The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1899
Page 7
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B18 M01N|j8i ALGOK4, IOWA WHDN18DAY 26, 18m sf.- • -~ AVXW^^r^ STbftVBtTTES. A certain Cleveland, O., merchant, «ho is a bibliophile on the side, *as in New York recently in qrtest of a j-anty. He had .heard-of-frit authentic first-edition copy of the first book ever printed, and made his wants known to the clerk. "Please let me see your Uuttenburg Bible," he said. And the clerk promptly said to a innlor, assistant: "Jinn oat, boy, and get the gen tleman a copy of to-dav's schedule." SKETCHES racing George Selwyn had a strange passion for seeing dead bodies, especially those of his friends. He would go any til*, lance to gratify this pursuit Lord Hollitnd Was laid tip very ill at Hol- rimil House, shortly before his death, bfiorge Selwyn sent to sec how he Wns and whether he would like to see him. •Oh, by all uieans!" Lord Holland answered. "If I'm alive to-morrow I shall be delighted to see George, I krtow tha,t if I am dead he wil delighted to see me." and will be Jacob A. Riis tells of a reporter cle- tniled to police headquarters by a well known newspaper. His special forte was fires. He is dead, "poor fellow. 1 he firemen in the next block, with Whom lie made his headquarters when oft duty, so that he might always be within hearing of the gong, wished t.o give some tangible evidence of their great regard for the old reporter, but, beinar in a hurry, left it to the florist, whokne-v him well, to choose the de sign. He hit iipon a floral (ire-badg as the proper thing, and thus it was that when the company of mourners was assembled and the funeral service in progress, there arrived and was set upon the coffin, m full view of all thtit triumph of the florist's art, i shield of white roses, with this legend written across it in red immortelles: "Admit within fire lines only." A young doctor and a girl of nineteen coratnitted suicide in a Vienna hotel, having first bequeathed thoir jewelry, which they declared was "imitation," to the chambermaid who attended them.' Tho latter cared so little for the trinkets that she bestowed them upon a friend. The friend has discovered that the jewelry is genuine, and worth almost 85,000. Tho chambermaid lias begun suit for the recovery of the gifts, declaring that they were given away under misapprehension of their value. Some people seem to take pride in being lazy. S15.00 Per Week. Wo will pay a salary of SUM] per week for mnn with riff to I n I rod nee Perfection Poultry Mixture nnd Insoot Destroyer In the country. Or can fur- ish employment on Jiboral commission for IOCH! CdOt) SHORT STORIES THE VETERANS. FOR A Hymn »t * Banquet—The Conqn«Hng tTarrloM of the Northland ThomtMves Conqnered by a Few Simple Words ttvm We*iey'« immortal Song. verywhere. Address with stamp, Perfection Mfg. Co., Parsons, Kuo. _ The oyster is resti ng up for his fall campaign. Hull's Cutarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, T5c. The average boy has the bump of destruction. Dr. VV. O. Coffee, the-successful DCS Moines oculist, has an advertisement in this paper that may interest you. The doctor is olt'eeting some remarkable cures. A child is quite sick who refuses ice cream. Do Touv Feet Ache and Hum? Shake iiitoydur slides, Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. Jt makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, linnious, Swollen, Hot and .Sweating Feet. At all Druggists n.iid Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent 'FREE; Address Allen S. Olmsted, Leltoy, Genius is a peculiar form of insanity that causes a man to toil incessantly without knowing whether he will get $.00 or $100 for his labor. The Stormy Petrel. A thousand miles from land are we, Tossing: about on the roaring sea; f . r . on » billow to bounding billow cast, Like fleecy snow on the stormy blast; The sails are scatter'd abroad, like weeds, The strong masts shake like quivering reeds, ™ ^tenty cables, and Iron chains, The hull, which all earthly strength disdains, They strain and they crack, and hearts like stone Their natural hard proud strength disown. Up and down.' Up and down! I-rom the base of the wave to the billow's crown, And amid the flashing and feathery foam The stormy Petrel finds a home— A home, if such a place may be, J-or her who lives on .the wide,- wide sea, on the craggy tee, In the frozen air, And only socketh her rocky lair J.D warm her young, and to teach them spreading At once o'er the waves on their stormy O'er the deep! O'er the tloep! Where the whale, and the shark, and the sword-fish sleep, Outnying the