The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1899
Page 8
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THE Wftfiffi DES MOINJES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1899. mmm WILL TOTE ON FRANCHISE. Wesley to Say by Ballot Whether Telephone Company Conies In. The Question likely Produce a Live- Jy Contest— Miscellaneous Do- Ings Ih the Oontity. Wesle.v Is to have an election July 14 on granting the Kossuth Telephone company of Germanla a franchise to enter the city. The company got to Wesley a week ago and asked the city council to permit it to put up Wires, by passing an ordinance. The council decided that an ordinance would not do and that the people would have to vote. The matter enters it! Wesley politics more or less and there may be a lively election. Germania will vote July 13 on giving the home company an exclusive franchise for 20 years. Wesley News Notes. WESI-BT, June 2G.-Wesloy was visited with quite a blaze Sunday night. The house on the north side of the railroad occupied bv Mr. Bates and family caught fire during the night and was entirely consumed. The family were all asleep and were waited up by the smoke in the "ouse, and succeeded in all getting out with all of their furniture. There scorns to bo a mystery as to how the fire originated, or rath ei we have been unable to find out Just how It caught fire. The building was built just last fall and was put up on the cheap order, and was fully insured. Kev H L. Case and family and Mrs. Schockly are attending cumpmeotlng at Goldneld this week. Mother Vesper, a worthy old lady who was making her homo here with her son, H L. Vesper, died Friday at 12 m. from a stroke of paralysis, The funeral was held Sunday morning, conducted by Kov. Oaso, of whoso church she was a member. Ilie remains were then taken to the Wesley cemetery to be interred .hesido her husband, who had proceeded her about live years ago. Mother Vesper leaves four sons and one daughter to mourn her departure. She was past7!3 year of BRO. C H Peterson, editor of the ^yeslo.v News, attended the editors' association at Spencer, Friday. No doubt wo will soo the full particulars of the meeting when the news conies out this week. Will Salisbury of Titouka was a caller at Wesley Monday. The Odd Fellows will organize a new lodge at Titonka Tuesday night. A goodly number of the boys will go over from here. Swon City ITornld. Sam Drake was up from Algona one day last week to see what had became of a small granary that was on one of his farms north of town, after the storm. Thos. F. Cook was up from Algona Tucs- >day with a surveyor to determine whore the ditches should bo put to drain the water off his farms, Ho expects to open the waterways so that his farm lands will not bo inundated every wet season. His example should be followed in a general way by many farmers and farm owners. Tltoiikn Topic. A. B. Specht is spending a brief vacation in Chicago. George Patterson was over from Algona Tuesday looking over our city with a view to locating hero. The subscription list for the new Presbyterian church has been so liberally patronized that there is no longer any question butthatthe building will go forward at once. Hurt Monitor. A wedding in which all Hurt is interested is to take place next Wednesday, in which Win. J. Bourne and Miss Carrie Goodwin will be made one. Jno. Kerr and wife. Wm. Peck and wife, C. H. Nichols and wife and Henry Smith went to Clear Lake Wednesday to attend a G. A. R. reunion. Mrs. M. H. Mi ills, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Healy and Mrs. Whltfleld attended the convention of the Ladies Home Missionary society at Garner Thursday and Friday of last week. ___ Fenton Reporter. Fred Soever and son have gone to look at the country down in Oklahoma. There is joy In the F. C. Newel home over the birth of a girl which dates from Monday, June 12. J. A. Brownell, the Algona boot and shoo man, is thinking seriously of establishing a branch here. There is room for him here. It looks now very much as though we are to have a hotel. Mr. G. S. Smith, a gentleman from Gracttinger was here Monday looking us over with the inteutiou of putting up one. _ Ledynrd Ijeader. The Bancroft band will furnish music for the celebration here the