The Saint Paul Globe from Saint Paul, Minnesota on June 23, 1885 · Page 7
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The Saint Paul Globe from Saint Paul, Minnesota · Page 7

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1885
Page 7
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FREE TO ALL. ~ ' My'X The People's paper, The Dally Globe, will insertadvertlsements under the heads of Help Wanted, Situations Wanted, Lost and . Found,' For Sale, For Rent, Boarding, not exceeding three lines. Free, to rich and poor alike, but only one advertisement on . the same day I from one Individual. If answers fall to come the first time, we invite as many repetitions as are necessary to secure what you j advertise for. We wish the advertisers to feel that they are not Imposing on us by using our free columns. . The Globe is the People's paper, and the people are Invited to use its columns freely in supplying their wants. Business Advertisements, under these heads, will be charged one-half cent a word for each insertion. The patrons of the Globe outside the city are requested to use our free advertising columns, as we desire all to partake of its benefits. THE GLOBE COMPANY, ST. Paul. Minn. SITUATIONS OFFERED. Male. WANTED — A*young man to work In commission V V house, $10 a week. Address GD. this office. 3 WANTED— Lad In grocery. Apply Dale, corner Ashland. 174 FUR coat cutters wanted. Gordon & Ferguson. ' .3 \TTANTED— First-class men to handle Chambers' XX Encyclopedia, with American supplements. Dickens' and Shakespeare's complete works. Terms A No. 1. P F Collier. 57 Davidson block. 174 WANTED— Three men of good address, must be sober and well recommended. Good pay to good men. P F Collier, 57 Davidson block 3 BARKEEPER wanted, must speak German and English. Address PM. this office. 3 BOY wanted immediately to drive a team. Inquire at 627 Jackson street, corner Thirteenth; • steady employment. ■- - ' J JTOUNG man to do general work In a saloon and . restaurant. Call at S ls Robert street. 3 SALESMAN wanted for gents' furnishing goods; must be a good salesman. Address with references and salary expected, B 3, this office. 3 TT'NERGETIC man wanted in every town in Min-Li nesota to work life insurance. Address J T Thurman, Minneapolis. I AN intelligent gentleman having good address wanted at 50 Court block. • • ' A MAN who understands glass-cutting and packing. 3 1 7 ANTED— laborers for Wisconsin: work all XX summer. Coltou, 299 Robert street. 2 FIRST-CLASS blacksmith wanted for general work, call at 92 East Fourth street. _2 ! "TV RIVER at Kent's package delivery. A/V experienced pants makers to sew pants at »J\J home. Apply to Gulterman Bros, 375 and 377 Sibley street. ' . . ANTED— A smart youth in an office to learn YY the business; must have a taste for drawing Address V, Globe office. GOOD salesman wanted In St. Paul and Mlnneapo lis for wholesale cigar house. Address Cigar, Globe office. _^_^__ ■ YOUNG man about 18 years old wanted to tend bar: experienced one preferred. Apply to Tremont house. . ANTED— A business manager with $100 to YV travel with a popular public speaker. Address Furor, this office. RESPECTABLE young man who can lend his employer $200 v . go in partnership in a respectable business. AC, this office. - THREE good hucksters wanted this morning at 65 East Twelfth; two on foot and one with wagon. WANTED— Three active, honest and Intelligent carrier boys for the Dally Globe; must come well recommended; call at the circulator's office in the Globe building after 4 pm. -WE Magraw, city circulator. GOOD blacksmith wanted immediately. Frank Roeller, Northfield, Minn. SIX Canvassers on salary and commission. Century Piano and Organ Co., No 65 East Third street, St. Paul. '■■ 1G5 " 85 WANTED Agents in every town to sell stove attachments. For sample send $1 to JM O' NellL 499 St Peter street, St Paul, Minn. FIRST-CLASS barber wanted. J S Grakm, Red Wing. Minn. .- TWO intelligent men, A first-class opportunity for earnest workers. 12 West Third street. AGENTS wanted In every town, city and county in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Dakota; special patents; easiest selling articles ever made; $6 to $7 a day; exclusive territory if applied for at once. Address with stamp, W H Ingham, 118 Grand avenue, Milwaukee. 161 7* WANTED-Bookkeeper and salesman who enjoy a short smoke to try "Duke Cigarettes." They are absolutely pure, mild and sweet, and the very best that can be produced, regardless of cost. Sold by W. S. Dennis, Gilflllan Block. 147* WANTED— number of well-educated young men of refined and discriminating taste, to try "Duke Cigarettes." They contain only the natural properties, flavor and fragrance of the choicest tobacco in the world. Sold by Aug. Beck & Co.. corner Fifth and Robert. 14 7* Female. WANTED— girl for general housework. Apply at 280 Pleasant avenue. ' 1 •*"■ YOUNG lady wanted to take charge of our retail store. Mahan & Cumbey, 31 and 33 East Third street. y-y.y . ■^ 3 YOUNG lady would like position in office as clerk , or to do writing and copying. Call or address A T X, 88 West Fourth street. 3 GIRL wanted for general housework, 463 East Fifth street.^ '_$ A GERMAN woman as housekeeper and to attend store. Apply at the bakery 871 Minnehaha Street, corner East Seventh. • ■ _3 GERMAN lady wanted for housekeeping. Apply at 871 Minnehaha street. '.'MMy^ WANTED immediately a first-class family cook with references. Achilles, 195 East Seventh. 2 WANTED— to sell fence and do collecting, Schickler & Wilson, corner Sixth and Cedar. 2 LADY wanted for housework and to attend store ; No. 871 Minnehaha, corner East Seventh. 2 A GIRL wanted at 61 Iglehart street. RESIDENT lady agent wanted in every city to sell eiectrine and glossing; steady income after established. Address G M Stancnfield, St Paul. 1 AN experienced girl wanted for general housework at 592 Jackson street. 1 IF you want a first-class girl on short notice go to Achilles' Employment office, 195 East Seventh and 548 Wabasha; telephone. ...... 1 GIRLS wanted for cooks, laundresses, chambermaids, dining-room, nurse and general housework at employment agency, 817 Wabasha. . 1 WANTED — Girl for general housework in small family; good wages paid. 371 Washington itreet, opposite city hall. 1 j 1 — 1 — _~^ — —^ — AN apprentice for dressmaking wanted at 248 West Third street. ,'y-i ;„'..n ;;, : ; ; A GIRL wanted for general housework; Scandinavian preferred. Apply at 471 East Fifth street. . My GIRL to assist with housework at 536 L'Orlent street. :: yMy WANTED— A good dressmaker that can cut and fit. Apply in person to 319, East Seventh Street. ".•; :r "• "riT-C" " "r~ '" A COMPETENT nurse girt wanted at 139 Summit avenue. . WANTED — A good girl accustomed to do work at a boarding house. - Apply at once at No. 236 East Ninth street. GIRL for general housework, must be a good cook. Apply at 371 Washington street. WANTED— a girl to do general housework, call at 837 Maria avenue. • AMIDDLE-aged lady can find a good home, either color. Apply No 291 Sibley street. A GOOD girl wanted to do general housework. Call at No 367 Washington street. . . -'■ '•*-•'*■'; SITUATIONS WANTED. Male. ~~ WANTED Situation by a man of experience to take care of a boat at the lakes, or generally useful in family; understands the care of horses. Address F M B, 148 East Ninth street. ■ 3 A YOUNG man, aged 28 years, would like situation In cigar or queensware house; eight years' experience on the road. Address CB, this office. 3 TRIAL by — Any firm requiring the services of a competent book-keeper and accountant; expectations to suit the times. Address Fatality, this offlce. - ■ 3 . . SITUATION wanted by a middle-aged man to do any kind of work. Address HR. 491 Wabasha street. 3 A GOOD boy wants a . situation to take care of of horses and work about the house. Address F W B, this office. 3 YOUNG man, German, who can tend to horses, JL and talks perfect English and French, wants a Situation. Address EH 24, Globe. 3 WANTED by a reliable man of 29, employment in any capacity; good penman; best references W. 432 East Ninth street. 3 WORK wanted by a woodworker, is used to general shop; ten years* experience; city or country. Address TW, 432 East Ninth street. ; 3 SITUATION by a young man who is willing to dc anything; understands taking care of horses and iolng chores. Address Will, Globe. 