blast and tho driving rain, The Petrel tclleth her tale-ln vain; \?hVr e , mn ?i n ? r curseth ^e warning bird Who brlngeth him news of the storms unheard J Ah! thus does the prophet, of good or 111 .m. e from thc cl< eaturos he serveth 81 111 J Yet he ne'er fullers-So, Petrel! spring '' A Ilyuin at a Banquet. Under the relaxed discipline Just before the return of the troops who fought in the civil war, there was no lack of merrymaking among thc comrades of the hard campaigns. Squads of them at thc different posts met In military quarters and frolicked half the night away. It was at one of these assemblies of the officers of an army corps domiciled in a Southern capital that the following incident occurred: They had come together for "a grand old reunion high," to celebrate their victories, "swap stories," and drink each others' healths before separating to go back to "God's country," as they called the North. The supply of liquors was plentiful, the sapper-room was full of the smoke of burning cigars; the stories kept the laughter loud, and the songs called out every voice in enthusiastic chorus. The best vocalist in the company, a fine young tenor, had been repeatedly appealed to for a solo, but although he seemed quite as jovial as the rest, it was far along in the festivities before he could be induced to sing. "Come, Harry, pipe up, old fellow; give us one of your best," and the importunity became too strong to resist. That an undertide of different emotion had been gathering power within him, and that "Harry" was not the only person in the room who had been hiding a sober thought, was very soon evident. I'll Bing for bright tin S4«cepan,the glitter of which hftd filled his savage' soul with Joy. The soldiers handed over the ham to their company officer, who determined to reserve It as a special present for Captain Marchand. They rejoined the main body of the expedition, and the subaltern, with much complaisance, went to the captain, ham In hand. "'Captain,' he saidj 'I have something nice for you. 1 don't exactly know If it's bacon, but it's smoked meat, anyway!' "iMarchand smiled. 'Where did you get It?' he asked. When the circumstances had been detailed,'he said: " You would do well, I think, to rldo out to that village and find out If It is bacon or pork. For my part, I have my doubts.' " 'Of what, captain? 1 rejoined the officer. "'Well,' replied Marchand, 'perhaps you don't know that the Nyam-Nyams are addicted to cannibalism when game is scarce, as It is now.' "The subaltern was a man endowed by constitution and circumstances with a healthy appetite. But the possibilities suggested by his commander Induced him to investigate before taking further steps. So he went out to the village, this time with a rather more numerous escort—he had no desire to be eaten himself—singled out the sometime owner of the ham, and questioned him vigorously in the sign language as to the origin of the ham. The negro smiled, patted his thigh appreciatively, and smacked his lips. Tho smoked flesh was the thigh joint of a slave, who, as afterward appeared, was killed for -the purpose at a native ceremony, it was eventually handed over to the surgeon of the Machand expedition, who buried it, after examination, at the foot of a tree. I wonder If he was watched while doing so by a negro with n bright tin saucepan in his hand?" Commercial Reports Show Business Outlook (s Bright, WONDERFUL YEAR PASSED, Immense Increase «<hown In the Eiporl, of Mannfnctnred Articles—Corn Crop Promise* to He Enormous—Shfpmontt for the Week, IS H« Viet At HI* Home In Doitb'i ftttf t>t you," he CVCP snow We never'did; but we have i seen the clothing at this time I;of the year so covered with dandruff that it looked as if it had been out in a regular snowstorm. Ncfneed of this snowstorm. As the summer sun would melt the falling snow so will Vigor melt these flakes of dandruff in the scalp. It goes further than this; it prevents their formation. It has still other properties: it will restore color to gray hair m just ten times out pf every ten cases. And it does even more; it feeds and nourishes the roots of the hair. Thin hair becomes thick hair; and shprt hair be, comes long hair. Tl h ! v * «,fc?