Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 2, 1941 · Page 2
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 2

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 2, 1941
Page 2
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- Page Two Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Sunday Morning, Feb'ruary 2, 194f Telephone 3-1 Jj|' Pair Debates 'Dr. Hendrix, Ruth Oelke Wed In New Mexico Rites Willkie Policy WASHINGTON. Fob. 1—(AP)—' A symposium on the lease-lend bill] today produced an argument over! \Vendell Willkie, the 1940 Repub-' lican presidential nominee. i Alf M. Landon. the 1936 Repub-! lican nominee, said in an address at Topeka that in the lost election the; people did not have opportunity to j vote on the question of how close the United States should get to war. I "Both candidates for the presidency were on the same side," Landon said. "Now they are still together, hut on the other side, x x x Now both are in favor of an 'all- out aid' policy for England, even at the risk of war." Clark M. Eicholbergpr, national director of the Committee To Defend America by Aiding the Allies, speaking at Chicago, had this to say: Says People Want Action "The people want quick, practical action. They will have little patience with the politicians who do not like the lease-lend bill because President Roosevelt is for it. "Wendell Willkie looms as a greater Republican today than the members of his party who oppose the bill on party lines." Landon said he opposed the measure because "its delegation of powers to the President is so vague and limitless that no one can accurately define its extent." Eichelberger asserted charges that the measure was a "dictator- Ship bill" were "sheer bunk." Senators At Odds Two members of the senate were at odds over the question of what would be the position of the United States if the British fleet were beaten. Senator Connally. Texas Democrat, a supporter of the bill, said defeat of the British fleet "would open the Atlantic to the incursions of axis naval power upon Central and South America and the Western Hemisphere." He contended that the axis leaders planned, after an infiltration of influence in Central and South America, to make a "military and naval the United States." attack upon Senator Nye, North Dakota Republican, denied that the defense of this country rested upon the British navy and said that if Hitler should "choose, foolishly, to make war upon this hemisphere, we can give him, if I may use the expression, 'the works' as no power was ever given the works before." DR. HERMAN E. HENDRIX Fines Imposed On Three Men Fines were imposed on thre men who pleaded guilty yesterda in Phoenix justice courts to speed ing charges. They are Henry Schwarz, $10 and Worth Irish and Milan Leavitt each ?5. A recommendation wa made that drivers' licenses o Schwarz and Irish be suspendec seven days. Lester Greenhalgh was fined 5 for driving without an operator' license. Dr. Herman E. Hendrix, former state sunerintendent of public instruction and Miss Ruth E. Oelke, former supervisor of homemaking education in the department of vocational education, were married at 4 p. m. Thursday in Lordsburg, N. M., it was learned here yes- C Dr. Hendrix was superintendent for 10 years up to January 6. Ihe former Miss Oelke held her office The ceremony was informal. The couple has returned to Phoenix to reside at 2239 North 16th avenue. Dr Hendrix came to Arizona from Everett, Wash., in 1917, and was superintendent of schools in Miami and Mesa and also was a member of the faculty of the Arizona State Teachers College at Temoe prior to being elected state superintendent of public instruction in 1930. .. . Mrs. Hendrix is a former resident of Blue Water, Minn. New Marriage Law Proposed DENVER, Feb. 1—(INS)—A bill to invalidate marriages of resident couples who return to Colorado after being wed outside the state to avoid premarital medical examination requirements was before the legislature today. The treasure's sponsor, Lawrence Henry, representative, of Denver, also proposed that all common-la\v| a S es OI i* " r*"l" j T_ ,' nrtnn nni4 , marriages be outlawed because, he said, they are being used as a basis for "blackmail and outrageous demands on the part of some women." The 1939 general assembly banned breach of promise suits. Youth Science Shop Opened NEW YORK, Feb. 1— (AP)—A science workshop for youth, which its director said was intended supply scientists and engineers help rebuild a opened today. Thirty boys ; PI to to war-torn world, was md girls between the _„ 18, members of science and engineering clubs in the New York area, transferred their research work to a special science laboratory of the American Institute of the City or New'York. Is First Of Kind At the opening of the laboratory, declared the first of its kind in the nation, Dr. H. H. Sheldon, managing trustee of the institute, told 25 f heads of industrial firms and scientists who were present: "The nation's business leaders and educators must provide an opportunity for instruction to young men and women who will be the Asks Tax Spread WASHINGTON, Feb. 1—(AP)— .._.. _ The war department announced raw material of postwar science and today that Southwest Airways, Inc., engineering. Attorney Named Service Leade WASHINGTON. Feb. r 1—(AP)— Carlton S. Dargusch, Columbus, O attorney and a lieutenant