3 BY a young man of some experience, a position as shipping clerk in St. Paul or Minneapolis. Address CH F, this office. , .;, :. y. , . | WANTED— Situation as baker in city or country. Address 510 St Peter street j A POSITION wanted by a reliable young man*ln s retail boot and shoe store; can give good refer ences. Address HM, this office. -3 BY a young man position wanted in store or offlce, good at figures, references furnished. Address A H, care Globe. ,_y. ; « YOUNG man. stranger in the city, desires employ' ment. Is willing to accept anything respectable. Addresa T H H, this office. - BY a first-class bartender who can speak English and German. : Address CM, Globe office.- .*,.'.* I SITUATIONS WANTED. Male Continued. DRUG clerk; a live energetic ; young man 'of 21, with three years' experience in drug and prescription business, , desires a position in a store where he can make himself .useful; .best references from last employer; salary not as much an object as a good, permanent situation.'' Speaks : German and English. Address Svapnla, Globe office. - -174-75 BY a young Norwegian, situation wanted | as bartender; four years' experience. Address SG, this offlce. - v 8 YOUNG man of experience In dry goods and general merchandise, desires a situation; will come well recommended. Address AO, 27 West Fifth street. . . • ,• 3 SITUATION In dry goods or clothing store, wholesale or retail, 11 years' experience; speaks English Swedish and German. Address L, 805 East Seventh street. ,y .■<>*: ;-Y?' ; ".- 3 BY a young, single gentleman, situation wanted as cook, baker or bartender,speaks English, German and French. Address Andrew Shallcr, Huron, Dak. 3 CAPABLE young married man, situation wanted, any work acceptable; experienced coachman or teamster or storehouse man. Address CAS, 812 Rondo street. . ..r ■..-..■■ ■ ■ ■ 3 A POSITION wanted in a bank or lawyer's offlce by a strictly reliable boy. Address S: H, this offlce. "-; ".':;'.' .y . '_ '" f7. .- 3 A POSITION In an office wanted by a young man, can write shorthand and use type-writer. Address A H C, 49 West Fourth street, city. 3 WANTED— Situation by a young man speaking Norwegian and English; four years experience. Address SG, this offlce. ' ' ■-• * 2 WANTED— Work on farm within reasonable distance of city by the month or day. Address X, Globe. .- 1_ AN EXPERIENCED baker wants a situation in a bakery or restaurant Address JB, 276 Josette street. ■ WANTED— Situation as copyist, bookkeeper or » V work in offlce by a young man who speaks English and Swedish; best references. Address J W C. . , l_ SITUATION wanted by a good, steady girl In pri- O vate family. Address Mary Qulnn, 151 East Ninth street. , '. 1 • BY experienced clerk, shipper and correspondent, accustomed to trust position and not afraid of work; best references. Dayton. 204 Drake block. 1 A YOUNG man wishes a position of any kind; can make himself generally useful. Address RM, care this office. •__! CIGAR salesman with three years' experience «-.d established trade In St Paul and all through Minnesota wishes situation at once. Address Hk S, Globe. i A waiter wishes employment in hotel or restaurant; good references. Address R IJ, Globe offlce. 'MMM 1 SITUATION wanted on country newspaper, eight years' experience. Address V Globe. •» ?.t<..' 1 ANTED— An experienced bookkeeper having a few hours at his disposal would like a lot of books to post and balance. "Reliable," Globe office. SITUATION wanted as pastry cook by a young man with good references. Inquire at 448 St. Peter street. . , • . - .' f: ■ . SITUATION by a young German who Is willing to work, has experience in paper business. Address H 22, this offlce. ,' .y*" • BY a young man of 18, well acquainted with the city, situation wanted at any respectable work; best of reference given. B X 47, this office. COLLECTOR--Situation wanted by a steady young man of good habits as collector, or situation in law office; references. Address SF, this office. PRACTICAL man having evenings at his disposal Is open to get out plans and specifications. I R W, this office. ' ■ MAN who filled position of trust twelve years, experienced in buying and selling, wants position of responsibility. Address CB D, care Globe. A N expert bookkeeper of long experience desires xY. to get temporary or permanent employment. Address Ledger, this office. „ . -•■ .. .- BY experienced bartender, situation wanted. Address 194 Fifteenth street. "/' ' BY an engineer and machinist, situation wanted.' Address W Becker, 52 Eagle street. BY a reliable man, situation wanted - as coachman, in private family, can take care of garden, good references. Address HA, care Globe. .;.,;..•: WRITING or copying of any kind to do evenings. VV Address CT F. care Globe. '.. SITUATION wanted in an offlce by a young man of steady habits; best of city reference. Speaks French and English. Address SJ C, Globe. - MAN with ten years' experience in business: ac-IVX quainted In the Northwest; will pay $100 for position guaranteed; five months at $50 or better, or with house permitting a commencement : at low wages with chances for promotion. Address D C, this offlce. 169-176 A YOUNG man (Norwegian) who speaks good English wants a place as bartender. Some experience. JM B, care Globe offlce. A SITUATION wanted by a young German who has experience In office work. Speaks English and French. Addres E H 24, this office. YOUNG man wants place to drive and take care of horses In private family; knows the city; has good reference. Address MD, Globe office. ' A BOY of education, 17 years old, wants a position in a grocery store. Address John Huebsh, 323 Erie street. :-.■<■ n y-MM'X ... :■ SITUATION wanted as a stationary engineer. Apply at 381 East Seventh street. Alex-Porter.' J ; SITUATION wanted as watchman by a steady man. Address A Becker, 552 Eagle street. . SITUATION wanted by a first-class barkeeper who can speak English and Scandinavian. , Best of recommendation. [ Address A W, Globe office. A BOY about 15 years old, talks Norwegian and English, wants situation as driver for a grocery store. Address SN, Globe office. .. ■ -.-"•.<'.-.' A SONG and dance artist wants a date with a combination or minstrel party. Address Ajax, Globe. SITUATION wanted by a young man in wholesale house; six years' office experience In Canada; good references. Address N, this office. ■ .'; ..," Female. IF you want a first-class girl on short notice, goto Achilles, 195 East Seventh. .•;•*'.: 174 YOUNG lady wants a situation as companion to a lady, or as governess in city or country. Miss R Swan, St. Paul. 3 PLENTY of good girls with references want situations at Seven Corners Employment office. M Thomson. - ..-•.■,'.'.' r • .'• 3 A PLACE wanted as second: cook In a hotel or restaurant; good references. Address GA, this office. 3 ADY wants copying to do, she Is a reliable and legible copyist and will guarantee satisfaction. Address M G P, care Globe. ;'. : . MM: BY a young lady, plain sewing wanted in a private family. Apply 704 Armstrong street. •■, %7, : { WANTED— Places for some good German girls. Achilles' Employment offlce, 195 East Seventh. GOOD German girls waiting for situations. " Intelligence office, corner Sixth and ' Minnesota streets, Mrs Schnell. ..■■-;.::' •' ■■, ANTED A position to wait on an invalid, can V V do plain sewing. Address HD J. Globe. PLACES wanttd for some very good German girls. Achilles' Employment office, 195 East Seventh. SITUATION by a dressmaker in a . dressmaking establishment, or will sew in families. , Address Dressmaker, 892 Robert street. , - v.: _...- D _ RESSMAKING by the day wanted. Call at 25 East Ninth street. "' ."..' A RESPECTABLE young lady desires a . situation In a confectionery store; has had two years' experience. Can be seen at 571 Westminster street. WANTED by a young lady a place to work morning and night for her board. Address 4J C, Globe offlce. - - y ■■_ ,yy' : M '■ WANTED A lady stenographer wants a position' in Minneapolis or St Paul; willing to do 'other, office work; references furnished. Address H 89, ! Globe office. . yy/M 7"..; WANTED TO BUY. WANTED— dump cars and 500 feet T rails ' V\ " cheap for cash. Tumbull & Blackmail, Still' water. ... ; ANTED— To buy a lot of the owner, St Anthony hill preferred, price not to exceed $1,000, on easy terms. Address D D 11, Globe office. WANT to buy a lot and pay as part payment top buggy and gold watch. Address" P D Q, this office. -..-.