The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1899
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1899, VOL. XXX1V-NO. 24. TEA! Tea! Tea! We have just received our invoice of New Teas, and they are very fine. Ceylon: Monsoon and Naban. Japan : Rose Bud, May Flower, and Camelia. Langdon & Hudson. Carpets, Rugs, and_Linoleums, Our Fall stock has arrived and we are better prepared than ever before to furnish any grade you want. We are showing the largest line of Rugs that has ever been shown in the city. Our Linoleum stock is complete. Please call. Geo. L. Galbraith. New Fall and Winter Goods Arriving every day at m. NEW Dress Goods, Silks and Velvets, Outing Flannels, Prints, Blankets, Quilts, G-loves, Handkerchiefs, Fur Collarettes, Waists, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Groceries. Free to Any School Boy or Girl: We will give FREE with each pair of School Shoes one pair of good heavy stockings or a 2OO-page tablet and lead pencil. 4. OILUOUR. President, 0. B. HVTOmNS, Vice President, a. 80HBNOK, Secretary, J. W. WADSWORTB, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, S. W, DUEYEK, OBAS, WOOSTEB, S. STEVSSY, J. 0. KA1N, J. E. STAOY. The Farmers' Milling Co. ^* OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. 0»n furnish the trade with choice flour from selected wheat ; also bran, snorts, »nd ground IB lots to wit purchasers. This Js a farmers' company and solicits the farmers' business. *Wo;c3s a Sp^Qiaity. We can ana wm do a * weu by you w any mlu *» /. B. A Bald Spot Isn't beautiful no matter how you look at it, and oftentime it is as unnecessary as it i« unlovely. Miller's Hulr Tonic is prepared espe dally for this purpose. It keeps tin hair in n smooth, glossy, healthy con dition, stimulates the roots, prevents dandruff and itching, and holds as bay as well as cures dandruff. PRICE, 60c. R, H, MILLER, The Druggist, If a man is in love Unit's his business; if a girl is in love that's her business; but if they are engaged'to he married it's OUR BUSINESS to soil the engagement ring and make the bride u. present. Dingley & Pugh, : Sigl) Of Hie Big Watch, ALGONA.. R. H. SPENCER, Real Estate, IFa/rm Loans, Has some choice bai'Kalns In Improved and inlmproved lauds lu Kossuth comity and else- vhere. Come and look over my list. ISoom 3.1. IBoaton. Sloclc, •A.XJO-O2ST.&., XO-W.&.. Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the lldredge, Victor, and Andrae Wheels. J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. amoved—now next door to Frank Wlnkel's meat market, State street. W. H. LACY can furnish you low prices on Hay, Feed also all kinds of mill stuff, Wood and Coal. your weighing on our city scales Opposite Hotel Tennant. C. C. Samson. B. F. Croae SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE UQAN8, ARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE AND FOR HINT, OF Tttfi Utf irm H. P. Hatch Makes Final Reply to the Letter of Mr. Boyle. Kecltes Some Interesting History, and Promises Not to Pursue the Controversy. WHITTKMORB, Aug. 20.—To the Editor: It was not my Intention to again trouble you or your readers with the little unpleasantness between Mr. Boyle and myself, but since reading his last explosion In the Courier of the KUli some considerations occur to me which Induce me to ask your further Indulgence, for this occasion only. Mr. Boyle seems pained that I did not answer his charges In the previous Courier, I, e., that I did not proceed to make formal denial and dls- provul ot his absurd and scurrilous balderdash that lie culls "charges," and to please him will briefly state the reasons why, and will say that In natural Indignation at such outrage I did write an extended answer, showing up the self-evident [alslty of each of his assertions. Hut before offering this article for publication I submitted to a friend In whose Judgment I had confidence for his and Id criticism, and this was his Judgment: That while I had fully proven beyond (mention .Imt Boyle was a dirty liar and blackguard, yet he thought It hardly worth while to spend so much ;ood paper and waste so much valuable space in proving and showing up what everybody In Kos- iuth county, and a good many outside of It, already well knew. And Ii6 thought It would be nore Interesting to the public to devote a part of his space In showing up some of Boyle's most lagrant political rascalities. Also that one unscrupulous and lluent rascal like Boyle could In one hour invent more slanderous lies than a dozen tonest men could disprove In a week and there would bo no end of denials and dlsproval, and I saw the point and changed the article, and In- owled to leave the mutter there, but CrlemlN of nine bpth hero and In Algona are not satisfied with his, and suggest that neglect to deny and ills- irove scandalous charges publicly made might be aken by some people as tacit admission of their ii'uthl'ulnoas, and I will therefore take up Boyle's sharges briefly, and proceed, not to call him a liar, but to prove him one of (lie meanest kind. Mr. BoVle says the people care nothing ubsuintliil charges, (which I think Is true,) and hen proceeds to substantiate his slanderous lies,— low?