The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1899
Page 7
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Bi IOWA, WllMlSBAlf ItTNH 14, 1809, HEALTH AND BEAUTY. A Book That Should Be in thi Hands of Every Woman. Mrs. Mckee Rankin, one of the for* taost and hest known character actresses and stage artists of this generation, in speaking of Pe-ru-na, says: "Ko woman should be without a bottle of Pe-fu-na in reservs."—Mrs. Me- Kea ftankin. Mrs. Eliza Wike, 120 mm street, Akron, Ohio, says: "1 Mn. McKee nankin. would be in my grave now if it had not been for your God-sent remedy, Pe-ru-na. I was a broken down woman, had no appetite; what little I did eat did not agree with my stomach. It is now seven years past that I used Pe-ru-na and I can eat anything."— Mrs. Eliza Wike. Every woman should have a copy of Dr. Hartman's book entitled "Health and Beauty." This book contains many facts of especial interest to women. Dr. Hartman has treated more ailments peculiar to women than any other physician in the world. This book gives in brief his long and varied experience. Send for free books on catarrh. Address Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio. A pair of tight shoes can make one forget his other miseries. I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Consumption tar and wide. Mrs. Mulligan. Plumstead, Kent, England, Nov. 8, 1805. France prohibits the use of cement floors for powder magazines. It if said that particles of sand, getting into the cracks of cement floors, cause ignition of the powder by friction. Mountain and Seasftore Resorts. Excursion rates to Sea Shore and Virginia mountain resorts. Addresi W. E. Conklyn, N. W. P. A. Chesapeake & Ohio Ry., Chicago. A girl is care free as long as she giggles in church. Chicago Great Western Increase. The earnings of Chicago Great Western Ry. "Maple Leaf Route" for the fourth week of May, 1899, shows an increase of 820,232.01. Total increase since beginning of fiscal year (July 1st) to date. §425,821.18. It is not wise to trust one who has broken faith with you. Gen. A. S. Kimball, Depot Quartermaster of the U. S. Army, In New York city, has sent to Lyman McCarty, Assistant General Passenger Agent of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in New York, a letter of thanks for the prompt movement of troops that were ticketed over the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad during the past year. He says that many of these movements were made on short notice and his department had too frequently to rely upon insufficient and sometimes Inaccurate data. He realized that under each circumstances the company was placed in an embarrassing position and the extraordinary efforts made by the line to give satisfaction in every respect merited and received his fullest aDDrecIatlqn. The furnace man now works with the ice company. Coughing Leads to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. The boxers of ancient Rome carried heavy lumps of metal in their hands, to make their blows more effective, and fatal encounters were frequent. "We and Oar Tour Economic" Is the title of a very charming and entertainingly written story which has just been i~sued in book form by the passenger department of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Ry. The intending summer tourist will find it not only interesting but instructive. It will be sent free to any address on application to F. M. Byron, G. W. A., Chicago, or A. J. Smith, G. P. A., Cleveland. Every man who drinks whisky at all, drinks to excess. Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken internally. Price, 75c. more thor- The faults of a good man are dangerous than the vices of a oughly bad one. Po Tour Feet Ache and Barn? Shake into your shoes, Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRov. N. Y, Pride and fashion are the task-masters who make bread-winning slavery. Chronic Constipation Cared. The most Important discovery of recent years la the positive remedy for constipation, Casoaretf Candy Cathartic. Cure guaranteed. Druggists, IQo, Zfto, 60o. 'The average young man finds it easier to get a wife than to get the fur niture. There J.» a Class of People Who are injured by the use of coffee, Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation sailed GRAIN-O, made of pure grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it with' out distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over one fourth as much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15 cents and 2f cents per package. Try it. Ask foi GEAIN-0. * The man who makes proverbs tin sole rule of his life never has to tak« ALICE PARSONS. AS' be'a Christian ? Never heard that BUI loot* ever, said'a -word About bis tonl before he died. Bat this I know : the, people .cried And said, '• Hli like was never seen, From Braxton Ways to Marshall's Green..