The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1899
Page 7
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He said in part: "Just what the democratic national platform of 1900 will contain I do not know, but I firmly believe that It will be along the lines of the last platform, with such an Indictment of the McKlnley regims for its mal-admlnlstratlon, clnss preferment, and unconstitutional conduct as lo Insure the support of every citizen who has been, Is, or wants to be a Jeffersonlan democrat. And I sincerely hope that no democratic convention will subject Itself to the 'round Robin' charge of censorship, but that all will be respected In the expression of, and contention for, an honest conviction, tnd that when the national convention has again spoken the will of the majority will be acquiesced in by a reunited rr.l irresistible democratic party, and thus make ce»- tain the supremacy and consequent prosperity of the liberty loving, law abii!l:i?r, home building and industrious masses ove, the now favored classes who, for seltish purposes, advocate or tolerate the prostitution of the executive, legislative powers of the government, the federal constitution, Monroe doctrine and declaration of Independence. "Bimetallism Is as much a fundamental principle of democracy as equality of rights, and this convention would belray the party should it fall to declare for rho reinstatement of silver to Its legitimate place In the nation's monetary system. "But the McKlnley administration has developed conditions which were they to become operative would forever overthrow all democratic principles and make of it but little Importance what kind of monetary system prevails In the country. The very fact that the republicans arc determined, If possible, to smother the question of protection, trusts, Imperial colonization, militarism, foreign alliance and kindred issues. Is a sufficient reason why 'the democracy should not permit them to hide these burning questions. Our republican friends will have ample opportunity with the cry of 'cheap money and 'debauched currency' to attempt to make silver a 'bogy man,' but they will never be able again to deceive the people as they did In 189C. They are 'up to' other issues as well as the money question, and will have to meet and answer them on every stump in Iowa, and the more they try to avoid, dodge or duck the more a_ slve will democracy drive such Issues home and push them to the'front. They have made the new issues, are responsible for them, and must meet them squarely, or desert the field and take the consequences. "We bave reached a crisis in our national life. The declaration of independence, federal constitution and Monroe doctrine are being devoured by vicious cannibals. The money trust, Industrial trust and patriotic trust have masked in the false gurb 'destiny' lor a desperate attack. "The state and national campaigns upon which we are about to enter will bo the turning point for the republic and Its people. The armies are forming In battla array. The call for enlistment has been made. It is not what you have been but what you are now that puts your name on the muster roll. Loyalty to the cause for which we fight Is the only requirement. "Our commander is democracy's greatest leader—the able, fearless and Incorruptible champion of equal rights and human liberty—the modern Thomas Jefferson- William Jennings Bryan." On motion, the roll of districts was called and members of the committee on resolutions and the state centra' committee were announced as follows: RESOLUTIONS. First district—P. Henry Smyth, DCS Moines county. Second district—M. J. Wade, Iowa county. Third district—J. S. Murphy, Dubuque county. Fourth district—P. F. McHugh, Howard county. Fifth district—John Baum, Benton county. Sixth district—E. C. French, Wape'.lo county. Seventh district—Charles O'Donnell, Polk county. Eighth district—E. J. Sankey, Decatur county. Ninth district—J. II. Emmert, Cass county. Tenth district—J. W. Hlnchon, Kossuth county. Eleventh district—A. Van Wagenen, Woodbury county. STATE CENTRAL, COMMITTEE. First district—W. L. Throop, Henry county. S&eond district—C. G. Hipwell, Scott county. Third district—E. M. Carr, Delaware county. Fourth district—G. Holmes, Cerro Gordo county. Fifth district—A, E. Jackson, Tama county. Sixth district—S. F. McConnell, Davis county. Seventh district—George Huffman, Polk, county. Blgh-th district—W. R. Hart, Ringgold county. Ninth district—E. H. Bickford, Mills county. Tenth