The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1899
Page 8
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DBS MOIKBB; ALGOJNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 1899, THI fflWI Of TB8 COUNTY hs§ s A bit s' §et§lte, f§ t/§ be built ft8§ IBBflfl Mi fldtii§= & & ff§l§§ lm§ §i'foi,§d a windmill ea'bls iegtlem foi'in In Fenlon, P, if? Peprte f§ pulling ft eHF lead of til§fl« bis land uefti' Swaa tJi^v, ' UP.- fltwan Hf Wlilllemofe lw§ |i«i<= ehft§efl ft lin§ n§w learn of harses, ife&fllf kWdy of Whillemor-e Is golnf en tbe fuail to ti<H¥§i fep a shoe house, epej 1 MeWhBPten, neptlieaslBf his big new barn up and Petei'sen IIBS just finished Inylng fciie on the Kuiig fai-ni In frame, Dalley Ima put H 6fiw§ new eiHifit ifi the Will It Stand the Test of Fire? That will be the final test.... Mi'§: Fred K«e|ilte ttf ilui't at Gfllfttx taking a ewe" Mar-It }je,vl8 was been ism-. the last Hev-. l)«,y -iet'lures in Get'itnuiin, tu-- "'l^ Mi^Utltes of ew ei 1 Hfti'toii ii linvtit two s of Ub ItttulevHo out on lil? Lu Vevne-. tliwlt ftiid dt\«|j-}H,e> 1 M«bs| fti'e - ewnsidemble ii»i^ ftl hi? fiu'tu the nui'-th end-. -t U.ev-'s ftt.H\il.y of MoMH WfeHt to Mj)irit Lftlie while he attended but we wish to assure you in advance that you need have no feara, Our Flue Lining is made wholly of fire day, and we will give anyone #5.00 in cash who can break it with heat, It is fully warranted to last as long as the chimney stands, Tht objent in using it is to prevent the escaping of gases in the house, to lessen the fire risk, give strength and durability to the chimney and increase its capacity by its smoothness so that aoot will not clog it, The cost is only 12 cents per foot, and it is ridiculous to build a. chimney without it. For sale by J. A. Hamilton & Co. ft »1«.y w lvv« nun Ihs l;V>tn«i>B of H, ma of lite foaeU nf i,h« ha»ui, of has gone to Jks Moines to Yiig in is ww\v to St. • , Wftteis is his wvh -Aft jvife fti YiUb xviU 'a &$x L,:I 6VAiji| ttWi fa fti&W \ ^ft'sftri ift t>ti WHO V5 »>»>«»> )\»> \vtil Til OCEAN X-- 1 ! 1 ! ift iw ilve k itt tft tiva't j- W*ii sAys f.5re .S"!.. xx-ai- xv'rtSh 'Swg-l^^il 4i'Jix-e wot -ill •8-. «/f h'-' ' to tfi'Sit* 'f 6Ve'i\ ljiea i ( e ; K(, 'llh'fe 'i-Ml'i^A f^ «o r f. 'ac -'^'O'n'e %d 'Oi'6'ft'o'ft -'fo'i- ; ari %Hftfh ^Piv ' 'fty Is ' . IWtifl ^Hhefcik hkVe ; H 'lo'l 'of ] r/e'w Tfih'tii-'yhis 'i'h 'tf r f I'orn -Wee'k ' . •fHifti i (;Th& X?cd h ''a'l-e .'^i'yWiWg; 'btft if li'fco ; k 'is ia, i •& if -h feat 'k«>i^!i'isly ' '6 f f J ll>ee?n * ' '24, 'of - 'tftiM hax-e ipi-eve 1 h ( l'e?l 1 *t : k«k'li'/5k : t' i i&'n 'ot <!lH('kHo'n>H •' ; k-Titl 'Xiwic-Vltik 'nit H'liu't H.b' *riffT/>t'i«i 'r ''Wh'ic'b Wits r ft!iiilH. f fdl- 'a ••H 'Hfib. '.('lib ! )k>y ''Is -{JaipV MTV. VJfMWdli(ih 'Whfe'erilli i fotiiWrimk ] Jle«Hi^ 'to ff 1 f tW!f'o f dlim<feb '(if ' •tjlowly. 