The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1899 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1899
Page 9
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THE tJPPMM UE8 MOINIIS: ALGONA IOWA, WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 1899. vJ »-* «5v m Golden Wedding ofMissPopu* lar Esteem and r. Ayer*s Sarsaparilla. Fifty years of happiness, fifty years of doing good. The only Sarsaparilla in the world that ever celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and is doing it today with no signs of decay. Its mission is to cure and , to help. No wonder it has fifty happy years back of it. Get a bottle today of arsapan [which made Samparilla famous] ALL DRUGGISTS SELL AVER'S SARSAPARILLA. $1.00 A BOTTLE. WHISKERS DYED A Natural Black by Buckingham's Dye. Price 60 cents of all drngglati or K. P. Hall & Co., Niuhaa, K. H. DR, KAY'S LUNG nil |j lor coughs, colds BALM andtbroutrtlsoases [f afflicted with tore eyes, use [Thompson's Eye Water I Washington, D. C. Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I Late Principal ExaminerTj.S. Pension Bureau. ) 3 vrslu civil wur, IS udjadlcatiiii; claims, atty sluco, 0 ASK YOURSELF A FEW QUESTIONS If Deering Ideal Harvesting Machines are not the best in the world, why is it that the Deering works are the largest in the world? It there is not a greater demand for Deering machines than for any other make why is it that the Deering works employ over six thousand five hundred skilled mechanics—more than twice as many as any other reaper plant in the world? If Deering machines have not earned the right to universal approval why is it that the Deering works are increasing the output for 1899 by 50,000 machines as against the product of 1898? If Deering ball and roller bearings are not applied to binders and mowers in the only correct way why is it that competitors are at their wits' ends to make their machines as light draft as the Deering Ideals? DEERIHG HARVESTER CO,, Chicago, -, f V* ^ y .P 9 9 9 M »n "I see there is some criticism 'he- cause One of the new congressmen has [ three -wires." "Why should there be?'' "They claim he is controlled by n syndicate." An Unreliable Brand. "lie said he would brand me as a capricioiis coquette." "\Vhnt did yon sny?" "I said he talked as if I were a can of something to eat." "Whoop!" ejaculated the yoiing 1 man with the unsteady pait and generally disheveled appearance; "I'm loaded UJ the rmizzle!" "Forbear, my friend, forbear," said the thin, tall man, with he long face and lonp coat, deprecat- ngly. "Nope!" retorted the yonnj» man, in tones of vijrorjns denial; nope! Not for bear! for sosh'bility." Brother .John—And so the baby is our days old, is it? 'Pears like it's n retty britrht littlp thing for its age. •iister Mary (pitinirly)—lirlpht! That's not the word; it's a wonder. Why, he little precious breathes ns natural ind regular us an adult 50 years old "That new bartender at Gilt & (Hiter's must be worth a mint to them." 'Why?" "He invented a'new drink or Dewey Day that he called '.Spnn- sh Fleet,' and, of course, everybody md to down it " The business connect. ons of a fnm- ly in Kirwin, Kan., nre rather suggestive. One son is a doctor, another in undertnlcer, a third makes tomb- tones, and the wife of the hitter is n Iruggist, passed down n, chimney n I'nssaic, N. .1., set the house on fire, jolted through the back door, melted an iron chain which confined a dop in i kennel and killed the dog. Helen Gould's income is tho largest of any unmarried woman in the conn- ry. She does not spend much on herself. On churches and charities she spends 8100, (00 a year. "Are you superstitious about black cats?" "Yes, indeed; when 1 see one n our bnck yard I know it is a sign .bat cook is going to throw a broomstick and break a window." A girl who claims to have two or .bree young men on the string usu ally hasn't any. Poverty is no disgrace, but it is sel' [lorn used as a testimonial of ability. When the acts are long drawn out t's quite a distance between drinks. He who neglects present duties may never overtake future opportunities. Energy sometimes brings success, but success always brinirs energy. If you have a good friend, it makes you mad when he is imposed on. W. V. Smith, of Florence, Kan., has a beard 5 feet in length. Never lean with the back u pon an thing that is cold. Autobiographies works of liction. are often great We ask a-lvice, but we mean appro but ion.—Col ton. Nothing is so infectious as ability "A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSE* 1FUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH An Excellent Combination, The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well known remedy, SYRUP OF FIGS, manufactured by the CAT.IFOIINIA Fio SYRUP Co., illustrate the value of obtaining' the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshing to th< taste and acceptable to the system. I is the one perfect strengthening laxa tive, cleansing the system effectually. dispelling 1 colds, headaches and fevers gently yet promptly and enabling one to overcome habitual constipation per manently. Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality and sub stance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, without _ wealcemnf or irritating them, make it the idea 'ixative. In the process of manufacturing fig are used, as they are pleasant to th taste, but the medicinal qualities of thi remedy are obtained from senna am other aromatic plants, by a methoc known to the CALIFORNIA FIG Svnu Co. only. In order to get its beneficia effects and to avoid imitations, pleas remember the full name of the Compan; printed on the front of every package CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO BAH FH.ANCISCO, GAL. LOUISVILLE, KY. NEW YORK, N. T. p>., sale by all Drueeists.—Price SOc. perbottl REV. L. L. CARPENTER, Wabash, Ind., is President of the Bethany Assembly at Brooklyn, Ind. He is perhnps the most prominent clergyman in the Christian Church to-day. He has dedicated about 600 churches and baptised 7000 converts. He writes;—"It affords rne great pleasure to give my testimony as to the efficiency of Dr. Kay's remedies. D: 1 . Kay's Lung Balm is the very bei* cough, cola and throat, remedy that I ever used. I have also received great benefit from the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator. My son had for years been greatly afflicted with the piles; he commenced the use of Dr. Kay's remedies and experienced relief almost from the first. We have no words to express our thankfulness for the benefit we have received as the result of useing these remedies. I take great pleasure in commending them to the suffering." L. L. CARPENTER, Missionary and S, S. Evangelist, Christian Church. Dr. Kay's Renovator. It is a perfect renovator of the whole system. It is the very best remedy , known for stomach troubles, indigestion, dyspepsia, catarrh of the stomach, constipation, aleoliver and kidney troubles, and to overcome effects of La-Grippe and SPRING lassitude. It is an excellent Nerve Tonic. Bend for free sample-and a free illustrated 11B page book of receipts etc., and send your symptoms and we will give you free advice. If druggists don't have Dr. Kay's Renovator don't take any substitute they may say is "'just as good, "for it has no equal; but send direct to us and we will send it n,y return mail prepaid. Price ?onts., and $1.00 or six for $5.00. Also Dr. Kay's knng Baljn, JOots., and 26otB,, postage prepaid, DR. B, J. KAY MEDICAL Co., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. flom«» tot th* German Artttf. Julius Goldschmidt, consul general of the United States in Germany, concerning the horses that are used by the German army, says: The following report concerning horses for the German army is based on Information received from officers and from an experienced veterinary Burgeon who has for years superintended the purchase of horses for one of the Germany army corps. The so- called "remonte" horse markets, public and private, take place In the months of April to September in the parts of Germany where horses are plentiful, mostly in East and West Prussia, occasionally in Posen, Hanover, Hol- Btcin, and Meeklenberg, and, rarely, in the Alsace and the Rhine provinces. Private remonte markets are allowed to norse breeders, who have for years furnished a large and superior quota of animals for the army, nnd who can offer lots of from 20 to 80 good horses. Such private markets may even be held on the grounds of the horse breeders and occur mostly in East and West Prussia. In Lithuania proper there are more private than public markets. The buying Is done by five army commissariats, consisting each of one presiding officer, one to two assistant officers, one veterinary surgeon, and one secretary. The horses purchased are generally three years old, in exceptional cases four years. The former remain one year at the remonto depots before they are turned over to the regular service. There are no fixed rules as to the weight of tho horses, and when horses arc weighed in such places it Is on account of scientific food experiments or private Interests. Bult it is safe to say that full- breasted, compactly-built horses are used. They will average in weight about as follows: Artillery draft horses, 1,100 to 1,200 pounds, artillery saddle horses 900 pounds, cuirassier horses 1,000 to 1,100 pounds, Uhlan horses 900 to 1,000 pounds, hussar and dragon horses 800 to 900 pounds. The common run of horses for the line cavalry are bought at from $80 to $100, while the heavier horses for artillery run from $140 to $160, and the best horses, which are used for the Kurassier Garde regiments, are seldom bought under $200. This applies to the remonte commissariat's work. Officers, as a rule, ride East Prussian horses. Those that can afford it buy English blooded stock at fanoy prices. The best Prussian horse brings from $225 to $340. These are all however bought at an age of from 5 to 6 years and well trained, since