Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 23, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1896
Page 1
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TH1 VOL- XXL JLOGANSPORT INDIANA, SUNDAY-MORNING; AUGUST 23,1896- NO. 202- Great Alteration Sale IN OUR ANNEX. Early Fall purchases in the lines of Jackets Gapes and Keady Made Stuff Suits a,re coming in. Entrance to the annex will be closed while improvements are going on and our.customers will kindly take notice to COME TO, THE flAIN STORE. As the Fall season is always a short one in this department and the extensive improvements we are about to make will naturally interfere with the daily trade and in order for you to-perhaps go out of your way a fewsteps- we Will sell every garment in the department New or Old at Strictly Cost. When we say cost we mean just what the word implies. We are ready to prove above assertion this morning. Still a great line of Shirt Waists at the cost of the material. WILER & WISE. LI EMBARKS. England' Sorry TKat the Great Ohi- uese Premier Must Leave. Give Him an Unparalleled Farewell Reception Aboard the Boat—Plan* for His Entertainment Here.. 409 and 411 Broadway. 306 Fourth Street. Clothes up to Date Fact is no one has Have been in great favor at our establishment, a finer lino of woollens and worsteds to select from than ours. I mportant Features ... In the make-up of our clothes m ark their superiority. We are no - , , the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 flarket Street. See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QTJAIIT SAUCE PAN... 6 QUART SAUCE PAN... 8 QUABT SAUCEPAN.. 10 .QUA'RT SAUCE PAN. 12 QUART SAUCE PAN.. 6 QUART MILK PAN.... 4 QUART COFFEE POT. : 5 PINT TEA POT NO. 28 WASH PAN NO. 30 WASH PAN CUSPIDORS , 25c 35c 40c , 50c . 05C 15c CtOc 35c 20c 25c 258 T. J. FLANIGAN, 310 flarket Street. Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co. Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates on heaters during the months of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., :D Tho well-Kuown Specialists o£ New York Jtftve appointed ». A, HACK as agent tor their celebrated Spectacles an* Eye Glasies, every pair guaranteed. ' D. A. HATJK'nas complete. assortment and Invited all to satisfy thoiaaelvea ot the ctnat snparlorltj of these goods over any Manufactured, at tUo atoro of D. A. HAUK, Solo agent for Lommsport Ind. • .!""" ' "'NoIPeddlersSupplied. London, Aug. 22. — .Li Hung Clian'g, special ambassador of' the- empe'ror ol Chin;i, \\; :.h his suite, teft Wute'rloo'sta- tion at nir.e o'clock Saturday morning for Southampton,-where ho embarked on txmxl Uie American line steamer St. Louis for New York. ..The umbrisisador and the- members b'f his suite, '-"^ve-re; driven to the station'-in fonr'royaLcor- riag'cs. A large nmuber of friends gathered'around the railway car occupied by the distinguished Chinaman and remained .until the train moved away; Li Hung Chang shook hands- aud cpn-' vcrsi'd with everybody in the gi-oup. Just before the train started Li Huiig- Chang lighted a long-silver-tubed pipe,' which lie began, puffing-.with:" evident satisfaction. As the train steamed oway he \vas still smoking,.at the snm'e tin:e responding- to the farewell clioers of his friends by smiling, bowing and- waving-his hands. '.. .." \\isen T.i ] ; £iuig" Chang- aud.his nrrivd at Southampton they i-:i::tici, i liate- ly went on board the slennk'r'Rt. Loxiis, which Ijet'ame tha scene ofa-ffatlicring of t-he most genial cluiract-i>.n.. -'The drawing-room of the St.'Louis 'was converted into a great roce-pt.ioA".