The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1899 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1899
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1899. VOL. XXXIY-NO, TEA! Tea! Tea! We have just received our invoice of New Teas, and they are very fine. • Ceylon! Monsoon and Naban. Japan : Rose Bud, May Flower, and Camelia. Langdon & Hudson. Carpets, Rugs, .andiLinoleums, Our Fall stock has arrived and we are bet- t> ter prepared than ever before to furnish any grade you want. We are showing the largest line of Bugs that has ever been shown in the city. Our Linoleum stock is complete. - Please call. Geo. L. Galbraith. New Fall and Winter Goods Arriving every day at NEW Dress Goods, Silks and Velvets, Outing Flannels, Prints, Blankets, Quilts, G-loves, Handkerchiefs, , Fur Collarettes, Waists, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Groceries. Free to Any School Boy or Girl: We will give FREE with each pair of School Shoes one pair of good heavy stockings or a aoo-page tablet and lead pencil. 4.. QJLUOVK, President, O. B. SUTOBIKS, Vice President, It. SOHENOK, Secretary, J, W. WADSWORTH, treasurer. DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, a. W. DttEYER, OHAS. WOOSTER, S. STEUSSY, J. O, KAIN, J, E. 8TAOY. The Farmers' Milling Co. [INCORPORATED.] *^ OWNERS ANP OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA HOLLER MILLS. Can furnish the trade with choice flour from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground feed in lots to suit purchasers. This Is a farmers' company and solicits tbe farmers' business. "Woa:!?: & Highest cash price paid lor good wheat. SVe can and will do as well by you as any WtU is Iowa. Give the uew company a trial. /, S, KOFIU8, General There is Nothing in the World that will pull the thermometer down so far ns a glacs of pure, sparkling, dell- clous soda. It refreshes wonderfully, stimulates the brain, cools the blood. Good at all seasons of the year, but especially good just now. Helps digestion, too. It Isn't often that you may take medicine In such an agreeable form. Rrind In Ynnr \Jatrh and clock work. Dnm> in lOUr WaiCn vvehavenowse cured the services ot Mr. J. 13. Seavey, who will be hero Auu. 20. Ho comes highly recommended and Is an expert Jeweler, and all work will be guaranteed. R, H, MILLER, The Druggist, If a man is in love that's his business; if a girl is in love that's her business; but if they nre engaged to bo married it's OUR BUSINESS to sell the engagement, ring und iinike the bride a present. Dingley & Pugh, :: Sign of the A trow A "' Big Watch, ALGONA. 4- Look to Your Eyes Perfect Sight! Ease! Comfort! That Is what comes from glasses fitted upon scientific principles. Do your eyes ache, smart, burn, or water, or do you have pain in the eyeball, temple, or forehead f If so, you should have your eyes examined at once, for delays are dangerous. I am prepared with all the most modern Improved Instruments to correctly measure your visual defects and grind glasses to suit. Examination free. W. F. BIPKE, Scientific Optician. Office, Qllmoro block, Algona, Iowa. R. H. SPENCER, Real Estate, IFa/rm. Zzxs'u.raxxce. Has some choice bargains in Improved and unimproved lands in Kossuth county and elsewhere. Come and look over my list. 11 Boston. Sloelc, Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Eldredge, Victor, and Andrae Wheels. J. L. EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Removed—now next door to Prank Winkel's meat market, State street. B. F. Grose C. C. Samson. SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rice,] ABSTRACTS BEAU &STATE FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE AND FOR RENJ, HP.WW WILL TAKE NO PART IN IT, State Central Committee Refuses to Act in Senatorial Matter. Bays it Has No Jurisdiction in the Case—Genera! Political Notes of the Week. The state central committee hns, ns was expected, refused to take a hand In the senatorial contest In the 47th district. The 'ollowing letter from Chairman Hancock ixpliilns itself: DUHUQ.UE, Iowa, Aug. 15.—Hon. E, A. Morllng—Dear Sir: Your favor of the 10th vas duly received, enclosing agreement ilgned by Messrs. Criin, Cory and your- .elf. Owing to absence from the city and i dosiro to communicate with soino of ho members of the committee, answer to .ame bus been deferred. Tho minnbors of he committee with whom I have conferred given careful consideration to the agreement between Mr. Cory and Mr, Win as to their senatorial candidacy In the 47th district, and fool that in justice to hotnselves, to the candidates and to tho •epubllcan electors of the 47th district, hoy ought to and must decline to act in ho premises. It goes without saying that he state central committee has not even he remote jurisdiction over a matter of his kind. It is no better qualified to inter>rot the views of tho 47th district ropubli- ians upon this question than tho 11 Iowa jongressmon or any other 11 Iowa republicans chosen at random, or in any other