Fourth of July. Celebrate in Ledyard this year. She is going to have a hummer, and if you want a good time on this natal day come to Lod- yard. We would urge that all property owners build cyclone caves. We have several caves in town but not enough to accommodate half the people in case of a storm. We say build a cave of your own, don't depend on your neighbors for protection. IjuVerne News. Paul Fechner has been putting up a shoe shop on his residence lots. lu size it is Hx20 feet, 10 feet high. LastFriday Miss Carabol Ramsey finished a successful term of -school in the Lucli- siuger district three miles east of town. This makes her third term in that district. G. J. Tiss is now located in the fine new brick put up for his use. The room is large 24x70 feet, with a 13 foot ceiling. It is finely furnished with shelving and counters and makes a room in which George can dis, play his stock to an advantage. \Vliltteuioro Champion. Mrs. Wm. Johnson of Hobart is being Visited these days by her sister from Chi cago and two nieces. Mrs. Bixby picked up a hailstone Saturday in Lotts Creek that measured soveu inches around and took 50 minutes to melt. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Farley and daughters Frances and Mae, went to Okoboji Monday morning to occupy their cottage on Des Moines beach, during the hot season. Cattle Dying Near Germanla Gleaner; Dr. Sayers of Algona, deputy state veterinarian, was called Wednesday to Mr. Campbell's farm seven miles south west of this city to investigate the cause of (.he death of several head of cattle iu that neighborhood. My, Campbell had several head that were sick, but had lost none as yet, although his neighbor, Charles Hftusen had lost thirteen bead, mostly young cattle and milch cows. The disease was pronounced by the doctor to be pneur monia, caused by so much damp weather. The first symptoms noticeable were the swelling of the throat and tongue until the • animal could hardly get its breath and, in most cases causing death. He left medicine for the afflicted animals, which gave relief shortly and no more deaths have occurred since his visit. ' Bancroft Veterinarian Sayers of Algooa came up Friday last to examine W. w. Campbell's cattle, Mr. C. fearing they might be affected with tuberculosis. The examiujition dis- closed nothing further than bronco-phneu- monia, in one of the animals, from exposure in the coW rainy weather. Nicholas Schiltz, northeast of town, suffered a severe loss Tuesday forenoon, his large barn, granary, chicken coop and Sheds burning to the ground. A part of his machinery and wagons burned, as well as about $1,000 worth of grain, but none of his stock excepting a few hogs was killed. Mr. Schiltz believes the fire was set by lightening. Oliver Labadie, manager of the Labadie "Faust" company, was here between trains Wednespay to see Holloway's "white wonders" and if possible buy them. He saw the handsome horses take their plunge and is very anxious to makearrange ments for their purchase or to exhibit them in the east in company with Mr. H. Wesley News. Invitations are out announcing the wedding of Miss Jennie Dutton to Mr. Montgomery, at Irvington on the 28th inst. Miss Dutton is well known here and her friends extend congratulations. The building committee have the plan of of the new church at Sexton ready to submit to the carpenters. They will take sealed bids and let the contract to the lowest and host bidder, on the Oth of July. Fred Corey says his brother Byron, has purchased 100 acres of land near Herman, Minn, for which he has already been offered $2.00 per acre more than he paid, and keep the crop. Fred was all through southern Minnesota last week and came back a full- fledged land agent. Miss Alice Grannis, sister of Mrs. H. L. Case, who was returning from Waco, Tex., where for tho past year she has boon director of the school of oratory at Add Ran University, spent a number of days visiting at the M. E. parsonage. While at Epworth League convention at Clear Lako last week, she received the news of her election to the chair of oratory at tho Upper Iowa University, Fayctte, la. LOW EXOUESION BATES. Round- trip tickets will bo sold by the Cliicngo, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Glen wood Springs, Colo., nnd Suit Lake City and Ogflen, Utah, at one. regular lowest first-class fn re pi us 92. On salo June 25 to July 11, 1899. -14 13 For tho Fourth of July the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will sell excursion tickets, July 1,2, 3, nnd 4, return coupons good until July 5, to till points within 200 miles of soiling station, at faro und one-third for round Irip.