The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 10, 1899 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1899
Page 7
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MOIKES: ALGONA IOWA.. WUBNISSDAY MAl 10, 1899 The courtship period for , Ayer's Sarsaparilla passed long since, when it won the confidence and esteem of thoughtful men and women 50 years ago. You need have no doubts, if, when you go to buy Sarsaparilla, you^simply say the old name _ ^ AVER That is the kind that cured your fathers and their fathers before them, and it is the kind that will cure you. Other Sarsaparillas may look like it, may even taste like it, but somehow or other they haven't the knack of curing people that Ayer's has. Just try one bottle of Ayer's today. ,.."""' An Old Proverb That— but just as forceful today as one hundred years ago. It's good common souse udvico in almost every transaction, but for present purposes lot us suppose you' uro going to buy n binder, u mower or a corn harvester. Possibly you have made up your mind to get something cheaper ILan the Deering Ideal. Perhaps It is not yet too late to "go back." And it certainly is "becter to go back thau to go wrong." That word "cheaper" is an old fraud. Bo not be deceived by it. Deering Ideal grain and grass harvesters nro "ideal" because 1 (hfty embody tho best thoughts and suggestions of the farmer and tho mechanic. They are simple, scientific end substantial. They are tho cheapest to buy because they are the best to own. DEERING HflRVESTEH CO., • Chicago. • as ir°ur. DYE YourWhiskers A Natural Black with Buckingham's Dye. ||Qct», of druggists or R.P.Hallfc Co..Nashua, N.H. CURE YOURSELFt ITee Big G fur unnatural dtecbargcii, intliuir.uutloiiB, irritations or ulcorutiona of miicoUH membranes. i'nilileus, and not ust'.u- I, gent or poisonous. Sold by DranrlBta, or sent in plain wrapper, by express, prepaid, for y expre, ,, or 3 bottles; J2.75. ., .. ircular sent on reuuesfc "THE POT CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK." BECAUSE THE HOUSEWIFE DIDN'T USE SA PO LIO Henry Laboiichere considers the House of Lords a useless bony. He divides the members into three clnsse* —the "mentals," the "ornamentals" and the "detrimentals." Are You lining Auen'» Foot-Kane r It is the only cure for Swollen, Smarting, Burning, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bimlons. Ask for Allen's 'Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken Into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 26c. Sample sent FREE Address. Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y. If you have senseenough to appreciate the truth, yon are rare. r.nn<;'B Fnmlly Medicine. Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price 25 and 50c. Everyone who has not tried to write poetry has tried to sing or act. C Ii icuffu ureat it taiuru ioorea«0. The earnings of the Chicago Great Western Railway—"Maple Leaf Route" —for the second week of April, 1899, show an increase of $16,393.29. Total increase since beginning of fiscal year (July 1) to date. $378.355.43. You can usually say of a young man .in debt that he is also in love. Dally I'npcr for »1 n. Yenr. The DCS Molncs Dally News, with nil the news of Iowa and the world, tele(jniplilc ninrkels. a chll- aren s dopiulniont, nonmn's page, etc.. Is sent to any uddress for U u year, n, cents for six months, jJ cents for three months, 25 cents n, month. Address TUIB NBWS. Dos Molncs. town. Cato's only diversion was drinking, and he wasjbnd of that diversion. Piso's Cure for Consumption lias been n God-send to me.—Win. B. McClellan. Chester, Florida, Sept. IT, 1805. Peter th« Rrcat liked to be carried about in n wheelbarrow. The Ideal Laxative. Nomoreancleiitplll pulsonsnnd black draughts but up-to-duto, scientific, harmless, plilatable, potent discards Candy Cathartic. Driiiotjgts, 10c, 26c,SOc, Gladstone wns fond of wood-cutting and often Crested" himself that way. There la a Clans of I'eoplo Who are injured by the use of coffee." Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRA1N-O, made of pure grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over one- fourth as much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15 cents and 35 cents per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O. Young girls are the best looking but old girls are the most agreeable. Catuloguvg Uy Carload*. A statistical genius has figured that the various manufacturers of harvest- Ing machinery have printed and distributed enough "advertising matter" during the last decade to fill 2,000 freight cars. The greater portion of this literature has been expended on the farmers of this country in an effort to make them believe that almost any kind of a machine is "as good as the Deering." In the meantime the Deering Harvester Company of Chicago has prospered until at the present time its works employ more hands "han any single manufacturing plant ^f any kind Jn America. A word to the wise may be sufficient to get the speaker into trouble. fc/IAY BE AN EXTRA. President May Call Confess Toff*tri*r In October. WASHINGTON, May 5.