The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPEK PES MOINES'. ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1890. A Card to the Public. W E will take our annual inventory August 1st. In order to make the work of stock-taking as light as possible we are determined to reduce the amount of our stock. We intend to do this by selling goods on a very low margin for the next two weeks. We will make special cuts on all short lengths, remnants and odds and ends. In spite of the advance in cotton fabrics we will continue to sell good prints and muslin at 3i cents, gingham at 4 cents, outing flannels at 6 cents. Chrischilles & Herbst. THE LOCAL FIELD. D, B. Avey has a job at Mason City. W. H. Jones Is in Emmetsburg at present. John Hinz and Elise Jlaub. are licensed to wed, Only 64 tickets were sold for the Sunday excursion to Clear Lake. "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" will be at the opera house on Friday, Aug. 4. Mike Winkel was up Saturday night from Webster City for a short visit. The "Other Shoe Store" is clearing up a lot of summer shoes at cheap prices. Prank Reibhoff is building an addition on bis house in Union for his mother. Charlie Sample is In failing health at Des Moines. He does not gain in strength. Next week Friday the county gets bids on the steel bridge for the river east of Burt. E. G. Bowyer's brother is lieutenant commander on the Princeton and is now at Manila. The brick wall on the new hotel was started Monday. The foundation is about completed. . Don't miss the band concert tonight. The band has all its members present and Is In fine trim. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. S. Reed is visiting a sister in Illinois. E. R. Cook is home from a Colorado trip. J. L. Bonar is back from his Creston visit, has gone to Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles Lansing for a visit. Mrs. Quackenbush of Charles City is vis iting atM. Z. Grove's. j L. C. Smith expects his nephew from Chicago this week for a visit. Miss Ella Rutherford came from Chicago last week for a summer visit at home. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear drove across country to Spirit Lake last week for a short visit. ' ' I , Mrs. A. J. Lang and family of Belvidere. 111., are visiting with her brother, J. A., of Whittemore. Mrs. S. D. Patterson is at Janesville, Wis. Her mother, whose illness called her away, is rather better. Prof. N. Spencer came up from Alden Monday and has gone on north to join Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Butler in a fishing expedition. Will Galbraith has finished his studies in Denver and is at home for good. His aunt, Mrs. Dunne, came with him for a visit in Algona. Louis Gilbride is spending his vacation at home. He is engaged at the St. Peter (Minn.) hospital for the insane, and says he likes the work. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McDaniels and Miss Eva Leslie of Fort Dodge were in Algona a few hours a week ago on their way to the lakes, and visited L. H. Bell. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles are home from their long visit in Chicago. They found Mr. and Mrs. Willet Dorland well and aleo the four stalwart boys. They had a most enjoyable time. Mrs. C. E. Brooks of Livermore, wife of a former pastor of the Baptist church in this place, visited over Sunday at the homes of Rev. D. M. Stiles and Mrs. G. M. Johnson, returning home Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Lettie White of Los Angeles, Cal., is expected over soon for a visit at the D. H. Hutchins home. She has not seen her old Algona friends for several years. Mr. White is now president of a big college at Los Angeles. Chester Rickard and Nate Robinson of Cresco had an enjoyable trip in Colorado. They spent most of the time in Denver, went up around the loop, and took in the mountains generally. It was Mr. Rickard's first visit to the mountains. Judge Quarton attended the state bai association meeting at Sioux City last week, and will also go to the meeting of the national association, which is to be held at Buffalo, N. Y. The next meeting of the Iowa association will be held at Iowa City The judge says the Sioux City meeting was a great success. A PECULIAR CASE. .Lawyer CurtlsB Will Put the D. B Avoy Estate Into Bankruptcy— MortKages May Not Be Good. Before D. B. Avey failed in the bar ness business he secured some of his local creditors with mortgages. Undo these they have taken possession of th stock and are selling it out. F. M Curtiss represents three or four of thi heaviest outside creditors and in thei behalf has filed a petition in theUnitei States district court to have the Avey estate put into involuntary bankruptcy. His theory of the bankruptcy law is that under its provisions such mortgages as Mr. Avey gave will not take precedence of the claims of other creditors. The petition in bankruptcy was filed today, and considerable interest will attend the outcome, it Is a new .