The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1899
Page 7
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tJPPEB D3E5S MOlN&S: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1899. , a,' "' DOXSEE'S HARDWAR BULLETIN. PUBLISHED IN THE> INTEREST OP HUMANITY. We present in our Summer Bulletin a description of a large assortment of seasonable and useful articles, with attractive prices. It has always been our aim to get the best goods the market affords and sell them at a reasonable profit—not too high, not too low. We guarantee every article that leaves our store to be exactly as represented, and if a customer does not find it so we would regard it a favor if he would "kick"—not to his neighbor, but to us We are here to satisfy our customers. We cannot guarantee prices quoted after goods advertised are sold, as many were bought before the general advance in prices and they cannot be duplicated at the prices named. Best Teakettle You can buy is our celebrated ROCHESTER, made of heavy copper, nickle plated, extra heavy bail and ears, spout double seamed to body, making it impossible to be melted ofi. The EXTRA HEAVY we are selling for $1.25, while the common nickel plated teakettle we can sell for as long as stock lasts. A Food Chopper that chops everything that is ordinarily chopped in a choppin'g bowl. It is something a housewife can use every day in the week. Chops tough steak, cold meats, vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, pulverizes crackers, etc. It is a household necessity. price Is Blue Monday is filled with enough troubles without having a leaky wash boiler to contend with. If this is one of your troubles on Monday, you can avoid it by buying one of our Anti-rust Wash Boilers—fully guaranteed not to rust—bring it back if it does. It costs a little more than a cheap boiler, naturally, but it is cheaper in the long run. We have boilers for 8oc if you want that kind. \ J-Afini* IVfj^rtt cannot afford to buy cheap gran- s* r~uui iTian itpware His inco £ e is n yf arge enough to permit him to be constantly buying. When we offered our first invoice of "STRANSKY ENAMELED WARE " we were convinced that the people appreciated our efforts to get the BEST to be had. We now haye our second lot of this ware, imported direct from Germany, and if you have never seen it it will repay a visit to our store if for nothing else. Every piece is guaranteed to last 5 years. It is heavily coated with 3 coats of enamel, and it is absolutely free from lead, arsenic and other poisonous substances that enter into the composition of "cheap" granite ware. Before you buy another piece of granite ware, come and see the STRANSKY. We have the cheap ware, too, if you want it. You Save Steps when yeu iron with a set of our Asbestos Lined Sad Irons. They retain the heat longer and iron smoother than , any other. Handle always cool. The finest iron on the market. Price for present stock only We have cheaper irons, too. Little Red Wagons, Not like the cut, but one made of steel, large enough to haul good-sized loads and the school children. We are closing out what we have on hand ;it Only a few left. all sold. S1.S5, 81-^0 £in.cL SI-BO. Will have no more at these prices when these are A Good Wringer with guaranteed solid rubber rolls— something made to stand ordinary usage without cracking or breaking. They cost a little more, but are cheap in the long run. We have cheap wringers for $1.50 if you want them. Our Nickel Tea and Coffee Pots are the best of the kind made—the celebrated "ROCHESTER." Made of copper, they will never rust. The cheapest to buy. We have the ordinary nickel coffee pot, which we are selling at 50 cents each. !/ ", # Your West Room_ will get awfully hot this summer without some protection from the sun. We have an ADJUSTABLE AWNING that will fit any window which ve tan place on your window, all complete, for $3.00. We can sell you tents, wagon covers, stack covers, and everything in the canvas line— sin-d. We buy nothing but the best American-made knives—something we know is all right—something we can stand behind and warrant. Our TEN CENT chain knives are popular with the boys. Our 25, 50, and 60 cent knives are great values. We can please you in cutlery. Hang It with a Louden Barn Door Hanger and it will never come off. The hanger runs on a double track like a hay car- SPOONS. rier.and the track swings on a bracket. The result is your door always hangs plumb and can never be thrown off the track, and being made of steel and maleable iron, they will never break. If you are going to hang a door, let us show you this in operation. We also have a hay door hinge that allows the door to drop down over the bats. That every family may have enough spoons to go around we are offering a set of "SIX TEA SPOONS, plated on solid white metal, guaranteed for two years, 1 /") f*+& o Gcyf- If they are not just as good as the spoons you have, been paying 25 cents for, you can have a set gratis. You cannot afford to miss this special,sale of spoons. This price lasts only for present stock. THE Meyers Hay Carrier IS AS GOOD THE BEST. AS It runs easy and is made to last, pulleys, slings and rope. We carry hay forks, hay A Great Shear Until our present stock is sold we will sell a fully warranted 8-inqh nickel plated shear for only. .. . The size will suit any woman and the cutting qualities cannot be excelled. 50c These Egg Beaters The"Sun>rli*" are worth ONE CENT in cash or postage stamps. We give them away to our regular customers when they buy other goods and ask for one. Any Old Saw may be good enough for a boy or a woman, if they cannot find a better one. We have a saw for 20 cents good enough to keep in the kitchen. Then we keep the good, better, and best—full line. BIO BUGS ATOMIZER 1P"= T 'KILLER f\ I Uiyi \L CK: ^^11 - ON EARTH.- are all right, but the little bugs should be killed. We have a bug killer that will pay for itself in a short time in the saving of material used—just the right thing to spray potato vines, cabbage plants, bushes and all kinds of foliage that is infested with insects. The price of one bushel of potatoes, 50, pents, pays for,it. A Few Cobbler Sets left which we will sell for FIFTY CENTS A SET. Each set contains stand, 3 lasts,. hammer, 3 awls, shoe knife, 2 packs nails, and full directions for half soling. All kinds of Brushes. Paint brushes, whitewash brushes, stove brushes, scrubbing brushes. Our wire horse brush is the finest horse brush made. It removes the dust where all others fail. We sell HAMMAR'S HOUSE PAINT for $1.20 per gallon, and guarantee it for five years. Before you do any fruit canning see our fruit jar holders. Prevent breakage of cans while they are in hot water. Paint Your Buggy for $1.00 with our Carriage Enamel, Special wagon paint, too, The Best Screen Door made, with hinges and pull, for $1.00. Screen windows, wire cloth, and screen door paint. Gasoline Stoves of all kinds, ers for $3.00. ment at Two-hole burn- A large assort- Right Prices. In Refrigerators we have the, qe|e,brated Purney —nothing better made. Positive circulation, dry provision chamber, easy to keep clean. With every cash purchase made at our store beiore June 10 amounting to not less than $1,00, we will give free a setof TEA SPOONS, heavily plated on pure white metal and guaranteed for two years—the same spoon you will pay cents a set for at any store. This offer will positively be withdrawn after June 10. • § -• j t , I icfhrninfif Li! mi* IM III I f£ %3f %*7 We came very near forgetting it altogether. But here it is, and it is called the " Lightning" because it does business just that way—like lightning. Nothing better nj^cje. Have .tfiem in all sizes and at all prices. You need one s,o,on.

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