* f , ^ ^JRe/i ean'l say where be was born.'l only know one enmrtrfr fnora 1 A stranger wandered to ray door, said h"e was hungry and'loot-sore, •And, would I let-him Jiave a bit •To eat and drink ? he'd pay (or It. (tie answered, when.I asked his name,, jutl plain Bill Jones, unknown to ten That be was out a hunting work, merit any kind, be wouldn't shirk, Would'lake it by the job or day, .1 And wouldn't grumble at'the pay, F .Ha found a placi with Miller Brown, and Boon was known to all the (own, [K»A kindly .words lor all he'd meet, would kiss the children on the street. If there was sorrow anywhere, •till Jdnes was sure to to right there. BILL WORKED ALL DAY. AND WATCHED AT' NIGHT. W When Joe Smith fell and broke his arm, Bill's nursin' him worked! like a charm \Vhen Widow Gray failed with her rent, he went and 'paid it, every cent. Last fall, the chills took Father White, Bill worked-all day, an' watched at night.; Meetin' r Not often he'd attend, but then, he was the parson's friend,: And many a trip the mill cart made with flour and meal for which..Bill paid. | At Christmas time no humble cot Was ever by Bill Jones forgot., A creed ? Only one kind will do.' Tis .that which'strikes a man clear through. | No matter bow he prays, and talks if it ain't Jived in daily walks.' An' all ths people understood That Bill Jones' creed was "doin' good."*' He left us all the other night a lookin' well an' seerain* right, But ere had closed another day we heard that Bill had passed away They found him kneelin* by' his bed With hands clasped tight, and bowed his head..- Was he a Christian?- Never heard. About his soul.he'said no word.. But when we stood around the dead, "Dear Father," this the parson said.* "We know not whence the wanderer came, i Nor even if his name— " He made no choice of church or creed, but passed none by who were in need. I Love for one common brotherhood an' act in' right an' doin' good. With kindly deeds, for others wrought 'Seemed but., to' be the man's sole thought. , ; " Lord, open heaven's portal wide, AVe pray, and welcome him inside, |For in the good that Bill has done' iWe trace the teachings of Thy Son.' •O. show Thy mercy, Lord, we plead-" t For he helped others in their need," r Was he a.Christian? Who shall say, 1 ' And what your answer,, .yea or nay ? Yet in a book I've read ot One Who came to earth, God's blessed Son.. 'An' helped mankind whene'er he could. An' spent His life"in " doin"good.',' — 1. ••f ' To the Wrong Shop. Admiral Dewey's coming home to find rest is suggestive of the man who went into a boiler factory to get away from the noise,—Kansas City Journal. £ Delicate Pica. "Father," said the boy who was looking pensively at the sunshine and luxuriant foliage which told of approaching June. "What is it?" "Where do you suppose Gen. Funston would be today if his father had punished him that he was afraid to go in swimming?"—Washington Star. Men Growing Taller. The men and women of today are nearly two inches taller than their ancestors. This is no doubt owing to the growth of athletics. Avondale Girl—I hear Cholly Saphed is going to South Africa. Clifton Girl . —He'll be in his element there. Among so the Boers!—Cincinnati Enquirer. Street-Car Strategy. "You told the conductor Willie was under five?" "Hush! That's a new scheme I've discovered." "Tell me tha secret." "Well, you see, 5 is the number of Willie's hat." The Depth of Ignominy. "I can stand being caught by a woman," said the burglar, as they led him away, "but it makes me sore when I think about bein' bitten by that pug dog!" A PORCINE HAPPENING. An Entlmnt*. tills WalkCr— Would It tftkcm* lonff to learn? . MiM Wheeler— Oh, no! Yot» would learn to ride in half the tlttie you hate io spend explaining why yon don't. • Coe'* Coflgft II the old««t And belt. It will breftk up I cold qnleker Uun tnythlng else. It li alw*ri reliable. Try It. Bread costs 60 cents a loaf at Daw- ion City. Are Ton truing Allen's Foot- En He? It is the only cure for Swollen. Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be slmken Into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 2!>c. Sample sent FREE. Address. Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. War surely is not a picnic, even if it is an occasion where canned goods are opened. T,nne> Family Medicine. Moves the bowels each day. . In order to be hcnlthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures Bick headache. Price 35 and SOo. A, forgetful memory is truly a misfortune. We Pny 815 n Week nml Expense* to men with rl(?