- v. WANTED — To purchase a residence in West St Paul by monthly payments. Address ABC, this office _ WANTED— To buy a half Interest in a barber, shop, to get a place to finish the trade. Address E, Globe. ■i-yMM.M.My WANTED to Buy — A young water spaniel. Ad- 1 dress FM, -this office, y^y] '■••/. '.'-;'; WANTED to buy, small horse or pony. ■ B. W, this office. ' WANTED to buy— for cash. P. F Leask & Co., 132 East Third street. . 126* FINANCIAL. tjA I \f\(\ 7 per cent, first-class mortage for sale. %>UjU\J\J Robert P Lewis, Sherman block. 3 MONEY to Loan. Scoville k Bateham, room 27. German- American bank building. , 163-193 MONEY loaned on furniture and all personal property of value without removal," publicity or delay, in sums and time to suit. H Rothschild, broker, 104 East Third street: "."■''" 153-183 DO YOU want some money? Will . lend $10 and ♦4? upward on your furniture, pianos, organs, horses, carriages, wagons and anything else of value; no publicity; all business strictly confidential. Darning & Co, 362 Jackson street. : 160-90 6 PER cent- money to loan n sums -of $5,000 and upwards on first-class improved city property. Graves & Vinton.3ol Drake block. • '. 149-209. <£1 OHO on first-class Woodland park property t$X)\J\J\J wanted. Address GB, Globe. ,•*_••.. ' &*]/)/)( \i M 1 HAVE $100,000 placed with me VPX\J\J^\J\J\J ,by Eastern parties which I can loan on improved St Paul real estate in sums of any amount from $1,000 up to $25,000, on very favorable terms. S « Stokes, brokerage and Insurance, No 157 East Fourth street. 7 7 122* THE ST. PAUL DAILY GLOBE. TUESDAY MORNL7STG, JUNE 23, 1885. 7 FOR RENT. . , Stores, Etc. ANEW store or rent, with good - cellar and L four living rooms. A good location for any business, 494 Rice street. "'■' . . 3 A GOOD corner store In a very fine location is for rent. ' Good chance to start In . grocery, feed, etc. Address MX, Globe office. STOKE 542 Laurel avenue. Good business stand. Apply next door. . , .;•; 7 TO RENT— A store In a good neighborhood. It Is a fair opportunity to start in any business, Inquire WP, Globe office. . . • ■ : ;';■■ FOR RENT— Store In splendid location for ' shoe, . drug or any first-class business, rent 135."' Apply to H Wright, 129 West Fourth street. STORE and dwelling:, splendid location on University avenue; rent low to the right party. Inquire A B Wilgns & Bros., Jackson street. HE four-story building 146 West Third street for rent. . John Kelliher, 192 West Third street. FOR RENT— Store on St. Peter and Martin streets; three rooms above and cellar below; fine location. McClung, McMurran & Curry. :, .'■.:,-. 163* FOR RENT— Store on East Seventh , street; six rooms above, cellar below. McClung. McMurran & Curry, German- American bank building. 162* TWO stores corner University and Virginia avenues; good location for boots and shoes, millinery, dry goods or hardware business. Inquire Gray k Morlarty, room No 1 Union block, corner Fourth and Cedar. 154* FOR RENT— brick store, (Klefer's row), corner East Seventh and Minnehaha streets; good location for clothing and gents' furnishing, household goods or second-hand store; cheap rent. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer, 190 East Seventh street. 95-98* BUILDING 20 by 40, suitable for storeroom or manufacturing purposes, Willius street, near Fifth. C H Schnittger. 275 East Seventh. 105* Houses. "VTICELY furnished house of ten rooms to rent. li Inquire 349 Franklin street. ■- » '3 HOUSE at Merriam Park for rent. Chas N. Bell, Gllflllan block. ...-.■ -3 SIX-ROOM tenement for rent, 44 Sherman street. W H & E P Sanborn, room 66, National German-American Bank building. 3 FOR RENT— A dwelling house with eight rooms, beside cellar and garret, on Iglehart street next east of Josette street. Apply to D W Ingersoll, corner Nelson avenue and Iglehart street. 3 ANEW desirable residence with eight rooms and summer kitchen for rent at 238 Thirteenth strct . y-.|BSm 3 NEW room cottage, White Bear, near lake J.™ and .epots, for the season; board next door. Address T, Globe office. -V -v MmM-.'M s'XM'MM 8 . FURNISHED house of seven rooms for rent to re' sponsible party for three or four months; Inquire 426 Rice street. , y y . 3 HOUSE on St. Anthony hill; $15 per month. Inquire of Horton Portrait Co., 440 Wabasha street. :-M~>yy y'MM yMy •'. . > 2 A nice large house with twelre rooms and lovely grounds, best of location, next to Christ church. Inquire at 349 Franklin street. .'MM' 1 SIX-ROOM house furnished complete for housekeeping to rent to a party without children. 89 Iglehart street. . 1 NEAT new eight-room house centrally located MS and close to street railway for rent at $25 per month. E Bcrreau, 364 Wabasha street. 1 FOR RENT— Thlrteen-room house, No. 520 St Paul street. Inquire John Rogers, Jr, & Bro, 102 Drake block. ■••:;•■■ « 1 FOR RENT— New eight-room house at Merriam Park, good cellar, well and cistern; rent $80. J H Frost, Lovering Park. .- \M'M 172-8 CPOfJper month, new nine-room house. IN «POU Snow. 144 East Third street. 172 BRICK houses to rent, Nos. 87 and 89 Summit avenue, between Rice and St Peter streets, eight and nine rooms, excellent cellar, pantry, closets, water, gas.etc, in each, $40 and $45 per month; these are very desirable and seldom vacant. Hezekiah Hall, 120 East Third street. 172-5 FOR RENT— Seven-room house on Cooper street, near Ninth. Three minutes' walk from Union depot. M Lyons. . FURNISHED House for the summer, will be let cheap to the right parties, 377 Washington street, near park. -?**:> ';}MM<.M*. FOR RENT— Two desirable stores, with or without rooms above, at 845-849 East Seventh street. Inquire of C Anderegg, 822 East Seventh street. FOR two months, to gentleman and wife, furnished house, 137 West Fifth street, near Rice park. References required. ' s HOUSE of four rooms for rent, closet and pantry; hard and soft water. $12. 494 Rice street. ANEW house of nine rooms for rent, all modern improvements, rent low, shady ground. • Apply at 171 Charles street, next door. " V;' ; FOR RENT, June 24, house of seven rooms, Phalen water, good cellar, 527 Deßow street. Inquire at II C Munger's, 107 East Third street. ALL ON THE HOUSE-RENTING AGENCY, room 27, German-American Bank building, if yon want a house; desirable homes at reduced rentals; new houses with all the latest improvements; an extensive list; no charge for our assistance In procuring houses, j 168-83 TWO brick houses eight and nine rooms, with water, gas, etc., for rent; central and desirable; No. 87 and 89 Summit avenue. ' H Hall, 120 East Third street. - .1 FOR RENT— HaIf of a large house, 463 East Fifth ■ street. SMALL house for rent $9 a month. Inquire 229 Charles, near Rice street. HOUSE of three rooms, kitchen, woodshed ana well for rent. No 327 Pleasant avenue. TWO new houses of eight rooms each for rent. . 121 East Fourteenth street, corner of Robert; $25 per month. OR RENT— Six-room tenement 44 Sherman street, L old number. ■ ' .- ■'. - : : 'yV\ i.'-' ! *.';-.-:'> : --; FOR RENT— Seven-room house on Eaton avenue. Inquire 436 Jackson street. ONE room on first floor to rent cheap at 63 Ramsey street. Call before Thursday. . NEW double house on Grove street near Broadway for rent. Apply 113 Valley street. i-g^Si". A COTTAGE of five rooms to rent. Inquire at 327 Iglehart street. C£l "I PER MONTH— house St Anthony V.-f-J- hill. I N Snow, 144 East Third street. FOR — Nine room house on Mackubin street, .between Dayton and Marshall, city water, bath room, furnace, speaking tubes, etc. J L Mahan, 31 East Th ird street. 115* FOR RENT— Houses from $G to $10 and s2o. James Dillon, 254 Commercial street. 2u2* FOR RENT— From May 1, store and dwelling, cor ncr Rice and Summit avenue; fine location for most any business. Inquire of A. li. Kiefer, 190 East Seventh street. 95-98* Rooms. A NICELY furnished front room, first floor. Also, ' two rooms on second floor. 227 Spruce street. . 3 PLEASANT front rooms on first floor and car line ; large shady yard; ten minutes walk from Bridge square. SP, this office. i>.r '■':■; 3 THREE rooms and alcove communicating, partly furnished or furnished complete .for light housekeeping to rent to gent and wife; 231 West Seventh street. '.y^'-'y :M M : y-My WSEEti. 3 t^URNISnED rooms at 562 Fort street, corner of Fifth street. WSSBA 3 FINE room furnished on St. Anthony hill; beautiful location. Apply 456 Ashland avenue. 