The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1899 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1899
Page 6
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t* YEAR. 1NGHAM A Terms to Subscriber*. One copy, one year H.BO One Copy, Six months 1 76 One copy, three months , 40 Sent to any address at above rates. Remit by draft, money order, or express or- oer at our risk. Rates of advertising sent on application. Announcements. FOR SHERIFF. I hereby announce myself a candidate for sheriff, subject to the decision of the republican county convention. A. 0. WltLBY. 1 hereby announce inyself a candidate for the office of sheriff, subject to the action of the the republican county convention. L. H. MILLER. I am a candidate for the office of sheriff of Kossnth county, subject to the action of the republican countp convention. GEO. F, I hereby announce that I will be a candidate for the office of sheriff, subject to the action of the republican county convention. JOSEPH COSOROVE. FOR SUPERINTENDENT. I am a candidate for county superintendent of schools, subject to the action of the republican county convention. F. H. SLAOLB. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of county superintendent of schools, subject to the action of the republican county convention. L. c. BOWEBS. FOR SUPERVISOR. I am a candidate for county supervisor, subject to the action of the republican county convention. WM. PAETZ. FOR TREASURER. I hereby announce that I will be a candidate for the office of county treasurer, subject to the action of the republican county convention. 0. o. ECKHOLM. I am a candidate for the office treasurer of Kossuth count}, subject to the action of the republican county convention. A. J. BERRYMAN. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of county treasurer, subject to the action of the republican county convention. JOHN H. WARD. FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR. I hereby announce that I will be a candidate for the office of county surveyor, subject to the action of the republican county conven- A. J. TB3E PPPBM BBS MOINES! ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST «,1899. At Des Moines. The new auditorium surprised everybody. It is the finest and largest in the west, second only to the Chicago auditorium, substantially built of brick, with a magnificent stage. It will cost $60,000, but will pay for itself each , year. There were 1,300 delegates at the convention, and easily 700 others, all of whom spent $10 in the two days, or $20,000 for this one meeting. Des Homes has 12 national and state conventions booked already on account of the auditorium. As usual the chief benefits fall to some who have given the least. The street car company would contribute only $500, and has probably gotten it back already. -5- •*- -i- Chas. E. Pickett stepped into the front rank of Iowa orators with his speech as temporary chairman. He has a musical voice, a fine presence, and he held a crowded convention in a hot room to the end. When he sat down he received an ovation. It was one of the best convention speeches on record, and it voiced the sentiment of the aggressive and progressive republicanism of the west. There was no uncertain sound about it on our duty in the Philippines, and when he declared that the flag should never be hauled down from any spot where the valor of lion in connection with the committee on resolutions. A year ago in Dubuque he wrote the bulk of the platform. This year he was not a delegate in the convention, but the other counties of the Seventh district went to the Story county delegates and urged them to present his name and he was unanimously chosen. He and S. M. Clark, the veteran of the Keokuk Gate .City, are mainly responsible for the wording of the platform. If either of them had had more time to devote to the work he could have written a more epigrammatic and terse declaration than was adopted. •«-•*•-»Judge Hubbard was more than ever interested in his Angora goats after the supreme judgeship wae settled. In the words of Dr. Johnson the more he saw of the convention the more he thought of goats. The judge has promised to come up to the farmers' institute in Algona next spring and tell how to -raise 175 bushels of corn to the acre. If he does the people will hear one of the most original and keen witted men that has adorned the Iowa bar. •*-•*-•*The Tenth district re-elected John T. Drug as member of the state central committee. •+• -f- -}Considering the