The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1899 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1899
Page 5
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A new and elegant line of THE UPPER DE8 MOIKE8: ALGONA. IQWA, WM8DAY. MAY 17, 1899. Undev wear. The Kraft May clothing sale is on Algona is the place to buy clothing. C. B. Hutchins is down this week platting the new town of St. Benedict. ?]>f C , a11 bridge was accepted and pa d for last week by the county board. It is a beauty. F A, D '.i (:!al ! {ln8 lB ^dually closing in on the details of his wholesale grocery. It will open soon. C. L. Hiserodt brought four little wolves to the county auditor Mondiiv and got his bounty. y Corset covers from IS to 60c Skirts from - 50c to $4,50 Gowns from SOc to $3,00 Drawers from 15c to $1.1'5 Chrischilles & Herbst DEATH BY HIS OWN HAND, So Said the Jury in the Case of Sam Ernst, Near Bancroft. Opposition to His Suit for a Young JJady's Hand Supposed to Have Been the Cause. Coronor Morse was called to Bancroft Wednesday morning by the sui- i cide of Sam Ernst, who lived about six |,miles northwest of town. The young • man had hung himself in the barn and was dead when discovered. No reason | for the act is positively known, but it ; is assumed by all that his affection for |ayoung)ndy named Osterbauer was I the cause. It seems the two had been rengaged to be married, but the lady's I parents objected and sent her to a con|vent. The following details are given by |he Bancroft Register: He had gotten tfp and dressed about daylight without Baking his brother, Henry, with whom J T slept, and gone out. When Henry _ it up he thought- nothing of his brother having preceded him, and ^ r |tarted to do the chores. Going to the ifgranary to get some grain for the M *~~'sea he was horrified upon opening * -,-,--' granary door to find the lifeless ^ftody of his brother hanging from one 'of the rafters. The body was still yarm, but life was extinct. He had fallen a new five-eighths inch rope, Climbed onto the partition of one of the '-is about eight feet high and stand- j on this fastened one end of the rope I a rafter so it would hang between iwo and three feet from the partition on which he stood. Then fastening ]he other end about his neck with a Jrith a slipnoose he had slipped down |o his death. Prom the way the rope Jhad cut into his neck and left its mark Ion the rafter over which it was fastened fit would seem that he had leaped down Rafter adjusting the fatal noose, though there was no dislocation of the vertebrae. His feet were within six inche of the floor as he hung. The day before he had worired abou the place as usual and none of the fam ily had any reason to suspicion hecouk entertain such a thought or intention He.left no word or message of hi motives for the rash act: he was strong active, in the beat of health, apparent ly a happy member of a happy, pros perous, and contented family, and th only thing to which a cause can Ix, traced is the fact that he had for a time kept company with a neighbor's daughter, who went to Milwaukee lasl |year; he had written her, but the ladj |with whom she was staying had ans- fewered requesting that the correspond- |ence be discontinued." That was some |;time last winter, and he has never, so |far as we can learn, since then given |Jii8 folks any reason to think he was |lbrooding over nny sorrow or disap- ' pointment. and intelligent interest he has taken in this organization, but because of the record he made in the war as an officer, after ho had served as a private. He is one of the few men on whom was bestowed the token and badge of special courage in battle. In electing Col. Clarke the Iowa Commandery has shown that at least once in a while an organization selects as its official head the man who is a natural and actual leader. EGGS wanted at Taylor's. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. Interest. Optional payments. H. HOXIE. A GIRL'S "complexion" may be stamped on her lover's heart, but most of the "complexion" comes off unless put there by Rocky Mountain Tea. Powder's a bad thing. BABY sleeps and grows while mamma rests if Rocky Mountain Tea is given. It's the greatest baby medicine ever offered loving mothers. 35 cents. THE sale of excursion tickets to Clear Lake, Iowa, is now resumed, and tickets may now be sold everv day up to and including Sept. 30,1899, to Clear Lake and return for one and one-third fare, over the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul line. 8t4 Sliver Cream. Best silver polish on earth. Call for sample bottle.—DINGLEY &PUGH, Sole Agents. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. THE rarest combination of good things ever put together is Rocky Mountain Tea. It cures pimples, indigestion, constipation, rheumatism, sick headache. Ask your druggist. .Pasturage. I will pasture horses or cattle by the month. Good water and plenty of shade.