3 FURNISHED rooms to rent, West St. Panl, fine \ view of city and river. Apply 52 Prospect terrace. 3 SUITE handsomely furnished rooms with use of bath; Pleasant avenue: five minutes' walk from postoffice. Address T F Globe. 3 THREE ' unfurnished rooms for rent for light , .housekeeping at 449 St Peter street. Rent moderate. ::':-'':. 3 — : — . . : ! : , ONE lower front room nicely furnished to rent; pleasantly shaded, for one gentleman $10, for two $12, and upper room $8 per month; 516 Stillwater street. HItfHHMBMMMBSM'SiCESBIBSiJK 2 FIRST-CLASS room and board at 282 West Seventh street. - " \{-\ -y „';_ .y y -.■_ ,■ 1 TO RENT— Unfurnished front room and alcove, private family, house has modern Improvements, convenient to business, terms moderate. P2, Globe office. ' y ; '„ ' ' - ;. 1' TO RENT— A small fiat suitable for housekeeping, Phalen water, closet, second floor, very cheap to good parties. 437 West Seventh. ■ 1 NICELY furnisned rooms suitable for man and wife or two gentlemen, with use of bath. 484 Cedar street opposite capitol. . .•;.£';, 1~2 1 FURNISHED room, large : closet 212 Pleasant avenue, near Third street. . i FOUR neat rooms and three closets, down stairs, 435 Warsaw street, good well and cistern, at a reasonable figure. ■ . .....-'.-■■ '" 1 FRONT rooms, furnished or unfurnished, for rent at 569 Canada street. . i FOR RENT to two young ladles or two gentlemen, for sleeping room, furnished . front parlor with use of piano," also bath; references; price $8. 27 East Ninth street. . - 172-3 TWO pleasant furnished rooms to rent, $5 and $6. j27 East Ninth street." ~ ' ." y > .' ,:. 1 NICELY furnished room, half block from Rice Park. 125 West Fifth street. '. • i -'"PO RENT— A nicely furnished front room to one .J- or two gentlemen, at 46 West Fifth. •■'■ 1 SUITES of new furnished rooms for housekeeping or private/ rent low to permanent parties. Inquire corner Third and Exchange streets, up stairs. . :.- *. 1 ■ FURNISHED or unfurnished rooms, single or en suite, private family, terms ' moderate.' .-' 223 Grove.street, between Canada and Broadway. "' 1 TWO furnished ; front ■' rooms, $9 ! per month. 14 Burton place, corner of Broadway and Mt Airy. 1 FOR RENT— j furnished parlor on first floor; terms reasonable. ,228 West Sixth..; •• y \ 1 FOR RENT— A pleasant, furnished room, suitable for two gentlemen, with board, also use of bath. 5132 West Seventh street. ..■ ... j FOR RENT— Large, cool room, modern - improve; ments, suitable for gentleman and wife or one or »wo gentlemen, near Portland block, and I other good private board. 320 Eighth street. i MMM '■ '; EOR RENT. ; . : -I'- 7 . ■■'- yy;-y: :,;; Booms Continued. : --• -- ;^f VERY desirable rooms on s first floor, with, first: - Yy class board, at 20 College avenue west. . j 1 : . FOUR furnished rooms, ' ready for housekeeping only $5 per month and . the trouble .' of • looking . after three other . rooms In same ' house. • ;- 18 West Bluff street. ■' ■ ' ■'■• ! -:-'.--'.-'-t>"--.)-;.V.;-'. .■< ly FRONT room suitable for two ladles or gentleman and wife,' with board; private • family. ; Terms moderate. '■" 460 Selby avenue. „.7 r ;,,.'.-, *.-■/ y . 1 OR RENT— Nicely furnished alcove room, ' St Anthony hill, one block "from. Summit park. Address 8," Globe office. "'■ .'.•.■'.■" "'•'.■. ;'. , y ; 1 THREE very pleasant rooms for light housekeeping for rent, five minutes' walk from Merchants hotel. _A B, Globe. .'•■.. ■---'■ ■■ ■> • j .' ■-£ ■:■ - '■ 1 SECOND and third floors of ' No. :95 East y Third ; street; also two good I brick i bouses near busi- . ness. T D Slmonton, 40 East Third street. ■;>.;-, NICE front room with closet, furnished or unfurnished. 47 South Forbes. ' ■ i •' k 172-73 FOX RENT— front room with alcove, furnished. ; 826 East Tenth street.,' ■ ' -,-, ; , . '• 1 1. FOR RENT— - unfurnished rooms i for housekeeping; best location for offices. 181 % East Seventh, opposite Olympic theater. y ; ' „ 'li A FEW nicely furnished rooms for rent with firstclass board. Apply, at 82 Broadway, comer Sixth. Terms reasonable. -\;M-~ ■'■--. LARGE furnished - room facing Rice park. 346 Market street. ■ ' . : - ;' ' ■ .yy 171* 'J TWO flats of eleven rooms, five closets, Phalen water, corner of Wabasha and Eighth streets. Apply to A Winter, 460 Wabasha street. ■:•■ :■ NICELY : furnished room, suitable for two, rent very low. 537 Broadway. ; , ■ . FOR RENT— Two furnished rooms, v 160 West Third street. French bakery. •■ - .;, >t M..: . \ TWO furnished rooms in new house for rent, corner of Delos street and Hall avenue. West St. Paul. NEATLY furnished room for rent, with orwithout board, bath and other conveniences; 229 Spruce street.' ;.'••,(,' " .\-..7 .".'; .M^M-;,.!.- ■■ -M ■ | ONE nicely furnished front room, first floor; also two rooms on second floor, 227 Spruce street.', y ALCOVE room, unfurnished, suitable for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, 165 Iglehart, near Summit park. „ ;■ - :>MMi'\ ICE, furnished front room, with closet, very low rent, 321 Chestnut street, one block from Seven Corners. ' . '•> ' NEATLY furnished alcove jj room "to rent, near Summit park, St Anthony hill. Address S, Globe office. " .'.";'" FURNISHED rooms for rent, new house and new furniture, terms moderate. :. 223 ' Grove . street, between Canada and Broadway. ;, ::. M : \ : :M : M-MMy. FURNISHED room wanted, with or without board, within three blocks of Metropolitan hotel. Address X, Globe office. - .• LARGE furnished front room, with alcove and . closet, for ' husband and! wife or two young ladles, pleasant location. 122^Iglehart street.. FOUR rooms for rent at 50 East Seventh street. Suitable for housekeeping. • - J ,', M 7 ; Miscellaneous. GOOD barn for rent. , Inquire at 400 AA'est Seventh street. ' ': »'■ y ' ..'. • ; '." 3 BASEMENT for rent 66 East Seventh street, suitable for barber shop or laundry; rent cheap to a good tenant. Apply Cunningham's wholesale cloth house, 66 and 6, East Seventh street. '"' y 1 FOR RENT— Offlce and desk room, $5 per month. George J Flint, 356 Jackson street. • . . 172-73 RESTAURANT for rent. Inquire 815 Robert street. . . 7 ; : 'XM^M:MyM.-y^MM : y'y FOR RENT— floor, 50x95 feet, large . and light, with use of elevator. Griggs & Co., 190 and 192, East Fifth. '■. .''-. Myyi «S'f-7 162-75 WANTED TO RENT. : WANTED to Rent A carpenter's shop to do job. bing In; located between Seven Corners, Ninth and Sibley streets; state location, size, and lowest price. Address SA W, 179 East Third street. „ '„ 174-76 ■ ' ;. . PERMANENT tenant wants -five-room house July 1, not over twenty minutes' walk from Globe office; moderate rent. Address F H Cole, Globe. 1 WANTED — Room and board by single gentleman east of Dakota avenue. West side. Address R R, this office. .- \ yy 1 WANTED— Board and room, not to exceed $5 per week. Address H S AY, this office. . - :. y •; ; 1 FURNISHED ROOM wanted near business in private family; must bo moderate priced and have modern conveniences. \ State location ; and price; can't call. HX, Globe office. ' ' .'„: MM LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED— Saturday, morning from stable, Eighth and Sibley, dark bay horse, black mane and tail, 10 to 12 years old, weight about 1,100 B>8; $10 reward for information leading to his recovery. Abbey & Alexander. • ;^ :.y v .' ; * ' " " . 3 LOST Between Eighth and Dickinson's, a chatelaine nickel watch and gold chain; . reward will be paid by returning to S G Dickinson, corner St Peter and Fourth. . ■' - ■' ■*'.' i. 3 TAKEN UP— A white cow with a brindle neck, about 5 years old. Call at 123 Fairfield avenue. 3 LOST— gold eye-glasses with small gold chain attached. Finder 'return to Cook's 'Omnibus office and receive reward. _ , ..- . ; 3 FOUND— Ivory handle ' for cane, etc,, on Locust . street. Apply to G A Miller, city postoffice. 