nunnor, and to make it-a referee In a case of this kind, is to put It In a position vhich wo ought not to be asked to occupy, especially in view of the United States enatorial campaign which Is now In pro- gross. The selection of the republican ean- lidate for the state senate in tho 47th dis- rlct belongs to tho republican voters hereof through their delegates. If tho tato central committee should undertake to ict for thorn it would, It seems to me, give he republicans of the district good grounds 'or complaint. If the delegates chosen jan not select a candidate, it would seem hoy should so report to their constituents md permit the latter to select delegates mow, which would bo more satisfactory to ho real parties interested, viz., the ropub- icnns of the Big Five district, than any other. I might say much more in justillca- ilon of the course upon which the committee ias determined, but the above will suffice. Tho republican papers of the state havo .corned with unanswerable arguments In .'uvorof the committee's non-intorferonce. The committee hns confidence in the people and the republicans of your district to settle imong and for themselves all questions ,hey are called on to do so, and knowing they will do so and hoping that their dlffer- erences, once so settled, will havo an of- 'ect to give tho nominee an increased ma- ority, I remain, C. T. HANCOCK. Tlio I.,ocul Semitorslilp- Hurt Monitor: The convontjon is getting state wide notice and is a record >ronker. • Bancroft Register: Wo would respect 'ully suggest the calling of the convention "n some prohibition town ; it would shorten ,he work and lessen the candidates' expenses. Spencer Reporter: The Clay delegation ning out on tho ground that it is tho only county in the district that has not had a similar honor, she has been turned down repeatedly yet rolled up tho largest repub- icnn majority according to population; she nas in this contest the largest number of votes and it is not to be expected that tho stronger should go to the weak. The stub- borness of this fight is disgusting but Clay ounty certainly could not be expected to give .up under such conditions. The Sheldon Mall says: "It Is not as easy a task to fill Senator Funk's big shoes is his few enemies thought it would be. The pattern of tho present senator is cut From a liberal quanity of high class quality loth." The Ruthven Free Press adds: I Senator Funk demonstrated his capacity ;o figure in the last legislature, and in such an effective manner that the Carroll Herald has not been calling him " to get out your pencil" since the surplus began to iccumulato In the state treasury. The "Big Five" I'epublicans should be able to nomi nate their own senator oven if it becomes loeessary for them to re-nominate Senator Funk." Emmetsburg Reporter: Both the Register and the Capital try to deceive the people as to what the state central committee IBS been uslted to do. It has not been asked to nominate any body. It has been merely asked to arbitrate the matter between ory and Crim, and decide on which one, shall withdraw from the race. This leaves one of thorn and A. D. Clarke of Algona, as candidates, and the convention will decide which of the two will bo the nominee. There is nothing dishonorable, noth- ng wrong in any such a transaction, and the state central committee should not hesi- state one minute to comply with the re- juest, as it is perfectly legitimate and right. The Register complains that it is not fair, because Clarke is not included In the deal. Well, if he is not, it is because he and his followers were too contrary and stubborn to do so. He was asked to have the mattei arbitrated by the state central committee and refused, because, he said the committee would decide against him. As to Dolliver. Rockwell City Advocate: The undercurrent for Dolliver all over the state makes the Cummins and Gear enthusiasts feel savage and some of them can hardly restrain their expressions within the bounds of decency. However, the re publicans of the state will insist upon theli right to call any man they choose into tho field. No one can homestead that ground. At the republican state convention Dolli ver's popularity was manifested by the repeated calls for him, a spontaneous ox pression which no other man received. Tho Capital's convention report said: "Con gressman J. P. Dolliver did not respond to the calls made upon his name at the con vention. He could not have done so with a very good grace. It would not have been etiquette . The calls were loud and contin uous, and were made between the different ballots for judge, but Mr. Dolliver kept as quiet as a mouse and could not bo found." Indianapolis Journal: Representative Dolliver of Iowa delivered an address Chautauqua, N. Y., on Saturday. In the course of his address he advocated the pres ident'a policy in the Philippines. At the conclusion of the speech a clergyman who was present asked him if Agu_inald_o wi.8 ROt t uruisned arms and money to wage W»F against the