The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, June 7, 1899
Page 4
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TfitB tJPPEK LE8 MOINES! ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNJB 7, 1899. f BAR. INOHAM A T*rm8 to One copy, one year *1.60 Ottscopy,six months. 76 One copy, three months 40 8«nt to any address at above rates. Remit by draft, money order, or express or<Jer at our risk. Rates of advertising sent on application. Republican State Convention. There will be a delegate convention of the republicans of Iowa held in the city of Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 2, at 11 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for each of the follow ing officers, viz.: For governor, for lieutenant governor, for Judge of the supreme court, for superintendent or public Instruction, for railroad commissioner, and for the transaction of any other business that may properly come before a republican state convention. The ratio of representation will tie as follows : One delegate at large from each county, and one additional delegate for each two htm dred (200) votes or fraction of one hundred (100) or over cast for Hon. Geo. L. Dobson, republican candidate for secretary of state at the general election held November 8, 1808. The representation for the counties comprising our Senatorial district will be as follows! Clay, 8; Dlckenson, 0; Emmet, 7; Palo Alto, 8; Kossuth, 11. Republican County Convention. A delegate convention of the republican voters of Kossuth county will be held at the court house In Algona, at 11 o'clock a. m., on Friday, June 30,1899, for the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for representative in the legislature from Kossuth county; also for the purpose of selecting eleven delegates to attend the state convention, to be held at Des Moines, Aug. 2, 1899, and also eleven delegates to attend the senatorial convention, to be held at Emmetsburg, July 13,1800, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention. The ratio of representation will be as follows: One delegate at large from each voting precinct, and one additional delegate for each 25 votes or major fraction thereof cast for Geo. L. Dobson for secretary of state In 1808. The representation to which the several pre cincts will be entitled under this call will be as follows: Precinct. Oommlbteeman. No. Del. Algona— First ward E. Tetlier 6 Second ward W. P. Jones 5 Third ward Geo. Hackman ..3 Fourth ward W. C. Danson 5 Hurt H. B. Hallock 7 Buffalo Aug. Shrader 3 Cresco C. Rlckard 4 Eagle John Lindblom 2 Fenton M. Welsbrod 3 Greenwood S. Mayne 7 German J. M. Grothouse 2 Garfleld G. S. Wright 2 Germania precinct... .L. T. Clement 4 Grant Peter Gettman 2 Hebron C. S. Pendleton 3 Harrison V. S. Ellis 4 Irvington S. 0. Trumbull 3 Lotts Creek A. H. Bixby. 2 Lu Verne I. P. Harrison 5 Ledyard E.H.Stephens 3 Lincoln J. H. Warburton 2 Portland T. Fox 4 Plum Creek E. P. Keith 3 Prairie John Longbottom 2 Ramsay Phil. Winters 3 Riverdale J. R. Fraser 2 Seneca Henry Warner 3 Sexton precinct F. Hedrlck 2 Swea 0. A. Erickson 3 Sherman Henry Curran 2 Springfield C. C. Hall 2 union T. J. Julian 3 Wesley S. X. Way 7 Whlttemore J, DeGraw 0 Total number delegates -. 118 It Is recommended that each precinct hold its caucus on Friday. June 23,1890. R. B. WARREN, Chin. Republican County Cent. Com. Announccmen ts. I am a candidate for representative from Kossuth county, subject to the decision of the republican convention. S. X. WAY. I am a candidate for the office of representative, subject to the action of the republican county convention. GARDNER COWLES. I am a candidate for the office of representative, subject to the action of the republican county convention. SAMUEL. MAYNE. IT is as good as settled that Col. Henderson will become speaker of the next house. Congressman Hopkins of Illinois has withdrawn in his favor, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio have declared for him, some of the eastern states are already falling in line, and the prospect is that more will follow suit. Col. Henderson will win on his merits, and not because he comes from any particular section. GEO. E. BOYLE, who is again doing what he can to stir up trouble among the republicans of the county, says in the Courier: "Being in a reminiscent mood and taking a retrospective view of past events, we re member that Gardner Cowles was a mem her of the congressional delegation from Kossuth county in 1888 under instructions to use all honorable means to secure the nomination of A. J. Holmes of Boone. Af ter arriving at Webster City Cowles bolted and refused to obey instructions, would not vote for Holmes because he said if Holmes was congressman he might