The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1899
Page 4
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§* tfrQMA** i to Subscribers. itlgh Prices Are Natural. The Courier said two years ago that low prices were due to lack of money and that if the country had 16 to 1 prices would be high. Now that prices [arehigh without 16 to I the Courier e rn*h . «** J? i ght > the white man ever civlHz wfv AM t ?w n . i t pn ? blng hlm oul & the JufJ?"* 4 i now «nent is In the and AUGUST 16, 1809. teMaaflMartfaii'Trinir'"-''""'-*'—-—— - • .. „ tJPfEK MS ALGONA. TOW*. Horace said it was never proper $ ?& tbe fan<1 »«ental fact Is that the * i apolis, a distance of nearly 500 miles ft fid fiOtlln flAftf* bttAf* ft* VIA** n*. wvlMtut^. -.- --- •— — »**«»* >v T*UD JJOVDI Ljrui/er to Invoke the gods la the drama unless AS TO CANADA'S PREMIER, a e ttoTOment i* the ad vane* * ' , o neary mes * nd . could hear each other as plainly as in very critical equations. . c oer as pa if they had only talked to Algotia. ». e the em lr resistible ™S- . central committee will do well, also, to recall the old adage, , them that help themselves." — . — vww .j M- wug ub Huuiift oy , — Courier could not be right I The Clear Lake Musical institute -' ' ------ . convenes at Clear Lake Aug. 16 UBOD ^nnHttlloa i*. «U_ nn.i »-„•>'. xu Oommltteeman. — .. has (wrong both times. Both the low »and the high prices have result- >m causes entirely outside the er's calculations. Take the mat- I'Z tel * of hi * h pHces fn tt 8 l n &fe instance. M The Northwestern rail way, foreseeing — the demand for steel rails, bought 100,000 tons a year ago at $19 a ton """''-- ' u worth 128 a ton. It --—e- -v uuv* H. S. Perkins, »•*•-•. wuvij c*u valour j_jc continues to the 28th director. The Earllng hotel at Spedcer been sold to Cole of Ida GroEe for TheLlvermore Gfazette boasts that about 80 loads of hogs from the Vicinity of Irvington were brought to town last fteek fbr shipment. Wait till the Iowa Central reaches Algona. Mason City J 8 figuring "that the Northwestern line from Blue Birth to f e 'ePlaine Is to take the heavy freight from South Dakota to Chicago, and that Algona's line from Sanborn will ,not get any through trains. The Northwood Anchor claims that f)All* f\T *Ylrt*t trnvtn ».i4 t. * . : .. n.. Greenwood German clearing on that Item alone $300,000. Now whatever may be said about a steel trust, It Is perfectly evident that there can be no trust on mil road ties which any man can go and cut out of I his own timber. And yet ties have ad rapidly as rails or aBSJJ"!::::: si" 0119 ' The f *ct Is the advance In price A H Wrtlht 5 | in both Instances Is perfectly natural. How could it be that all the railroads of the country should begin building, after a period of years of total Inactivity, with no rise in price of materials, and that, too, when wages In the mines and forests have jumped up? The rise in prices in this boom period is perfect- fact is inevitable, and it will continue as long as everybody labor at ~.viv...o i-viuiini UBUII of Clear juake IB 1 years old, has been married 62years, attends his office regularly, and is building a new house. ^Emmetsburg Tribune: Fred Scott Tennant house, Algona. Fred was ° a Jong time clerk in the St 1 hotel. Fred is a good hotel man* Brltt News: A. J. Lilly 0 a former resident of Hancocit county teaigissfta rs is oB0 ri ^^.IS^i'J.^ *°a would ma e k X e City in the woods.'"it" if" thought "the old ones have at some time escaped from a show. It sounds like a fish story. Paul S^V'i.u"" bu i 1!