—There is A growing belief among the prominent members of congress that the president w?ll call congress to meet in October. Questions which will como before the next congress for settlement, including as they do everything growing out of our possessions acquired as the result of the war with Spain and general legislation, including that relating to currency reform, Nicaragua canal, merchant marine, etc., is of such great importance that the president is inclined to regard it as advisable for congress to meet earlier than the regular session in December, in order to get the work xmder way. The retirement of Speaker Reed will naturally entail considerable delay in the appointment of committees in tho house, as it is customary to allow tho new speaker four or five weeks to make up the committees, and this furnishes additional reason why congress should oe convened before December. ANDREW CARNJQIE IS OUT." Bella III§ £tccl Intcrentfi to Frlok nnd Others. NEW YORK, May 0.— The entire interest of Andrew Carnegie in the Carnegie Steel Company has been purchased by bis co-partners in business, with 11. C. Friek at their head. The exact figures which represent the pureltaso price could not be learned. It is said, however, that the price is over 8150,000.000 and is entirely satisfactory to Mr. Carnegie. It is understood that one of the stipulations of the sale is that the company shall retain the name of the present concern. Tin; new company includes not only all the Carnegie steel plants, but also the 11. C. Frick Coke Company, with its 40,000 acres of coke land in the Con nelsvillc district; the Oliver Mining Company, with its largo ore interests in the Lake Superior district; the Pittsburg, Bessemer & Lake Erie railroad; the Union railroad, which con- neets at Homestead with all the trunk lines east and west, and all interests in several hundred miles of gas land, VERDICT AGAINST MOBSMEN. Negro Wins a »5,OOO Damage Suit Against Kentucky IVhltecapperH, LOUISVIU.IO, May 7.—Geo. Dinning, colored, was awarded $5,000 damages t>7 a jury of white men in the United Slates court. The defendants are farmers of Logan and Simpson counties. The award is the full amount sued for. Dinning killed Jodio Conn, who, with the defendants against whom judgment was rendered, visited his home at midnight in January, 1897, to drive him therefrom. His home was afterwarU burned, and his family, including his wife and ten children, were driven away from home. Dinning wa.s arrested, tried in the Franklin circuit court and sentenced to nine years in the penitentiary for the killing of Conn. Tie pardoned by Governor Bradley. Then he moved to Indiana and brought suit as a citixeii if that state. SUPREME COURT FORMED. at An Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well known remedy, SYRUP OF FIGS, manufactured by the CALIFOHNIA Fia SYRUP Co., illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshing to the taste a,nd acceptable to the system. It is the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansing the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers gently yet promptly and enabling- one to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, without weakening or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative. In the process of manufacturing flga are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal qualities of the remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants, by a method known to the CAUFOBNIA. FIG SYBUP Co. only. In order to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, SAN FRANCISCO, OAL. tOtntSVILIiB, KY. NEW YOEK, N. Y- For sale bv all jVu«"H-'- — i>ri-«. <n c . Tier bottle REV. L. L CARPENTER, Wabash, Ind., is President of the Bethany Assembly at Brooklyn, Ind. He is perhaps the most prominent clergyman jn the Christian Church to-day. He has dedicated about 500 churqhes and baptised 1000 con verts. He writes:—"It affords rue great pleasure to give ray testimony as to the efficiency of Dr. Kay's remedies. D:-. Kay's Lung Balm is the very best cough, cold'and throat remedy that I ever used. I have also received great benefit from the use of Dr. Kay's Renovator. My son had for years been greatly afflicted with the piles; he commenced the use of Dr. Kay's remedies and experienced relief almost from the first. We have no words to express our thankfulness for the benefit we have received as the result of useing these remedies. I take great pleasure in commending them to the suffering." L. L. CARPENTER, Missionary and S. S. Evangelist, Christian Church. Kay's Renovator, It is a perfect repovator of the whole syetem. known' for stomach troubles! 