name A. A. Brunson postmaster at Algona, and thai would not suit Cowles, who is a law unto himself." This statement is wholly withoul foundation. Mr. Cowles voted for Major Holmes on every ballot that was cast in the convention of 3888, in accordance with his instructions. Thomas has had the matter under con elderation for several days and ha finally turned Moaer down, which was eminently proper, and A. K. Shoup wil receive the appointment instead Moaer was rejected on the score of be ing a non-resident, but he will not es cape the odium which attaches to hi tricky Attempt to secure that to which he wa« not entitled, and which prove him to be an unfit candidate for the honors. _ SKHJX CITY has a "Jack the hup ger," but he will not endure for long Many prominent ladies of that city have formed a club for self protection and each one has a stiletto up he sleeve. We are watching results, and the next time he attempts to hugge we shall expect the Journal to tell u of a Jack that came to his death "from some cause unknown to the jury." THE card announcing Mr. Mayne'i candidacy for representative reachoc this paper last week barely in time fo insertion and too late to admit of edi torial mention. His record during thi one term that he was in the house i clean and above reproach, and that be ing the fact this paper finds pleasure in saying so. He would ably represen this county again, and should he be thi choice of the convention he will have no more hearty support thnn will be given him by THE UPPER DES MOINES The Senatorial Convention. The committee which met at' Em raetsburg last Friday decided to hold the senatorial convention for this dis trictat that place on July 13. This conclusion was reached after an ex tended session, during which the sit uation was fully discussed and the In terestsof the various counties thorough ly considered. Kossuth will presen the name of A. D. Clarke; Emmet has i candidate in the person of C. W. Grim while Clay county is undecided, having two candidates in the field at the pres ent time, Dr. McAllister and J. W Cory, though it is suggested there wil be but one after that county selects its delegates to the convention. Palo Alto and Dickinson have no candidates so far as is known, and are not likely to have, concessions having been made in both these counties on representative matters which makes it practically set tied that neither will have an aspiran for senatorial honors. Kossuth wil make an honest effort to win In that convention. SENATOR FUNK argues at some length in the last issue of the Beacon in favor of Mr. Cummins as the logical candidate for United States senator, and one is bound to admit that he gives good reasons for the faith that is in him. Closing a long article he says, and with much truth: "Stripped of all misplaced sentiment and the buncombe of small politics the people must reach a decision upon these merits: If they want to turn over the United States senatorship as a personal reward to a popular man disqualified for public service by age and infirmity Gear is the man. If they regard this office as a public agency to be administered for the public good by a man capable of the largest measure of usefulness to the state and nation, Cummins and not Gear is the man to choose." IT tranapiree that Chris. Moser, who secured first place in the examination over in the Eleventh district as a candidate for the cadetship to Anapolie, passed a similar examination at Freeport, 111., last month, and stood so well that he was selected as alternate. Now be comes to Jowa fresh from that con- te»t, and of course ie able to pass an examination which gave him a high standing and first place. The Beacon Says tbie trick has been played once be* fore in that district and condemns the Vbole proceeding as unfair and unjust to local contestants. Congressman The County Convention. As intimated last week it has been decided to hold the county convention on the 30th of June for the purpose o nominating a candidate for representative in the legislature from thiscounty and also to select delegates to both the state and senatorial conventions. This will give four weeks' notice, and it ought to be time enough for every republican voter to make up his mind whom he will support. The recommendation is made that the caucuses be held on the 23d, a week before the convention, and that they all be held on the same date. This is by no means a mandate on the part of the county committee, but is merely a suggestior which is in accordance with previous methods in the county, and is in the interest of clean politics. By holding the primaries all on one date each candidate has an equal show with his competitor, and no one can justly claim that an undue ad