tho Prussian horse is hardly fit for use before Its sixth year is concluded. English and Irish horses, which are largely bought In Hamburg, are, owing to the richer nourishment they receive on their native pastures when young, fit for use at the age of 'four to five years, and are less narvous, shy and excitable than the Prussian horses. The Irish horse is the easiest to ride under all circumstances, the early wholesome nourishment giving it a calmer and more docile temper. I have reason to believe that under the name of Irish stock many American horses are sold in Hamburg, as the description given of them closely resembles that of the American horse. It Would be well for the American horse breeders or horse dealers to correspond with large firms in Hamburg, such as the "English Stall" or the "Olde Stall," before entering largely in the shipping business. Alfalfa and Corn for Hogs—The farmers of the corn belt can get a good pointer on pig feeding from the alfalfa belt. I have seen a plf? that •was farrowed Sept. 20,1898, and raised on a ration two thirds of which was alfalfa hay. which is as large as any pig I can find in the corn belt farrowed in June, July or August. The nuptials of King Corn and Queen Alfalfa are announced to take place on my farm at an early date. The fourth cutting of alfalfa is the best hay for hogs in winter. This cutting Is done late in the fall and is raked immediately and shocked, thus curing without very much sun. The leaves and all are saved in a succulent condition, thus making a feed that Is relished by the pigs.—Homestead. Why Fresh Bones Make Eggs.—Tho different parts of ordinary market bones upon analysis were found to contain in abundance the ingredients which go to make up the grtwing chick, and in wonderfully close proportion, the different parts of the complete egg. The lean meat and gristle from the white of the egg, and about sixteen per ceut of the yolk. The marrow and other fat on the bones supply the remainder of the yolk. The lime phosphates In the bone yield all the necessary lime salts for the shell, and the requisite phosphates for thq interior of the egg.—A. 0. Pickering, <u Farm and Home. Oieo Prosecutions In Pennsylvania. —The butter trade of Philadelphia hag taken up the prosecution of the oleo dealers, and have already secured evidence of the violation of both the state and national law, and propose to push the suits to a conclusion. In the investigation fifty retail dealers have been found selling the stuff without even the formality of a government license. In every case they were sell- 'ng oleo as butter.—Ex. Ash is what is left when the combustible part of a feeding stuff is burned away. It consists chiefly of lime, magnesia, potash, soda, tron, chlorln, and carbonic, sulphuric, and phosphoric acids, and is used largely In making bones. Part of the a?h constituents of the food Is stored up in the animal's body? the rest 1$ vpided. ^n the urine and manure. Absolute Proof ' iiii '"1 n 1 «<f j»y» *s* .- . * ... Your tume and address on a postal c&rd will brintf you Absolute proof that Dr. Willlfcmt' Pink Plili for Pale People will cure you if you &rc Afflicted with any disease of the blood or nerve*. Mention the disorder with which you &r« suffering. and we 'will icnd evidence that will convince &nd ftitisfy you th&t Or Williams' PinK Pills for P*le People will cure you These pills contain, in & condensed form, all the ;elements necessary to dive new life and richness to the iblood and restore shattered, nerves. Theyare an unfailing specific for such diseases as locomotor ataxia, St.Vitus* dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, partial paralysis and all forma of weakness either ,in men or women. To n Lawrence Journal reporter >fr. O. Jl. Knyder. a well known citizen of Lawrence, Kun., reltilecl a woiuU*rftil ptory. lie riikl: " I nm now seventy yearn of HRB. About tlireo jcnrH I»KO I experienced a coldness or numbness In the feet, then creeping tip my ices, until It. retiched my body. I grew tliln,appetite poor nnd did not relish my food. I bpcanio tumble to tnovo Hliout. Consulted nevcral distinguished phyBlrlnns, one telling mo I luid locomotor iitailn, nnotlior, creeping pnral.vslR. I took their medlclncB but continued to (?row worse. A friend advised me to try Dr. \VllllninK' 1'lnk 1'llls for Pale I'eople. JU'foro I lind finished my llrnt box ] found tlmt they were benefiting rne. I URcrt twelve boxes and wns perfectly cured. Although over nix months since I need my lunt pill there hn« been no return of the disease. My appetite is good aud ({eutfral health btltor than for many years." Look for the full name on the package. At druggists or direct from the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schencctac'y, N.Y. 50c. per. box. 6 boxes $2.50. Brush the udder part* and wipe then} §amp cloth or sponge, Satfin finds some mischief still for idle Inuuls to do. Hall's Catarrh Cure [a a constitutional euro. Price, 75c. Hatred docs not cense by hatred, but only by