°fc w th « H«'r find Scalp, It i$ your?) for the Well, boys, said at last. The noise ceased at once, for most of those present had many times enjoyed his charming voice. He began the tender melody of Franz Abt, "When the Swallows Homeward Fly," but instead of the expected lines his astonished listeners caught the worjs of Charles Wesley—the immortal hymn-prayer which has been so effectively set to that favorite tune. He sang with touching pathos. His comrades did not attempt to overcome the contagion of his feeling. Jesus, lover of my soul, Let me to thy bosom fly. What a scene, and what surroundings for such a song! Cigars were dropped, and lifted glasses were quietly set down. Surprised faces became convulsed with unexplained sympathy. The men thought of the dear old homes they were soon to see, and every moving memory came back. Before the singer.ended there were tears on many weather-beaten cheeks. One rough cavalryman silently gathered up an armful of bottles, crept on tiptoe to the window, and threw them out. Another and another, till willing hands had helped clear the tables of every sign of liquor. Voices that had a tremor In them said, "Sing us another, Harry," and the comrades finished their feast with choruses of gospel hymns. • We gather these facts from the story "A Song in the Night," by Mr. William O. Stoddard, in the Christian Endeavor World. "It was pretty dark spiritually in the army at the close of the civil war," says Mr. Stoddard; but the above Incident tells how surely a swift touch of the magic of real religious power will bring men's holier feelings to light, and turn their frivolity into reverent and serious joy. Murchaud Suspected the Ham. Major Marchand, the adventurous French African explorer, is back in Paris, and his comrades of the expedition are telling the reporters tales of his sagacity, not the least Interesting of which Is the one which proves Mar- chancl has an intimate knowledge of the customs of cannibals: "A month or two before the expedition arrived at Fashoda the men had been without fresh meat for several weeks. - Neither sheep nor game could be got for love nor money. And thus the Joy of some of his troopers was great when, on a reconnolssattce," they came across a pative h,ut, from the rafters of which a ham, W *P hapglng. The black pro* w»Ungjy traded, the h$m for a A Soldier's Tolen. From the Minneapolis (Kan.) Messenger: During tho first engagement while the company was firing at will into the woods ahead, a forlorn water buffalo, the Philippine beast of burden, meandered into the rice field directly in front of the line. The writer immediately directed his fire toward the buffalo, with no apparent result. Afterward, during a lull hi the firing, we shamefully confessed to having wasted our strength in this ignoble manner, and were surprised to learn that every man had done likewise. At all events the beast made good its escape, for it patiently plodded ahead until the timber swallowed it up. During the charge at Caloocan a frenzied pig of diminutive size dashed from beneath a bamboo hut and apparently judging that all the commotion was for his benefit, thought best to retire. As the pig dashed past the writer we gently assisted with a shove from the butt of our gun and thought no more of it for some time. Afterward, upon glancing to the rear, we saw four or five soldiers in hot pursuit of the same poor little swine. It is laughable, even in times of peace, to watch another man chase a hog, but when men forsake their places, forget the roar of conflict, the hum of 'bullets, the shouts of the victors and th wails of the wounded, to grap pie with an eight-pound shoat, th scene becomes ludicrous in the ex treme. We took the trouble to learn that the pig got away. At Caloocai the rebels had mounted two monstrou; muzzle-loading guns captured in for mer time from the Spanish. They at tempted to fire one of these will dreadful results. The .Americans collected the remains of twenty rebels killed by the explosion of the gun The insurgents had not the courage to fire the remaining cannon, which was loaded and primed when Caloocan was captured. The natives had loaded the gun with a complete curiosity shop. The cannon was filled with scissors, knives, coal, pieces of brick, nails, bolts, a thermometer, a horseshoe, a car link, a piece of rubber hose, and, to crown it all, a large quantity of hoop iron had been driven into tho muzzle so tightly that it was necessary to file it before the charge could be drawn. A double dose of powder was found, and also a quantity of dynamite. No wonder the other cannon exploded. New York, July 24.