The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1899 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1899
Page 8
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THE UPPJiiR MOtNJjJS! ALCtQKA, IQWA. WEDNESDAY. MAY 17, 1899 IS NOT MDCH ItKE OTHERS "•»'" «'"•<«<> M, is, ««»« »t iVfHmnn.f KnnHar u*i*t«»««««t.i.~ A t_. AMENDMENTS , xvniional BapUsi anniversaries. Gco. Wi Hanna Makes a Bank Statement Peculiarly His Own. He Tolls JUs Patfcms j«st ttotv Mis Bank Stands with tlio AVorld— Other County Mutters. ChicMg-o & Northwestern rail- Qeo. W. Hanna makes a characteristic bank statement in the Lu Verne Novvs. It is interesting for its origiunlity and also as a financial showing. Mr. Hanna began in Lu Verne less than 20 years ago without a very limited capital and has made every dollar by careful attention to business. He says: Modesty might dictate that private business should not bo exhibited to the public, but no bank is, strictly spcnkiug, private business, anil we feel that our customers are entitled to know the condition of the bank where they leave their money for safe keeping. The loans mid over drafts we consider good. Tho real estate und pcrson- nl properly consists of 8,701 acres of land Lu Verne town properly, and some live stock; 1,701 acres of this lurid are carrying mortgafros for $21,300, which is pnrt of tho consideration of purchase; 2,000 acres and the other property nro all clear. This land is all in Kossiith county except 235 IHTCS which is in Wright county. Tlio property of this bank is assessed for ISJI'J at$183 130 and unless the assessor errs in judgment or has it in for us the capital of this bank ought to be good !is shown. Tho 14lh year of our business is the host. Wo have' lost none of our old customers and hnvp gained many now ones for which we feel grateful to tlio public iind conclude that tho old robber bunk has been wonderfully well used by this community. Uesp'ly GKO. W. HANNA. Low limes to Sioux falls, S, IJ., Vin the Northwestern line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly re•d neort rules May 26 and 27, limited to itx'.liKie Mny 29, account of m«etinff of United Commercial' Travelers- of America.. A pply to agents Chicago & Worth western roil way. -9tl Fon time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State'Bank. apply Ilnlf UtttfjB to DCS Moines, Via tlio North western lino. Excursion tickets will be- sold from stations in lovvn. at ono fm-u for tho round trip May 22 and 23, limited to Mny 25, no- count of prohibition state convention. Apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern ni 11 way.-01] Matson & McCall Have added to their stock the past week a fresh lot of novelties in millinery for spring. A special line gf Children's School Hats TO THE AMENDED AIWICM8S OF INCOKPO- . RATION OF THE Algona Deposit and Loan Association Know all Men by Thesp PrpRHnto- the isth day of Afrit, A b. 1899, at Atom A*I a re *V lftr mee « n * of the'stockhofdws in. ut t , he Ia8t in lletl thereof: Sub- rhnrsfn * et ereo: "Sub- fe^as the bv1nw k " 8a " pay such membership tee as tne bylaws may prescribe." * . =!„„ r 01 * r «ICI.B IV— LOANS. Sen. r,. Strike Out; the wonls " No T nd such Premium * *»»'*•» /. T. Clirischilles, G. C. Hudson, T. H. Lcmtry, James Patterson, President. Vice President, Treasurer. Secretary. ALGONA MILLING COMPANY. [INCORPORATED HIGHEST PRICES PAID for all kinds of Grain and Seeds. ^Dealers in Hard and Soft Coal. Manufacturers of Strictly High-giade Flour. Special attention paid to the m»,H-A.. ! 7!£J i V'"M he ''«*'« section his and par on hfq ' named --o-" -—••*ip,v,»j on tho stock or serurltv nnri En wi!! ,!!\\« tc>r , th !'°° »«>nths "r '""re, then the whole principal sum shall at once becorm't IP and payable at tho option of ! the rtffocto •<? r,. 1?,."