The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1899
Page 5
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tfPMJBDBS M01KE8: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 1899. A Card to the Public. W E will take our annual inventory August 1st. In order to make the work of stock-taking as light as possible we are determined to reduce the amount of our stock. We intend to do this by selling goods on a tery low margin for the next two weeks. We will make special cuts on all short lengths, remnants and odds and ends. In spite of the advance In cotton fabrics we will continue to sell good prints and muslin at SJ cents, gingham at 4 cents, outing flannels at 6 cents. Chrischilles & Herbst. THE LOCAL FIELD. Galbraith's remnant sale is on. Geo. E. Clarke was in Humbold Monday on legal business. The second W. E. McMurray nous ie enclosed on normal hill. W. C. Danson will take his family the lakes this week for an outing. Hogs went up to $3.90 this week The tendency is toward better prices It is expected that the new hole will be up to the second story thi week. C. Lampright is building a big house down on Park avenue, north of Win Nelson's. It pays to line chimneys with tile Hamilton has it cheap and warrants i to not break. Gov, Shaw said at Clear Lake thai the 52nd regimental band was the bes he had heard. '* Now is the time to think about i furnace. Doxsee is putting in a lot o; them this season. Mrs. F." W. Kinne has a very neal cottage enclosed on the lot west of B, F, Crose's home, G. L. Gregory went to Webster City Monday with the view of buying a barber shop there. Lemen Bros.'three ring circus wil be in Algona, Aug. 8. Gross Bros, have the contract to build a $50,000 building for Morningside college at Sioux City. Mr and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh and Mr. and Mrs. McMahon are at Okobojt, They will come home Friday. There was no rifle range at Clear Lake and no shooting contest. Company F still holds the silver cups Barney Connolly was buried at Bancroft yesterday. He was a brother of proprietor of the Kinne livery barn in Algona. Dr. Morse was called to Judge Cook's farm, north of Bancroft, by a case of mental aberration, last week. No ac tion has been taken yet. Rev. Yetter preached in Clear Lake Monday evening. He was down for the opening address of the assembly, but was unable to attend. Dr. Morse took over a quart of pus from the pleural cavity of a little four- year-old girl one day last week. Ho out off one rib to reach it. The Williams barber shop now has an expert from Fort Dodge added to its tonsorial force in Jo. Kopeckek. He is an exceptionally good workman. Oats and barley are pretty well harvested. The grain crop is exception ally heavy. Some of the farmers are 'talking about 80 bushels to the acre. Except in very low ground corn looks as well as it ever did hereabouts. In fact some fields promise to break the record. The stand is unusually good. J. L, Moore got his hand caught in the belting at the butter tub factory and three fingers were wrenched so that they might as well have been broken. Report comes from Des Moines that of the seven boys who went from Algona to enlist as regulars'only Jack Peterson is really going. Nothing definite is known, Edward Hug and Mabel Grubb are married. Edward married Mary Bauer and Mabel married Otto Ristau. Jacob Ludwig and Elizabeth Hirmer are also wed. W. R. Fleming of Armstrong will Ipcate at St. Benedict and put in an elevator. He is also likely to take a hand in at Kanawha. He has sold out at Armstrong. Mrs. C. L. Lund is selling off some of her household goods and is planning to leave Algona this fall. Her expectation, we understand, is to make her home in Chicago. Thos, F. Cooke is planning to put about $2,000 in tile on his land northwest of Hobart, He has nearly a section in one body there and will make one or two fine farms of it. Rev. Walter Walker expected to ppend. his summer in Algona. His •wife's father has died recently and he is put in charge of the estate and can pot leave Des Molnes. W. S. Creed is back to AJgona after nine years' absence, and is occupying the Durdall building south of THE UPPER DBS MOINES office. He Intends to > an ice cream parlor in. r j opening flanoe at Riverside park fee given, tomorrow evening. "" boat will run tp accommodate music, and the dances will be 10 cents a number, allowing visitors to dance little or much as they choose, Wm. E. Naudain is having the old Andy Shipman home entirely remodeled. The roof is raised, a large addition on, and the general appearance of the building greatly improved. Fred. Clarke came home from his school work at Humboldt Monday with an attack of pneumonia. Fred, has more than his share of serious physical ills, but he has a splendid constitution. The Holloway diving horses are now on their way east to Coney Island and are being billed through Indiana. Mr. Holloway