vantage has been taken by holding any particular caucus ahead of another. In the interest of harmony and good politics this paper hopes to see this plan pursued. The convention will have 118 dele gates, which is a slight falling oft from last year's convention, which had 124. It will require 60 votes to give a majority, and this paper has sufficient confidence in the republicans of Kossuth county to believe they will give 60 or more votes to the best man. GAEDNEE OOWLES 1 OANDIDAOY. Titonka Topic: Mr. Cowles is an Algona resident well known throughout the county. He is well fitted for the position, and if he is elected would make an excellent representative. Wesley News: Mr. Cowles is second in the field to make a public announcement. Other candidates will probably be out, but at present Stitz Way and Gardner Cowles are drawing all the attention in the political field. Burt Monitor: Mr. Cowles will make an active campaign, and like the other candidates, is in it to win. He is a strong candidate. AJgona is going to lay great claim to the office, believing a chance for a state normal school is again in sight. Bancroft Register: Mr. Cowles will re ceive the entire vote of Algona in the convention, and with such active workers as A. D. Clarke, Harvey Ingham and others from the county seat canvassing in his behalf will no doubt develop a flattering strength in the convention. ,,^ Whittemore Champion: Mr. Cowles is a shrewd business man, and would undoubtedly make as good a representative as could be selected. He has many friends over the Bounty who will give him a hearty support. He was a warm participant in the last fight for a state normal school at Algona, and it s because of the resurrection of this fight ;hat bis friends have urged him to make the race. We would like te see a state normal at Algona, as it would be a benefit to the entire county, and If Mr, Cowles' election will insure it we are in favor of his candidacy. A representative should be a 'representative" in every sense of the work, and should be a mau who will see bat hie county receives its share of good hings. Swea City Herald; Mr. Cowlee is one of ihe brefoy men pf J,he opunty whose resU deace dates back to 1883, when be begun his principal of the Algouu schools. 3e bj* never been § ptwididate f or Rny oj$S$SOja4?80 WP fcftOW, W haj ' prominent in republican matters and Shown ability to cope with every turn of affairs HI* business affairs have been successful and his hand and means have contributed to every public improvement in Algona dur Ing the past few years. His Algona friends think he is peculiarly fitted to work for thi establishment of a normal school, and jus the man to represent Kossuth County dur Ing the coming session of the legislature and we believe a large number of the re publicans of the county will concur in tha opinion. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Webster City Freeman: Rev. W. H Dorward, formerly of this city, now o Algona, spent Sunday here, and de parted for Sao City this morning t visit a brother. Forest City is to have Dr. Dowle, th divine healer of Zlon's tabernacle, Chi cago. The results of his work will b watched with interest. He Is said to have performed some miraculous cures The Beacon says: Hook-and-llne fish Ing was never better around our lakes always noted as a fishing ground, that during the past two weeks. With du< care the fish supply will increase in stead of diminish. Editor MoMullen protests against the compulsory putting out of the gasolin< lights in Forest City. Better fire th< whole outfit and put in electric light and have done with it, Bro. Me. Al the experimenting with lights costs ai much in the end as does a good system of electric lighting. Spirit Lake Beacon: The Milwaukei company has granted the request fo. the holding of the Spencer train ever; evening during Chautauqua until afte'i the evening meeting. This Is exceed ingly Important to people along th line and to the Chautauqua itself. Th evening programs this year are espec ially fine. It is reported that two men tried to work an old game on one of theDenison saloonkeepers u few days ago. The men engaged in a little fight with th Intention that while the bartender wa putting one man out the other woulc tup the till. The plan worked all righ except that the bartender put both men out at the sume time. THE MONTH'S MAGAZINES. Miss Mary Johnston, whose Prisoner of Hope attracted so much attention las winter, begins in the June Atlantic a seria historical romance, under the title To Hav and to Hold. The scene is laid in colonia Virginia, and Miss Johnston has used for t basis from which to start her tale the well known incident of a shipload of maidens exported to the colony from