talk .about the United States senatorship in advance, but little developed at the convention. There was no lining up on anything. For a while it looked as though the judgeship might be the means of breaking Senator Gear's support, as the Fifth district, which is not committed on the senatorship but leans to Gear, was very much interested in Judge Burnham'e candidacy and very earnest in demanding support in the southern and eastern part of the state. But the Gear forces and the Cummins forces went alike to Sherwin. Senator Gear sat with his delegation and announced the vote. Mr. Cummins was also present throughout the convention. The talk of the lobbies was that the contest is between these two, with several others possible, if it develops that neither has control of the legislature. It was rumored that the Fifth district would bring out Gov. Shaw. TheCedar Rapids Republican says, however, that it will not, and hints at Congressman Cousins. •t- -T- 4- For a while it was doubtful if C. T. Hancock would again accept the chairmanship of thestate central committee. He has the biggest racing meeting on his hands at Dubuque the last of this month ever attempted in the west, and his private business interests are very large. But much urging led him to consent to again conduct thecampaign. He is a fine presiding officer, and a is necessary and laborious work that women seldom wish to have their neighbors perform for them. The Estherville Republican says the Kraft Clothing company have leased O. Neville's section of the new corner block. This will be one of the beet business locations iti town. The Catholics at West Bend will build a school house 60x82 feet with an addition 16x28 feet, all two stories high. Frank Dorweller has the contract. It Is to go up at once. , J - P. Armstrong and J. M. Shaupp pi Ft. Dodge own an automobile and last week went to Okobojl with it. They ran from Dickens to Spencer in the rain in 20 minutes. It is run bv a gasoline engine. Emmetsburg Reporter: H. J. Wilson and family will remove to Algona this week, where they expect to make their future home. The Emmetsburg people are sorry to lose »o estimable « family from among them, Livermore Giselle: Mrs. Will Brunson of Algona, who has been vieltingat Glen Brunson's since Saturday, returned home Tuesday Miss Mary Roman went to Algona Tuesday, where she will visit among friends for a few weeks. Clem-Lake Mirror: A company in Alpona is opening a new pleasure resort on the Des Moines river about four miles above that city, and Wilfred Jones was here this week to ascertain if Oscar Stevens' second steamboat would fill the bill for the new resort, and if It could be purchased. This steamer is anchored in the hike, not being in use this summer. and sailors had placed it our soldiers he won the enthusiastic applause of everybody. Mr. Piokett is a prominent lawyer of Waterloo, still in the thirties, a regent of the state university, and a likely successor to Col. Henderson in congress. -j- -t- H- Gov. Shaw was rauominated by a rising vote of the convention. The governor has seen a great deal of life, and to some purpose. He has treasured up a great fund of information that is always at hand and from which he is always able to draw fitting illustrations and observations. His response to the convention was original, clever in the best sense, and appropriate. It was as entertaining as it was new, and it sustained the governor's reputation for always having a point in view and always reaching that particular point, Gov. Shaw is one of lowa'a interesting and forceful men, and whoever first said " keep your eye on Shaw" made a good manager of party affairs. He is a nephew of G. N. Hancock, a former Algona merchant, and a eon of the well known pioneer wholesale grocer of Dubuque. -*- •+• -4- The republican speaking campaign will open the first of October. Gov. Shaw is making some addresses in advance, and some general campaign literature will be sent out before. Yesterday Gov. Shaw spoke for expansion' against Gen. Chautauqua. Weaver at the Colfax timely suggestion. -T- •£• -f- The nomination of Judge Sherwin of Mason City distributes the supreme judges of the north end of the state properly. With Judge Ladd at Sheldon and Judge Sherwin at Mason City, Judges Robinson and Granger are well replaced. It would have been a geographical mistake to have left Judge Kobinson at Sioux City. His interests and those of Judge Ladd could not but conflict. As it is, the north end presents to tbe bench two men in the prime of life, with many years of useful JService ahead of them. Judge Sberwip is 47 years old, has served J2 years on the district bench with great credit, is a warm hearted, genial and able man. He will adorn tbe supreme bench. ..