" of religion known in the west. Frankfort Bee. . . -- From an exchange we learn that the earth will come to an end, according to the prediction of a pastor of a certain Attn.nti t arojitltr f urn hnnra f ArtvnA minutes and. twelve seconds afternoon of the sixteenth day of June next. We hope our delinquents will bear this in mind and not allow themselves to be overtaken by this great calamity with their subscription unpaid. Mr. Robinson, pastor of the Congregational church at Aven Park, Florida, has been hanged in effigy because he smokes. He still refuses to give up tobacco and there has been a split in his church. Mr. Robinson's followers will build a church of their own, and smoke v;ith him. The church people at Aven Park have caused the greatest boom in smoking that has been known in years. Atchison Globe. The Methodists are talking of building a new parsonage. One that will place them on an equal footing with the other churches. The church is a wealthy one and there is no need of its having one of the poorest looking parsonages in town. A modern building on that corner will be quite an improvement to Sixth street. The Rev. Mr. GibsOn leaves Everest for Sabetha. He will not there have so much work to do lighting the demon of rum .and will doubtless be more popular He is an agressive man and capable of doing great good. He has the courage that doesn't even stop for a stone wall. Should men wear patched pants to .church isa question that is at the pres ent agitating the public mind. It depends on the condition of society, but it is bought that even pants with all. Morrill Xews. Sam Jones told his St. Louis audience one night last week: "If every one who belongs to church gets to heaven. we shall have to sleep with our breeches under our pillow when we get there to keep them from being stolen." The M. E. conference has probably condemned Gov. Morrill because it is easy to blame someone else. If prohibition does not prohibit citizens are to blame and the preachers quite as much as anyone. Religion can't be purchased. Christianity must be lived. N Religion is very common throughout the world, while Christianity is a gradual, struggling growth. Atchison Champion. In the United States 10,000,000 students attend the Sunday school. The Bible is taught in 22 different languages in the New York Sunday schools. Rev. C. D. Wilson pronounces Prof. Clarence Chase's new book on the Gospel a fine thing for Sunday school workers and Bible students. . There has been one addition to the First Baptist church as a result of the revival meetings Mrs. Wood. The Iowa Indians, located in the northeast part of the county, have raised 600 to build a church. Rev. A.S.Embreeis making arrangements for a trip abroad to spend the summer. Topeka Capital. The Catholics at Horton raised 91500 Monday night toward paying off a church debt. Rev! J. K. Miller has been transferred rom Lawrence to Wellington. Quarterly conference at the M. E church next Sabbath. TWO ARRESTS. Morrill Folks Become Involved In a Foolish Little Squabble. in our Morrill news it will be seen that the vote of Miss Evans, a resident of the town for three years, was chal lenged. This indignity angered Prof. Collawn and J. T. Mickey and they gave vent to their feelings at the poll mg place. Tnesday the men they made mad had them arrested. It is not at all probable that they will lose any thing by such proceedings. The Citizens ticket was elected at Morrillr R. B. Gibbs, mayor; L. N Reid, police judge; David Barnes, M W.Willard, Wm. Davis. D. A. Van derpool, Geo. Meyers, councilmen. The Peoples party folks were de feated. R.E.Speer, may or; Joe Peyton police judge; councilmen, I. B. Hiatt Tom Muxworthy, D. A. Vanderpoo Geo. Meyers. Pullman Men at Work. The Pullman men are working like beavers to get their new shops in read! ness. . We saw 16 men raise a siding Tues day one to each joist. Their ham mers ring right merrily on the west side. Almost the first job will be the manufacture of a large number of Welmcr pinkers. '. They have a contract to make 200 Babbit cultivators, work on which must begin by the 10th.'; H. B. Men joun, superintendent, and Dan Hill-man, foreman of the blacksmith shop went to Kansas City Sunday evening to buy an engine and. machinery. The bond of murderer Nutt is fixed ' at 310,000. He can't give it. - A WEEK'S NEWS. ST. JOIIX'S SOX HARRY KILLS HIS WIFE IX OKLAHOMA. Important Xews ol" the Week Condensed for You to Read as You Run. Henry St. John, a member of the Oklahoma legislature and a son of the ex-governor, shot and killed his wife at his Oklahoma home Wednesday. She refused to tell him who was the author of a letter he had intercepted. Kansas got most of the Sunday ram. , Nebraska is greatly in need of raiii. None west of Beatrice. The Nebraska legislature has voted S200,000 for seed grain and feed for the destitute farmers. The star performer of Holton amateur actors has reached the goal of his ambition by receiving an offer to go on the road with a medicine company. Topeka Journal. A. J. Thompson wxs assaulted Wednesday just south of Horton, in Atchison county, by John Riley and Jos. Barber. In the melee Thompson's leg was broken. Someone wants to know of the man who answers the Bible queries in the Horton Headlight why Jacob wept when he kissed Rachel. Topeka Journal. Major Calvin Hood, of Emporia, has been elected president of the Kansas City Live Stock and Commission Co. and will move to Kansas City. A Chinaman is the candidate for mayor at Lexington, Neb. We hope this makes a local newspaper man's ambitions excusable. Wm. A. White says Governor Mor rill should have appealed the Waller case to Bill Hackney instead of President Cleveland. Ex-Consul Waller, the Kansas man sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the French, hopes to be at home by July 4. An Oklahoma man, Reginald Mc Ginn is, shot and killed Joseph Brad-1 ford at a school-house prayer meeting. John Cracratt has become promin ent at Lawrence &y buying two good boats and advocating a regatta. Milwaukee and Kansas City .each have million dollar fires. Fine pictures were burned at Milwaukee. The 03borne girl who sang "Come Gentle Spring" seems to have influ ence. Lopeka journal. Li Hung Chang, pronounced one of four great men by Gen'l Grant, will re cover. A Jap snot mm. Timely advice from the Atchison Globe: If your friends don't treat you right, eat onions. Governor McKinley favors a double standard only on international agree ment. Gov. Morrill has suspended the State ioard o Charities, pending investiga tion. Ex-Gov. Levelling is figuring on running for Congress next year. Dr. PUcher has been doing business again and will be investigated. Poor old Missouri is to have a spe cial session of her legislature. Kansas City women have decided for hats off in church, also. The A. P. A. is in charge of the Ne braska legislature. Punshon's lawyers as'x for a new trial. A MILLION OFF. Why Not Tell the Truth About the Recent Lecl&Iatlve Session? Populist papers all over the state have been asserting that the appropriations made by the recent legislature amounted to 83,500,000. This is nearly 81,000,000 in excess of the truth. A careful computation of all appropriation bills has been made in the secretary of state's ofhee, and the exact sum is 82,585,200.54 for two years or 8200,000 per year less than the sum appropriated by the legislature of two years ago and the smallest appropriation made at any time within ten years. The claim that three and one half millions had been appropriated has for itsbasis the fact that bills carrying about that sum had passed the Populist senate, but they were reduced in the house. Topeka Mail. Inwlse Churchmen. . A Methodist conference in Kansas has condemned Governor Morrill for not making prohibition prohibit. The governor might retaliate by condemning the temperance advocates for not working up a public sentiment that would make prohibition possible. K. C. JonrnaL v Bowen Henry is putting' up a nice boose on Iowa street.

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