-8t2 DAVID BUTTON. The city council did not meet Saturday to accept the electric light plant. A meeting may be called this week. A heavy cold rain fell all day Sanday. The ground is very wet. The roads in the country are very heavy. Marriage licenses have been issued to Nicholas-Blaser and Katie Marso Oscar Anderson and Amanda A. Hand. Supervisor Smith gets word that one end of the bridge west of Bancroft on the river is down. A bulkhead gave out. The stroke of lightning Sunday night that seemed to have bit near every- oody's house killed a cow for Moo Bros. The Algona mill has been shipping a lot of flour, to Omaha lately. Omaha is a good market for our flour and takes a lot of it. The jubilee singers give their concert at the Methodist church Saturday evening. They are a company of flno singers and players. The Algona base ball club is to play at Humboldt Saturday. A big program of athletic sports is announced and a good time is promised. A member of the law firm in new York City that Speaker Reed is to join is a cousin of John Simpson of Whittemore. Clerk Carr knew him well in school. The band boys have erected a lighting stand of iron tubing on the court yard and have hung some electric lamps. It gives them a good light to play by. This is Algona's year to celebrate the Fourth of July, and it is not too early to be planning on a program. Who will make a move or call a public meeting? Mrs. Baldwin, the milliner south of the court house, has bought theCoqnan building and lot she is occupying, paying $1,500. The deal was completed last week. ter salary than she now gets and will accept. It gives her a needed vacation. Very many in Algona will regret that she is to sever her connection with the schools. The Courier tells several stories about Geo. Holloway of Bancroft being mistaken for Congressman Dolllver! put misses the best one. George not png ago was coming out of the Cat'ho- Mo church when one of Dolliver's supporters said to a bystender in an awestruck tone, "I didn't know Dolliver was a Catholic." $ EVERYBODY is invited to call for a free drink of soda water at Studley's harmacy on Thursday, May 18, after 1 p. m, I JUST remember that the Virginia l|id glove is one of the best made. We them in all colors. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. FOR SALE—My residence property on 3Jlrn street, where I am now living, ill sell at a bargain. Two full lots. • W. E. NAUDAIN. pGROVE & SON'S closing- out sale fur- pshes the low prices on groceries. Col. Clarke Honored. ; Cedar Rapids Republican: Colonel has. A. Clarke of this city was elected |ommander of the Iowa Commandery |f the Loyal Legion. This is an honor grhich is deserved by the colonel. It is |eserved not only because of the active LOANS on town property and farms at low rates. THOS.'P. COOKE. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent. A. D. CLARKE & Co. Seed Wheat. We have plenty of seed wheat, northern grown, hard, very clean, and at a right price. Also timothy seed and flax seed. 2tf ALGONA MILLING Co. EXCEPTIONALLY low rates to Roanoke, Va., via the Northwestern line, Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates from all stations May 18 and 19, limited to include June 23, account of meeting German Baptists. Apply to agen.ts of the C. & N W railway. 8t3 The telephone exchange is arranging to put a telephone on the shooting grounds for the benefit of the tournament. That is a stroke of commendable enterprise. W. C. Danson visited Kanawha last week and says it is the prettiest town site in this part of the state outside of Algona. Everybody says it is handsomely located. The Beggar Prince opera Monday evening proved to be the Mascot, under a new title. The company rendered it well but on account of the storm a small audience was out. Supt. Van Erdewyk is to address the public school of Bancroft next week Friday evening, the occasion being the annual commencement. He will give an excellent address. Dr. Geo. Hunting-ton, who is visiting his brother in Algona, sang in the Congregational church Sunday. He has a finely trained voice and gave some beautiful solos. Judge Quarton decided that Charley Plumley could not bo held for his share of his father's estate which he got under the will by his sale to Roe of his interest ns heir-n.t-!aw. It WHS a hard fought case and will be appealed. The evidence showed that Roe knew what ne was about or thought he did, and that he got exactly what he paid for. The social union program Friday evening was one of the best given this winter. Mrs. Sheetz read an excellent paper on Millais, Mrs. Williams told about a mathematical genius who be§ an his career in Erie, Pa., and Rev. uckow discussed the trust problem, on the whole deciding that trusts are a threat to the business interests of the country. The public library trustees and managers of memorial hall had a conference yesterday. The result is that, the Grand Army puts in a new floor, electric lights, and papers the library room, and the library association rents for three years at $60 a year. The room is convenient'for the library