Spaniards. "It is not a fact," replied Mr- II and, if it were a fact, he was to act as aa, ally, and, therefore, was B pt JptJfle4 Ift firingP?J owtroops." '-' > The audlenpe cfieered the re$y,, «*How about the about that assertion of the self-evident truth that all men are created free and equal?" The Iowa congressman replied as folows: " Oh, as to that, I am willing to take the Declaration of Independence on the same terms as did Thomas Jefferson. If I recol- ect the history of Jefferson's time, I be- leve he was an expansionist. I believe he at one time ruled the territory of Louisiana with an iron hand, and the Agulnaldo of the time, who was Aaron Burr, Set up this claim of independence. For this he as tried for treason and narrowly escaped conviction. Poes that satisfy you?" If it did not satisfy the questioner the 'eport of the affair shows that it did de- ight the 0,000 farmers and others who Were present. ^ _ PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. E. V. Swelling is at Estherville attending court. O. B. Durdall goes lo Chicago today or his fall stock. Lewis H. Smith reports a most en- o.yable visit out west. Alyin Winkle of Wisconsin is spend- ng the week with his mother, Rev. Walter M. Walker Is expected n Algona in a few days for a visit. Mrs. Clay of Mason City Is with her rlend, Mrs. Mary Winkle., for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Watson started Saturday evening for New York for a Islt. Thos. F. Ingham was In town Monday evening on his way lo Omaha on legal natters. Miss Anna McColm and Miss Gay Dolltver of Fort Dodge came today to •Isit at Gardner Cowles.' Mrs. Clms. Nelson from Chicago, a ousin of I-I. B. Mason, is visiting at the hitter's home. H. B, Mason came In from Council BlufYa Saturday, where he makes his umdquarters for the Modern Woodmen. J. R. Laird Is a delegate to the mi- ilonal Grand Army encnmpment at hiladelphia, and will attend. Dr. will also go. Mrs. Laura A. Hunt visited in Cor- vith last week. Mrs. Caulklns returned with her und will visit in Algona for a few days. Judge Quarton goes to Buffalo, N. Y., the last of tho week for the tneet- ng of the national bar association. F. M. Taylor Is planning to go. Miss Emma O. Smith arrived from 3a,milton, Out., Saturday to be ready 'or her work as teacher the coming ?aar. She is a neico of J. R. Jones. Mrs. Josh Lantry, Ed mi, and a friend ire down from Minneapolis for a visit. Hurry is still at homo nursing his sprained ankle. He has had quite a Beige o[ It. J. B. Jones is up from Des Moines losing up the affairs of tho old Jones & 3tncy mill. Ho is going south again in the fall, and will tend to his rice plantation this winter. Ambrose A. Call and S. C. Spear started for the west yesterday. They will take a 30-day trip through the mountains and are literally loaded for bear. They expect to bring down at least one. G. F. Peek goes to Des Moines today to assist at tho state fair. Lew Hackman, John C. Patterson and O. A. Pottor will all go Saturday to have official positions. The fair promises to be very good. C. W. Spauldlng, who is to bo one of the active managers of the wholesale grocery, is in Algona. The articles of incorporation have boon filed at Dew Moines, und goods are beginning to comein. The store will be open for business very soon. Miss Mary Kain will leave for Chicago Thursday evening. She will en tor the hospital where Miss Maggie Hunt is. Miss Halloolc will accompany her to Chicago and will then go east arid from there to Europe, where she will spend the winter, Miss Maggie Hunt left last week for Chicago, where she will enter the Post Graduate Medical school and hospital as a nurse. Miss" Hunt entered the Samaritan hospital in Sioux City and was accepted, but preferred a larger hospital where she could obtain a broader training. Miss Ada Smith is expected home this week from Colorado Springs, where she went with her sister, Mrs. Hunting-ton. The latter is in a little hotter health and will spend the wintei In Colorado or Arizona. If she gets strong again she will probably make her home in the west. Mr. and Mrs. Wra. Ehlers gave one of the pleasantest lawn parties Monday evening ever given in .Algona. A handsome stage had been erected anc a series of tableaux were elaborately put on, while over 100 guests visited, enjoyed the Harp orchestra, and en cored the clever and attractive scenes Elegant refreshments were served Mr. Ehlers, having charge of the weather dugs, nrranged for an idea evening, and everybody enjoyed it to the full. _ Suve Your Money, Buy your sewing machines at home at Chicago prices, and save the freight We sell a 3-drawer and cover machine for $16; a 5-drawer and cover raaohin $17. Drop head machines, $}8 to $20 with factory guarantee for ten years. 2312 J. B.- WjtNKEL. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest Optional payments. H. HOXIE. I HAVE several farms to rent for on or more years, THOS. F- COOKB. MONEY A DEMOCRAT ON THE WAR A Soldier from Dnbnqtie Tells of the Situation in the Philippines, Seven Months Among the Filipino* Has Made Him a Stout Adherent of McKlnleylsm. W. B. tSmtnerson, n democrat frotfl Dubuque who has been In the Philip* lines the past year as a soldier, writes \ lengthy letter to the Dubuque Telegraph in answer to some questions of n anti-expansionist. Several of his tatements are of interest as they bear Irectly on the democratic campaign In owa. He says: "Now as regards the 'consent' of he Filipinos, It is a well-known and ecognized Fact that a larger number of hem never desired war with the United States,and that on several Islands of the jroup our forces have been gladly wel- otned by them, and that on the Island )f Luzon itself whole cities have sent (.'quests to Gen. Otla for protection rom the insurgent army, while Aguin- tldo's BO called congress, or rather the lalf of It that was got together, fully mo-halt of it refusing to have any- hlng to do with it, was evenly divided n the matter, the half representing he civilian and the business interests if the islands voting for peace, while millitary branch led by Generals Montenegro and Luna, both of whom are now dead, demanded war, while Agulnaldo himself was willing to ac- a moderate sum in consideration if his services In assisting to establish i government that would be accept-, ible alike to both the Americans and he Inhabitants of the islands, and hus, while no direct vote was talten upon the question, I claim that a ma- orlty of the people of the islands are n sympathy with the Americans and ure willing and anxious' for the dawn if the continued peace and happiness hey know await them under American ule. " Knowing them (the Filipinos,) as I lo from my seven months' association with them—three months of which has )een upon the flrlng line—to be a >eople ruled by superstition and fear ind whose treacherous nature will ren- ler them untrustworthy for several generations, as their recent serious quarrels among themselves and their iowardly murder of General Luna, one of their foremost men, and undoubtedly ,he best military man in their ranks since the fall of General Montenegro it Malabon, clearly proves. If 1 am among those who escape the jails of the enemy's ill begotten rifles and am permitted to return home with leulth and strength and In time to /ake part in the coining campaign, and : find at that time all my former friends are upposlng the legal will of our law- 'til government, while all my former Htical enemies are supporting 'the same, I shall certainly consider that all minor questions are for the time overshadowed by the great question of whether we are to inaugurate a state of chaos and disorder, or are to maintain a government of peace and order, uid will most assuredly cast my vote and my humble influence upon the side of the latter, and If in so doing it shall considered' that I have "turned traitor to all my former convictions," I shall still feel fully justified in the course I have taken, for I much prefer to be called a traitor to my own convictions, which after all are not infallible, than to know down deep in my own heart that I was a traitor to my country and my flag, the sacredness of which can not be questioned, At any rate I will risk my reputation for loy* iilty while standing with Dewey, Otis, Qrant, McArthur and the thousands who proved their patriotism by enlisting In their country's cause, rather than to venture it in the class with the stay-at-home sympathizers of Aguinaldo and his treacherous followers. For Sale. On account of ray expected removal from Algona I offer all my town property for sale; also some nice timber lots south of town. H. B. MASON. For Sale. Residence lot in good location, in Algona, Lot 6, Block 70, Kennedy street. Price is $400. Address H. Relnts, Preeport, 111., box 1134.-13m3 OUR fall stock of lace curtains and portlers has arrived. If you want to see something nice please call. G. L. GALBBAITH, LOST: A little boy's coat, near the Stacy mill. Finder please leave at Slade & Taylor's restaurant and get reward.—It MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, A. D, CLARKE & Co. Town liQt 8ule, .Mm Dows is now ready to sell lota in tii-- new town on the B., C. R. & N. west of Armstrong. The town site is located on the southwest quarter of Sec. 14 in Swan Lake township. It is an ideal town site. We do not believe that ft more beautiful spot for a towo could be selected in the northern half of Iowa. The town will be Ipoated in one of the best foaming communities in, the great stateDM Iowa. The surrounding countrxJtP divided up into quarter and -lialf\%tion farms, and tilled by thrifty, pisgjtresaive farmers. Mr. Dows has hud cvselderable experience in the town lot business. Those who dealt w^h him in Armstrong can, all testify as to his honesty, integrity, and fair dealings, There W&B no game in the sale of lots in and there will not be in this new The laV* will be epW &$» , Wishing a fleeir^blf lo.

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