8 LOST — Saturday n'ght on Mississippi street, a lady's red plush hind bag, containing yell.purse, etc. Please return to Globe office and receive reward. M; M'MMyMX"M-'-\ ■ ' 3 BROWN water spaniel, on Friday, the ISth Inst., answers to name of Hero; collar on his neck with owner's name. $5 rew.ard for his return to J N Rogers, 36 East Third street. : -" 3 LOST— English pug dog, on Monday the 15th inst; answers to the name of Ben. Return to corner L' Orient and Mt Airy streets and receive satisfactory reward. " >'■■". - I,*; • . ' 1 FOUND— Cow, brindle neck. Call at 123 Fairfield avenue, AVest, St Paul. MMXMMMMM-: 1 LOST One large sorrel horse, weight about 1,400 pounds, blind in left I eye. had on an old halter when lo3t; also one small black horse," weight about 900 pounds. A reward of $25 - will be paid for their return to G F Gregg, No. 449 Goodhue: street, St Paul, Minn. . j " -..: 172-8 LOST At the Baptist church. Monday night, a black lace scarf. Finder will please return it to the janitor or 476 Cedar street. : LOST— A small cow, red, with a mixture of gray, round pointed horns with a rope round them. Aug Hoffman, 905 Conway street. T — By old smokers, a -.taste for the . ordinary XJ cigars. The purest, sweetest and i best short smoke In the world is found In "Duke Cigarettes." They are pure, mild and sweet, yielding " only, the dainty delicacy which has made pure choice tobacco a world's favorite. Sold by Mitchell & Spink. 147* FOUND— dollars In gold, lying near an empty package of Duke Cigarettes, | which arc ' golden In quality, delicacy, flavor, purity, etc. Sold by Aug. Beck & Co., Fifth & Robert. ' •, 147* FOUND— The dealer.who does not procure "Duke Cigarettes" for his patrons Is open to the suspicion of not studying their interest. The cost of manufacture of the Duke Is as great as that 'of any other. They are hand-made,' by skilled workmen, from the choicest and highest cost tobacco in America, and French rice paper treated to remove every impurity. They are absolutely the purest, sweetest and best cigarette that can be produced and sold at fair prices, which afford : all a fair but not exorbitant profit. Sold by W- S. Dennis, Gllflllan block. 147* BOARDING OFFERED. y OARD and lodgings, with use of bath, $4.50 per week. . 183 Pleasant avenue ,y: ' ; 1 ROOM and board for two young men; terms $2o per month each. Call at 410 Carroll street. ' LADIES' HOME, 548 Wabasha, good and cheap; try lt. ..■ ".."■ _■ -. y MMyyy A FEW boarders wanted for the summer at Bald Eagle lake. Address Mrs. C. Mllner, White Bear Lake postoffice. '. '■ BOARD— First-class "-table-board for* $4.50 per, week; call at No 488 Cedar street. . GOOD board can be had by the day, week or meal at 232 West Seventh street. • \ ; TO EXCHANGE. ANTED TO EXCHANGE— 2 lots, Lyman Dayton's addition,' ' Shipman's subdivision, for horse and buggy; will 'give part cash. Address JD, X, this office. '"-.;• - rV: ..'- . . : ,- : . • v WANTED to exchange, a fine three-quarter blood Jersey milch' cow for a good work horse by' paying boot. Address H J Harrison, 123 Rice. .1 WANTED to trade, a fineTupright piano for part payment on a lot. Call 466 AVabasha street. 1 FOR EXCHANGE— desirable residence lot In Minneapolis for a good, single buggy horse. -. Address L P Durand, box 2280, St Paul. MISCELLANEOUS. LADY studyiug short hand wants some one to dictate; will dictate in return. . Address Z X, Globe office.-;.: .'.-■'_ :'.M . .■ •-.■M-. -■>';." y.yyyy y,l BETHEL MISSION, corner Sixth -'■ and Rosabel, preaching at 3:80 p. m. by Chaplain Smith. • 1 I HAVE this day purchased the interest of Charles .Walker and will hereafter conduct the business alone. Henry Dußols, St. Paul. June 18, 1835. g ■'• '': WHETHER you go away or stay, at i home | this summer tourists' jackets at the Boston, ■St Paul. .:■:. ;. :.-. •■,-'•/■'..■■ • y : "': •"■•'.■ ■ '"■",:., ' ■. I 'OR SALE— Dally production in May, 1883, 26,000; X- - daily production May, 1885, 1,500,000. This gives some Idea of the sale and growth •in public faror of j '•Duke Cigarettes,", absolutely the ' highest grade money can produce, and.' sold at a fair '■ price, has been the cause of this Immense sale. * Sold by W. S. Dennis, Gilfillan block. :. :. , .;■ ; '■'■- '* ■ ': ' ■ "■ ■■ ■'■" y : 147*. ETROPOLITAN band and .orchestra. . Leave orders at 432 Wabasha street. , .' -y ' : 147-207 ANTED— 'Everyone to call or . telephone to J M • Cooley, In rear of 563 Broadway, for all .kinds of '■ caipenter work — screen ' doors and windows a specialty. -.;..■'.,'..■ '.■.'-•..'.■...;"■.■ ■.':■"; 7: .'_—*." 127* STOVES stored away for the season," called for and put up again In the fall. y Call or address Joseph Haag, 808 West Seventh street. r , ' • " 102* •;.* 7 business CHANCES. 7:7 : -7 ;:■:■ ANTED— partner with $100 In a well establlshed business In St. Paul. Address j Important,'P. O. yy. yy- y- y.-. ..,■;''-. 3 BUTCHERS to the front; cheapest . shop In town; fine location; $2,300 buys it. Bentley ; k Hlldebrand,3l3!4 Jackson. yy :..•.. '. ■ ■■•.'•' .■'- 8 A GOOD saloon, best location in the city, for sale cheap. Inquire 476 Jackson street. . ■'. '3 WANTED— Mill— $2,000 •-., bonus and: site, with i plenty of i good water, offered : to a good party who will put In a f fifty-barrel roller mill In a live town in the great wheat belt of the Jim River Valley, Dak.' '■: Write for Information to editor Free Press. Frederlok, Dak. ' : 173-77 PARTNER wanted to advertise and manage new ' offlce business; very profitable; little money required. •:• Address Eureka, Globe. ,<: : 1 CITY drug store doing a ' good cash ; ' trade ; . fine . chance for a German; only cash buyers need apply; price $2,000. -Address C, Globe offlce. ■■; ■■.' - l 1 ; ANTED— A partner with $500 In a paying busi.■',V V t ness. v Call at 4 West Fairfield avenue. ; : 1 STOCK of gents' furnishing : goods ■■. for sale with O lease and fixtures of store. Address II G, this office.:-. :y M■- . .' 'y.'y-: : .>. 1 WANTED An intelligent business man as salesman, with $500, in a manufacturing business in St Paul to take one-third interest in the business; established; f, paying ; 150 per cent.' Address A O, Globe. , ■••: 172-3 FOR SALE— Laundry, In good location, doing ' a cash business. ' Address CN, this offlce. . < 1 FOR SALE— and fixtures, corner Seventh and Arcade. NUson Co. ' , ..';.•:.'',?,.■ * TO LEASE— Nice place for beer garden or summer boarding house, ten minutes drive from center of city. Address PH X, Globe offlce. 7-1 WANTED— with $3,500 to take half interest In a well-established general merchandise store short distance from St Paul ; must have good experience. For particulars Inquire of Arthur, Warren k Abbott,' St Paul. ■'■-„; - , '..-.'■'■:-. 172-85 FOR RENT— Meat store, good locality, attractive terms. Jay HDe Turk, Dale street. 172 SALOON for sale in good circus locality; doing , good business. West Side. Address J C, Globe office. .■ .-yy'.." 171-72. FOR SALE — A fresh stock of groceries In one of the most flourishing towns In Southern Dakota; a railroad junction and county seat; surrounded by a fine farming country; well established trade. Here Is a splendid opportunity. Other business compels mo to Bell. g Address lock box 3, Woonsocket, Dak. 1 A MAN with $500 can double it in. five months; must do it before the 23d Inst. . Address E O, Globe, • 1 WANTED— barber to locate in a [ town of 600 Inhabitants; first-class location for a good man. For information address lock box 27, Howard, Dak. BOARDING HOUSE and saloon for sale, with license and fixtures. No. 848 West Seventh street. - MyyM'MlM'y iI 'MyMM-M-"-4"yy. t' :■'■': PARTNER wanted in a saloon doing a good business; West side; «500. * Address M C, Globe offlce. „-.'■•.y yM '. y '■ - .'..'MMyM:-MMRESTAURANT for sale; doing good business; over three years' lease. For particulars call at Kranz's hotel, Third and Sibley. . ► 7. WANTED— Partner in real estate offlce. Good list and first-class location. Address HJ, care Globe. ■ -MyMy.-M FOR SALE— Boarding house and saloon with fixtures and furniture. ' Inquire at .194 East Third street. . •'."■;-..' .7:.'^ '•■>». ONE of best paying restaurants In business center; only $200 down. McDowell, 36 East Third street. <2J"| £ OnO - Wlu buy first-class mill property «4p±0 9 UUIJ in excellent location, capacity of mill 225 bbls. in '24 hours; good reason for selling, will -sell on very good terms. ! For particulars . address C. O. Lockrem, Northfield, Minn. 164-193 WANTED— business man with few thousand dollars to make a fortune, In quick time, safe and sure. Address Allena, Globe offlce. GOOD opening for a confectioner or butcher, best stand in the city. Address . Confident, care this office. X:yM: M:'XM'MX'MMM RESTAURANT for rent. Inquire 412 Jackson street. v.v V-- "7"; '':.-. yM -.- 'y.:yM yM\M~ FOR RENT— Klefer's Terra Cotta works. Here is the chance to build up the best paying manufacturing business in the state. , .Terra cotta is now used in most every building. Architects will tell you so. Garden and flower vases, sewer and water pipes, fire and glazed brlcH, earthern ■ ware of every kind can be made here; material handy; practical workmen on hand. Inquire of A. R. Kiefer, 190 East Seventh street. . "■ ' ■.