and with those improvements will be very desirable. The Halsey-Everlngham case comes on again in the supreme court next week. Geo. E. Clarke will be able to go down but Col. Clarke will make the argument. This is on a motion for a rehearing In the supreme court. It hardly seems credible that a rule will be established that allows commission men to make charges that they do not report to their clients, and a rehearing seems probable. The annual Sunday school convention of the county opens tomorrow at 1 o clock In the afternoon. Tomorrow evening addresses will l>n given by Rev. Mason of Wesley and Rev. Clogg of Whittemore. The exercises occupy all of Friday, and Friday evening Rev. Moore of Bancroft and Rev. Whitfield of Burt speak, It is to bo a. big convention and the program will be worth hearing throughout. Oil foi%— Painting. It will pay every person who is going to do any painting to see me before buying his OIL. .In fact it will pay you to see me for anything in my line, when you want to buy, I am for business, 1 James Patterson. Cowles' Block, Algona. .50 Invested in our Famous Footwear Blue Front Jewelry Store. We have a fine line of new jewelry, Uso watches, clocks, and silverware. Xeraember the blue front when in need of a fine job of repair work, always prompt and reliable. 4 E. G. BOWYER, Buy Your Wecldlnjj Rings of us; we always make the jride a present. Beware of imitators and people who would duplicate this imposition. They say if you will do his or if you will do that,' or if so and o was the case, then they will oft'eryou he above proposition. There is always hat if, if, if, in the way. We are pos- tively the originators of low prices in he jewelry business of Kossuth county, ,nd will continue to undersell all cora- letition without any ifs or ands. 1JINGLEY & PUGH. Exceptionally Low Hates To Denver, via the North-Western jine. Excursion tickets will be sold t greatly reduced rates from all sta- ions, May 15 and 16, limited to include une 15, account of annual meeting 'umberland Presbyterian church. Aply to agents Chicago & North-West- rn R'y. Choice Summer raps At Taylor's. Fulford, who comes to the tournament next week, held the great Amori- can trophy last year, and Tom Marshall, who will also be here, holds it now, beating Grimm by one bird, A big excursion was run to Kanawha yesterday by the Iowa Central. A crowd was going from Algona but the heavy rain prevented. Geo. C. Call went to attend to the visitors. The list of new teachers for next year is not yet wholly completed and no part of it is made public. The board will elect sometime this week. Most of the old corps will comeback. Court adjourned last week until June 10. Geo. E. Clarke's illness has kept a number of important cases in abeyance and they will be disposed of at that time. His health is steadily improving. B. F. Reed has been hunting fora woman for eight years and has finally located her. Her name is important in connection with a land title, and for eight years no trace of her could be found. Miss Mary Barnes of Dos Moines, the Iowa state field worker, will be bore to assist in tho county Sunday school convention, May 18-19. Miss Barncisis a very talented lady and well worth hearing. Rev. Suckow started out Saturday to raise §125 to put electric lights into the Congregational church and got over $150. The auditorium will got 60 lights, and in nil about 100 will be put into tho church. The Plum Creek creamery has been running a week. Monday it opened up with 8,500 pounds of milk. A man from Thor named Tokhoim is butter maker and is an experienced hand. Plum Crook will soon have a first-class creamery, Algona did not got tho state A. O. U. W. meeting for next year, but the delegates had the satisfaction of boating Marshalltown. The first vote stood Oreston 112, Algona 75, .Marshalltown 59. Creston won. It was practically agreed that Algona would come .next. Algona's two shoe stores are about as metropolitan as anything we have. Two better exclusive shoe stocks can Tho central school is still being agitated at Burt. When Supt. Van Erde- wyk takes charge of the Burt schools the question will doubtless be voted on Three schools in Portland and three in Burl could be combined with the town school making one splendid school and materially reducing the cost to the townships. Kossuth should not lag behind in adopting this central school which will not only save money but wonderfully improve the school facilities of the county. Memorial day will be one of the finest observances this year that Algona has ever seen. On Memorial Sunday Rev. Suokow will deliver the annual sermon The program for May 30 is as follows: Invocation, Rev. F. E. Day; music, Glee club; recitation, Miss Bertha Hancock; memorial day exercise, by school children; music, Glee club; address, Rev. Father Hal pin; music, Glee club. Exercises will commence at opera houso promptly at 10 a. in. Post and Woman's Relief Corps will meet at G A. R. hall at 9:30. Parade will form In front of