—R. Q. Dun & Co. in their weekly review of trade says: "The general evidences of prosperity continue convincing. Failures arc the smallest ever known for the season, railroad earnings the largest, and solvent payment through clearing houses in July have been 48.6 per cent larger than last year and 62.3 per cent larger than in 1892, the best of previous years. Official returns of the most wonderful year in the nation's commerce show a decrease of $85,900,000 in value of the great staplea exported, largely owing to prices, but an increase of about 180,000,000 In other exports, mostly manufactures. Failures for the week have been 145 in the United States, against 207 last year, and 23 In Canada, against 17 last year." Bradstreet's says: "Possibilities that the present corn nrop will equal, If not exceed, the largest on record, have depressed prices of this cereal to an extent equal to tho decline in wheat. The corn yield in Kansas particularly promises to bo enormous, always providing that hot winds do not affect the crop. Wheat Including flour) shipments for the week aggregate 3,408,073 bushels, against 3,263,816 bushels last week, 2,303,469 bushels In the corresponding week of 1898, 1,978,828 bushels In 1897, 3,073,730 bushels In 1896 and 1,263,096 bushels In 1895. Since July 1 this season the exports of wheat aggregate 10,430,860 bushels, against 7,948,938 bushels last year and 6,003,526 bushels in 1807-8. Corn exports for the week aggregate 3,666,294 bushels, against 4,553,739 last week, 2,822,128 in this week a year ago, 2,298379 in 1897, ],283,438 in 1896 and 770,094 bushels in 1895. Since July this season corn exports aggregate 12,317,177 bushels, against 8,055,048 bushels during the same period a year ago and 7,754,626 in 1897-8." YottK, July yl— Robert O. In- persoll died Rt Ills liotne, Dobb's Iferiry, N. Y,,yester<iny afternoon, of apoplexy. llis death was sadden ami unexpected and resulted from the heart disease from whicb he has suffered since 1800. In that .yenf, during the republican national convention, he was taken 111 and had to return boine. He never fully recovered from the attack of heart disease and was under the cnre of pliysiclnns constantly. For the last three clays Mr. Ihger&oll had not been feeling well, but Thursday night seemed to be In bettor health and spirits when he retired than he had been for several days. He spent the morning in a haminock. At 13S30 he went \ip stairs and stopped at his wife's room to speak about luncheon, He sat down in a rocking chair ami his wife asked hhn how .he was feeling. He replied: "Oh, better." A moment litter his eyes rolled and he was dend Colonel Robert Green Ingcrsoll was born in Dresden, New York, August li, 1833; went west when 33 years ol<1; was a short time- in an itontlein.v in Tennessee; nlso taught, school in 'tlwt state; begun to practice law in .sonlliorn Illinois i i 1854; was defeated as u democratic candidate for eongi-fss in 1850; bcenine colonel of tlto Eleventh Illinois cavalry in lt-02; WHS tlio nttorney general for Illinois in 1800; refused thc post of lull. islet- to (icnnany in 1877. Ill* greatest famu wits won ,, s a j ec . titrur against UK; ttiblc and the Christian religion. Ho flrnt attracted political notice by his brilliant, eulogy of James Q. Ulaino in thc Cincinnati convention of 1870. Ills speech beforethe soldiers' reunion, at Indianapolis, beginning "The past rises before mo like a clriam," was the most celebrated production; next come his funeral address over his brother Kbcn's grave; and next to that ono over a child's grave. His homo was for many years at Pool-In, III., settling In New York a few years ago. Col. Ingersoll, by his genial nature, was a favorite- everywhere, often with those who radically disagreed with him on religion. lie practiced much above his tench- ings. He wns known ns a most faithful husband and father. ttft'i "t Was a sufferer from female weftf*» toess. Every month regularly as metises came, 1 suffered dreadful i In titernfi, ovaries were affected and had leucorfhossk' I had my children very fast and It left me very weak. A year a£d I taken with: PERIODS OF OWE PLACE TO PERIODS OF JOY ing and almost died. The doctor even gave me tip ttnd wonders how I e'tfer lived. ' "I wrote for Mrs. Pinltham'aadvice at Lynn, Mass., and took her medicine and began to get Well. I took several bottles of the Compound and used thd Sanative Wash, and can truly say that I am cured. Yon would hardly know me, I am feeling and looking so we}l. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Coin* pound made me what I am."—MBS. J. F. STRETCH, 461 MECHANIC ST., CAMDEN, N. J. How Mr*. Brown WM Helped. " I must tell you that Lydia 13. Pink- Ham's Vegetable Compound has done more for mo than any doctor. •; ... "I was troubled with irregnla* menstruation. Last summer 1 began tho use of your Vegetable Compound, nnd after taking two bottles, I have been regular every month since. I recommend your medicine to all."