* "°] ( " ;<3 *° the -nortWSOT. and oreclos'- Jnnn'w i ti? dlngs " lay at Olice be commenced to .en", w^Kft™ I-*™**, that fa To Fight Disease successfully during the changeable spring and hot summer months, the system should receive a toning up now p,,,. this purpose French's biirsaparilht has no superior. It is the most efficacious spring medicine. Removes sill impurities from the system ^nd puts new life into torpid liver and sluggish blood. A splendid all around tonic. Pi-ico $1.00 per bottle. We carry all the well known patent medicines iitid sell at moderate prices. For sale On I v by Owing to the large and constantly increasing demand for our superior grade of flour we are enabled to offer from 5 to 10 cents per bushel above the market nvino -Fm* ornnrl nrliout. price for good wheat. F. W. DINGLEY, Manager. said surplus payments . Wwea Clly HcrulU. A nine year old girl of L. A. Wnllou's household was kicked in tho mouth by a colt last Sunday and three teeth loosened and two knocked out. Andrew Hnndgreii quit, Um employ of J. J. Anderson & Co. yesterday and has gone tpl'enton to continue work in his repair shop. His smiling face will bo missed on the east sido of tlio street. Algona had a big meeting of the teachers last week, will entertain the annual county bunclay school convention on Thursday and Friday of next week, and the convention and tournament of the Iowa State Sportsmen's asssciation tho week after Then comes memorial day the following week, which will be duly observed, and here our information of important events in Algonti closes. Will please our patrons. We also have the latest designs in Ladies' Sailor Hats. If you want something that is — —..^..v until tho have beoii used up." Kin^m. 3 ; 0 ' AmontS l) .v InserHnir tho words "In Mil unco, assessments, taxes, abHtnirt fpps m- orm'nr Vv'.^ '"'/I*" 1 ' <!hai '« fi « "" tho r °M ^X^^^,;' vremi ^'™* bee. 11. Strlko out entirely and nmenrl hr '"""'"JWJ""'following in its piaco: J HOC. l]. Kxcept by consent of the exocu- tlve commute.; no loans may j, 0 pnkl o to maturity.other than upon the nobby sailors. come and see these or~n>'~ij—•; •••"'•""""-a left Monday for Sheffield, where she will spend the summer with relatives. Mrs. Chas. Uronson was the recipient of a check for $8,000, life insurance on her husband recently deceased, tho latter part of last week. * A very pleasant and social affair was the dance held in Kunz's hall Monday oveninir and those who trip tho light fantastic en- Joyed themselves until a late hour Miss Amy Hedrick ol' Algona furnished the music. Tltouku Topic. The officers of the ball clubure: Captain, W. A. Salisbury; manager, H. G. Gardner treasurer, G, L. Dalton; secretary, A. R Specht, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Dalton will soon beat home in their new residence in north x i ton K n. N. M. Nelson killed a ground hog Monday afternoon. It was a flue specimen, and Mi- Nelson assures us that it was tlio very f el' ^Sri&T late 8pring by actiiig Hurt Monitor. H.O.Buelland County Superintendent Van krdawyk have together bought tho M. F. Randall residence lots west of Wm Btockwoll's. They will divide the lots and each put up a line residence. You musn't be surprised if each puts up a ¥8,000 man- S1 ° uv - They have handsome locations. The John Clausen hotel at the crossing above Bancroft is Hearing completion. It is said that there is an average of a dozen passengers who transfer there every day A recent passenger going from Hurt to Armstrong informs us passengers now pay fare to crossing only. Up to a short time ago a person going north, getting off at the crossing, paid fare to Ludyard, and on the other road they also paid' to the next sta tion. They paid for a ride they didn't get Matson & McCall. WATER OR NO PA Y. veiwv « f , 1I)OU lc »« \eiH.viy of their date upon pavmont of J|,T r" U ' ri;st ttntl P»«»««»n In advance of tl e dat.o of paymi-nt and after thirty days' notice of the intention so to do. Payments of Si on or »ny multlpio thereof nmv bp mado unont m same conditions, or the borrowed mav ?nv in on.) or more of his Hhare.s arul annlv ?he sninS upon, tho loan, thus riHluci IK the IntoreBt am? pn,nnum and number of His BhMes?" Jnscrt tin, following new section- Uoston Block. Algona, Iowa. W. J. STUDLEY, JPhnrmaclsk. or decrease the rates o o loan. In the borrow Bicycles Repaired, Bicycles for Sale, Saws filed. Also agent for the Eldredge, Victor, and Andrae Wheels. J. L EDMONDS, ALGONA, IOWA. Kemovecl-now next door to Frank Wlnltel's moat market, State street. NSURANCE. Also Land, Loan aud Collection Business.. Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. A. QILMOVR, President, C. II. HUTCHJNS, Vice President, M. SOIIKNCK, Secretary, J. W. WADSWOKTH, Treasurer. DIRECTORS: JAS. NOLAN, H. IT. DREYER, C1IAK. VfOOSTBR, S, HTEV8SY, J. C. KAIN, J. E. STACY. The Farmers' Milling Co, [INCORPORATED.] ^"^ OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF THE ALGONA ROLLER MILLS. --,---., .....j stock, but ilio minimum t payment shall in no case Do les "than the agreed upon when the Joan was made iinlps's specially authorized by tho drector*" Artesian we cable steam only ploy only expert Dalley, Algona," . SC ° tlon and *' , wltl >ilrawals of installment , . ,' not cancelled or ban-owed mi on, mas' bo made on requeet, at anv time nftfc s x months from issue as fo lows to-wu- 1 fer six months and prior to twelve mouths' frnm issue all of the dues paid h r af tev two ?VP inonths froTi issue, all the duos paid in One Hundred Dollars—- fppdHiiniI n tn S ! Vl 9 trat l e wlth ch , olce flo "r from selected wheat; also bran, shorts, and ground feed in lots to suit purchasers. This is n farmers' company and solicits the farmers' business. a Specialty. nd will do as well by you as a /. B. HOFIUS, General Manager. lowl^Glveufe^ew co^nfany'a l^^' *'" ™ ^ Wl " d ° M WeU by y ° U M atl >' mil1 ln Is offered to any person who can duplicate the attention to made. Ad<3reSS A ' Sutt's Sure Remedy for Hog Cholera. n'nWiTrTi . l"opaia stock, Classes u and C,' may withdraw after one VHHI- nn cf^^S'^^^S" H d v Wends declared, less expense and any cash rK&a^ d "'-'°<* may'pSSM Affi^&&^ t ftSfift l a£S I tide shall be in full settlement of all claims under the stock and are subject to any dpdTc als"i,5S'^ oI ?, teclUeR8 *?• or Wai $thta w-' Class-D- stock ^ a n BSOCl ' ltloni and ' oxco ^ on ! V ? ., , . CK ' lo ilu J assessment niadu nn 1 dei 1 Article 5 hereof." " un- section and In CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. SCHU & WATERHOUSE, FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, i d^5^5 s«sssas^^fflS% ™;^S^ I ^ (lc " t l T " CinUSCHILLES, Vice Pres; LEWIS H. SMITH. W. H. LACY can furnish you low prices on , where id?,n,7«S^ a ^ la !JT' 1t . h , c l ni iY al8 °f dues and — o- 's Hog Cholera Prevent- In will guarantee it in every case " JSTci nrp vent no pay" if fed as it ought to bo. 1280 doses for $1.25. Tho cheapest remedy the world, and the best worm killer if or sale at my home in Algona, Iowa. Manufactured and guaranteed by L. ALGONA, IOWA, wait . • ple ' 3 otl ' t»n 1 'V OV i 1<led i 11 /" 1 "^ '''"not amo'imuo ue atthe 6 tlm"» l<B °' th ° total *»«>ara W nl val° vn e ^«' Amen , d b y adding the words: " Pro vided that stock maturing between dlvidim,! fh 6 n«t nl !i firWte & the earnings untl longei?" dlvldend ls ^Portioned, and no AlJTICIjE VII. sale»-afto tl.Tw^We^J 1 * ^° WOTdS " OT !. J. Amt'iid by striking out all tho words ....... the second word "exceed" and insert tho fol ! owl »K i" I!"" thereof: " One and also all kinds of mill stuff, Wood and Coal. your watering on our city scale Opposite Hotel Tennant. thr PO irn - thieo times Us cost. feed Whtttemore Champion. , -^ U ^ DJO u DI « uy given mat bv virtr Hugh Hedrick and Geo. St. John, adver- £???, lal i? J ? ) ?" tkm to me directed by the clerk tising apnts for the New England clothing aca?nst tl,^ C1 f rt , of f ?? ssuth co «""y, Iowa house ot Algoua, were on our streets yesF ei*o 'J s^ G°in nS ,:, Cl } a M els ' ^n" 8 . tenements t ^rl»^^5«fe!Lp«^n%ir I l^ww ffl^^^s^^ aua SHERIFF'S SALE. glven^ that by virtue of a clerk Iowa, . r.-.-.s, thus declaring uol , uivuienas," bee. B. Amend by inserting the words •'and sales of real estate" after the first word "\v?tii drawals." Strike out the words "of the wlth- I 2'awal profits or the excess of the expense fund" after the words '• so much." ' DAiJC "- ao M. P. IIAOCAKD. O. F. PEEK after tho second word " dollars.!' 