-•''' •*-•*•'*Congressman Dolliver received a noticeable round of applause when he NEWS NOTES. Emmet county will soon have 10 railroad towns. That is doing quite well for a county with only 12 townships. Prof. B. Shimek of the state university of Iowa, in the employ of United States forestry department, is making observations in Emmet and Kossuth counties, and will make his headquar tors at Estherville for a time. One of the featuras of the Iowa state fair is to be a century exhibit, which will be composed of many old tind rare implements and relics of a century ago. The first McCormick harvester is going to be on exhibition, and the whole exhibit promises to be interesting. A mechanical weed destroyer is being used by the Northwestern with good effect. The machine is built upon a flat car and can be lowered or raised by means of chains and levers. It destroys the weeds and grass alongside of the track by burning them after they have been liberally sprinkled with gasoline. A similar contrivance for the FBOM NEIGHBORING EXCHANGES. A drayman last week at Humboldt left his wagon close to the cars at the depot. A brakeman on the passing train was caught between the car imd wagon, and badly crushed. Humboldt is not so slow, after all. It had a professional wrestling match last week and the home man won A traveller offered to throw him three limes in an hour, but onlv got him down once. That is pretty sporty for Humboldt. E. P. Bircher is again in business in Bancroft, having bought G. F. Holm's restaurant and taken possession. The Register says: Mi-. Hohn has moved into the D. Williams property for the present, and does not know what he will next engage in. The Emmetsburg Democrat refers to to-day's convention and says: The delegates to_the senatorial convention will meet again to drink Emmetsburg beer and to make an occasional effort to break the deadlock. May they continue to have a merry time of it. W. S. Colby of Clear Lake, the present county surveyor, will be acandidate for renomination before the republican county convention, and will probably have no opposition. Will, grew up in Algona, was a volunteer in the Cuban war, and is an expert surveyor. As the Northwestern passenger was nearing Dakota City Friday morning it caught a covered wagon on a crossing and killed three young men from Baxter, who were on their way north for work. They were 18, 20, and 22 years old. The crossing is considered' dangerous because it is hidden by a bluff. The engine hit the front wheels of the wagon. Old settlers will be interested in this reply of the West Bend Advance to a query about Rev. McComb, who is just home from twelve years as a missionary. The Advance says: Rev. James McComb is a son of the Rev. D. A. Mc- LOT8 OF BAD- SIDEWALKS. The City Council Condemns a Lot of Dangeroua Sidewalks- A Timely Action. The city council met Saturday evening and took timely action with reference to a lot of Algona's sidewalks, besides tran sacting other business of importance. It has condemned a great many blocks of poor walks, and will follow up the condemnation by promptly rebuilding where the owners fail to attend to the matter. The street car ordinance was not discussed but" was referred to the city attorney for his opinion on the legal phases involved. THE ROUTINE REPORT. ALOOSA, Aug. 5.— City council met pur suant to adjournment at the city hall : Mayor Sayers in the chair. Members present- Vesper, Warren, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins and Chapin ; absent, Samson.. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. Appropriating ordinance No. 5.— An ordinance appropriating moneys to certain persons therein named : Be it ordained by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That the following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid to the per sons hereinafter named. Electric Appliance Co., electric sup plies .............................. c 1628 A. Y. McDonald & M. Mfg. Co., water works supplies ................... 30 00 Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. electric supplies ............... '. . IS 00 Chicago General Fixture Co.. electric fixtures ............................. 432 03 W. V. Carlon, salary and cartage.'.'.'. '.'. 