The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1899 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 17, 1899
Page 2
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THE NEWS IN IOWA IOWA CACLAKTRY. ft T*"» Batfcillera* On 8** Fernando. NEW YORK, May 8.—A special cable from Manila says: The fighting of Friday tra* notable for the heroic *pork of the Iowa troops. Two charge* were made in" Gen eral MacArthur's attack on San Fernando, which will rank among the most remarkable military exploits of the American army in the Philippines On« was made by the Kaasanc, and the other and most brilliant by two battalions of the lowans. In the morning General Bale, two battalions of the'Fifty-first Iowa regiment and a Hotchkiss gnn, advanced on San Fernando, his men flanking the town on right The lowans were compelled to wade across two streams to reach the town. When they approached San Fernando they found that the main body of the enemy had deserted the place. Seeing northward. Only a small garrison was left to make the defense. When the lowans were in the middle of the s!ream which they had to cross, the Filipinos opened a brisk flre on them. If they thought to hold the Americans in check they were woefully disappointed, for the lowans. with cheers and shouts, scrambled up the bank of the river nearest the town, and then matters became lively for the Filipinos. Without a moment's hesitation the Americans rushed to the position held bv the enemy and drore them out. Then thev chased them through town and a, mile beyond. It was simply a footrace, in which the lightly equipped natives had the advantage unless they were halted by oullets. as many of them were. When the lowans returned to the town tbcv found that the church, convent, railroaa station and several other buildings had been burned by the Filipinos. The brave exploit of the Iowa men is talked of on every side. HEAVY FIRE AT LAKE MILLS. Grain EleTntorg, Stock Tard« and Coal KhedB Dentroyed. LAKE Mn,i.s. May 15.— With a stiff breeze blowing-, the Peavey elevator caught fire and was soon a mass of flames, carrying 1 a blaze of cinders for half a mile. From the round elevator of Peavey's the fire spread with wonderful rapidity to the coal sheds of the same company on one side, they communicated to the grain elevator of Eckert & Williams. On'the other side the flames consumed the Minneapolis & St. Louis stock yards, the stock narrowly escaping without pe rishmg The fire burned to east of Paholt'.s planing mill, with 59,000 worth of machinery, and on the south to the Lake Mills lumber yards. A. A. Saxerud's lumber yard caught fire also in several places, but was watched and the fire •was prevented crossing the street. Had it done so, the fire would have burned over the town. Fire caught in the Methodist church, about six blocks away. I twice, and many other incipient fires were headed off by the town folks. Peavy's loss is fully covered by insurance. The loss is estimated bv §40,000. Eckert & Co.'s loss is estimated at $25,000. Sheds, <-oal yards, stock yards and other losses will run between 85,000 and 810,000. The origin of the fire is unknown. A WONDERFUL GROWTH. TJtE UPPMR DBS MOrKKSiAMnNA IOWA. WEDNESDAY MAY 17" T899. r»LAN TO FREE SYRIA. ELLSWORTH BANK IS ROBBED. Bttrfttar* 0*t 63.S06 *B<! «ukk* Foftr DODGE, May 14. — Burglar* robbed tne JEllstforlh State Bank, of Ellsworth. In Hamilton eotmty, of S3.WO. There Were two men wbo did the joo and got awav with the money and tools, leaving behind a small saw. The burglars «nt«red the bank by a key, without attracting any attention. and blew open the safe with dynamite and nitro-glycerine. Thet left town with a buggy and team, which were stolen from a near-by livery barn. They proceeded west about two miles and left the team at a school boose near Jewell Junction. It was 7 o'clock in the morning before the fact of the burglary was discovered. The sheriff of Hamilton county hastily gathered a posse and started in hot pursuit, and they are hot on the trail, expecting to run their men to earth soon. The president of the bank, M. Js. Brinton. has offered 83,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the robbers. CLASH OF RELIGIOUS VIEWS. Heresy Chnrtjen In Drake University Cnuisen Much Trouble. DEB MOUSES. May 11.