( ? newchurches. "The Humboldt people in a frank and ingen* an U8 ln a uir? Ve Hbemlly wit hout making Zacke had other use for The "toon- Skaible '. -•«• =«•"»«, o prut continue as long as e JSSSSSyg^ -• rr 118 T 18 to build ' bu * and htr ° i caucus nn w<ri,i" SlSh. , ?«, .Planet hold the same time. Announcements. T v. . v. r ° B SHERIFF. L. H. MTT.T.TJW ru.Au.j^t? in bum une a competent official. Emmetsburg Tribune: J. E Kinir was over from Algona Sunday. He Is preparing to start his new residence there this fall and will have his family comfortably settled therein by time cold weather comes. , reSp?en?of?be B aua Gar -°- er ^ the Mrs. Jay E. Randall, the newly wedded wife of our Whittemore editor, left her pocket book in the 'bus at Em"" «!*'£?? a >te ht ^gered gentle- swiped It. He was found and nut M W en h u gorged. The pocket £?„« M* °k eclf for $ 95 and $6 in money. Mrs. Randall refused to th« K canabeln & Presented the Occa8ion of a party of friends In Britt, Corwith and to sSS5s5&53 ! '-s«w _GEO. P. HOLU)WAT. _ JOSEPH COSOBOTK. H. S. DAH.ET. THE democratic convention in Des Moines today will do well to heed the following suggestion from Henry Watte rson: this country has ever vet across the •-'••- - - —r~ •? " f"?ress and orravi against its soldiers in the flald •s^ a ^°^^s nake a TAW h« .r^nmeg squirmi and t ,^ but the brain made of Emmetsburg Democrat: Mr. and Mrs. . J. Wilson ha J. Wilson have rented th, thrown itself their real >»s.-sis "iip.™a^ SSK iss is s^SMrKssrs A Decorah lady went out one evening leaving her child with the hired girl. The child was taken with n severe attack of colic, and the girl In looking for something to efve It found a bottle labeled " kid restorer?" A was i to restore the -J, but it cured the r B "onn™«i«^ D ft BUje ' however, the child is enameled all over and is of a fine delicate lavender tint. /-•_¥.'. Farle y° f Whitteraore had a When they came Ale*, ifraser Writes to Tell Us Something' of Canafa's Ways. He Also Works In a Couple of Good Stories Which serve Well as Illustrations. To the Editor: I noticed In the Courier of the 21st ult. an article decrying Canada and the premier of Canada, Sir Wilfred Laurier. Now, Sir Wilfred is a peer to any man living. As to his antecedents, he is of noble line age, of French origin, a man of great erudition, in politics a liberal, in religion a Roman Catholic, a cbHstain without guile or hypocrlcy, by prof- fession a lawyer and by the suffrage of the Dominion of Canada a premier of the same. Now as to the Courier's umbrage the Dominion of Canada wants to build a road to the gold re- fions. The road cannot be built until the Alaska boundary line is defined. As I know nothing about diplomacy I know nothing about what was done at the great conference at Paris years ago or the Ten Marine miles or the ilk" L , eagues- J 8U PP° 8 e it is something the a crook or staff in his right ffid t : ' houses marked the sam^ay? ~° her ever thought "' - 1 •- -- - .— -..„„£,„„ vl uuurirm<r Mltftnatt fn- line me great statesman, Daniel O'Con' nell said about the English parliament, that he never knew an act passed there but he could drive a coach and six through, and when Sir not seem to know ALEX. FBASER. THE OLD 32ND TO MEET. The Uegtment the Kossuth u..v/., emu am i The biennial reunion of ^ lf ab d ouf°it 8 l' 0 " ainfantrj ' Win be held the 82nd at Clear !&% 1 o manhood of the time —--»* <^u%> vcatv sterner stuff. has its face set toward the'future to the music of progress." ' opens the Emmets- let outsiders iisg'.,r»si u B'!S'A»^?j«?.'