The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1899
Page 5
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THE tJPPUK DIES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 1899. We have never made much noise about the price and quality of our SHOES but, in a quiet way, we manage to sell a great many pairs of shoes during the year. WHY? Ladies' kid, lace, vesting tan, worth $4.00, at.... Because the following prices sell them: top, black and $2.50 1.25 1.40 1.00 2.00 Chrischilles & Herbst. Ladies' Dongola polish, worth $2.00, at Misses' Vici Kid, black and tan, lace and button, worth $1.75, at 4.. Children's " Daysee" school shoe, worth $1.50, at Men's Satin Calf, lace or congress, worth $2.50, at IMPROVED TRAIN SERVICE Through Trains from St. Paul to Des Moines Go Ou Monday. No Material Change in the Time at Algona—Public Will Like the New Arrangement. It is now certain that the new through train from St. Paul to Des Moines will go on next Monday. All the difficulties in arranging a time table have been overcome, and the full schedule will be in Agent Vesper's hands tomorrow or Friday. The through trains will replace the present mail trains and will paas Algona at substantially the same time the present trains do. The train from Des Moines will go through here at about 2:30 p. m. arriving at St. Paul about 8:00 in the evening. It will leave Des Moines at 9:30 or late in the morning and will bring the Chicago papers from Ames as at present. The train south will leave St. Paul passing Algona about 2 o'clock, and reaching Des Moines at 6:30. It will connect at Ames with the Denver special for the west, reaching 1 Omaha in the early evening. The only otherchangein the present schedule that is known, is the morning train south. This will become an acco- modation .train from Elinors to Grove and'will go through Algona an hour earlier than it does now. It will connect at Eagle Grove for Des Moines as at present. Supt. Hodge has been at work for two years to get this through train service arranged and much credit is due to him for putting Algona on the main line. _ Some Northwestern Changes. The division north of Boone was de- vided last week owing to the new line from Burt to Sanborn. Supt. Hodge will have control of the line from Tama City to Sanborn, while the line_ from Jewell Junction west is made into a separate division. It is evident that when the line from Burt to Sanborn is in a great traffic will be carried on over this line. For Sale. Residence lot in good location, in Algona, Lot 6, Block 70, Kennedy street. Price is $400. Address H. Reintz, Preeport, 111., box 1134.-13tn3 NOTICE ! Covers for horses on cream wagons, express and dray wagons, free at KRAFT'S. CHOICE potatoes at Taylor's—30c per bushel. SHOES! Shoesl We handle the Green- Wheeler shoes; new lot just received. GEO. L. GALBRAIT.H. Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry, also watches, clocks, and silverware. Remember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable. 4 E. G. BOWYER. IT will pay you to drop in at Grove & Son's, where a little money goes a long way. Buy Your Wedding Rings of us; we always make the bride a present. Beware of imitators and people who would duplicate this proposition. They say if you will do this or if you will do that, or if so and so was tke case, then they will offeryou the aboye proposition. There is always that if, if, if, in the way. We are positively the originators of low prices in the jewelry business of Kossuth county and will continue to undersell all competition without any ifs or ands. DINGLEY & PUGH. apply FOR time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank. A. D. CLARKE & Co. loan money at 5 per cent., with optional payments In terest payable annually. Silver Cream. Best silver polish on earth. Call for sample bottle.—DlNGLEY &PUGH, Sole Agents. ' ROOKY Mountain Tea is not simply laxative. It's a wonderful remedy for every kind of ache, constipation, indi gestlon, bad blood. Ask your druggist At Grove & Son's there are still to be had some splendid bargains in the! Qlosing out sale. THE LOCAL FIELD. at "Faust" Saturday evening. Goeders has a big shoe sale on. Rev. Day is Fourth of July orator jedyard. Supper at Methodist church totnor- ow evening. The big races will come off Friday ,nd Saturday. Rev. Suckow addresses the academy ,t Hull this evening. Howard Robinson's home rejoices in a new boy these days. Galbraith's store is full of the fresh- ist summer novelties at very low irices. A bouncing boy at J. A. Brownell's esterday afternoon is the cause of