—The trustees and students of Drake University are in trouble over charges of heresy against Professor Oscar W. Morgan, professor of biblical languages a*d literature. Professor Morgan has been accused of holding heretical ideas for-a Jong time. He says that five vears ago his ideas about the inspiration of the scriptures began to change, and study of the higher criticism has convinced him that the accepted orthodox ideas are unreason •* a jle. He does not believe the bible is a divinely inspired record of Hebrew history, but that it is a human account of the history of a people in many ways divinely guided. The orthodox students in his classes petitioned the trustees against this kind ol teaching, and the trustees decided to change Morgan to the chair of Hebrew and classic Greek, which will bring him little in contact with theological students. O'BLENNESS SICK AT ADEL, Ion a'* Dollar Dolly Increased In Size. DES MOINES, May 9.—More than half of the issues of the Des Moines Daily News are now 8 pages, the growth of the paper being phenomenal. It was started as a 4-page paper. The strangest thing about the News is that its subscription price is only 81 a year, 75 cents for six months, 50 cents' for three months, 25 cents a month. It is a member of the Associated Press and a first-class newspaper in every respect. Tuberculosis In Clilckasnw County. j^EW HAMFTON, May 10.—The presence of tuberculosis among the cattle at the county farm near this city has alarmed the authorities. Last week a cow was killed and an examination of the lungs verified the diagnosis made by Veterinary (Surgeon Malcolm a few days previous. A state veterinary will be here in a day or two to apply the tuberculin test to the balance of the herd, of which four or five now show symptoms of the disease. Attempted Suicide. MABBJIAJXTOWN, May 19,—Lou Rock was found in his room on Fifth avenue in an unconscious condition. He had taken arsenic, presumably with suicidal intent. The motive is unknown, and there were no appearances to indicate. The physicians think he will not recover. He is 30 years old and unmarried. His mother is dead but his father lives here. Fire at lirUtow. BBISTOW, May IS. — Tlie elevator owned and operated by L. D. Shaw, and contents were totally destroyed by fire. The loss on the building is 88,000; insurance, $1,500. The loss on grain is $1,000, covered by inbiirance. Killed by n Convict. ANAMOSA, May 13.—While working" in the stone shed at the prison a convict by the name of Burns struck Bill Car), another convict, on the back of the head with a five-pound mallet, felling him to the ground. Carl was dazed, but arose and walked to the hospital, wherft his head wa« dressed. In a short time he fainted and became unconscious. He died, living only two and & liftlf hours after the blow was struck. Before Carl became nncon- gci0ush.e stated that he and had a word ol trouble. He Hail Wandered From Des MoltieH nnd AV»n Very Feeble When Found. ADEJ., May 11.—W. E. O'Blenness, state labor commissioner, wandered to Adel from Des Moines yesterday, and was found upon the streets in a very feeble condition. He is receiving the best of care and his family lias been notified. Some time ago the United Workmen, Woodmen and Typographical union, of which organizations Mr. O'Blenness is a member, united in hiring a mau to accompany liim and prevent him from wandering away while temporarily deranged. But Mr. O'Blenness gave his guardian tlie slip. nnd succeeded in reaching Adel. lie was recognized here on the street by a Des Moines citizen. Mr. O'Blenness was very weak. He had walked all the way from Des Moines without food and had been drenched to the skin by the rain. CHARGED WITH MURDER. Armstrong Man Aocuned of Killing a Mai. tind Ifuriiing the Hotly. ESTIIKHVII.I.K. May 9.—.lohn Peuder- son. of Armstrong, has been arrested on tlie charge of murder. Some time since one Anloine Anderson, who is a, land owner east of town, after visitiny liis farm and tenant was missing, nnd Penderson said he left for tlie Klondike with a stranger. Nothing lias been seen or heard or' him since. This spring 1 suspicions arose nnd ulso n stenc'n from a straw stack on llie farm. The straw stack mysteriously'•took fire, but on investigation clothing, buttons, buckles and bones were found in the ashes. Fatal CrogKlnf? Accident. CLINTON, May 13.