district—J. B. Romans, Crawford county. Eleventh district—Thomas Ward, Plymouth county. The convention then took the usual noon recess. At the afternoon session, Judge T. L. Maxwell, of Des Moines, was installed as permanent chairman, the rest of the temporary organization being made permanent. Judge Maxwell spoke briefly, mainly against imperialism. The convention seemed to be determined to wait for the report of the committee on resolutions before proceeding with the nominations, but finally became tired of waiting and proceeded;to the nomination of a candidate for governor. L, T. Genung nominated Fred S3, White. R. A. Graham, of Newton, nominated Cato Sells- Mr. Sells denied that he was a can* dictate and seconded tlie nomination pf Mr. White. 8. fl. Bashor, who had Withdrawn frpm the contest, also sec- pnded the nomination of Mr. White. Jas. R. Burgess, of Ottnmwa, seconded the nomination of Mr. Sells. Ex-mayor Craig, of Keoknk, nominated Mr. "levty, of J?epUnk, J. G. Red- of Qskaloosn, nominated Anr thony P. Daly, of Marshall town. 0. J, Laylancjer, of Cedar Falls, nominated 8. H. Basher. The convention then proceeded to an informal ballot, which resulted as follows: Oal y 30 Daugherty 103 Genunjj.., 33 Mr. Bashor announced that Mr. Sells, Mr. Genung and himself had conferred, and he moved that the informal bal- ot be made formal and that Mr. White DC made the nominee by acclamation. The motion carried. Mr. White was railed for and brief- y thanked the convention for the lonor conferred upon him, and urged ihe democracy of Iowa to stand by :ilm and win a great victory. Judge A. Van Wageneu, of Sioux tty, chairman of the resolutions committee, was recognized, to present the platform. It was listened to with if rent interest and close attention, and frequently cheered, nnd at the close of the meeting was unanimously adopted by acclamation. The platform: We, the democrats of Iowa, In convention assembled, unqualifiedly and unreservedly endorse the Chicago platform of 1896 in whole and in detail and declare our unwavering fidelity and adherence to the same, and we proclaim our admiration for and loyalty to that peerless exponent of democratic principles, W. J. Bryan and 'favor his nomination in 1900. Second. We rejoice in the exulted sentiment and motive that prompted tbe government of the United States to take up legislation. Just and ttdr and in .» ft the Interests of true te'mjpeffttice. • Sixth. Wo condemn the administration of Leslie M. Shaw and the republican party for weakness and inefficiency and for subservience to the monied and corporate interests as opposed to the interests of the people. To the support of the foregoing principles we cordially invite the active co-operation of all lovers of liberty and equality. By an additional resolution, the state central committee was empowered to fill any vacancy that might occur on the state ticket. For lieutenant-governor M. L. Bevis, of Mt. Ayr, Ed. J. Stnhl, of Mt. Pleasant, and'Chas. C. Clinbb, of Kossuth county, were placed In nomination. Before a ballot had been taken B. B. Uvans, of Des Moines,moved tliat nomination for railroad comtnlssloner b^ referred to the populist convention. This motion was laid on the table. Wild disorder prevailed lor a while, bvit the chair finally announced that the motion was made through a misunderstanding, as the populists had not a.slced for any such concession. The roll call resulted in tbe nomination of M. L. Bevls, with the following vote: Bevis 014 Stahl 305 Chubb 100 For judge of tlie •supreme conrt A. Van Wagenen, of Sioux City, was nominated by acclamation. For railrond commissioner, W. H. Calhoun, of Murshalltown. F. D. Bayless, of Ellcadcr, and H. E Wills, ol Clinton county, were placed In nomination, the roll call resulting in the nomination of Calhoun, bv the following vote: Calhoun 889 Wills 108 Bayless 81 After a number pf changes to Calhoun, the nomination was madq unanimous. For (Superintendent of public Instruc* tion, P. B. Ilolst, of Boonc, was placed 'in nomination, and as there were no \. FRED E. WHITE, Nominated for Governor of Iowa. arms in defense of the bitterly oppressed people of Cuba in the successful termination with the war with Spain and in patriotism and unsurpassed bravery displayed by our soldiers and sailors on land and sea. The war for the liberation of the tyranny-cursed island was worthy the greatest republic and the most civilisation that has flourished in the tides of time, but for the same reason that we