-hflll, nnd the Chinese ambassador held a levee which his ted some time. ' Indued, ''itis not within recollection that ai:y visitor to England has received spgrand'asend- off. The nnyor of Southa.mpt.on,' United States Consul-Kinkcnd.and otli^r consuls static-vied at Southampton uncl'the. local dignitaries mode fnrcwcl 1 speeches, nil of -v\-hich were addressed directly to: the Chinese statesman, andas.tliestenrii-; er was leaving her:dock the ambassador 1 and his party were cheered by thousands of people who had gathered on the wharf to bid good-by -to tho'visit- ors. The.weather was clear and sunny.; New, '.York',' Aug. 22,—The following programme^tcspecting the visit of the Chinese .viceroy', Li Hung Chung, was announee'dtFriday afternoon by Secretary of Ytfarrliamont: Earl 'LI- : Hung Chang, special ambassador from 1 tha emporor of China, will arrive In ;Now .York by the. steamship St. Louis--on -Friday, August 28. MnJ. Gen Thomas-'H,-Ruger, United States army, eommanaing: the Department of the East, who ha» been, designated by the president to act as his representative, will meel him on his arrival and escort him with'a detachment of the Sixth regiment, United Btates tuvalry, to tho Waldorf hotel, whero ho will remain during his stay In New York as the guest of the nation. Gen. Ruger will attend tjic_ viceroy during hli sojourn In this country and bo In charge of all'ar- rangementB pertaining to:hit visit. The president -will receive tho special ambas- rador -»t- Mr, Whitney's residence on the day following his arrival, members of the cabinet being present. On Sunday a visit will be made to Qen. Grant's tomb tit •Hlvo'rsldo. .Monday will bo spent In.a trip to tho military-academy at West Point by the United States ateacxshlp Dolphin, and.a soil under tho Brooklyn urldgo and up tho East river; ' ••.'••••• .- - - On!Tuesday tho party .will bo entertained at .-lunch by representative business men of Now York, nnd later In the day ah opportunity will-be given tho Chinese residents of the city to meet the earl by arrangements -with the Chinese consul, Wednesday will be occupied by *, visit to IJrooklyn on the Invitation of the mayor of that city, and In the evening the viceroy will be tendered a revlow of the Seventh .regiment In lt» armory. On'Thursday tho party will go by che Pennsylvania. railroad to Philadelphia, where suitable entertainment will be provided.' " ' nrlday •• and Saturday will bo spent In Washington and Sunday at Niagara falls, whero tho viceroy will be met by representatives of the Canadian government, who will escort him to Vancouver, from which port ho will sail for home: A RAILROAD'S LOSS. D. Kull- Comch Department o'f C., H. A • . • ' routl' Biirn'pd L'li. Cleveland;' O., Aug. 22,—A special to •Ih'p Press from Lima, 0., says: Fire broke out at two o'clock Saturday morning in the coach department of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton shops, and 1 the building was destroyed; also the- freight car. department building, with several freight cars, one baggage car, one coach and one sleeper. It looked : jis. if the whole plant 'would be destroyed, and-a second ahir'ro was turned inland 12 lines of hoso played on the 'birrning- buildings.- Seventy-five men employed in the shops lost' their tools. .It-is particularly distressing to them, as "1h?-force and working time has jus-t been reduced, and the-y will be out; of work until the shops are rebuilt. The loss' will reach "SGO.OOO, on which tho company carries a bla.nket- insurance, but it will not cover the loss. HOKE SMITH OUT. Break Occurs in President Cleveland's Cabinet ,PLACER MINES RUINED. Other Dynamiters Xondon, Aug. 32. — Albeit Georgo Whitehead, the Irish-American dyna- ml-tcr, who with Dr. Gallagher, also en ; American, was sentenced in June, 1883,. to life imprisonment, was released from Portland prison at seven o'clock Saturday inorning,and immediately started for .Weymouth, whero he took a train for London. Whitohead wore a dark colored suit of clothes and a felt hat.. He looked weak and appeared to be very nervous.' It'is probable that he will sail for New York next Wednesday. The release of Dr. Gallagher is expected almost immediately. ....... Prostrated by the Sad Neva, New York, Aug. 22.