colone in the national guard, today wa appointed executive officer of th selective service system. The appointment, by Clarence A. Dykstra, director, puts Dargusch at the head of the largest compo nent of the national headquarters the operations section. Dargusch has been on duty a headquarters here for sever a months. Young Republicans Elect, Back Aid Plan DES MOINES, la., Feb. 1—(AP) Gordon Allott, county attorney at Lamar, Colo., won the chairmanship of the Young Republican National Federation here tonight Unanimously by acclamation before the first roll call of states had been completed. Irving W. Myers, Dec Moines attorney, whose name was the only one offered in opposition, moved to make the election unanimous. Myers had garnered only 85 votes by the time West Virginia had been reached in the roll call. Allott's name was the only one presented to the convention by the committee on nominations. Chalmers Ewing, the Colorado delegate •who seconded Allott's nomination, described him as "holding more offices than any other Young Republican in the state, and the first chairman of the Young Republican movement." Myers was nominated from the floor. Other Officers Others elected, also by acclamation, were Mrs. C. B. Corbin, Ashland, Ky., cochairman; Mrs. Elanor Nettle, Burlingame. Calif., secretary; and Orrin McQuayd, Pontiac, Mich., treasurer. Earlier today, the convention voted limited approval of full aid for Britain. A resolution, passed 205 to 165, called for "every possible ' military and economic aid to the democracies consistent with building our own national defense and our determination to stay out of war." The convention asked that congress take "such action as it deems necessary to achieve these ends, Including the granting of emergency executive powers with specific provision made for the return of any power granted as soon as the emergency is ended," and that congress retain its constitutional powers over the purse and declaration of war. Follows Baldwin Plan This provision is along the line of the address Friday by Raymond E. Baldwin, former governor of Connecticut.- In another resolution the federation declared its recognition of the right of labor to collective bargaining, peaceful picketing and "to assert its rights in a legal way." The afternoon convention program, following the adoption o resolutions, included a forum dis cussion on the question: "Wha shall be the relationship betweei organized labor and a political party?" Discussion leaders were N. H. Debel, St. Paul, Minn., ani Harry W. Deck, Springfield, HI. The convention urged mil such Independent organizations as the Associated Willkie Club! to Join the Republican party. Another last-minute resolutioi drawn into the report recommend ed consideration of a Midwest erner for the Republican nations chairmanship in the event Joseph W. Martin, Republican, Massachu setts representative, resigns. A proposal to extend the age limit for membership in the fed eration from 35 years to 39 years was defeated. Criticizes Roosevelt John Robsion of Kentucky, thi convention keynoter, pleaded fo: party unity and criticized Presi dent Roosevelt for "selling us down the river because of some of hi friends across the water." "Fm awfully suspicious -of our President," he declared. "I'm sony for the Ethiopians I'm sorry for everybody. I'm sorrj for myself. But I can only settli my own problem." The Kentuckian asserted he i "terribly opposed to being a we nurse for every oppressed group in the world." American office supplies are now in demand in Bolivia. o Mexico expects to teach farming to 10,000 by mail this year. Upton's Double Rich ICE CREAM NOW ONLY 'Qt Ask for it by name! 'OWN GO PRICES !! ASPIRIN Reg. 50c U. S. P. Bottle of 100 Tablets PHILLIPS 5f Reg. 25c Size Milk of Magnesia PALMOLIi/E SOAP 3 13' HOSPITAL COTTON Reg. SOc Lb. Roll . 14 C BARBASOL Reg. 25c Size Brushless Shave SARAKA Reg. 60c Size Bulk Laxative . 33 C FBI Charges Extortion Plot PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 1—(AP) A 29-year-old selective m sen-ice board clerk accused of extorting, $50 from a man on promise of- de-j ferment heard his case denounced I by the government today as "tanta- i mount to treason." The clerk, Fred Kaplan, was held in $25,000 bail for a further hearing February 10 on charges of extortion and violation of a section of the selective act which prohibits interference with duties of service boards. John F. Sears, chief of the Fed-, eral Bureau of Investigation ml Philadelphia, said Kaplan accepted $50 from Max D. Dantowitz, 23] years old, a registrant, "to see that"' he was not summoned for military training. Kaplan was arrested by FBI agents last night when he appeared at a jewelry store Dantowitz operates. The clerk pleaded innocent when he appeared today before a U. S. commissioner, but did not testify. Arguing for high bail, Edward J. Kallick, assistant U. S. attorney, declared: "I personally regard and my office regards this case as tantamount to treason against the United States. We have heard other complaints and we want to investigate all of them." Federal agents said the Jeweler co-operated with them in bringing about Kaplan's arrest. Phoenix, had applied for a certificate to take advantage of the internal revenue act of 1940 and amortize over a five-year period, for income tax purposes, plant construction or expansion