The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1899
Page 5
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THE tJPPM DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 80, 1809, THE Ladies' Home Journal. T HE " ads." in this popular ladies' magazine are an interesting feature ; they are all works of art, and it is a well-known fact that they are announcements of reliable business houses only —no others will be accepted. In looking over a recent uum- ber we were surprised to see how many of these advertised goods we have in stock : FIRST OF ALL there are the well-known Thompson Glove-fitting Corsets, of which we have a fine assortment on hand. Next the " Oneita" Elastic Ribbed Union Suits. Then the " Burlington" brand of Hosiery, the best line on the market. The celebrated Simmons line of Ladies' Kid Gloves, which includes a dollar glove in black and all colors, which we can warrant to our trade. The Philadelphia Cloak and Suit Company's line of Ladies' Suits. AND THE BEST part of it all is the fact that you can obtain all of these articles as cheap, and in some instances cheaper than you would if you bought them direct from the makers. Chrischilles & Herbst. Have you seen those beautiful Golf Capes AT- i A 1S Taylor's? It will pay you to look at them. They are the correct thing for Fall. Our Dress Goods Dept. never contained such a variety and complete line as this season. Black Crepons, all the new shades in colored suitings; Fancy Plaid Novelties for skirts. All new. Fur Collarettes are to be worn more than ever, and the time to buy is early when the stock is complete. We are showing ten times as many as were ever shown in a town the size of Algona. In the Millinery Dept. you can see all the new shapes and colors in street hats for Fall. Every department rilled with new, fresh goods. Jf\S. Tf\YLOR. The druggist's three requi sites Shectz Pharmacy Co. DRUGGISTS The skillful physician requires a skillful pharmacist, and the patient requires both. 8 fB (Purity, \ Skill, and I Promptness Since we entered the drug business we have faithfully endeavored to carry out these three maxims. DIIDITV above all things. Our drugs are F Unl I I absolutely pure. No adulteration is tolerated in any form. Every precaution is exercised in the filling of prescriptions. The closest attention to the most minute eetalls. Correctness rather than haste. DDAUDTUCCQ No delay, no tardiness, rnUllirinuOOi no procrastination in .•. filling prescriptions. Our large and increasing patronage- indi- ea*e that Purity, Skill, and Promptness are appreciated by the public. Sheetz Pharmacy Co. DRUGGISTS. SKILL Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry, also watches, clocks, and silverware. I Remeraher the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable. 4 E. G. BOWYER. Save Your Money. Buy your sewing machines at home, at Chicago prices, and save the freight. We sell a 3-drawer and cover machine for $16; a 5-drawer and cover machine $17. Drop head machines, $18 to $20, with factory guarantee for ten years. 23t2 J. B. WlNKEL. When you take a Particular Prescription to a particular drug store you do so because you have confidence In that store. You believe that the drugs are pure and fresh, the methods right, the skill the best, and the prices fair and reasonable. We conduct our Prescription department on the principle that Nothiny is too good •> ' for tltf sic/e. very tru)y, | ElUers & Adams, J Leading Druggists, Algona. WATER OH NO PA Y. Artesian wen contractor. T have the only cable steam drilling machine owneu in the county; sink wells for water supply for towns cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates made. I em ploy only expert drillers. Address A. F tJaftey, Algona, Iowa. For Sale. On account of my expected removal 'rom Algona I offer all my town property for sale; also some nice timber lots south of town. H. B. MASON. For Sale. Residence lot in good location, in Al- _ona, Lot 6, Block 70, Kennedy street. Price is $400. Address H. Reints, Freeport, 111., box H34.-13m8 Attention, School Boys! We will give free one nice, new cap with each suit of clothes, for 15 days only. Boys, come and get ready for school.-28t2 JNO. GOEDERS. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. MONEY to loan at 6 per cent, interest Optional payments, H. HOXIE. I HAVE several farms to rent for one or more years. THOS. P. COOKE. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. FOR SALE: My residence property house and two lots, for sale. 1518 J. L. EDMONDS. HOUSE to rent. Inquire of F. W Waterhouae. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. OUR new dress goods have begun tc arrive. Call and see them. G. L. GALBRAITH. OUR shirt waists must all go nex week, if prices will make them go. G. L. GALBRAITH. FOR SALE: A good reataurant an boarding house business in Algona Inquire of B. E. Lorenz. 1410 MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. THE LOCAL FIELD, School opens Monday. Merrie Belle Opera company Monay. The county fair comes in three weeks. The C. B. Hutchtns house Is en- losed. Court meets Monday, Judge Helsell m the bench. The hot, dry weather has insured he corn crop. Taylor has golf capes, and other apes. A big stock. Some complain of light oats. Some ave very heavy yield. Doxsee is putting furnaces in for E. r . Swotting and J. W. Sullivan. Geo. C. Call is putting a mile or more of sidewalk in at Kunawha. The democrats hold their convention o nominate county officers Sept. 13. Max Herbst htis moved to the Aud- tor Calkins house he bought lately. Mrs. Mary Mason is here from Dodge Center for a visit with the Sommors amlly. Col. and Mrs. Spencer were called to Wisconsin Friday by the death of his ephew. Supt. Van Erdewyk lias a tempting ffer to take charge of the bank at St. Benedict. T. H. Conner Is getting up plans for A. H. Patne's new house. It is to oost .bout $2,000. John Cronholra's new house is en- losed. It will be very sitely and is ilcely designed. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ingham started or Omaha from the const Monday. ?hey will be home soon. J. R. Laird is going to have a big urnlture sale. The particulars ap- jear in his advertisement. Drs. Stull and Keneflck cut a big tumor from Mrs. Baker, wife of the gar- lener south of town, Monday. Rev. Suckow has had a pleasant va- latlon. He began his regular services Sunday to a large congregation. E. T. Burbank is enlarging and rebuilding his house and is going to lave one of the neatest in town. There are 317 cases on the court locket. For this term 80 new cases lave been brought in law and equity. Frank Telller opens school at Em- uotsburg tomorrow. He is principal »f their schools! They are fortunate o secure him. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Danson entertained a few friends pleasantly last svening to meet Rev. and Mrs. Walker if DOB Moines. Conrad Falk and Nellie M. Smith, <Yed. Hansel man and Minnie Babe, Walter Duckett and Huttie Honley are icensed to wed. Miss Bertha Tellier has boen elected ;eacher of instrumental and vocal music in the schools at Hull, and begins work this week. Dr. Morse took a 32 bullet from the land of a 12-year-old Johnson boy from lortheast of' Algona Sunday. It was an accidental shot. Friday evening dances at Riverside Park are discontinued until next season. Band concerts Sunday will con- tinue.until Oct. 1, 1899. The latest rumor is that the Milwaukee and Northwestern will buy the [owa Central and take such parts of ihe line as fit into it best. Prof. Spencer and family are located n the east half of the Ferguson house ately built. Chas. J. Doxsee and fam- .ly will soon occupy the weat half. The regular passenger service on the Iowa Central will not begin until the track is laid to Algona and ballasted. Cars are expected in November. Rev. Bagnell's mother died last week at her home in Cedar Falls. Rev. Bagnell is now located at Sioux itv. He took the remains east for burial. Geo. Fisher is remodelling one of the old landmarks, the Taft cottage east of Thos. Henderson's. He is putting on a second story and making a very neat borne of it. Geo. F. Holloway writes to his Bancroft friends that he is in the sheriff race, and that if he is nominated he will be here for the canvass and to attend to the office in person. "The Other Shoe Store" is making a specialty of the Little Giant school shoes, and is offering a nice present to all who buy. They are just the thing now that school is opening. Old Mr. Sundstrom. who has lived near the fair grounds many years, died Sunday night of bladder paralysis. He was exactly 70 years old. The funeral was held Monday. Geo. L. Galbraith is at work on his buildings at the new town of Galbraith and will soon have them completed, A man is talking now of renting the store and putting in a stock of goods. The new school house will not be ready inside of two weeks and the high school will open Monday in the normal building. The men are working on the new building nights to get it done. Frank Devine has sold his farm to August Berte of Rutland for $45 an acre and has bought east of Llvermore a new farm at $50 an acre. Land is land down in the south end of Kossuth. Mrs. Elhanan Clark of Riverdale went to Des Moines lust week to have her eyes treated. All old settlers will hope that no serious trouble is to be overcome. A cataract is covering one eye. C. A. Spratt, the Webster City horse buyer, has sued Peter K.irsch for a team he bargained for. He was to give $250 and Kirsch was to deliver the horses, but failed. The horses have been replevined. Work has begun on one of the houses E. S. Johnson is building over east of Henry Waleton's. The rock is on the ground for the second. This will make three houses for him this season, all good ones. Presiding Elder Yetter, Revs. Day and Bryan attended the district conference at Goldfleld last Wednesday. The business of the district is in good shape, which speaks for Rev. Tetter's careful administration. Miss Ida Krueger, who was to havs married a LuVerneite some time ago, but who was held by her father until a writ of habeas corpus was issued, is now married. Henry Dickmore of Wesley is the lucky husband. The Merrie Belle Opera company comes Monday evening and sings Von Suppe's well-known "Boccaccio." Seats on sale tomorrow. All who remember this company last season will make it a point to be present again. John G. Smith attended the Gitbert- Budd shooting tournament at Okoboji last week, his daughters going with him. He reports a pleasant meeting, Roily Heikes, Tom Marshall, Mrs. Shattuck, and other famous shots being present. Mrs. Dr. G. H. Woodworth sends THE UPPER DES MOINES a copy of the Port Arthur, Texas, News describing the arrival of the first big ship through the new harbor. Port Arthur now claims to be the real deep water harbor on the Texas coast. Ehlers & Adams have ordered one of the finest soda fountains ever brought to the state. It costs $1,200 and will soon occupy the front of their store. They will have a table for the accommodation of customers, a leather window seat, and everything in keeping. The soldier boys got off to the Philadelphia national encampment Friday. Besides J. R. Laird, who goes as delegate, Dr. McCoy, S. Benjamin, Jas. A. Orr, and A. Wolfe will go. Henry Long will also be of the party and visit his old home, which is near the Quaker city. The pastor of the