« to Introduce our Poultry Compound. Address wlthBtatnp, Javclle Mftf. Co., I'nrnons, Kan. Many.fetuls arise from the most trlv- 'al 'of incidents. It Worki Like a Groin Hinder. The only way to bind corn IB the reasonable, sensible, horizontal way: that is, as nearly after the principle of a grain binder as is possible. Those who have used the Deerlng Horizontal Corn Binder know that binding corn by machinery is no longer an experiment. This machine has roller and ball bearlngj, it Is light for two horses and free from side draft, and it does not scatter loose ears all over the field. Few women doom themselves too old for a sailor hat. B. Y. P. V. Itlohmond, Vn., July 13-10. Via Big Four and Chesapeake & Ohio Ey's. One fare round trip. Tickets on sale July 11, 12, 13; good to return until July 31st. Can be extended to August 15th. For full information and description pamphlets address, J. G. Tucker, G. N. A., 234 Clark St., Chicago. After a man hiis told his troubles you know more of his kin. P|T3 I'ormanontlyOurim.TIolHBornorvouiinoBnaftet Brut ilny'B line of Or. KHho's (iroiil Norvo Huntoror. Bund for KllKK S^.OO trial hottlo mill (.routine. Bn. R. II. KLINE. I'.d,. 1)31 Arch St.. I'Mlmlulplilit.!'«. A woman prefers a msin who adores her to ono who waits on her. Mrs. WliiHiow'B HootniiiRr Syrnp. For children teething, Boftenn tlio Kiimo, reduces In* BuinnnMon, ftllnvu puln.curuu wludcollc. 'ilcubottlo. Eating alone is the cause of much indigestion. WANTED—CftBO of ima hoiiltti Hint IM P-A-N-S will not benefit. Send f> ceniH to Klimnn Cliemlciil Co.. New 7ork,for 10 nainDkm and 1 .UOU toallinonlala Few there are who are beyond the pouer of flattery. A Story of Sterility, SUFFERING AND RELIEF. [ItTTtt TO ilftt. HNKBAlt HO. "DBAS MRS, Pt»KHAM---Two yeari I began having such dull, heavy dragging pains in my back, fnense* Were profuse and painful, and was troubled was leucorrhoea. I took patent medicines and consulted a phjr* sician, but received no benefit and could not become pregnant. Seeing one of your books, I wrote to you tell" ing you my troubles and asking for advice. You answered my Jettet promptly and I followed the directions faithfully, and derived so much benefit that I cannot praise Lydla E. Pink* ham's Vegetable Compound enough. I now find myself pregnant and have begun its use again. 1 cannot praise It enough."—MBS. CoBAGltSOH, YATfifl, MANISTEE, MICH. "Your Medicine Worked Wonder*." "I had been sick ever since my mar* riage, ceven years ago; have given birth to four children, and had two miscarriages.. I had falling of womb, leucorrhoea, pains in back and legs; dyspepsia and a nervous trembling of the stomach. Now I have none of these trouble i and can enjoy my life. Your medicine has worked wonders for ir V—Mrs. S. BABMHABT, NEW CASTLE, PA. Get your Pension DOUBLE QUICK PENSIONS Write CAPT. O'PARRBLL, Pension A*ent, 1428 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. D. C. DR. KAY'S RENOVATOR Karaple, free book and free udvlco how to euro the very worst canes of dyspepsia, conntlpa- tlon, bilious headache, liver, kidney and lung diseases. Remedy by mall for 25 els. and tl. Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Saratoga, N. Y. ^ > The Greatest Railway Systems of the United Mates '.'. Use CARTER'S INK They wouldn't use It if It wasn't good. Coils you no more than poor ink. Innist upon having it. WHEAT WHEAT WHEAT "Nothing but wheat; what you might call a Hra of wheat," Is what was said by a lecturer speaking of Western Can* nda. For particulars as to routos, railway fares), etc., apply to Superintendent of Immigration, Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, 308 Fifth StreeJ, DOB MoJIneB^Iowa. W. N. U.,"D3S Moines, No. 24.— DO YOU WANT TO BUY At Wholesale Prices? You say, "Yen, I do." Then send 'or Free Catalogue and Terms. L. ERHARPT & CO.. ATCHiSON. KANSAS. THE MAN "O THE FENCE" He wants to buy a binder. Has been fooled once or twice and now really wants to know what machine can be relied upon—what machine will actually "live up" to the claims made for it by its makers. Here are gome hints: 50,000 more Deering machines were sold last season than in any previous year. 6700 employes are working day and ni,-jht in the Deering factories, i 85 acres of ground are covered by the Deering factories—twice as large as any other in existence. J Deering machines have the only perfect ball and roller bear'ngs. )V Deering machines are the lightest draft grain and grass cutlers ever built. * These are straws. They tell which way the wind blows. They should ^ CHICAGO. F be helpful hints to the man on the fence. DEERINC HARVESTER CO., "•WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULES." GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE USE OF SAPOLIO Hartford and \ Vedette Bicycles. 'Wrought with greatest care In each minute and unseeu part." Compare them, part for part, with other bicycles, and you will find good reasons for their recognized superiority. Our new models contain more improvements of direct practical value to the rider than were ever before offered in one season. Cbainless, Columbia Chain, $75!! Hartfords, SO |i Vedettes, Catalogue fret olaay Columbia dealer or by mail for 2s- ttamp, $35 $25, 26 POPE MANUFACTURING CO,, - Hartford, Conn, \ "WE* OUR TOUR ECONQWC. * Jfaw 9, vacation was spent, | X wilt interest. y# C***4 A<dd MM -.--j^-jj^ $ '*>,

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