The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1899 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1899
Page 4
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MOIKEB: ALGQKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, HAY 17, 1899. THIHtr-FOUHTH TEAR. iBY mOHAM A WARRErT. T«rms to Subscriber*. One copy, on* year il.50 One copy, st* months 75 One copy, three months 40 Sent to any address at above rates. Remit by draft, money order, or express order »t ow risk. Rates of advertising sent on application. Republican State Convention. There will be a delegate convention of the republicans of Iowa held In the city of Des Molnes, Iowa, on Wednesday, August 2, at 11 o'clock a. m., for the pnrpose of placing In nomination a candidate for each of the following officers, viz.: For governor, for lieutenant governor, for Judge of the supreme court, lor superintendent of public Instruction, for railroad commissioner, and for the transaction of any other business that may properly come before a republican state convention. The ratio of representation will be as follows : One delegate at large from each county, and one additional delegate for each two ban dred (200) votes or fraction of one hundred (100) or over cast for Hon. Geo. L. Dobson, republican candidate for secretary of state at the general election held November 8, 1888. The representation for the counties comprising our Senatorial district will be as follows: Clay, 8: Dlckenson, 0; Emmet, 7; Palo Alto, 8; Kossnth, 11. ANXOUNCEHKXT. 1 am a candidate for representative from Kossuth county, subject to the decision of the republican convention. 8. X. WAT. THE famous peace congress meets in Holland today. The representatives of the United States and England have agreed, it is said, on a scheme of international arbitration. The German representatives have little sympathy with the purposes of the congress. If anything comes of this gathering it will probably be in the form of new rules for civilized warfare and in provisions for the wider jurisdiction of international arbitration. CONGRESSMAN DOLLIVER delivers the commencement address at Lawrence university, Kansas, June 4, and June 8 he will lay the corner stone of the new collegiate building at Iowa City. THE laying of the corner stone of the new state historical building in Des Moines today will be a notable event. The venerable James Harlan, John A. Kasson, Rev. Wm. Sailer, Theo. S. Parvin, and A. B. F. Hildreth will all take part in the exercises. Gov. Shaw will lay the stone. August, " Midsummer and Travel Number." An article by Henry T«n Dvke on "Fisherman's Lock »' and a doten striking pictures of Niagara Falls by the Castaigne, are two of the features of the June issue. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Congressman Dolliver speaks at Thor, May 17. It is a sort of Norwegian Fourth of July celebration. R. D. Grow, founder of the Germanin Standard, has started a paper at Ellston, this state, called the Register. The town of Dolliver up in Emmet is prolific in good names. There are six principal streets, three running east and west and three north and south. The first three are designated Sbafler, Main and Otis, while the latter three are named for the three naval heroes, Dewey, Schley and Sampson. Ex-Gov. Larrabee states in a letter to his son Charles at Armstrong that the statement going the rounds of the press to the effect that he intends to resign the position as president of the board of control is false. He expects to serve until his term of two vears expires, and says his health was never better than now. L. L. Estes of Webster City, one of the founders of the village of Irvington, suffered a slight apoplectic stroke last week. He was not "feeling very well and when he attempted to walk across the room fell to the floor, his form falling across the threshold of the safety deposit vault and his head striking the floor. He rallied in a few moments and was taken to his home in a carriage. Mr. Estes has since fully recovered. C. M. Ford and C. C. Heer of Armstrong were down to hear and see Dolliver last week. The democratic Pilot suggests: Some said they went to interview J. P. Dolliver "on postoffice matters and others that they went to hear the noted congressman deliver a lecture in the M. E. church. It was perhaps both, but we are inclined to believe that one of them, at least, is a trifle more interested in the first mentioned subject than in the latter. A. D. OLABKE'S CANDIDACY. IT is rumored that it will be left to the Emmet county convention to decide whether Howard Graves or C. W. Grim will be presented as a senatorial candidate. Mr. Graves is one of the pioneers and a man widely known over northern Iowa. Mr. Crim is a younger man, a lawyer. Both have active supporters and the county is likely to witness a liyely contest. IT is said now that President McKinley has finally decided not to call an extra session of congress. GEO. W. LISTER of Sibley is announced as a candidate for the state senate from the district west of us. Mr. Lister was a member of the S. U. I. law class of 1881 and a genial and studious classmate. He has made a success in life and would be a credit to the state as senator. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes him success. DEWEY is coming home apparently without much display. Nothing can now tarnish his great fame but a. byp- podrome tour when he arrives. If he has a level enough head to go quietly to Vermont and recuperate it will prove that he is as great as he seems to be. IN the Gear-Cummins contest the papers are now publishing parts of old letters written by both candidates some years ago advocating the free coinage of silver. The unfairness of the implication in both instances arises from the changed relation free coinage has come to hold to bimetallism. For a great many years leading republicans believed that the free coinage of silver would restore actual bimetallism. The Sherman law was enacted in this belief, and for a while it was believed that the Sherman law would be the stepping stone to free coinage. Events have proved that free coinage by this country cannot restore bimetallism, and all republicans have dropped the free coinage idea, however friendly they may be to the restoration of bimetallism. THE Dea Moines News is conducting a ballot on United States senator. That is a good way to advertise the News. Armstrong Journal: A. D. Clarke of Alffona stopped in the city last night while on bis way up into Eaerle township to look after his farming interests. A. D. is a candidate for state senator and of course talked a little politics while in town. He has many friends among the old settlers in eastern Emmet who would be glad to have A. D. Clarke represent this district in the next senate. Webster City Freeman: Hon. A. D. Clarke of Algona is prominently mentioned as the successor of Hon. Abe Funk in the state senate. Mr. Clarke is an old resident of the district, a man of sterling qualities and fine ability, and knows the people and is known by them as well as any man in the district. He is active in party and public affairs, and as a member of the state senate would take high rank as an efficient and diligent legislator. Humboldt Independent: We note by the Kossuth county papers that our good friend, Hon. A. D. Clarke of Algona, has been called by a considerable number of his friends in that county to become a candidate for the office of state senator to succeed Hon. A. B. Funk, who is declared to be out of the Qeld. We most cheerfully congratulate our old friend, and should he be selected we will be able to most cheerfully congratulate the people of the district. Mr. Clarke came to northwestern Iowa when a young man with but his strono- arm and active mind for a stake, and he has acquitted himself of all the manifest duties that have devolved upon him in a most satisfactory manner. He would make a legislator that could claim the implicit confidence of his entire constituency. We sincerely hope that the people will be wise to their good and nominate and elect him. Nevada Representative: THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES announces the candidacy of A. D. Clarke of Algona for state senator in the district which has for 12 years been represented by Senator Funk, the latter being now positively out of the field. Mr. Clarke has been for many years one of tho hardest fighting republicans, not merely of Kossuth county but also of northern Iowa. He has been a power in the party, and few men have better earned recognition. He served in the house a dozen years ago and made a record which well entitled him to promotion. It is stated that he will have Kossuth county without opposition; and though there are five counties in the district and there will bo other candidates, yet his nomination appears to be regarded as very probable. His success would give genuine pleasure to a host of friends all over the northern half of Iowa. Bf AfE SHOOTUTG TOtJBHAMEITT. KverythlnK In Readtti*** for the Meeting-Some Bt* Shot* Coming. It is certain that Folford of New York, Park of Pennsylvania, Tom Marshall of Illinois, Budd, Millner, Grimm, Gilbert, and a lot of the best gun shots in the world will be in Algona next week for the state sportsmen's meeting. Mrs. Sbattuck and Mrs. Johnson of Minneapolis and Mrs. Murray of Stillwater are also booked. The ladies enter every match and are among the best gun shots in the country The contract for the building on the grounds is let and it will go up this week. The traps are ready and an ample supply of targets and ammunition Our local officers, President Smith, Treasurer Chubb, and Secretary Taylor have left nothing undone for a pleasant and profitable time, and Aleona will be filled with visitors. The bunting should be out again. ALGONA'B SPfiING BOOM. What an Outsider Sees In Town-Mason City Must Look Out. Jay E. Randall came over from Whittemore a week ago to take in the town. He tells about what he saw in the Champion: In every part of town one can see buildings going up like magic. It is almost impossible to find a place inside the city limits where the sound of hammers and saws cannot be heard. For years Algona has been looked upon as a beautiful, quiet, little residence town, but this year it is to have a solid, prosperous growth which surpasses anything of the kind that ever happened in this part of the state. We predict that before many years have passed our county seat will be the largest city in northern Iowa, and will leave Mason City far in the rear. Hurrah for Algona. CHEAP TELEPHONE BATES. The Xew Company Said to Have Bought Material-Messages Free !