The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1899
Page 7
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THM UPPER AfOINlS! ALGONA .IOWA, WEBNE8JDAY JtTLY ..12, How Is this? Perhaps sleepless nights caused it, or grief, or sickness, or perhaps it was care. No matter what the cause, fou cannot wish to look old at thirty. Gray ha5r is starved hafr. The hair bulbs have been deprived of proper food or proper nerve force. increases the circulation in the scalp, gives more power to the nerves, supplies miss• ing elements to the hair bulbs. . Used according to directions, gray hair begins to show color in a few days. Soon it has all the softness and richness of youth and the color of early life returns. Would you like our book on the Hair? We will gladly send it to you. Write us/ Ityou do not obtain all the- benefits you expected from the Vigor, write the doctor about it. He may be able to suggest something of value to you. Address, Dr. J, C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. . To be comfortable n man oug-lit to •be born in his own time. We have made very little of what we have and very little of what we are. The majority of men nre unknown to-fame n.nd fortune—and are likely to remain so. The veal laws we find, we do not make them. Tlie real rewards and penalties are fixed. Women are a delusion and u snare, and j'et some men are foolish enough to ling a delusion. Birth and circumstances have so much to do with us that self-conceit becomes impossible. The warmest ilay is tlve orre on which we find we have an appointment with the flentist. Tho person who owns alawn mower in suburban sections is particularly popular at this season. Express cars, resembling U. S. mail cars, are now running 1 on the street ear tracks of Pittsburg. Of seven presidents of Fra'ace, only one has served a full term, 'He,'Gi'evy, resigned early in his second term. German postoffiee employes' are not permitted to marry w.ithout the special permission of the government. How few women there are who do not think they could run tlieir husband's business better than he does. Coo's Cough Balsam I« the oldest and licet. It will break up a cold quicker tbau anything else. It is always reliable. Try It. Street cars run by liquid air are a •uccess in Zurich. Are Von Using Allen's Foot-Euse? It is the only cure for Swollen, Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 2r>o. Sample sent FREE. Address. Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. President McKinley is his own barber. PUS PermunentlyOurou. Ho [Us or nervousness nftei first day's use of jDr. Kline's Gi-oat Nerve Restorer. Bend for FREE $2.OO trial bottle and treatiso. Da. E. H. KLINE. Ltd.. 831 Atoll St.. Philadelphia. Pa. A woman's idea of arbitration is to have a man come around to her way of thinking. UNIVERSITY OP NOTRE DAME. We call attention of our readers to the advertisement of Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana, one of the great educational institutions of the West, which appears in another column of this paper. Those of our readers who may have occasion to look up a college for their sons during the coming year would do well to correspond with the President who will send them a catalogue free of charge, jis well as all particulars regarding terms, courses of studies, etc. There is a thorough preparatory school in connection with the University in which students of all grades Will have every opportunity of preparing themselves for higher studies. ^"he Commercial Oourse intended for young men preparing for business may be finished in one or two years accord- Ing to the ability of the student. St. Edward's hall, for boys under thirteen, is an unique department of the ln»tjtution. The higher courses are 'thorough in every respect and students "will find every opportunity of perfecting themselves in any line of work they may choose to select. Thoroughness Jn class-work, exactness in the care of students, and devotion to the best interests of all, are the distinguishing characteristics of Notre f)anie University. Fifty-five years of active work in the cause of education have made this institution famous all over the country, The path from life to more life is TALMACttfS SMMON, THE SIN OP GOSSIP, LAST SUNDAY'S SUBJECT. "Full of En?y, JWorder, Debate, Deceit, Malignity, Whisperer*"—Romans, Chapter 1, Verse 29 — The Fire of a Hellish Spirit. (Copyright 1899 by Louis Klopsch.) Paul was here calling the long roll of the world's villainy, and he puts in the midst of this roll those persons known in all cities and communities and places as whisperers. They are so called because they generally speak under voice and in a confidential way, their hand to the side of their mouth acting as a funnel to keep the precious information from wandering into the wrong ear. They speak softly, not because they have lack of lung force, or because they are overpowered with the spirit of gentleness, but because they want to escape the consequences of defamation. If no one hears but the person whispered unto and the offender be arraigned, he can deny the whole thing, for whisperers are always first-class liars! Some people whisper because they are hoarse from a cold, or because they wish to convey some useful Information without