— why, by reassertlons with variations; but not one scintilla of proof or evidence does or can he )IIer. What, then, according to his own plat- oi-m, should the public care for his "charges" vhen resting upon his bare assertions, as they all do surely rest. Is It possible that Boyle Is such an iss, and so Ignorant of his standing with the pubic as to veracity, or the lack of II, as to really sup- osti that his reassertlon of a thing Is any proof (i his truth? Or does he truly and rellgously telleve In Josh Billings' maxim, that "A lie well tuck to Is better than the truth." Lie No. 1. That I urn u chronic olllce-seekcr ind pap-sucker. I hud been In Kossuth 2i) years 'lieu I frankly and openly sought and received lie ofllce of post-master In Whlttemore for one erm of four years, worth, net, about $400 per ear and that Is the only office I ever had that paid nythlng. The remainder has been township fllces, mainly Justice and school treasurer and ownshlp clerk, of which that of Justice Is a nuls- nce and a damage to any man on a farm, and he clerk's olllce Is bare pay for the labor Involved, nd these oillces have been given me from term to erm by the people of my township without re- urd to party, and absolutely unsought and unsoll- Ited by me ut any time during all these years nd I chullange and defy Mr. Boyle to show one ota of proof to the contrary, by any reputable cltl- en of Whlttemore or Lotts Creek townships, or hat I ever failed to well and faithfully discharge II of the dulled of any olllce held by me. And His Is my political record, upon which this un- peakuble cur bases II(H dirty charges of "chronic lllce-seeklng and pap-sucking," which he Is yawp- ig through public print in the face of u disgusted ubllc. And I submit to all falrmlnded people rhether such continued voluntary re election by lie people Is not an honor, and a lust source of ride, to any man, as evidence of their iipprecltt- on of good service In the past, and of their res- ect and confidence for the future, Lies No. 2 iand 8. The assertion that I, last prlng, went lino the olty caucus and "made a ght to be nomlnaeed city recorder" Is one of oyle's characteristic fictions, based on u very mall amount of fact, but shaped and Intended to ecelve, and therefore In ultect a falsehood. I ad been serving the council us elerk for some tenths by appointment to 111! vacancy, and some f the members, Mayor Cotton, Shalble and others ad asked me If 1 would accept for next term, nd I hud consented, though not caring for It,the ilury being very low. At the caucus, assessor ame first, and Chas, Ryan put up my name, and promptly declined, but Mr. Kyuu rather Insisted, went over to him and told him what the council Ished, and asked him to nominate me for clerk, ' anything, and he attempted to do so but was not eard, and Jay Randall was put up and we all oted for him by acclamation and there was no ght or contest of any kind. Boyle's statement onveyed and wus meant to convey the Impression lut I was making u light for a fourth olllce when i fact It would only have been a continuation of le third one us he very well knew, so that it wus n fact u good strong double lie. Lie No. 4. Boyle's "memory freshens" and he remembers" my "advocating prohibition In one ome," etc., thereby alleging his personal know- dye of the thing stated, and I defy Boyle to ate In what home I " advocated prohibition" or ok "u glass of booze" or produce or cite one •edible witness who will say that i did during lut canvuss. The lie Is also self-evident from this: his canvass was In 1870, and prohibition wiih In 0 sense an Issue or under discussion In that cum- ulgn, the yeur of the great Plnkerton light, nor fact until 1882, and not u political issue until <8!i, when the republican party took It up, to lilch action I wus opposed, and I wasn't heard ot s an advocate of prohibition until the fall of 1885, 'ter u year's test In my own town hud convinced e of Us practical benefits. My position on the rink question In 1870, and for years before that us, that the moderate occasional use of beer and Ine was not hurtful or objectionable, uud every- ody who knew me ut all knew where 1 stood; and III cite J. R, Jones, who rode two days with me In 1 Is canvass, J. E. Stacy, who rode with me one uy and 0. F. Hale ut whose house I stuld one or ,vo nights, as men with ull of whom I talked over le temperance question and who all understood y attitude thereon to be us I have stated It; and woof these .were, and I believe still are pro ounced tee-totulers. Lie No. 5. This one about the blue ribbon ould really be laughable were It not quite so In- rnally nasty: and will only say that to the best ,' my knowledge I never owned or wore u blue Libou lu my life, not even during the dozen years r so that I have been a tee-totuler lu principle and