48 00 Columbia Incnndescant Lamp Co.. lamps ................... . ............ 0282 L. Horan, salary for July .......... ." " 71 50 JV.H.Horan, salary for July ......... 4000 H. Mueller Mfg. Co., water works supplies ............... , ... ......... tt 1820 Westinghouse Electric and Mfg, Co.. electric supplies ............... .. ..... . o? 73 J. L. Edmonds, repairs .............. 50 Globe Machinery and Supply Co., water works supplies .................. 90 Ed. Schrader, work on sewer ____ 420 E. S. Johnson, repairs .............. ',',. no J. L. Douahoo, salary, stamps, drafts and express ............ ... 4140 C. M. Doxsee, hardware ............ ' 10 67 Algoua Fire Department, attendine «res June 10 to July 24, 1800. ...... 0300 Geo. Richmond, wiring ........... 1500 German-American Insurance Co., 'insurance on city hall ................. 1000 Algona Courier, publishing ............ g 50 L. H. Bell, damages .......... °2 50 10hlers& Co. .supplies ............. '.'.'.'. ~s 75 W. H. Reed, desk ................... '2100 John Swettzer, police services ......... 1000 D. W. Hohn, cartage ............. 25 Chas. Foster, salary, etc ........... 0110 Geo. Richmond, wiring ............. 30 25 J. M, Murray, salary ............. 4000 Oscar Anderson, mowing weeds ....... 3 00 , ....... ?' Sv J^ rlghtl f relght an <* cartage ..... 10 30 A. White, work on water works ........ 1050 W. E. Naudaln, freight and cartage. . . 32 34 Upper Des Molues, printing and publishing. . ................. . . ...... ... . 8 25 J. A. Hamilton & Co., lumber and tiie! 55 33 Walker Bros., supplies ..... 4 77 Starr & Haggard, publishing. .'...'.'.'.'.'.'. 7 50 Samson & Paine, coal .................. 103 75 W. V. Carlon, for weed mowers ____ 13 75 Campbell & Grouwall, blacksmithlng. 847 Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage nnn n.nnrnvn.1 "Pneoo/? nt\fi nnn«. n .. n /i *t_i_ said walks be notified to rebuild the same within five day* from notice, failing in which the street commissioner is hereby authorized end ordered to rebuild said walks and charge the cost to the abutting property owners as provided by law. Moved and seconded that the resolution as read be adopted. Ayes, Vesper, Warren, McMahon, Paine, Stebbins, Morse and Chapin; noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn. Carried. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. SHORT SPECIAL SESSION. The Connty Board bid Some of Their Work and Adjourned. The county board met July 38 to author, ize the big ditch at Ledyard, but owing to an unexpected claim for damages by the Burlington railway it adjourned until last Friday to give the company time to reconsider. The ditch is planned to go under a Burlington railway bridge. The promoters s»y it will not cost the railway company a cent. But the officers have an idea that it \vill necessitate a new bridge, and so had Geo. E. Clarke present a claim for $4,500 damages. Frank Weimer of Ledyard went to Cedar Rapids to talk with the officers, and the claim was at once withdrawn. The Northwestern put in no claim extermination of weeds in the streets of a city would be a good thing. By a recent enactment of the Illinois legislature it is now required that cities in Illinois having a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants shall establish truant schools within two years. In cities of more than 25,000 and less than 100,000 people it is enacted that the board of education may open a truant school, provided the people have approved the proposition by majority vote at a general election. This new law indicates among citizens of Illinois an interest in the problems of compulsory education and truancy. IN THIS flEKJHBOEEOOD, Comb of early days here, and lived in this county for several years. He has been doing missionary work in India for several years past. His brother R. R. lives on the old homestead yet. Come over and see him. Geo. F. Holloway has gone to Philadelphia to see his diving ponies open their eastern engagement. John Whalen went along and will remain to take care of them. The Register says Mr. Holloway will return inside of two weeks to look after his candidacy for sheriff, and if successful in the race will be able to put in every day of his term in the office, having now arranged for the management of his horses so that his presence will not be further required. Col. Martin's brother has resigned as passenger agent of the Iowa Central, and the colonel may go next. The Clear Lake Mirror hints at dark things: "There is something of a drama