disturbing others; but the creatures photographed by the apostle in my text give muffled utterance from sinister and depraved motive, and sometimes you can only hear the sibilant sound as the letter "S" drops from the tongue into the listening ear, me brief hiss of the serpent as it projects its venom. Whisperers are masculine and feminine, with a tendency to majority on the sides of those who are called "the lords of creation." Whisperers are heard at every window of bank cashier, and are heard in all counting- rooms as well as In sewing societies and at meetings of asylum directors and managers. They are the worst foes of society; responsible for miseries Innumerable; they are the scavengers of the world, driving their cart through every community, and today, I hold up for your holy anathema and execration these whisperers. From the frequency with which Paul speaks of them under different titles, I conclude that he must have suffered somewhat from them. His personal presence was very defective, and that made him, perhaps, the target of their ridicule. And beside that, he was a bachelor, persisting in his celibacy down into the sixties, indeed, all the way through, .and some having failed In their connubial designs upon him, the little missionary was put under the raking fire .of these whisperers. He was no doubt a rare morsel for their scandalizatlon; and he cannot keep his patience any longer and he lays hold of these miscreants of the tongue and gives them & very hard setting down in my text among the scoundrelly and the murderous. "Envy, murder, .debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers." The law of libel makes quick and stout grip of open slander. If I should in a plain way, calling you by name, charge you with fraud, or theft, or murder, or uneleanness, tomorrow morning I might have peremptory documents served on me, and I would have to pay in dollars and cents for the damage I had done your character. But these creatures spoken of In my text ai'e so small that they escape the fine-tooth comb of the law. They go on, and they go on, escaping the judges and the juries and the penitentiaries. The district attorney cannot find them, the sheriff cannot find them, the grand jury cannot find them. Shut them off from one route of perfidy and they start on another. You cannot by the force of moral sentiment persuade them to desist. You might as well read the Ten Commandments to a flock of crows, expecting them to retreat under the force of moral sentiment. They are to be found every where, these whisperers. I think their paradise Is a country village of about one or two thousand people where everybody knows every body. But they also are to be found in large quantities in all our cities. They have a prying disposition. They look into the basement windows at the tables of their neighbors, and can tell just what they have morning and .night to eat. They can see as far through a keyhole as other people can see with a door wide open. They can hear conversation on the opposite Bide of the room. Indeed, the world to them is a whispering gallery. They always put the worst construction on everything. Some morning a wife descends Into the street, her eyes damp with tears, and that Is a stimulus to the tattler and is enough to set up a business for three or four weeks. "I guess that husband and wife don't live happily together. I wonder If he hasn't been abusing her? It's outrageous. He ought to be disciplined. He ought to be brought up before the church. I'll go right over to my neighbors; and I'll let them know about this matter." She rushes in all out of breath to a neighbor's house and says: "0! Mrs. Allear, have you heard the dreadful news? Why, our neighbor, poor thing, came down off the steps in a flood of tears. That" brute of a husband has been abusing her. Well, it's just as I expected. I saw him the other afternoon very smiling and very gracious to some one who smiled back, and I thought then I would just go up to him and tell him he had better go home and look after his wife and family, who probably at that very time were upstairs crying their eyes out. 0! Mrs. lear, do have your husband go over and put an end to this trouble. It's simply outrageous that our neighborhood should be disturbed ia this way. The fact Is that one man or woman ftet on fire of this hellish spirit Will keep a whole neighborhood aboil. It does not require,any very great brain. The chief requisition is that the woman have a small family or no family at all, because, if she have a large family, then she would have to stay at home and look after them. It is very important that she be single, or have no children at all, and then she can attend to all the secrets of the neighborhood all the time. A woman with a large 5 family makes a very poor whisperer. It is astonishing how these whisperers gather up everything. They know everything that happens. There are telephone and telegraph wires reaching from their ears to all the houses in the neighborhood. They have no taste for healthy news, but for the scraps and peelings thrown out of the scullery into the back yard they have great avidity. On the day when there is a new scandal in the newspapers, they have no time to go abroad. On th? day when there are four or tive