•question. . GAEL SETOHELL IS WELL. Recent Letters Announce That Ho IB Out of the IIospltal-IIoplnK to Soon Come Home. Mrs. Setchell received four letters from her son Carl Monday. The last written announced that he was to leave the hospital and after 10 days at a con- valescentcamp would join his company. He says malaria and dysentery have been very prevalent, and that the larger part of his company are sick. All sorts of rumors reach him of a return and he lives in hopes of reaching Algona this summer. One paragraph of one letter is of pecial interest, as it gives a glimpse )f local conditions: "The natives have ent in a peace commission and they lave been talking with Otis und the American commission here and have md the proposed method of government explained to them. Most of them eera pretty well satisfied and they lave gone back to explain the situation ,o the rest of the leaders. Many think that hostilities will soon cease. The government has offered $15 bounty to jvery native who will surrender and ;urn in a gun. I think that will bring them to time. AtBigaa, where Com- mny F is stationed, the natives are all •eturning to their homes and putting in their crops. Everything is quiet and peaceful." Buy Your Weddlnjj Rings of us; we always make the bride a present. Beware of imitators and people who would duplicate this proposition. They say if you will do this or if you will do that, or if so and so was the case, then they will offeryou the above proposition. There is always that if, if, if, in the way. We are positively the originators of low prices in the jewelry business of Kossuth county, and will continue to undersell all competition without any ifs or ands. UINGLEY & PUGH. The brick cottage John Vaughn is building Is one of of the most artistic houses in Algona. Charley Walker has moved into his new house. He has built a commodious and good looking home. The delegates to Emmetsburg last week ran across Bert Stock, who is in a meat market there now. J. W. Tennant starts out today forhis summer trip with his covered wagon. He expects to have a big time. Brownell's big clearing sale continues, and shoes are going at prices that put city bargain counters in the shade. Graders, who expect to do county work on the special grades advertised last week, have until Friday of next week. Norman Cotton was a pleasant caller Monday. He is about getting his bank started at Lone Rock. All the fixtures are in. A memorial service for Rev. W. F, Cowles is to bo held in Burlington Sunday. Gardner Cowles will go to attend it. The Free Methodist church improvements are under way. Rev. Damon will have a fine looking building when it is done. F. L. Ranney starts today for Marshall, Minn., where he will visit his daughter. He will take in Fenton on on the way. The rails on the Iowa Central will be laid into Kanawha today. The work will progress rapidly from there west to Corwith. The North western is crowding things from Burt north. It has grading outfits every three miles and will be laying rails soon. Mr. Calkins expects the elevator for his wholesale grocery building in » week or 10 days. Inside scales are being put in also. W. D. Nugent has made as noticeable an improvement in the way of new paint as there is in town. He has a handsome place. J. A. Vipond has the best corn on the flat west of town he has ever raised. He is looking for a bettor field somewhere but don't find it. the Anderson house on Call street next to R. W. McGetchie's. Mr. Pine has rented his farm and will come to town about Oct. 1, nnd intends to engage quite extensively 5n chicken raising. Mr. Starks will not taove for some weeks yet. The fine new home G. L. Carroll is building on his farm is about done and will cost upwards of $1,600. Doxsee is putting in a furnace. The house Is 26 feet square with an 8x20 foot addition and a porch around the east and south sides, one of the handsomest farm houses of the county. G. H. Williams has done the work. J. O. Reaver has bought a, half interest In the Atlantic Messenger and instead of remaining in Algona will take his family to Atlantic. Atlantic is a city of 6,000 people and a good newspaper field. Mr. Reaver Is a Bret class printer and will get up a clean paper. Atlantic is the field Lafe Young graduated from when he went to Des Molnes. The Iowa Baptist assembly opens at Iowa Falls July 25, and will continue two weeks. The Baptists own beautiful grounds, well improved, and It is one of the choicest places for a summer outing In the state. Dr. H. L. Stetson, president of Des Moines college, is the chancellor of the assembly, and he has invited Rev. D. M. Stiles to deliver an address before a gathering of ministers July 29. The Algona milling company has sold Its coal business to the John Paul company or rather the Lamb company. Alex. White will soon have a row of coal sheds on the south side of the lumber yard In addition to the sheds now at the Northwestern depot, and will handle all kinds of coal at lowest prices. This Is the coal business which the milling company bought of A. H. Naudain a year ago. If you are looking for Bargains the place to find them is at the old reliable State street store, My stock ol G-roceries is complete in all lines* My line of Staple G-roceries cannot be excelled. Give me a call, James Patterson. Cowles 1 Block, Algona. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HoxiE. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. makes the best drain tile and hollow building tile in the world and lowest prices. F. O. B. any station. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. IP you want a nice corset don't forget that the Flexo-girdle is one of the best. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Unwelcome Guests in the form of flies and mosquitoes can be kept out of your homes during the " dog days" season, when these troublesome visitors multiply rapidly and cause the most annoyance, by using our adjustable Window Screen. It is made of hard wood. It can be adjusted by anyone. It will fit any window. It will not warp out of shape. It WILL keep out the flies. When not needed under one window it can be used under another, thus saving the expense of a screen for each window. is within the means of anyone who can ford to live at all—only. Price C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware, E. Wright was a caller from Spencer Monday. He looks as young and active as ever and says he enjoys life just us well. It is a pleasure to meet him. Rev. D. M. Stiles will spend his vacation, plus some time kindly granted by his church, pursuing post-graduate studies at the University of Chicago this summer. The Burlington is grading out of Armstrong with 20 teams. The first notice anyone had of the extension to EsthervUle was the arrival of the teams und scrapers. Alex. White was over to see Company F Sunday. He says they are beautifully located, the band gets lots of compliments and everybody seems to be enjoying himself. B. F. Grose is off today supervising the moving of abig safe to Bingsted. The safe was bought at West Bend. Frank will not go to open his bank until the cars begin to run. People are warned against dumping garbage near the roadway southeast of the fair grounds. Complaint has already been made, and prosecutions will follow unless the practice is stopped. The Algona cigar factory will put in five extra cigar makers tit once and Jack Schu is arranging a room for them in the back part of the factory. The nine men now at work cannot fill orders. A photograph of Wm. H. Nycum taken at the Battle Creek sanitarium shows him in a rolling chair with an attendant to wheel him. Ho weighs less than 00 pounds, but seems now to be gaining strength a little. J. W. Tennant says he will build a brick cottage on the lots south of the Auditor Calkins house which Max Hebrst has bought on Thodngton this fall or next spring. He has in mind something like the Vaughn cottage. D. A. Haggard has a nephew with the army in the Philippines. Miss Maggie Haggard has just received a letter from him written May 22. He enlisted with theMinnesota university boys and has seen some hard soldier's life in Luzon. Mrs. M. L. Godden informs THE UPPER DES MOINES that her mother, Mrs. Roxana Hudson, was born in 1799, and was therefore lacking but a few days of being 100 years old when she died. Mrs. Hudson was the oldest person in the county. W. H. Inghara got two carriages last Friday and took his party across country to Titonka. It was his first visit und he admits that all that is said of the new town is true. The railway is still a great ouriousity, as the road bed has not yet been graded to any considerable extent. J. D, Starks has sold his place near the fair grounds to JP, Pine ^ofl he.8 It seems that THE UPPER DES MOINES was Incorrectly informed last week when it stated that Mr. Mnyne was not sitting ns a delegate in the county convention. He held a proxy which was recognized by tho credentials committee, but the report was not rend to the convention and the only published list of delegates did notshow it. THE UPPER DES MOINES referred to the matter merely to suggest the fair spirit which pervnded tho convention, nnd not to reflect In nny way on Mr. Mayne, who has never in his political career shown any disposition to take any undue fid vantage. C. O. Eokholm's announcement as n candidate for county treasurer appears this week. Mr. Eckhohn is one of the successful farmers of Swea township, who came to Kossuth some 30 years ago, and who has shown energy and ability In his own business, and who as a penrnau and accountant has had excellent training. Mr. Eckholm's neighbors in Swea hnve signed a big petition asking him to come out as n candidate