glory in the successful war against Spain, we deprecate and condemn the war against the Filipinos. One war was for the emancipation of the people; the other for the subjugation of the people, and if the war against Spain was right, and it was, that against the natives of the Philippines, who have committed no offense save to love liberty and to be willing to light and to die for it, is wrong. The attempt unauthorized by congress,' to conquer Ihe natives of the Oriental Islands Is a repudiation of the American doctrine of consent affirmed in the Declaration of Independence and In conflict with the principle which George Washington and his fellow patriots of the revolution made sacrifices to establish. We also condemn the war against the Filipinos, believing it to have been inspired by Great Britain for the purpose of producing conditions that will force an Anglo-American alliance, and we not only protest against the war and demand its termination by extension to the Filipinos of the snrne assurance given to the Cubans, but we record our deep seated antagonism to an alliance with Great Britain or any other European power, and express our detestation of the attempts made in British interests to disrupt the friendly relations which have uniformly obtained between the United States and Germany. We oppose conquests of the Philipplnes.because Imper'al- ism means militarism, because militarism means government by force, and because government by force means the death of government by consent, the destruction of political and industrial freedom, and the obliteration of equality of rights and the assassination of democratic institutions. Third. We view with alarm the multiplication of those combinations of capital commonly known as trusts that are concentrating and monopolizing industry, crushing out independent producers of, limited means, destroying competition, restricting the opportunities for labor, artificially limiting production and raising prices, and creating an industrial condition different from state socialism only in the respect that under socialism, the benefits of production would go to all, while under the trust system, they go to increase the fortunes of theJew. These trusts and combines are the direct outgrowth of the policy of the republican party, which has not only favored these institutions, but has accepted their support and solicited their contributions to aid that party in retaining power, which has placed the burden of taxation upon those who labor and produce In times of peace and, who fight our battles in time of war, while the wealth of the country Is exempted from these burdens. We condemn this pojioy, and it Is our solemn conviction that the trusts must be destroyed or they will destroy free government, and we demand that they be suppressed by repeal of the protective tariff and other privilege conferring legislation responsible for them, by the enactment pf such legislation, state and national, as will aid in their destruction. Fourth. We condemn the present system of letting convict labor by contract to private persons or corporations as now in vogue In the state of Iowa, and, recommend that the same be abolished and that convict labor be employed solely and only In such work as wlW not bring Jt into com T petition with free Jap,or. \FJfth. We Mjge that the leKlslatlon of the &tate carefully consider Che exist ng — w j tll ^ y j ew Q( fi ijminattng the • • ' - .fee 1 other cimdidates he was named b; acclamation. The convention then adjournec sine die. STATE CENTKATj COMM1TTBK. The new central committee met a the Savery last evening and organized Geo. A. Huffman, of DCS Moines, \va chosen chairman, A, D. Bichford, o Greenfield, secretary, nncl J, B. Ho rnans, of Deuison, treasurer. J'OFDMST STATE COMIWUTTKK. DBS MOINES, August 17.—The popu lists met at the Y. M. C. A. anditoriuu yesterday and adopted a platform am reoommendecl W. II. Calhoun. of Mar slialltown, for railroad commissioner to the democrats. T-lie platform de> dares for the St. Louis platform, foi the renomination of VV. .1. Bryan, opposition to trusts, for the initiative Will Start for the Front Late in October. 8 TO SUPERVISE OPERATIONS, 'ommnmllng General of the Army E*-* pect* to lie In Manila by the End of the Rainy Season—Id Not to Directly Supersede Otl§. Chicago, Aug. 21.—The Record pub* ishes the following: Washington, Aug. 19.