columns of delightful private letters published in a divorce case, she stays at home and reads and reads. No time for her Bible that day, but toward night, perhaps, she may find time to run out a little while and see whether there are any new developments. Satan does not have to keep a very sharp lookout for his evil dominion in that neighborhood. He has let out to her the whole contract. She gets husbands and wives into a quarrel, and brothers and sisters into antagonism, and she disgusts the pastor with the flock and the flock with the pastor, and she makes neighbors, who before were kindly disposed toward each other, over suspicious and critical, so when one of the neighbors passes by in a carriage, they hiss through their teeth and say: "Ah, we could all keep carriages if we never paid our debts!" When two or three whisperers got together they stir a caldron of trouble, which makes me think of the three witches of Macbeth dancing around a boiling caldron in 'a dark cave: Double, double, toll and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble. Fillet of'a fenny snake In the caldron boll and bake; Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder's fork, and blind worm's atlng, Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell both boil and bubble. Double, double, toil and trouble, Fare burn and caldron bubble, Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf. Witches' mummy; maw and gulf Of the ravln'd salt-sea shark; Make the gruel thick and stark; Add thereto a tiger's chaudron For the ingredients ol our caldron. Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon's blood; Then the charm is firm and good. I would only change Shakespeare In this, that, where he puts the word "witch" I would put the word "whisperer." Ah, what a caldron! Did you ever get a taste of it? I have more respect for the poor waif of the street that goes down under the gaslight, with no home and no God—for she deceives no one as to what she is—than I have for these hags of respectable society who cover up their tiger clajys with a fine shawl, and bolt the hell of their heart with a diamond breastpin! The work of masculine whisperers is chiefly seen in the embarrassment of business. Now, I suppose, there are hundreds of men here who at some time have been In business trouble. . I will undertake to say that in nine cases out of ten it was the result of some whisperer's work. The whisperer uttered some suspicion in regard to y , ur credit. You sold your horse and carriage because you had no use for thorn, and the whisperer said: "Sold his horse and carriage because he had to sell them. The fact that he sold his horse and carriage shows he is going down in business." One of your friends gets embarrassed and you are a little Involved with him. Tho whisperer says: "I wonder if he can stand under all this pressure? I think he is going down. I think he will have to give up." You borrow money out of a bank and a director whispers outside about it, and after a while the suspicion gets fairly started, and it leaps from one whisperer's lips to another whisperer's lips, until all the people you owe want their money and want It right away, and the business circles come around you like a pack of wolves, and though you had assets four times more than were necessary to meet your liabilities, crash! went everything. Whisperers! Oh, how much business men have suffered. Are any of you given to this habit of whispering about others? Let me persuade you to desist. Mount Taurus was a great place for eagles, and cranes would fly along that way, and they would cackle so loud that the eagles would know of their coming, and they would pounce upon them and destroy'them. It is said that the old cranes found this out, and before they started on their flight they would always have a stone in their mouth so they could not cackle, and then they would fty in perfect safety, 0! my friends, be as wise as the old cranes and avoid the folly of the young cranes. Do not cackle. If there are people here who are whispered about, if there are people here who are slandered, if th/>r.e. are people here who are accus circle of life, let me say couragement that run out. They may <d<^ ^ oV 00$ for a while, but af^r^V^ ' traction becomes^ 'fy- understand though somp overcoat />' leper. Room!" You go ahead an<j do your duty and God will take carl of your reputation. How dare you distrust him? You have committed to him your souls. Can yo'.i not trust him with your reputation? Get down on your knees before God and settle the whole matter there. That man whom God takes care of is well sheltered. Let me charge you, my friends, to ma.e right and holy use of the tongue. It is loose at one end and can swing either way, but it is fastened at the other eftd to the floor of your mouth, and that makes you responsible for the way it wags. Xanthus, the philosopher, told his servant that on the morrow hfe was going to have some friends to dine, and told him to get the best thing he could find in the market. The philosopher and his guests sat down thp next day at the table. They had nothing but tongue—four or five crurses of tongue—tongue cooked In this way, and tongue cooked In that way, and the philosopher lost his patience and said to his servant, "Didn't