ractice, und Boyle dare not cite the name of any ne who suw me wear one. Lie No. B. About the beer drinking carousal at t. Joe. on the Sabbath day, Mr. Boyle quotes the olltlcul canard circulated at the time as u (uct; hen he well knows and knew at the time, that It wus u gross caricature and exaggeration of what allyoccured. And this affair BO reported probably imaged me In the estimation of many good men nd women whose good opinion I much valued nd still value. I propose to briefly state Just hat there was of this St. Joe affair, denying otblng that happened, neither seeking to excuse jyself from any deserved blame. A week or two efore the election day, my old friend 0. E. Pal aer drove down with roe to St. Joe and Intro- ucedmetoa few of tbe leading men, and we .alked county politics for an hour or so, Palmer rougly advocating my claims, and they seemed sposedtouse their Influence to help me, but 3ld us It was no earthly use to make a house-to- ouse canvass of St. Joe, that the boys' way was to get together, after the candidates were all out, usually the Sunday before election, when after service they discussed the situation and decided en masse what ones they would support, and what oppose, and they advised me to fall In with their custom and meet the boys at thnt time and have a talk with them, and Palmer ndvlsed the same, as did my friend 0. F. Hale, on whom we called on our return. Now that my point of view may be understood by strict Sunday people, would say thnt I was not and am not a strict Sabbatarian though 1 keep Sunday as a day of rest and to show respect for my neighbors' opinions, and that I raised from a boy to a man's estate right among German people, within a mile of a German Catholic church, which I frequently attended, and was therefore thoroughly used to their customs and modes of thought and feeling, both as to keeping Sunday, and to their customary use of wine and beer In connection with all their social observances so that th« Idea of having a brief political talk with these men did not prick my conscience at all, though I wonld have preferred a week day, If practicable. 80 I Swung around to 0. i I' 1 .*?' 9 ?'l 9? turda J r evening and on Sunday about the right time we walked down to St. Joe, and 1 was introduced to 15 or 20 of the head fellows, and had, perhaps, half an hour's talk with them. In which they expressed themselves very friendly to me and my cause, and I started to take leave of the knot of a dozen or so of fellows with whom t was talking when one of them raised the claim that the " new treasurer" should stand a glass of beer to cement our new friendship. Now up to this time t hart no idea or Intention of touching beer at all In St. Joe, but a decided Intention nnd determination to the contrary, as fully expressed to Mr. Hale before going down there, and I demurred to their claim as long and as strongly ns I could without giving very serious offence to their Idea of what was the correct thing; out my demurrer wns overruled unanimously, and I y elded the point and called for the beer for the fellows I was talking with, nnd of course I took a glass with them, nnd this was all that was Intended on my part, but some of the fellows beckoned to a friend or two standing near, and these to their particular friends, until my particular friends got decidedly numerous, but did not see •how the deuce I could help myself then, nor 'do I now, without offering these men what they would feel a deadly Insult; nnd nil was over In five or ten minutes, nnd I away with Mr. Hale, and I refer to him tor the exact truthfulness of this statement And I respectfully submltthal it was In no way a "carousal," nor attempt to "buy votes with beer," but was simply iin expression of mutual friendly feeling according to the usual Herman custom, doubtless Imprudent and out of place for a can dldate, but very difficult to avoid under the circumstances. And Mr. Boyle, whose preferred mission" Is to purify our county politics, according to his own account, supported and did his best to elect to an Important county office such an utterly contemtlble scoundrel us he claims to have known me to be at that time. About how many kind sofa political skunk Inside of one "hide" does this man desire to advertise himself to be? I hnve miulB my charges In regard to Mr. Boyle's political record as being according to my best Information, and I find that It should have beon 1878 Instead of 187(1 that he took part In the " peoples" disturbance, after having helped, as a republican, to nominate Poly Bennum, but Insist upon the fi:ct of Ills attendance, and it will be noted that he very toxlly avoids denying It In terms, but says he "was not a delegate" us his denial of the whole charge. Now It was not a delegate convention but a mass convention by Invitation. Will therefore count this ns lie No. 7. Boyle's lamblike confession or such of his political rascalities us were too notorious to bo deulod In truly edifying, and he proceeds straightway to