« the North End. T,he Germania telephone company is reported to have bought wire and poles and to be ready to wire the county. They have tried to arrange connections in Algona with the local exchange, but it stands by the Western Electric 1 wo exchanges seem likely, and two are a nuisance. One telephone service with good equipment and reasonable rates is what the public wants. At present messages in the north end of the county are free, and a general rate war seems likely. OLE BBAOKE HEAED FEOM. Is Sent to Iowa to Be Cared for By Friends-Said to Be Demented. Ole Bracke was started for Iowa from New York City by the commissioners on insanity last Thursday. He was sent into the state on information forwarded to the New York authorities by Henry Holleland of Story City Iowa, the editor of the Visergutten a Norwegian paper, whose name literally signifies "the messenger boy." Mr Holleland wrote to New York concerning Bracke, who was pronounced demented. WANTED HIS MEALS EAELIEE. A Bed Hot Hired Man Threatens to Shoot His .Landlady Because Ills Meals Arc Late. Young Lindquist, who gained notoriety some time ago by helping his brother nearly kill another laborer up near Bancroft, is again in the toils He is out under §100 bonds to meet the grand jury, charged with threatening to shoot Mrs. Ludwig, who lives about five miles south of town. It seems that Mrs. L. did not get breakfast early enough for the young man. ALGONA FOE CHEAP LUMBEE. A Price War IB Possible-Rumors of Cut Hates. The coming to Algona of the Wood- foi-d, Torapkins & Co. lumberyards promises to make things lively for awhile in the lumber business. It is reported that the John Paul company will put a yard in Clear Luke to help gerous Position, keep the competition lively for the Christians, new men, and may put yards at every point where the new company is locat- hot eat oftener than twice a year, and baled hay, gum weeds, sonp grease, raw pumpkins, old leather scraps, coal slack, or anything to fill up will easily assimilate and digest. The office will be located on the south side of a gopher knoll, where the whangdoodle ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours.. There is millions in it. We did not learn whether it will be daily or weakly. The Week's Weather. There was more than the usual amount of cool and cloudy weather during the past week, and the week closed with a heavy storm which brought excessive moisture in portions of the central and southern sections. Iowa City reported 4.35 inches for the seven days ending Monday a. m., and Cedar Rapids 2.01 inches, which will cause some delay in field work. Conditions were generally favorable, however, during most of the week, and the time has been well improved In plowing and planting operations. In all districts considerable progress has been made in planting corn, with the soil in good tilth. This work is probably more advanced in the northern and central districts than in the southeastern part of the state, where there has been an excess of moisture. Spring wheat, oats and b.-irley have made fine advancement, and the week has been very favorable for grass. But little damage resulted from frost on the 13th. Fruit trees, vfnep and berries that escaped destruction during the winter give promise of good crops. PEE80NAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Marion Hedrick is in Chicago. Mrs. Dr. Morse is visitingin Chicago. Geo. Hepburn is up from Des Moines for a visit with his sister. Algona is booked for three June weddings, if dame rumor can be trusted. Mrs. Dr. Garfield left for the east Monday. She will make an extended visit. Don Morrison, who is now a lawyer in St. Paul, will be in Algona for the shooting tournament. Gardner Cowles was in Burlington Friday for his father's 80th birthday. His father is in very feeble health. Guy Taylor goes to Marshalltown for the team shoot this week. He is a member of the Marshalltown club and will shoot with them. Mr. and Mrs. Volney Wood, Mrs. E. P. Keith's father and mother, and Dr. and Mrs. Corey, her sister and husband, are here from Whitewater for a visit. Chas. A. Cohenour, E. V. Swotting, and J. W. Sullivan go to Des Moines today for supreme court. Geo. E. Clarke does not feel able to leave home. Miss Jessamine L. Jones is being entertained by a friend at her cottage at Santa Monico. on the ocean near Los Angeles and is having a delightful time. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Clarke and Judge Quarton went to Des Moines today to attend the ceremony of the corner stone laying of the new historical building. W. C. Tompkins and Mell Eaton, the new lumber men, were over from Clear Lake yesterday. Their new shed is about up and a big stock will be in soon. Mr. Eaton may come to Ale-ona to stay. A. L. Goddard came in Monday from Ft. Atkinson for a couple of day's. He goes to Cartwright, Wis., tovisithis son Henry, who is deputy postmaster there, and will stay all summer. He may buy land there and plan to locate. Miss M. Ina Ross of Des Moines, who has been critically ill for the post 11 weeks of spinal meningitis nt her home on Capitol avenue, is out of danger now. and her ranny friends in Algona will be glad to learn she is on the high road to recovery. Miss Ross is a neice of Mrs. A. J. Dunlnp and of Mrs. O. Ingallsbee of this county. MEETINGS, Regular communication Prudence lodge, No. 205, A. F. & A. M.. Thursday evening, May 18. Work in the third degree. Sermon theme at the Baptist church next Sunday morning, "The Secret of a Pastor's Success;" evening, "A Dan- T A sermon for young ed. It will pay people buying lumber to keep an eye on Algona. BANCROFT WANTS THE EOAD. It Is Conferring with .„„ tho THE Des Moines Capital says Gov. Larrabee will resign from the board of control and that Gov. Shaw will appoint Cyrenue Cole to succeed him. That hardly tallies with Gov. Larrabee's letter to his son at Armstrong in which be eaye his health was never better and that he has not thought of resigning. THE) republican currency bill is said to contain four items, maintenance of the existing standard, paying out greenbacks only for gold when they have been redeemed in gold, issue of national bunk notes to the face of the bonds, a bank limit of $25,000 capital in email localities. FOE ODD FELLOWS' DAY. Program Is Out for Big Celebration In Algona, June }). The program is out for the big Odd Fellows'gathering in Algona, June 9. It is the district meeting and several hundred knights of the link will come to celebrate, bringing their wives and best girls. At 10 o'clock two meetings will be held, the Rebekahs in Masonic hall and the Odd Fellows in Odd Fellows hall at which the following officers will be present: E. H. Hibben, Marshalltown, state grand master; J. T. Temple, Davenport, grand patriarch: Mrs. Blanche J. Quigley, McGregor, president of the Rebekah state assembly; Mrs. Alice Babbitt, Webster City, grand warden Rebekah state assembly; John W. Bulen, Clinton, grand representative to sovereign grand lodge- S P. Smith, Iowa Falls, past grand pa' tnarch. way. Themes of sermons at Congregation al church next Sundnv will be: Mori ing, "An Argument for Christianity; evening, "A Fall Upward." Hours o service, 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. The program for the W. L. A. S meotingSiiturday afternoon May 20, wi „' and pointed a committee to confer with ap the) Hngton meeting-. [Garner railway people. It wants the Iitonka line extended to Bancroft The committee visited Garner yesterday. where a MONTH'Si MAGAZINES. Century will issue three special! the parade to the armory, noon banquet will be served. At 2 o'clock the general public is invited to the opera house where J. C. Longueville of Dubuq'ue, past grand toaster, will deliver the annual address. Music, toasts and responses will be interspersed. , The offlcers'of the day are J. F. Ni^ coulln, president; D, A. Haggard, marshal; vice presidents; AdamGansz, Corwith; H. A. Catlln, SweaCHy; F. V Chapman, LAJ Verne; S. L. Goodspeed, Banprofi; p. R. Ameeburg, Wesley; W. Al. Adams on Dracke. Humboldt Independent: People who think that Ole Bracko of Kossuth county is crazy because ho fell in love with Helen Gould are off themselves. There are plenty more of Iowa fellows that are in love with her too. Plenty more of them would like to marry her Of course it was not to the credit of Olo Bracke that he should go away from Kossuth county with all its dear delicious, good girls, and try to get a New York girl, who, if she has got more money, is^not a bit more valuable lU88 we wo taken not appro - - ™»w ..f ad ml re hla whatever may be said of hl« juuV ment. ' 6 Subject of the sermon for Church of Christ, Scientist, next Sun day morning at Odd Follows' parlors Ancient and Modern Necromancy o Mesmerism mid Hypnotism." Oi at 3 p. in., toi All iiivilod. In Geo. C. Call'* Town. Bailey: A new paper will bo blurted at Kanawha called the Record, Wilson, editor of the Buffalo Globe, will be tho head Geo. Call has him in cold »tora#o now preparatory to launching sides have been taken out stomach made for him This will have There will ho an adjourned mooting of Unity (sirclo at tho homo of Mrs J It. Jones, Saturday, May 20, nt4 o'clock.' AM members arid those who fool thorn- selves Interested In tho property belonging to tho society, ai-o urgently requested to he prfinout. Offlcora wi'll bo elected for tho ensuing youi . Hml ot] OUH/HOHS transacted. Dr. Duy'H thorno for discourse next ' mnrnlriff at tho Method 1st ,m,i i.-li'i 111 , 0 ' , Tho L(lH "' al Church nnditH Mlttulori;" ovmiing, "What is Vour L f«?» Al3:«0p. ,,,'., |> Day w'I ufl, ,. OB8tt n, ooUng ,„ tho oh * auditorium for rnon only, to which all mot. iirolnvltud irrcwnoollvoof church or creed. Admission to tho aflurnoon borvloo by U«k«i H to bo rtlHlrlbutod tutor Uio morning Horvlooa. 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