has just received a bid, for them from a-big German circus at Berlin. ; Capt. Morse brought his troops home with banners flying last Wednesday. From all reports we judge that he was a very popular officer at camp. The band played in his honor Wednesday evening. Exactly 467 people paid admission to the new pavilion in the Peterson grove Sunday. Fully 600 were about the arrounds, 250 of whom went up by boat. The band played excellently and everything was quiet and orderly. Grant Sample and Mrs. W. W. Jones went to Des Moines last week and brought Charley Sample home, He is suffering from tuberculous abscesses, ind has been operated upon again. He is feeling some better at present. Prank Kerhan Is back .from two weeks in Missouri. While gone he visited Nevada, where a magnetic healer is taking in from $1,500 to $2,500 a day. He says he never saw such a boom. People from all parts of the world are there. J. L. Sutton has had a photograph taken of a wagon load of his hog cholera remedy ready for shipment. ' Sut" is turning out a lot of this medicine these days and it seems to do the justness. Those who buy it once continue to use it. John Fouhy has fenced in some lots owned by Jonathan Winkel and is pas- uring them, and Mr. Winkel is suing him this morning In Justice Raymond's court for trespass. J. W. Sullivan is Winkel's attorney, while B. F. Reed appears for Fouhy. A big Free Methodist camp meeting s to be held in the grove north of the church in Algona next month. The church will also be dedicated, and a >lg conference come on at the same time. Algona will be the rallying point for Free Methodists. The same old storv. Hera is the atest crop report for the state: "The •eports generally show that rain will be needed in the near future, though no damage has thus far resulted from dry weather. Pasturage, late potatoes ind garden truck need rain." Attorney Morling was over from Emmetsburg Monday to try and settle the Burgman case. This was the first of he Lund cases, and was tried at Emmetsburg before Lund died. Mr. Mor- Ing asks to have the homestead held to over the judgment against Lund, and hat is the matter at issue. John Ducltmanton of Bancroft writes hat he has an old bible that antedates he one owned by Geo. Noble of Germania. He says his bears the date of 622. On the title page is " Elizabeth ierket, Her Book" in still plain ink. Mr. Duokmanton has had the book for 0 years and values it highly. Judge Carr WHS up from Des Moines ast week to pay some $300 that M. iiohardson had a claim to as against he Aultman & Taylor company. This the final act in one of the longest tanding law suits in the records of the ounty. These suits have been on the ockets for ten years and nearly every ttorney in town has had something to o with them. The neighbors have thrown jn and aid for the nine cows, south of Lur erne, that were killed by eating paris reen. The man who owned the OWB could not afford to lose them, and he man whose boys left the poison ly- ng about could not afford to pay for hem, Such acts of mutual assistance make farm neighborhoods friendly. The Samson & Paine elevator hae een sold to Thos. Williamson of Washa, Cherokee county, who will take pos- esston Aug. 10. J. JEt, Stoddard of lenwiok made the deal and was up yes- erday to close it. Mr. Paine has been popular grain buyer. It is rumored ia,t be will open up business of some fnd on the Iowa Central grounds hen the road pomes. The county fair officials are still fig- ping on What to do about the Buffalo Jill show, which is atjvei-tised JQ Algo& fpr thjeir feeat day. Tfee JaJlr oanpo.t Moines the city refuses to license outside shows fair week. 1% will be a great oily If the fair 1'6 crippled here, for it is just getting 1 to be a big Annual event of great credit to the county. The Iowa Central depot will stand about 100 feet back from the diagonal street sidewalk, just far enough so the passenger oar will be opposite the station when the nose of the engine is up to the street. A broad sidewalk will run back to it, and all arrangements will be for the convenience of the pub- tic. The depot grounds, freight house, etc., will be east of the depot. The managers of the new park and pavilion up the river have secured M. C. Bailey to take charge of it. He will go up every dav atlO o'clock and return in the evening. Excursions will go up afternoons and every evening and dances will be given occasionally. The pavilion is 80x24 feet and is about completed. The grounds are fenced and will soon be cleaned up and beautified. A. J. Berryman's formal announcement as a candidate for county treasurer appears this week. Mr. Berryman came to Bancroft 17 years ago, the pioneer druggist, and during the subsequent years has had an excellent reputation as a careful and successful man. He has been a life long republican and all who know him say he would be an exceptionally efficient man in the