I tell you to get the best thing in the market?" He said: "I did get the best thing in the market. Isn't the tongue the organ of sociability, the organ of eloquence, the organ of kindness, the organ of worship?" Then Xanthus said: "Tomorrow I want you to get the worst thing in tho Market." And on the morrow the philosopher sat at the table, and there was nothing there but tongue—four or five courses of tongue—tongue in this shape and tongue In that shape —and the philosopher again lost his patience and said: 'Didn't I tell you to 'get the worst thing in the market?" The servant replied: "I did; for isn't the tongue the organ of blasphemy, the organ of defamation, the organ of lying?" Oh, my friends, employ the tongue which God so wonderfully created as the organ of taste, the organ of deglutition, the organ of articulation, to make others happy, and in the service of God. If you whisper, whisper good —encouragement to the fallen and hope to the lost. Ah, my friends, the time will soon come when we will all whisper! The voice xwlll^be enfeebled in the last sickness, and though that •voice could laugh and shout and sing snd Mnlloo until tho forest echoes an- uvered, it will be so feeble then wo can only whisper consolation to those whom we leave behind, and only whisper our hope of heaven. While I speak this very moment there are hundreds whispering their last utterances. Oh, when that solemn hour comes to you and to me, as come soon it will, may It be found that we did our best to serve Christ, and to cheer our comrades in the earthly struggle, and that we consecrated not only our hand but our tongue to Cod. So that tho shadows that fall around our dying pillows shall not be the evening twilight of a glittering night, but the morning twilight of an everlasting day. This morning, at half-past four o'clock, I looked out of my window, and the stars were very dim. I looked o::t a few moments after, and the stars wire almost invisible. I looked out an hour or two afterward. Not a star w»s to be seen. What was the matter win the stars? Had they melted into du-kness? No. They had melted into ( the glorious light of a Sabbath mjrn. ; SAMOAN DANCING. It •!« Not Always Dlgvroot, Tliotitflr j Generally Lively. .( favorite amusement for old and ycjjng Is the Siva, the word meaning to lance. It Is not, properly speaking, daiting, says the National Geographic Mfgazine, but Is more like an acting chii'ade, for, although accompanied wib music, singing and slapping of haifls, the siva has no steps or regular, its motions consisting of slow padngs, bodily and facial contortions, am| what may be called descriptive actpg. The actual siva Is performed by girls. The dancers are prepared ferine siva by copious smearlngs oil cocknut oil applied by some femalo restive, followed by a careful adorn- inf of the glistening body with tho lau-lava, or loin cloth, and flowers for thrhair and neck, The subjects rep- reanted all relate to the life of the ialads, and are frequently given with a -erlslmilitude which leaves nothing to ;he imagination. Courtship, mar- rla;e arid the care of children find a lea^ng place in the representation, whlb making pol, spearing fish, pad- dliig the canoe, gathering fruit, ami alsijsome of the "living pictures" are notfmitted. As the pace grows livelier frequent drafts of kava incite the danfrs to renewed activities, and oftfl, as the excitement grows, sub- Jec$ of a grosser nature are given, and freuently before the conclusion of a ftrsfclass siva the girls will divest thtpselves of even the pretense of closing, the lava-lavas following the flower garlands until the space in the hu! devoted to the performers is filled wiji a swaying- mass of glistening bales, and the odor of the cocoanut of becomes simply overpowering to tb few civilized onlookers who are pfjnitted to witness a genuine siva. "Klngor" Ju a Kunulug Knee. Fiom the Chicago Post: "What's matter?" demanded the crowd en there seemed to be a hitch ia the iceedings at the athletic carnival, 'e have just discovered a 'ringer' in long-distance running race," an- ered the manager. "His experience such that he outclasses them all." ho is he?" was the cry. "A FUl- o in disguise," was the reply, f lmt'8 the Trlott. "What's thfi ttattar, old mftft?" "Oh, I've just had a quarrel with toy 1*5fe." "Well, forget and forgite." "I never can forgive her; you see, jl was in the wrong." "Then, in that ease, demand ftnftpol- My doctor said I would die, but Plso's Cure for Consumption cured me.