■■'■• 95-98* HORSES, CARRIAGES, &C. HERE are your bargains; cheap horses bought and sold. 1060 Ross street. G. W. 3 A GOOD saddle and driving, pony for sale. Call at corner Forbes and Pleasant avenue. : . 3 A RESPONSIBLE lady wishes the use of a gentle driving horse for the keeping. Address Rex, Globe. ■ ■ : ' ' ■ :':. 1 A SADDLE horse wanted; one suitable for ladles' use. Address H D Stanley, 171 AVest Sixth street. '•yy.:y:syy'yy\;yyy-yy:yy 1 ASTONISHING BARGAlNS— Carriages, top and open buggies, extension tops and single phaetons, jump seats, two-seated Surrey and beach wagons; express, delivery and platform wagons; harness, robes, dusters and whips at cost. For the next thirty days we offer ; our entire stock at prices that will force you to buy. We mean business and will not be undersold. Call early and secure bargains.^ King's carriage repository, corner Fourth and Minnesota streets, St. Paul. . 171-82. HORSE, buggy and $200 security will be furnished by young man who wishes a situation as collector. Address EC, care this offlce. - WANTED Horse and wagon for their keening; light work and good care guaranteed. Address O S M, this office. - -'-.7 GROCERY wagon for sale, - corner West Seventh and Leech, ' y'y'X: FOR SALE — gentleman's top wagon. R. Ab bey, livery. ' . ■ ~ FOR SALE. WANTED Everybody to try hot wiener wurst sandwiches (red hots), sold at nights corner of Jackson and East Seventh streets, 5c each. M j 3 ANEW baby carriage for sale cheap. Stall A market house. -3 A NICE full blood black and tan dog for sale cheap for cash. Call at 488 Cedar street. 173 FOR SALE cheap at the shops of St Paul Harvester Works on East Seventh . street, near city limits, a quantity of well . seasoned lumber consisting of about 9,000 feet resawed pine about one-half inch thick; 1,500 feet 2d fencing four and one-half feet long; 900 feet two inch uasswood; 1,200 feet one Inch oak: also one span horses and harness, one single, harness and one double set harness, one set lumber trucks with extra back wheels and reach In excellent ' condition, five wagons, one old platform truck, one cart, two top buggies, two stubble plows, one harrow, one rubber tarpaulin, etc. All the above will be sold cheap for cash. . 172 I HAVE 100,000 brick Tor sale very cheap. Apply to E Langevln, West side. j 72-78 OR SALE— A good Charter Oak range with or without hot water front, used but a short time; very cheap. Address H, 682 Dayton avenue. "■ • ■-'■ . ■ FOR — Pursuant to a resolution of its Board . of Directors and at the request of its Stockhold■ ers. The Minnesota Transfer Packing Company advertises until June 26, ISBS, for sale, its entire property and assets (exclusive of possible stock assets, said property and assets consisting generally of the following: Rendering and glue works, with grounds appurtenant, In Minneapolis, near the C. M. & St. P. Short Line crossing over the Mississippi - river. Slaughter house ' and grounds appurtenant, joining Northwestern stock yards in St. Paul; Slaughter house and refrigerator, with grounds, at Minnesota Transfer station. Si. -Paul. \ Also, plant, necessary equipment of teams and other appliances for carrying on business. Also, large stock of articles and property In trade, denominated as merchandise . Full information as to , said property and assets, will be furnished, and given at the general office of the com- 1 pany at said Minnesota Transfer station. Terms of sale, all cash. 'Dated May 8, 1885. D. M. Robbins, President of Minnesota Transfer Packing Company. ■ : ■..■■■■■ . - .. 167-77 WAN TED— Bicycle, second-hand. Address L, care Globe offlce. ', . . ' ■ ',"; WANTED to sell, 14 pound scale as good as new. Call 302 Rice street. ' FOR SALE— At a bargain, family ice-box and nice flower stand. ; Apply at 64 Franklin street. ;• SAFE for sale cheap— lnside measurement 33x34x17 Inches deep inside. Apply to A B Savage, 845 Jackson street. . ~ FOR SALE by every dealer who is on the alert to get the choicest for his patrons. ."Duke Cigar-, ettes" are the very best that can be produced at any price. Sold by Aug. Beck k Co., Robert and Fifth .streets. • . :■ . . ■'."■ . ■ 147*' TENTS, awnings, wagoncovers, for sale cheap at J M Ro3sell & Co., 190 East Fifth street. y. ':'■-■ '.■ ■ . ■/"' : .137-50* "..,;, .:> : OR SALE, Rent or Exchange — building in Sioux Rapids, Iowa; first-class point for business. B, box 710, Mankato, Minn. ;" ■'. TIT" ANTED — Purchaser for a No. 1 farm, half mile 'VV' from flourishing village, . five ■ churches,' six schools, society first-class. Box 6, St. Paul, (Capitol.). . './*. ' , ■ 129* BOARDING WANTED. ' *^ BOARD wanted In private family; central location. Address News, V M CA. . , 3 FEW boarders wanted for the summer at Bald • Eagle lake. Address ' Mrs C Mllner at White Bear Lake PO. J ' .."''• ■ GOOD board and room, '■; (permanent], for gentle- • man and wife, July 1. '«. Terms must be reasona- . ble. Give location. y Address JH. this offlce. : BOARD and room by gentleman, will pay $20 j per month, i private : family, upper . town ■ preferred.: Address SJ, care Globe. ;.- . ■ WANTED By two gentlemen, board and room in private family; references furnished. Address . S D D, this offlce, 7' INSTRUCTION. V PUPILS wanted by experienced lady * teacher of music, piano, dramatic elocution ; or voice | culture, '-' for singing ;at home, lln | church, concert or opera; best reference; terms moderate. 254 West Fifth street.:: '■•.■■' -•.-'■'.-. ■'■ --'■:■ .'• :•■./. y;-''?3 INSTRUCTION on the violoncello, special attention paid to beginners. Address AX, this office." .yy; WANTED Every person in ~ search * of : musical ; Instruction to call .on v Mrs. L E ; Ellenberger, : No. 50 West Fourth street, room 1. AUCTION SALES: \ ' ■ ; P. T. Kavanacn. '7 7 7 LEGANT RESIDENCE PROPERTY. AT AUCtio — The well-known residence and grounds of A. R. Nininger, Esq.,' to be , disposed • of . under the hammer. I will sell at auction ■ on . Wednesday, July 1, at 1 o'clock ; p. m., on the premises on Summit avenue near the corner of Walnut street, the elegant grounds and | residence of i A. R. Nininger, Esq. . The grounds are 120 feet front on the avenue, by 284 feet deep.' yThe j residence was, in its time, one of the finest in the city, and is to-day one of the most comfortable, the interior arrange-" ment being with a view to convenience. The location of this property is one of the most striking in this section of the state, the view being I unsurpassed anywhere, the eye taking in at one ' sweep the most beautiful portion of ', the upper Mississippi valley for a distance of over twenty miles, embracing a view of all that portion of the city lying south and east of Summit avenue, while the peculiar lay and large size '-. of the ' grounds ■ preclude the possibility of the view ever being obstructed. Over fifty full-grown trees, oak, maple, poplar, etc., form a delightful shade and make the , grounds •• a ; spot .of . continual refreshing coolness - and a desirable retreat from the heat and turmoil of city life. ;No other property possesses this advantage •' to 'the' same extent, and ' it . would * require years of careful training and watchfulness ■to replace them. | The present improvements stand - 125 > feet from the ■ sidewalk, thus giving more level ground for lawn purposes in front of the house | than is ' possessed by any other lot on the avenue lin - its entirety. The grounds are .well ..kept, and are suitable for any one of . our | most affluent citizens, and large enough to erect a mansion of any pretensions as to size or architectural design without destroying the effect or fitness of grounds to improvements. This property is ' unquestionably • the finest and most desirable residence site ,in St. Paul,' and should command the attention lof men of means throughout the city. The neighborhood is unex- . ceptional; the value of property.being such as to preclude the possibility of anything but the finest improvements being made, and make it the home of people of taste and culture, who have " the means to gratify their love of the beautiful to its fullest extent. Terms ' made known . hereafter. P. T. Kavanagh, auctioneer. . '■",- •-' ■■■■ . 