'hu»JbU"tJa 'MMll m . J Wps. %ltti'ifblfe ! »iliil 'A'Hiii- 'feijtoi' f ft*oiii '•iBftijimilVi, 'KHl)KUb/H)'|vrit. if iii HViMti; ffUV iiiU'i^ttJntlercl'v'fyft 'Wiih ift. { W 'iTHniiiii J B 'flrtit 'Jlevv '<w»i- '- 'iige 'liHit'lo'iiti 1 ! 'bwii'k, J£i)i : i U'hc 'dt' *vdH/i]'w>i«'K Mva's ^ '(if '-ilJie ' !«llt-i*!nt;- 'itfeiilltj- tdlit Whble 'ri'f HVlis '^!i'n -at't'Ul«cil )% H-lii: ll ; Strit<!b -SdD'U'tWi- 'A'lbxttntim-lt}. i'UH'oJlU'Lil-^J^hfeibu'n'k. We 'it '-<o ! M'ls iHes'iiltiiJOe iJii ^IwdHwif t- ^vlllo, -S. ."ft i, -tiiul "st^Mil ill iu'Wity 'Us in 'Biitsi't*(l Hvu« 'tlfe 'liWto'i»lo ibriiiiiei- Ho ; n [pole 'Wei' )inWu4ioh-^tUi iUdt '^luit' ' itoi«he iliirftovie 'Vti'ltie ' SNA1L.HUNQRY PARia Ant lantvtt In t»« •French of IftfyOnW povunls of every day by the r^strtents of l?* > e«tt)> en^Usil, HJmsnttll uiarkct »c busiest hul«sU-5al mart in A Swiss •Koei«iy h«s iaM ottl'uu Al«e {gwftleu at Mo«i«~cux a fecit, whew t-he of t!ie stem to stew that, ftf te J- fee best, ' m^rc ttvaw iww si«pj>frd and wcr •'S-Wi.'ftfK) wards in »3.g- e*, -or fctoowt ' !f '6«irg'6 'o , Tih« in '!Dh« war t 'W),WO *^ ) hj > Wfew ifift^I XTOWietfi *arg*'t!hier. 'IPh-e 'cwwibiT* fft«tt' i))h'ait 'o'ewi, jpal iS- wow Tbeen .( ofl 1 HJhtia, is , >ni!«- ( 0fiin ii' Hit. S <tittf> <ooTn- 'o r f U'life 'CJWlongo iriter ittt tfOttOunifl.' ttilic H'ls- <6>iJH{>»iitiion <6 c f itllie itdfl , '^h'ltih HB ifllie Uno^fc <c«dS1ihjg fauB ifilre tt'iitfltcn i(ilwe 'tin t 'hi, fU'dfl - rfbrtt^t ^ 'Bin ibtiuu 'tih'l'tiugjh Hllie (^ W, H. Reed (Successor to John Cronln) handles the beat to be had in the way of up- to-date, fine FURNITURE bejBldoB nverything that can bo desired In plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings mid Roods Hint are required for boautl- f,y!tiff and orimmonUntf tho bomo. A specialty mado of li with prices always at tho satisfactory point. W. H. REED. Sutt's Sure Remedy for Hog Cholera. Well, I have beeii around Jn different lo- w>i«rc> Sutt's Hoe Gliolera Prevent- o.r has Iwon UIASI extensively used, aud it t» no longer <ui expttrimeut; it has proved UiSftSf a positive preventer where it has boon US<M aocortUng us ilirecUons, and I wJH g\»ara»S«e it 5« every case. " No pre- venl no pay" Jf foul as si, ought W be, 13SO <}«s«!is for Sii.Sn. The chfwj'wjsl remcidv in lh« xvorM, and U»e best veorai killer. V\» *a.le at any home in AVgona, Iowa, Manufatf.nred and |^ia.rani«u(! by AL,(5ONA, IOWA. vrait, until your 'ffel Mdk SM& bagiri lio die, for it w se the :grow-Wi «I jii<js on same ifeed tiwios iit» ^ost. One Hundred Dollars Is <titlnfeSi to any CIRSAR POTR 5 CEiNTTS. SCH : J Ib WATERKOUSE, W>'0 '.won 'oatiteucitor. 0 ilm^'e ilihe <oii Jle :((t,owm sflitiHhig (nifttlliine (CWIIBU ilii tthe :ik '.WfiilK ff m'twutai' «tnnHy Horitowns, , 'iwiu ^i)iili r on(tf*. '"Sijiodiua ;u.tfioiitiioii so fiovm weill '.w«u*lc. afiHtlTiiatiiB iruuQo. a .em- " r/y lolily <e?oi>oM >Ui'iIlo3*. l!lll*v.