being enacted these days on the Iowa Central stage, where ambition, jealousy, and other traits of character take leading parts. So far nothing but rehearsals have taken place, but the public will be admitted after a while and the curtain go up, so that we can pass judgment on the merits of the new play and the qualifications of the principal actors." AN IMPOKTANT CONSOLIDATION, Tile Northwestern Railway System Said to be About to Absorb the Aliiiiieapolls & Oinalin. The talk of the coming final consolidation of the Northwestern and the Minneapolis & Omaha roads is now current. If it is well founded it has a direct local interest. The Minneapolis & Omaha owns the line from Elmore north. It has always opposed the through train service from Des Moines and out of this difference of opinion may come a final adjustment of great importance. The Northwestern practically controls the stook of the other and approval. Passed and approved this 5th day of August, 1899. Moved and seconded that tbe rules requiring ordinances to be read on three different days be dispensed with and appropriating ordinance No. 5 be placed on its final passage. Ayes, Vesper, Warren, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins and Chapin ; noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that appropriating ordinance No. 5 be adopted. Ayes, Vesper Warren, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins and Chapin; noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of the superintendent of public works be placed on file. Carried. Be it resolved by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, that all all territory and property within the corporate limits of the city of Alffona, Iowa, shall be deemed to be within the limits of the benefits of the Algona electric light works, and shall be subject to all taxes levied for electric light purposes. Moved and seconded that the resolution as read be adopted. Ayes, Vesper, Warren, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins and Chapin; noes, none. Carried. Be it resolved by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, that all territory and property within the corporate limits of the city of Algona, Iowa, except all territory and property within said corporate limits situated or lying east of Duraut street 6f said city, shall be deemed to be within the limits of the benefits of the Algona city water works and shall bo subject to ail taxes levied for water purposes. Moved and seconded that the resolutions as read be adopted. Ayes, Vesper, Warren, McMahon, Morse, Paine, Stebbins and Chapin; noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the petition of B. W. Hohu and others, and the petition of W. J. Lang and others be referred to the sidewalk committee. Carried. Be it resolved by the city council of the city of city of Algona, Iowa, that the following described sidewalks of said city be condemned: West side of lot 5 in block 83, original plat: south side of lot 5 In block 83 original plat; south side of lots 6 and 7 in block 83, original plat; south and east side of lot 8 in block 83, original plat; east side of lot 14 in block 1, sub-division reservation No. 3; east side lot 1 in block 1, sub-division reservation No. 3; east side of lot. 7 in block 1, sub-division reservation No 3- north and east side of lot 11 of sub-division of block 376; east side of lot 10 of sub-divis ion of block 376; east side of lots 8, •i and 5 of sub-division of block 376; east side of lot 8 of sub-division of block 376; east side of lot 8, auditor's plat; north and west side of lot 19 in block 370, auditor's plat, reservation No. 1; west and south side of lot 17 in block 370, auditor's plat, reservation No 1; west side of lot 18 in block 376, auditor's plat, reservation No. 1 ; north side of block 75, original plat; south side of lots 7 and 8 m block 4, original plat; north side of block 55, orininal plat; north and east side of lot 4 in block 35, original plat; north side lot 3 in block 35, original plat; north side lots 1 and 3 m block 48, original plat; east side of lot 1 in block 48, original plat; east side lot b in block 48, original plat; south side lots 7 and 8 in block 48, original plat; north side lots 1 and 3 in block 57, original plat; north side lots 8 and 4 in block 57. original plat- south side lot 13 in block 1, auditor's plat' south side of lot 1 in block 1, Call and Smart's add; east side lots 1, 3 and 8 in block 1, Call and Smart's add; north side of lots 8 and 4 in block 