— William Patterson, a well known Jackson county furrow, was run down and instantly killed by a Milwaukee freight near Preston. He had been to the creamery delivering 1 milk, and wns on his way home. The train struck the wagon just as it was passing onto the tracks. Mr. Patterson wns thrown upon the pilot of the engine and carried a considerable distance. The wagon was wrecked ami one horse killed. UiiKeed Oil Adulterated. DKS MOINES, liny 11. —-Many complaints of adulterated linseed oil have been mode to the state board of health this spring, so the fifteen oil inspectors were directed to send samples to Hugh M. Pickell, at Des Moines, for examination. The inspectors sent in 288 samples, and they were tested by Inspector Pickpll and a chemist. They found that 53 samples were adulterated. The makers have been warned to quit, selling adulterated oil under penalty of prosecution. > Died In u Ham. VINTON, May 13.—Workmen taking refuge from a storm in a barn near this city discovered there the body of an unknown man. He hud evidently been dead two or three days. The body was apparently that of a tramp and there was no means of identification. An inquest was held and reported death from natural causes. Fire at Citrsou. CABSON. May 12.—A livery .stable, with 11 buggies and eight horses, and two dwelling houses were burned The contents of the dwellings were mostly saved. The loss is ¥8,000, with only $700 insurance. Dhiltt Avulcleutully 1'oUuned. ATLANTIC, May 13.—Tl(e 2-year-old child of John McConnell accidentally took some medicine containing poison nnd died in u spasm before medical aid could be procured. The parents had been warned not to leave it with in reach of the children, but got careless, with the above result. ALL OVER THE WORLD NO BLAME FOR PACKERS. Court of Inqnlrj- Exonerates Them on Cb»rg*» Made By Mile*. WASHINGTON, May 9. — President WeKinley has given ont the report of the Wade court, which inquired into the army beef, and it was promulgated in official orders to the army. The court's findings are in no sense a whitewash. It declares that General Miles' charges of "embalmed" beef were not sustained, bat that his allegations as to the unsuitableness of canned roast beef "under the conditions existing^ 1 were justified. The Court finds that the refrigerated beef was not treated with chemicals, that the canned roast beef was not damaged for food by parboiling, and that t is "impossible to conclude that either the canned, fresh, or roast beef, or refrigerated beef, appears to any appreciable extent as a cause of intes- linal diseases.' 1 This is regarded as a thorough vindication of the meat General charges against refrigerated beef, for failing to report his suspicions promptly to the secretary of war, and for neglect- ng to confer with the officials of the war department concerning the components of the ration which should tie issued to troops serving in the tropics. The court censures former Commissary General Eagan for his unwarranted and reckless action in ordering the purchase of such enormous quantities of food (canned roast beef) that was practically untried and unknown," which act the court pronounces "a colossal error for which there is no palliation." Various officers of the commissary and quartermasters' departments are blamed for neglect as respects the time consumed in the transportation of refrigerated beef from cold storage to troops and for faulty arrangements in its delivery and its care after delivery. DEATH OF EX-GOV. FLOWER. MOHOCCO COMES TO TIME, of t*« CrotM* The court blames Miles for his unwarranted Wi-ll Known J,'ew York Politician Financier Suddenly Strlokon. nnd YOHK, May 14. — Former Governor Pioswell P. Flower died Friday night at the Eustport Country club at Eastport, L. I. Mr. Flower wns taken ill early in the day with a severe attack of indigestion. In the afternoon symptoms of heart failure supervened and he grew steadily worse until the time of his death. The attack of heart failure was accompanied by a fainting spell and Mr. Flo-ver's family in New York citv were quickly notified. Mr. Flower has been a sufferer from gastritis for a long time, with frequently an acute attack. For a month or two he has been a regular visitor lit the Eastport Country clnb In the hope that he would find lelief In the outing. The attack from which lie suffered came on suddenly, and was of a more severe type at the outset than formerly. Roswell Pettibone Flower was born in Theresa, Jefferson county. New York, August 7, 1835, tieinef the sixth ot nine children. After the death of his father, eight years later, he worked ivith his brothers on two farms his mother owned, and spent his time between school sessions in the hardest kind of labor. Mr. Flower in 1881 defeated William Waldorf Astor for congress, after a hot campaign in the Eleventh district He was elected governor in 1891. H**t*B« th TAKOIEBS, Morocco, May 10.