swell with conscious pride In his honesty and great " square-toedness," which Is more truly rank brazenness. Lie No. H. Boyle directly denies that he wus In the convention, or worked against Spencer In 18(18 or was choked and shamed off by Brimson, with some characteristic bluff und bluster. Now the majority of the testimony says he wus In the convention, and presented Sampson's name therein, but I do not insist on that point, not being sure, but tlie tact of his working hard for Spencer's opponent nearly all day Is notorious In Whlttemore, us well ns the reason openly assigned by him for such work, which wus simply a question of the assurance of county deposits In Whlttemore State bank then newly organized, or no such assurance; and it Is equally notorious that on election morning ho quarrelled on the public street with at least two men and abused and insulted them for refusing to follow tills very dirty lead of his, and their mimes are,Toe Oefl raw and John F. Smith. And about th6 shaming and choking od by Brimson, cull It what he pleases, the fuct remains that Brunson came out late In the afternoon and he und Smith hunted Boyle up on the street and bunk celli lcAnVT TA DTtW *Tt TtfirmVr oUUJN 1U KU.N ALL NIGHT. *-wv/*» ±M.MJ*J X 1 J. \M JJi A. * City Council Decides on Sept. 1 as the Time for Continuous I/tent. The City Tax Levy Fixed at 21 Mills —Sidewalks Ordered— Routine Report of Doings. The city council met Monday evening 1 and besides the routine business decided to begin the all night electric light service after Sept, 1, This will be a great convenience to the hotels and to the private houses as well, The tax levy for next year was also mude at this meeting: as follows: City, 10 mills; water tax, five mills; electrio light tax, flve mills; library tax, one mill. The levy is slightly higher than, for lust year, as the electric light will not be self entertaining the first year. THE ROUTINE REPORT. The city council met pursuant to adjournment at the city hall, Mayor Siiyera in the choir, members present, Warren, Vesper, MoMahon, Morse. Paine, Stebbins, Chapln and Sampson, absent none. Minutes of the road and approved. Moved and seconded requiring ordinances previous meetings that the rules to be read on they went down Into the bank cellar, and Brunson adduced several reasons or considerations which Induced Boyle to promise to drop his dirty work; but whether he did or not God only knows, but the poll book don't look so. It was a republican year, and Whlttemore should show a fair majority for Spencer, but did show 78 for him and 105-for his democratic opponent, a total stranger to our people; while In 1H05 Spencer had 10(1 to his opponents 07. It would be Interesting to know how Boyle would explain this remarkable vote of 1808, except us the result of his own; dirty work. Lie No. 0. Boyle quotes me as having said that " the governor and congress and the administration should be damned to eternal infamy for allowing such conditions to exist," that Is at Chick- umuugua. Now I certainly used some pretty strong expressions In regard to the responsibility of the medical staff and the ofllcers In command at Chtokumauguu for the conditions said to exist there; but I empatlmtlcally protest against being quoted as such a preposterous ass and Ignoramus to suppose It to be the duty or business of the administration, congress or the governor to regulate or control the conditions and details of camp life at Chlckamaugua or elsewhere; not one of whom would have the slightest authority In military affairs, except the president and secretary of war. who are naturally presumed to be pretty full of business at headquarters durlns the progress of a great war, Most certainly I do consider that my 88 years' record of honest life and conduct ought to be a sutllcleat defense against any assertions of such a man as 6. E. Boyle, unless backed by testimony very much better than his word Is known to be. Mr. Boyle quotes me as" protesting against the Courier printing his articles," which I never did, unless It be assumed that Boyle can't write a decent article, and that a protest against gross discourtesy and indecent scurrility would necessarily include all his articles; and I am profoundly Indifferent as to how much the Courier prints for Mr. Boyle so long he keeps halfway decent und don't use the paper to abuse and slander me or my neighbors, but when he does so abuse his privilege the Courier Is bound to use Its veto or lose Us standing as a respectable newspaper. And now I desire to discontinue my side of this controversy with Mr, Boyle, believing It to be rather a bore to the newspapers and to their readers. 