4 "' 1! — i! — tude. It etc., and .... „„_-—- It is the very best remedy ' •»*• * * • KUUVYU tor Bvuuittuu n-uuuiee, indigestion, dyspepsia, catarrh of the constipation, aleolirer and kidney troubles, and to overcome effects of La-Grippe and SpuwQ lassi* is an excellent Nerve TonicV Send for free sample and a free illustrated 1J6 page book of receipts : send your symptoms and we vrjll give you free advice. If druggists don't have J3r. Kay'e Renovator ., ,—, r Tir jfe any substitute they may s&yie "just as good, "for it has »o equal; butsend direct to us and we \, will send it by return j»»U prepaid, Price 26nts,, and $1-00 or six for $5.00. Also Pr, Kay's " " " ( g ( j_ g^yMjfiCjo^ Cp,, Saratoga Springs, N. y. General ISrookc SIRIIH ConiiiilKsliin Havana. HAVANA, May 0.—Governor Ger.erjil Brooke has signed the com missions of the president and associate iustic'es of the recently constituted supreme court of Cuba. All the justices :irc well known jurists, men of untarnished reputations and possessed of wealth sufficient to place them beyond the temptation to abuse their trusts. More than this, the selections satisfy all legitimate political considerations, the four principal provinces being represented in the tribunal. The Cuban national party will send a committee to Washington to ask for a percentage of tbe customs receipts with which to buy implements needed throughout tho country. All members of the party who emnloy labor or now have employment have agreed to pay 3 per cent of their weekly incomes for the same purpose. SPAIN GETS THE MONEY. Cast Move In Term i mi tloii of the TOur With Sjmin. WASHINGTON, May 2.—The last move In tiie Tiotrotiations terminating the war with Spsiin occurred yesterday when Secretary Hay paid to the French ambassador, M. Cainbon, the $20,000,000 provided by the treaty of peace for the cession of ihe Philippines. Tlio payment was iriiide in four treasury warrants of $5,000,000 each and was receipted for by M, Ciitnbon as completely liquidating- the obligation of the United States in this connection. The ambassador deposited the $20,000,000 in the Riga's National bank of this city, and the cashing of the warrants is expected to be made later throup-h the City National bank of New York. The Spanish governinpnt was notified by cable of the payment, but nothing will be done as to forwarding tlis funds to Europe until Spain directs the exact course to be pnrsiied. Went Must Unite on Henderson. WASHINGTON, May 2.—Representative Polliver, of Iowa, who is pushing Henderson for speaker of th'e house of representatives to succeed Reed, in an interview said that Sherman, ef New York, iu his opinion, would win unless the western congressmen united on a candidate, and that consequently, when he reached Chicago, shortly, he would sutruest to Representative Hopkins, of Illinois, and other western candidates, t'lftt the western enter into an agreement to vote JV1 the western spenkerbhip candidate receiving the lughjest number gjt -"*-90 the first, ballot Nervous People. Nervous people hot only >uff6r themselves but c^use more or les& misery to everyone around them. They are fretful, easily worried and therefore &. worry to others. When everything annoys yoUf when your pulse be&ts excessively, when you &re startled &t the le&st unexpected sound,' ik ! \your nerves &re in & b&d stm| . and should be promptly &ttcn-: ded to. « ,. 'Nervousness is & question of nutrition. Food for. \the nervfc-s is what you need to put you right,and the best nerve food in the world is Dr.Williams' Pink, Pills for Pale People. r . > They give strength and /tone to every nerve in the body, and make despondent. easily irritated people feel that life has renewed its .ch&>. here is proof; Miss Corn Wnlrous, the sixteen-yenr-oM dmiRliter of Mr. T. C. Wntroim. of Si Clarion St., Bradford, 1'u., -n-us seized with n nervous disorder which threatened to end her life. Eminent physicians ngrccd the trouble wns from impoverished blood, bttt fulled to give relief! Mr. WutrouB heard Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People were highly recommended for nervous disorders, nud ijnve them a trinf. Before the first box had been taken the girl s condition Improved. After using six boxes herappetite returned, the pnln in her head censed, and she wns stronger thnii ever before. "My daughter's life wns saved by L)r. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People," said Mrs. Wntrous. "Her condition was almost hopeless when she commenced Inking them, bnt now she is strong and healthy. I cannot recommend these pills too highly ."