— The claims of the United Slates against the government of Morocco have been settled. The United States cruiser Chicago sailed from this port yesterday to resnmfc her voyage around Africa, May 10.— Official confirmation of the settlement of the claims of American citizens against the Moorish government reached the authorities here in a dispatch from Rear Ad- mirr.l Howelson. who was aboard the Chicago. It is stated positively- however, that the Chicago was not sent to Tangier for the purpose of enforcing any demand for the payment of the claims mentioned, but that she simply stopped there on her cruise around Africa The officials say that in all likelihood the United States con&ul took advantage of the moral effect of the presence of the cruiser and renewed his oft-repeated request for the payment of the claims, some of which have been pending upwards of four or five years. They grew ou f of the practice of the native government to grant -'certificates of protection" to employes of American merchants who may be sent on trips to the interior for their employers. In a number of cases the government failed to afford the protection guaranteed by the certificates, the employes being waylaid 6,nd robbed. FOREIGNERS ORDERED OUT. Agiilmildo Proposes to Cleur Ills Territory of Them. MANILA. May 15.—Aguinaldo has issued orders that all foreigners must leave the insurgent lines within forty- eight hours. There are only a few commercial men there, mostly English and German. Agninnhlo believes by refusing them the rights of non-combatants he can force their governments to recognize the belligerency of his so-called government, in order that they may treat for the safety of their subjects. Tim Filipinos have renewed the attempt to induce the Americans to discuss the situation. Lieutenant Keyes. of (ieneral Pilar's staff, came to Law ton under a flag of truce. He was sent to Manila, where he met Otis and told him Aguinaldo desired passes for a military commission to come to Manila to confer with the American Philippine commission, Otis replied that passes were not necessary, as unarmed commissioners could enter our lines, and said he would leave the matter with Lawton. Reyes then returned to Hacolor. Convicted of M CHICAGO, May 15.— Fourteen-year-old Tommy Crosby was acquitted of murder and his foster mother, Margaret Crosby, as accessory before the fact, was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. The boy, at the prompting of his mother, shot Deputy Sheriff Frank Nye, while the latter was trying to serve a writ of ejectment un Mrs, Crosby, whose property was in litigation. Volunteers (Jouilug ilinuu. WASHINGTON, May 11.—Volunteer jolclieis in the Philippines are coming home. This fact was inadv known by «. cable dispatch from Otis saying the transport Pennsylvania had left the jslands for San Francisco. TUts dispatch did not say who were included In the number returning to Ainoriuu, but it is supposed they are from the Nebraska regiment. The Nutmwkatis were the first to leuvo Sim FrunciBco *n'd the war dopartiii<jnt h»« di-crt'ed that the regiments t>hall return in the order in which they left Han cisoo. According to thi* W»e Jowft boys wfll be tbelau to leave. TOWN CHEATED IN A DAY. Mountain View, Oklahoma, K*tablUhed MS If by MRRIC. EL REXO. Okla., May 13.—The greatest town building record in Oklahoma has been won by Mountain View, in Washita county. Monday the town site was an open prairie. The same day it was surveyed, platted, and a large portion of it settled upon. The AVashita river wns bridged and n vast amount of accumulated freight was moved and located. The town -vas organized and officered and all lines of business and professions started on lines of organized society. The town in one day became a city of nearly ?00. with a mayor, treasurer, police judge find a full complement or councilmen and minor officers of an organized town. Some of the lots sold as high ns S900 within thirty minutes from the time the survevor drove Ins stakes. Bevelnt1<m*rj Jnnl* Jn Sew Tor* C*H. SyrUn* t« Take rp Arms. NEW YOBK, May 13.