338, Call's State street add; east side lot 1 in block 37, original plat; east side lots 1 and 8 In block? original plat; east side lots 1 and 8 in block 87 original plat; east side lots 10,11,13, is u and 15 in block 5, auditor's plat of reservation No. 1; east " ' — itial p nal plat; for damages. This ditch is to be 13 feet wide and five feet deep and to be eight miles long. It begins west of Ledyard and runs southeast into Union slough. Surveyor Tellier has estimated the cost at 16,000, which the adjoining; property owners will pay. Work will begin as soon as the county authorizes it. THE STEEL DH1DOE AT BDHT. The board Friday accepted A. H. Austin's bid for the new steel bridge east of Hurt. Kilmar's bid was $38 lower, but the board has always felt that Kilmareuchored it on the width of the Blackford bridge, and so accepted Austin's bid. The bridge is to be 100 feet long, with 16 foot roadway, and to cost *2,019. The mill bridge is 100 feet long with 18 foot roadway and cost a little over $1,400. That shows how prices of iron have advanced. Two bridges could have been built a year ago for as little as one can now. There were eight bidders on the new bridge, as follows: J. H. Kilmar, 81,994; A. H. Austin, $3,019; Clinton Bridge Works, 83,067; Stupp Bridge and Iron Co., $3,090; Canton Bridge Co., $3,099; Nash Bridge Co., $3,097; Geo. E.King bridge Co., $3,087; J. G. Ratcliff, $3,110; J. R. Scherley, $3,160. ROUTINE HOARD PROCEEDINGS. ALGONA, July 38, Auditor's Office, 9 a. m. —Board met pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: Chairman John G. Smith, L. Barton, M. Weisbrod, C. S. Peudleton and Ed. Kunz. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved as rend. C. S. Pendleton reports in favor of grade between 35 and 86 and 36 and 85-100-38 from bridge fund, of grade between 33 and 37, 31 and 38-100-37, and is appointed a committee to build same. John G. Smith reports in favor of bridge on section 14-95-39 and is appointed a committee to build same. Ed. Kunz reports in favor of bridge between sections 9 and 16-97-38; of grade between 31 and 33, 37 and 38 97-37 from bridge fund !n favor of bridge between 33 and 3698-37, in favor of bridge and grade between between 33 and 34-98-37 and is appointed a committee to build same. Reports against grade between 11 and 14 and 11 and 10-97-37 and report is adopted. Moved and seconded that the consent highway petitioned for by Jos. Arbeiter et al beginning at southwest corner of section 38-95 37 and running thence north one half mile be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that consent highway petitioned for by Aug. Schmidt et al between sections 1 and 13-94-38 be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Resolved that the county treasurer be instructed to redeem tax sale 8,767 on west ,80 ft. e hf s hf lot 4, blk 8, Call's addition to Wesley. Adopted, Moved and seconded that the consent highway petitioned for by C. Jacobson et al from northwest corner section 7-99-37 to northwest corner of nw qr 19-99-37 be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded that M. Weisbrod be a committee to look after interests of county in se qr 13-98-30. Carried. Bond of J. R. Davis, J. P., approved. C. S. Pendleton appointed a committee to view and report on bridges between sections 16 and 31-99-38. Report of county recorder showing fees from April 1 to July 1 to be $978.70, county treasurer to be $16.30 and county auditor additional fees of $15 approved. The board proceeded to open bids for steel bridges. Moved and seconded that the contract for building a steel bridge over Des Moines river be awarded to A. H. Austin for $3,019 under contract and specifications to be drawn up by county attorney, and the county auditor is authorized to execute said contract.' Carried. I T - , --- — -• -« <~>v" Resolved that the county auditor be! .? BS , 8te PP ed ashore from the authorized to draw warrants for all bills | roail^ packet to assume his duties, in ANOTHER PIONEER GONE, Mrs. G. W. Mann Dies Suddenly al Her Home South of AlKona. Sunday morning about 9 o'clock Mrs. G. W. Mann died suddenly of heart failure. She had been unwell for a. couple of weeks, but not dangerously 111. Saturday evening Dr. Kenefick was called for and advised that she bfr careful about over-exertion. The two daughters in New York, Bertha abd Alice, were telegraphed for and arrived yesterday. The funeral was held this morning at 10 o'clock at the home, and the remains were buried in the Irvington