1 ARTICLE VIII—STOCK. Of KoSBUf --—",/ «•"* LU14VIW UH 1O UliiUU U PJtJtlSI o,o!» e o? USlr r esS ^°- n I 11 AlRona are painting i "» t»-unnuLu m mo state of Iowa nlalntiff "f I ri.«A~i.n",',,T;n* "X'",*"/^ uulu '"""miypaymenton ap»^KS g &^ OX the retiring mayor. Norms,, rmu m I .^..^.iown of Algona, county of Kossnth }" 8 | jStS,*^ 1 !,^ ^.^.^^'"on to the monthly we will say that it se< opinion that he is one of the best this or any other town ever had. He "has ueen conscientious and faithful in all his transactions .and has really had the e-ood of the town at heart in everything. =.ui,= n uauii m jiiRona are paintiiiK °r "-osuutn in the state of Iowa nlnlntiff T f,.« D ,., i ^""'"""mum monthly payment on l ^^ b ^L^ ^.?^S r ^ w _ n _f v S r ..^d, . He^as Pallagher and S>. WayTrig]! tufe^it K?±?*/A,?^ a ™;??I d .?« »»y P.^YTn'y I^edyard Leader. Crops are fully as far advanced now as they were at the same time last year, not Withstanding the fact that the season is about two weeks later. . Sergt. T. S. Waud is expected home from Cuba next week, about the 17th or ISth He will come to Ledyard and drive to Ger- terest in and to the fbflowln'e "described* reni ffi^&f^«$s^% Ull in UlOCk No. TWeiltv ill nvfrrfiial wce »!^K° s 4" cSSS&, Iowa B al the hour of 2 o'clock quarter, town of thn ,Pnt the rate of n osaddy ^Bmf SS ™ yllftndth ' sl3th of May, A Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. liuVoriie News. Lu Verne is growing right along this spring. One residence up and two more to be built soon, besides Zoelle's new brick for the drug store, and Guthrie'a large two story hardware buildinjj to be put up this summer. Uuncrolt Jfetrlstor. The German Valley creamery had a little blaze yesterday morning, and but for the quick work of those present the plant would have gone up in smoke. It is almost a cinch that Algona will net the Fourth regiment band. They have an excellent one at the county seat, but could use several more good musicians and Messrs. Swain and Griswold of our baud have offers from the management to join The opening exhibition given by King SI! hS,? ee v?' H°" owa y' 8 hi eh plungers, will probably be at New Hampton. Mr. H. has a contract for exhibiting the horses there July %. ?%* ????f JY?.?^ of . 4'gona (there are SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that bv virtue of » specialI execution to me directed V the c?er of the district court of Kossutii county, Iowa against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements' etc, of George Smith. Alex Peddle, and James N. Brown, defendants, in favor of William H £J a «' B f n 3» m lii Graham, Halls N. and Harrie f 1 - wayden, plaintiffs, I will offer at nubile sain to the highest and best bidder, for cash at the ffi'SVZti^^^&'Ssti &,fa. D m. auT4 o»£ ^J™ ^1 1 all of said George Smith, e£ al right, title and interest in and to the following aescriued real estate, situated lu Kossuth county; to-wit- Lot No. 7 and 8, in Ulock No. 60, of tl e citv of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa Si "" tn "" " the hour of 8 o'clock p. May, A. . words 1 SUO(1 - and exceed - r the wo'rds " not to between the words "of" aud Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.' Abstracts, Real Kstatp AND^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. C ' by strikin Witness my hand this 13th D. 1800. S P HHU i^Tit'wm^ivT 9t2 Sheriff ^Ko S s"hcouuty^owa. . • , ARTICLE XI. Amend by striking out the words -'one year" ™li u ? er ' th ? wo »'1a " three years" after the otnce. Insert the words " The tenure of six of the present board is'hereby lod so that only three shall retire each : «i.,nV, a i!!n s ,l x ^vldualB and their respective •ei ins shall be determined by lot" after the teucl (lualified '" Ste'he out the last sen AUTICJjE XIV. the words " or at a IF YOU LWE YOVR PENMJI o Prior' to ? ue iv i T l T 0 «o n011niollt °. f ? x P e ^ se «"«8 Shin v, u \ y 1> I 890 ' "P° u stoc k now In force 6 SHERIFF'S SALE, ble no old ones) have ado practice of removing their hats during en tertainments, so those seated behind mav *i a y?u "?