—Major-Gen. Nelson A. Miles, commanding-general of the army, Is going to the Philippines. He will start the latter part of Dctober. He will not take command of the forces In the field, nor will he supersede Gen. Otis. He will, however, act In his capacity of general of :he army and will have a supervision over field operations. He will direct the assignment of the different regiments and participate In mapping out plans of campaigns. He will reach the Philippines about the close of the rainy season and may remain until peace is restored. This statement is made upon excellent authority. Recruiting for the additional volunteers just authorized will not be actively entered upon until Monday, the recruits enlisted this week being used to fill the regiments enlisting in the Philippines and to replace the men being discharged from the volunteer regiments already organized. The recruiting returns for yesterday received at the war department show that there is a surplus of 1,339 men, or Just about enough to fill the three regiments In the Philippines to their maximum strength. TO RUSH MANILA RK1NFORCEMENT8 Secretary Root Arranglns for Their Speedy Departure. Washington, Aug. 21.—Secretary Root is busily engaged in selecting officers to fill the new regiments, going over the lists of names that have been submitted with recommendation for appointment, and considering their efficiency during the Spanish war. The secretary is giving the matter of these eelections his personal attention and the list is being prepared in his private office. After the selections are made by the secretary they will bo sent to the president for his approval. Preparations continue actively in the matter of arranging for the spi'eiy transportation of the troops to the Philippines. , The quartermaster's department has been considering the advisability of chartering more transports on the Pacific coast. Already the ships chartered make it possible to send nearly all of the organizations now formed by Sept. 25, instead of two- weeks later, which was the schedule first shown to Secretary Root. The transports Logan and Thomas are now being fitted up on the Atlantic coast and it Is expected they will be ready to sail by the middle of October nd will take three regiments via the Suez canal. At the latest calculation it is now believed to be possible to land all the new regiments In the Philippines by the 1st of December, or very soon after that date. Seven of the lieutenant colonels named are now serving in the Philippines. They will remain there and await the arrival of their regiments. While it may not be necessary to use all the troops in the Philippines, It la understood to be the plan of Secretary Root to have a sufficient force not only to defeat the Insurgents at every point, but to garrison and hold the places thar. may be taken, and thus insure a safe line of communication. ItEMS Confessional boxes are to bft fbnndl in five dioceses of the Church of England. , A million dollars were Spent In stipends to Presbyterian ministers in Canada last yeah At Wardbury, Jforway, the longest day lasts from May 81 to July 21, with* out interruption. When first known to the Romans silk Was So clear that it was Sold weight for Weight With gold. There is a man in Missouri so mean about giving his clerks a vacation that he won't even have a calender in hi* office for fear some one might take a day off. The most densely populated state Is Rhode Island, which has 318 inhabitants to the square mile. Nevada has more territory for its population than any other state. There are more than two square miles of area for each resi* dent. Hailstones have frequently caused great, injury to vineyards In Italy. A hailstorm was about to descend on the villages near Monferoto when the clouds were bombarded with artillery and the liail was thus converted into light rains. Perlinps if the weather would let up tlio mercury would let down. Anmml Encampment Union Vnteriin«> For the above encampment, to be held at Des Moiues. la., August 23-25, 1809, tlio Chicago Great Western Railroad, the "Maple Leaf Route," the friend of the old soldiers, will sell excursion tickets from all points o'n Its line at greatly red need rates. Tickets on sale Aug. 24, good to return until Aug. 28. For further information •inquire of any Chicago Great Western llv. agent, or F. II. Lord, Genl. Pass. & Tkt. Agt., Chicago. Free HomoH tends In the Milk River Valley of Montana, Land produces all staple grains'and vegetables, splendid stock country, good climate, precious metals, coal and timber in tributary territory. Free lands in sight of dally trains on