love; this is the eterua" rule, $15.00 Per Wnok. We will pay a salary o f *15 per week and xponsos forman with Uifj to introducePer- Ccction Poultry Mixture uiul Insect Destroy- or in the country. Address with stump. Perfection Mfg. Co., Parsons, Kansas. A new rifle, just introduced in the fieriunn army, fires from twenty-five to thirty shots in a minute. Around tliu World In n Diiy. This ffloho of ours is n pretty pood sized sphere, but, we iire told the Um-r- iny Iliirvestcr Company of Chicago can produce in a single diiy enough Hinder Twine to encircle it, with 8,SOf) miles to spare—30.000 miles of twine is a fair day's output! A reliable publication recently proved by correspondence with dealers in all parts of America that iiG per cent of the twine used in 1898 was Peering Twine. God can tell a nickel ter. from a quar- WANTED-CIIHC of Dnrt lienllli Hint IM P-A-X-fi will nut licncflt. Semi f> centH tn lilpnnH Chemical Co.- New York.for 10 minitiliw anil I.IKK) tcutlmonlal* A young ninn na'iinilly uses n choice expression when he asks a ffirl to become his wife. Piso's Cure tor Consumption has been a family medicine with us since ISIifi.—J. K. Mudlsou, 1 J40'J 42U Ave., Chicago, 111. Love had rather serve Christ in a dungeon than Satan in a palace. Mrs. Yv'liiBlow'H BootliliiR Syrup. P'or children tauthlne, softens tho r,'iimn, reduces lir flmimiailon, ullnvn iialn.uurus wlmlcolic, 'ilc abottlo. The man who has nothing to s;iy isn't always conscious of it until after he has tried to stiy it. Notoriety is cheap to get but dear to keep. Arc You Uithig Allen's Foot-Eimo? It is tho only cure for Swollen, Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet; Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, !.'Sc. Sample sent FKEE. Address. Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. Dinner for four and thirteen to dine Is unlnckv. rfie town or Farrngut, la., Is greatly «r« cited over the cnse of Richard Trullmger iui'1 it was thought he must die. Several noted physicians pronounced bin case incurable and gave him morphine to quiet his agony, lie Buys: "I began taking Dr. Kay's Renovator nnd after the first dose I quit taking morphine and have had no pniiiR in my Htomuch since. My health IB good aud I eat everything. Mr. Deppe, a prominent man of this county was cured of a bad stomach trouble by taking Dr. Kay's Renovator." Sold by druggists at 25c and SI.00, or sent on receipt of price, prepaid by Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co.. Saratoga Bpringd, N. Y. Write our physicians fo« free odvico about your ciisa lie who hits the pipe must pay piper. the I.IIIKI'H Fiunlly medicine. Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick- headache. Price 25 and r>0c. The internal mneiiinery of Elmer Broadhent, of Koscinsko county, 1ml., is oddly arranged. The X rays have revealed I hut his heart is on the right side and his liver on the left. Coo's CoiiKli UnlHfini IP the oldeiKl. nnd I cut. It will birulc up iicaiii quicker limn any I hliu; else. It la uhvuvB reliable. Try H. Heading, l'n., lias sixteen hosiery mills, employing :.',f'"° hands. Fifteen years ago it had not one mill. The growth of girls is greatest in their I'ifiei-nth year; of boys in their seventeenth I W. N. U., Dss Molnes, No. 21.—1899. "OME duties to many woiiitn seem more important than health. No matter how ill they feel, they drag themselves through the daily tasks and pile up trouble. This is heroic but a penalty has to be paid. A woman in New Matamoras, Ohio, MRS. ISABELL BKADFIEIJD, tells in the following letter how she fought with disease of the feminine organs until finally forced to take to her bed. She Bays: ••DEAR MRS. PINKIJAM—I feel it my duty to write to you .to tell you that I have taken Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and think there is no medicine in the world like it, I suffered for nine years, and sometimes for twelve weeks at a time I could not stand on my feet. I had female troubles of all kinds; backache, and headache all the time'." 1 Seven different doctors treated me. Some said I wonid have to go to the hospital and have an operation performed. But oh I how thankful I am that I did not, that I tried your Vegetable Compound instead, I cannot say too muck in its praise, nor thank you enough for what it has done for me. I want you to publish this in all the papers for the good, of other sufferers." The wives and mothers of America are given to overwork. Let them be wise in time and at the first indication of female trouble write to Mrs. Pink-, ham at Lynn, Mass., • for her ad vice. This advice is promptly given without charge. ,' The present Mrs. Pinkham's experience in treating female ills is unparalleled; for years she worked side by side with Mrs, Lydia E. Pinkham, and for sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of h«r great business, advising and helping by letter as many us K hundred thousand ailing women during a single year.

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