—Mr. Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain)-wa» expected to' arrive Saturday on the Paris, but did' not come. His.wife and daughter were among the passeng&rs, .hoyvever. .Mrs. Semens was apprised at .Quarantine of the death of her oldest daughter," )livia, who died at Hartford last Tuesday. Mrs:'and-Miss Clemens were •reatly- prostrated • by th'e.;siid n*ws.| Itullan Ship,-Sinks French Schooner, • London, -Aug. 22.—The Italian ship Francesco Ciampe, Capt. Maresca, frofn Swansea, August 10, for Saii Francisco, rriyed at Falmouth Saturday with-her raw plates bent and. her frames broken. he- reports that on August 20, off 'the Scilly islu-rids.she collided withandsank he French sciioonor Mouette, from Ice-' a.udior Poutrieux. Ten of tlie'schdon- :r's creAv-'were'saved and 14 drowned.-' • n*lff! Itevanii? Under Ral'nc*'Law.' : , Alb^hyV'N'i'iY. 1 , Aug. 22.—The amount of in^jiej'ft'ollected under the'.IJaines liquor-Jaw pti'll continues to.'swell. The returns from all,counties up to A.ugust 'l& ehows-rhe total to be $lO,80i;o96. ; > Stveep Down the tlHinilly Dry Bods of Colorado Crocks : -Denver, Col., Aug. 22.—A greatauiouut b£' : raiu has fallen in Colorado the last throe days, causing; heavy floods in various localities. The principal damage has boen to railroad washouts. A flood ciuue clown Cherry creek, Uirougb this .city, the bed of which is usually drj, but did-vcry little'damnge. 'At Sunset a i'ood in.-i'our Mile creel; washed away the town hall arid- jxirt-'-of a svore. • The placer mines arc ruined for the season, 'i'bgdaius clear down to Boulder canyon j «ire;;washed-.awiiy and the country road destroyed. Without warning- ihe almost clcy x creek bed became a raging 1 torrent. A ; -w^ave at least six feet in height, with u huge mass of trees, stumps and ivreck- e of nil kinds, was the forerunner of what was coming. Ko loss of life is reported.- .'-•BIG FAILURE IN TEXAS. Cotton MorclmnlH Assign- A»«cl«, SfiOO,- ">-'-• OOO; LlubilitleK, BISOO.OOO. • ' Sim Antonio, Tex., Aug. 22.—Slayden, Clarkson & Kobards,. the oldest and "•largest cotton merchants in southwest •'TexaV riled a general deed of nssign- ''itient Friday night, conveying all their property to M. K. Beynolds, assignee, •ifbr'the benefit of their creditors. Xo "schedule of .''assets'/and; liabilities, has b'eeu filed, 1 and members of the firm declined 'to' make/ a statement at present. From reliable'sources it is stated'that the assets,- of the firm will amount to ; $SQO,OOOi with liabilities of $200,000 or $2501000.'..A failure to realize on outstanding /claims, and; the slump in the cotton market, some weeks ago is given as tbe'cauBe of thajlailuVe^ 1 " Secretary, of the-Interior Hands in His Resignation and It Is AcceptejJ. . Washington, Aug. 22.—A prominent newspaper .agency states tbut.it is in a .position to state dcfiniwly ajid cer. tuinly tJiat Secretary;Hoke Smith has resigned his cabinet portfolio and that the rexiynation. lias been accepted by President Cleveland; •' For some-time rumors have appeared in print .of the possibilities of tlic early resignation o£ Sec.rctn.ry Smith. There can now be no-doubt, fluit he has resigned and that-his rcsigrnaiiou hai be«ni accepted. -.'.-. For some time past .shipments have been made to Atlanta p£j',his books and pipers, and it is lcnrnod/that he lias declined to set any departmental business 10 be heard by him I'of'HT.dat-c ]u,tcrthaxi t/his month. It can safeiy.be assumed that a-successor will be in charge in a very short t.iu.ie.. Alter the nomination of Bryan and Sewall it became known tact Secretary CLAIMS 'THt SEA. Tb« Ccftr'i OoTcrnnJent A»iert« a Sovcr- - Vitylty .Ov«r yeklinff Ground*. •Waking-ton, Aug./22.