England t meet the demands of the colonists for wives One of these damsels is a ward of Kini James who has fled in disguise. Her lover one of the king's courtiers, follows in aves sel soon after, but not before the girl ha been married to u Virginian gentleman Thereupon in a quick succession of ad von tures, the husband who first "has " make a brave fight to "hold." SPIRIT LAKE OHAUTAUQUA. July U to 10—A Prosrimi That is Sun to Bo Attractive. The Spirit Lake Chautauqua, whicl begins July 6 and ends on the 19th, wil possess features this season which make it even more attractive than in forme years. A list of the speakers and others who will take part in the pro gram is appended: Dr. W. H. Crawford, Col. Geo. W Bain, 2; Rev. Sam Jones, 8; Hon..Igna tius Donnelly, Dr. Josiah H. Strong Geo. R. WendLing, 3; Hon. Lafe Young Rev. J. M. Cleary, Veteran's Day to fill Entertainers already secured: Crarj Tours, 2, (stereopticon); Isabel Garg hill Beecher, reader; Alabama Jubilee Concert Co., Lemmel Ludy Quartet Miss Sybil Sammis, soloist; Miss Alie< French, soloist; Thulian Club, (dra mntic); Park Sisters, (4persons—instru mental); Imperial Male Qunrtet, Fred eric W. Carberry, tenor; Edison Pro jectiscope, Grand Closing Concert. With a strong lecture every after noon and a bright, clean and generallj delightful entertainment every even ing the program will be the most'popuhu of all presented at Chautauqua. It wil' be said with truth by those who enjoj it all that the program has not a singh weak spot. GOOD WOEDS FOE ALGONA. The Correspondent for "Forest and Stream" Has Pleasant Things to Say of the Town and the State Sliootlnti Tournament. Paul R. Litzke, special correspondent 'or Forest and Stream, was in attend ance upon the state shooting tourna ment here last week, and his report to nis paper will be found of interest to the general reader. He says: Notwithstanding that there were no nduoements in the way of substantiii sums of added money, and the fact^tlmt ;he geographical location of Algona is :iardly such as would insure a large at- lendance of shooters, the twerity-seconc innual tournament of the Iowa State Sportsman's assooiation, given undoi the auspices of the. Algona Gun club, ivas quite a success. The number ol jrinoipalb engaged in the different svents were up to the standard of those 'ound at the more pretentious shoots, where good added moneys are potent inducements. On the first day more .ban forty shooters participated, and on tbe second day nearly as many, while on the final day there was no perceptible falling off of the entries, and the shoot went along In its us smooth manner. Much of this is due no doubt to personal popularity of Uncle John G. Smith, the able and ener- jetlo ex-chief executive of the associa- ,ion, who is the only one of the charter members still affiliating with the or- anization. Mr. Smith has always had he best interest of the assooiation at leart, and has ever labored zealously n the cause of the protection of fish and game in the state of Iowa. That bus carefully gone into the subject s shown by his able address to the ai- oeiation. In this he points out the re- ornas necessary to the best interests of he sportsmen of Iowa. The manner in which this tournament wus conducted is worthy of much avorable comment, and there are few hoots that have been so utterly devoid f friction and contentions. Everybody onneoted with, the shoot In any oapao- ty, whatever, w$8 thoroughly capable nd competent, so that during the en- Ire tournament there vvae never an error in the scoring. Mr. C. T. Chubb, who presided in the cashier's office, was thorougly conversant with all the details of this department, and the events were scarcely disposed of when he was prepared to hand all the con testants whatever was due them. The arrangement of the grounds was also very complete. There were tw< sets of bluerock expert traps, arrangec on the Sergeant system. These were set to throw a very fast low bird, so as to make the breaking of straights very difficult. Add to this a very deceptive background of trees, with new foliage and it will be readily understood whi the averages were no higher. A shet had also been erected for the protection of the shooters against the weather and here lunch and light refreshment! were served. The ground on which the tournament was conducted was o ample scope to permit the shooting o live birds and targets also, but no pigeons were shot when the targe traps were run. Uncle John Smith, though the mos aged shooter who participated, showec the younger ones that he was by no means out of their class, as he made one of the few straights on targets. Lenander, one of those who ,tled for the handicap cup, broke 25 targets straight in this event, but was unable to maintain this fast pace, and couh not reach this total on bin handicap of 6. Algona is only a small place, but i gave the visitors a rattling good shoot and nil the shooters went away favor ably Impressed with the little city. PEB80NAL MOVEMENTS. Dr. Richmond of Ames was in Algo na yesterday visiting his son. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Robinson are uj from Des Moines for their annual visit Mrs. C. B. Hutchlns has been visit ing friends in Sac City for some days Mrs. Merty Putsch Gerlisb is here from Winonn for a visit at the ol< home. W. L. Joslyn has gone for a trip t( northern Kansas, where he owns som farm land. C. J. Stevens of McGregor visited Monday at the F. M. Taylor home He is an uncle. Mrs. Dr. Morse returned yesterdaj from a visit with relatives at Watseci and other Illinois points. Dr. Kenefick is home from Chicago where he has been taking a post grad uate course for some weeks. F. M. Taylor is at Primghar tbi week on legal business connected with the Algona Deposit and Loan associa tion. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Taylor visited with relatives at Mason City last week F. M. took in the Masonic grand lodg meantime. Harvey Inghara is at Iowa City at tending commencement exercises a the state university, nnd also a meet ing of the regents, Fred. Clarke came home Friday from the Orchard Lake, Mich., ra'ilitar< school. He will return in the fall ti pursue his studies. Mrs. V. H. Stough of Minneapoli: bos been an Algona visitor for somi days. Many old-time friends an pleased to meet her. Miss Ruby Smith, who has been teaching near Minneapolis, has been spending some days with her sister Mabel, at Wortbington, Minn. Alex. White and A. A. Brunson have been attending the Masonic grand lodge and school of instruction at Mason City the past few days. Mrs. L. A. Hunt is borne from he California visit. She has been on tin coast during the post six months o more, and has had an enjoyable time A. H. Langdon came Saturday and made his friends here a short 'visit His headquarters for tbe present are at Storm Luke, where he is engaged it civil engineering. Rev. Suckow gave tbe memorial ad dress at Hull last week. While there a heavy wind storm prevailed, which was frightful to many, though no seri ous damage resulted, Thos. F. Cooke wont to Primghai this morning, where ho is looking after business matters in tbe interes of the Algona Deposit and Loan asso elation, of which he is president. Chas. Chubh is home from bis Min neapolis school work. He is taking »• four-year course at the University o: Minnesota in civil engineering, and is just half way through. He returns in September. Elmo Smith, nephew of Mrs. J, W. Wadsworth, stopped In Algona ovei Sunday, on his way home from Den ver, where he has been with a class o 24 from Minneapolis doing some prao tical mining. J. W. Wadsworth and G, F. Peek were at the lakes last week, and reporl the fishing never better. Geo. E. Clarke and Judge Quartan came home Saturday after two days of fine sport and good success. J. B. Jones is up from Des Moines this week. He is becoming largely interested in the cultivation of rice in Louisiana, where be spent the past winter, and will push the business on a larger scale than he has heretofore done. Lou. Dunton and wife have been vis itors in Algona during the past week. They now live in Kansas, near where Jason Dunton, \vell known to all old settlers, is also located, Lou. says he likes his Kansas home, and is prospering at farming. His father is in good health, though well advanced in years, Through an oversight this paper omitted to mention last week the return of Chas. Crammond from Cedar Rapids. He has been there the past two months taking special musical instruction at the conservatory of music under Prof. Ezerman. He was on the program at a recital given May 25, and -ook a prominent part. The professor spoke highly of his musical attain- nents and predicted a successful future or him. He will engage in music each ing- here. MEETINGS/ " Children's day exercises will be given at the Irvington Presbyterian sburoh on Sunday afternoon, commeno- ug at 3 o'clock. Sermon theme at the next Sunday morning: "TheViceand he Virtue of. CoYetoueaesV Even- ing, an illustrated evangelistic sermon. Everybody invited. Services of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sundays 10:45a. m., Wednesdays 3 p. m., at T. O. O. F. parlors. Communion service next Sunday. Subject, " Sacrament." Dr. Day's theme for discourse next Sunday morning will be: "Can a Mart B"e Too Religious?" In the evening the Sunday school will observe "Children's Day" with the program entitled "Peace or War." All are invited. Services at the Congregational church, morning service at 11 a. m.; theme of sermon: "The Coming of Christ's Kingdom." Evening service at 8 p. m. The sermon will boon "Immortality." Sunday school at 10 a. m Y. P. S/C. E. at 7 p. m. The Junior Epworth League has arranged to give an entertainment on Thursday evening at the church. It is Edison's klnetoscope giving moving pictures. There will also be a graph- ophone or talking machine. The klnetoscope is a fine instrument and has never been exhibited in Algona. Admission 20 cents for adults and 1C cents for children. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at •. 0:05 am No, 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:4Bpm No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 05 departs at ,.. 8:30 pm TBAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 a m No. 4 departs at 0:28 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at 10:10pm No. 04 departs at 2:20pm K. F. HBDBICK, Agent, CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North- Mixed 7:30 a m Freight 12:15 pm Pass 2:40 pm * t , ... Mixed 10:50 p tc Arrive at DBS Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p m,, and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPED, Agent. Freight 11:30 a m PaHS 7:05 am Mixed 12:15pm Mixed 7:54 pm LEGAL NOTICES. NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given to all parties Inter ested. that on the Tith day of June, 1890, the undersigned was appointed by the District Court of Kossuth connty, Iowa, executor o the last will and testament of Wllhelmim Spetser, deceased, late of said county. All persons Indebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned, and those having claims against the same, will present them properly authenticated, to the said court for allowance. Dated at Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, this nth day of Juno A. D. 1809. 12t3 JOHN SPEISEH, Executor ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as ad mlnistrator of the estate of George M. John son, late of Kossuth county, Iowa, deceased All persons In any manner indebted to said es tate will malte Immediate payment to the un dersignetl; and those having claims agains the said estate will file them with the clerk o the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, a provided by law, duly authenticated, for al lowanco. Dated this 5th day of June, A. D. 1899. E. S. JOHNSON, 12t3 Administrator. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF THE F, D, Calkins Company, Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have formed a corporation to carry on the bus liaess of owning and conducting a wholesali grocery store In compliance with the laws o. the state of Iowa. The name of the corpora tion is The F. D. Calkins Company. The prin clpal place of business is Algo'ua, Kossuth county, Iowa. The general nature of the bus! ness of said corporation Is owning and con ducting a wholesale grocery store, and own Ing, buying and selling, at wholesale, grocer ies, canned goods, meats, bottled goods, oils vinegars, ciders, pickles, cigars, tobacco, gro eery furniture and fixtures, stationery, flour bags, china ware, earthen ware, glass ware wooden ware, and all kinds of merchandise necessary to completely stock and equip a wholesale grocery, and all kinds of merchan dlse connected with and incidental to Such business, including the buying and selling o real property. The authorized capital of thi corporation shall be Fifty Thousand Dollar ($50,000.00), divided into shares on One Hun dred Dollars ($100.00) each, which shares are non-assessable and are to be issued or ac quired only upon full payment of the sum rep resented by them; and said stock is to be is sued and sold as ordered and directed by the board of directors of said corporation. The corporation will commence business on tin 15th day of June, 18U9, and shall continui twenty years unless sooner dissolved by avott of the stockholders representing two-thirds o the capital stock. The affairs of the corpora tion shall be conducted and managed by i board of flve directors, selected from and elect ed annually by the stockholders of said corpo ration; each director shall hold his office foi one year and until his successor is elected anc qualified; and a majority of said directors shall constitute a quorum for the trausactioi of business. Said board of directors shal have full power to make and adopt the neces sary by-laws, rules and regulations for the government of and to carry out the objects o the corporation, and shall have power to ill all vacancies occurring in its membership be tween annual elections, by the appointment o suitable and eligible person or persons to hole office for the uuexpired term, and may author ize the manager to contract indebtedness In amounts not to exceed, in the aggregate, two thirds of the capital stock actually paid in The officers of the corporation shall be a pres ident, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and business manager, who shall be elected by the stockholders at the annual meeting. 