The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1899
Page 9
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THE UPPER DEB MOiNES; ALGOKA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1899. A New Lot of Sun Bonnets THE LOCAL FIELD. The Odd Fellows meet in Algona a week from tomorrow. The Wonttnen have their annual field day at the fair grounds in thrae weeks. Wra. Cleary and several Adventlsts are this week attending camp meeting AT Chrischilles & Hcrbsts's. at Des Moines. There is a rumor that J. O. Starks' house north of Hobart Is burned, but we have no particulars. Rev. Suckow delivered the memorial address at Hull yesterday. He was wanted also at Buffalo Center. Wes. Williamson is entirely refitting and rebuilding his house west of B. H. Winkle's. He is getting a fine home. A lot of heavy showers the past week PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Suckow and children are visiting at her home in Garner. Will F. Smith, of Webster City, was up for Sunday at home and to greet old friends. S. A. Thompson came home Friday after a month In eastern and southern Iowa on business. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles have gone to Chicago to spend some time at W. S. Borland's. Mrs. Ambrose A. Call and Mrs. W. K. Ferguson visited at Dr. Shore's in Des Moines last week. Dr. M. E. Coles had an enjoyable time at the state homeopathic meeting in Des Moines last week. Rev. Day went to Cedar Rapids yesterday to attend to having a monument erected over his father's grave. Mrs. A. H. Langdon is in Algona for a visit. "Bert" is running the Milwaukee line from Fonda to Spencer. G. M. Parsons is delegate to the state Grand Army encampment which meets at Waterloo June 14, and isplanning to attend. • Rev. Dorward spent Sunday in Webster City, and is now visiting brothers in Sac City and Onawa. He will visit his daughter in Bigelow, Minn., before his return. Dr. Morse goes to Chicago Friday to' attend a reunion of his wife's family which occurs Sunday. He will spend a week or more with a city expert in abdominal surgery while gone. A. L. Peterson attended the state photographers' meeting in Des Moines last week, F. W. Medlar of Spencer won the chief prize for the best display. Medlar is a very fine photographer. F. W. Shearer, formerly auditor of the Bowman Lumber Co., is now in the employ of the John Paul Co., and is in Algona with Alex. White making himself familiar with the Paul system. He is an expert and a very genial man to meet. Col. "Tom" Harrison was over from Emmetsburg Friday. He is up from Topeka •looking after business interests. He has been very fortunate in Topeka in business, and is rated now at a quarter of a million, He will probably be elected state senator down there this fall. He has many friends over this way who enjoy his success. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. Optional payments. H. HoxiE. A GIRL'S "complexion" may be stamped on her lover's heart, but most of the "complexion" comes off unless put there by Rocky Mountain Tea. Powder's a bad thing. Buy Your Wedding Rings of us; we always make the bride a present. Beware of imitators and people who would duplicate this proposition. They say if you will do ) this or if you will do that, or if so and 11 so was tlae case, then they will offeryou I)the above proposition. There is always that if, if, if, in the way. We are positively the originators of low prices in I the jewelry business of Kossuth county, and will continue to undersell all com| petition, without any ifs or ands. DINQLEY & PUGH. ing will be, "An All-around Religion or Real Men and Women;" evening, " Small Forces and Tremendous Results." All are welcome. Kossuth Encampment, No. 160, I. O. O. P., will meet in special session Wednesday evening, June 7, for work, Grand Patriarch J. T. Temple of Davenport, presiding. Floor work in charge of St. Elmo Encampment of Emmetsburg. At Grove & Son's there are still to be had some splendid bargains in their closing out sale. GIRL wanted for general housework. MRS. GEO. E. CLARKE. FOR SALE—My residence property on Elm street, where I am now living. Will sell ut a bargain. Two full lots. W. E. NAUDAIN. _GROVE & SON'Si closing- out sale furnishes the low prices on groceries. Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry) also watches, clocks, and silverware. Remember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable, 4 E. G. BOWYER. DUE HUMBLE APOLOGY. TITOXKA, IOWA, 5-29, 1899. Gentleman Your Isue of 5-34—99 has an item, in its locals, that is very Slanderous to Me and is at the present of GreightDam- age to Me. I wish the folowing to be published iu your next isue in a very couspisus place, Headlined, A Lie! Witwer Bros of Cedar Rapids had a representative in Algona Monday to capture one Bowder, late of Titonka, or about $850.00 of Groceries Bowder had converted to his own use without accounting for them. Bowder had gone into Minnisotia and the Capturer went north now the facts are I have traded or Sold, My Store buildings Lots & Merchandise, in Titonka la for Good farm land, and I think thereby bettering My flnantial condisuon I am not, nor, have not tryed to evade My creditors, in any way, and am not insolvent but perhaps a little close run for ready cash, at present, and the foregowing ar- tical of May 24, 99 is Slanderous to My charictor, and a base Lie. I will and can pny all of My creditors. Respectfully J Bowder P. S. the foregowing must be published verbatum in your next Isue and a copey of your paper Sent to Me at Titonka la. if not done as I direct, I will at one commence action against the Editors for Slander J Bowder THE sale of excursion tickets to Clear Lake, Iowa, is now resumed, and tickets may now be sold every day up to and including Sept. 30,1899, to Clear Lake and return for one and one-third fare, over the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul line. 8t4 SPECIAL excursion Modern Wood! men of America to Sheldon, Iowa, on Friday, June 2, 1899. Will leave Al| gona at 7:35 a. m., $1.75 for the round ! trip. COLORED silk gloves are just the | thing this season. We have them. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. THE Mason City Brick and Tile Co. Imakes the best drain tile and hollow Ibuilding tile in the world and lowest {prices. P. O. B. any station. EXCEPTIONALLY low rates to Roanoke, Va., via the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates from all stations May 18 and 19, limited to include June 23, account of meeting German Baptists. Apply to agents of the C. & N. W. railway. 8t3 IT will pay you to drop in at Grove & Son's, where a little money goes a long way. have made the ground pretty wet. The north half of the county is especially heavy. Judge Quarton, Geo. E. Clarke and J. W. Wadsworth are enjoying their annual fishing excursion at Okoboji this week. W. E. McMurray will build two houses south of the normal building, instead of one. Both will be large and commodious homes. Will Starks of Sherman Is off to Chicago and may go further enst on a business deal. We hope Will does not contemplate leaving Kossuth. Miss Jennie M. Walters and E. H. Flanders wore married Saturday. The cards announce that they will bo at home in Algona after Juno 9. The new machinery for the McComh laundry has arrived and is now in the new building waiting to bo unpacked. He has bought a $4,000 outfit. Z. C. Andruss of.Irvlngton is in very poor health and wants to sell his fine farm. He is planning to visit his daughter soon in Freomotit county. Dr. G. B. Cole, who used to he a dentist in Algona, has been to the Keoley institute at Sioux Falls, and the West Bend Advance says ho is reported cured. The advance man of the Andrews Opera company was in Algona yesterday arranging a date for Algona. He will canvass the town to see who will attend. A little boy arrived at Harvey Ward's home in Union Saturday even- ihg, and Joel Taylor is now grandpa. The boy and his mother tiro doing well, and Joel is ten years younger. The Masonic grand lodge of the state meets at Mason City next week. This coining Friday and Saturday the preliminary school of instruction will be hold. Several Algona Masons will attend. The Grand Army boys have put neat iron markers or flag holders at each soldier's grave in the cemetery, as a permanent fixture. By this means anyone at any time can locate the soldiers' graves. C. M. Doxsoe's hardware bulletin will not fail to attract attention. Better bargains are not offered in any of the city stores, and Doxsee has always made a specialty of getting the host quality. B. F, Reed addresses the Buffalo Center school graduates Friday evening, He has to go up to the crossing tomorrow and remain over night, and is wondering if the new hotel is done up there. Manager Donahoo has engaged the Cherry Pickers, Wm. Owen Dramatic Company, Uncle' Josh Spruceby, and some other companies for the fall season. His county fair company is not ,yet decided on. W. W. Wheeler went through town one day last week. Ho was just home from a trip to New York, where he was called by the serious illness of his mother. He was looking over his Whittemore lumber yard. Dr. Sayers made a settlement with the new railroad for the damage to his farm by giving the company an option on the land until October. If it is not taken by that time at the price agreed he is to have 81,500 damages. Company F is going to celebrate its 10th birthday, July 2, with a reception, dance and banquet. The original company was organized ten years ago and all old members who can be got out will help to celebrate. It will be a big event. Among the season's improvements THE UPPER DBS MOINES has not noted is the work T. M. Whitman has done on his home, the Mrs. Hill property. He has made it over, inside and out, and now lias a very tasty and comfort- the horse suddenly backed, squeezing Mr. Ludwig very violently between the cart and R hitching