-—:Russia!» eorje- Bpohdejjfde; with this - government con- eerninS'-ihe. elainii of American-niher- meir captured, by tier cruisers for illegal sealing has been.' quite brisk for Borne months past, and the last note from St.- Petersburg, just'at hand, indicates that the-czar's government will not pay the !olaims if it can.be helped. / ; The state department has determined •not'tb'abondon-tne American claim, not- •withatanding tie character of Bussia's reply? 'No't only is the validity ol the, claims .involved/at issue, but the right of Russia to 'jurisdiction over a groat part of Bebring sett. B»nncr« Aworded. • Omaha, Neb., Aug. 22.—At, the convention ' ctf' the Yo'un'g People's union Saturday morning banners were awarded, College -Springs prestoytery, Iowa,' winning for the largest delegation, at- fcM&g; Ml*Bte& presbytery foj ^w largcet increSsft in Preso'yterian Inem- bers, and Tarido college for the college having 1 ;the most graduates present. In.. the afternoon the delegates made a 00-miie' trip about-Omaha, South Omaha, "Council Blu_ff;s-.and-',northern suburbs. • . .: '• 'V . .:1 . ronr Perlib' In Flumep. Huntavjlle, Ont.y-Aug. 22.—The dwelling of Mrs. Quaifl a widow, was burned Friday nigh't, find Mrs. Bernard Phillips, daughterof 1 If rs.Quhif,Mrs,S.Quaif, ier daiighterjin-law; and the' latter's two children 1 perished, in. the flames. HOKE SMITH. Smith was the only uk-riiber of the cabinet who announced the purpose to support that ticket, and that this action on his part, while not in any way affecting h'is personal relations with the other members of the cabinet, seemed so ma 1 ICJ-ial to him that he'felt constrained to tender his resignation. ' ' The secretary declines to discuss tha subject in any Xvoy.-.' ' i;f the states will have named their dele- • gates. «KTHER CAMPAIGN NEWS. M»J. DKLE.GATICN VISITS' M'.KINLEY. onntratlon At' Cnu- Notablo l^olltical ton, . Canton, 0., Aug. 22:— Tie-most notable political . demonstration of the campaign occurred here Saturday at noon, i .when ' 1,200 voters from .Js'e castle, El wood and other points in Law- i-ence county, Pa,, arrived on . two special trains, and, enlivened by the music of two bands, a drum corps, a calliope and brass howitzer, marched up to the McKinley residence to call on the republican candidate for the presidency. The delegation was made of workingmen, mechanics and farmers. There were also present 100 or more old soldiers. A great many banners bearing inscriptions were; borne in the procession. : '\YTien Maj. McKiuley stepped on a chair to address his toilers, the cheering burst forth 'againr-^- After it had subsided Maj. McKinley made one of the most earnest speeches that „ has fallen from his lips.- His voice was in excellent condition, and he spoke with u fervor that was magnetic and moving. The first part of his speech was demoted to the tariff. .)..;. ANOTHER CHANGE. VIrs. Phillips and Mrs. Quail' lost their lves,in--attemp'ting to savei the chil- drenj.i Jessie Phillips, daughter of Mrs. Phillipsf, was BO badly burnedHhal her He .is in danger.. ; : .'• : ; 'rioniecl with Ills Vmt. • Siratpga, K. Y., Aug. 22.—Lord Eus- sell and his party leftSaturdayinorning for :Niogara Falls. They will'--be the quests' of the Cliff house. -Before -leaving •• Lord Russell expressed -himself as being'very much pleased with his visit here, and spoke in/the (highest term's'o'f the courtesies shown anid-iii-t. ' "'. ' -'/ nryim Affaln Alton Iil»,Tlani for New York State., Barry town, N. Y., Aug. 22.