13ach of fleer shall hold his office for one year and unti his successor is elected and qualified. The an nual meeting of the stockholders shall be held on the second Monday in May, 1900, and on the second Monday of May during each sue ceeding year, at Algona, Kossuth county, lo wa. Until the first annual meeting in Mav 1000, and until their successors are electee and qualified, the following persons shall be directors of the corporation: F. D. Calldns A. D. Clarke, Gardner Cowles, and Geo C Call of Algona, Iowa, and C. W. Spaulding of Horton, Iowa; and until the first annual meetine in May, 1900, and until their successors are elected and qualified the following persons shall be officers of the corporation; F D Calkins of Algoua, Iowa, president; A D Clarke of Algona, Iowa, vice president; C. W Spaulding of Hor^on, Iowa, secretary; C W Spaulding of Uorton, Iowa, treasurer; and F D. Calkins of Algona, Iowa, business manager* The aggregate indebtedness of the corporation shall at no time exceed two-thirds of the capital stock actually paid in; and the private property of the stockholders of this corporation shall in no event be liable for corporate debts or undertakings, and the articles of incorporation shall never be amended to the contrary. In all other particulars the articles of incorporation may be amended or modified at any annual meeting of the stockholders or at any special meeting of the stockholders called for that purpose, upon the stockholders representing two-thirds of the capital stock voting for such amendment, a copy of said >roposed amendment having been filed with the secretary at least thirty days previous to such meeting, and the secretary shall mail to each stockholder a copy of said proposed amendment within (lye days from the date said proposed amendment is filed with him Title to real estate shall be taken in the corno* rate name, and the president and secretary shall execute, conveyances of the same in the name of the corporation. All checks, receipts, aud drafts of the corporation shall be slimed by the president aud business manager, aud vll other written contracts and certificates of tock shall be signed by the president and sec- ett t!* y ; At a|l meetings of. the stockholders ?ach stockholder shall be entitled to one vote or each share of stock held by him and stand- ng; lu his name pn the books of the company which vote he ma,y cast In person ov by writ* «j or printed prqxy. The stock, of tne corpo LEGAL NOTICES. S^^w'^X^-^-'X-^-^^^-^^'^^w^^^-^^^. ration shall be transferred by the assignment of the stock certificates and such transfer entered oh the books of the corporation, or by nresentlng the said stock certificates, duly as- slened, to the secretary for transfer. Stockholders shall have the option of purchasing any stock offered for sale at the price and terms offered to others, and no stock shall bfe- sold until stockholders have had ten days' notice of the price and terms of sale. F. D. CALKINS. A. D. CLARKE. GARDNER COWLES. GEO. C. CALL. E. V. SWETTINO. ALBERT REED. H. INGHAM. -C. A. PALMER, lit* J. W. HlNCHON. AMENDMENTS TO THB AMENDED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE Know all Men by These Presents: That on the 18th day of April, A. D. 1899, at Algona, Iowa, at a regular meeting of the stockholders of the Algona Deposit and Loan Association called for that purpose, the following amendments to the articles of incorporation of the said association were adopted, as follows, towit: AIITICLE III. Amend by striking out the last sentence and insert the following in lieu thereof: "Subscribers for stock shall pay such membership fee as the bylaws may prescribe." ARTICLE IV—LOANS. Sec. 5. Strike out the words " No loans will be made until three months' stock dues have been paid, and." Sec. 0. Amend by striking out the whole section, and In its place Insert tha following: " Sec. 6. Borrowers shall pay such Interest monthly In advance at not to exceed eight per cent, per annum, and such premium not to exceed four per rent, per annum, as the bylaws may prescribe." Sec. 0. Strike out the entire section and amend by inserting the following In its place: " Sec. 9. If any borrower fails to pay on his loan the minimum monthly payment named in his note, for three months or more, or If the withdrawal value of his stock at any time should be less than the sum of any fines, taxes, assessments, insurance