post. Some years ago Geo. E. Clarke, as attorney for the Spencer grain company, got an injunction against Will. Bender restraining him from putting a new elevator in Spencer. The supreme court last week sustained Judge Quarton's issuance of the injunction. A. C. FOR time loans on real estate [ at Kossuth County State Bank. MEETINGS. apply The Court of Honor has changed its meeting night to the first Thursday in the month. Members will take notice, The Baptist Juniors will give an ice cream social in the church parlors Friday evening, June 2, Everybody invited. Sermon themes at the Baptist church next Sunday morning: "An Enemy of Righteousness;" evening: "Conquer Yourself," a sermon for young people. The Woman's Library Aid society meets Friday p. m., May 2. The following is the program: "The Paris Exposition of 1900," Mrs. C. A. Ing\ ham; talk by Mr, Hinchon; talk by Mr. I MoElroy. Rev, Dubois of Dickens, who conducted services at the Free Methodist church last winter, will preach again Saturday evening and Sunday. He will preach in the Raney school house Sunday at 3:30 o'clock. Dr. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday morn- able home. A ball nino of Nebraska Indians from the reservation are playing in Iowa, and have challenged the Algona club tor a game at Clear Lake a week from Saturday. The swarthy Winnebagoes have been beating some of the clubs hereabouts. Prod Scott and Earl Tennant have bought E. P. Bircher out of the Tcn- muit house, as was hinted last week. Ed. goes back to Bancroft to live and takes away Algona's fast horses again. He is in Marslmlltown this week for the big races. David Royer, who lives on the Addison Fisher farm, was stricken with paralysis one day last week. He had gone to tho water closet and was found there a half hour later in a- helpless condition. It is not thought possible that he can live. Peter J. Walker recalled one day last week that he kept store in Chicago in 1852, then a little village. And that recalls that II. P. Wright's father was offered 80 acres that the board of trade building stands on for a team and wagon when he came west. Many in Algona will remember Miss Hilda Molinder, whose death is noted by the Swea City Herald. She went from Algona to Dos Moines, but the cold she caught here remained with her and developed into consumption. She was 29 years of age. All roads in the Nortwestern Passenger association will sell excursion tickets to Algona for the Odd Fellows' celebration at a rate of one and a third fare from all points in Iowa where the rate is not over $4.50. Tickets on sale June 7 and 8, limited to June 9. John Ludwig, who lives in Garfield, township, was quite seriously hurt at West Bend one day last week. He was about to step into his road cart preparatory to leaving town fpr home, wflen Parker was the opposing attorney. Mr. Creed and family, who at one time ran a restaurant in Algona, are at the G. V. Slade home in Burt. The Monitor says they intend making Burt their future home with Mrs. Wilklns, and will occupy the house soon to bo vacated by Ernest Bacon and family, who intend moving up into Minnesota. Gov. Shaw has appointed Geo. E. Clarke a delegate to attend the meeting of the Civic Federation of Chicago to be held June 26 to discuss the subject of trusts. Mr. Clarke intends to go. This appointment is a very fine compliment, as the meeting will be one of the most important* held in the United States. Perry Burlingame returned this morning from Chicago, where he took a car of cattle last week, Barton & Crabtree also shipping. He was in H washout, a hall storm, and delays innumerable. Perry says lots of hail fell near Tnrna 7i inches in circumference. He sold his cattle pretty well. In a train ahead of his seven cars of cattle ran into the Cedar river and were drowned. John Urch will fight the Iowa Central in the courts over the damage to his land. Tho jury went out last week and awarded him $800, or $80 nn acre. The road cuts his quarter auction diagonally and ho thinks it is damaged more than this award covers. The jury that made the award was Herb Bailey, M. D. L. Parsons, E. P., Wm. Pock, E. J. Murtagh and L. Stockwell. Alex. Younle, who used to run hotel in Algona, hue beon spending the win- tor in the south. Ho tolls the Wo8t Bend Journal that he thinks Mississippi a One place for u northern man to spend a winter, but no place for n poor man to make a living unless ho can put up with a diet of tish and oysters. Outside of their lumber and 'fisheries the Mississippi coast country has nothing to recommend it in a commercial way. Tho Denison Review speaks highly oi one of the new teachers selected fo'r next year: "Wo note that Miss Arte Potter has boon engaged as a teacher in tho Algona schools for the coming year. The selection is a good one. Miss Potter is a toacihur of ability and experience, having taught a number of years in Crawford county, and later in the Denison city schools.' We congratulate