memorial hall at 2 o'clock and will start promptly at,2:30 for cemetery where the closing exercises will be held. Tho following item from a Brookings, S. D., paper is of interest: The Frank Nicoulin Land company, who have been doing business for several years with headquarters at Algona, Iowa, find thitt their increasing business demand that they establish branch offices further west. After looking over this section they have decided to locate in Brooking and have opened an office in the rooms occupied by Skinner & Pierce. The Frank Nicoulin Land company have agents all over the several western states and as far east as Ohio. They are large advertisers and are in as good, if not better position to represent this country oust as any land company doing business, rhoy will be pleased to have people call and get acquainted and find out tlieir metnods. at that price brings gratifying returns to the purchaser. Men's fine Tan or Black Shoes, - * Women's fine all-kid or with vesting tops, black or tan, lace or button, - - _ ..... _ * We also have an exceptionally fine line of Ladies' and Gents' Shoes at - - - . _ . . $i so to $2 on Men's working Shoes, all solid leather, sole leather counters ' and Miners, warranted, only ..... * $j 2 We will make it pay you to trade with us. ' Brownell & Alfred, Exclusively Boots and Shoes, Fine repairing and custom work. Boston Block, Algona, la. This Reindeer was the last ever aeon in Kossuth county, the stories of the old settlers to the contrary, notwithstanding. Wo do not koop reindeer for sale, but we keep all t,ho component parts of his anatomy. A young mnn was hoard to remark to the young lady by his side, as they stood under an umbroll, looking at this animal, "This is n WAUM 11AIN DKAU." " Yes," she replied, " but wo don't need any HAIN DKAH." It may be the same with you. At this season of the year you do need a GASOLINE STOVE. Our stock is amply complete to satisfy every whim and pocket book. The warm weather suggests a good REFRIGERATOR or ICE BOX. Wo have thorn in all sixes and prices. Our*3LAWN MOWER is a hummer. It -. .-, Is perfect'in operation and gives one pleasure to run it. Our store is full of seasonable goods marked with right prices. ,',' • T-', * • • A-.«S3A&Ai!L<fiLii.i!.K,t«&.ania f ' '•-'''--^ Tlio Local Market. Hay is about the best, crop now, worth $7.50 on the track. Hogs bring S!3.SO@3.40, and cattle $4@4.60. Wheat is worth 55, oats 22, corn" 25, flax 00 barley 25. GIRL wanted for general housework Mus. GEO. E. CLARKE. All Kinds of Feet can be fitted in the new styles in black, tan, or chocolate, and made to look neat, trim and dainty, at not be found in the larger cities, quality and style and price considered. Shoes are as cheap here as in Des Moines, and the selection is about as good. J. M. Farley sued the Wheeler lumber company last Friday in Whittemore to recover a $6 fence stretcher. S. E. MoMahon expounded the law for Mr. Farley and Welt. Miller represented the company. After a lively contest Mr. Farley was awarded bis stretcher. Miss Mclntyro, the popular primary teacher is not to remain with the schools next year. S,he has an offer to go as tutor in a private family at a bet» Exceptionally Low Uatott To Minneapolis, via the North-Western Line. Excursion tickets will be sold at greatly reduced rates, from all stations, May 1(5, 17, 18, limited to include June 3, account of meeting Presbyterian General Assembly. Apply to agents Chicago & North-Western R'y. Arc You Going Abroad. If you contemplate a trip to Europe during the summer, please remember that uny ticket agent of the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul railway can furnish you rates, tickets, and up-to-date information, as well as reserve berths on ocean steamers—all linos—in ad- vunco of sailing. Goo. H. Hoafford, Gen. Pass. Agt., Old Colony Building Chicago, 111.-913 bl The Other Shoe Store. Our shoes are nobby, comfortable and stylish, and a PATRON once a PATRON always. Call and see what we have. o. o. KAIL WAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TKAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 9:05 a m No. 3 departs at 3:58pw Freights that carry passengers— No. 98 departs at 10'45nm No. 71 departs at 3'20 D in No. 65 departs at 8:30 D m TKAINS EAST. ' No.2 departs at 10:45aia No. 4 departs at 6:38 piu Freights that carry passengers— go. 70 departs at ,.iO:10pm No. 94 departs at ? .-SO p m E. F. HEDIUCK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— Freight 11:30 a in Pass 7:05am ».;:. ::::«:i6pm paSr.-. ./.rsn Mixed 7:6ipinMixed.,....lOifi Awive at Des Moines at 19:J& ^ in,, " m,,awdl:gQa. M. v North- Mixed 7:30 ft ,..,., Freight ..... J3:j5p» We are still able to offer; in some of our unbroken lines, some of the choicest Bargains in Staple Groceries that you have ever heard of: We want to close out the balance of our goods as soon as possible, and for that reason we are pushing down the can afford, now for

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