>A!lf'/v»ii flitwtrit. «u5<!biui ipltfyauB tto .'BOiik's <riJP •TO {gititios rfot jj' iluivt; tbouii 'dtniilur ttoigdff , It tin mmtih iitailor. 'fflhe JliilliiviiB ' 'us r» Jell iJt t ie«itlit«irtnil ilt 'to t^liefgoWViiuwtttffol-t j he <to HvlikJh 'it '-Wufe liuit 'tft ilnuilor iilii-awti fftl 'Bi«c - Sh iitodir ux MlMle tto ! Jitfl u*e Ht 'anils , nsiliati tthe, /fuiit tto' rpursuiugililinimiH *B. fE fDHQBE, I tSu»(i<»«iso*ettb SI H?A«M6/AND WIUD ii^NDS HF4JR 58AIE /AHOfttJRIRENT. ^i^tty j^o<iil ( ^Ei&, it'Oo-^ijbiiiiti ^t'i^^^t^^^tbttl^QgB^X^^Ct)*-* J^twdWa^MrwaitHijBi^r 1 4i**j>. Q3&iagt'wypW.°m< uum CBUDIM.' </ i IL. iBaJilwiu , fOi lltobt. ii\ .\luilheuoy t ttiu eSUto<J£'JT. Uutisoul lliiit ,< ilecftiBcij,' U« r«m h iT« ealiHietendan ts •. Wou 'anil <.eaeii coif jyon na iv| t tho' At^i vo eiVUtieit wiueri l» now on 1 filti iivt tue ft tho tll£ti'!«ti court vOfUCossuth ccouu- We still have several genuine "snaps'* in staple and fandy groceries, which you can have the benefit of if you come at once. We are sure we still have, in many lines, just what you want • and you can save some money on your grocery bill by calling before the best are gone. This opportunity will not last forever ; why not "make hay while the sun shines?" M. Z. Grove & Son. O-S-T-E-O-P-A-T-H-Y Ninety per cent, greatly benefited and 50 per cent, cured Is Osteopathy's record in chronic cases, aud three-fourths of the cases treated Osteopathicall y have tried other gyatenu of treatment and failed to get relief. If you are afflicted, and have been enable to regain your health, I would be glad to have you call and consult me In regard to your ease. Send for a.copy of the Osteopathlc Magazine, free. References from all over the state. x>sa. r. -r. J. T, ChrischMes, G. C. Hudson, T. H. Lanlry, fames Patterson, ' Yioc V mMmf, Treamurtr. Secretary, ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. - [INCORPORATED.] - HIGHEST .PRICES PAID for all feds of Grain and Seeds. jBealei* in Hand aad Soft OoaL Manutaetarers of SteraetlJy Higto-gj ade Flour, Special •attientae>i> paid *o She Owing too !Ube laj-g® ;n,nfl iti0nsi;aiji% monaaHsng ..damanfl for iour «.npeiic>r -graiSe icsf flour was ••safe '&viiM.e& ito <offiesr feoaa 5 to M) iceuibs rper tontihel »t>owe itihe aaaa'tet. wibau/t. F, W. ®imLB1 r , SEuaioiKor.aI3if.OTv W - , Ultwfl'B tPllnteiaanittxar -JStwr YiQBk, StiftoB .fUls ^ctf JS«w Wsaflt. <Qftlotit0j<<)r ^eoHttSttSte JBwfls. ®opoHitsa'BualOTia,mx{m(! 3Sl£SinS!fc M. EH. ONCKE-am, aMusmaout;; 'IE. <OJMIS(HI;nMjEfi, )iorti4Bii^u,iiiiiaoin«Hlilc.osoUOTurB ibun (Owltoer Mf®ifc JSTat kasaal Bank of Alg-oma, "-.;:::.:^iJa^ 01 " 1011 ' ^^^'^^.iE.lH.W,^^-, AmtaHMA. ^^ m '*' saita UHraitors— . JB.<oimfl«), (C'ASH •J3)iii)B. ID. ,1'OlWMlov, (Gmanctil Mamft&tiig.. tthe i \whodiD wne \wlio ffl i^d les ffor Stilq, « cogent ifur (the f *j- *" ' ,*•',' ^ , - r ^^Lh'^X/'}^

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