— MRS. MAGGIE A. BROWN, WKST Pi. PLEASANT, N. J. If a man only loves a woman enough she will never be kind to him. Mrs. Wlnslows BootlDug Hymn, For children teething, nof tenii tho Riimii, red W.OB Inr Cumulation, nllava nnln. ciiroa wlnqQoll. . ^- , Talking to a prosperous man makctt one' feel rich. Arc You Ualiig AlIon's- Foot-KuBC? It i.s tho only cure for Swollen, Smarting, Hnrmng, Sweating Feel, Corns and Utiuinn.s. .Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be nhalfon into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoo Stores, 2fic. Sample sent 1PUBE. Address. AllenS. Olmsted, Lclloy, N. y. Few things are more persevering than a house fly. EDUCATIONAL. SECRETARY ALGliR RESIGNS. One Stone Over Genius and Mediocrity The remains of the celebrated Spanish painter, Goya.have been disinterred from the grave in which they rested in a church at'Bordeaux, and liave been taken to Madrid, where they will be placed under a superb monument erected recently &, the expense of the Spanish government. When the tomb at Bordeaux was opened Jt was found to contain two skeletons, it was learned that Martin Goicocchea, formerly mayor of Madrid and a friend of Goya, was buried with him. As it was now impossible to distinguish which was which, the bones of the two men had to be enclosed in the same coffin, so that Golcoechea.concerning whom very little is known, will retain his honor of being interred with one of the greatest painters of Spain. What Does He Ever Do? Fuddy—You speak about Twlgger's friends. Why, he hasn't a friend In the world, Cuddy—My! but isn't that awful? Whom does b, e get to borrow money from ?—Boston Transcript The largest nj&Bs of pure rock In the world )ie$ under the province pf Galtcla, Hungary, m wiles Jong, feet jn It known to be b ,-p.a^ aft a m CALL ON NAVAL RESERVES, Bomb-Throwing; at Cleveland Causes a Fouling of Unrest to Prevail. Cleveland, Ohio, July 24.—The two Cleveland divisions of the naval reserves were called out by Mayor Farley Friday. They received orders to report at Sibley street armory forthwith. This action was the outgrowth of the explosions early in the morning and the unsettled condition of the strike during the day. The state board of arbitration is in session, and President Everett and the strike leaders have been invited to confer with the- board. Rests with tho President. Washington, July 24.—Gen, Otis has explained by cable his controversy with the newspaper correspondents in Manila and has notified the president that lie is willing to abolish the censorship if the government at Washington desires it. He has no fears of what tho correspondents may send to this country if the president has not. He throws the responsibility upon the government here, and if the censorship continues it will be because the president and secretary of war think it advisable. There has been no decision, but the president is not disposed to give the press correspondents too much license. tten. ToIMII Wns Fatigued, Madrid, July 24.—The Heraldo prints an interview with Gen. Toral, who surrendered Santiago to Gen. Shafter. He declared that his guns were useless against the Americans, who had sixty modern cannons. He was compelled to consult every moment with Gen. Linares, the actual commander of Santiago, who was wounded, until Capt.-Gen. Blanco received orders from the government to arrange terras of surrender. Gen, Toral further said that he was exhausted with fatigue after the sixteen days' siege; his soldiers were half dead, and it was impossible to resist longer.' Resignation Will Prolmhly Take Immediate KITcot. WASHINGTON, .Inly 20.—Secretary Alger yesterday tendered to the president his resignation of tlic war portfolio. The resignation, will become effective August 1, though it was tendered "at the pleasure of tho president." Gossip has begun already ns to his successor, but it i.s entirely speculative, for notwiUistaliding the reports that Mr. Alger would not long continue at the IIOIK! of the war department, his actual resignation came suddenly and unexpectedly. Secretury Altar's Letter. WASHINGTON, .Inly 21.—The following is the text of Secretary A Igor's letter of resignation and President Me Kin ley's reply: "Sm: I bee 1 to tender to you mv resignation of tho office of secretary of war, to take effect at such time In the near future as .you nmy decide affairs of the department will permit. In terminating my ollicial connection with your administration, I-wiJi for yo-.i con tin nous health and highest measure of success in carrying out the great work en trusted to you. 1 luive the honor to be, very 'respectfully, yotu- obedient servant, "R. A. AI.OKII." "lloN. R. A. AI.OF.U, Secretary of Wnr—DKAK Sin: Your resignation of tho oilluc of secretary of wnr, diiti'd •Inly 10, oil, to" lake (.