—Syria has been roclaimed a free and indedendent tate by a revolutionary party which during three years has been secretly at work throughout the world. Mimeograph copies of a call to arms were ssned by the thousand from the headquarters of the secret council or junta not far from the Syrian colony in Washington street, this city. This evolutionary party has on its rolls :5,000men in this country alone who vre willing to fight to free Syria from he mle of the sultan of Turkev. 'Young Syria,* as the society is called. s the result of gradual growth. The nccess of the Cubans has inspired it o take a bold stand. The members ay there will be a very "sick man" in Europe before long, for they assert hey will have the funds to equip armies and vessels of war. The coast ine of Syria, with its coves and inlets, and the neighborine isles, have been carefully studied from a strategic point of view. The revolutionists say hey have leaders with naval and rtnl- tary training. Agents of the lunta. directed from the headquarters in this city, are active in the cities of Syria. n London and in Paris. Thousands n the mountainous districts of Syria re counted upon to flock to the standard of the liberators. WASHINGTON, May 14. — Ali Fer- rough Bey. the Turkish minister, has officially brought to the attention of Secretary Hay the manifesto issued by he "Young Syria" junta in New York. While the secretary can take no action ooking to the suppression of the unta. there is every reason to be- ieve that a careful watch will be instituted by treasury agents in New York to prevent the shipment of munitions of war to .Syria,or the embarkation of any armed organization to ,hat land for the purpose of fighting :he Turkish government. Such operations are punishable under the neutrality laws of the land. AWFUL RAILWAY HORROR. A TERRIFIC EXPLOSION. An Explosion In Hip Clieralciil 'Works Causes flinch destruction. LONDON, May 14.—A fearful explosion occurred at Kurts' Chemical works, St. Helens, Lancaster county, killing four persons and seriously injuring twenty. Fire broke out i" the chlorate house and a large quantity of chlorate exploded, causing much destruction. Subsequently a boiler exploded and the whole works were razed. The town is strewn with debris and most of the buildings of the place are damaged. The loss is £100,000. Eighty tons of chlorate exploded. Vitrol winch streamed into the sewers spread devastation. The gas works were badly damaged, and the gaso- meter, which contained 250,000 cubic feet of pas, had a hole burned in its top. The escaping gas took flre and tlie flames were seen for miles. MEXICAN CYCLONE. Turns Out to Be Worse Thnn WHS Expected. DALLAS. Texas, May 13. — A special to the. News from Eagle Pass Texas, says "The tornado in the Sabinas valley, Mexico, is worse than at first reported. Eight bodies have been recovered am' others are supposed to be in the ruins of the demolished buildings. A great many were seriously wounded, among them Superintendent McKmuey. Lawrence McKinney, his son, is one of the dead. The tornado also struck the town of Sabiuas, twelve miles away, killing two persons. This sec tion has heretofore been considered as way out of the zone of tornadoes. To Discuss Trusts. CHICAGO, May 13. — The Civic Feder ation, of Chicago, has selected .lune 20 to 89 inclusive as the dates for a national conference in Chicago to dis cuss trusts. The call for the gather ing states that its purpose is ''to con sider the subject of trusts in their re lation to economic conditions general ly. The discussion will embrace the subjects of industrial, commercial, la bor and transportation combinations their uses and abuses." The bic- in dnstrial combinations of the country will be invited to send representative* to discuss the problems under oon sideratiou. The Writing I'upur Trust. NnwYoiiK, May 13.— It is learnec that. twenty-one mills are already included in the combination of iniinu facturers of fine, writing paper, am th»t the arrangements are well ad vanced for organization of the now company. Its proposed capital is $]:;.500,000 preferred stock, 812,,irm,no( common stock, and there will be S 000,000 working capital and incrchan- ciiae on hand. Hrltleli Hhlp Wr««koil AUKI.AIDK, (South Australia, May 10. — The Jidtiah sliip Loch Nloy, wan wrecked on Kangaroo island on April «4. Five passengers and twenty-(iv« of the crow wen» drowned. Four es- capecl from tho wreck, and three art (.till wandering in tho bush. Huh qm-ntly two of tho sailors from the Loch Sloy were waved after wandering in tliu I ni hi i, Kutlmy Uctovor«<l. 11KW YOKK, May 10.