The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 5, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1899
Page 5
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THE UPPER DBS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY. JULY 5, 'J 1899. -some After the 4th We always offer some great bargains- people call them SNAPS, Four yards of figured dimity in nice designs, a waist pattern for ijc All figured dimities worth 10 and I2£c go now at • • • • °/c Piques in stripes and figured, formerly i8c, now only "a Shirt waists, regular $1.50, $1.25, $1.00 and 7Sc values, all at.. 5oc PERSONAL MOVEMEST8. Mrs. Alex. White is visiting her pa- ents at Em-ley. J. L. Bonar has gone home to Oreson for two weeks. Mrs. A. D. McGregor has gone to Jalamazoo, Mich. Miss Lyle Watson is over from Spener visltirtg Mrs. Jas. Taylor. Belts, regular price 35 and 2$c, at. Our 35 and 25c summer corsets at. YOU can always find a good assortment o 3lc prints and an unlimited quantity of 3lc unbleached muslin. Dozens of ladies' fas black hose at 5c a pair. Chrischillcs & Herbst. ana Mrs. Harry Dodge^ were from iviro. titxiij ij-\f«s« ..~.~ St. Paul for Sunday at BY StiRGERt. Criminal OiU» So Alt** In ShUnr* a* to Entirely Defy If you are looking for THE LOCAL FIELD. that an electric light wire had crossed the telegraph line and that he had had a severe shock. It plays havoc with a telegraph wire to have a light wire ouch it, the light current is so much tronger. The McComb laundry is now fully in- tailed in the new quarters and the machinery is all in operation. It is afe to say that no laundry in the state s better equipped or is doing better work Mr. McCorab has bought the best, and his building has been arranged throughout after the latest and best laundry designs. He is having a big run of custom from the outside towns, and is every week covering a wider territory. The whole matter of " bugology" has been settled in Algona. The social union debate Friday evening exhausted the subject and nearly the audience. Dr B F Reed grow eloquent in denouncing this new fad of a germ theory, while Dr. Morse brought out facts ana figures that were irrefutable in its sup- nort. Dr. Rankin quoted eminent doctors against it, while the editor showed what the germ theory had done to exterminate diphtheria and other contagious diseases. The encampment at Clear Lake comes July 12-20, and Company F with the regimental band is getting ready for the occasion. The grounds selected are a mile east of town on the electric car line. The ground^ cost $200 and the other expenses provided for by Clear Lake make a total of $750. Ui this the car line gives $450. The cars will vun from camp to town at all times, fare five cents. Probably big excursions will pour into Clear Lake, especially when Gov. Shaw reviews the regiment. No doubt the Algona Epworth League and others in adjacent towns will send large delegations to Clear Lake July 29, to hear the eloquent Dr. Berry at 3 and 8 p. m. He will also preach July 30. He is editor of the Epworth Herald at Chicago, which has a circulation oM25,000. It is proposed to give him a great ovation at Clear Lake Other speakers at the assembly will be Robt. Mclntyre Aug. 1, Col. Rain Auff. 2, A. Ci Rankin Aug. 5, Chaplain Milburn Aug. 6, Col. Horton Aug. 7, etc. Someone -In the Lu Verne News roasts Algona because of an item ap nearing In the Courier ridiculing the Woodmen picnic held there. The writer is justified in roasting the Cornier but not Algonians indiscriminate lv The writer is also justinea in crit our people for not making more 1 , ,* _ JJ • lU^mn. rrn fV»Q»ii«irO Company F has had 250 members enrolled in 10 years. Mrs. E. G. Bowyer and two daughters are visiting in Port Dodge. Mrs. J. W. Wadsworth and Mrs. T. H. Wadsworth go east tomorrow for a visit. Grant Ramsey has sold his house in the south part of town to Mrs. Ed. Patterson's-mother. State Superintendent Barrett was a caller this morning. He was going to Garner for an institute. George Boylson, who is with W. H. Reed in the furniture store, is planning to build a house yet this season. Sheriff Christenson has bought the Crandall house north of John Gal braith's, and is having it refitted. It is not so wet after all. J. R Thornton has gone 132 feet into the ground and finds it too dry all the way Everybody is boat riding these days Admiral Norwood is running a stylish craft and the trip up the river is ver enjoyable. Bishop Morrison was heartily re ceived in Algona and preached an abl sermon. He hopes to send a pastor to the Algona church. Algona has a new dentist in B. M. Smith, who has rooms in the Ferguson block. Mr. Smith comes to Algona with very excellent recommendations. Peter WinUel is getting a wood saw that will do business arid will go into ' wood cutting soon on a big scale. He can fill all contracts for all kinds and lengths of wood. Miss Lusk, a trained nurse of Chicago, is in Algona to take Miss Mann s work while the latter is in New _ York City on a vacation, Miss Lusk is one of the