The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1899
Page 5
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s* ,* UPM& DES MQIKlSt ALGONA IOWA* WEDNESDAY MAY 81, 1899 NEW YORK CENTRAL. It* Passenger Earning, Including Controlled Lines, Excel the Pennsylvania '. — A OtnpCndnons Showing. The passenger department of th« New York Central system, including lines leased, operated and controlled east from St. Louis and Chicago, is the largest paying Institution of its kind in the world. It beats the Pennsylvania system with Its leased and operated lines In the territory named by $1,535,758, and Is so far ahead of any other system that comparison, to say the least, is odious. Poor's Manuel, which is an authority on railway statistics, in Its last yearly edition showed the pas- uenger earnings of thirty-six of the leading railways, as follows: Pennsylvania ...................... $Z1,20U,OW New York, Now Haven & Hart- fdrd (including New England Railway) .... ...... ................ 15,800,000 New York Central & Hudson River (leased and operated lines) .............. • ................ 15,a4.000 Southern Pacific System .......... 11,80U,000 Pennsylvania Lines west of Pittsburg ........ ....................... 8,800,000 Boston & Maine System .......... 8,600,001 Chicago & Northwestern ..... i... 6,900,001 Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy... 6,500,001 Canadian Pacific .................. 6,800,000 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul.. 6;700,000 Erie ................................. 6,700,000 Atchlson, Topeka & Santa Fe.... 5.60J.OOO Grand Trunk ....................... 6.50U.OOO Baltimore & Ohio ................. 5,0u»,00i Southern R'y System .............. 4,soo,ooo Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific.. 4,,mi,ooi Louisville & Nashville ............ 4,2!W,00( Lake Shore & Michigan Southern 4,200,0(K Mlsourl Pacific System ........... 4,OUO,OW Boston & Albany .................. 4,000,001 Big Four ........................... 3,800,000 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western ................................ Michigan Central Northern Pacific OF ANIMAL. 3,60l),OOU 3,300,000 2,800,000 2,$UO,OUO 2,700,000 2,700,000 2,480,001 2,074,000 1,961,397 Lehlgh Valley Central Railroad of New Jersey. Unfon Pacific Great Northern Chicago & Alton .. ,, Chesapeake & Ohio ................ 1,867,900 Plant System ....................... 1,275,17< Denver & Rto Grande .......... 1,248,000 New York, Chicago & St. Louis. S76.977 New York, Ontario & Western.. 638,OlX Plttsburg & Lake Erie ............ 544,781 Two of the great systems show earnings frrm passenger traffic, as follows: New York Central Lines: New York Central .................. $15,214,000 Michigan Central ................ 3,300,000 Lake Shore & Michigan Southern 4,200,000 Big Four ........................... 3,UOO,000 Boston & Albany ......... . ........ 3,500,000 Plttsburg & Lake Erlo ............ 544,781 New York, Chicago & St. Louis. K76,'J77 $31,535,758 Pennsylvania lines: Pennsylvania Railroad $21,200,000 Penn. lines west of Plttsburg 8,800,000 $30,000,000 Total for those two great systems $Ul,n35.75S —Buffalo ComnT"-c'a1. April 4, 1899. Didn't Signify. "Look at tins mnn." said the attorney, pointing' to the prisoner. "Does lie look like one who would commit a crime?" "No," replied the witness. "Unt neither do you." Christian science has over 30,000 adherents in the state of New York, nncl about thirty five churches and congregations. A pin was swallowed ten years ago by Roland Dotkls, of lUiller. Pa. A few clays since, in a paroxysm of coughing-, he threw it up. Perhaps the worst recorded attempt at an escape from a con versational difficulty was made by a London curate, who specially cultivated the friendship of the artisans. Oue day a carpenter arri-ed in his room, and, producing a photograph, said: "I've brought you nay boy's likeness, as you said you'd like to have it." Curate (rapturo'usly) —"How awfully good of yon to