-, unobstructed view of the stage AH toe Bancroft women who are not bald headed have promised to do lifiewise in future, Notice is hereby given that by virtue ?, u f. rde , r . to me directed by the judce the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa S.^^^jo^^ttels, lands, ***' *° Wa ssyf""jfw-.A:.§?•«««. pisssss T wiii «•»..«» ^y 001 "^"*""! piaintu I will offer at public sale to the iife-h est and best bidder, for cash, at the door of HIB court house, In the town of Algona, County o Kossuth, Iowa, on the 20th day of May, A £ I^^^^^S^^^P'? o'olook a^nT, „.,j Mason City Brick and Tile Co, makes the beet drajn tile and hpllow building- tile in the world and lowest pices. F, 0. B. any station, ,.; SJ.BP Fr»w»lscp, Porllf nd, Taooma, apd Seattle, via the Nortjjwfistern line. Excursion tickets 1 be spi4 at greatly j, oevween tne nours of 0 o'clock a: in. aud 4 o'clock p. m. on said day, all of said Em maSyckandT. D. Syck's right, title and Interest In and to the foUowln^desorlbed per sonal property, situated in Kossuth county to-wlt: An entire stock of goods, iucludlnc men's and boys' clothing, dry goods, grocer les, hardware, tinware, aud one-man's bicycle. Sale fco commence at the hour of 2 o'clock n m. of said day. v*w« y. _. Witness my hand this 9th day of May, A D. 1890. 8. P. OHBISTJSNSEN 8t8 Sheriff of Kqssuth County, Iowa. STOVE too-large and shall not be dis- r^r,rv,,,';i"i"'" 1 ' u ,' 1 ' osea °' withdrawal the JO.HI finul duos only up to July 1, 1809, of fatock now In force shall bo undei'stobd by the sa?H«m "I 1 d ? 68 P, al ? in " and be the basis of bettiemeiit. la all other respects these amend- "J.euts apply to a u 8tock present aud fStwe All future issues shall be under the articles as hereby amended and the by-laws ana regulations established to coveru the same " . THOS F. COOKE. President E. B SAYBRS, Vice President. ra M. TAYLOB. Secretary. f»i^''i if^fri te^ly SMOKE ONLY FRAGRANT First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL 85000C AJUTjp^fi A OALZ, ... President \ WM. K.'FERGUSON oaOner nf J * VT ° m!fi> Viee Preside \OHAS. A. PALMER Assistant WsMr oW^-m^^S lertusou^ 1180 * 1 ' Phllip ° OrWeller ' F " H " Ves P er - Ambrose A. furnishing first-class security. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, C. C. Chubb, VicePrest., Thos. H. Lautry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbra'ith, Pred. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS ^"Interest paid on time deposits. W. H. Reed (Successor to John Cronin) handles the best to be had in the way of UD- to-date, fine FURNITURE >esides everything that can be desired n plain and ornamental Picture Frames, Mouldings nd goods that are required for beauti- yipg and ornamenting the home A specialty made of ' Uiionati] C. C. Samson. B . F . Crose SAMSON & GROSE, [Successors to Hay & Rj ee ] ABSTRACTS REAL ESTATE LOANS. FARMS AND WILD LANDS FOR SALE AND FOR RENT. Opera House Block. ALGONA, IOWA. SAMSON & PAINE, DEALERS IN with prices always at the satisfactory ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. Notice IB hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as administrator of the estate of AJUOS Appiegate, late of Kossuth county, Iowa, deceased Aii persons in any manner Indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to the under signed: and those having claims against the said estate will file them with the clerk ot the district court of Kossuth county, rowa? as pro- viaea by law, duly authenticated, for allowance. ^ • Dated this 8th day of May, A. D 1869 ELMER P. APPLEGATE, BW Administrator, T .EGAL BLANKS— Sd g Take care s^your 1 KK CIGAR SONS a CO.MAKJ:R ED LIVINGSTONS AOENT5 OESMOINE5, IOWA. It's easy to haul a big load up a big hill if you grease the wagoft wheels with MICA Axle Grease Ip^SMffi Sold everywhere, nude by hj ghest prices i ". sell ground we deliver to any part of the city, and sell and dl prices!" and soft coal at lowest f^eave o. atract o«,ce The Red Elevator, C. & N. W. depot, Phone]1 - ALGONA, Wood and Ice, I am prepared to furnish Green or Dry BODY WOOD before Uh The Ice season or wood .5 - > at PETER WINKEL.

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