skilled nurses of the city. John Cronholm has bought the lots east of the Catholic church and will build a $2,000 house. A. M. Coan has ' made some designs for him. It is a sitely spot and John will have a fine home. Chas. Coan went to Des Moines Monday evening after a week's visit. He says Algona's new hotel w 11 be a good, substantial building. He is with Eastman, who planned it, and had to do with the drawings. Plans are completed for the banquet to be tendered to Supt. Hodge tomorrow evening. It will be the most elegant spread that has been given in Allow. Nothing is being left undone to make it a social event worthy of the Harry N. Moore has bought the corner lot south of Mrs. L. A. Sheets', and rumor has it that a new residence will go up this summer. This IB one of the two lots bought by David Gilmore. Mr. Gilmore's house on the ^ ^ a __ ... other is now going up. evening in honor of its tenth anniversary ' A young boy thought he would have Y g lp 8UC cess. The armory was fun by throwing a fire cracker at ^ flUe | an d from the band concert Niehtwatch Swilzer up in front of the t the opening to the "Home, Sweet armory Saturday evening. Hew" 1 - " ll '' arrested and fined $5 and costs. The >tt _.... fire cracker hit Henry Carpenter on |„ inter esting history of the company S-rs^&r^^^ Tscheme £ on foot to buy so me ga an^-Quarto^ di.ussed ^e fort ^ar^" "iiutTaolSr; 1 -Ae singing was patriot., the will be needed and a small stock com- panyis talked of. It is not yet certain that anything will come of it. Some of thoie^interested took a trip up last week to look for grounds. S. D. Patterson's son Charles was loading a magazine i and somehow in closing Mr. own lome. Mrs. Lou Quinlan is visiting at Frank Nlcoulin's. She will be here severa weeks. Col. and Mrs. Spencer are home foi the summer. They have been at Rice Lake, Wis. Thos. F. Cooke and family go to Oko boji today for a summer at the lakes He will be in town off and on. O B. Durdall went to Minneapoli yesterday to join his wife, who is visit ing her sister for a few weeks. Jos. Dunwoodie of Irvington went Saturday to Tyndall, S. D., to visit his parents. It Is also his old home. Geo. E. Clarke has gone to Chicago for a medical examination by an expert. He is to meet him tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Russell came from Omaha Monday evening with their three daughters for two weeks at the Ingham home. Mr and Mrs. James Patterson are planning on going to Detroit for the Christian Endeavor meeting. If they go they will go on to Quebec. Miss Helen Starr is a delegate to the Christian Endeavor convention at Detroit from Grinnell college. She was one of throe chosen to attend. Mrs. Chas. Foster's sister and her newly wedded husband visited in Algona over Sunday. They came with Mrs. Foster, who returned home Friday. IT 'S like a " dip in the fountain of youth." Touches the cheek so gently that "youth lingers on the face of old age " That's what Rocky Mountain Tea does. Sold by R. H. Miller. SHOES! Shoes! We handle the Green- Wheeler shoes; new lot just received. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. At Grove & Son's there are still to be had some splendid bargains in their closing out sale. MEETINGS. One of a party of gentlemen lounging In the office of a well^tnown New Orleans physician a few evenimga ago propounded a curious question, apropos of a conversation which had taken a turn' toward the bizarre, says the New Orleans Times-J)emocrat. "Doctor," he said, "wouldn't It be possible for a man' who had committed some crime, for instance, and who had strong motives for concealing his idenr tity, to permanently niter his whole appearance by modern surgical methods?" "Certainly," replied the doctor. "He could easily reduce his height, to begin with, by the removal of a couple of sections of bone from his. legs. The operation is often performed in ordinary surgery, and a man who was, say five feet eight, would look very different when, only five feet six. But he could be changed beyondi work on the face alone. His forehead could be made high and bold by the. electric needle. His ears could be mode to stand out or lie flat, just as he desired, and his nose molded inito any shape from a pug to> a high Roman. The en- tiro expression of the mouth* can D6 altered by putting deep wrinkles in each, corner, and the eyes equally transformed by modif J'ing the general direction of the brows. All the operations would be of a minor character, and 1 two months would be sufficient-for the job. At the end of that time a nmn's own mother wouldn't know him, a.nd he could revisit the seen* of his crime with impunity. The thing' is perfectly feasible, theoretically, but fortunately a few little things stand 1 in the way ol its practical operation—such things ne time and money, and the difficulty oi finding secluded quarters and a skillful surgeon wiling to lend himself to the scheme." Bargains the place to find them is at the old reliable State street store. My stock oi G-roceries is complete in all