Great Northern Railway. For publications am' further information address Moses Folsom, 3d' and 'Broadway, St. Paul, Minn. M. I* BEVIS, Nominated for Lieutenant Governor ol and referendum, denounces the fusion law, urges the necessity opthfl free coinage of silver, denounces the administration's policy toward the Filipinos, and declares opposition to an alliance with Great Britain or any foreign nation. The enmity between Senator Chandler-and Gallingor, of New Hampshire, was caused by a dispute regarding §, postoffice ' *• Poetor—Hftveypu for this trouble? J have not; but i medicUie. Outlier said thi strong nt 20, handsome < at 4Q »ad rich The present needs patriots as well as the past. If you are afflicted .with a disease of tbe eye, ear, nose or throat you should consult Dr. W. O. Coffee, the successful oculist, of DCS Moines. The owner sometimes discovers that the mare makes the money go. Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a God-sond to mo.—William B. Mcdlellan, Chester, Florida, Sept. 17,1895. Everybody in tlio world depends upon somebody else. Mrs, WlnsIow'H Bootlilng Syrnp. For children teething, softens tho Rums, reduces Itr Cumulation, allitvu pain.euros wlndcollc. Son a bottle. The archbishop of Canterbury is paid $10,000 a year more than President McKinley's salary. FITS PormanontlyCurou.T'ontsornorvoiipneBtinftel first day's URO of Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Ucutoror. Bend for FIIKE 83.00 trial bottlo nnd truutlso. Pit. R. U. KLINE. Ltd.. 931 Arch St.. Philadelphia, P*. Nothing is more insincerity. disgraceful than Can Wear Shoes < One size smaller after using Allen's Foot Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes lighter new shoes easy. Cures.iiS.wol- leri; hot, sweating, aching feet, ingrow- ing nails, corns and bunions. At all druggists and shoe stores, 25 cts. Trial g ackage FREE by mail. Address Allen . Olmsted. Le Roy, N. Y. It is not a bad idea for lovers to learn to ride a tandem, for in Unit way they are thrown together a great deal. ROBERT DOWNING Tells the Secret of His Great Endurance, Robert Downing was recently Interviewed by the press on the subject of his splendid health. Mr. Downing promptly and emphatically gave tbe whole credit of his splendid physical condition 1 to Pe-ru-na, saying: KxpevtB a Special Session. Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 21.—Congressman A. S. Berry of Newport, liy., in. an interview here, stated that he believed President McKlnley would call a special session of congress in October to submit the Philippine question to that body. Congressman Berry also predicted that anti-expansion would be the watchword of the democratic party In the presidential campaign, that the Chicago platform would be Indorsed, but that the money question will be ignored to a great extent. "Hid" McCoy Kasilv Knocked Out, Chicago, Aug. 21.—"Kid" McCoy was knocked out in less than haif a round Friday night by Jack McCormlck, a comparatively unknown fighter, who hails from Philadelphia. The blow th»t did the business was a heavy right- hand swing that lauded fairly on the point of the chin. McCoy fell at full length on his back and was counted out. He was unconscious about twenty seconds and it was some tjme before he had a good idea of what had happened. New Tliread Corporation. London, Aug. 19.—It is said that an English sewing cotton company will acquire all the common shares of the American Thread company, and It is added that the American vendere have subscribed for £125,000 on the aew cpnimon shares in the English coacern. Aug. 81.— Tlje fears a pppulav iftsurrectkm Malaga, Kobert Downing, the Tragedian. "I find it a preventive against , all sudden summer ills that swoop upon one in changing climates and water. "It Is the finest traveling companion and safeguard against malarial influences. "To sum it up, Pe-ru-na has done mo more good than any tonic I have ever taken." Healthy mucous membranes protect the body against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Pe-ru-n* Is sure to bring health to the mucous membranes of the whoje body. Write for a copy of Dr. Hartman'B latest book entitled "Summer Catarrh." Address Dr. Hartman, Columbus, O. Remember that cholera raprbus, cholera infantum. summer complaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea and dysentery are each and all catarrh of tbe bowels. Catarrh is the only epn-ec-t pame for these affections, specific for

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