costs connected with national defense. When Europe is rebuilt, as it will be, it will undoubtedly draw upon American"talent and training. When South America becomes a greater factor in world trade, it will draw upon this talent." Xo "textbook experiments" Trucking Halted By Wage Dispute DAYTON, O., Feb. 1—(AP)— Trucking in the Dayton area slowed to a trickle today as drivers idled while negotiators sought so- for these youths, Dr. Sheldon said. They will work out projects in which they are interested. Some are highly specialized. George Kaden, 15 years old, of the Bronx, is working on a model airplane, controlled by radio. Lois Clutter, 16, Ridgewood, N. Y., is conducting a comparative study of the human brain. One student is conducting experiments with high frequency radio waves and another experiments with an ultrahigh-frequency ' transmission system of power. Has 700 Clubs The institute has 700 'clubs throughout the United States with a membership of 30,000. As students complete their research projects, their places will be filled by others. Equipment for the laboratory and funds" for the national program were underwritten by the VVestinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. The International Business Machines Corporation provided two floors of its Fifth avenue building. lution of a wage dispute which brought a strike last midnight. Freight deliveries and all local cartage, except perishable or emergency materials, was halted, said David T. Finn, representative of the striking American Federation of Labor International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs and Warehousemen. Michael J. Crosetto of Cleveland, federal mediator, resumed negotiations with union and employer representatives this afternoon and hours later the meeting still was in progress. More than two hours of negotiations last night failed to avert the strike. Finn said between 1,200 and 1,500 unionists demanding higher pay joined the walkout. To satisfy their desire for entertainment, organized workers of Villa de Rio Blanco, a Veracruz, Mex., industrial center, have built a modern motion picture theater accommodating 2,680 persons. Wagness Lectures to piano teachers start Monday (9:30 to 12:30) BEDEWIIi'S—JS2 W. WASH., PHOENIX Economy Given Domestic Angh BOISE. Ida., Feb. 1—(AP)^L, Chase A. Clark today revealed"! domestic angle behind at least on» phase of his many-sided econoa, program for the state. ' He has demanded that a m mum expense allowance of Jaa day be set for traveling state em ployees. The present allowance ij tj)O. "Why, paying a man $5 a for expenses makes staying a from home attractive and nia ony suffers," he said. "I intend to avoid a lot of a voices by making it cheaper to cot the road trips short." It's Pruning Timt We have a complete line of tool for every garden purpose. FREE PARKING NEXT DOOB AUR E X CONSIDERS DEAFNESS NO PROBLEM! Hear as you never again expected. Bone or Air — SMALL—POWERFUL*—CLEAR.' Accepted by American Medical Ass'n. Frtsh. itnnr batterlei for ALL CARBON hearing aids. Xearly new Instrument for •ale, Anrex-Watkins Hearing Aid Service Suite 504, Security Building Central at Van*Bumi . CITRATE MAGNESIA Re«. 25c FreshJy Made 8' THRIFTYS ll.EAST WASHINGTON STREET. Prices Good for Monday and Tuesday. Limit Rights Reserved. PadficMutud News By Frank J. Schwentker, C.L.U. I was astounded when I read last week that more people were killed In the United States during 1940 in automobile accidents than were killed in Britain as a result of German bombing. An editorial in "Canadian Insurance", states that automobile deaths In the United States in 1940 are estimated at 34,500, whereas the total number of killed and wounded, civilians and soldiers in Britain as a result of bombing In the present war n about 33,000. I was further impressed when I read in yesterday's Arizona Republic an Associated Press report from the National Safety Council giving 34,400 as the number of automobile deaths, and then the surprising information that deaths resulting from accidents in the home totaled 32,500—almost as many as from automobile accidents. What to do to decrease these terrific losses should have the best thought of all good citizens. I shall not attempt to point out a remedy; however, I would call attention to the fact that our Pacific Mutual accident policies provide much needed help when accidents do occur. Last year our Agency alone paid over ISO claims under our accident policies, and the gratitude expressed by these >olicyholders for benefits received makes me enthusiastic about accident insurance. Our accident policies are now ivailable not only for men, but Iso for women and for children s young as 14 years. The cost is urprisingly small and the benefits urprisingly large. For example, or only $20 per year a housewife may have a $5,000 accident policy overing loss of limbs and eye- |ght, as well as death" and in ad- Jition $500 reimbursement for medical expenses. Local Associates: F. B. Schwentker, Gen. Agt. P. D. L McLanrin, Supervisor A. L. Clark C. 0. Dietterich Lacy S. Galbraith C. W. Pensinger E. R. Richardson Harold Singer Don A. Seeds J. Otis Sullivan , ' John R. Turner S.J.Yerkei §69.95 Value 10-Tube Spread Band SILVERTONE You Save $19.95 Over 100,000 Items on Sale Sears Catalog Order Desk —First Floor. 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