lines, My line of Staple Groceries cannot be excelled. G-ive me a call. James Patterson. Cowlcs' Block, Algona. Satisfaction is a Silent Salesman ON A JOCKEY'S BADGE. He Was Six Feet Tail nmil 20O Po'undit, Hut IIIU Nerve Wai Good. ici?ing our peupie '«' uuu U«"""B —«•of a point of attending these gatherings in the outside towns. It appears that but few Algona Woodmen went to the picnic, which was very largely attended from other towns. Algona is undoubtedly neglectful in this respect on many like occasions. F's reception Saturday Rev- H. Irwin Farr and wife of Sioux City spent Sunday with his brother, F. C. Farr. The Mother's meeting will he held at the home of Mrs. Archie Huchison tomorrow (Thursday.) Congregational church, 11 a. m. "The Christian Philosophy of Life; 8 p. m., "Inflicting Self Injurv." The fourth quarterly meeting and sacramenttil services will be held in Good Hope Church, Sunday, July 9, at 3 p. m. Rev. Yetter will preach. Rev. W. S. Lewis, D. D., president of Morningside college, will occupy the ->ulpit of the Methodist church next Sunday morning and evening A welcome to all. F. C. Purr organized a Sunday school ast Sunday afternoon in the Rice school house on Plum Creek. H. C. {lamp was elected superintendent iind they will meet every Sunday at 3 p. m Sermon themes at Baptist churcl next Sunday. Morning, "Foreign Missions;" evening, " A Key to the Mysteries of God's Will." A sermoi for the young people and the uncon verted. Mr. Sneji Miyamore, a native of Japan, will lecture on "Japan and Japanese" at the Baptist church next Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. Miyamore is a student of Des Moines college, having come there from Japan in October, 1898. President Stetson speaks in the highest terms of him as a man, a student and a lecturer. This lecture will be illustrated by a stereopticon. Admission only 10 cents, IT will pay you to drop in at Grove In. one of the newspaper composing- rooms in this city there is a typesetting machine operator who is a great lover of horse racing. A good share of his wages goes to the bookmakers, at {he local tracks during the racing season, although for some reason he never acquired the poolroom habit, and has always refused to put down a bet unless lie was "there to see how the dogs ran." He is fully six feet tall, and weighs about 200 pounds. His size suggested a joke to one of Ins friends during the racing season last slimmer, says the New York Sun. "Going to Sheepshead Bay to-day?" the friend asked. "I'd like to, but if I go 1 won't have much left to bet with." jcan give, you a jockey's badge," said the friend. "Gimme it," replied the printer, eagerly, never realizing the ridiculous con trast between his size and that of even the heavy weight jockeys. Armed with the jockey's badge, he presented him self at the racetrack gate and showec his badge. The ticket taker looked at him in astonishment. "For heaven's sake," he finally blurted out, "wot do you ride—the elephant?" "There's one entered in the fifth race," was the reply, and his nerve so paralyzed the gatekeeper that he was admitted. It sells ten times more shoes than all our news' 1 paper advertising. Every time you put your foot in a BROWNELL shoe there is a satisfaction that makes you feel that this is the place to come for another pair. Brownell & Allred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Fine repairing and custom work. Boston Block, Algona, la. * As to Screen Doors. These hot days will make the flies lively. Keep them out vour house with one of our heavy, full-morticed Screen doors, which we are soiling, with spring hinges, pull and _ book, all complete, for an even, 1.00 noo c, an compiei/o, iur mi avuu •• • , We have a large stock of screen wire and window screens, all kinds. Iii Gasoline Stoves wo still have a good assortment at old prices. Don't worry along with afire in the old cook stove these hot dnys when you can buy a good two-burner gasoline stove for Ice Cream Freezers are desirable just at present. They are SO CHEAP you cannot afford to borrow from your neighbor. We have them as low $4 & Son's, where a little money goes n long way. WE have a large line of men's summer hats that we are clearing out very cheap. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. THE QUEEN'S WEALTH. Victoria. AVail Be the Flr»t Sovereign to JjCiive Any Property. C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. 1 July Clearing Sales of LOW EXCURSION KATES. Round-trip tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail- .veeiiway company to Denver, Colorado • -,-•--,. - , „„„. n t thp, m -n- Snrines, Pueblo and Glen wood bprings, Home" waUz.every part of^t^piobp ing^ .^ ^ ^ gram was^enpyable^ Col ^ Cooke^ave | ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ fare plus $2. On sale June 25 to July 11, 1899.-1413 For the Chautauqua assembly, to be held at Spirit Lake, July 4 to 19, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail way will sell excursion tickets for one and a third fare for round trip.