-]4t2 For tho ChnutauqiiR assembly, to bo hold at, Spirit Luke, July 4 to 19, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will soil excursion tickets for one and a third fare for round trip.-14t3 On July 8, 11, 15, and 18 special excursion rates are authorized on tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway to Spirit Lake and return. Tickets lire limitud to date of sale, both going and returning, but special instructions will bo issued to conductors to honor return tickets sold on July 11 and 18, respectively, until the day following date of sale in each case, and tickets sold on July 8 and 15 will be honored for return trip until July 10 and 17 respectively. Fare for the round trip will be $1.90. ]5t2 EXCURSIONS. Exceptionally low rates to Cincinnati, Ohio, via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates, from all stations, June 26, 27, and 28, (but not for trains arriving Chicago before June 27) limited to July 5, 1899, inclusive, on account of National Sangerfest. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.-14t2 Exceptionally low rates to Detroit, Mich., via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates, from all stations. July 3 to 5 inclusive, limited to Aug. 15,1899, inclusive, on account of annual Christian Endeavor convention. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. -14t2 Fourth of July rates. On July 1, 2, 3, and 4 the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets at low rates to points on the Northwestern system within 200 miles of selling station, good returning until July 5 inclusive. Apply to agents hicago & Northwestern railway.-14t2 New day train to St. Paul and Minneapolis via the Northwestern line, leaving Des Moines at 9 a. m. daily except Sunday. Algona at 1:55 p. m., arriving at St. Paul via Elmoreat 7:45 p. in.; Minneapolis8:15 p. m.; and returning leave Minneapolis 7:10 a. m. except Sunday, St. Paul 7:40 a. m., via Elmore arriving at Algona 1:55 p. m., Des Moines 6:15 p. m. Vestibuled coaches in both directions will be run through the entire route without change.-14-3 Exceptionally low rates to Denver and Salt Lake City, via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates, from all stations, until July 11 inclusive, limited to Oct. 31, 1899, inclusive. Variable routes, delightful scenery. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern rail way .-1512 Special excursion rates to Portland, Ore., and other North Pacific coast points, via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates, from all stations, until July 8, inclusive, limited to Sept. 4, 1890, inclusive. Variable routes, delightful scenery. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway,-1512 Exceptionally low rates to Richmond, Va., via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates, from all stations, July 10, 11, and 12 (but not for trains arriving Chicago before July 11 or later than July 13) limited to Aug.. 15, 1889, inclusive, on account of National Convention B. Y. P. U. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.-15t2 ALGONA AND TITONKA JOINED. Tit on It a Uullwwy to Turn Toward* tno County Scat— A Splendid Territory, The "Lath & Northwestern" is now booKed to be extended from Titonka to Algona, There hae been a rumor of this for some time, but it is now becoming definite. The Titonka, Topic saye: "President A. C. Eipley and Marion Pell were in town Tuesday, and Mr. Ripley tells us that in all probability the road will be extended from here to Algona. Direct communication with the county eeut is what our people nave Jong been anxious to secure. We understand Unit Algona, the great northwest railway center, is anxious to secure the branch." This extension would give the road a splendid station In Plum Creek, and bring It to the great railway center of the northwest. Lot It come, Eureka Harness Oil Is the best preservative