cemetery by the side of her husband's, who died In 1884. Mrs. Mann was one of the real pioneers of northern Iowa. She was born in Shatengay, N. Y., June 16,1829, being in her 70th year. She came to Illinois in 1844 and to Humboldt county, Iowa, in 1857 with her brothers, the Bellows boys. Here she met Mr. Mann, and in 1859 the happy couple came to Algona to be married by Father Taylor, there being no minister at that time in Humboldt county. On the old Irvlngton road up they noticed the pretty grove that has for nearly 40 years been the Mann home and thought they would like it. In 1864 they came to Kossutb, bought the grove, and have since lived in the home they then built, Mr. Mann wae the first county superintendent of Humboldt county, a man who won and held the respect of all who knew him. Mrs. Mann was a worthy helpmeet, and a woman of force of character and great intelligence. They made a plnce for themselves in the early society of Kossuth that no pioneer will forget, and they leave a memory that is an honor to them and their children and that is part of the history of the county. A OURIOUS PROCEEDING. The Mayor ol Zilvermore Fines Himself for Slapping Our Lu Verne Cady. Last week Cady, of Lu Verne divorce court fame, abused Mayor Terpin of Llvermore and got his face slapped. The mayor then brought nimself before himself, acted as prosecuting attorney, lawyer for the defense and judge, and succeeded in fining himself quietly. Judge Terpiu sustained Prosecuting Attorney Terpin and beat Lawyer Terpin, fining Defendant Terpin more than he has ever fined for a like offense before and committed said defendant Terpin to Constable Terpio until the fine was paid. FIELD TRIALS AT EMMETSBURG. Prairie Chicken Do«s Will bo Tested In Palo AJto-A Very Large List of Entries. • The field trials for Iowa will occur at Emmetsburg Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. It will be a big meeting of owners of famous chicken dogs. The American Field says: Measured by the number of requests for entry blanks, Mr. M. Bruce, secretary of the Iowa Field Trial association, says: "The entries should be larger than at any previous trial in America." We trust it will be so." NO CHANGE APPARENT. District Senatorial Con- Meets Afralii at KmmetB- The 47th volition burg, The senatorial convention of this district meets at Emmetsburg again this morning. The three candidates are in the field as before, and no break has developed in their support. Cory still has 16 votes, Grim 13, and Clarke 11. Someone will have to quit. t Phil. c. Hanna. An eastern paper has the following pen description of Phil. C. Hanna: A tall, slender man with a keen smoothly shaven face, a breezy manner in conversation, a sturdy western pride in all that bears the American name, and a fluent speaker of the Spanish tongue—such was the consul to San allowed at this meeting and that the members of the board be entitled to the following mileage and per diem: John G. Smith, ono mile, one day $4 10 C. S. Pendleton, 38 miles, one day... 7 80 L. Barton, 15 miles, one day '.'. 5 50 M. Weisbrod, 20 miles, one day 6 00 Ed. Kunz, 13 miles, one day 5 30 Moved and seconded to adjourn until Thursday morning, Aug. 3, at 9 o'clock. Carried. Schedule of Hills. COUNTY FDND. Peter Wlnkel. bailiff. $ 400 J W Robinson, hardware * Vo Otto Falkenhainer, hardware OK C A Tellier, county surueyor 40 7fi Iowa Institute for Feeble Minded, care of ' children IRKS Republican Printing Co, expense book.'.' '. u 00 P L Ward,, trustee 200 C Rosewall, painting porches ........ '.'.'. 20 00 Algona City, electric Tight ............ Upper Des Moines, publishing proceedings, etc .............................. Starr & Haggard, publishing proceedings, etc ........................... 88 fiO Banerof t Register, publishing proceedings and statement ...................... .. 102 7fi the month of January, 1898. He made his way to the consulate and the first thing he did was to shake out a couple of new flags and nail them crosswise over the shield bearing the coat of arms of the United States. Another silken beauty was flung to the breeze from the window of his room. When he had satisfied himself with the arrangement of things, Mr. Hanna started to pay the customary official visits. He was surprised to find that the impression produced by his simple act was unfavorable. Black looks greeted him among the Spanish officials. The governor-general was icy when the credentials were handed in. Mr. Hanna only smiled. aa original plat; west side lot 5 of sub divkion A Britt man caught a 14i pound | pickerel at Clear Lake last week, Lightning hit J. N. Jackson's store at Bode Thursday, and did some dam I age, Key. A. A. Wilcox is laid up with .,hemnatiem at Estbervilie. He is try toe [ jpg to get an increase of pensior supreme judge he was is well known in Kossuth county. Ipudjy wUedpn by tbe convection for Tbe Westers Electros new „„„,., a speech, 1$ wae » generous and spon- lie circuit line with all new poles is taneous recognition of his personal I giving good satisfaction and tbe crew republican.