'And I heartily commend Boyle to the sweet approval of his own conscience and the congenial admiration and applause of his special toadies and of blackguards generally. H f. HATCH. Expert Jeweler at Miller's J. B. Soavey, an expert jeweler and watch repairer, has been secured at Ralph Miller's drug store, and in addition to making a specialty of drug proscriptions, the finest kind of work tn watch repairing and general jewelry can be had at this store. A late line of jewelry, cut glass, etc., etc,, has been recently ndded to the stock, t6 Oratorical Contest. Drake School of Oratory, DesMoines, offers a $25 scholarship to the successful contestant in a home contest at the Congregational church, Sept. 7. THE Baptist ladies will serve dinner and supper at the armory Buffalo Bill throe different days bo dispensed with and appropriating ordinance No. 6 to be placed on Its final passage. Ayes: Warren, Vesper, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins, Chapin and. Samson. Noes: none, carried. Moved and seconded thnt appropriating ordinance, No. 0, be adopted. Ayes: Warren, Vesper, MoMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins, Chapln and. Samson. Noes: none, curried. BILT.S ALLOWED. (Appropriating Ordinance No. 0.) G C Turner, mowing weeds ........... $ 1350 S Benjamin, police services, ........... 3 00 General Electric Co., meters, etc ...... 418 25 J L Donahoo, salary, stamps and excii 40 80 John Swuitzer, police services ........ 11 50 J W Robinson, hardware ............. o 87 A J Lilly, work on sewer .............. . 4 00 Westlnghouse Electric Co., ouppllen.. 2532 WW Baldwin, cartage ...... ..... ..... 165 Central Electric Co., supplies .......... 1767 J M Murray, salary ................... 4000 Chas Foster, salary, etc ........ ..: ..... 0135 W H Horan, salary ................. .... 4000 Chicago Gen Fixture Co., supplies ..... 34 54 A Y McDonald, waterworks supplies. . 37 49 W V Cavlon, salary, etc ................ 4245 E W Young, cartage ............. .. ... 220 Electric Appliance Co., supplies ...... 7724 L. Horan, work on streets ............... 53 00 A White, work on waterworks ........ 40 37 First Nat Bank of Chicago. Interest on water bonds ........................... 150 QO Win Knhn, cartage .......... ........... 510 G G Wrlget. freight and cartage. .;.... 4 80 Samson & Pivino,,,. coal ................. 21130 Be It resolved by the city council of the city of Algona: That a wood sidewalk, not less than four feet wide, at a cost not to exceed 40 cents per lineal foot, be and is hereby ordered laid as follows, to-wlt: Along the east line of lot eight in block 17, Algona; along. the west side of block 278, Callsaddltion and. across the west end of Park Place, Calls avenue addition, Algona; along lots 1, 7 and 8 in block 237, Calls State street addition, Algonti, on or before the eighth day of September, 1899. In case the owner or owners shall fall or neglect to lay said walks on or before the eighth day of September, 1899, the sidewalk committee is hereby Instructed to authorize the stree commissioner to build said walks and have the cost of construction assessed to the owner or owners of said lots in the manner provided by law. Ayes: Warren, Vesper, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbons, Chapin and Samson. Noes: None, carried. Be it resolved by the olty council of the city of Algona: That a 'levy against the city of Algona of Hen (10) mills on the dollar be made for the general fund; and a levy of five (6) mills on the dollar be made for the water fund; and a levy of flve (5) on the dollar for the electric light fund; and a levy of one (1) mill on the dollar be made for the library fund. Moved and seconded that the resolution as read be adopted. Ayes: Warren, Vesper, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebblns, Chapin and Samson. Noes: None, carried. Moved and seconded that the electric light plant be run all night from and after Sept. 1st, 1899. Carried. Moyed and seconded to adjourn, Carried, J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk, day.—12 WANTED: for cash, at Algona.—It Three good work horses the Bohn restaurant, in Eureka Harness Oil is the best preservative of new leather and tbe best renovator of old leather. Jt oils, softens, black en* and protects. Use SEND 60 in postage to kafe Young, Dee Moines, Iowa, and receive the Weekly C&pJtaj campaign edition ynttl Opera Houeo Block. AL.GQNA, , f' - T JOWA. Eureka Harness Oil DISSOLUTION NOTICE. . ar manufacturers, Is dis- nt. Te , ived by mutual consent. The business will will Tlie Usual Complaint. Swea City Herald: Premium lists for the county fair, containing race programs, lists of premiums, etc., have been printed and will be handed to the farmers when the fair is over, and may be sooner. We don't expect there will be any advertising matter issued. Farm for Hout. Eighty acres, four miles northeast of Ii'vtnaton. For terms see 24i2 ALBEBT REED, Algona, la. THE Matson & McCall millinery is now receiving its fall goods, which In' elude the latest thing in hats, etc. Trimmings in the prevailing styles. Don't buy until you see what they have. ' MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments, H. HOXIB. JENNIE—No man can love a girl with a white (ace and red nose. Rooky

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