freat rejoicing. J. W. Hinohon goes to Prairie du 'hien Wednesday to see his daughter VIollie graduate. The railways for the first time give a one fare round trip to all Fourth of uly celebrations. The northwest Iowa conference iOines this year at Sioux City, Sopt, 21, iishop McCabe in charge. No finer spectacular play is going han"Faust." It will be put on Satur- layevening by a fine company. Miss Ella Graham was down from ["itonka for Sunday. Will Salisbury ilso visited at home on Sunday. King David, the old-time trotter 3wned by J. W. Tennant, is dead. He went in many county fair races and was a fast horse. The home orchestra of 15 pieces will )lay for Faust Saturday evening. Prof. Powers, director, is rehearsing some ine music with the players. The past week has been one of heavy rains. The country looks more like old jimes than it has for years. Every- ing is growing pretty rank. A little girl at Mart. Weaver's fills iis home with sunshine which radiates ar enough about to reach the auditor's office and give it a genial glow. Chas. Nicoulin will spend his vaca- ,ion with Bert Langdon on the railway survey south of Spencer. He has •one to Marathon to begin work. Little Carl McComb cut his foot on some glass at the race track Monday and gave his parents a good scare. The cut was not as bad as at first reported. The Andrews Opera company reused to sing with the piano in the opera house and got Guy Taylor to put n one of his handsome instruments for them. Grant Benschoter go to California back and move to Algona for his permanent home. Grant is one of the pioneers of Kossuth, and he begins to feel the effects of hard work. Mrs. G. Bohn has sold the old Bohn farm in Plum Creek, to a man named Willsett. The price is $40 an acre. Mrs. Bohn will occupy the farm until Jan. 1. F. M. Curtiss is over at Sac City settling up an electric light deal there for the Bigelow estate. Bigelow put in the plant there and gave good satisfaction. F. L. McComb fired up the machinery in the new laundry for the first time yesterday. Messrs. Rowe and Fuller expect to move the old plant to Blue Earth next week. Cheever Hudson got up the banquet for the Odd Fellows, and everybody says it was one of the best ever served in Algona. The Congregational ladles bad charge of the tables. Next Sunday will be Children's Day at the Congregational church. At 11 a. m. the pnstor will preach a sermon to children on Leaves. At 8 p. m. the Sunday school will give a concert. W. F. Mullica is busy these days fixing up the windmills and pumping apparatus along the Northwestern line. He has charge of the work from Eagle Grove to Elmore and it keeps him busy. It is reported that the 62nd regimental encampment will be held July 17. Mason City, Emtnetsburg and Sheldon are candidates for the location but a selection has not yet been made.' 'Squire Clarke put 10 trumps in jail Saturday night for 10 days' work on the streets. Marshal Horan says they did better work Monday than the average citizen does when he works his poll tax. J. W. Relly, who has been selling sewing machines about Algona, has gone. His household effects were sold on the street by E. F. Posegate Saturday to liquidate some remaining indebtedness. The county board pay Walter H. Jones $470 for the damage sustained by him at the Black Cat bridge where his threshing engine went through. His foot is getting better gradually, but he still carries a crutch. Mr. Stewart, who works the Roberts farm south of Algona, WBS married last week In Washington and brought his bride home Friday evening. Mr. Roberts is planning to build a now house for him this seuson. Wm. Kuhn and E. W. Young were taken to Fort Dodge by the United States marshal yesterday. A number of distinguished citizens were also tttk- en along as witnesses. The reason for this is not known at this writing. Company F has received its gymnasium supplies and will soon have them in place in the amory. They have bought an up-to-date outfit. The gymnasium Is open to all who desire to use it at a fee of 50 cents a month. THE UPPER DES MOINES has had five papers of the date of June 9, 1897, offered to it the past week, which naturally suggests the value of advertising in the great family weekly. Wes. Lamson was in first and got the 82. The work of remodelling the brick building nt the Milwaukee depot for the wholesale grocery is going on. It is Mr, Calkins intention to open up about Aug. 1. He has already bargained for a lot of goods at especially low rates. Following is the social union program for Friday evening: Piano solo, Chas. Crammond; Pasteur and His