Mankato, Minn., Methodist church was in Algona last week to visit Rev. Day and look over the new church. He is planning a new church for Mankato and will in the main copy the Algona building. He says it is the best he has ever seen for the money. Jos. Hudson, who has been in Bancroft some time in charge of the Westenhaver store, has gone to Oskalooea to take charge of their store there. He has become an expert merchant and his promotion is deserved. He visited his parents and brothers in Algona over Sunday. It is possible that another trial will bo made against the Cory pony at the county fair. A bicycle man in Chicago has written to Secretary Peek proposing to come with an electric pacing machine and a professional rider. Fred. Cory has the letter and will accept the race if the society want to put it on. Martin Bronson says C. P. Borland is preaching successfully In Los Angeles, and has a couple of fine orange orchards. .1. H. Call he says Is very prosperous in Los Angeles, and Thos. Earloy in Pasadena. Martin is having a well dug on his farm, is harvesting his crops, and will go back to the coast in a few weeks. Perry Burlingame has rented his big home farm in Irvington to M. B. Shiplor of Falrfield for five years cash rent, reserving only the orchard. Perry will now take life easy and lot the hundreds of acros of land he has held to during some hard times take care of him. He has one of the largest and best farms in the county. Sunday morning Rev, F. E. Day announced that he would not return to Algona next year. Conlorence meets in Sioux City Sept. 21, and the bishop will give him a new appointment, Rev. Day has made many friends during his two years here who will regret his decision, and whose good wishes will go with him to his new location, which they hope will be one of the best in the conference. The Free Methodist conference returned Rev. Damon to Algona, and sent Rev. Radford to Armstrong, Rev. Webb to Peterson, Rev. John Sutton to Spencer, and Rev. Miller to Elmore. The weather was fine ior the camp mooting, the visiting brethren praised Rev. Damon's new church, and the meetings closed with everybody feeling enthusiastic, Rev. and Mrs. Damon are worn out with their long seige of hard work in getting ready, and will go soon for a few weeks' rest and vacation. F. A. Kllngler, the new station agent of the Iowa Central, has arrived in Algona from Freeinont, where he has been located, and is getting at home in the Max Herbst house. He is a pleasant gentleman to meet and will soon make acquaintances. He expects the truck in Algona early next month, and then when the side tracks are In will be ready for business. Mr. Klingler says that besides a depot we shall have a small round house at Algona, and that in his opinion the road will QO on northwest, becoming the main line. Rev. Walter M. Walker preached at the union services in tho Methodist church Sunday evening. He spoke on the influence of healthy discontent in the progress of civilization. He traced the spread of the Aryan race over Europe, and referred to some of the other great tidal waves of expansion, coming to our present struggle in the Philippines. In his opinion our war with Spain was begun in righteousness and none of the necessary developments of that war, however unexpected at first, need be shunned now. If God's purpose was in the inception of the struggle, whatever comes in consequence is his will and purpose. The sermon was eloquent, sound, and delivered with all Rev. Walker's well- known oratorical fire. If you are looking for Bargains the place to find them is at the old reliable State street store. My stock oi G-roceries is complete in all lines, My line of Staple Groceries cannot be excelled. Give me a call. James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. School Shoes are in demand just • now, and what you want is the best looking and best wearing goods you can get for the money, and this is just where our mammoth stock of Footwear comes to your assistance by offering you the best the market affords at the lowest possible cost. Look at those excellent Kangaroo Calf Shoes for children and misses at only $1.00, $1.25, and $1.50. Remember we give with each pair of school shoes a nice book satchell. \ Brownell & Allred, Pine repairing and custom work.- Exolusively Boot and Shoe Store, Boston block, ALGONA, IA.' Doxsee The Hardware Man, Is going to give away A $5.00 KODAK to the girl under 16 years of age who collects the largest number of his advertisements as they appear in the papers from week to week before the first day of next January. Advertisements that have appeared at any time in any county paper during the year 1899 will count. Kodak and complete developing outfit may be seen at his store, where fuller particulars can be had. Given Away.... OUR fall stock of lace curtains and portiers has arrived. If you want to see something 1 nice please call. G. L. GALBRAITH. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOOAI* TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:68pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departsat 10:46pm No. 71 departs at 3:80pm No. 05 departsat 8:30pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:46 am No.4 departs at fl:S8pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 78 departsat , loaopm No.04 departs at 3:gOp™ R. F. HBDBICR, Agent, CHICAGO South— Pat^s • Mfcea'•'•'••'"•"••• 2 ••!§&» —--• -7t84p» With Every Pair of School Shoes. We give free a. nice Tablet or Pencil Box. Call and get a pair of the Little Giant school shoes. They are the best. The Other Shoe Store, o. Mammoth— Furniture Sale. I am goin chase my F;

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