remember! What a capital likeness! How is he?" Carpenter—"Why, sir. don't you remember? He's dead?" Curate—''Oh, yes, of course I know that. I mean how's the man who took the photograph?" John Ralfe, aged'13 years, of English, Ind., considered Eva Jacobs, who is two years his senior, his sweetheart. In a fit of jealous rage, because she •walked home from school with another boy, he shot her with a charge of bird- shot, and her right hand had to be amputated. It is a noteworthy fact that in the rtate of Utah there is not one Irish Mormon. Secretary Alger's timberland, from which he" made his fortune, lies along Lake Huron and is 100 miles in extent. When a small boy isn't doing anything else lie eats something. . Mistakes of the past should be made over into guide books of the future. If there were no other fools in the world we would be more dissatisfied with ourselves than ever. The railroad expert believes that the number of revenue tons hauled per mile is the best indication of a railroad's ability to handle traffic at the lowest cost of transportation. As is well known, the receivers of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad have been spending millions on improvements and have not completed the work, the lines west of the Ohio rlyer being in need of a general rehabilitation, which they are to get this year. But the revenue haul per mile in 1897-98 was increased to 314 tons and a special report for the six months ending December 31, 1898, shows an average of 331.9 tons, quite an 'appreciable advance. It is confidently expected that still further improvement will be shown before long. A church in London still possesses an income originally given to it for the purpose of buying ftigots with which to burn heretics. Ranches, ii Mines and I Orchards Are the basis of productive wealth In New Mexico, Arizona, California Cattle and sheep on the plains. Gold, Silver, copper, iron and coal in the mountains. Luscious fruits and golden grains in the valleys. Abundant sunshine and pure air everywhere. A place to £ Make Money in. Write for free pamphlets and Information about homeseekers' excursion rates. Addicti General Pusienger Office, £ Tb» Atcblsoo, ftpekt * SM(« Fe Rillwiy, CHICAGO, A ZOOLOGICAL FREAK FROM SOUf H AFRICA. Captnrert by Some Sailors— Fotihd the Creature Hanging Head i>ownward from a Tree, Enjoying a Midday Nap. a Of the many zoological curiosities that have been brought here in the 'past none has been so astonishing as a freak which arrived from the Brazils on board the American brigantlne Daisy early yesterday morning. Dr. Angel Rodriguez, a scientist of international repute, who lives in the .quaint Spanish-American city of .Rosarlo, where the Daisy loaded her cargo of bones, says the animal is akin to the species "heliogabalus," but the natives use the appellation "boogum." Of the two names Captain Dlckson of the Daisy is inclined to favor the latter, as somewhat like "bugaboo." The brigantine lay for several days at Rosario, as much time is required to move the cargo from the sheds to the vessel's' hold. It was while this work was going on that the men led rather an easy life, and many on leave of absence made excursions into the neighboring country. One of these trips apprised them of the existence of the "boogum." There were five men in the party which discovered the animal, which when first seen was hanging head downward from the trunk of a tree, his immense muscular legs encircling it about nine feet from the ground. So absolutely motionless was he that the frightened men took heart and cautiously approached. "He is asleep," said William J. Carter, foremast hand, who Is responsible for the story of the capture. Asleep the boo- gum gave no indication of what he was afterward found to be when removed to the Daisy. The men saw a body apparently 4 feet 8 inches long, the head somewhat resembling a cross between a kangaroo and a baboon, with pointed ears and whiskers somewhat shorter than a goat. The neck was thick, of a pinkish