the Algona school board upon their selection." Tho Esterville Vindicator prints some notes of twenty years ago among which is the following: Emmet county was using the jail at Algona for safekeeping of prisoners considered to bo dangerous characters. Kossulh must have bad a better jnil than it has now. or our county officials wore of the opinion that tho quickest way to bo rid of disagreeable offenders was to allow them to escape through the neighboring county's hostile. John Wallace was up from GriiTen, Ga., last week. He came to Chicago to buy machinery for tho new creamery he is putting in there in connection with the state experiment station. The professor of dairying is with him In the enterprise and it is to be a semi-state institution. Mr. Wallace goes back to Chicago this week, GrilYen is tho town whore the darkey lately cut to pieces by the mob was taken from the train, and tho whole outrage was perpetrated near by. Mr. Wallace says tho darkey deserved all ho got, but that it was a barbarous act on the part of those who mutilated him. A war on dandelions is about to be ordered in Algona. Mayor Sayers has not yet affixed his signature, but he undoubtedly will to some legal notices to the most flagrant offenders. The statute is very vigorous against those who allow dandelions to go to seed. It is pretty lato this spring to do much, but we hope Mayor Sayors will next year make an order that will include everybody, and sot apart ton days or two weeks early during which all dandelions must be exterminated either by lot owners or by the city at their expense. A drop of gasoline in the right spot is the only thing that will kill a dandelion. Oil for— Painting. It will pay every person who is going to do any painting to see me before buying his OIL, —In fact it will pay you to see me for anything in my line, when you want to buy. I am for business, James Patterson. Covvles 1 Block, Algona. $2.50 Invested in our Famous Footwear at that price brings gratifying returns to the purchaser. Men's fine Tan or Black Shoes, _ $2.50 Women's fine all-kid or with vesting tops, black or tan, lace or button, $2.50 We also have an exceptionally fine line of Ladies' and Gents' »» ?hoes at - $1.50 to $2.00 Men s working Shoes, all solid leather, sole leather counters and inners, warranted, only We will make it pay you to trade with us. $1.25 -ownell & Allred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Fine repairing and custom work. Boston Block, Algona, la. All Kinds of Feet can be fitted in the new styles in black, tan, or chocolate, and made to look neat, trim and dainty, at The Other Shoe Store. Our shoes are nobby, comfortable and stylish, and a PATRON once a PATRON always. Call and see what we have. O. O. Are You Going Abroad. If you contemplate a trip to Europe during the summer, please remember that any ticket agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway can furnish you rates, tickets, and up-to-date information, as well as reserve berths on ocean steamers — all linos — in advance of sailing. Geo. H. Henfford, Gen. Pass. Agt., Old Colony Building, Chicago, Ill.-9t3 We are still able to offer, in some of our unbroken lines, some of the choicest Bargains in Staple Groceries Moclenty. Livermore Gazette: When M. Car- naveaux, the hypnotist and mind reader, was at Rolfe and was rending a newspaper through a double thickness of a horse blanket a Palo Alto girl who was staying with a friend thoro and taking in the show, got up and skipped out of the room in a hurry, remarking to her friend: " I am not going to stay here any longer with just a thin calico dross on." April Weather Record. The temperature for April averaged 48.9 degrees. The rain fall was 2.40 inches. The first part of the month was colder than normal, the latter part warmer. RAIL WA Y TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. ?AUL. LOOAIi TUAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 a in No. 3 departs at 3:58 p in Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 10:45pm No, 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 65 departs at 8:30 pm MAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 a i» No. 4 departs at 0 :28 p m Freights that carry passengers— No. 70 departs at 10:30 pm No. 04 departs at 2:20 pm K. F. HKDHICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:30 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed 12:15 pm _ Mixed 7:64 p m Mixed ..... Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F.B.Y: that you have ever heard of. We want to close out the balance of our goods as soon as possible, and ior that reason we are pushing down the prices to an unheard o± point. You can afford, at these figures, to lay in a supply now for next winter, M. Z. Grove & Son's. Mngtes a specialty The moral of this picture lies in the ajbpUcaUon. Shingles of pur Brand, whether Spank«d on the Rppf, pr—elsewhere*-

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