treasurer's office. The band Wednesday evening gave Frank Nlcoulln a serenade. Mr. Ni- coulln is the only remaining memberof Algona's original band that Frank Butterfleld organized In 1869. Some of the boys are alive in other parts, but many of them like S, I. Plumley and Milton Warner are dead. Mr. Nlooulin has taken an active Interest in our present band and the boys played their best for his benefit. A championship wrestling match between the heavyweight from Mason City and Worthington of Algona was one one of tho Incidents of the Clear camp. The Mason City man finally fouled Worthinglon and throw him. Alt attempts to get up a second match failed, as the Mason City man declined to try it ugain for either glory _ or money. Worthington is said to be as clever a catch-as-catch- can wrestler as there is in the state. Prof. L. C. Bowers announces himself as a candidate for county superintendent. Prof. Bowers has been-in the high school department of tho Algona schools the past year and before that was at the head of the Whittemore schools. He is thoroughly educated and a successful teacher. As superintendent there is no doubt that he would do a good work for the schools of the county. He is making an active canvass and will undoubtedly have a strong following in the convention. E. H. Slagle is the proud possessor of Admiral Dewey's autograph. Sometime in January he wrote to the admiral at Manilla requesting his signature and receiving it promptly by return mail. The envelope bore the postmark, Manila, P. I., and WHS also countersigned by Cnpt. Lamberton on board the flagship, Olympia. The admiral's signature contrasts strangely with that of Gen. Miles which Mr. Slagle has recently received, In that it bears no official prefixes or suffixes but Is plain Geo. Dewey. Algona will have a lot of circus bill boards this season. When Buffalo Bill's man was here he rented all the old space for the Wild West show which comes Sept. 21. When Lemen's man came to bill for the circus tho owners of the usual bill board ground found that Buffalo Bill's contract covered all the time from July 14, and that they could not rent again. The result is that Lemen Bros, have got to find new lots and put up a double outfit of boards. Alex White is putting up the boards, Geo. F. Holloway was down from Bancroft Monday looidng up the sheriff's nomination a little, and left his announcement. George came to Kossuth 23 years ago and farmed in Portland and Wesley townships, afterwards going to the new town of Bancroft. He is' a big, wholesouled, genial man who has made a success in business and who has been an active working republican. If be should be elected he would be a number one official. His location is favorable and he already has enough assurances of support to make him a strong candidate. J. W. Bartlett was up from Dallas, Texas, one day last week visiting at Geo. E. Clarke's and seeing a few of his old friends. He looked like a veritable Texan, and his cut of beard made lots of his best acquaintances fail to recognize him. He is north to work up a plan whereby he can hold the business of the old New England Loan and Trust company and handle it himself in the south. He says he made $200,000 for the company while he has been south, and he don't like to have the business slip entirely away. He is enthusiastic for Texas, which he says is a great state. C. W. Sarchett has 100 subscribers to his book on imperialism, which he says will be out about Sept. 1. Mr, Sarchett, while favoring conquering the Philippines, is against imperialism. As an explanation of his book Mr. Sarchett writes in the preface: " We believe it to be the duty of every Individual man or woman who is capable of writing—and most of them are except for a prudish sense of fear of subjecting their productions to the public gaze—to once in a while express their opinion through the press on any or all of the questions agitating and engaging the public thought. Otherwise public opinion or sentiment on certain lines might concentrate in certain channels for the benefit of a few, and the real expression of a majority of our laboring millions woqld be Ignored." 'youth lingers on the face of old age." That's what ftooky Mountain Tea does. Sold by R. H. Miller. Silver Creatai. Best silver polish on earth. Call for sample bottle.— DitfGLBY &PUGH, Sole Agents. NEXT week Is the at big remnant sale GALBRAtifH'S. If you ar£ looking for THE Mason City Brick and file Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. Sale. Residence lot In pood location, in Algona, Lot 6, Block ?0, Kennedy street. Price Is $400. Address H. ttelnts, Freeport, 111., box Il34.-i3tn3 THE "life-Hue" is out, extending the "glad hand" of life, hope, and happiness. Reaches 'round the globe. "Tis Rocky Mountain Ten— 86c. Sold by R. H. Miller. _ IT will pay you to drop in at Grove & Son's, where a little money goes a long way. Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry, also watches, clocks, and silverware. Remember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable. 4 _ E. G. BOWYER. J. G. McMASTERS, graduate optician of Fort Dodge, Iowa, will be at the Tennant house all of next week from Mondny, July 24, until Friday, July 28. Examination free.-18t2. Bargains the place to find them is at the old reliable State street store. My stock oi O-roceries is complete in all lines. My line of Staple G-roceries cannot be excelled. Give me a call. James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. A. D. CLARKE & CO. loan money at 6 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. property, FOR SALE: My residence house and two lots, for sale. 1518 j. L. EDMONDS. HAMILTON'S flue lining Is warranted to stand the test of fire.—1914 FOR SALE: A good restaurant and boarding house business in Algona. Inquire of B. E. Lorenz. 14tO GALBRAITH has those on sale at 25c a yard. wide ribbons J. G. McMASlVERS, tho optician, is n graduate of the Northern Illinois College of Ophthalmology, and is thoroughly competent to do good worlc. It will cost you nothing to have your eyes examined. Cull on him at theTennant house from Monday, July 24. to Friday, July 28.-1812. ' a continues until Saturday Night, July 29 A great many people have already availed themselves of this opportunity to buy GOOD FOOTWEAR so cheap, and we shall sell many more shoes between now and Saturday night. Get a pair of those Ladies' Fine Shoes, worth $4.00 and $5.00 for only! '..'.'. .$1 60 These have sold well and we have only a few pair left.. Many bargains in a\\ S All, WAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL, TRAINS WEST. No.l departs at 0:OSam No. 3 departs at 3:58pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:45pm No. 71 departs at ...-. 3:20pm No. 65 departs at 8:30pm THAIN8 BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 6:28pa Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at 10:10pm No. 04 departs at 3:20pm R. F. HEDHICK, Agent. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. South- Pass 1 :55pm Mixed.. Mixed.. Freight 0:35 am .. 7:B4pm ..12:15 a m North- Pass.. 1:55 pm Mixed 10:50p m "' • 7:20am Mixed Freight 11:30 am F. H. VKSPBR, Agent. grades of shoes. Fine repairing and custom work. Brownell & Allred, Exclusively Boot and Shoe Store, Boston block, ALGONA, IA, Getting the EAT JUQBt. Brown and white pointer dog. Has slight scar between front legs. A reward of $5 will be paid for his return. F. D. CALKINS, Care First Nat. Bank, Algona, loa, WE have begun to get in our fall line of carpets and ruga, Geo. L. MONEY to loan ai Optional payments, percent, interest. g, To Fight Disease successfully during the changeable spring and hot summer months, the system should receive a toning up now. For this purpose French's Sarsaparilla has no superior. It is the most efficacious spring medicine. Removes all impurities from the system and puts new life into torpid liyor and sluggish blood. A splendid all around tonic. Price $1.00 per bottle. We carry all the well known patent medicines and sell at moderate prices. For sale only by Boston Block. Algona, Iowa, W. J. STUDLEY, Pharmacist. IFYOVLOVEYOm SMOKE ONLY FRAGRANT 10* CIGAR 10* Into the house Is what makes a furnace satisfactory. Anybody can " put in" a furnace, but it requires a good knowledge of the principles of hot air, and experience in applying them to get the most heat from a furnace with the least expense for coal. Our Furnaces are as good as skill and first-class material can make them. THE ROYAL and BOYNTON are constructed upon right principles to produce Heat, and have stood the test of actual use for more than a quarter of a century. We have made the heating question a study and we claim to know hoW to Install a furnace and get the best results. It is the "know how" that makes a snort coal bill. You should give the furnace question your attention now, before the rush begins and before a further advance in furnaces. Let us figure with you and show you that we know as much as we claim about furnaces. C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. July Clearing Sales of What is Left — To make room for Fall Goods we will sell all Tan and Chocolate Shoes, also Ladies', Misses' and Children's Oxfords and Sandals at Slaughter Prices. The Other Shoe Store. O. O. SAMSON & PAINE, DEALEHS IN We pay the very highest prices for all kinds of grain, sell ground feed, which we deliver to any part of the city, and sell and deliver hard and soft coal at lowest prices. Samson's abstract office in Opera House block. The Bed Elevator, Wood and Ice. I am prepared to furnish Green or Dry BODY WOOD either 4-foot or stove length, hard or soft, iu any quantity desired. ^"See we before ordering, I am not in. company with anybody in the wood business, iSS

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