hue, growing from a trunk which at the chest was scarcely wider than the animal's forehead, but below the waist It suddenly widened into, proportions which by contrast with the slender upper portion seemed abnormal. Its legs were of extraordinary proportions,the thighs measuring 27 inches in circumference. They terminated in flat feet, like a tiger, with immense claws that looked like steel, so powerful, well rounded and glistening did they appear. The hair on the legs and lower part of the body was of fine texture and did not disguise the powerful muscles worK- ing underneath. The general color of the animal was brown, and there was a remarkable absence of any resemblance to a tail. It is only by the merest chance that the "boogum" is now alive, for Carter dealt nm a terrible blow over the forehead with a club. The beast was deprived of his senses and carried down to the wharf, suspended by the legs from a pole. Scarcely had he been deposited on the foredeck of the Daisy and had become the admiration of all eyes, when he revived. With one leap he sprang from the deck to the foresail gaff, a distance of at least 16 feet. His subsequent-actions were of a nature to fill the crew with terror. Every one of his tremendous leaps served to illustrate a prodigious strength. His entire movements were confined to his lower extremities, the upper legs simply flapping, pendantlike, in the air. Every time his powerful claws would strike the masts or yards splinters of the stout pine would fly in showers. All attempts to dislodge him failed, and the vessel was temporarily abandoned by the frightened crew. Finally the "boogum" leaped through the hatch Into the forehold, and the cover being quickly jammed on he became a prisoner. The Daisy sailed and the rage of the "boogum" knew no bounds. He was only separated from the crew's guarters by a partition about an inch thick, and the stout oak trembled un- 3er his onslaughts. The voyage of the Daisy was seventy days to this port, during which the boogum" subsisted by sucking the marrow from the bones in the ship's hold. Frequently he would use the larger of these as a club and beat a terrifying accompaniment to his almost human shrieks of rage. It became a serious question with the captain whether the vessel would ever reach port. So powerful were the attacks of the beast's claws on the planking that it became necessary to have the pumps in readiness to start at any moment in case a leak should develop. A look Into the hold yesterday showed that it was knee deep in splinters. Now that the Daisy has arrived with her unwelcome burden, how to get rid of it is the question. "As for present- Ing it to the zoo," said one who had been told the story of the animal the other day, "they couldn't take it at all unless they have cages of boiler plate. That 'boogum' would disrupt the entire gardens in ten minues." It is more than likely that when the Daisy sails on her return voyage Captain Dickson will return the "boogum" to its native wilds. There is no room for him in this country, and his safest place Is on board the vessel.—Philadelphia Times. TJkotho "Throe Tailors at Toolcy Street." From the Indianapolis Journal: The German newspaper publishers of Missouri seem to be taking themselves too seriously. The total number of German newspapers published in Missouri is thirty-eight, of which six are published daily, twenty-five weekly, and the rest semi-weekly or monthly. If every German newspaper publisher in Missouri was present at the St. Louis meeting, which is not at all probable, the total attendance would have numbered thirty-eight. As a popular demonstration this does not greatly outclass the "three tailors of Tooley street." Nor Is there any reason to believe that the mass of the German- Americans In Missouri are excited about the alleged misrepresentations concerning the attitude of the German government or the relations between the United States and Germany. There was no occasion for the meeting nor for the protestations regarding the