and he will undoubtedly have ft big-support in the north end of the county. THE UPPER DES MOINES has known Mr. Eukholm ever sinco he •has been in tho county and It feels a friendly interest in his success. THE PARK IS ASSURED. Company IH Organized and Purls Wilt bo Ojion N'ext Sundrey. The park Is a sure thing. It will be on Peterson's land, about 84 miles up the river. A company has beun organized and is already at work on the do- tails. They Imvu secured a loaso of 30 acres of land, Mr. Peterson will fence it tomorrow and a pavilion will go up like magic and bo ready for visitors by next Sundny. The pavilion is to be 24x80 feet, fitted for dancing and where light refreshments will be served at all hours. No liquors of any description will be permitted on the grounds. There is to be a band concert every Sunday afternoon at 3, by the Algona Military band, arid a public dance every Thursday night. Ton cents admission to the grounds will be charged. The grounds are beautifully located on the river bank, easily accessible by team, and with a good steamboat landing, it is sure to become a popular resort under the good management that is already assured. The ineorporators are: Frank Dingley, president; Alex. White, vice-president; H. E. Rist, treasurar; Wilfrid P. Jones, secretary; Will Haggard, Otto Falkenhainer, M. E. Norwood, M. P. Haggard, G. F. Peek and G. G. Wright, directors; John Walker and Pearl Pugh, business managers. OUR OREf\T Clearin CONTINUES and man y are tak - ing advantage of this opportunity to buy their footwear at so low a price. Come before it is too late. Remember this great sale closes Saturday night, July 29. Here are a few of the bargains : One Lot your choice now only Ladies' Fine Kid Button Shoes, hand sewed turns, plain toes, size 24 to 44, shoes that formerly sold for $3.00 to $4.00 per pair— One Lot Ladies' Button Shoes, coin all sizes, $1.25 grade, only. toe, patent tip, $1.00 ^^^ ^^t^lBHMBMHB 50 c ¥ 4. L,OT One Lot A lot of your choice for only. Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers, several different stylus, sines 2i to 4, worth $1.25 to $2 —sale price only Ladies,' Misses' and Children's Shoes and Oxfords, single pairs worth $1.25 to $2.00 per pair, sale price only Ladies' Pine Kid button or lace Shoes, razor toes, worth $3.00 to $5.00, the very best goods made—they all must go, and you get for only. High-grade Lace Shoos, Tans and Black £ Patent Leather, worth $5.00; new styles; *p here's a snap—your choice during 1 this sale Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry, also watches, clocks, and silverware. Remember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable, 4 E, G. BOWYER. J. G. MCMASTERS, graduate optician of Fort Dodge, Iowa, will be at the Tennant house all of next week from Monday, July 24, until Friday, July 28. Examination froe.-18t2. A. D, CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments Interest payable annually. FOR SALE: My residence property, house and two lots, for sale. 15t8 J. L. EDMONDS. J. G. MCMASTERS, the optician, is a graduate of the Northern Illinois College of Ophthalmology, and is thoroughly competent to do good work. It will cost you nothing to have your eyes examined. Call on him at the Tennant house from Monday, July 24, to Friday, July 28.-1812. . A FEW PAIR Men's Fine to close them out — 5.00 Shoes, razor toes. Sale price ONE LOT BOYS' Fine $2.00 Shoes, blacks, all sizes, 11 to 6, and a few pair tans; this is a bargain for the boys; sale price only • And a lot of bargains in Children's and Misses' Shoes. H.50 H.50 We cannot tell you all about it here. Come and see for yourself. We will cheerfully show the goods whether you purchase or not. Boston Block, Algona,,Iowa. Fine Repairing and RAILWAY TIMS CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOOAL THAINS WEST. No.l departs at ...................... 0:05 am No. 3 departs at ...................... 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at ................... 10:45pm No. 71 departs at ............. ...... 8:20pm No. 85 departs at ..................... 8 :3Q p m TBAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at ...................... 10:45 a TO No.4 departs at.. ................... 8:S8pm Freight* that carry passengers- No. 76 1 departs at .................... 10:10 pm No. 04 departs at ..................... 3:20pin R. F. HKWUCK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. custom work. Exclusively Boots and Shoes. One Hundred Dollars — l:55pw North„.„„.. _i Pass 1:56 pui 6:35am Mixed ......10:50p - .lL5*P'»Mft,ed. ,7|gOft F. Is ottered to any person who oun duplicate the CJG C. C. Samson. 0, F. Grose SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay <Sc Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE LOANS. FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE HINT,

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