* ol the rf, DOV west ot ^sley working toward w«j, g. * * et tbe 'Ifemfo Mrs, Russell of Spencer was arrested Jswid, fined $be other 4ay for "' wm » road, still the management is seprrate of reservation No. 8; south side lot 1 in sub- and not at all times friendly. The St •""'"'— w — 1 -°'«- ------- Paul Dispatch says: " The report has it that the Worth-1JK i»A?fffi r I*?Ji* t £o r ?fT* t i 0 ?, No - 1; western prefered stock is to beTex - add* SSS «iflV inWAP*S S"^ 8 , 1 ?"''* changed evenly for Omaha,Vd a ver^ fc^Vdfsouk 1 Staffii WcJS liberal offer also to be made for Omaha add: south side lot 5 block 18, original plat common. In case the consolidation north side lots 8 and 4 block 35, orieiua '-'-"• east Side Iot4 block 35, original side lot 8 block 3, Call's 8d add side lot 1 block 376, original plat; north sWe lots I, 3, 8 and 4 block I, Stacy's add; north ?<&!# < w f* !««*«*»»* P!»fo east side lot should be carried out, the expenses of tbe Northwestern system would be cut BRIDGE FDND. L Barton, committee work, etc 6118 John Smith, bridge work 97 An Ed Kunz, committee work 01 OR i? 1h1naw °°1' brWge work '•'•'•"• 31 25 Will Samulson, same 31 PR August Samulson, same 187« WHRaney.same ' ' 10700 James Ferguson, same SK An James Ferguson, same ..'. 7 no John G Smith, committee work 22 BO M Weisbrod, same 9505 James Butler, bridge work 2600 J W Robinson, hardware 8 7fi A Lundgren, drift bolts 314 CBepson, repairs on road 1500 Wm Funk, damages on road so no Frank Huzer, hauling lumber John Paul Lumber Co, lumber, claimed $61.68. allowed 1 block 58, original plat; north side lot 8 in blpok 41, original plat; north side lots 1, 8, Prwent» the Be»f, 8 and 4block 180, Call's add; south side lot Ledyard Leader: Whether Kos- * "" ' " '"' " "-"'-- • -* • - suth county shall furnish the wextiusu's add; west side block 5,6 Call's ft dd : state senator or not we bftve the satis- j awth sidejpt 3 block 835, Call's »dd; south' aotloo of knowing that we " -•-— ihe aWeet and west a.yaj)abl' be place. • IMA^"qvitiyn el Me"pwpwiy , side lot 18 block 1, auditor's plat of reserve,original A Premium for Laziness. ' Jay E. Randall tells the following incident of the National Editorial excursion: Gov. Parrott was one of the delegates to the National Editorial association meeting at Portland. On the trip home the governor got off the cars at a Canadian station desiring to send a telegram. He saw a porter lying on one of the seats in the station and asked him where the telegraph offl o«waB : The porter lazily pointed out the direction with his foot The governor, very much struck by the fellow's laziness, said: "If you can I'll give you .. w *v*«j»v*wwoj DC*H show me lazier action Oue op the Conductor, Bailey: They tell a pretty good story on Conductor Hoxie, One day a negro woman was riding on his train with a little pickaninny who screamed so that no one could enjoy life in the coach. Hoxie finally asked her if she could not quiet the child. She said she could and began to make preparations in the natural way. The kid refused to eat, still keeping up his racket, when " Bless'ee'ittle baby, take 'e dinner now; ef 'e don't take 'e dinner momtnv U give it to de conductor." And Hoxie rpde the rest of the way on the pilot, i quarter." Without moving an inch the darkey replied: "Put it in my pocket, mister." He got the quarter. As to DoiHver. Vintori Eagle: Senator Healy, of Dolliver's home county, says he is for Dolliver first and Cummins second, which seems to show that DolJiver is not the terrible villain in the senatorial matinee he has been painted by the Des Moines papers. Burt Monitor: C. 0, Chubb was a Mr. Chubb in discussing the senatorial question says that Dolliver would make a better man for senator than either Cummins or Gear. If a new man must go in he favors a man of experience, and Dolliver has had ten V -> * i j. . / X *<• <* M'&

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