?.' I am a candidate foi venuSn theaCtlonoftl PAETZ. _ C. O. ECKHOLM _ A. J. BEBHYMAN. JOHN H. WARD. A. J. LILLY. IP the 40 delegates in burg convention finally IDU UUMIluePa nominate a candidate ior them, the district should present a leather medal to each. We don't know but their record already entitles them to the honor. THE Emmetsburg Democrat says it >r the repubUcan'cSimy hus nev er admitted that Thos. Jeffer_ L. C. BOWEBS. son had a right to make the Louisiana m«.» ....—.... purchase and take in the French of New Orleans without getting their consent. That is exactly the point The consistentanti-expansionist is compelled to repudiate every important step in the progress of the American people. NEWS NOTES. The lawn tennis tournament at Lrivermore today. aJ^mW 10 ™ °° 0d Tem Plar summer assembly is now iseession at Humboldt. mastodon was at Lake View ih« tHniVT J v en tne J came n °me the train was so long that they thought that they were not up to the platform, Sic*?",^ 1 ^^ ^^S£^i^Ss^{ fc r t L e . bet « eo " P-'o Alt! and Cla.v that the attitude that theVovernnJeit hastaken must and would be maintained to the end. There are, he 'methods of settlement, and arbitration. He accepts tion as the only means of BetUement and counselled patience. The leader of ,,hn,,??E° 8ltloD was m «^ing speeches ?n^^ B ^ e ^^ f «,?.«?!._ b -««-* T at this meet«r ' i° hn fS ?° U ' formerly of K& than even promises. _ u ..A . uu CULIU \_/| tl V the senatorial combine -- ... -..v s tc*vci pit one day last week. F. W. Medler of bronze medal at the it of schools. A. P. BACON. Spencer won a national exhibi- tiVTn «f T 3 "/ 11 «" «>ne national tion of photographs at Buffalo. onp°nf e f^ CUy has recei ^d as a trophy one of the guns captured by Dewev at s^uare aandit Wi " be P>*~d on'tbe ^£f^£«£^« ™* ..«• AND now the Rock well City Advocate knocks out a whole plate front from the glass house "Billy" Hamilton airinnin T*t i ... — '"J j-ittiumun resides in. It has hunted up Billy's Cummins record and here is what it finds In 1894 Billy discussed Cummins for tended tour west " • - HOLLOWATS'S DIVIJf(J HOESES. Sensation in PJilJadol- t«i«Numerous Crowds. _—J. F. Hollo way sends THE UPPEB DES MOINES a copy of the Philadelphia Ledger dated Aug. 8, which contains the following report of the success of George's horses are having in the east: Woodside Park must take the prize for a high novelty in the way of entertainment this week. Prof. Holloway's diving horses are wonderful animals and their perform- majority of the pe6ple living in Canada ^ p * rank »n, Dubuque, Oct.6 1862 today arc imniIjirpH.nfB ft*nm **>« TT ** j 1 "^0 Mustered out ADO- *>A io/>ir* r*»V * St»t5., the reside be Wsh S»ff r^ 1 " 161 " ™ ™l»=d in ie S sS* Ma^^ncS Ew^'^Si ^^jH^^wfei/S^h^ -mm, und • hnVtn^i*" *i" * "'" cite an incident mn n 0 ,fuL P l^ Ce 8 °f 6 J™™ a «°' When | Referred to the Teachers. Bailey; The other day » n ttle was what governmen"ts were paving their officials. There was little commerce and what commerce there was it was against this country, for U was draining all the money. At/this time there was a farmer in New work going on in and said: "See what a flock of ships!" We corrected that little one by telling her that a flock of ships was called a fleet, and a fleet of sheep was called a flock. For the benefit of the 4 i A-"* 11 Ui HiJimaiS oln nnt senator, and said: Wilson will »nfl' ^ 6 ^° v u. on the Market square and offered his team for sale He mi V s e a i°t Ught I f h6 knew 'hat therl team trespassing. FinalTy "-••" J by the • & u " *-ucioLsr tiu3 in™ e'ferJnnf f^ 6 ' W6 **? here »u ~j.~ „ ° ren ce to nouns of multi. that a flock of wolves is called a pack, and a pack of thieves is called a Pang, and a gang of angels is cal ed a '---and a galaxy of rufflane time „,, white an with the should — w VJ . 4 heap, and a heap frs% n _Jl_ j " inereoy announce myself a canrtMnta ,„ ^^ -" «U D wmiia TO rule Mr. Cummins mu ^™;^^ °" A - TEUJEB - W^^r.