loyalty of German-Americans, which no one questions. There are over 1,000 English newspapers published in Missouri. If the publishers of these papers should hold a meeting and pass resolutions condemning the thirty-eight Germans for trying to organize a class sentiment on national lines there would be a fine state of brotherly love among the newspaper publishers in Missouri. Richer Thiin Their Weight. Several brides have been presented with marriage portions far exceeding their weight In gold. The average weight of a bride will not exceed 130 pounds, or 2,080 ounces, and that at $20 per ounce is $41,600. The marriage portion of Miss Pauline Whitney, daughter of ex-Secretary Whitney, was $1,000,000, or more than twenty-four times her weight in gold. Miss-Margot Tennant's marriage portion of $15,000 a year was more than twelve times her weight in gold, while the marriage portion of Miss Macka.y (now the Princess of Colonna) of $2,500,000 was more than 300 times her weight In gold. A Fivo-Ycar-Olcl 1'rotest. The 5-year-old boy was not allowed to go to his grandfather's funeral, while the 7-year-old brother was. "I don't see why I can't go," grumbled the 5-year-old. "I can walk just as slow as Reggy." It was this same boy who couldn't understand why the music should ibe a feature of this same funeral. "Grandpa can't hear a note of it," he said. "He's stone deaf."—New York Sun. Knew What to Kxpcut. Von Vlumer—I am afraid we haven't much for dinner, but such as it is Clinker—Don't make any excuses, old man. Remember that I have dined at your house before.—Detroit Free Press, Sheep's Wool (IH a Barometer. The wool on the back of a sheep is a shepherd's barometer. The curlier the wool the finer will be the weather. A FLIRTATION IN MINIATURE Cnred Not to tt*!»r of it. Yabsley—If you could get me thnfc five I loaned you, I would be ever so much obliged. Mudge—Oh, don't mention i't! Do Tour F«*t Ache «n<1 Ilnrn? Shake into your shoes, Allen's Foot- Etise, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns. Hnnions, Swollen,, Hot and Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25C. Sample sent FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. A flat is all right until you want to stow something away. Mrs. WinMow's Soothing Syrnp. Per children teething, Roftonn tho gnms, reduces Itr tainmatlon. ftllftvnnaln. cures wlndcollc. 230 n bottle. Girls, after 3700 there will be no more leap years. STORYEtTEfcii Mme. Calve is not the only vocalist who has erroneously been announced ns ill by certain French writers. Mile. Delna recently issued an amusing rebuke to one of these pnragraphers. She wrote: "You announce I am seriously ill. J cannot further conceal from you the fact that I ain dead.— MAIUE Coe'g Is (he oldest and best. It will break up n cold quicker than anything else. It Is always reliable. Try It. To the voters belong the privilege of fighting over the spoils. Coughing Lentlii to Consumption Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-dny and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go tit once; delays are dangerous. When a woman sets out to do a thing it's usually n. mnn. For Luup uiul chest diseases, Piso'sCuro is the best medicine wo have used.—Mrs J. L. NorilicnU, Windsor. Q-it., Canada. At bnti((ucts during ljueen Elizn- betb's time every guest came with his spoon in his pocket. A Pure, Vt'so.tiihlt' € >tn\)oiui(l. Noinorriirlal or at her inlnunil poisons hi Oiscn retsCamls- CiithnrtlR. only TPKCIIIIHO HuhsiiinrcH. lute medical djscorcrloa. All clriimtlms. 10c.Wu.fiOc, A man walking dny and night without resting would t.-ike 4!.'0 days to journey round the world. Hull's Cntnrrh Cnro Is taken internally. Price, ?f>e. _lleiiry Clews, tho Now York millionaire, began life as a messenger boy in tin English woolen factory. "VVAXTKD-Cnso of Imrt health that 1J-1 I'-A-K-S will nut. hcneiu. Bend 5 rerun to Klpnns Chemical Cu.. Jvew York.for ID Biiuuilr.a nml l.(HH) teatlmonliils. Trouble is the only thing that keeps soi.'