Work, Dr. Kenefick; declamation, Minnie Ward; New Orleans, A. Huchison; piano solo, Irma D. Clarke; microscopic scavanpers, Dr. Rnnkin; vocal solo, Kerby Smith. Monday there was a race at the fall- grounds not down on the bills. Bert Williams wagered that an old mule down on the grade could go a half mile in five minutes and B. W. Haggard wagered he could not. Bert rode the mule and made it in four minutes and a quarter. It was an exciting event. Dr. Yetter is absent at Clear Lake, where the Algona district Epworth League convention is being held this week. The following delegates from | Algona are in attendance: Misses is planning i Pluma Hall, Helen Finnigan, Madge again this ' Gilmore, Nellie Gilmore, Clara Yetter, all, to stay a year. Then he will come Olive Bowman, Gladys McClellnn, Mel' TAYLOR'S LAST SALE June 19 to 24 Take Advantage of this sale. Extra bar~ gains in Wool Dress Goods and Wash Goods. Choice of . our Shoe stock ; last chance, $1 choice. Ladies' and children's shoes worth $1.50 to $2.50, it's your choice $1.00. One lot at 50c, one lot at 75c, We will close out our Ribbon stock in this sale, 25c choice of ribbons worth from 50c to $1.00 per yard. Ten yards fine Percales at 30c.; ten yards choice Prints, 30c, This sale will be a hummer at the last one, See other papers and bills next week, 19 to 24, Hssa Merriam, MarjoHe Cafr, Mrs. Wesley Hohn and Mr. Bert Bowman. The Algona chapter takes in a most creditable report in every department of work. C. C. Chubb, A. D. Clarke and G. P. Peek are appointed referees in the division ot the Lund estate. Mrs. Lund will get one-third as dower. Children's Day at the Babtist church next Sunday morning. At the evening worship the pastor will speak on "The Influence of Belief on Character." John McCoy, a cousin of Dr. McCoy, formerly well known in Algona, owned a $30,000 house in New Richmond, Wis., said to have been entirely blown away Monday night. The Grand Army and Relief Corps encampment of this state is in session at Waterloo. G. M. Parsons, Dr. McCoy, J. R. Laird, Mrs. A. P. Hall and others went yesterday. The program prepared for the library meeting, June 3, will be given Friday afternoon, June 16. The program consists of a paper on the Paris Exposition by Mrs. C. A. Ingham; Talk by Mr. Hlnchon; Talk by Mr. McElroy. A good attendance is desired at the business meeting. Annual election of officers. Judge Quarton has been holding an adjourned term of court to settle on how to meet the supreme court decision that Mrs. Lund is entitled to take her dower interest. The lands have all been sold, and the question is what her rights nre now. The lawyers argued the matter yesterday. It is a very complicated question. Mr. and Mrs. D. Rice are now comfortably located in their Algona home, prepared to take life a little easier. They located on their farm In Plum Creek township In 1867 and their absence will be missed by many old time neighbors. Their oldest daughter, Mrs. Geo. Pangborn, is down from Buffalo Center visiting them. Mr. Cornwall, an eastern man with amounts of monny loaned in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, Is out looking over his Interest, He comes from Battle Creek, Mich., and says that W. H. Nycum is now at the sanitarium with some prospect of recovery. Mr. Nycum is very thin but seems now to be gaining strength. A small audience, comparatively, turned out for the Andrews Opera company, but enjoyed a fine evening of grand opera. Neither George nor Ed. Andrews sing with the company now, but their places are taken by good musicians and actors. The leading lady, Miss French, has an exceptionally fine voice and is very attractive on the stage. The Yeomen start out In Algona with 200 members. They met last week and elected the following officers: C. C. Samson, foreman; Norman Hart, master of ceremonies; W. E. McDonald, overseer; Miss Mae Newton, Reboltah; Miss McCall, Rowena; H. A. Paine, master of finance; Mrs. Geo. Brown, chaplain; B. W. Haggard, guard; JOB. Seely, watchman; Mr. Young, sentry; Lott'io Thompson, correspondent. Kanawha is getting to the front with vigor. The latest is a Yeoman lodge which J. V. Wickler is now organizing. Mr. Wlcklor has been very successful for the Yeomen hereabouts, having started flourishing lodges in Hobart and Algona recently. The Yeomen are a good lot and they have a good order, which isgrowing rapidly. Kanawha will be in luck to get a flourishing lodge to start out with. The city and the Bigelow estate have agreed on a settlement of the electric light deal. Mr. Curtiss, who put in a claim of $800 for extras, throws it all off and the city will not insist on damages for the delay in getting the plant in. The city pays in all $200 less than the original contract on account of the engine frame, and gets considerable more line than at first planned. The total cost of the plant is $11,760. It is probable that Algona has the best plant over put in for the money in the state. Dr. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morning will be The Manliness of Christ. The evening will bo devoted to the anniversary of the W. F. M. S., at which time the following program will be given: Organ voluntary; hymn, 930; rayer, Mrs. D. M. Yottor; scripture, rs, C. C. Samson; anthem, choir; report of society, Mrs. Gardner Cowles; paper, Bible Women's Work, Mrs. F, E. Day; solo, Miss Goddard; paper, Mrs. Roy D. Gilmore; solo, Erna Day; address, Dr. Day; offertoire; hymn 932; benediction; postlude. Last Thursday a tramp threw a rock at a brakomanfLon the Milwaukee freight just west or Hobart, and cut Viis head open. The breakmun was nearly knocked off the train, but managed to hold on and save himself. There were 10 tramps together and this one claimed that the brakeman had put him off the train the day before. Sheriff Christensen gave the whole posse a lively chase and finally rounded them all up. They all agreed as to who threw the rock and the man admitted his guilt to 'Squire Clarke, who bound him over charged with attempt to commit great bodily injury. He now lies in jail. The work of settling up the G. M. Johnson estate is in progress. E. S. Johnson has Prof. Lilly engaged and already 10 days have been spent in listing outstanding accounts and invoicing. The appraisers are J. W. Wadsworth, C. C. Samson and Wm. K. Ferguson. Judge Quarton has ordered Chas. S. Johnson to go on with the business temporarily and the present plan is for him to take it permanently. He has been in charge of much of it lately and is a competent young busi- man. D. R. Frazier is in charge of the Kanawha business, which will also be continued. pn Mr Oil for— Painting. It will pay every person who is going to do any painting to see me before buying his OIL. In fact it will pay you to see me for anything in my line, when you want buy. I am for business.' James Patterson. to Cowles 1 Block, Algona. Your Attention is Called to our line of Men's and Women's . . $2.50 SHOES. The newest ideas in shoemaking and up to date in every way. We have them in black and the new shades of tan. We also have Men's, Women's and Children's Footwear of all kinds, from the good solid shoes for every day wear to the finest and best from the leading manufacturers. We solicit your patronage. Brownell & Allred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Fine repairing and custom work. Boston Block, Algona, la. If You Can Any fruit this year do not attempt the task until you have examined our Stransky Enameled ware. It is absolutely the . best granite ware made. To Get the Best Results in canning you must have a vessel that will not discolor your fruit. The Stransky ware will not do this; it is not affected in any way by fruit acid, and is entirely free from lead and arsenic which is so common in cheap granite ware. We have all the ordinary cooking vessels and kitchen utensils in this ware. It will please you to look at them. Every piece is guaranteed to last five years. You should see our fruit jar holders. They simplify the fruit canning business. C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware." Big Snap in Shoes which just fit the feet. f $2.00 Shoes worth $2.00 \ $2.50 Shoes worth $2.50 NO SHELF WARMERS— But nice, new, clean goods .................... [ $3.00 Shoes worth $3.00 Come and see what we have and get a proper fit at THE OTHER SHOE STORE and be happy. Complete line of women's, misses,' and child's oxfords and sandals. c. o. Eggs We are still able to offer, in some of our unbroken lines, some of the choicest m JOHN, if you were a woman, you'd know as I know and all other women know, that Rooky Mountain Tea is the greatest blessing women ever 35 cents. Ask your druggist. had. Jf\S, Tf\YLOR, GROVE & SON'S closing out sale furnishes the low prices on groceries. MONEY to loan at 5 per-, A. D, QE ' Staple Groceries that you have ever heard of, We want to close out the balance of our goods as soon as possible, and ior that reason we are pushing down the prices to an unheard oi point, You , at these figures, to lay in a supply can now for THE Mason. OU; paaUes the. bast building Hie \ prises, F. 0, .

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