^^i*'^,'?lJ?. a !.«««? 4 ^° d a ^ ain the same year he said: r»o one wants to rule Mr. Cummins nnt because he is not a prohibition,^ The The Democratic Dilemma. The Iowa democrats are in session today at Des Moines trying to decide whether to stick to 16 to 1 or not The probability is that 16 to 1 will be dropped. The 16 to 1 candidate for governor is Rev. Basbor, a visionary who spoke in the 1896 campaign In Algona, and who refused to discuss Geo. E. Roberta' figures on market prices The anti-16 to 1 candidate is OatoSells! United States district attorney under the Cleveland regime, Judge Wade of Iowa City is talked of as a compromise candidate, but the judge is too shrewd to consider a nomination even if it should be offered, Gov. Altgeld of —' vfwr. Augeia ot Chicago has come out in favor of sidetracking the 16 to 1 issue. A big demonstration is being made in the east and south by the anti-16 to 1 faction Bryan is about the only prominent leader who sticks to the idea that tbe free coinage at the old ratio can be made a vital lesue in 1900, and Bryan, in epite of hie great popular hold is not strong enough alone to dictate a platform. Our friend of the sprightly Odebolt onronicle wants to look out for " Dolliver's postoffice editors." Gov. SHAW evidently was too much for Gen. Weaver at Colfax. The general is claiming that he didn't have a fair show. IOWA loses an insurance expert and a genial citizen in Stewart Goodrell whn goes to Chicago Sept. 1 at a big sallry to take charge of insurance work Stewart has been 14 years at the head of the insurance department in the state auditor's office. Thousands of Pythias convenYicm at ^- e :K^» e S?™" ura was done for him he sank" at^Nora Springs and Blytheof Mason City. of th < e~G Ja A t i djutant General Black tending the nattonaremoKS.,^ ) *-^ /*»i.i__ ^*£S£^££j&«™* '*""• ftw> " putting her ' iclow the ' — j „,„„„_,, „, jf-ieiiuB, that fie Knew of, a stranger in strange oountrv but he Booked around and seeing two & three middleaged men talking together at a corner of a building he walked ?nM r M Wl ) 6re they w «'-e and of course L.,1, K- 8 8t0ry ' how he had to part with his team, and all the circumstances that ----- v»iuu UJ ~ compelled him to come When he bad finished Samaritans told him of only one man in " a " d , a congregation" or engineers i« crowd of peopie i'sSed S£$Hy? n saBKaraia-sftsraaF ! nl A 11 ALI - J to go and see twice' daily;"atI'^^d %£ — - "'"- 0 . -LiiuuHanas of friends all over Iowa will congratulate nun on he Promotion, while regretting that it takes him from Des Moines. B. i. SALINGER was elected chief mogul of the Knights of Pythias at Davenport last week. He is easily one of the best public speakers of the state ufifi rvanlul •••-. 1. • . »~*-| FEOH NEISBBOWNSZXOHAHaES. "- made ble. much at The Local Senatorship. Cedar Rapids Renubliran- £(,„ r, and told him to goTomroTk^had? F?« m tnM h K™ U ? U1 t h * day of the 2£ He told him to shave his face clean for he wore a heavy beard, and to a different suit of clothes. He dressed in a gi-ey homespun suit when the day arrived to sell the n°«|« to be among the crowd that would be at the sale, to appear careless as U he had never seen the team hm when the team is bid to what yo"think \^:, in r«i&£°s be ^» to oi du 'Jig Sam Clark on Doliiver. ™«^-irr P. Dolliver is! No other mind in Iowa can grow the ripe and fertile sentences M™ "K"? u""u'°^ u " Ilu lo So and see ,, f ^i. on e of the great stu- him, but he had no money-attorneys , P*, 8 , 0 ' the 8tate - His mind has that then charged fees for counsel-but ka) el d osco P {c quality