.e people from getting too gay. Vi'o Pay US J 5 a Week nncl Expensed to men with rlK" to Introduce our remit ry Compound. AddrcuBwItliBtump, .limille MJ^B.JJo.^.l'iimms, Knti. Christ will not remain in nny heart where sin is a. welcome guest. Try <irtiln-o! Try (iniln-o! Ask your grocer to-dny to show you a package of tMlAJN-.'),'the new food drink that takes the place of collVe. The children may drink it without in.•jury us well as the adult. All who try it, like it. GHA1N-O bus that rich seal brown of Mocha or .lava, but it is made from pure grains, ard the most delicate stomach receives it, without distress. One-fourth the price of coffee. Kicand :.T)C per package. Sold by n.ll grocers. Faith in human nature never lives until we grow up. Down in front—a young man's first attempt at mustache culture. FITS PormiMionllyCurfu. TT oflts or nervousness nftci flrKt, dny'R use of Dr. Klino'H t'ireut Morvo Ueatovor. Bond for KRKIS &-.J.OO trlnl Imit.lo nnd (routine. 1)11. H. 11. KuNii,Ltil..U31 A^cli St.. l>)Mliul()li>liiu, I'd. No person enjoys drinking iu a coil' vcrsation of the extra dry brand. [LETTER TO MBS. PINKHAM NO. 40,970] "I had female complaints so bad that it caused me to have hysterical fits; have had as many as nine in one day. "Five bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cured me and it has been a year since I had an attack. firs. Edsa Jackson, Pearl, La. If Mrs. Plnkham's Compound will cure such severe cases as this surely it must be a great medicine—is there any su.7erer foclish enough not to give it a trial ? PENSIONS rVrite CAPT. O'PARRELL, 25 New York Avenue, \VA ! KAY'S I HUfi RAIU lor oonrjns, colds li IVAI 0 LUND PALM nmUhroiuUlseases iGetyourPenslon _ DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'PARRELL, Pension Agent, 1425 New York Avenue, WASHINGTON, D. C. The nurse on duty in a certain London hospital was giving the little ones their last meal for the day. All save one were patiently waiting 1 their turn to be served, the one in question being 1 a little rosy-cheeked convalescent, who wns calling lustily for her portion. "Aren't you jtist a little impatient, Dorothy?'* inquired thekitidly nurse, with just a little tinge of correction in her tone. "No, I'm not!" retorted Dorothy, promptly, "1'tn a little she patient!" Playwright David Belasco was entering the Gar rick theater, in New York, the other night, when a diminutive newsboy rushed up to him, and shouted: "Wnxtry! Terrible accident to President McKilileyl" "Dear me!" said Belasco, fumbling in his pocket for change: "what kind of an accident d_id he mpot-wlthV' 1 "Nearly drmvndil, sir!" replied the urchin, his eyes dancing; "befell through a mattress into the spring!" liclasco irave him a nickel. At :m assemblage of noted men n. ynar or two ago. a lawyer who conducts the legal business ot'a. great railway system tried to "guy the parson" lit the person of tho bile llish ,p Williams, of Connecticut, by malicious quizzing. At hist lie said: ''Why don't you get, these railway managers to iriy'o you n, ptiss over their roads, bishop? * You ran pay for it, by giving them entrance into Heaven.' : "Oh. no." gently replied the bishop: "I would not, part them oo far from their counsel in the other world." In carrying a gun the great point is to point the muzzle tho ol,ln<r wa«- and the i Miss Lucy Tucker, the daughter 6t a prominent furtner of Vors»W<)»,' I Ind., was the vlotlm of nervous pro§- tratlon. Most of the time she was confined to bod, iind wns on the verge' of Bt. VltUB' dance. H was a pitiful' case which medical science fulled to' conquer. Finally a doctor proscflb- 1 ed Dr. Williams' Pink Pills h.c Pule People, 11 er father said: "We began giving the pills at onoej' ond the nest day we eoult) ueo a change for the better it) her. We gave her one pill after each menl until she WHO entirely well. M>o hue r it been sick n dny Mnco. V/e tt!nk the euro almost miraculous. "PitAXic TUCKER, Mrs. K.Tcc-in." Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnnk Tucker, being duly sworn, nUtto tliut the IX, re ollig is true It) every particular. Huan JOHXSOM, Justice of the Ptc.ce. \ From the Jtepublican, Vcnaillcs, CANDY CATHARTIC OHILF BRAND MACKINTOSHES are tho best made. If your 111 o r c h a n t iloesnothati- dlo them usk Inm to wrlto Omaha, Neb., who a - l s o sells Rubber Hoots, San d n 1 s, ArolioH, Combinations, Letf- (,'lns, etc., ul w h o lo- sulo ouly. Or. Williams' Pink Pills lor Pale People aro nover sold by '.he dorm or hundred, but always In packages. At all druggists, or direct from tho Dr. Williams Msdlcino. Co., Schenocta-Jy, N. Y., 60 rents per box, (i boxes $2.60. What wr/uld the world do without ink? Just think of it I IS THE BEST INK. Forty years experience In the limiting. Costa , I you no more than pool 1 ink. Why not have HI to euro dyspepsia, con,011. liver mul kldnoy dlHonsus, ulllouBress, lioadnchON, oto. Al. ilniKUists, 2jc anil $l.(X). K3y S R6nOV3lOr "Nothing but wheat; what you mhjht call a sea of wheat," Is what was nald by a lecturer speaking of Western Canada. For particulars an to routes, i all- way fares, etc., apply to Superintendent of Immigration, Department Intnrlor, Ottawa, Canada, or to N. Bartholomew, HOG Fifth Street. 'Des Moines. Iowa. W. N. U., Des AloJnes, No. 22.—1899. Don't Stand in Your Own Light. Porhiips you Intend to buy a binder or a inowor this summer, and It may be that yc-i bayo concluded tlmt a cheap machine will ausvrer your purpose. This means that you are standing In your own light, It's butter to Investigate. The-o aro somo things that you should think about before putli.igyour dollars into so expensive n machine ns a binder or a mower. More aro Some Pertinent Facts. Think About Them. Last season the sales of Doerir.g harvesting machines wore 50,000 greater .than in any previous yciir. Tho area of ground covered by the Dcoriiu; works is 62 acres—twice ao largo as that of any other reaper plant. 6500 employes are engaged in turning out (lie Deeriu^ product for 189&—more than throo times the number at work in any other reaper plant, During the busy part of lust season Deering muchices were built et tho rato of one every 27 seconds. Don't .stand In your own light. Think about these things; they mean something. They mean that Docring machines aro tho lightest in draft, the easier' to operate and the most reliable and durable grain and grass harvesters manufactured. BEERK HARVESTER 00., Chicago. "IF/Y* ril-ioi YOU DON'T SUCCEED "' TRY ^^'^^^^•^^'^-^•^'^•^^^^•^^•^^•••^^^f^^^^ 41 # WE | OUR TOUR How a ticaiion was spent. A charming story. It witl Merest you. y Stnt free on ap^V^iion. Address F. H, Byron, Gen 'I Western Agt., Chicago, f A. J, SMITH, Gen'lPass'r and Tkt. Agent, CLEVELAND. «5 ^^^^^^^^•^.^'^^^^•^.^•^.^^^^^.(^^^^^^^.^j.^ a 3 ?| REV, L. L. CARPENTER, Wabash, Ind., is President of the Bethany A^omoly at Brooklyn, lAd. He is perhaps the most wominant c ergymon in the Christian Clmrch Lo-duy. Ho hL dedicated abZt"sm churches and baptised 7000 converts. He writes.-''It, affSrdJ me pleasure to give my testimony as to the efficiency of Dr, Kny's rein ^:\ K -° > y s Lufff Balm is the very bet* cough, cold and thi-ojit. •-, . very I have ttleo received great benefit from tae use of Dr. Kav's Renovntn,. the" B S?o o/ DP" J K ar? ^^ S r^ f 10 ^ wlth 'be piles; ^eon nonced first. y remedies and experienced relief almost from the We have no words to express our thankfulness for the benefit wo have received us the result, of useing- these remedies. I take crout them to the suffering." L. L. CARPENTKR Missionary and S. S. Evangelist, Chdstian Church. y -—'^ ^" "-• — ' *"*o^**iiwj ^-'i4^.4ou4.^(U \-/umOH, r. i\ay's Renovator, tude. It is an excellent Nerve Tonic. Send°for frep s»mn?ft nn^ 1 ? olJeots of La-Grippe and SPRING Jassi- etc. and send your symptoms ana wo will g^ou^eeadSce^'lfViSlJiWfhill^l^ % "^^ don t tuke uny substitute they ni'iv eavis^'in t • i ••+ • ^ A *" lw eK'p'oiion inuve ui•, ivay s Ivenpvator

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