of new leather and the best renovator of old leather. It oils, softens, blackens and protects. Use Eureka Harness Oil on your best hnrncss, your old hut- ness, and your cnrrltigctop, nnd they will not only look bettor but wear longer. Sold everywhere In cann—all llzes from half pints to five gallons. Made bj 8TAMIAHU Oil CO. To Fight Disease successfully during the changeable Hprin^ und hot SHimmer months, tho s.yst.tMii should n-coivu u toning up now. [t'or this purpose Fi'mich's Sai'siiparilla li'is no superior. It is the most t'tliciiiMous spring medicine. Removes ;i!l impiiritios from tlio system und puts now lift- into torpid liver and irgidli blood. A. splendid nil around tonic. PricoSI.OO per bottle. We usirry 'ill tliti well known uutenl. medicine* nnd sell lit moderate prices. For sule only bv W. J. STUDLEY, Uostou Hlock. Algona, Iowa. Phurmiicist. Pt EH f^$v s^rt^vM t&m \ \<\ V-: T - *^ M ^H^^.w^r ^—T'fm |l]ft?%/ ?•»-,. _) 'I ty& £••" '•• 'T ?-?&/ $^>^ \f A ' ">/"" A'/V %V.£> }vi! 1 / ' •cw NV tl I^SI \tnmfr1r '^M £" 1$ T BLt'<& smsilf&r- i f the fan-lily SMUECG'' They last longer fciYd ari t moF-e co!n'f$rjLcvble EKa-rw other .shoots, being m£u3Cl on jsciant-ii'ic pinrieiples with straJL-v distributed** evo.nly on a.11 parts. Sen* thai our nasnc. isansoh. filQKTH STAR *SHOE C. O v MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. IF YOU LOVE YOUR SMOKE ONLY FRAGRANT 10* CIGAR A.DAVIS'SONS a CO.MAKERS ED. LIVINGSTON a SOLE AGENTS DESMOINEi, IOWA. LE&AL NOTICES, ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COUHT Oh' KOSSUTIi County, Iowa.—Hartwell L. Baldwin plaintiff, vs. the unknown heirs of Robt. F. Mcllheney and the unknown credltor.-t and claimants uguiust the estate of T. Judsou llale, deceased, defendants. To said defendants: You and each of you are hereby notilled that the petition of the plaintiff. In the above entitled cause Is now on tile In the ofllce of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, claiming of you that plaintiff is the purchaser under his contract of purchase, the owner of the southwest quarter of section twenty- eight (28), township No. one hundred (100), north ofrange No. twenty-seven (27). west of the 6th F. M.. Kossuth county, Iowa, by written contract With T. Judson Hale, dated Jan. 1,1800, and recorded Jan. 14,1890, lu Book " Y," ut page 402, and asking that his title thereto be quieted against any rights or claims of the defendants or either of them in and to suM real property and unless you appear thereto and defend before uoou of the second day of the next term of court, being the September term, which will commence lit Algoua on the 4th day of September, 1898, default will be rendered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon as provided by law and prayed In said petition. Dated this 9th day of June, A. D., 1809- CLABKE & COUENOUR, plaintiff's Attorneys, Upon reading the foregoing notice arid examining the petition which is ttlea In, said cause, the foregoing notice Is approved, and it is ordered that the same be published for six weeks lu TUB Ut-i'EH DES MOJNKS, a weekly newspaper of general circulation, published at Algona, Iowa, for "'" weeks as provided by law. Dated this Oth day of Juoe^A.j). 14(6 SPECIAL SHOE SALE Until July 4. We will offer our entire stock ol Men's, Boys,' Women's and Children's Shoes until July 4 at a Discount of 10 per cent. FOR CASH. We are bound to reduce our large stock of shoes at once. Yours for trade, JNO. OOEDERS. OSTEOPATHY OO per cent, greatly benefitted and 5O per cent, cured is Osteopathy's record in chronic cases, and three-fourths of tho cases treated Osteopathicully have tried other systems of ;reatinent and failed to get relief. If you are afflicted, and have boon unable to regain your health, I would be glad to have you call and consult me in regard to your case. Send tor a copy of the Osteoputhic Magnzine, free. References from all over tho state. DR. J. T. KANKIN, Algona, Iowa. /. T. Chriscliilles, G. C. Hudson, T. H. La.ntry, James Patterson, President, Vice President. Treasurer. Secretary. ALGONA MILLING GO - [INCORPORATED. ] - HIGHEST PRICES PAID for all kinds of Grain and Seeds. Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly High-giade Flour. Special attention paid to the Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market price for good wheat. F. W. DING LEY, Manager. NSURANGE Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Eockford of Eockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, f^EO.OOO. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec tious made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INGHAM, President; T. CHBISCH1LLES, Vice Pres; MSWIS H. SMITH, Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL '. $50,OOC AM.HUOSE A. CALL President \ WM. K. FERGUSON Cashier D. H. SUTOHINS Vice President \ OHAS. A. PALMER Assistant OasTiier Directors—D. H. I-Iutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, R. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security Special attention given to collections. O.fflt:ers and Directors — A. D. Clarke, President, C. C. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraith, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Scheuck, Thos. F. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS ^"Interest paid on time deposits. NOT thp?e concerns who send out one good ship- merit of lumberln every huhdred and the oalance of the time pairrrpff Inferior gradfs at more than regular prices; NOT those contWrlg'who demand cfsh ' ' ' asers exsmlhe Wflfct they pay for; ;' whfi II^VB fooled people all IT 0' th^ae Who sell grades for are qt :BtPF ,, . JU the —., local yard.} who do i only one wsy- -Y, and who have led anybody! he bestLath, Shingles, asil, Doors, Cement, tucco and Lime. LUMBER CO " W&$jk>' - ^ Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Elflredge, Victor, Wheels, J, I. IPMQNDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Removed— now next door to Prank Winkel's meat market, State street, W. H, LACY can furnish you low prices on also all kinds of mill stuff, Wood a»d Coal, 'o your weighing on ow oity scales Opposite Hotel Tennant, SAMSON & PAINE, DEALERS IN drain, Feed and We pay the very highest prices for all kinds of grain, sell ground feed, which we deliver to any part of the city, and sell and deliver hard and soft coal at lowest prices. Kg'-L.eave orders at Samson's abstract office in Opora House block. The Red Elevator, C. & N. W. depot, Phone 11. ALGONA. M. P. HAOQARD. G. F. PBEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.! Abstracts, Real Estate, AND Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. Wood and Ice, I am prepared to furnish Green or Dry BODY WOOD either 4-foot or stove length, hard or soft, iu any quantity desired. igiTSee me before ordering. I am not in company with anybody in the wood business. The Ice season is at band. Leave orders at Frank Winkel's or at Ladendorff's restaurant. PETER WINKEL. C. C. Samson. B. F. Grose SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rice,] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE LOANS. FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE AND FOR RENT. Opera House Block. ALGONA, ... IOWA. Sutt's Sure Remedy for Hog Cholera. Well, I have been around in different localities where Sutt's Hog Cholera Prevent- er has been most extensively used, and it is no longer an experiment; it has proved itself a positive preventer where it has been used according to directions, and I will guarantee it in every case. " No prevent no pay" if fed as it ought to be. 1280 doses for $1.35. The cheapest remedy in the world, and the best worm killer. For sale at niy home in Algona, Iowa. Manufactured and guaranteed by ALGONA, IOWA. Just one word: Don't wait until your hogs get sick and begin to die, for it will increase the growth of pigs on same feed' three times its cost. One Hundred Dollars — Is offered to any person who can duplicate the CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, LOOK TO YOUR EYES. •W. a?. qsEFseaa, Opthalmlc Optician. The most difficult cases of children a specialty. Do your eyes ache, smart, water, become in paiu ln the «y^»". <«bit, temple or S( ? y° u should consuit a compe- w , itu the ' ateB t scientific methoa naH™ u e ^°!'? of refraction, jficam- inatipn and consultation free. Office over B J.Qilmore's store, Algona, Iowa OR NO PAT. county; sink wells for water suDDlffor tow r iTa v ^vfflj^^j!&$ Jf !&s*&

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