and all the el? they urged him to go and he went and ^ enis of life &° Into what he savs with told hi* «t.n,.,, McDonald surveyed him the rainb ow quality that takes it out of commonplace and makes it like God's bow in the heavens, as if lt we re thl' saving of mankind. He has been de! h V e 6 s 1 t a f nCh r aUtau< i Ua lectures M ov d e 6 ; the state. In each case he has made a republican speech and tbe brother* who thought that he was only talking religion shouted until the/ COLIdM hear themselves. It's strange how SSfoaK e £,J, 0 ~,, w l 0 Oftnl ™ 1 . re - I 1 u eg they are knocked down to you Then ?h« f 2V he hor868 and ^k to try them, to drive them around a little be P a y. such an amount of monev be in the crowd, but don't let nn i Washington'and Whatcom. J. J. Clark, and „ re- counties op ^.'"A " >vl "'" >uu ana Kossuth posed the adjournment" Absurd Appeal. There are a great maoy things that — a - -~» muHjr UIIIU^H 11) at be eaid about the senatorial eit- in the 47th district of lows, which Jt possibly is improper for THE TIPI>IIMJ nma Kir^n. .^ »~^> THE following editorial statement bv the Courier is both true and timely. It should be read and carefully considered by everybody. We commend it to Sen- K!Sff^ 4 JW,!^ a ^^v!.3B!BSriB "^^^^''dtixs: S'SHSr 3 " ^ **w JtvOX'3 iHSt WOol? 1 T4- I nVtr\iro ^ili-V,^. ft ^v4*t/lt, f\o \V lay him un fn,. tv, Q »"_;. ee *- Itr may ?°°_ v _ e . either Cory, Clarke or ^f^^n^'^^^^ aid's instruction to the letter. Wh en " he asked the team to try the sherfff demurred. McDonald toll the sh e ff - try or at Llvermore. ^SMO^^;— 9 ^S -the final outcome is still uncertain, it Portauce of K^A^?* 6 " the '«- ie probably safe, however, to repadUte " the proposed appeal to the e^te central THE MQfiTH'S MAGAZINES committee to oome to the aid of tbe ra- D fJ —™ --+*»«». nuhl!n "" a "'the diatriot.' WHb all the Pre8 ' deD * Charles Kendall Adams »Swi 8 j! W^Ptewber Atlantic with a SI alet 1 d h6 Irre9l8tib1 ^ Tendencies the ^dMato, ffeou|hM£fa.&veoo perma- *PWt of iudivlduaK to - * * WVt difficulty j a Wi ylalf ouv ownH „,:? J Wbyto, «W wwderfW «5jvM '•» State Report on Corn. The corn crop is making rapid advancement toward maturity. It is reported in all stages of growth, ranging from the first appearance of silk and tassels to well filled and hardening roasting ears. The early planted and well cultivated fields will be safe from harm by frost about the 15th of September. Probably 60 per cent, of the whole crop m the state will be entirely safe, with seasonable weather, on or before Sept. 15. With warm knd dry weather the bulk of late planted corn may be well matured by Sept. 80. But it will reouire unusually favorable ~ ':> make sound \v f > ' tfy. "', t "0?&i fr' iri -ifr . F'' ed Anderson's children at Wea ey found about $?5 of cutlery in th« lumber shed. A tramp bldYviden^ I —« *v ^a wiuo tae 40 - ,„ ^ ..^,«« ana settled the mnt :«S£^»jS Appeals to the Census Estherville Democrat; When th« ann «.» >U8 is tftken *^ n , wl »en the fona will fal) below ErtbervJli! hundred inhabitants "^ no "* **' * ra . that ftnvbodv knnwa r\t n>~ I AP ^.t 11 " ;:;~"" w h" j-uc trans/orniation was so comnlete t^ 1 ? nl±^ 8 fT" Decessl tate a no one knew him but MoDoTaM , ^ h ? f dry J warm we athei gre ' —~ rned out to be Sin the ' to bring mode of living is the -~ g ~ Uft & 6< . L ^ v trie telephone reached Weslev »uv." n ., TIIey ^"H Dare Try Us. Sf SfSZfSS W «A^& sS-' '&£?&'• W9!K.f-- &£*& Bace Meettne at uupugue. iJuring the week commenoinir Aue 27 bestra WC e±i 1ield at Pubumie ?ne p?'tte ^*^^«(S5»Spffie."ffl the noted States are SSSvSsP^g the

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