—Amos Kelnor, Cherry Valley, 111., Nov. 28, '95. It is nn-awfully mean man who wants to sue the railroad company because he met his wife on a train. Hall's Catnrrh Cnrc la taken Internally. Price, 7Bc. As soon ns kindness is taken for granted it begins to grow scarce. Do Tonr Feet Ache and Bnrn? Shake intoyoilr shoes, Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Hnnions, Swollen, Hot and Sweating Feet. At nil Drugpists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Address Allen S. Oliusted, LeRov, N. Y. A man never finds fault with his wife for being faddy if the fad lies in the culinary direction. WANTED-CttBO or Dftil health that. TC-I J'-A-N-S will not beneflt. K rcntn to lilpnns Chemical Co.. Now York.for 1(1 miimilng nml LOW tcMlmnnlala. Why is it Hint it always seems quite criminal to bo supposed "to come from the country? Mm. Winslow'g Sootlilnp; Syrup. Per children tcolhlnR, softens tho Riimn, reduces far flammatlon, nllnvBimln. euros wind colic. %M a bottlo. The very angular handwriting with the very pointed toes IH out of fashion, Ktfiicntn Vnar liownifll Your bowels aim bo (mined us well us yonr mus- olosor your bruin, discards Candy OuUmrtla train jour bowels to do right, All druggists, 10o,26o, 60o Theoretical wisdom often turns out to be practical folly. CRITICAL PERIODS In Woman's Life Are Made Dangerous by Pelvic Catarrh, Mrs. Mathllde Rlchter, Donlphan, Neb., says: "I suffered from catarrh for many years, but since I have been taking Peru-na I feel strong and well. I would Mrs. Mathllde Rlchter. advise all people to try Pe-ru-na. As I used Pe-ru-na and Man-a-lin while I Was passing through the change of life, I ajn positively convinced your beneficial remedies have relieved me from all my ills." Pe-ru-na has raised more women from beds of sickness and set them to work again than any other remedy. Pelvic catarrh is the bane of womankind. Pe-ru-na is the bane of catarrh In all forma and stages. Mrs. Col. Hamilton, Columbus, O., says: "I recommend Pe-ru-na to women, believing It to be especially beneficial to them." Send for a free book written by Dr. Hartman. entitled "Health and Beauty." Address Dr. Hartman, Columbus Ohio. Remember that Cholera morbus, cholera Infantum, summer complaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea and dysentery are each and all catarrh of the bowele. Catarrh IB the only correct name for these affections. Pe-ru-na IB an absolute specific for thww ailments, which are BO common In summer. Dr. Hartman, In a practice of over forty years, never loflt a single case of cholera Infan- tum, dysentery, diarrhoea, or cholera morbus, and his only remedy was Pe-ru-na, Those desiring further particulars should send for a free copy of "Summer Catarrh." Address Dr. Hartman, Columbus, 0. Miss Lockheart's LETTER TO MRS. P1NKH AM. (LfttTtft to ««. »tKKttAtt XO. «7,t04J 11 1 cannot express my gratitude ttt you for the good that Lydia E. Pink* ham's Vegetable Compound has dona for me. I have taken five Bottles Of the Compound and two boxes of Lite* Pills and feel better In every respect. 1 had suffered for years with dropsyj the Veins in my limbs burst, caused from the pressure of the water, t had the Worst kind of kidney trouble* faint* Ing spelts, and 1 could not stand longf at a time.' I also had female weakness and the doctor said there was a tumor in my left side. The pains I had to stand were something 1 dreadful. A friend handed me a little book of yours* so I got your medicine and it has saved my life. I felt better from the first bottle. The bloating and the tumors have all gone and I do not suffer any pain. I am still using the Vegetable Compound and hope others may find relief as I have done from its use."— ' MlBS N. J. LOCKHEABT, BOX 16, ELIZA- BKTII, PA. Only the women who have suffered with female troubles can fully appreciate the gratitude of those who have been restored to health. . Mrs. Pinkham responds quickly and without charge to all letters from suffering women, ller address is Lynn, Mass. EDUCATIONAL. THE UNIVERSITY Of NOTRE DAME, . NOTRE DAMB, INDIANA. Classic*, Letters, Bionomics and History, Journalism, Art, Science, Pharmacy, Law, Civil, "lechanlcal and Electrical Engineering. Architecture. Thorough Preparatory and Commercial Courses. Ecclesiastical Kt.videntsutspeclulrates. Rooms Free. Junior or Sunlor YeHr.ColleRlate Courflos. Kooms to Kent, moderate ohurge. St. Edward's Hall, for bots under 18. Tho j;6th Year will open beptumber 5th, 1890, Catalogue Free. Address, REV. A. MORKISSGY. C. S. C., President. ST. MARY'S Notre Dame P. 0., Indiana. : |( (OnemlieWeitof the University of Notre Damo.) The 88th Academic Term will open Monday. September 4, 1B9D. All tho bruiiohos of A inorough English and Classical Education, Including Greek, Latin, Spanish, French uud German are taught by a Faculty of competent teachers. On coinploiing the full oourse oK studies students receive the Regular Collegiate Degrees of Lltt, B, or A, B,. The Conservatory of Music la conducted on thei plan of the best Classical Conservatories of Europe, The Art Department Is modelled after tho best. Art Schools In Europe. Preparatory and Minim Departments^-Pupll* . who need primary training and tSoso or teacler y, ma J'. < 1 The Big 4 Columbia 3&trS*%S% iShftrs. cleaners a* The Dixie and Columbia Grain Threshers, The Matchless &/&-- » -»» Clover Huller, SfftsSSS? T&eA.& T. Farm and »?•«*"' Traction Engines, TheA.&T. more .otter IIBB The Aultman & Taylor Machinery Co.. OMAHA, NEBR. to* tor fr» a,,t, >U d tu W. N. U., Des Moines, Na. a& A Newfoundland dog, guarding jhouse in Buffalo.had to be to submission by the firemen befor^ ey could enter the building to :||b t|e five, THE DEERINO IDEAL MOWEi Cuts Repair Expenses in Two. I here are man y . re f sons wfa y the we most economical mower on the markets The IDEAL saves power by direct from wheels to knive ^•Sfifl have worried through past harvests with tho 82S8?I breaklo<r-dow»Wj»d; The IDHlA^oMt^ DEE-RING HARVESTER CO •••••

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