—Mr, Bryan made another change in his New York state itinerary Saturday. Instead of remaining in Albany-Tuesday from four-until ten p. m., he will speak there in. the'.afternoon and leave at 7:55 p. m. This earl-y,departure will afford him an opportunity- of speaking at stations be- .twcen Albany .and Syracuse that woulc have been passed in. the.ruiddle of the '.night according to the ..original schedule. Bryan is due at Syracuse at midnight instead of two o'clock Wednesday morning, as previously arranged. Saturday afternoon's political meeting a1 Tivoli, five miles froniVjihere, was a big affair, as the opening gun of the eastern campaign was fired. loley IK Working on HU Letter of Acceptance. Canton, 0., Aug. 22.—Mr. McKinley spent almost an entire day in reading- ond correcting the proofs of his letter of acceptance, and about completed the , work. McKinley :<aid that he had hoped to make bis letter brief, but had been impelled by circumstances to discuss ever}- issue with thoroughness. Th8 original draft included about 3,000 words, but it will bo much longer • . Will Toll Mr. Uryau September 8. Cleveland, O., Aug. 22.—Hon. George; A. Groot, chairman of the notification committee, has sent out the following notice: The notification committee appointed by the silver convention which assembled at St. Louis on July 22, 1806, to notify Hon. W. J. Bryan o£ his nomination by that convention as the candidate of the silver party- for the o!3ce of president ol' the United States, will meet at Lincoln, Neb.. Mr, Bry- an'o home, on September S, for '.lie purpose of notifying him of the action of tha conver.Uon. Mr. Sewall will be there also on tiiat date to receive notice of his nomination as flic candidate of the silver pa.rtj; for vice president. K'UHlon NoiuilLCCA la IdttllO. Boise, Jdaho, Aug. 22.—The democratic state convention Friday nominated Frank Steueuberg for governor, R. P. Quarles for justice of the supreme court, K. E. McFarland for attoruy-gen- erai, and G. II. Starrer for treasurer. The populists nominated the following: For congressman, Capt. Gunn; lieutcn- •mt-govcrnor, C. C. Fuller; auditor, J, U. Anderson; secretary of state, L. Lewis; attorney-general, Lewis Ander* eon. DIund on the Slump. Laurel, Md., Aug. 22.—Thr; democratic national campaign in this state was opened in this city, the home of Senator orinan, Friday night, ox-Congressman, jlund, of Missouri, being the principal attraction. Mr. Bland asserted that the money question was the overshadowing one in the campaign, but back of thia s the greater one of when are the people going to take charge of the government and run it themselves. Black for Governor. Chicago, Aug. 22.—Gen.,TohnC.Black will be nominated for governor at the democratic "honest money" state convention in Battery D next Tuesday. His name was agreed on at a caucus of "honest money" leaders in the Pnlmei housc-Friidny afternoon. Elected Fruldeot. Watertow'n, N. Y.. Aug. 22.—Ei-GoT, Flower was elected president of the "Sound Money" Democratic club at iti meeting Friday' night. The organization has over 150 meJriberB. AFTER COCKRAN. , A .Complete Shut Down. - \ ijurpn, M4ch., v iyug. 22;.'—^ The ITptoji works.,..which.>ome. ^ve-e^ksxago discharged J50 of'their employes, hae fhutjjown "en.tirely /until' January l. This' 'will- throw .100 more men- out of employment...; The'!.unsettled condition of- ; the; money market is given DS 4he cause' fbr the'.,shut-down. AmesburyT' Mass.j'y Aug. 22. — The stockholders:'.of ./the Merrimac Whee', '.Gear'"compa-ny. have, assig-ued to F. S. Hardawick'for'ttt'benefit o£ .tlieir cred- r ..Thcliiibilitiefe'are SCO.OOO. -,-'T-jmSaloldefi f'o. J3nd Hie. Troubles. ' Philadelphia, A^ff- ~ 2 - ~ Lewis K Wills, njed -5'0', 'street supervisor of At- laaific'City.-Js'. ,i.'. committed suicide in .jiSjii- 1 iviov.at..! i |iv:jv : 8auirdiiy by shooting. 