-14t8 The singing was patriotic, the refreshments were enjoyed, and the orchestra played pleasant airs for the dancers who crowded the floor. Capt. Morse and his aides are to be congratulated on so enjoyable an affair. NICE baby cab, nearly new, for I cheap. Ask at U. D. M. office. sale exploded. He was holding one hand over the muzzle of the gun and the bullet cut it up pretty badly, lodging in the bone of his second finger. He is getting well, however, and will suttei no permanent injure. Roberts, director of the Algona Monday on MAUD—Last night Jack told me that he wouldn't marry the best girl living, unless—what—unless she took Rocky Mountain Tea. Bright fellow. Sold by R. H. Miller. Silver Crewn. mrtofThecity. He owns 700 acres of Fand in Grant township, and is a great believer in the merits of Kossuth soil.. In this issue Frank Slagle announces ] his candidacy for county superintend- MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. On July 8, 11, 15, and 18 special excursion rates are authorized on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway to Spirit Lake and return. Tickets are limited to date of sale, both going and returning, but special instructions will be issued to conductors to honor return tickets sold on July 11 and 18, respectively, until the day following date of sale in each case, and tickets sold on July 8 and 15 will be honored for return trip until July 10 and 17 respectively. Fare for the round trip will be $1.90. 15t2 RAILWAY TIME CARDS, ,. ^-~--~~ -~ • ~~-> CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TBAINS WEST. Her majesty, Queen Victoria, will be the first sovereign of England who ever had any money to leave to her family. All of her predecessors on the tin-one bequeathed a choice ' assortment of debts to their posterity, which parliament was called upon to make tlie. people pay. But while our queen, permitted us to be taxed for the private obligations o! George IV. and William. IV., &he- herself paid ali the debts of her father, the duke of Kent. There is food for much, speculation as to the disposition of her majesty's immense property. The bulk of it will, o course, go to the prince of Wales, ant it has been asserted that the best es tates ore entailed upom the queen's successors with thie. condition that they shall not be mortgaged or alieniated in any way. The palace at Osborae will probably be* given to the queen's' favorite daughter, Princess, Beatrice, who is also expected to inherit the. fortunes of the Empress Eugenie. What is Left To make room for Fall Goods we will sell all Tan and Chocolate Shoes, also Ladies, Misses and Children's Oxfords and Sandals at Slaughter Prices. The Other Shoe Store. c. o. JS^i'^K^ exceptionally well qualified for_ the ninno is son of one of the early 8611161 s, Ulnvv. +9 PWM w* v**~_ — . tflrtt.»l *£Ta and would be an admirable official, tie will 'out an important figure in the convention. ,-••*• R. A. Palmer was right in the middle of a message one day lael> week from cent interest chine (topped working. A few houre later the Pecorah man let him Blue Pvont Jewolvy Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry, also watches, clocks, and silverware. Remember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable, - A HJ. I 4 FOB SALE: My residence property, house and two lot?, for eal J. JU No. 71 departs at No. 06 departs at * TRAINS BAST. No. 3 depots at ...................... No.4 departs at ...................... 0: 10:45 pm 8:30 pin A Di»cturl>lii« Photosrnpli. A remarkable story is agi tat in gia< section of society just now, says the London. Daily Chronicle. A young lady of rank, who is engaged to be married to an officer serving in; India, recently had her photograph taken by a leading Loair- don photographer before going out to India to be. married. To her horror, whcm the photographs were sent home, there 1 was plainly to be seem standing behind her in a very menacing attitude the phantom image of her flanc«! The young lady was photographed 110 less than three times under apparently ordinary circumstances, but each time the same form is said to have appeared or i the 1 negative. The prospective bride has postponed her departure until ini- quiries can be «ingul»r affair. made regarding this luereuae In Sheep. No. M departs * 10:10 pin The number of sheep in the country B,F. South- CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN, NortU- . . increased over 3,000,000 in two I years. Between January 1, 18.83, a«d bhe same date in 1897 the* najmhep ft* eheep declined from 47,»73,«8 to 36,848 643, and their value receded ia «•- t "" m II 1 tP *" We still have several genuine " snaps" in staple and fancy groceries, which you can have the benefit of if you come at once. We are sure we still have, in many lines, just what you want and you can save some money on your grocery bill by calling before the best are gone, This opportunity will not last forever; why not "make hay while the sun shines?"

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