—Jlraii/ord (Pa.) Era. The full name i» on each patKa^e. Sold by OH v druddiat* or sent, postpaid, by the Dr. Williams V Medicine Co., Sthenect&dy, N.V. price 5o*ptrbox;6boxes$2,^ LITTLE LAUGHS. She—John, the .Toblot's new house Is much larger than ours. He—Yes, my dear; so is their mortgage. "What are you doing, Tommy?" "Standing before the lookin'-glass," said Tommy. "I wanted to see how I would look if I was twins." "I hear that you assisted at the postmortem examination of your old enemy," said Gaswell to a surgeon of his acquaintance. "Yes; I cut him dead." "Have you an agreeable boarding house?" "Yes, we have; every morning we have a cake-walk." "Cakewalk? What's that?" "Why, the first man at the table gets the hot ones." "Pa, what's the difference between talent and genius?" "A man with talent is able to build for himself the finest monument in the country. The public usually has to provide the monument for a genius." Jennie—Herbie, it says here another octogenarian's dead. What's an octogenarian? Herbie—Well, I don't just know what they are, but they must be awfully sickly creatures. You never hear of 'em but they're dying. "So you confess that the unfortunate young man was carried to tho pump, and there drenched with water? Now, Mr. Fresh, what part did you take in this disgraceful affair?" Undergraduate (meekly)—The left leg, sir. Dobbs—Do you notice any difference in your wife now from the days of your courtship? Nobbs—Yes, I do. In those days she would be content to sit on my knee; now, she sits on me altogether whenever she gets an opportunity. Robespierre was fond of road ing pn'M rv n i»n ' t/i liis friends. Only otio man in 303 is over six-feet in heighth. WANTF.n-CaBO of imd ncaltli Hint ll-l P-A-N-S will not benefit. Bond ft iunl.8 to KIpiuiR Chomlenl Co.. J«ow \ork.for 10 enuiples nnd 1.000 testimonials. Coughing I,eii(lN to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once. Uo to your druggist to-day and got a .sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and fi() cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. In the \Vhiteehapcl district of London, where roughs me numerous, nine per cent of the police who parol that quarter are constantly registered' on the sick list, the result of personal assaults by the vicious. Do Tour Feet Anno anfl UnrnT Shake into your shoes, Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy, Cures Corns, Bunions, Swollen, Hot and Sweating Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent FRE-3. Address Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. One-third of tliT^ population of the world speak the Chinese langurgc. It doesn't take a woman very long to discover the defects in a mirror. JIiiH'H Cntnrrh Curo Is n constitutional cure. Price, 75c. Daring the recent cold spell a negro at IJalc'iglt. N. C., Imd both feet, frozen which necessitated their amputation. The owners of plantations in Cuba refuse to employ Spanish laborers. COO'H C'ongli IH flic olilnrt mid liost. H\cl(J lircuk up u cold quicker limn unyililiiKulou. Hluulwnys reliable. Try It. A widow never genres a man to death by iittking him if she is the only woman he ever loved. W. N. U., Des Moines, No. 19.—i When Answenitfl Advertisements Kindly Mention Tliis Taper. WHO EARN THEIR UVINQ S SI.LJ.JO ., vy..j.i^iM uiiucrbcunu wtiat torture is. Constantly on their feet whether well or ill. Compelled to smile and be agreeable to customers while dragged down with some feminine weakness. Backaches and head' aches count for little. They must keep going or lose their place. To these Mrs. Pinkham's help is offered. A letter to her at Lynn, Mass., will bring her advice free of all charge. Miss NANCIB SHOHK, Florence, Col., writes a letter to Mrs. Pink- bam from which we quote: ~ "I had been in poor health for some time, my troubles having been brought on by standing, so my physician said, causing serious womb trouble, I had to give up my work/ I was just a bundle of nerves and would have fainting spells at monthly periods. I doctored and took various medicines, but got no relief, and when I wrote to you I could not walk more than four block* at a time. I followed your advice, taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Blood Purifier in connection with the Vegetable Compound and began to gain in strength from the first. I am getting to be a stranger to pain and I owe it all to your medicine." There i; none equal to it, for I have tried many others before using yours. Words cannot be said too strong in praise of it." Miss POLLY FRAME, Meade, Kan,, writes: "DEAR MRS. PlNKHAM—I feel it my duty to write you in regard to •what your medicine has done for me. I cannot praise it enough. Since my girlhood I had been troubled with irregular and painful periods and for nearly f five years had suffered •with falling of the womb, and whites. Also had ovarian trouble, the left ovary being so swollen and sore that I could not move without pain. Now, thanks to your wonderful medicine, "* " tired feeling is all goge. anq I am healthy aad, s.|ro,a g ." *' 'jriA 1 ' * r Mt I 1 fr * * '''>""* ^ f *' *&8&&'&*. ^su^Vfe

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