174-81 FINE MILL PLANT AT AUCTION— I WILL • sell at auction, at the . corner, of Eagle . and Washington streets, the fine mill plant formerly operated by M. Hall. The plant ' consists of one GO-horse power boiler, one engine, 60-horse power, one H. B. Smith . re-sawing machine, - one 9-inch flag matcher, one 24-inch | double surfacer, one small emery and stand, one knife grinder (Union Stone company), one small scale,' one saw table, boring attachment, one 45-inch Boston shaving exhauster, one ' blind-tenoning ■; machine, one blind-boring machine, two saw - tables, one I large grindstone and frame, one boring ' machine, one saw table and countershafts, one railway cut-off saw, one turning lathe, one iron vise, one Walker panel raiser, one sash-tenoning machine, one door-tenoning machine, one . band saw, one jig saw, one 2-spindle shaper, one pony "- planer, one relishing machine, one sandpaper machine, one door clamp, one sash and blind . clamp, two turning lathes, one H. B. Smith mortiser, one Hoyt blind-wiring machine, rip saw, picket pointer and emery wheel, one main shaft, countershafts and belting for all the machinery above . mentioned. Also, one foot mortiser, benches, vises, saw set, stock, one dry kiln, etc., etc. Terms of sale, onethird cash, balance in one and two "years at 8 per cent, interest on ■ sufficient ' real estate security. This is one of the finest plants in this section, and should command the . attention of mill owners throughout the state. The sale will take place on Thursday, June 25, at 2:30 o'clock p. m. P. T. Kavanagh, auctioneer. ' ''M;\'yM?y:'X 174-76 HIRTY VALUABLE BUSINESS AND REBldence lots at auction— will sell at auction on j the premises, on Saturday, June 27, at 3 o'clock p. m., lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 24, 25, 20, 27, 28 and 29, in block 2, and lots 8 to 23 inclusive, in block lof Stinson's division. These lots front on University avenue, Ellen, Charles, Dale and Kent streets, and are all conveniently located, none of them being to exceed two blocks from the . street railway. The lots on the corner of University avenue and Dale street would make an excellent location for a club house and restaurant, being at the eastern terminus of - the University Avenue racing track, while grounds on the other streets are • especially desirable for residence property for people in moderate circumstances. All the streets are graded and the ground itself is as level as the floor. ' For • the laborer and mechanic its proximity to the projected Northern Pacific railroad shops, the. St. Paul foundry and other manufacturing interests makes it a convenient point to live. Watch this sale and get a home or a place of - business before property gets out of your reach, as everything indicates the enhancement of this section to three times its value before long. A rapid growth, a prosperous and desirable neighborhood, .with churches and schools in their midst, and the direct avenue of communication between the dual cities. Terms made known hereafter. . P. T. Kavanagh, auctioneer. . '•■ ' ■"-! '■'■ "~ " 174-78 Of) DESIRABLE LOTS AT AUCTION— I WILL *J\J sell at auction, on the premises, on Friday, July 3, at 3 o'clock p. m., the whole of Chute Bros.' Division No. 6, containing thirty lots, 40x124 feet to a 16-foot alley; this fine property speaks for itself; good level ground; reasonably near churches and schools, in - a rapidly I growing and thriving neighborhood; but four short- blocks from the street railway, thus making it convenient to the city; the block in question is bounded by Edmund, Thomas, Grotto and St. Albans streets; its proximity to the projected shops of the Northern Pacific railroad, the St. Paul foundry and Other manufacturing interests makes it especially desirable as a home for the mechanic and ; laboring man; this property will in a few years enchance fully to treble its present value, and for homes or speculative purposes, it cannot be excelled in the city. P. T. Kavanagh, auctioneer. ::.;:._ ■yMM, 174-75 SEVEN DESIRABLE BUSINESS LOTS ON THE West side at auction l will sell at auction on the premises on Friday, June 26, at 5 p. m., seven very fine lots on Ohio street, ' each being • 50x100 feet. The property on this street has taken a more rapid advance than any other section of the city, simply on account of its desirability, and not through the influence of any : speculative boom. The rapid growth of this section is the ■ best evidence of its value. The terms will be made easy; one-third cash, balance in one . and two years at 8 per cent, interest. P. T. Kavanagh, auctioneer. ■ 174-77 HOUSE AND TWO LOTS, ON THE WEST side, at auction. I will sell at auction on Friday, June 26, at 2 o'clock, p. m., sharp, on the premises,' No. 224 Central avenue, one-story-anda-half five-room dwelling, together with two lots, 47x133 feet, together with outbuildings, good well, 100 feet deep, arbor, etc. Terms very reasonable. This property lies on the second bench, is in a desirable neighborhood and will make a desirable home for a man of moderate means. PT. Kavanagh, auctioneer. . ■ 174-77 A. H. Nlcolay. V AUCTION SALE of cheap lots on Dayton's bluff. A H Nicolay will sell at auction Saturday afternoon, June 27, 1385, at 4 o'clock, on the ground, tliirty„cheap residence lots on Minnehaha and Beach streets, In the vicinity of Ahe St Paul harvester works, St Paul plow works, St Paul & Duluth, St Paul & Omaha and the new Minnesota, St Croix & Wisconsin Central railroads. Now Is the time .to buy. When the . Seventh street fill Is ' completed street cars will run within a short distance of this property, then these lots will sell for three'or four times more than at the present sale. Free 'busses will leave my office. 116 East Fourth street, at 3:3& o'clock sharp on the day of sale. Terms very easy, and monthly payments. For maps, handbills and full particulars apply to A H Nicolay, auctioneer and real estate agent, 116 East . Fourth street, opposite new National German- American bank building. Real estate auction sale No 12,693. . 172-78 H. S. Fairchild <to Son. IX CHOICEST LOTS ON ROSS STREET, ONE SIX CHOICEST LOTS ON ROSS STREET, ONE block from Seventh street, west .of Atlantic street, close to the plow works, at auction, Tuesday, 6 o'clock p. m., June 23. These lots are the very finest residence sites in the vicinity of the plow works, being the highest and most sightly on the entire length of Ross street, Easy terms. 11. S. Fairchild &Son, auctioneers, corner Fourth and Jacksfon.' 169-174 HEAL ESTATE EOR SALE. Miscellaneous. NICE new cottage on St. Anthony hill; must sell Immediately; terms easy. Call evenings on the owner, 570 Wabasha. >;•'- "•''.' 3 EVERYBODY in need of a cheap farm shoula address Moon k Pusey, Miller, Dak. 2 FOR SALE— Business property, rents for $100 per month, price «8,500. Address D X, Globe office, 1 NINE-ROOM house for sale with lot 50 feet front on Canada street; actual purchasers only need apply. Address CL, this office. 1 FOR SALE— Only 51, 200 r for house and lot In Wlnslow's addition, near river bluff; good loca- 1 tion. Inquire 128 West Sixth. -7 ■■■"'■..-'■. y-M'- 1 ' -i f\f\ LOTS for sale at $100 and $450 on monthly IvJL/ payments in I Langevln's addition to West St Paul; the cheapest lots -In the city. Apply to E Langevln, West side. ';-'• 172-78 HOUSE and lot for sale on Indiana ; avenue, near Robertson, for ,400. •J D, care Globe. MMiM HANDSOME offlce for rent al 1 325 Jackson street, between Third and Fourth /. Inquire of Dr. Jones, city hall. y . . ..":.. flt»-i AAA— Only $500 cash buys a new pleasant J.^tJL»v-/ flve-r i >•*'. house and lot. House neatly • painted, stone found atlm, etc., can lease for one or two years; will pay 15 per cent, on investment. Apply owner, 570 Wauasna. ', • 170-71 -' FOR SALE CHEAP— Stock ranch of 500 acres, 50 ' acres heavy timber. Improved, 5,000 . acres of a range '■ adjoining, lake i} 4 miles long. "Address X, this office. . 7 '. ' - . ; GOOD second-hand Hecla bicycle, 42 inch, for sale, 433 Dayton avenue. '■ r ONE house and lot near Lake Phalen for sale ' at $300. y Inquire of ; J C Emery, 976 E Seventh street.; ) '-■'.. yy.M ; '-*yyMyM'.yy:-:\ M-; ■ ' ONE to twenty acres for sale at Lake Minnetonka for $60 an acre ; easy terms. C Knox. Davidson block, St. Paul. : y .'.- y ■'...■'. ■■.'