— Kiulyard Kip- iig uijd his family have loft Lakewood for MorrlMtown, N. J. Mr, Kip- Hug IIUH entirely recovered liiu TROOPS FOR PHILIPPINES. Fonr Resimrr.M "• HcRnlaM Will Str« In About Two W^k*. May 12. — The war partment is preparing to send regiments of regulars to Manila, via New York and the Suez canal, on thj transports Thomas-Meade nnd Logaa the first mentioned probably starting before the end of this month, and others following as quickly aspossiblt. They expect to transport the Seventh and Nineteenth infantry and First and Seventh artillery, although some other command may be substituted for oiii of these before the sailing dates. On the Pacific coast two more regiments, the Sixth and Sixteenth infantry, will start for Manila this former will leave San month. The Francisco on the Sherman May 22, and the latter on the Grant a week later. Within a week it is believed Otis will be in a position to begin sending home volunteers from the Philippines by every available steamer, as reinforcements now on the way are about due to reach him. They include a regiment of infantry and eleven batteries of artillery. ASK TO BE RELIEVED. Passenger Truliin on Philadelphia £ Rending Krmd Crash Together. READING, Pa., May 13.—A collision of passenger trains occurred on the Philadelphia & Rending railroad at E.veter. about six miles south of this ity, last night, and a great number of people were injured. There is no telegraph office at Exeter, and details therefore are diffcult to obtain. The number killed is variously estimated to be from fifteen to twenty-five. Fully fifty others are injured. The regular express train from PottsviHe for Philadelphia connected at the station in Reading with a train from Harrisbnrg, which was crowded with excursionists. At E.veter the express stopped for orders, and while standing still the extra train crashed into it while moving at great speed. Three of the rear cars of the express were telescoped, and the first car of the extra train was also wrecked. The passengers in these cars were terribly mangled, many being killed outright, while others had limbs and bodies maimed. DEWEY IS CABLED. The Hero of Manlln I'ay Will He In Xew York on July 4. WASHINOTON, May 13.—''Send the Olympia's mail to B. P. Stevens, No. 4 Trafalgar Square, London, England," wns a notice given out at th« navy department yesterday. This is the. formal indication that the famous flag-ship is coming home immediately. Upon inquiry it was ascertained that Secretary Long 1 had cabled Dewey permission to return at once to the UnitedS tates. He has been relieved of the obligation of remaining at Manila until the Philippine commission completes its work. He was not even required to await a cessation of hos- •_ilities, but may start homeward sit once. It is estimated at the na\'3' department that Dewey will reach the United States in time for the nation;)! demonstration of the Fourth of July next. Nebraskang Petition For Relief From Service. MANILA, May 13.—The First Nebraska is taking the unusual step of respectfully petitioning the division commander. General MacArthur, to temporarily relieve them from duty at the front. The regiment is badly exhausted by the campaign in which it has taken an active part and not more than 300 men of the organization are at present fit' for duty. Sunday last 160 men of this regiment responded to sick call. The memorial stales that the men are willing to tight, but are in no condition to do so owing to the strain of the long marching, continued fighting and outpost duty in which they have been engaged. It is added that many of the men have' not been able to have their clothing washed for months past, being compelled during all that time to sleep in their uniforms so as to be ready for fighting. The memorial adds that since February 2, the regiment has lost. 225 in killed and wounded and 59 since the battle of Malolos. GOMEZ CAUSES A STIR. Tclln the Members of Hia Staff to (io Home. HAVANA, May 13.