or other stipulated or legal charges on the stock or security and so continue for three months or more, then the whole principal sum shall at once become due and payable at the option of the directors, without notice to the mortgagor, and foreclosure proceedings may at once be commenced to recover the amount due. Provided, that if a member has at any time paid more than the minimum required payments, he shall not be in default until the said surplus payments have been used up." Sec. 10. Amend by inserting the words " Insurance, assessments, taxes, abstract fees or other stipulated or legal charges on the stock or security," after the word " premium" and before the words " and fines." Sec. 11. Strike out entirely and amend by inserting the following in its place: " Sec. 11. Except by consent of the executive committee no loans may be paid off prior to maturity other than upon the annual anniversary of their date upon payment of thirty days' Interest and premium in advance of the date of payment and after thirty days' notice of the Intention so to do. Payments of $100 or any multiple thereof may be made upon the ' same conditions, or the borrower may pay up one or more of his shares and apply the same upon the loan, thus reducing the interest and premium and number of his shares." Insert the following new section: " Sec. 13. The directors may, at any time within the limits set in these articles, increase or decrease the rates of interest and premium upon loans previously made to correspond with the rates then offered to borrowers, provided that no borrower shall pay higher rates than those specified In his note given for the loan. In case of reduction and at the borrower's option the monthly payments may be correspondingly less or continue at the old rate, in the latter case the amount of the monthly reduction being credited as an additional payment upon the stock, but the minimum stock payment shall In no case be less than .the sum agreed upon when the loan was made, unless specially authorized by the directors." AHT1CLE VI—WITHDRAWALS. Sec.. 1. Strike out the entire section and insert the following: " Sec. 1. Total withdrawals of Installment stock, Class 'A,' not cancelled or harrowed upon, may be made on requeet at any time after six months from issue as follows, to-wlt: After six months and prior to twelve months from issue, allot the dues paid in; after twelve months from issue, all the dues paid in and ninety per cent, of the dividends apportioned, less the expense." Sec. 2. Strike out and insert the following: " Sec. a. Holders of prepaid stock, Classes 13 and ' C.' may withdraw after one year upon request, and shall receive the amount paid In on the stock with ninety per cent, of the dividends declared, less expense and any cash dividends paid. The directors may permit an earlier withdrawal." Sec. 4. Amend by adding the words' " Pav- ments made under Sections 1 and 2 of this article shall be in full settlement of all claims under the stock and are subject to any deductions for Indebtedness to, or partial withdrawals paid by the association, and, except on Sec. 7. Partial withdrawals of dues and dividends may be made by the owner of free stock at any time after six months, in any amounts, provided that they do not amount to within ten dollars of the total withdrawal val- 116 tit 1116 tllU.6, Sec. 8. Amend by adding the words: '• Pro vided that stock maturing between dividend dates shall participate in the earnings until Ion er" divideud is apportioned, and no ARTICLE VII. nf&H 3 ' Amend bv striking out all the words after the second word "exceed" and Insert tho following in lieu thereof : " One and one-half EnTr, 11 *^ 01 ' eaeh 8lx , mouth « OT ^action thereof upon the average book value of each share of Class 'A' stock, to be deducted from the book value semi-annually." Sec. 4. Amend by adding the words: " The directors may pay the expenses, subject to the sum? limitations as to amount, from the gross profits thus declaring net dividends " g Sec. 5. Amend by inserting the words •' and .sales of real estate" after the first word "withdrawals." Strike out the words "of the with f&nft rofl £ or th ? exoess ot ae expense' fund" after the words " so much " Imsprt the " Hum ui tor me woras " so much " InKpvt-the words "in addition to a su u equal to flve ner cent, of the excess of the assets over SloeI 0(?0" after the second word " dollars!'' a ' luu ' 000 AUTICLE VIII—STOCK. serUhe'follown^ii/Heu^hi^eof^^ 0 ^ and in " ''•eenmning'S^^ n premium, as may be fixed in th« and lusertThfi'wnlrtf °& l ™ words " oue year" Amend by insertimT'Vh"' 1 ^^ ta -^K@^ h " B vS «KS& rf S W&.S&8! ^btfeSH^S^Me^

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