-ll'eot tho first of August, 180!). In thus severing thc o flic ml relation which hits continued for more than two yours, 1 tie- sire to thank ,VOD for tho ftiitlifiil service you have rendered our country at a most exacting period and to wish you long, happy life. With assurances of high regard and esteem, I am yours sincerely, WILLIAM " "" THE UNIVERSITY Of KGTBE pAME, NOTRE DAME, INDIANA. ./ Classics, Letters, Economics and History, Journalism, Arr, Science, Pharmacy, Law. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Enemeertng. Architecture. , 'I borough : Preparatory tint! Commercial Courses.'aljstu<l<;nt£fttHptH!Jiilrflt<w. • Rooms Free. Junior or Senior Yc'ar.Cdllegiata'' Courses. . Rooms to Rent, moderate olmrge. St. Edward's Hall, for boys under 18, The 56th Year win opeii September 511», 1899. Catalogue Free. Address, BEV. A. MOBR1SSEY. C. 8. C., President. Notre Dame P. 0., Indiana. (One iiilla Wost of tho Untvomlty of Notre Dnme.) Tho BOtli Academic Term will oiran Momlav, September 4, 18W). All the branolietj of PLENTY OF GOLD. and Russlii .Protest. Stockholm, July 24.— The Swedish and Russian governments have longed with Germany diplomatic protests against the action of the latter gov- eminent in sending a cruiser to plant the Gorman flag on Beeren Island, south of Spitsbergen, the spot having been neutral territory for 100 years. Would Like Ambauaa<lor8liii>. Berlin, July 24.— The Cologne Volks- zeitung says it Is informed on good authority that Prince Herbert Bismarck is a candidate for the German ambassadorship at London when the next vacancy occurs. His appointment Q the office, the paper adds, would be n accord with his wife's wishes. Hoy Kills His Drunkeu Father. Birmingham, Ala., July 24.— Frank Susie, a Portuguese, was shot ana morally wounded at Carbon UJ1J Friday by his 10-year-old son George. The ather, who was drunk, threatened to Jill the whole family, w&en the Purposed, More Tlmn «:;<>, OOO.OOO Jlcoolvod IPJ-OIH lUorullkd. NKW YOHK, .Inly 54.— G. K. Roberts, director of the mint, in discussing the ontmit of R-old from tho Klondike sni(]; "Wo have already received eleven millions in gold from the Klondike this calendar year. This is as mnuh ns lust yoiw's on tiro receipts from thttt region n mo tinted to, and from in for- ination received trom leading buyers of bullion I believe this years total yield will reach from eight to twenty millions. We shall luivo all tho gold wo need in these parts this year and in addition shall no doubt bo able to supply Uio metal to any one else who desires to purchase it. A uiorcug!) English and Classical Education, including Greek-, Lalln, Spanish, French and German uro tiuiyht by a Faculty of coinpelenl! touchers. On coinplo Ing the full course ot suidlos students receive the Regular Collegiate Degrees of Lltl.B, orA,B, Tha Conservatory of Muslu is conduct™! on the pliin of Hie best Cliisslcnl Conservatories _, of Europe. The Art Depiirtmetit, IK modelled after thc best Art Schools In Europo. Pi-opunuory uticl Minim Departmcnts,-PiipH« ea prlwa lnt nnd those of tomlur _ WRITE TO DR. COFFEE TO-DAY, "itlnck a icU BJi, JS T . M., July 21.— S.-tmnoi Ketchmn, the Poison train robber, who was wounded in the recent tight with a posse in Cimmarron cnnyon, has been captured ntw Ule CiWlc. KeUdiuni says he is a brother of Tom Kelt-hum, known as "lilsuik Jack," tho leader of the gang which terrorized New Mexico iirul Arixona for years. Officers. who have ««cii him declare that ho is "Black Jack" himself. n e is shot in the shoulder, and is very weak from the loss of blood. Bocaueolu-mor- row point, ay fca BO Ulna you can not be cured, o« co dent no 0114 cuu lie ;p you, One \ye«li 1* oil- m-toqjgtiirdsi-;- wult. -Writ*'"- to-<luy for It!* it free) . niuK alj (tbOut ll'.u HOW UlHOOy Vl'lOM and IHIIV lio cured lillixi- »n'en0, Cf»tu- ructu Oil tho Kye» «r Granulated Lil<ta, wl tli ml Id „ -----—-. at your home. And Doufni'UH ami Head iiulsos with similar Jino ol treatment. lie Is curing a huiidrwl t i auy at Ifu offlco mid liHiiai-ccls by mull. Write t>day for SO-jitwo IK*? .ses of i ho eye, ci DR. W. 0. COFFEE, . 388, !!38 and 340 fiood BlocH, Den Moljien, Iowa. London, J«Jy 24. from , . Loss ot HI CmcAGp, July 18.— 'flip Tribune prints revised figures Wthewl from correspondents throughout the CQUU« try showing- a loss of HI lives, result* njit from the last Fourth of July cele* tHp4 «h\ly 4, ";* Uoesn't your boy write well? Perhaps he hasn't good Ink, CARTER'S INK • I y<>M any more than poor ink. Ask for iti —• QUICK to 6APT, O'PARRBM., P«wU>» ***«*, Why YeyEAvsnjB',, WASHINGTON, 0. C.

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