—The decision of Oeneral Gomez to abandon Quinfca de Los Molines, the old summer residence of the captain generals, where he has been living, and to take a house in the city or to live with friends heie, has been announced to the members of his staff, who were simultaneously instructed to repair to their homes. The order aroused considerable resentment, among them, accusing Gomez of de- Uiem and declaring that they have neither homes, work nor money. The disagreement is serious, especially as tho anti-Gomez papers continue to attack the settlement of the n mount the Cuban soldiers are to re- cei ve. For H Yurn 'front. TAUNTON, Mass., May 13.—The big yarn mill combination is fast nssui:" in«; deflnilushnpo. Sixty flay opiums have been given on the majority of tho New England mills. J'"llll>ln<>H AgMUHtaimto it Fronolimiii). NKW YOUK, May l:i.—The Jon rim 1 and Advertiser's Manila special says: The insurgents have assassinated''M. Diiinarais, a Frenchman, who had crossed thoir linos under a 11 «g of truce, lie was negotiating with tliu FillpinoH for the release of Spanish prisoners. This action may cause a demonstration by Franco. OuJd t'oniliiK Vroiu AuittNiUti. N. 8. W., May 13.—.Thu steamer Alawedu luw sailed for Kim Francisco having ou board #760,000 in gold. TO SHUT TRUSTS OUT. Bill Has Passed the Michigan Senatt and IB Kxpected to Hnss the House. LANSING. Mich..May 11.—A bill has passed the senate practically shutting trusts out of Michigan, and its friends claim votes enough in the house to inss i»t. It prevents trusts and monopolies of capital, skill or arts from creating or carrying out restrictions ip_ trade or commerce, from limiting or reducing prodxiction or increase, Irom reducing the price of merchandise or any commodity or from fixing any standard or figure whereby the price to the public consumer of any article or commodity of merchandise shall be in any manner controlled or established. In addition to criminal and civil penalties provided, any person injured in his business by a trust may sue and recover two-fold the damages sustained. FAMOUS CASES ON TRIAL. of Two Indians May Be Punished by Conrts. OIE. I. T.. .May 12.—The Sera-| inole burning 1 and kidnapping eases.! in which there are thirty defendants for kidnapping and afterwards burn-\ ing at the stake. Lincoln McG and Palmer Simpson. Semiuole Indians, are on trial here. Kelson M. ] Jones, ex-deputy United States marshal, one of the defendants, was first placed on trial. Each of the thirty defendants has asked for a severance of their cases U. S. PATENT OFFICE BUSINESS DKS MOINES, May 10.—Patents are granted for inventions in many instances that have never been tested, but are theoretically operative, and practical. In a recent decision by Judge Morris, in the court of appeals of the District of ( olumbia. occurs the 1 following: "There isa great difference '; between irioperativeness and i inner- I faction. It is well known that many |i inventions were extremely crude iu | their inception, and it is not always || easy to r«. ..ignize the original eoucep-j| tion in the perfected device." The following is one of the claims allowed to C. H. Connelly, of Ft. Madison, la., for H a combined lock and seal in \vhicii key cannot enter the lock withoulJ breaking the fragile seal. A lock eas-l ing, a lateh bolt therein, a lock bolt! engagii'O 1 said latch bolt, a seal boil within the easing engaged by the loch I bolt, and a seal in said seal box regis-lf it-ring with the key-hole of the lock?' easing. Printed matter containing in-j teresting information sent free THOMAS G. Ouwio & Co., •_ ^Solicitors of Patents. llpci. of n Maniac. HOWARD CITY, Mich.. May 12.— Jos, Harvey killed his wife, his uncle, Rol> ert Pierson. and his grandmother mortally wounded his three monthi old child and father-in-law, Joht Loganslayer, finally shot himself, iv f.ieting a wound which is expected t< prove fatal. Sixteenth Regulars Ordered to JIanlU OMAHA. May 13. —The Sixteenth Hogulnrs have been ordered to 8«$ Krancisco in time to sail for Mauilll May 3'.i. Uln«liargti«l Soldiers Arrive. NKW YOUK, Mav 12.—The Unite*! Slates transport Kuford, Captain •son, has arrived from San Juan, Pongf and Santiago, having on board 600 i olinrged soldiers from various n t iiK'iits who have been doing earns! •luty in Porto liico. ~ if « I 1 HICKI.IN, May 9.— The NeueUe Nac nchteu in an articls urging the mediate, increase of the German n power, confesses that Germany to 'fjjj able to compete with the United St at sou, volition,' at sou, quite apart from English tj ,'* " *,i

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