3'ie i-i-• ;'i,jWJ '^iirt-ln.his account*..... , ant Him to Provide Over the IndUnnp- ollH Convention.* Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 22.—Bourke Cockran' will be invited U>:preside over the convention of the national demo cratic party. The letters' ^received at Jeadquarters show that many men interested, in. the movement are in favor of--Henry Watteraon for president.. It .seems certain .that he will be one of the men seriously considered when the delegates get here, - For vice president there 'is--practic8lly but one name talked of, that of Gen. Simon B, Buckner, of Kentucky. „ Several democrats known throughout the natiou'j.U is announced, are working on the "-platform. The money plank is being Syjritten by Secretary Carlisle. It is no longer a secret that there is • constant&pinmunication between the headquarters of the new pHr.ty and. the leading- men ol the na- •U'onal administration .at Washington'.. '•'.-The preparations for. the convention arc being pushed. Tomlinsou hall, in which the convention will- meet, will be ready for the gathering..by the middle of next week, bv w.bicft time-most 'war -*~~ •. .-... - J '':*n* '*'.*•'• " BRIEF TELEGRAMS. l Bert Barrett has-arrived at Belvidere, .'HI., from Oakland, Cal., on h)s bicycle, making the trip oi 2,500 miles in 33 days.. Warden Nell, of the Kentucky state : penitentiary,, died at Frankfort. He •was senator from Adair county in tha last legislature. -. Filemaker, the celebrated horse which held the world's record for high .jumping, died at Galv'eston,' Tex. He waa valued at $10,000. David M. Schoyen, editor of the Xor- m.innen, a Norwegian paper at Slough- ton, Wis., fell off a train at Madison nnd was killed. Dr. Charles G. Itaue, one of the fouy [medical men who introduced home* opathy in Philadelphia, died in that city, aged 7T years. Eev. F, Frederick Bliss, of Chicago, is the projector of an excursion of American Sunday-school children JerjlSflJejn, in 10QQ, Adestructive outbreak of Texas f ev«r has developed at the county hospital near Nashville, Tenii., 14 cows having died and 18 others being affected. ; Frank Eiser and a helper, name un,known, were suffocated while worki|ip in a well 00 feet deep near Milwaukee? Their bodies have been recovered. i W. H. Deaver, of Asheville, N. C., ha» brought suit against the Southern rai^> way to test the legality of hauling ex-press cars on Sunday in North Caroling. Ex-Consul Waller will on the 27th insti give a public lecture in Cedar Rapids,' la,, on his experiences in Madagascar and France. A large gathering of his race is expected. • Walfred G. Anderson committed suicide on a steamer between Portland and Boston. He was over $1,000 short in hl» accounts as Boston manager of the E. A. Johnson ticket agency. Kumtway Couple Murried. New York, Aug. 22.—Miss Elizabeth Irene Brown and Claude H. Thompson, both of Toledo, 0., and sa-id to be connected with the stage, were married by Alderman Schilling in. the city hall Sat-' urday. The bride said she was 19 years old and the groom 23, and both pfe- served the greatest secrecy as to their antecedents. Terribly 'Clawed by A Lionoflo. Alliance, 0.. Aug. 22.—Frank Swope, canvass man employed-by a circus that; was e.x'hibiting here Saturday,-was terribly clawed by a lioness. • Before keepers could rescue Swope his right iirm v<as stripped of its flesh to the bone. and his right side fearfully lacerated. The injuries will probably prove fatcJ. Plot In Philippine Iblnndrt. Madrid. Aug-. 22.—The Separatist plot which has been discovered ;u the PhiI- ; ippine islands is believed here, and also in Manilla to have'been organized by a ' committee of Philippine refugees iu [long Kong having relations,w.ith. tha rebcls> .

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