■■: FOR sale or rent, the I former, residence of Mr. , Arthur Koenig, located on Dayton's bluff, corner Sixth and Eichenwald streets. Apply for particulars to the Ph. Best Brewing Co., 286 Jackson street. ' . Ua>. XXX-y FOR SALE. • ' 7 THE HOTEL DEBATLO, At Red Wing, Minn., a three-story brick building on the corner of Plumb ana Fort streets. Also, a good barn and lot In the rear of building. " For terms address Joe Batlo, Red Wing, Minn. , ; . 162-222 7 y.,.7-7 PERSONAL, y WANTED— All smokers who love the ; natural properties, delicacy, ' flavor i and fragrance of pure high grade tobacco, to try "Duke Cigarettes.",, Only pure and • choicest C yield, - the - delight *■ which makes them a universal favorite. y Sold ' by. Mltchel & Spink, 190 East Fifth. . -„•■-';•'. ' •• r y 147» ■'-.: MINNEAPOLIS WANTS. .-, SITUATIONS OFFERED. — * , WANTED— Lady agents for St. Paul, best paying I business out. • Geo H Brackney , 428 Hennepin avenue, Minneapolis. ;. . y. , ■ ".*. '■. . $ WANTED— Twenty ladles and gents to learn to color photographs, from $6 to $15 per week made at your own homes, no canvassing, any one can learn in a short time. : Instructions free to all. y Call on the Panel Art company, No. 606& - Nicollet avenue, up one flight, room 13, Minneapolis, Minn. " ' ■: ■:,■-.:■: '■:■ : -y '.-. 172-74 -■■. -y-y-y: WE want good solicitors In each city, town and county In the state to sell our new book. The Blue and the Gray; big pay, Address Room 65. Kasota block, Minneapolis. ■ y,: : 172-85-weekly2t Aflrst-class lady solicitor | can make upwards of $2,000 a year representing a well-known tontine life Insurance company. • Address L P Van Norman, manager, box 75, Minneapolis. y 1 HIGH wire walker and trapeze performer can be engaged by addressing S L, Globe. 164-170 WANTED— A bright, intelligent man with $100 or $200 to travel with a Journalist on a lecturing tour. Address B 24, . Globe office. " - ... i = 7 SITUATIONS WANTED. SITUATION wanted to drive team, either dray 01 private, references given. Address J J Roberts, 110 Third street south. . M'MMX.Myy '■''■■'■■ 1 SITUATION wanted in a restaurant or hotel by an experienced Swede, pantry or storeroom preferred, city or watering place. KE T, Globe offlce. ! WANTED— A position as hotel clerk by a young man of large experience. Address '- C 7' ' . Globe office. .; .., ' - . ____»„„• ?..,'■■. A POSITION wanted In store or office by a ?■■;. . XX man of experience WF E SITUATION wanted in meat market by first-class cutter. Address 2510 , Twenty-seventh avenue south. .'.. ,- •• •: LADY wants copying to do, she is a reliable and legible copyist and will guarantee satisfaction. Address M G P, care Globe. ' SITUATION wanted with shipping grain or floui commission bouse, by young man' of j experience and with some trade. W 22, care Globe. WANTED— Situation as nurse; satisfactory references given. Address Y. Globe. SITUATION wanted by a registered drug clerk, six years' experience; speaks German; Al refer. ence. , C. C. Barchard, 1005 Second street northeast. LADY experienced in : laundry business wishes a situation in laundry office in St Paul or Minneapolis. . A D, care Globe. SITUATION wanted by a young man as clerk 01 bookkeeper or both; reference; small salary. Address W Flewelling, 323 First avenue north. SITUATION wanted by a young man as bookkeeper; will take small salary; good reference. Address James N Inch, 823 First avenue north: ' ■ WANTED— Situation as cook, hotel or restanrant. Address Cooi". Globe office. A WIDOW wishes two children to board and care for at 1620 Seventh street north. MISCELLANEOUS. 77 7 OR RENT— Tent with two cots and large enough for three at Minnetonka, In a pleasant grove, five minutes' walk from the Motor or St Louis road. Apply to Arthur Anderson, at D R Barber & Son's. - FOR SALE Safe, counter, etc Inquire at Room . 55, Boston block. > ' '.'',■■ ,- ] FOR SALE— three years' time, eight-room house, cellar, ; cistern, well and stable, ■ near Franklin and Portland avenues south; also A No. 1 skating rink. CaU on W W Smith, 121 Nicollet aye nne. 172- WANTED— Owner of house 1328 Fifth street northeast to send address to 1401 Fourth street northeast., , • ' ' ' '. 1 WANTED— To buy a good driving horse, by a re« sponsible party and pay in monthly payments Clem, 420 Nicollet avenue. TO LOAN— S3,OOO on good real estate security bj Isaac McNalr, room 8, Webb block Minneapolis, FOR SALE — Good house, seven rooms, large lot on Thirteenth street, near Eighth avenue north Call on W W Smith, 121 Nicollet. FOR — House with twelve " rooms on Three and-a-half avenue south. Call on WW Smith 121 Nicollet. , . •■■ • A NEAT furnished room for two gentlemen cheai at 1620 South Seventh street. '■■ y-'y - FOUND dog, which the owner can have by calling at 205 Nicollet avenue. 164-16( = . i . BUSINESS CHANCES. .'■ FOR SALE Restaurant, second to none In ' th< city. Call on WW Smith, 121 Nicollet -avenue. —^ y> ' s y . ... ' . LOST. X'm,!'. y'^yX LOST — A small bay pony, 4 years, old, finder, will receive liberal reward by returning to 1922 Western avenue. ." . ■".*■'•'■'•■■.-/•'• • J _ — — __________ FINANCIAL. LOANS on life insurance policies. L P Van Nor man, No. 245, First avenue south, Minneapolis. My> M-yy June 21, lyr.: ... -„.:. FOR SALE. : HUNTER'S Great Medical Hot "Springs Is on the main line of the N. P. R., Spring* dale station, twenty miles east of Livingston the gateway to . the great National Park , ant the great Health Resort of the Northwest. This valuable property is now for sal© witl( 160 acres of good land, government 1 title, to gether with a hotel, 25 rooms, pantry, kitchen and well furnished, three bath houses, all in good order. j I will give easy terms on sale. 1 will give immediate possession. • Correspond* ence invited. A. J. HUNTER, M. D., Hunter* Hot Springs, Montana, M -yyM MyM-'M:: M— __SM»iJJfl _B__fl 9a_si =3 Notice to Bidders --'- ___ » Office op the Board of Education, I St. Paul, Minn., June 20, 1885. f SEALED PROPOSALS ■ ■ v "" .- ;.*.-> Will be received by the Board of Education, ; '-yyy.y until , -7 , " ■■ . Monday, June 29, 1885, At 5 o'clock p. m., for the necessary HOT AIR FURNACES, or ; Other Heating Apparatus To be furnished and set up in complete working order and guaranteed to boat to at least 7o ° Fahrenheit in and during our usually coldest weather, any one or all of The following School buildings, now in process of erection, viz:.. . v " .* The "SlBLEY"(Addition,) "CLEVELAND," "WASHINGTON, ""GORMAN," "IRVING," "MONROE" (Addition), "DOUGLAS," and ! "RIVER" (Addition}/ 7- The plans of. the Sibley, Cleveland, Wash! ington and Irving . Schools can be seen at the | office of Millard & yUlrici, architects* Drake j block, 1 East Third street, and "those of the I Gorman, Monroe, Douglas and River School* j may be seen in the office of A. F. Ganger, ar- I chitect, Habighorst block, East Seventh street. Desirable and detailed information pertain-1 ing hereto 1 may.-', be -'obtained at the. above- I named offices, as also of . Hon. Wm. Berlandi, Chairman Committee on Purchases and Supplies, corner Fourth and Sibley streets, or at this office. „' Each bid must be accompanied by. a bond on the part of the | bidder, with two (2) good and sufficient sureties, in a sum amounting to at least twenty-five (25) per centum of the contract | price of the article or " article's the bidder proposes to furnish in his said bid, and conditioned, that in case his bid is accepted by the Board of Education, he will enter into a J contract with said 'Board, to perform the work in ; accordance with tho requirements and in the manner . and s for the price mentioned in his bid. . . y y-.i .{ ;.. The Board 1 reserves the right "to reject any or all bids. 77 7 -.7 All bids must be addressed '• and mailed* or banded to the undersigned, at his office, at the High School '; building, where 5 will ; ' receive them during the usual busiriessTiours, until tho hour of the final day first above statedly By direction of the Board of Education. 172-77 OTTO DREHER, Secretary. '■:. \j-,,.> •', v y-. r~ ;, T - 7 H-'i\ '-ir~-^' AposfuvechTe for Old Ulcers and Bores or every name and description, no matter how many years standing. This is t_ heavy artillery of salves for Sores of longstanding.- ; ■>» 7<Vrf- X "M: "'• '' Cures also Chilblains. 'VSflJnL&ffrf/. ' 7 Burns, Cuts, : Felono, •■ J r /U't//f ' Scalds, Frost Biles kc./fty(Sy^fl<c<4^\_ Ml genuine bear* Enigj/istSc-Chemlit. following, signature s ;,; • st» FA lit.- MIKN: 7 •■ ■ •

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